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Raichu Master
June 23rd, 2005, 7:50 AM
Academies seem to be in hot demand right now, seeing as how there is like 5 on the first page here and one in the pokemon RP.


Good guys are running a muck in the world of were evil reigns. Evil has began to gather at the Netherworld Allied Sinister Academy (NASA), to try and find recruits for their evil arm to counter the rebels.

Searching every corner of the Netherworld (the evil world) the villians found all they evil they could find and called them to one place for training.


There will be two parts to this rp. First the academy part, which is were the new recruits are trained for choas. Second the war part, which will be put on a separate rp, so will the first wave is going through, more recruits are being trained.


1. No powerplaying
2. Be evil
3. Characters can be killed in the war, and you can have more than one character at anytime. So when one is being killed the other is training. Characters cannot be identical in any way!
4. People who sign up will be posted here, so we can keep tally of everyone who joins. Special stuff with that, which will be coming soon.


Description: Must be a substantial amount of text (say...a good paragraph or two)
Personality: read Description

You may add whatever you'd like to the profile, that you feel will better explain or define your character. You MAY NOT subtract any part of the form.

June 24th, 2005, 5:35 AM
Hey, don't have much time this morning, but save me a spot, m'kay?