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June 20th, 2005, 9:03 PM
What your hearin is dope /
a myrical flow /
i can here the cheerin' and im just clearin my throat /
yall ask for my lyrical growth ? /
well god built the world and seven days, check the equivelence hoe /
im on a one way track to hell /
and theres all ways fedex, crack to mail /
if my raps dont sail /
and dont get cocky and yap or tell /
**** loosin my pride, i'll go back to jail /
it aint a secret ima genius /
heres my monlogue come peep it /
not alot can see it /
but ima drop the heat **** /
and watch the plot just deepen /
give a cop a reason /
to cuff me up /
what they gone do huh, **** me up /
cuz for that figure cut, ill cut you up /
im hungry ill admit my weakness /
but im quick, im streakless /
you extend ya arm once and ***** you teethless /
now im not gonna disrespect women /
but there are hoe's out there dont care what the **** get in em' /
see i been cheated on, lied to , and snuffed out /
but i bucked back before they could duck out /
see i aint gonna let my pride get me down i know ima get a bit cocky /
but you cant hate me for feelin like rocky /

so more stuff off the dome
juss tell me what you think of it plz i know it aint the usual stuff but i didnt feel like writing no depressin stuff