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June 21st, 2005, 7:54 PM
A brown haired boy looked out of a window. He looked as if he was in his middle teens, 15 or so. His hair had a shaggy look to it, but it was layed down and only came to about his eye brows. His green eyes glinted in the moon light. As he turned left and grabbed a lighter he revealed the sideways x shaped scar ( something like this .. t ). It stretched across his right eye brown down the right side of his face. He lit up a ciggerette and blew the smoke at the window shaking his head.

He looked around as if he was looking amungst scattered clothes looking for the right shirt. More to the inspection he was looking for something with far more importance then clothing. He picked up a notebook that layed ajar on a night stand. He looked at for a brief moment as if that was what he was looking for then threw it. Then he looked down spotting a concreat disc shaped object. It was a light grey concrete with dark grey edges. The Middle of it had a Snake - like Dragon figured Gold object portrayed on it.

He picked it up, grinned, and walked out the room. As he walked out he looked around. Then pressed his hand aginst the wall. Slowly a light started to glimmer from within his palms. Casting a circular burning flame to extend aross the wall. Slowly the wall crumbled and evaporated. He walked through the wall. Sireins started to ring off as he crossed the almost purple looking grass. Shots started to fire across the lawns. He looked back noticing his little moment of coolness had ended he needed to get the hell out of there and fast.


The boy from earlier made his way into a old run down cottage that sat ontop a hill by a gully. The house was covered by a weeping willow. The boy walked into the house. He sat down by the fire place not making eye contact with older man beside him. The man's eyes were squinted and he had a white beird that looked mangey. The beird moved as the old man spoke " Did you get the talesmen, Orico ? " He asked calmly.

The younger one bowed his head and extended his arm. The older man grinned and took the talesmen from the boys palm. He looked down at it " The talesmen of Dracon.....the power it holds is amaz...... um yes thank you for the deed Orico !" the old man finished abrubtly. Orico gazed for a minute before he spoke " Master, what of the new training Gi you promised ?" Orico asked. The older man shook out of his trance then nodded " Ah yes......Here you go Orico" he stated as he made his way to a near - by chess. Then he pulled out the suit.

He tossed out to orico. Orico picked it up and unfolded it gazing. He was struck by the out fits colors. He gazed down at the **** Green Training pants. And the Brown Gloves and Boots to match. " Master, why such dull colors ? " The older man turned around with a fierce look " Because, training is tommorow. If you were int he middle of a forest sarounded by henchmen wearing a white tux you would be gunned down. This is survival not fashion. Tommorow we study The Art of Camouflauge. One of the worlds greatest defense mechanism's " the older man ended his sentence as he stepped up the creakey steps leaving the room.

Orico lit another ciggerette and thought a while before he went to sleep. He finally dozed off into his dreams. He dreamt that a giant dragon was soaring through a sky reflected fromt he sunset. Missles peirced through the clouds trying to hit the dragon. The missle fire ended. All the tanks and soldiers waiting on the beach shore came to a hault. As a general from a heli -copter in the sky hollered " Hold your Fire!!!!!" A good minute passed by of complete silence. Then the dragon burst from the clouds spitting flames down upon the soldiers killing them all. The dragon didnt notice the heli - copter get away. The dragon would leave to and got struck by a missle from the heli - copter. The dragon fail into the ocean. As it died it's soul flew right through the ocean floor. Manouvering through earths crust. Comming out the other sider of earth and into the stomach of a young woman.

Then Orico woke up wiping the sweat from his face. The dream was so real and hell bent. He looked over grabbed a glass of water and turned it upright drinking every last swallow. Then lit another ciggerette got up started staring out the window he thought to himself " When will they end ? "


June 22nd, 2005, 10:00 PM

Orico awoke to a soldier standing over him with a rifle pointed directly in his face. Orico looked around as much as he could with out moving his head. As his pupils moved slowly to the right corner of his eye. He seen his master strung out over a table with a several bullit wounds. He felt the rage building. In a blink of an eye he grabbed the barell of the soldiers gun. " Ahhhhh " he hollered as the gun quickly evaported to ashes.

" Demons Craft..." the soldier snarled. He jumped backwards grabbing a dagger out of his vest. Orico looked down " Your weapon's are harmless." He said calmly. The soldier charged toward orico, extending his right arm. Orico quickly ducked and manouvered a uppercut into the soldier's gut. Then elbowed the soldier to the floor. The soldier rolled over as to get up but then seen orico standing over him with a ball of white energy formed in his palm. Orico looked down in digust. " Bite the brick!!!!!" orico yelled. The soldier went to get up. " BITE THE PHUCKIN' BRICK !!!!!!!" orico yelled louder as the energy ball got bigger. The soldier then bit the brick and orico lifted his left leg up and stomped the back of the soldiers head.


A old man sat in front a crystal ball. He mumbled to himself with a demonic voice. " THE PHROPHECY IS COMPLETE. THE ONE WHO BLEED'S SERPENT BLOOD HAS COME OF AGE. HIS POWERS AWAKEN. THE BEGINNING OF THE END HAS BEGUN. THE HERO IS THE VILLIAN!!!!!!" The old man uddered as he passed away in front of the crystal ball. A closer inspection of the crystal ball showed orico grabbing his training gear and the talesmen he stole the night before and walking out the door of the cottage.