View Full Version : Snacktime!

Chairman Kaga
June 24th, 2005, 1:40 PM
Which of these tender, succulent pokemon would you most want to eat? OvvvvvvvvO

June 24th, 2005, 1:42 PM
Eeeeeeeeeeewww...XD II would prefer to not eat any of them. =X But if they were like made out of chocolate or something, then I would so be biting off an Igglybuff's head right now. XD

That didn't come out right...X3


Entei Fan
June 24th, 2005, 2:36 PM
I'm a vegetarian so i choose none :/

June 24th, 2005, 3:02 PM
I'd eat Skitty 'cause it seems like it has lots of meat. XP Actually, eating Pokemon is kinda gross, unless it's a Corphish or something that can be broiled like a lobster...

June 24th, 2005, 5:11 PM
Skitty or Igglybuff. Yummy.

Just kidding, I wouldn't eat baby Pokemon.

June 24th, 2005, 5:20 PM
skitty cause it's from hoen and I want to kill hoen pokemon

June 24th, 2005, 6:17 PM
O.o I don't think I would eat any of them, unless they were made of candy or chocolate or something...

Chairman Kaga
June 24th, 2005, 6:19 PM
I would eat Togepi--it's an egg, after all, so that means there's so many ways to prepare it! Just separate the meat portion from the egg portion, cook them both thouroughly, and you have a hearty breakfast.

June 24th, 2005, 6:21 PM
Uh... maybe a Skitty?
Or maybe none.

Cybex Mewtwo
June 24th, 2005, 6:57 PM
If there was an option, I'd eat them all in one giant burrito or something, but I'd go for togepi. I likes me some scrambled eggs......muahahaha...

June 24th, 2005, 11:33 PM
i will eat none, they r too cute....

June 24th, 2005, 11:36 PM
If they're made from candy, chocolate, something like that, Skitty could have no tail...

Baker's Bulbasaur
June 25th, 2005, 3:16 AM
snorlax, u would get a full meal ^^

nah, ide say...uuum........dunno, I have problems eating food with a face or in the shape of an animal.

June 25th, 2005, 3:31 AM
A hard boiled Togepi... mmmm why would i eat Togepi you ask? because it annoys me so much! it cant even do anything except a few well placed metranomes -_-

June 25th, 2005, 4:27 AM
None, I think they all taste terrible x_x

June 25th, 2005, 7:59 AM

Why? Coz its an egg...