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June 28th, 2005, 6:34 AM
Proper Elemental Preperation School Internationalized

Basic Plot

In a far away land know as Hellimish there resides a school. This school is known to the locals, but they have always thought of it as kind of mysterious, the way the school is tucked away into the mountains. They know not of how strainge this school really is. The purpose of this school is to train young elementals. Elementals are people who are gifted with control over an element, or some sort of matter. Every one hundered years a new group of elementals is born. They are born all over the world. The headmater of P.E.P.S.I. chooses a group of elementals he thinks would be good canidates for his school. He trains them to control their powers, so that they will not hurt any mortals.

Advanced Plot

The headmaster's daughter is not an elemental, but she is gifted. She is the only thing of her kind. She was gifted by the gods with the gift of future telling. No gifted or elelmental can use their powers before they turn of age, which is 15. As soon as the headmaster's daughter, Salaria, turned 15 she had a vision. Her vision was that in 50 years there would be a great battle in which the new elementals would have to fight to decide the fate of the world. Knowing this the new group of elementals chosen were chosen by th headmaster to be the strongest, smartest, and greatest elementals from around the world. These elementals training in vital. If they aren't trianed well enough the world could perish...


* Please put lots of detail into your posts... I stress this!
* All characters start out at the age of 15.
* Obviously you are one of this generation of elementals who will attend the school.
* Please put detail into your character sheet.
* Follow all PC rules... (you gotta'!)

Character Sheet

Age: 15
Sex: (Not yes or no XD)
Any Other Information about your character: (This is not optional please add more details here!)

Edit: This RP might become PG-13 at times.

June 28th, 2005, 7:56 AM
Name: Samantha Wheeler
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Looks: Okay, I love to use this picture in my appearances, but I would like to change something on this picture here. (http://photobucket.com/albums/y275/alchamyhero/?action=view&current=DarkChild.jpg) Samantha does have black hair like that, but it's not always straight. Her hair can be curly, also, and she often likes to wear it up in a ponytail. Sam's eyes are a crystal clear blue, to match her element which is any form/state of water(liquid, gas, ice). Underneath Samantha's coat, she wear a white tank top, just incase it isn't jacket weather anymore. When she does take her coat off, she'll tie it around her waist so she doesn't lose it. Also, when it gets cold for Sam, she'll wear a pair of blue jeans to keep her warm. Sam is also taller than the picture portrays, she is about 5'7" to 5'9".
Personality/Attitude: Samantha is normally happy and hyper, and she loves to make people laugh. She'll do anything when people are down and sad just to cheer them up again. But sometimes she can't do that for herself. Sam grew up with non-attentive parents, so she'll often have her days where she'll prefer to be alone. In her spare time, she'll love to be that hyper and happy girl, but whenever she has no one around, she'll want to be alone.
Any Other Information about your character: Samantha grew up in a very bad relationship with her parents. No one was there for her, accept her younger sister, Raven. They would stick together whenever they were alone, and have some happy times. Sam and Raven's parents left them to their nanny every day, and of course she didn't pay any attention. They loved their parents, very dearly, it's just that they weren't elementals. Samantha's grandfather and grandmother were both elementals of fire, so was Sam's sister. But Sam was different from the rest of her family, Sam was an elemental of water. Not just water, all forms and states of it which includes the gas, the liquid, and even ice. Then, on her fifteenth birthday, Sam noticed that she was an elemental and went to her grandparents for advice as to what she should do. Well, they told her that when she noticed and understood it, someone else would notice and she would become one of the candidates for P.e.p.s.i., a special school where they prepare you for all kinds of things an elemental will face. Not only was it her who had discovered it, her sister had too. On her 15th birthday as well. Sam and her sister were fraternal twins only half an hour apart. That's why Sam loved to joke at how she was older than Raven, which she really was. Once their parents found out about it, they were scared of them, not knowing what they were capable of. So they tried to stay away from them. But sometimes, they would be there for them because they were Sam and Raven's parents. So, Sam waited and waited until she finally got word that she would be going to p.e.p.s.i.

Was that descriptive enough?

EDIT: I have to do my sister's too, don't I?

oh well...

Name: Raven Wheeler
Age: 15
Sex: Female

Pineapple Pocky
June 28th, 2005, 11:12 AM
Looks fun, so:

Name: Ellie Kenobi
Sex: Female
Looks: Waist length Aqua blue hair (always in a ponytail), Black skirt, Red tank top, red bandana on head, and Black and pink Converse sneakers.
Personality: Ellie is a loner. it's not that she doesn't like people (in fact she enjoys company every once and a while) but sometimes she just wants to be alone so she can think. She doesn't talk to anyone unless the talk to her first. Ellies smart, and funny (She likes to make people happy), and she's got a spirit of a wolf.

Other Info: Ellie's Element is Electricity. Some say it's because she has such a electric personality. She learned she had these powers when her house caught on fire when she was ten years old. Her parents and little brother perished in the fire, and ever since then Ellie hasn't been her natural hyper and friendly self. The police had said they didn't know how the fire started, so when Ellie realized she could create and control Electricity, she knew she was what had helped to spark the fire that killed her family. Five years later, Ellies foster parents told her she could go to any school she wanted. So she decided to go to a school called P.e.p.s.i., a school for Elementalists/Gifted students.

Power: Electricity

Is this okay, or do i need to change it?

June 28th, 2005, 4:50 PM
No that is fine, and yes that is very descriptive. It does meet my standards... XD Except for one thing Sawrah, the students dont know about the vision, the war, or even why this headmaster wants them to attend their school. They are ignorant to almost everything about the school.
here is mine...

Age: 15
Sex: Female
Looks: Straight black hair, that never curls or bounces. Her hair doesn't flow in the wind. It is just plain black hair. Her face has a long scar down it, the scar is a strange black color. Her face always bears the same dark expression, as if evil posesses her. This isn't the case, but one might think that by her dark facial expression. She always wears black pants, usually slightly loose on her. She doesn't own any pants that aren't black color, or any lower body articles of clothing that aren't pants. Her upper body is always hidden beneath her dark black cloak. The cloak's made of a rough material that is unpleasant to the touch. It is lined with deep purple silk. Her eyes are a deep deep blue, never showing any emotion but hatred. This hatred is hatred for the world, hatred for all people, hatred towards all life, and even self-hatred.
Personality/Attitude:She is a very dark person, some would even call her evil. She hates humanity. She hates everyone and everything. Anything that gets in her way she would destroy, or remove as nessesary. She has no care in her body, none. If ever there was care in her body is was towards her father, but even then it never showed, it only existed. Now there is no care. She enjoys meditating, which is when she can be with only one person, instead of many. Even though she hates herself, she still would rather be alone with one person she hates than more. If anyone was ever to disrupt her meditating she would not spare their life.
Any Other Information about your character: Her past is a mystery to all, even to herself. Her past comes to her in small visions. These visions are even too much for her. She made herself forget her past. Her past was horrible, in many ways. When hse was a child she was beaten and nothing ever went right. That is all that is known. Everything else, she forces even herself to not know. She thinks that it may have been because of her past she is a dark elemental, with control over darkness.
Power: (I forgot to add this to the sheet please add it to your profile!!!) Darkness

Pineapple Pocky
June 28th, 2005, 5:14 PM
Wow "Farish"! Your persons mean... Hey Sam, you gonna tell Kasumi to join this? She would probably like it.

June 29th, 2005, 8:29 AM
OOC: I figured since she was the Darkness elemental she should have a personality to match. And I haven't tried doing a female character in a while I figured I'd try one.

Pineapple Pocky
June 29th, 2005, 8:51 AM
oh, well i'll make sure to stay away from her. (Hi sammy.)

June 29th, 2005, 11:03 AM
If anyone would invite friends to join that would be awesome...

Electric Hero
June 29th, 2005, 3:04 PM
Name: Max Hunter (call me Max)
Age: 15
Sex: Y... Male (XD)
Looks: (try to guess) Electric Blue eyes and black hair with a weird anime style. Wears black shoes, pants, shirt, gloves and long coat.
Personality/Attitude: (my most hated part) In an overall summary, he's weird. He has sometimes sudden mood changes, most of his personality depends on these mood changes. Sometimes he likes to battle, and sometimes he doesn't. He mainly is calm... and can be sometiimes shy. But actually, no one can predict his personality.
Any Other Information about your character: His past is almost unknown. He has traveled around the world in a desperate try to find someone that know how to control his power... electricity. He doesn't remember his parents... but he says he can feel their love. He found once in some newspaper that his parents were rich, and famous... unfortunately, they died in a fire. Trying to forget the parts of his past he still has in his mind, travels around the world, looking for someone that knows how to controld his power.
Power: Electricity (and all of its effects).

June 30th, 2005, 9:16 AM
Hey max... I'll wait until we have 6 people to start it... unless the Rpers in this Rp want to start it sooner, that's fine... I'll do whatever the group decides...

July 3rd, 2005, 7:02 PM
Cool.... XD That 'Y...Male (XD)' thing was halarious. XD

July 3rd, 2005, 8:21 PM
Ish!! Pepsi~!!

Name: Arekushisu (Or Arii, or Kushi, or Kushisu, or Shisu, or Areku, or any other shortened version of her name you can come up with. XD)
Age: 15
Sex: Female

Looks: http://www.mangalocity.com/mage.jpg

Personality/Attitude: Arekushisu is a spunky person with a lot of personality. She is outgoing and hyper, and very hot-headed. She always ask on impulse and follows her motto, "Screw the questions and just shoot." She has a short fuse and can lose her temper very easily, and over the stupidest, smallest things. But, despite all of this, she has a certain gracefullness to her. Arekushisu somehow manages her way into everyone's heart.

Any Other Information about your character: Arekushisu and her brother are both half-demons. (Is that allowed? If not, I'll change it.) But, they only change into their true forms as a last resort.

Power: Fire

Name: Katsou
Age: 15
Sex: Male

Looks: Although Katsuo and Arekushisu are twins, they looks nothing alike. http://www.fanimenation.com/Detailed/9140.html

Personality/Attitude: Katsuo is a calm person who rarely expresses emotion. But, somehow, people can usually tell if he's happy, sad, or whatever. Only Arekushisu really understands him. Unlike his younger twin sibling, he doesn't make friends as easily. Katsuo is very quiet and calm, and usually lets Arii do the speaking. She's the only person he'll really talk to. Whenever they get into arguements, he usually lets his sister win, even if she's wrong. Katsuo observes every aspect of a situation, and thinks things over before acting. He always keeps cool, even in situations which could mean life or death. It drives people crazy. The way everyone knows something is seriously wrong is if Katsuo loses it. People often look to him for advice. Altough Arekushisu is a good fighter, he's better. (Probably because he has more patience.)

Any Other Information about your character: Katsuo is also a half-demon.

Power: Wind

Electric Hero
July 3rd, 2005, 8:49 PM
Cool.... XD That 'Y...Male (XD)' thing was halarious. XD

ooc: yea, yea , yea... I'm back to the Other Roleplay to rock'n roll!! XD... nah just kidding... I'm the one rocked and rolled XD. So... I think we are 5... but why do I think we are ready to start? *makes Star Wars mind trick with JJDR* XD

July 4th, 2005, 12:32 PM
Name: Orphen
Age: 15
Sex: Male
Looks: Orphen wears a blue waist coat with a black top underneath. he has black trousers and brown spiked hair. He has a red band round his head
Personality/Attitude: He is grumpy on the outside but inside he is really kind and sarcastic
Any Other Information about your character: he has a magical sword called the sword of the fallen devil and can cast magic form his hands.

July 5th, 2005, 8:21 AM
Squall, I've noticed u have slightly not so good RPing skills, so if you want to stay in this, you'll have to be at your very best, or I might have to boot you. Otherwise we're all set, anyone who would like to start may go ahead!

July 5th, 2005, 5:24 PM
((Ooc: Oooh!! Oooh! Saphi wiil, Saphi will~!!))

"Katsuo, do you really think it's us?" Arekushisu asked, watching the clouds tumble over each other. A small breeze blew through the air, taking along with it Arekushishu's orange hair.

Katsuo broke from his thoughts, and looked at his sister. "Hm?"

"I said, do you really think it's us?" She sat up, looking down at the world. They two siblings sat on the roof, above the rest of the world. Everyone else looked so tiny and insagnifigant from up here. From the roof, They could see everything. The lake, the moutains... It was like their own special spot to escape to.

It took a long time for Katsuo to reply. Arekushisu thought he wouldn't answer her.

"I'm sure..." He began, also sitting up, "That Salaria chose us for a reason. So, yes, I do think it's us."

Arekushisu sighed. "I suppose... But what if we mess up? I mean, we're so weak and pathetic right now." She twhirled a strange of red hair around her finger.

Katsuo looked her in the eye. "Do not worry, my young sister. Our training has just now begun. We will have much time before our powers are needed." The breeze had died down, so with a twist of his wrist, Katsuo created another one, stronger than the last. Arekushisu wrapped her arms around her legs, and gazed into the sky, lost in her thoughts. A small smile played on Katsuo's lips. He too, began staring into space, lost in his own thoughts.

July 5th, 2005, 6:58 PM
ooc: I'll start later, please don't go too far!!!

July 5th, 2005, 6:59 PM
Ooh, this sounds good! But I'm not worthy! *trembles*

Electric Hero
July 5th, 2005, 9:02 PM
ooc: I'm not going to RP here in PC until... tomorrow midnight... APROX... so... if we are going to advance... I would ask JJDR if he can control my character a little... just his ACTIONS... and nothing else but ACTIONS (no feelings, etc) but... just don't control my character's actions like if... "I'm killing myself!!" and my character kills himself. I don't want to come back and find out that my character is dead... or has made any critical action for the RP... just stick to my weirdiness!! XD.

July 6th, 2005, 2:52 AM
OOC: if you dont like me on here why dont you just boot me now? because i am noth that good at thinking things up and only do short paragraphs

July 9th, 2005, 5:27 PM
ooc: If my power goes out, I won't be able to get on after hurricane dennis hits, I don't think Saphi will be able to either, so you guys please don't go too far without us. No power sucks, and having to read 5 pages after being gone for 4 days does too!XD