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June 25th, 2005, 3:31 PM
Due to some vilent content reader descression is advised.

All right alright I'll do it your way people but just to let you know.....

Not everyone has a good enough memory not to double post, I for example have the memory span of a goldfish and I can't always keep the info in real close touch but If you want we won't double post.....(not that I'm trying to dis the rules alright). :nervous:

any way this is pretty much the same as the original Age of Silance with the same rules regarding text and dialogue, If you don't know them scroll to the bottom to find them....

fill this out if you want to play....

digimon: (name your partner, you can make him/her up if you would like but you must give us a picture and we will aprove it, or reject it and tell you to get another one, you must choose a rooky)
History: (what did you do before you ended up here)
Apperance: (what do you look like)
personalety: (what are you like, what are your likes or dislikes)
problem: (your only here if you have a problem, candy freak short term memory... your choice)
specialty: (what are you best at?)
digimon's stats: (give us the stats of the digimon above, we reserve the right to reject any part if we disaprove.)

anyway the rules will change becouse for some reason they don't want us to add anything to our posts, so if you forgot something to bad you're just gonna have to wait to say it.... (or just go back and edit it..)

now as I said in the last one thise are the rules, (but I've had to touch them up a bit.....:

..........= thinking
<dialogue>=speaking derectly into the mind
...>=walking to the right
<...=walking to the left
!!!= scared and can't speak

we will alow double posting. sorry guys...... :(
we will not alow babbling, (if your going to say something say it!)
we will alow mixing of cartoons, (like InuYasha with a Gabumon)
don't be afraid of using colorful language (like crap, F***, D***... things of that nature) not true....
alwase remember that we resurve the right to delite you from the game if we disaprove of your actions.
If you die you must renter as a diferent person, (with or without the same digimon)
If it is your hearts disire, you can use Pokemon, but only if you let us know your going to do it.

Name: JBCBlank
Nickname: call me Blank
digimon: Ditmon, (if you want a picture tell me and I'll send you one.)
History: I come from a long line of bluebloods and I like getting my way, but that all changed when I ended up in the digital world and found out that things couldn't be done my way.
Apperance: About 5'6'' hespanic, wearing black shoes, black pants and a gray shirt.
personalety: Can be a bit snippy at yappity people but am alright other wise.
problem: just a spoild brat...
specialty: orginized fighting.
digimon's stats: Ditmon stands about 3'7"wieghs 72lbs
A lengendary digimon that is extreamly powerfull, he uses Red Dragon to bring burning metiors down on his enemys.
Element: Dragon/flying
Good against: fire/ground/goast.
Bad against: Ice/electric
Special abbility: Flight/ a clamp on the end of his tail.
Type: small dragon
Digivalutions: Baby/Coomon
Mega/ Matrixmon
Elite/ SamuriAngemon(if you want to know what they look like tell me and I'll send you a picture.)

Plot: Ok this is how it starts...

the digital world was created millions of years ago in the time before time, in thoes years digimon lived happy and chearfull under the watchfull eyes of the 8 digigods... though not many had seen them they all balived for it was their costom.

though many balived diferent things they all knew one thing.... that a great evil would come and woud bring an end to there time of prosparity, if only they had known how fast that time would come apone them more would have retreated to the safty of the Physical world.

the great evil that they had been fearing came without warning and without mercy, in the form of black feathers that fell on many of the happy digimon, the first to start was Devemon.... ever sence then no digimon was safe form the evil and they were all slowly parishing, try as they might the digigods kept calling apon children to save their world... but everytime they thought it was over anouther would apear stronger and eviler then the one before it.

one time it was just to much and the digigods themselves tried to stop the evil but that only resulted in there defeat... all but one... SamuriAngemon who scattered the eggs of his freinds to the far reaches of the digitalworld....

DarkAngemon.... far in the reaches of the desert
Darknessmon..... deep in the jungle
FlameAngemon... in the depths of the planet itself
RoboDramon...... Deap below the sea
SerpentMiotismon.. In a hollowed out tree in a place unknown
Saqualamon....... Far in the snow
Caracormon....... In the very clutches of space

though many have died looking for them there searches have been in vain....
that is were I come in...

I have been partnered with the legendary SamuiAngemon, though he does not remember his past he does know that I need more digidestand to Succeed my whole life since my coming to the digital world has been in the search for others, perhaps I can locate them here in this new world full of young and promising participants..... Only time will tell. My only hope is that PharohDevemon isn't searching for them aswell or eles, I might already be too late.....

Blank holds Caramon close to her as she looks into the window of a department store, it had been so long since she had bought herself anything. she touches the cold glass and licks her lips, chocolate... what she despratly wanted, "*not now Blank I can feel the presance of a digidestand*" Caramon whispers so quietly that noone eles could hear.
"Oh just one more minute please." she begs.
"*No we have already waisted enough time, we must go.*" Caramon sounded cross.
"Alright lets go." Blank heads down the street not knowing that who Caramon was sencing was so close she could have reached out and grabed him..........

June 25th, 2005, 6:33 PM
I just got back from a 9 hour shift, so I'll make this brief...

..........= thinking
<dialogue>=speaking derectly into the mind
...>=walking to the right
<...=walking to the left
!!!= scared and can't speak

Okay, did you even read the rules for this forum? They clearly state that the use of *'s or anything like that of above is forbidden. You RP like a story, so i suggest looking at other RPs around here to get the PICTURE.

Again, like RD stated in the last one, your plot is very unorganized and not very good. If you attempt to revive this again without getting it approved by RD or I, it will be closed on SIGHT!