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Sandra's Chargon
June 22nd, 2005, 9:17 AM
This is based on Yams' one shot dealie Angel & Devil (http://s4.invisionfree.com/Clones/index.php?showtopic=51) Hance is mine, as is Arthus unfortantly and Yams belongs to herself.

Me, Myuu and Yams have been rping a good while now in the realm rp, slowly and neither of us intended it, she got stuck with Hance which has spawned all sorts of one shots xD

This one is purely cos I felt like it and to give an insight into Arthus who is getting increasingly agressive to get Yams back and Hance back on his side, Yams broke him you see Oo S'all very hard to explain really.

Anywho, one fic. Death in chapter one, if you hate Erika, she gets killed Chuck Gym leaders my way and I might kill them off at various points, Yams killed Brock and his family off already xD

So yeah this is absoliutely nothing to do with our Rp, just based on Yams' one shot mini she did, I recommend you read it first.

I will happily explain anything within reason since there is the odd thing or two taken from the rp so only me and Yams will get it. Annnnd chapter 2 will be up soon, I completed 3 today.


Chapter 1 First story kill

People often wondered who committed the murders of the Stone family of Pewter City; it was something never answered after all. Seven years ago now and still theres no clue and though all authorities attempts have given up trying to figure it out there are people who still ponder.

There has been a new gym leader there a while now, a girl who had came out of nowhere to cover using Flying Pokemon instead

However the leader, currently catering for the mostly desolate Viridian Gym, happens to know exactly what happened there. He knows both about the murder off the former gym trainers and other mystery deaths round there.

Of course where he lives few bother going near these days, nobody else lives there except him as its quite a literal hell hole now carved to be different to suit his liking.

Anybody who sees him sees him differently. To humans he looks human, to a hybrid human he will resemble the same hybrid, to a Pokemon different still. He is everything and nothing at the same time and only he actually knows what he really looks like behind this gift ability.

You see, the current leader isnt human.

Not hybrid either.

Not even a enhanced Pokemon.

Hes something completely different.

There is also the matter of how ruthless this Gym Leader is, nobody has ever beaten him in a fight let alone left Viridian with their life. To lose to him is to lose your life and for your corpse to be left rotting in the mangled terrain of desert and burning grounds surrounding the still untouched building.

He always has so many different names as he manipulates and deceives constant charges if his interest is caught, coming and going as he pleases to look for no objects or people to acquire.

The leader collects anything deemed a rarity be it an object or alive and keeps it imprisoned within a hidden room below the gym where his collections are out the way. Any collected females usually have the pleasure of not just being stared at as well; he loves a psychical examination of his prizes, regular ones at that.

For us, his name is simply Arthus, a collector of the rare, owner of the Viridian Gym and its redesigned badge and homeland.


Arthus sighs boredly as he flicks through his notes, rummaging through a few boxes. One of the human girls he had gained had just past her sell by date but she barely gave any enjoyment so there was no point to use any necromancy magic on the rotting corpse.

He frowns as he takes the cigarette from his lips, not even flinching, as some of the burning ash falls onto his flesh, not that it leaves a mark either. He was lacking interest in most of the humans he came across and it bothered him, all four eyes showed it and even the slight tail flicker.

Nobody had stupidly come to the Gym lately with those wretches under their command. How is a creature purely made of big eyes and puff supposed to be used in battle anyway? Even his fellow residents, several spawned demons and a lone Split Jaw showed disinterest in the flesh and the girl barely lasted because of her annoying screams.

As he puts the cig back in his mouth, he continues to muse over his written notes. He kept them just to help understand the humans better and also fit in better when he walks amongst them. Their need for water he found most bothersome, he had never seen such a concept prior to founding this new land and from what he had gathered, and they were in constant need of it.

The boxes contain all sorts of various pieces, rare but not worth putting up for admirance. Bits of clothing are there as well which the reflector that stopped his true appearance being seen didnt need it but several collectibles did need them.

Glancing aside from his notes, he scoops up a purple gem, he had been wondering where that had got to due to its absence for a few days. Given the trouble he had to get it he didnt want it out of his sight so he puts the jewel by his foot and goes back to note reading

Obey or trick your superiors, enslave or destroy those who arent, hmm. If it was up to me the entirely region would be purged with the idiocy of the life forms here. Well except two he muses aloud.

It bothered him a lot, one of his best hunters who he converted at a young age broke a few years ago because of the current Pewter Gym Leader. He was starting to get some sense of soul back and Arthus didnt particularly like it, nor the fact that several attempts to get to the girl had failed. She was unique, far different from the human reengages about, deserving of being part of his collection.

He had got her once but she was pregnant, even he couldnt have done anything given the circumstances which ****** him off even if he helped aid the father to think she had cheated on him for himself, it was amusing while it lasted but she got past him again making him so much harder to control. Though the influence was still inside, the leader could barely get anything through beyond updates to the body dweller.

Itd be so easy to use a psychic shock to overwhelm him, let the influence et ahead so it could get her and not Hance but he could never get close enough. Given the various murders lately he was rather high on the list of suspects according to papers; at least something shows a sign of intelligence in this realm.

He wanted the girl badly, lusted for her, needing to see her under glass like so many had been before but have since died unable to sate his demand. But she is different for the Dragon thing he had picked up on a few years ago, worth bringing back again and again.

Its just the now husband was in the way; thats something else he never did quite get over he never looked the type at all.

Blasted humans he mutters flipping back through his notes back to the ones on Yams, he had collected quite a lot of data both through running into her those scarce few times an things the influence had mentioned. Weak points like constant paranoia and the fact she still gets a little edgy if nobodies there including the brat or one of Hances Pokemon.

Kids are either a failure upon his species or it was just him who hated them.

As far as he had been told, there had been no other kid secessions as yet meaning shed still be takable if he got things right. Hes rather having her here for good than short periods but he was personally unsure if he could get the swine back under his control again.

Erm hello, anybody here? a voice echoes from upstairs. Muttering angrily with a scritch of one of his extra eyes, Arthus goes off the bed leaving his notes and boxes where they are and heads upstairs on the drawn out stone spiral. H hated being interrupted but if somebody bothered to come to his little wasteland, he wasnt about to deny them a presence.

His fury lightens slightly as he eyes the visitor, a girl, a human girl with short emerald hair and a determined, almost desperate expression. Even from the doorway he could see a slit of blood trickling down her arm from one of his residents not liking a new comer on their land.

Yes, there is somebody here he answers flatly as he comes up to her, standing a little way from her as he waits patiently for why she had decided to come, with such a weak build and almost whitest skin from the light, she can hardly be considered strong enough for travel.

I am Erika sir, leader of the Celadon Gym and part of the Gym Leader Institute Commission or GLIC. I have come upon request regarding your gym she states rather timidly, looking round constantly like the shadows would jump her, course they would be not until told to.

Just call me Arthus, hu- miss, I am no sir he responds, cursing himself inwardly for nearly slipping there. Giving a light curtsey despite her rather draping kimono, Erika tries to keep eye contact for politeness but she just cant keep her eyes on his.

Arthus knows well enough what she wants, her mind a shatter of nerves as she pulls back up her sleeve to stop it touching the wound as it slides.

Well then Arthus, I have come after many messengers we have sent have simply vanished. Since the former leader disappeared, this gym was never reinstated with the GLIC and has had... some renovation which has not been submitted for approval. She frowns slightly at his unbothered expression. Plus there is the desolation outside; do you have such disregard for plant life?

The messengers trespassed and were dealt with accordingly, I saw no need to lower myself to underlings rule and this region has little I can consider care for. He answers plainly, his eyes watching her intently as she visibly flinches.

As a new gym leader its your duty to obey the rules of GLIC, there are to be no exceptions.

Well, he answered cruelly, a grin on his face as he glared at her, the door behind creaking shut with lock I guess I can show none for you either.

Erika looks at him alarmed to his words when suddenly something strikes her mind, a violent mental jolt forcing her without will to the ground and her eyes to pale slightly. Her entire body feels in agony, like all the nerves on feeling herself in a fire while really its just the strike attacked the main area of the brain they are located.

Sorry human but Im not about to lower myself to your politics and laws, they simply dont interest me he says with a grin before turning away boredly, she fell at such a feeble strike.

Despite the pain, Erika barely manages to release one of her Pokemon, a Victreebel who hisses in fury and seeing its fallen mistress. Rocking its body from one side to the other, the whip from its mouth shoots forward, ensnaring Arthus several times around the arm to which it tugs back violently trying to pull the unbothered creature.

If you hadnt bothered with your creature, you could have just passed out for a few hours then left remembering nothing but your mind showed clearly you would, stubbornly protective of your little weeds. He says in the still flat tone as he turns forcing the flycatcher to stumble forward.

Without another though, he tears apart the vine clinging to his arm making the plant fall limply without its support, a horrified glance from its owner as he crows weakly. The thing was useless without the irreplaceable vine, couldnt even stand its self back up due to poor evolution of the tame.

Stalker, theres fresh meat here if you want it, leave some for the GLIC or whatever she *****ed about so I can send the remain back for them he states coldly, his annoyance was extreme that the girl was stupid enough to not only attack him but with a creature so inbred its weaknesses were severe at best let alone obvious.

The summoned beast steps away from the shadows, the dim lighting causing them to be everywhere as its dulled bronze eyes glare towards the trying to rise Erika. Its tail flicks as its jaws part, a little salvia dripping from the split in the lower jaw from where the dark creature had gained its name.

True, the breed only eats hearts but its fellows under their masters command would happily devour the rest as long as it alone got its substance.

The beast prowls over to the panic stricken girl, the long claws on the single arm scraping across the ground as it stalks on all fours ignoring all else as its long neck wavers a slight and tail flickers.

Erikas eyes widen as the Split Jaw charges at her, plunging its pointed snout into her chest pulling out her still beating bloody heart before letting it roll down the split and down its long throat.

Erikas fading scream and the stalkers triumphant howl is the last few seconds the girl hears before she slumps down dead, blood trickling down her ever staining kimono.

Sandra's Chargon
June 24th, 2005, 12:16 PM
Next chapter, mentally f-ed up guy comming through.

Chapter 2 Created Demons

Though not legions from forsaken lands, the creatures could hardly be daubed with the title normal from what the twist of fate had manipulated them into when their masters wrath was invoked upon the former city in which they dwell.

As much as their master lacked care for the inbreeds of the planet, the wild ones who were the true, not the false run-aways intrigues him enough to go on a collection run. Back then their minds was forced under his will with simple ease, the same arcane magic that caused such a stigma back in his homeland.

Now the stronger non-native creature had taken what he desired, the rest who are able went on a scavenge run across the meat from the hidden shadows their bodies almost melded to as they await a command.

Cerberus is first still being as light on his paws as he ever was. His two heads fighting fiercely with each other over the mouthful the other had just pulled from the carcass. They snarl and bicker, tussling horns bite at each others neck despite it leads to the same body, the same paws.

A click of talons with dragged tail snatches the corpse away as the two heads squabble, tearing eye away from their socket with a penetrating beak as they are quickly devoured with a thrown back head and a tail tip thudding across the concrete floor in joy.

The two heads cease their argument, the one barely a skull devouring the meat as they both growl at the female slapping a paw to ground in their fury. Her response is only a short amused glance before Fernir returns to the feast holding tightly with talon and ripping away at the face with beak as she begins to tackle the skulls innermost containment.

By Cerberus a clatter of hooves snorts at him and stands on the intertwined tails causing one head to yelp, the other fails to register it but pulls the tail out from under when its fellow is struggling beside to do so. The titan above him appears uninterested by little can be seen in her eyes but the burning flames from a destroyed soul.

Fernir continues to tear at the grey matter held within her piercing talons, forcing it into a state of oozing in former protective liquid amongst the ragged mess of hair and blood trodden fragments. As the twisted beast does ignoring the foul smelling flesh nestles amongst her near pristine feathers, the still alive Victreebel rolls its self onto its side by using its leaves as a rudder.
The plant creation eyes its dead mistress with vengeance consuming its tiny eyes, the need to destroy not only the killer but also the ones who dared to start to devour her like common filth!

Somehow pushing its self in a poor balancing act onto its mid point, the creature spins round rather jerkily and haphazard like. It holds its leaves out like blades and by the force of the spin, segments pull away and aim straight for Valkyrie the tail stepper and her rider before it topples over again causing it to pant dejected.

Valkyrie rears onto only four of her eight legs, kicking out wildly as the leaves scar across her hide and pain despite quickly burning up from the heat of flesh.

Cerebus jumps aside gaining a few strikes in the flank which one head pulls out in annoyance oblivious to all but his own wounds.

Loki on the back of the rearing creature watches boredly as they simply go through him, waiting for the pathetic attack to cease with a faint glare of colour.

As the leaves fade, Loki jumps from the Nightmares back, using her antlers to swing to the ground, paws solidifying to allow him to run as he goes straight for the attacker and disappears straight into its body in a fuzz of natural yellow blue and black fur from his former body.

The Victreebels eyes widen a moment as soon as the running spirit vanishes inside of it, its mouth is forced shut despite it rarely being able to so naturally it struggles in an attempt to open its mouth but its like its being held by an invisible force. The air inside now trapped is causing the stomach acids to bubble to expand with the extra air contact and the building of heat in the stomach pit causing them to even begin to corrode the inner lining.

The mottled yellow starts to expand at a rapid pace, becoming like a rolling balloon as the eyes bulge. Slowly one submerges into their socket from the bulk-expanding round; the other simply pops out hanging by the tendons blind and limp.

And with an ear splitting screech, the plant Pokemon simply explodes in a mangle of innards, poisons and flesh.

Fernir hisses angrily unfurling her wings where burns have attacked feather as she protected her meal. Glaring a moment, she goes back to as though nothing has happened despite the violet ooze still eating away at both flesh and floor near her.

Just had to blow the wretch up huh Loki? Arthus states with an amused grin at the bodiless Pokemon still standing on the spot like nothing happened.

Due to the lack of humans and the Pokemon corrupted several years ago now, the mirror shift allowed him to slip back to his raw form with one set of arms crossed while the others held down loosely.

Gonna be acid **** everywhere for days now Oh well it earned it, think you might need to work on stopping the blasts going everywhere for future blow outs though, Cerberus seems to be struggling just to get that piece out of his eye socket and true to form, the skull head is trying to shake out the piece of rotting flesh as the other on tries to grab it underneath the jaw.

Arthus pats Valkyries back as the mare calms down, scratching her warm body with his claws unbothered by her flames, and thinking about what to do next with Fernir so fiercely defending her flesh and rarely willing to give anything up.

With a slight blink of his four eyes, he walks to the hissing creature, hissing right back in mutual aggression before standing over her. Its a simple tactic; even at her tallest height he is much larger than her and height for just about any critter means superior.

I only want a hand Fernir, dont make me gorge your chest just to convince you to let me he growls, fully capable of following up with the threat with the tusks coming from his lower jaw.

Despite this, she still hisses in defiance with scarlet wings flared and talons clutching tightly to her prey, her amber eyes a blaze of contempt.

A snarl is her answer as the seemingly only capable of lumbering beast begins to charge forward with his head raised, tail clattering on the ground in fury at the reluctance for the victim to shift.

With a powerful flick of one foot, he easily rams straight into her causing a shrieked squawk as she is pushed to both stone of wall and floor. The skull both smacks into her rib cage and the striped teeth are dragged down her body as they sink into her flesh with a burning hiss from the owner.

With her back partially contorted and her flurry of feeble movements, he backs away, using lower hands for support as Arthus straightens himself up enough to stand up on his back legs again.

Next time creature, obey what I say, not pick and choose he growls with a slight flicker of his forked tongue as his jaw drops slightly from the force of the strike still resounding in the skull.

Though her amber eyes glower in fury, she dips her beak showing the white mark amongst her red feathers as a sign of submission as she lays slumped against the rock, blood still trickling down her chest.

Arthus turns his head slightly, his extra eyes already caught Cerberus thinking about daring a challenge but the violent blood drenched hiss causes them to instantly hit submission with both heads dipped in whimpers.

Infidels he growls in irritation as he lowers is tall body back to the corpse, sinking his already bloodied jaws around the wrist of the nearly faceless corpse. With a swift clamp and tug, the tendons strained from the force snap like forced over stretched leather causing droplets of their colour to spring out, some landing on the blackened fragmented bone.

Taking the ragged wrist tipped hand from his mouth, he spits to the side having never had too much fancy for human flesh or their lack of taste let alone one so tainted with plant life.

I need to go deliver this, I want you all to stay here with the Split Jaw, take any trespassers you wish but I want nobody who gets in this gym and either finds this corpse or my room to be allowed to leave alive. Loki, wait by the door youre coming with me as soon as I gather something.

Satisfied by the nod of all that remain visible, Arthus starts to walk back to his rooms, the stairs, his mind reflecting considerably as it had been many months since he last left the gym and the annoying fact Celadon area meant he would need to go through Pewter and on the new trans-linc that went onto Saffron.

Despite mostly in isolation since the incident a few years ago now, he still kept himself up to date with news for when he did have to leave and make it easier to keep contact to an utter minimum.

He yawns lightly as he descends the final steps, all four eyes blinking in a single wave as he slips back into his room with the severed hand still lightly clutched between pads and claw.

The thought of going near Pewter City didnt ride well with him, he wasnt ready to go deal with them yet, more so with the constant shifting from the mirror reflector and the lack of felt pain constantly shifting from working and not; the arcane magics had begun to wane.

There is so much more to do before that, the fact that leaders like himself were starting to get suspicions about the ghost town in which he dwells, the disappearances and their more frequent visits and not just from this region. By nature, he is purely one of study, wanting to learn about various races and improving his own knowledge of the PSI arcane that caused such a stigma back home for him learning. The need to gather objects and creatures of rarity also burns in roaring blazes within his blood; a formerly indulged passion had slowly become more of an obsession as things constantly took what he desired away or broke what he had gathered.

His tail flickers rather violently, scraps of memories filling his vision as he slips inside his room.

The girl. Being in Blackthorne. A human gained worker whining at him on the phone. The rebel smashing his phone and yelling angrily for touching her as the gem was thrown to his feet.

He frowns a little as he goes past the jewel that caused so many problems. One of many littering Dragons Eyes that dwelt within the cave he sent her into, constantly reminding him of the fact despite Hance believed that her child belonged to him and that he was not the father but he still went after her and took her away again which later ended in happy families.

With an infuriated hiss, he lashes out with an arm causing the small table that the gem stood on to wobble as the eye its self is sent skidding across the floor from his pure hatred at what it cost him.

His tail hits the ground angrily at the split, his eyes in an envious scarlet rage as he snatches up a container. He should have taken her while he had the chance! Now because of it, she is with him and a child who never should have happened, not to mention all the destroyed pieces that idiotic husband of hers had cost him!

He roars out in pure fury causing glass and rock alike to shake violently at the sound. But as the sound starts to cease, he goes quiet and sullen in his thoughts, it was his rage that destroyed the city in the first place the same which drove him to be more ruthless than he ever intended to be.

He quickly stuffs the delicate flesh into the container and shuts it thinking to himself; where had he broke down and ended like this? Was his obsession worth so much that dregs of his own sanity had gone, the fact he no longer cared about anything more than having her?

His silence tells him everything as he heads back to the stairs, to the outside where little more than instinct and somebody far changed lays.

Sandra's Chargon
July 12th, 2005, 3:56 PM
Arthus gets himself a pet slave :D

Chapter 3 Slave

Loki just watches in silence as his master gazes into the twisted world created, the same creations birth that ripped his spirit from his body leaving him only as a shade. So little he could do now, once a legend, then an enslavement and now simply ether.

Silence was all the Kalaldrei made with his voice, tempered by the fading clicks of his claws cuffing across the worn stone. His thoughts are erratic, thankful for not being trapped in a human form by prying eyes but furious at the fact he would have to go near there.

The creator should have had their bleating organs torn out from the body and devoured with the utmost savorence as the body waned, not to have simply committed suicide as it did He muses aloud, that angry flick still in both tails accompanied by a slight hiss before the beast corrected himself on manner sake and stopped.

Where he is truly from, another plain, there were psychical forms of minority creators that brought luck and irony amongst other things. However all were mortal and despite what made the occurrences happen from within their bodies still exist, the mind that once controlled the ability has since rotted in soil as their decaying flesh decomposed for dwellers to nourish their families.

One of them happened to kill them just before the finishing blow was struck by the currently angered Obsidian form.

Loki, he growls in a low tone, not even bothering to turn his head I expect that you will not go off and do anything without command, you never know what could possibly happen if the line was approached again he sneers slightly in the last few words.

The spirit simply blinks vacantly, slow without care. It no longer had a concept for being, just obey, the heard words to the Rukario are simply empty as a void much like its physicality.

With a slight smirk, Arthus lifts his head and gazes around with simple movements of his head. There is simply nothing here anymore, just war torn land stretching only to this citys borders, the gnarled roots of death and fallen life piercing cracked ground to steal the last traces of existence from them.

You see, death isnt really black; its a rich mix of the nova, scarlet and russet with fading azure of dead mans tears.

All this barren cause, a place transformed purely for demons was caused by such a simple fact, a line trodden over that purely exists for him since he is the only of his race to temper in forbidden arts. His rage caused an explosion, snuffing out the light of an existence, coiling round its throat and suffocating till it falls with a shattered spine.

Somethings were destroyed, they were lucky ones, others were transformed into monstrosities to reflect how he felt which turned on those left to die before their victims eyes could open to see what would be left of their former home.

And she is the cause, because she refused to be part of his collection, to stand amongst the rare and unique, too enthralled by life being wasted in normalcy.

Because of it, an entire town, generations, so many life chances to maybe make a breakthrough in medicine, become great authors, trainer, researchers, just nameless faces ground into the dirt under a heel and claw.

He snorts as he lets a hand run over the spine nubs under his jaw, his annoyance still fully evident in his twisted expression, his thoughts wanting to make her pay for ruining the efforts he had in place to keep his existence outside being a Leader quiet.

Despite this, he never really cared what happened to the local residents, the creatures he had enslaved from the odd Trainer and the stupid wanderers, he has no real ego in a human sense but known superiority over lesser beings as he is fully aware of what he is capable of. Few thoughts can be hidden, the land is left can give birth to varying Sengu, acting as servants for his chosen will at a mere flicker of one of his wings.

To say God amongst mortal wouldnt be that far from the truth, his blatant disregard after study constantly evident even when study held little interest anymore. His passion in life and existence altered drastically to darker more ambitious aims.

Hes not the conquest sort; world domination would never dare a glimmer across those dark orbs.

Its all about her

Come Loki he growls softly, already starting across the barrens without bothering to glance back, contain clutched tightly in one palm, plastic shredding to fine from the sheer hold his claws have embedded into the inanimate flesh.

Loki obeys plainly, his colour fading to dull death tabard as he chooses simply to float after seeing it an ill waste of energy to do otherwise, ignoring all but the simple command.

The ground feels foreign under toughened skin; it feels as solid as diamond yet does not at the same. Its desert a as a main concoction mixed with failure and regret pumping through lifeless veins, memories, a former life lacking from the scarred burn of rawness gracing across in confident steps.

He doesnt notice the feeling treading across claw and pad, immune to the feeling with unfocused eyes staring ahead to destination anger notably bubbling fiercer across his hide with each drawn breath and huff, the moments closer to being anywhere near his one failure threatening to tar him asunder once more.

Sanity is barely intact already, instinct and need being the bar survivals in his psyche, the need to feel blood trickle, the burn for absolute revenge and come back.

And to that his eyes flicker a moment, his lost self barely prevented from drowning before it is cast back down into the oceans filled with empty and bleak.

His growl comes and fades rapidly as his form is forcibly changed into that of a regular human, his disgust evident as he pauses a moment to look at the fragility obvious in his free hand.

Before he simply put up with it in extended annoyance, after all it was hardly wanted to be noticed as the spices is and have constant human intervention so no study could be completed, aggravation causes stressed threads to wither after all.

Now as his eyes narrow to glare, the venom so clear, it disgusts him to look so pitiful, be like them, reduced to a level where he could barely use half the skills he should be able to, being the same as the pair that had cost him so bitterly.

His fist slams into rock, struck out without a flinch in his expression to the fragments embedded into his skin, the blood trickling down his balled hand is ignored the taste left to be unsavoured in utter rarity.

He cant feel it; the withering arcane has spared him for now.

His hand wavers a moment, flicking the blood to the ground where it is quickly dissipated before being finally allowed to fall to his side where the bruising wound continues to ooze at his ignorances cost. He just walks on, utterly silent eyes fixed on the human guard with eyes able to tear a soul from its body with a simple notion if willed.

Loki continues to follow; his gait has since slipped to a mixture of psychical and natural. He had glanced around as they tread, noticing the odd stretches of barren invading into natural place, etched in a crude line as the pair try to co-exist. He hadnt been past the line in any time since his re-death and an inkling of former curiosity ebbed because of it.

And for a moment there is a mind, feebly tries to calculate why the forest is gone, one of few remaining, why there is no trace.

Then the thought is lost, his posture partly slouched as the human in uniform draws closer and a simple word etches across the dulled russet orbs.


Arthus snorts with distaste as the human raises a hand and demands he halt, however he does stop without a word, his eyes narrowed with furrowed brow.

What are you doing coming from this way kid? Back theres No Mans Land, going through is suicide. He grunts, face solemn and judging but it was notable that despite how hard he tried he avoided eye contact. Arthus just holds up a hand little, ignoring the obvious gun being aimed right at him; the humans were obviously suspicious of anything coming from this way.

One, Im not a child so dont chide me with obvious details, two, what about a Miss Erika? She came this way his reply comes in a rather stagnant tone, he wasnt impressed by the pitiful weapon held, just a thought and the guard would drop it, cringing on the ground in convulsions.

She has higher rights than you kid, there is a Gym there Im told, one that wasnt corresponding to rules though why anybody would living that nut house let alone run anything there is beyond me, must be ready to be locked up in a padded cell Hey, whats that youre holding?

Arthus grins darkly; the human notably shivers slightly as the expression was hardly possible by human standards, not that extremely.

A present from the dear miss Erika and you think Im insane do you? he whispers softly, innocent yet still rippling with malice as he walks up to the guard whose eyes widened in fear partly from the control of fear being forcibly removed.

Its not a nut house there human, its a second home where trespassers pay with their life just like she did he continues to whisper, his eyes narrowing fraction as he clutches the Guards throat as he forces him down to his knees like a common dog.

And I dont like being denied common right, you are just flesh after all, he hisses darkly, the shift had altered where it shouldnt have been possible, allowing the hand clutching the mans throat to embed claw into the muscle as the ripple effect slowly creeps across the rest of him.

The device despite having no morality or understanding had decided just for once, to fall to his anger burning across his hide to let him be, not something else.

And Im not he hisses with a sick twisted expression on his face, forked tongue flickering as his four eyes bore into the guys skull.

The guard is driven by pure fear and horror now, words unable to form, skin a shade of pale with eyes bulged slightly as ragged breath barely is drawn.

Imagine his shock when he is simply let go making his head thud into the dirt, to arise blinking away dirt to not see a demon, but a human he saw before with eyes that down right terrified him.

Heres the deal John Mosaki, You no longer forbid anybody to leave or come from my area, you never speak ill-ly again of either the area or of me, you encourage them to come down, trainers more so, call it there ultimate chance for glory.

The Guard just nods dumbly as Arthus absently tastes the blood on his finger tips, half closing his eyes in contentment at the taste, soothing his anger enough before gazing back to the fallen.

You will also send report to me on regular basis of people asking, word spoken, whatever I dont really care I just wish to know. I will ensure that you may cross the Wasteland without harm you will be left unharmed. However unless I get these and I shall know if you have even tried to speak of this and what you have said with a simple glance a little accident might just happen to little Judie and we wouldnt want that now would we?

Eyes widen again as the man holds his hands together in prayer and plead.

Ple-e-ee-ease Il Ill do anything just please dont hurt my daughter! he garbles; tears and panic slipping down his face.

A simple smirk is the response; this is how all humans should be, grovelling pitifully like animals, which they are barely above.

Good boy now on your feet and pull yourself together before somebody notices, remember nothing here happened as far as anybody else should know, the marks on your throat are from an out of control beast that came out you from nowhere. a Mightyena perhaps he muses ignoring the human shakily standing to his feet, gun back in holster and cap looking out of place on the sweating mess before him.

I expect the first report within hours of when you next see me; your shifts are simple enough to work into. Just note one thing when you come down south, never lock eyes with a beast, glance away fast they dont always listen to word when food is involved.

A feared nod is the response, words still unable to form, fear for his little girl who is partially deaf, the thoughts being enjoyed by the twisted individual in front of him.

Come Loki is the last thing he says before passing the guard, acting as nothing happened as the spirit follows him, oblivious to the man barely holding himself together.

Eyes those eyes he mumbles barely coherent as is hand trails to his neck, shaking as it is held in front of his face.

Those e-eyes.

July 19th, 2005, 6:51 AM
I only read Chapter one, but it's pretty good so far ^^

A little confused what Arthus really looks like, but that's almost negible to me. Same with split jaw. Kinda had a blank void tearing her heart out, because I had no idea what it even was XD

The asteriks were used inappropriately IMO. Couldn't quite understand what words you were trying to infer. I'd just say the "heck" version for the sake of making the story flow.

I <3 Erika, and you shouldn't have killed her ;-;

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July 19th, 2005, 7:20 AM
Yeah it's fun making it ooo what does it lookj like?! and stuff, seriously when the Split Jaw first appeared in the rp Yams screamed and ran yet I thought it was adorble xD Both it and Arthus are a pain to draw so little hints will be dropped constantly to help build it up he's driving everyone nuts in the rp atm lol

I don;t bother to alter for each palce, this is posted on four difefrent palces and having to change everytime just is annoying and its not my fault that two of the four have swear filters, the impact is lost without the swears on the two places so I'm afraid you'll have to make do.

Erika was the first suggested kill off, Sabrina and Chuck have also been suggested but atm they're still alive, hmm o-o Should post the next chapter really, here is two behind.


July 19th, 2005, 12:44 PM
Sabrina rocks <3

Kill chuck and Brawly >=) No one likes them :P

August 6th, 2005, 11:08 AM
Finally, an FFoTW.

Congrats. =D

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Really should update this... oh hell with it I saved off the chapters to upload for FF.net


One mroe chapter before I have to get writting again and given some background I've only got on Arthus in the past few days (Mardia Wars) it is gonna get intresting...

But first, this.


Chapter 4 Innocence

It is just a tingle

A grunt

Itll pass, its gotta pass

But it didnt

Inwardly he growls in pain as he clutches his damaged hand feverishly, teeth clenched at the rough scab rather slowly introducing its self to his hand, the previous joy he had shattered.

**** fragility, how can such pathetic excuses for an existence stand being torn apart by so little?!

His emotions play on chaotic, more erratic than they had been recently. That line was so close, Viridian all over again but he couldnt do it, sour.

His victory is torn.

Loki stood guard as his master was in the shadow of thankfully one of the out skirting buildings of Pewter City enough away so John wouldnt see; what kind of expression would that give if your new commander was fawning over badly bruised bone and muscle?

And as his mind hissed in fury, he tried bitterly to keep any noise from slipping past his lips till the pain passed.

Is the human healing system really this slow to react!? Its pitiful!

Local people seem ignorant of anything happening due to the incidentally well chosen hiding spot, going about as they would daily; laughing, couples together whispering things to each other, children charging around as they play with fellows and young Pokemon running after the human charges.

Lokis eyes narrow a fraction as he steps out the way of a giggling child. He doesnt like how close some come; invading the circle he had created in his mind as protected. The concept for them to be happy eluded the entity completely, they grinned from play, not from slaughter like his Master gained it.

The fragments were the worst part to get out; they just seemed to encourage fresh liquid to trail from their burrows across palm and finger as they migrated; ignoring the seething anger from the clenched teeth of whose hand they lazily escaped from. Blunt teeth, no claw or tusk was making the task nigh upon impossible.

His focus continued stiffly upon his hand as the last shard was torn from his skin, nuzzling the spot gently in sheer instinct and habit for tending to his ailment.

It is unexpected when a young child approaches him, seemingly ignored by Loki for some reason, her voice is a little shrill but Arthus strangely doesnt snap even when she suddenly announced her arrival.

Hey mister! Is your hand okay? the little auburn questions, proudly staring upwards in her little pink frilly dress with her head cocked to the side curiously staring.

I injured it by accident coming into town, its nothing for you to worry about little one he replies softly, watching her puzzled, the sparkly expression disturbed him somewhat.

Mommy is a good nurse, she can help bandage it if you want, pleeeeeeease will you come?? she questions, already tugging gently on his t-shirt to get him to follow, her eyes widened with a smile delicately on her lips.

His mind finds the child confusing, why would she care about a complete stranger and an injury regardless of what profession their parent had? Suspicion was there that this would be a trick of some sort as nothing could possibly be trusted in this city.

Whats your name little one? he asks suddenly, ignoring the tugging on his shirt, his mind struggling to focus with the nagging pain to use any form of mind sweep to be sure of her intentions or name.

Natalie so gonna come or do I have to use mommys Chansey? she replies meekly causing her charge to blink a moment, his contact with children had been extremely little outside his aggravating little brother the innocence was so foreign to see something without a trace of deception his entire life has lived by.

Lead he answers quietly, flinching at the squeal as his uninjured hand is grabbed and hes dragged away from his hiding spot, eyes trained on the child with up most scepticism.

Loki had moved himself somewhat from guarding; there was no command to tell him to stay in that spot so he failed to see any reason to bother in his now limited psyche. The children intrigued him; so many whys he was unable to form into words to be understood yet so badly he still wanted to know.

For the first time since his capture, the Rukario decided the master could wait.

Arthus was well aware of Hospitals, what they were and such, he had once posed as a worker who mysteriously disappeared when some key devices suddenly when missing that and after the supposed miracle technique incident spawn from his natural abilities it seemed a good time to go. Thankfully that happened several years ago now in another location so it would be doubtful anybody would recognise him on sight.

Natalie was extremely adamant that her mother was allowed to see this stranger she found injured; she commanded authority a little out the league of such a young child.

And he found it rather amusing.

Nathalie, what have I told you about telling off co-workers, hmm? one of the many staff members questioned as the said child charged past countless others to this one, she instantly is a picture of innocence in her presence.

But mommy, hes hurt his hand bad, wanted to bring him to the best nurse I know! she protests, still attached to his hand which unusually he didnt seem that bothered about as long as the container stayed out of her reach.

Normally he would have snapped and at least hit somebody for touching him so he wasnt remained of the form he is forced to take because of the majority species present.

Flattery gets you everywhere the girls mother says with a slight roll of her eyes. She does look a lot unlike from the child; she has long blond hair, not short and curly as Nathalie does and causes him to eye her curiously for her completely different look from some nurses he had seen that he remembered.

Sorry sir my daughter gets a bit out of hand sometimes, if she found an injured Sandshrew shed bring it in here without a thought Now whats wrong with your hand? Inwardly he growled a little, he had an excuse for formalities with English not being his first tongue everyone else who did it bothered him to aid his hinted anger about out of control of a situation.

Its Arthus he grumbled, his mind too fragile to come up with a new name beyond the one he had so recently used, I got a little excited. Hit some rock with my hand; wasnt thinking it would hurt this much.

The nurse nods sagely before ushering her daughter off him so she could look to his hand which he flinched rather notably as she handled it as well as backing off from her touch as much as he could, thankfully for him she just puts it down to it being sore.

Seems just to be bruising Oh Im Tanya by the way; Tanya Dori and youve already met my daughter I see. Hmm, what profession are you in may I ask, Arthus was it?

Resisting the desire to snatch his hand away he replies rather cagily, not wanting a human to fawn over his injury, he didnt trust anything medical, as it seemed so primitive from what he had witnessed before.

Gym Leader he seethed quietly as he watched her fingers grace over his hand dabbling in his own fresh blood, he hated the feeling, loathed touch; he is out his element.

Oh? is her reply, his stiffness notably relaxing as she stops massaging the muscle to clean her hands with a paper towel letting the liquid spread like plague, which gym would that be?


Now there was a problem, very few didnt know about Viridians desolation and mentioning it would raise far too many questions but.

Viridians Gym, the rumour about the citys destruction is widely exaggerated despite how many people make it so. When somebody shot a horror film there, people saw the props and assumed the place had been destroyed; city hasnt honestly been same since. He muses with a chuckle. People are just overly paranoid these days.

Tanya eyes for a moment surprised that he had said it but doesnt comment on it.

Might be for there but maybe not with all these recent murders across Kanto only two years ago did somebody try to kill the Gym Leader here; killed all her Pokemon they did, never did find out who did it. Might have seen something in the papers, remember seeing her going through here before being taken to Viridians police

That did it, he immediately tensed up again, and his temper had just shot back into visage in a certain burst of flame.


Hey you all right? the nurse questions with a worried expression a hand on his arm ignorant to his near outburst brewing inside. With a few breaths, he lets himself chill just enough to respond.

The thought that somebody would try sickens me he states rather angrily even though the excuse was the complete opposite of why he was furious I know the family well, we havent spoken in a few years; Ive been too tied up with work. In fact, had I not needed to go to Celadon now for business, I would visit them, catch up with old times compare what kinda trainers weve had and like.

Even being purely human right now, his eyes are slits amongst amber and scarlet, no matter what he looked like to everybody else, there is a strict colour he is to himself and his anger at the lie he is forced to spit out without choking sickened him to the core.

Mommy, can I go out and see Leon? I promised to help exercise his dads Gyarados today Nathalie pleads, ruining the darker mood entirely and shooting down his temper as he looks at her, who would be insane enough to have a Gyarados in these parts.?

Nathalie, you know I dont like you playing with that thing no matter whose its it, Gyarados are dangerous enough let alone one that size her mother scolds as she gestures to her little girl, oblivious as she is.

That size and fathers? Only one person that could be.

Nathalie, he asks quietly causing the girl to look at him curiously either for the question or the act he had addressed her by name, who is this Leon?

A blink but before she can reply, Tanya jumps in.

Leons the Gym leaders son sweet little thing he is even though he always has one arm bandaged up for some reason. Cant do enough for you, always charging around doing errands even at his age and yet still finds time to at least try to keep Nathalie here out of trouble she muses with her eyes closed before taking a stern tone as she continues.

Certainly better than I can say for that father of his theyre just like complete opposites with him going at anybody who tries to get too close to his wife if theyre a guy or refusing to go need a hospital no matter how bad he gets injured from the oddest of things yet cant do enough for her. Its all very weird if you ask me

And before Arthus can get a word in this time, hes stopped yet again.

Mommy, Hance isnt that bad, hes really nice! He was showing me what he could do with that sword a few days ago when he practiced, its way better than the cartoons!

I dont like you watching him with that thing you might get hurt! Huh who on earth would use a sword in this day and age anyway!? The nurse scolds angrily at her innocent looking daughter.

My sword he means he grumbles under his breath Could I ask you a favour of you both?

Both look to him confused as he holds his easing hand in his free.

Dont mention to anybody you saw me here ok? I want to surprise the pair when I come back from Celadon and I dont want them worrying because I was here after all. I dont want anybody suspicious Im in town either, wont be any fun that way will it? He continues carefully, slight grin on his face, hint of slyness lurking in his returned orbs.

Sure we can do that for you, isnt a problem Tanya replies with a grin eyes closed as she turns to Nathalie should be.

We can do that can- Nathalie?!

The spot was clear; she had since gone to go see Leon in the split second her mother turned away.

Sorry about that, shes just being plain ru- Tanya stops in her tracks, blinking.

Arthus had vanished as well, not a trace of him anywhere following suit of the child.

Scowling, the nurse holds the paper towel in her hand looking at it oddly before narrowing her eyes slightly.

Thats odd, fresh blood shouldnt be violet