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June 20th, 2005, 8:42 PM
In the region of Kanto. It is almost completely destroyed and many people are living in underground houses. Hoen is no more and Johto is getting there. Meanwhile team Gold runs wild with Mewthree...ther only reason is to destroy all humanity and pokemon tat is not part of team Gold and to cathc all rare pokemon. So far, they have not been succesful...

Chapter 1: The Reason 2097 AD

A lone star makes its way across the sky...and somewhere on earth, Mewtwo waits eargly. Jirachi...his only true enemy. The reason was simple. Sixty years ago, Mewtwo and Jirachi used to be friendly and used to help other Pokemon from Team Gold (It was a mix of Team Rocket, Magma, and Aqua). It was run by Giovannis daughter, Chi-Xiang. She had caused trouble among the land. But soon, Gold became more powerful and create a new clone, Mewthree, and destroyed 87 percent of pokemon life and 1/3 of all human life. And Mewtwo and Jirachi fought...blaming each other for their failures and soon they became rivals. And then Jirahci left after five years of fighting.
Now after 40 years of Jirachi being in Hiding...the final battle was going to begin. The world is a mess and many people are in hiding from Mewthree and Team Gold. As the star approches earth...two lone figures will rise...

Ch. 2: Friends

Martin and Chris, both trainers, have been hiding in an underground bunker in the destroyed city of Lavender Town. Martin has 3 pokemon and chris also has 3. Chris pokemon is Tortole (the evolved form of Blastoise), Munchlax, and a Persian. Martins pokemon are Charcoil (the evolved form of Charzard), a Beedrill, and a new pokemon, Luxdox, (a ghost like pokemon that looks like a darker and bigger Gengar). Martin and Chris had always been in hiding and they know the threat ahead. Mewtwo and his clones are ready to fight Jirachi. But Martin and Chris both also know that Jirachi is coming along with other Jirachis to battle along side of him. As the star gets closer, Martin and Chris get ready to go.
M: Well, we must protect the town. The faith of the world depends on us.
C: (Grabbing bag) Lets go.
As they head outside of the destroyed city, they look back at the orphange whihc they have been since they were 5 after team Gold killed there parents for being on the PPC (Protecting Peace Corporation). First Chris and Martin sneak past the guards.
C: Like I said, we got three days.
M: Good, enough time for us to get ready.
C: Yea, we have enough food for at least a week.
They make it to the gates and see two team Gold members and a Howndlete (the mix of Hondour and Growlith). Martin sends out Luxdox. Chris sends out Munchlax. Munchlax distracts Howndlete down an ally where it super punches it, and Luxdox uses Hypnosis on the guards.They retrieve their pokemon and head out the gates.
C: Well, theres no turning back.
M: Got tat right.
The two friends had never left the city. The only thing they had to lead them was a map and their luck....

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June 20th, 2005, 9:08 PM