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June 24th, 2005, 11:40 AM
In a world of mith and legand there are few who stand above them all... are you one of them?

then show me what your made of.....

Fill this out and tell me if you think your worthy.... :15:

digimon: (name your partner, you can make him/her up if you would like but you must give us a picture and we will aprove it, or reject it and tell you to get another one, you must choose a rooky)
History: (what did you do before you ended up here)
Apperance: (what do you look like)
personalety: (what are you like, what are your likes or dislikes)
problem: (your only here if you have a problem, smoker, drug adict, sex adict... your choice)
specialty: (what are you best at?)
digimon's stats: (give us the stats of the digimon above, we reserve the right to reject any part if we disaprove.)


the story starts on Infinity mountain where the first are droped off, you must help us search the digitalworld to find the resting places of the digigods, and defeat PharohDevimon.

things you must know:
this means the signs you must use;

..........= thinking
<dialogue>=speaking derectly into the mind
...>=walking to the right
<...=walking to the left
!!!= scared and can't speak


we will alow double posting.
we will not alow babbling, (if your going to say something say it!)
we will alow mixing of cartoons, (like InuYasha with a Gabumon)
don't be afraid of using colorful language (like crap, F***, D***... things of that nature)
alwase remember that we resurve the right to delite you from the game if we disaprove of your actions.
If you die you must renter as a diferent person, (with or without the same digimon)
If it is your hearts disire, you can use Pokemon, but only if you let us know your going to do it.

this is mine.....

Name: JBCBlank
Nickname: call me Blank
digimon: Ditmon, (if you want a picture tell me and I'll send you one.)
History: I come from a long line of bluebloods and I like getting my way, but that all changed when I ended up in the digital world and found out that things couldn't be done my way.
Apperance: About 5'6'' hespanic, wearing black shoes, black pants and a gray shirt.
personalety: Can be a bit snippy at yappity people but am alright other wise.
problem: Sex adict.
specialty: orginized fighting.
digimon's stats: Ditmon stands about 3'7"wieghs 72lbs
A lengendary digimon that is extreamly powerfull, he uses Red Dragon to bring burning metiors down on his enemys.
Element: Dragon/flying
Good against: fire/ground/goast.
Bad against: Ice/electric
Special abbility: Flight/ a clamp on the end of his tail.
Type: small dragon
Digivalutions: Baby/Coomon
Mega/ Matrixmon
Elite/ SamuriAngemon(if you want to know what they look like tell me and I'll send you a picture.)

and that is how you do it.

June 24th, 2005, 5:52 PM
Blank looked around breathlessly.....

that fall had knocked the wind out of her, she couldn't understand what had happend, one minute she was standing outside her house the next she was flat on her back in an uknown one....

she looks down and sees something small standing next to her looking up at her with big blue eyes, "hi" it says.

Blank screams and almost falls off the top of a cliff, the creature catches her by her belt and holds her, "!what are you!" she yells.

"#yurf dijimnnm#" it says pulling her up.


"Your digimon." it says pulling some of her shirt out of it's mouth. "names Ditmon.... nice to meet ya."

June 25th, 2005, 6:28 AM
Name: Krayth Ralley
Nickname: Krayth
Digimon: Lazamon
History: I come from a metropolis, used to stay indoors inside my appartment playing video games all day.
Apperance: 1.73m, black hair, thin, grey pants, white shoes, red T-shirt
personalety: nutty, childish, anti-authority, sentimental, vengeful, switching between hyper-ness and normal-ness quite often
problem: Dragon addict, obsessed with Dragons, unusual attraction towards Dragon females... o.0
specialty: computer-related stuff
digimon's stats: black colour, height: 3', wieghth 50lbs
A digimon golem created by others long ago defend the dying race of Dragons, but left dormant, somehow awake now, knowing nothing of its origins, has been blessed with the power of the stars, capable of summoning their power.
Element: Dragon
Good against: Fire
Bad against: Ice
Special abbility: sopntaneous release oh life energy blasts from its body, weakens him alot, can even make him faint
Type: small dragon
Digivolutions: Baby/Golemon
In training/Kivamon

June 25th, 2005, 7:01 AM
His puplies were narrow and he could hear his heart throbbing through every fiber of his numb body as he slipped through the maze of trees as swiftly as he could. His whole attention was focused on running as his eyes quickly pinned down on every tree that stood in his way, trying to find the easiest way around it while his ears focused on the galloping sound that rustled behind him and a series of growls and roars that seemed to make his heart resonate and shudder at the terrifying sounds that seemed to get closer and closer. He felt like turning his head back from time to time to see what it was, but his instincts made him refrain every time as he continued his desperate dash.
<What the **** is this place?!>
He did not know how he got there, but he had caught a glimpse of the beast that was chasing him, and was now overwhelmed with fear. He kept running and curseing in his mind, his eyes occasionally pinning down on the many stone and rubble structures that sprouted here and there, making the place look like a lost mayan jungle, only that it had the trees that belonged to a temperate climate. It was night and dark.
He stopped in his tracks on the ancient pavement in the middle of what seemed to be the ruin of a temple a long time ago, looking around in sheer horror at the ruins that stretched to every side.
<I have nowhere to run!> Shock began to grip him. <I'm dead... my whole life... resumed to THIS!>
A menacing roar broke his trance and he swiftly turned around to see the monster that was stalking him stopped, staring at him, and licking his lips.
<Why does every ****in animal that sees ya wanna eat ya? Don't they get enough of it?!>
The ground underneath him collapsed and he fell some 3 meters below, landing on solid rock, almost being knocked unconscious. When the pain was gone he slowly got up, twitching and growling as his wounds returned pain with every movement. He looked up at the monster that was grinning at him from above, too big to fit through the hole.
<Laugh all ya want ya ****er...>
He paced slowly, examining the ancient symbols carved on the walls around him until he reached a pedestal with some sort of device on it. As he reached towards it, the device lit up, showing fleeting data on its screen, too fast to comprehend. He flinched back then approached it again and took it in his palm. The device suddenly shut itself off. It looked as old and dusty as the ruins that enclosed it.
He then examined the Dragon sculptures around him and the ancient writings on the walls that strangely looked somewhat like the lines of code of programming languages he had studied in school. He had stopped paying attention to the prowling beast above him a long time ago. Dazed, he sat down near the pedestal, leaning against it, staring at the strange device in his hand.
<...where the **** am I?>

June 25th, 2005, 7:31 AM
Ung, your kind of going against the forum rules here dude...Double posting is not aloud even if you state it is, and you may want to cut the...ahem...colourful language because younger forum goers come here as well as older ones and could stumble across this...not very good for the forum owners. Also there is not a real plot here, yu have explained anything:

What are Digimon and how did they come to exist, the same goes for the Digital world. Also you have not explained how you got to the world or what you must do to stop these Digigods...if they are even bad guy's that is because that is not specified. You have to keep in mind that people do not know what Digimon is and you have to fill them in on the details.

A good way to check whether you have a good idea or need more detail or not is posting this in the RPG idea thread in the RPG lounge and having feedback on it...but in till then and in till you read the rules, I am closing this, because you have stated that you can double post...which is braking the rules and you do not have a good enough plot...you may want to run it through spell check as well.