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June 24th, 2005, 3:24 PM
Light emanates

From that I despise most

A pendent, such a meaning less trinket

Brings such pain

Being robbed of hope

As I tumble to the ground

Numbness ringing through my tiered form

I cant let go, I have to survive

But I cant

To die is my destiny

Goodbye, to me

Black and White
One to Kill,

One to save,

Same blood,

Yet so different,

Two dragons,

Will do battle,

One good,

One evil,

Black and White,

Darkness and Light,

We must,

Place our fate in one,

Choose wisely,

For there is no return.

To Protect
An adventure they will never forget,

Has begun,

It will take them beyond their wildest dreams,

But their friendship and loyalty is to be tested.

How far are they willing to go?

For the ones they care the most for,

How far are they willing to go?

For their Goddess.

How many brave warriors are they willing to kill?

How many times are they willing to die?

To fall into darkness,

How many times are they willing to go to the deepest hell in the world?

How many battles are they willing to endure?

How much pain are they willing to inflict on themselves?

To protect their battle Goddess,

How deep are they willing to swim in the deepest ocean?

To save their Goddess,

How many times are they willing to sacrifice their lives meaningless,

For their Goddess Athena,

And to protect all man kind.

Okay just a bunch of poems with no meaning, what do ya think.

Cybex Mewtwo
June 24th, 2005, 7:07 PM
I like these a lot.
Black and White
This poem makes me think of myself. I'm nice and all, but all the anger I have pent up inside will explode sooner or later. I can get infuriated and want to break a wall down with my bare hands.

Makes me think of what I'd most likely do if I were to lose my mother...I would never know what to do...I'd be walking in a dark maze looking for the exit than never existed...

To Protect
Me and my loyal friends...we have each others backs against all opposition...

White Winter Wolf...thank you for making me reminis on my thoughts...but upon doing this, I feel saddened inside; deprived of the light in return for the void...but I'll feel better after a good nights' sleep...