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June 24th, 2005, 1:30 PM
Wrote this in 20 minutes. XD Posted at Serebii and then I decided to post it here :0 Cause I'm cool like that :D But like I said, 20 minutes. So it probably ain't that good. But still. <3

Constant Craving

Sohow long have you been elite, again?

two yearswhy?

Morty sat on a couch beside the psychic elite, Will. The two had been dating for quite some time and Morty was still trying to get him to come out of his social shell a little. Currently, the masked boy sat with a small brandy glass full of what appeared to be expensive red wine. His gaze seemed a little distant, as if he didnt want Morty too close to him. So of course, Morty shuffled closer.

Something must be getting to ya Morty said, realizing how aloof Will was acting. Care to share? I bet I can make it feel better

Will shook his head quickly when Morty leaned in to try and kiss him. No! No...its fine, I promise

Morty huffed. You havent wanted to do anything since we started dating ,what, four months ago? Something is wrong, you havent even kissed me yet!

Im afraidthats all.

A slight chuckle from Morty. Afraid? Afraid of what, cooties?

No! Morty, if you knew, youd understand why Im afraid to-

Then why dontcha tell me?

Another headshake. No. Trust me. You dont wanna know.

Morty backed off a little; he sounded serious. It got him thinking. Was it a bad experience before? Did he have HIV? Did he have bad breath? If he didnt want to kiss or make outhe tried to ponder other cute things they could do, then suddenly his eyes lit up.

Feed me?

Will blinked. Scuse me?

You know, hold your wine glass to my lips, let me drink from it? Thats always a cute thing couples do.

Another violent shake of his head. No way.

Why, izzat medication?


Well, gimme that. Morty replied, grabbing the glass and holding it to Wills lips. Ill feed you then.

Morty.! No, theres a reason I havent taken a sip of this since youve been here, I-

But Morty tilted the glass and Will had no choice but to take a sip. He snapped his eyes shut, looking as though Morty had fed him turpentine.

Whoathat strong? It looks thick, so thats probably itwonder what it tastes like.

Will nearly choked. Dont drink it!

Why not? Something to do with your big secret?

Yes! Please, Morty, trust me on this, youve already done yourself in! Id leave if I were you!

Morty took a whiff of the glass and immediately made a face. Holy sh*t, what IS this?! It smells like.like.

Morty felt himself being thrown to the floor before he could say another word. He looked up into the elites eyes and realized this was all out of lust alrightbut what he didnt know was what kind of lust it was.

Will? Finally wanting it from me, huh?

The psychic gave him a small peck on the cheek, working his way down to his neck, the sensitive spot where he knew many hickeys often were left.

Oooh, Will Morty groaned as he began to nip and lick at the flesh. He never thought Will of all people could be such a dominant seme! That must have been his secret, that he was too dominant!

But how wrong he was.

Suddenly, a scream erupted from his throat as he felt something sharp digging into his neck flesh. His eyes were filled with terror and pain as he felt the warm liquid flowing from the wound. Was this his secret? What the hell was going on?!

Finally, Will pulled away and stared down at Morty, eyes a pale pink instead of their usual emerald green. Blood stained his lips, a liquid the color of the wine in the glass.

Secrets out. He said with a smile. And now youve got a secret too.

<3 End.