View Full Version : A new Pokémon shows his face. (I made this one)

Story Catcher Mike
June 20th, 2005, 5:31 PM
I have come up with a new pokémon. I don't have an image for it, but if someone thinks they could make one, I have all the detail listed below.

It is a legendary Pokémon known only as the "Great Beast of the Depths." The Pokémon has a Lugia head, and has a body that is a mix of a Rayquaza and a Groudon. No one knows where it lives, but it is said that, when this Pokémon awakens from its deep slumber, it will call forth the end of the Pokémon/Human war, and when that happens, only one of the two will survive. It is the main beast of my three stories.

Anyway, that's about the most info I can give without giving everything away in my fanfic. If anyone wants to know more, read my fanfic, it'll be up soon...