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Baker's Bulbasaur
June 24th, 2005, 5:19 AM
Everyone who RP's comes up with different aspects and gimmicks for there characters that makes them origional from each one to another, some may be as small as one character could specialise in rock pokemon, whereas ur last likes grass and electric, or as big as the 1st character being a 10 year old girl with dreams of becoming the best co oridinator there is and loves grass pokmeon, to a man of 32 who is a gyl leader and believs in rock hard power.

But out of all the characters u use, what kinda character do you find your favourite? like if the forum done an RP with EVERY RP'er in it, and youw anted to really stand out, what kinda character perosnallity and stuff would u go with? thias is what I would go with

Pokemon or non pokemon RP's: Pokemon
Full Name: Leanardo . Jeffery . Baker
Nickname: Baker
Age: 38
Height: 6'2
Weight: 205
Home: ???
Appearence -
Head: Baker's hair colour is blonde, and comes down to just below his shoulders. His eyes are red, and he has a scar above his left eye, from when he was 17 and was hit in the blizzard attack from a jynx. Even in midage, he still ratains hansome looks from when he was young

Mid Section: Well bullt, but not too much fat, baker wears a black buttoned shirt made of fine materials, and a black overcoat. he has he well know cloak, given to him by a now dead very good friend many many years ago, it is made of silk, and is black on the outside, and blood red on the inside. Baker keeps his pokeballs in the inside pocket of this cloak, but wears a gold pokeball belt anyway. Baker also wears one fingerless red glove on his right hand.

Lower section: Baker wears black trousers which are fairly baggy, they have deep pockets either side, and one at the back. his shoes are black boots made of leather.

Personallity: Baker is a usually very quiet person, he prefers to be left alone to train, think, or just spend quality time with his pokemon that he loves more then life itself. he spends a lot of his training time in eaither the forest, or his personal favourite, the mountains. Baker becomes angered, by people who treat there own, or wild pokemon cruely, and he becomes frighetning and absoloutely mercyless. He is one of those people that when he speaks, everyone in the range of his voice will immediately drop there current focus to pay attention to him.

History: when baker was growing up, he always dreamed of meeting the legendary pokemon, he got his 1st pokemon before he shouold have at the age of 9, and left town unbeknown to his parents, he trainer for about half a year before deciding to return home, but when he got there, the town was no longer there, the whole place had been destroyed (part of the reason no one knows where he lived) and there was no trace of his family.
baker tried looking for them, but no one could or would help him. Eventually, baker decided to toughenm up and stop beign sorry for himself, he went to the mountains to train, and while there, he was sure that he was visited by a legandary pokemon seribi, who had taken him to the past to see his family, but it may have been a dream, for he had then woken up in a cave in the mountains. at the age of 13, baker was goiven the job of gym leader, where he specialised in grass pokemoin, and was defeated by only 4 people out of the hundereds he faced. at 19 he was given a place in the elite four, where he remained until the age of 27, then one day, he suddenly disapeared without a trace, and no one has seen nor heard of him since.

Pokemon stuff - (fill in only if a pokemon RP character)
Starting pokemon: Bulbasaur
Legandary: (which legandary u would choose if the RP requested it_

Team: Bulbasaur - Typhlosion - Cloyster - Pidgeot - Golem - Haunter
Nicknames: None - None - None - None - None - None
Fave Type: Grass
fave Pokemon: Bulabsaur

June 24th, 2005, 5:56 AM
pokemon or non pokemon: non-pokemon
full name: Teresa Jean Gorman
Nickname: T.J.
age: 13
height: 4'2
weight: 85
home: none

head: has blonde hair, that reaches her shoulders, and hazel eyes.

mid scetion: always wears shirts that are too big for her, to hide her figure. There is always a symbol meaning courage, or strength, or it will be plain.

lower section: black pants that you would find in a Hot Topic, because there is always chains hanging from the belt loop. They are awlays baggy.

personality: hyper, and happy. Her personality dosnt match how she acts, and what she wears at all.

history: Teresa hated her parents, and when they died in a car crash, she took up the name T.J., and wouldnt let anyone talk about her parents.

Sima Yi's Apprentice
June 24th, 2005, 1:56 PM
Mine isn't great, but this is what I'd probably use.

Pokemon or Non-Pokemon: Usually Non-Pokemon
Full Name: Cronos Eagleon Phoeniken
Nickname: Eagle/Frost
Age: ???? (looks around 13-18)
Height: 5'
Weight: 115
Original Home: Ardistan, Persia
Current Home: None
Appearance: http://www.animegalleries.net/albums/userpics/40720/Eagle.jpg

Personality: He is basically kind and polite to everyone around him. Those who know him can trust him with absolutely anything. Those who don't know him can usually learn to like him quickly. Yet, there is something mysterious about him that no one can place, as if a difference from him to others. The depth and scope of his conversations, as well as the way he always seems to be, suggest that he could be from a higher plane of existance. In a dangerous situation, he tends to be protective of those around him.

History: For some reason, he has no memory of his parents and have never met them at all. Currently, he off of the only thing that he found belonging to his parents, their ownings left in a safe. The people he knows never talk about his past, because other than his name, he is unwilling to reveal the small amount of his past that he actually remembers. The other thing he never speaks of is a horrible event that happened to him when he was around 12 (by normal standards.)