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June 28th, 2005, 11:12 AM
Campton College located in Florida is one of the most talked about Colleges in the world. Its reputation surpasses all Colleges and stands at the top of the list for best education. The Students are total whiz kids, but even though their knowledge surpasses many, their personalities differ from Teachers Pet to Teachers worst enemy, the extraordinary thing is, that no matter what their outlook on school and the teachers, all work is completed and handed in at top standard.

Situated next to the sea, Campton College gives a wide range of opportunities for its students and is guarantied to turn any teenager into a top ranking student. Campton is a beautiful sight to behold; surrounded by Palm trees and historical monuments of its achievements, it is glorious from the fountain of water located at the front of the school, to its beautifully tilled walls and drinking fountains. Many pictures that Artistic students have drawn hang on the walls, showing the high standards the art department can offer.

The students live on Campus in dorms around the school, which are well equipped for any teenagers perfect get away from home. The dorms supply high standard rooms in which the students can decorate themselves in is complete with bathroom, Kitchen and much more.

When they are let out from school, the Students have the opportunity to travel to the beach or the glorious town situated near by. When Holidays arrive, they are more than welcome to go and see loved ones or stay on Campus and spend the Holidays around friends.

The beach has many glorious aspects, from white sands and clear water to surfing schools as well as part time jobs working as life guards and more. The town offers spectacular night life and jobs to keep the students satisfied money wise. What more could a teenager ask for.

The students are asked to purchase their own food and own supplies such as cable and personal likes. But as always likes are always countered by dislikes as the students are asked to complete work on time to be handed in to the subject teacher. End of year exams are also required to be completed to gain the grades in which the students desire and to do this, hard work is required.

OK, so you are a student at Campton college and are staying on Campus with people you have never met before in your lifemainly other RPGersthere will be 5 members to a dorm and you are to attend school on a 5 day basis, when the night, Weekend or Holidays arrive, it is up to you what you want to do in your free time, be it Surf, get a job or stay in to complete work.

Basically, this is a real life RPG where you will be attending a college and competing work on time as well as living with your fellow RPGers.

Description: (I think physical appearance and preferred clothing is required here, but remember you will be changing clothes and appearance often)
Likes: (What your character enjoys)
Dislikes: (What your character does not enjoy)
Subjects: (Up to 5)

Well, my character will come soon, probably next time I post.

Anyways, this is just an RPG to kick back and enjoy, I dont think I will give a limit as to how many can join at this time, just go slow and allow others to reply, I dont want a conversation between two characters, OK?

June 28th, 2005, 7:03 PM
This looks like fun!!

Name: Robyn Edmands
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Description: Robyn is very much a tomboy who doesn't care too much about her appearance. She stands about 5'5", is fairly fit, and weighs about 130 lbs. She has dark brown, almost black hair cut short in a pixie cut, which she spikes, sometimes in various colors, depending on her mood. She has hazel eyes and somewhat tan skin with a few freckles across her nose. She prefers comfortable clothes, mostly punk or skater style.
Likes: loud music, surfing, skating, karate, long walks, meditation, playing bass guitar in a punk or ska band, art, math
Dislikes: English or Literature class, science classes, gym or P.E., closed-minded people
Subjects: Calculus A, Early Music History (pre-history through Baroque), English literature, Physics, Animation
History: Robyn comes from a very dysfunctional and abusive family. Coming to the College was a means of escape for her, and she works her butt off to stay there. Her parents are divorced: her mother lives on her own and tends to date very abusive men, and her father is a heavy drinker and very abusive. As an only child, Robyn was forced to grow up fast and become independant. She worked hard to earn money to take karate classes in secret, and can now hold her own against her father, who has custody over her.

June 29th, 2005, 6:33 AM
Yep it looks like a lot of fun.

Name: Gen Ket
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Description: Gen usually likes to wear black sleeeless shirts and any pants too long for his legs really. He'll roll up the bottom of the pant legs up over his shoes. When he's not wearing that he's usually wearing something along the lines of a white school uniform shirt unbuttoned. Sometimes he wears khakki shorts and a cowboy hat over a black beanie. Gen's hair was originally brown but he died it white. It spikes of to the side but in the mornings Gen spends a lot of time making it lay down. Yet there's that ever-lasting cowlick and the few rebel priecs of hair. He has dark brown eyes, almost like a dog's, and white skin bleached from spending too much time in front of the computer. Gen is about 5' 9" and is sort of athletic.
Personality: Despite his white skin Gen likes to spend a lot of time outside. He is trying to stay away from the superior power of his computer, but it's just too much. So he resolved this by bringing his laptop outside to type in the sun. Gen is always really kind and never really gets mad unless you are mean to his cat Co. His cat Co thats not allowed in the dorm. Oh, did I mention that Gen is a vegetarian?
Likes: Math, English, typing stories, his cat Co, outdoors, climbing stuff, board games, and drawing.
Dislikes: Meat, History, video games, dancing, dogs, being discovered in the middle of doing something evil, and getting picked last for sports teams.
Subjects: Filming/Animation, English, Math, to his disgust History, and Science class.
History: Gen's family is nice and all but he had to get away. He was bored of living in the city there and wanted to get away to ssomewhere they weren't. Going to college was the perfect opportunity. He has two brothers both in Junior High and a baby sister. Whenever he comes home for the holidays all of them swarm Gen.

Hopefully I'm excepted and my computer doesn't die again like last time I tried posting this.

June 29th, 2005, 9:15 AM
I enjoy RL RPs just as much as Fantasy so I'm in! Shouldn't you guys be at least 18... you are in college!!! Which means you graduated High school... which means you're over 18!

Name: Chad Lake
Description: Long blonde hair, it is shaggy and messy, and hangs down to his shoulders. He has deep blue eyes, the color of the ocean. He has an average to slightly fit build. He prefers to wear nothing but white wife beaters and white shorts when not in school. When he is in school, he usually wears a sports jacket, and jeans. Under the sports jacket he has usually a plain white T-shirt, or maybe a novelty T-shirt with a clever little joke.
Personality: He is funny, and a major party-boy. He loves to party. He spens most of his free time partying, or something of the sort. Even though he is a party-boy, he is also a romantic. He would do anything for the girl he loved. He is pretty much an all-around good guy.
Likes: Partys, Women, Night-Life, Video Games, and Pizza.
Dislikes: He is pretty much up for anything, and enjoys doing pretty much whatever... he doesn't have any specific dislikes.
Subjects: Acting Workshop, Mathmatics (Highly Advanced), Science, English, and Video/Broadcasting.
History:Got good grades all through middle school, did great in high school, got along with his parents, nothing special.
Other: Nothing to say...

June 29th, 2005, 9:17 AM
You are all accepted

In the UK you start College at 16 so 16 + I would say just to be on the safe side of both America and UK.

June 29th, 2005, 9:21 AM
Oh ok... I didn't know... Thankies for the info.

June 29th, 2005, 9:34 AM
One problem here is that I'm from Sweden so I'll use kilo's and centimeters ^^

Name: Serge Thomson
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Description: Serge is a tall guy who stands at 189 cm. He has clear blue eyes and a friendly face. His hair is blond and mixrd with some strings of brown. He usually likes to wear jeans, t-shirt and a light jacket. He's athletic and weights 60 kilos. In school he usually have jeans and a jacket of a random color. Under the jacket he has a shirt.
Personality: He's a very nice and friendly person. He does not like to party, and mostry he's at his room reading. Even though, he has a lot of friends and most people like him.
Likes: He likes books, cooking, tennis, sports and friends O.o
Dislikes: He does not like to cleen up for some other person, he also hates dogs
Subjects: Highly Advance Math, English, Video/Broadcasting, Computer class
History: He is a straight A student. He get's along with his parents and he has two younger brothers.
Other: N/A

June 29th, 2005, 9:39 AM
oooo yay good fun i see lol

Name: Sun Xeng
age: 16
gender: Male
Description:Sun xeng has brown hair to his neck. he prefers to wear baggy stuff to keep comfortable. He wears a Black jacket a red top and blue trousers. When in skool he wears a black jacket (same) a Blue shirt and black trousers he doesnt really like his skool uniform.
Personality: Sun xeng is very kind hearted. he looks after people if they need looking after and cheers people up when they are sad or lonely.
Likes: Parties, swords (OOOO), Rock music, girls and ofcourse PIZZAAAAAAAA
Dislikes: Teachers, School, rap music, and enemies
Fave subjects: English, R.E, I.C.T
Worst Subjects: History, Geography, Art, Drama, Maths
History: Sun Xeng was raised in a family of warriors. Sun xeng was told he had to go to school before he could learn to be a warrior so he applied for campton college

June 29th, 2005, 10:39 AM
Yeah Joe_Johnson_DK_Roy. My friend is only seventeen and she's going to College when summers over. I know.. really wierd. Can't wait to start.

June 29th, 2005, 10:50 AM
When can we start? We got like 6 people! I'm over-eager!!

June 29th, 2005, 11:24 AM
ooo me to strider where are u i wanna begin

June 30th, 2005, 9:18 AM
Squall, Please use Punctionation, proper grammer, and capitalization where nessesary. If you RP like you OOC post you will probably get booted... Thank you.

Now when are we going to start? Grrrr... XD

June 30th, 2005, 12:16 PM
ok sorry JJDR i will use punctuation next time

June 30th, 2005, 1:33 PM
Even in that post you didn't. I'm just trying to help you avoid getting in trouble for talking like that man. I'm not trying to harras you, only teach you...

Now when is this thing gonna start'er up??

July 1st, 2005, 1:39 AM
(OOC- Kira you are accepted, but Squall I dont know if I can trust your punctuation and the sign up you have provided lacks proper grammar and spelling. Not accepted Im sorry, I may be going easy with sign ups, but proper spelling and punctuation is needed. You also did not follow the sign up sheet; it asks for 5 subjects that you took at the college.

Also, please do not rush, I wasnt on all day yesterday and there is no need to post in the thread. But we will start, so everyone, just have fun!)

Sign up

Name: Rachel Otep

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Description: Rachel has dark, chocolate brown hair which extends to her mid back and large emerald orbs for eyes. Sleek chocolate bangs find themselves cascading down into her slightly tanned face which is why she wears a pair of black sun glasses atop her head, to protect the abused eyes. Tall and slender, she stands at around 56 and has a tanned complexion from years of surfing down the hot beach. Her preferred clothing consist of mostly three quarter length trousers, a pair of sandals and a crop top, though her style changes with the weather and her moods. A silver dragon pendant hangs around her neck, handed down to her by her grandmother before she passed away nearly a year ago.

Personality: Rachel is a fun loving individual and likes nothing more than to chill out with friends and surf all day long. She likes nothing more than getting out and having an interesting conversation over a large Pizza and a chilled drink. Though she may look the easiest type to get along with, Rachel finds it hard to trust people that she has never met before, but when given the chance to get to know her friends, she warms up to them and will help them out in any way she can. Rachel is a Tomboy with all tendencies to have fun and get the most out of being away from home.

Likes: Surfing, Drawing, Skating, Martial Arts, Writing, Guitar, Drums, Anime, Manga, Mythology and Pizza

Dislikes: Meat, Rap music, Boredom, wet weather, cold weather, Studying and formal parties.

Subjects: Geography, Art, English, Drama and Music

History: Rachel has spent her whole life living with her parents in a small village a train ride away from the school. She has studied hard at her comprehensive school and now plans on passing these subjects with flying colours. She had managed to nab herself a small job at the local village store and now looks for higher levels of education to succeed in life. Her life long dream is to become an Actor and professional surfer and guitar player, butfor now she just plans on mixing work with pleasure.

Other: Rachel has a Lizard called Gex and has decided that parting with it would lead to too much sorrow.

(IC-)The train ride had been monstrous, so many people seemed to be making their way to her stop and the fact that she carried so many possessions with her was a nightmare. Her Pet Lizard, Gex sat in its cage gazing at the passengers in what could only be described as fright and on multiple occasions, he dashed behind the dried up log that Rachel had placed in there for shade.

Rachel wasnt fairing much better than Gex was at this moment, she sat at her table with a full suitcase and backpack full of possessions, her Guitar sat on the seat opposite with its usual dragon logo sown in silver on the casing and her surf board sat in the corner of the train somewhere out of her sight. She worried for her possessions because there were so many people attending the same train and she did not trust the googly eyes that were cast down upon her and the small Lizard in the cage.

Shifting in her seat, it seemed like an eternity had flown by when the driver announce that their next stop would be Campton College and Rachel let out a deep breath that she seemed to have been holding from the minute the train got a little to crowdeda good few hours ago. She stood from the worn seat and slung the guitar and backpacks over her shoulder and wheeled the suitcase down the isle of the train, wanting to get to the exit before anyone else had a chance to stand up.

She eyes her surfboard and wondered how on earth she was to carry the ****ed thing along with her Lizard and the suit case. She growled lightly and tapped the train worker on the shoulder. She grinned sheepishly at the young man and nodded her head in the direction of the surf board Um, would you mind helping me with some of my stuff please? She asked politely Its just Im having a bit of trouble getting everything off

The man smiled and nodded his head No problem he said before grasping the surfboard and turning it on its side. As soon as the cursed train stopped, Rachel flew from the train and out of the door, placing her suit case on the floor and flexing her fingers. Now the question is Gexhow am I suppose to carry um from here to the dorm?

The man placed her surfboard at her side and bid her a farewell before boarding the train again and Rachel could not help but smile at the spectacular sight before her. Campton College was truly a paradise.

(OOC- Now first post will be your arrival at the College, but do not go to the dorms yet. All of us will be sharing one dormthat is the ones that have signs up now, BUT THERE ARE STILL SPOTS LEFT IN THE RPG! So, time to put those thinking caps on and get RPGing!)

July 1st, 2005, 4:18 AM
Serge sat in the plane looking in the windows. It was a lovly weather down there. The Sun was shining, it was warm and he was stuck in this airplane! He had been sitting for hours there. The man next to him read a book, but Serge couldn't get to it since it laid in his suitcase, and the suitcase were in the bagage room. So now he had to sit down and wait for the time to go.

He took up his little bag he had brought with him and took some sandwiches. Then he opened the second bag and took up his teddy. "Hi Teddy, is it to cold down there?"
The Teddy did not answer, but Serge was happy anyways. He laid down the Teddy in the bag and but the bag under the seat.

Now the tiny lamp began to shine. The plane was going to land. He locked his safetybelt and sat down. The view from the plane was wonderfull! He could see the beautiful ocean down there. He could see that some people were surfin as well. Then he saw his new Collage. It was truly wonderfull, it looked so fresh and nice. It's even better than he thought!

Now the plane went down at the airport. Serge stood up took his bags and went out of the plane. It was a sunny day and Serge couldn't wait to come to Campton. He went to the departure hall, took his bagade and went out of the airport. He caught a taxi, said the adress and they went off.

The ride lasted for 20 minutes, then he was there, Campton Collage.

July 1st, 2005, 4:51 AM
The air passing through the car window was cihilly, but not as hostile as the tension between its passengers. Robyn, her head propped boredly against the car door with her arm, stared blankly out the window, ignoring her father's presence completely.

They pulled up to the entrance of the school. Several students were already there, ad Robyn made haste removing her belongings from the car. She did not say a word to her father, and tried to hide the excitement at the prospect of not seeing him til Christmas. He in turn said nothing to her, refusing to converse with the girl who spiked her hair with various colors of hair glue. Robyn watched her father drive away apathetically, and sat surrounded by her possessions on the stone steps of the school.

Her arms were around her suticase, containing all her clothes. A few duffle bags of supplies like shower stuff and snacks sat to one side, and her fiberglass longboard as well as her longboard skateboard sat on her other side, pleading for use. Her candy-apple-red Fender bass lay before her in its case, also pleading for use.

Without a word to any of her classmates, she remained where she was, waiting to be called to her dorm. She spent these few idle moments regarding the bruises visible on her arms, and rubbed the faint scar on the back of her neck idly.

At last....she was free.

July 1st, 2005, 8:44 AM
The air whpped my hair this way and that, as I drove towards the school I would be attending for the next 4 years. I didn't nessesarily like the idea of another 4 years of school, but the idea of being unsupervised with tons of other party-lovers made his head spin. He could just imagine how much fun he was gonna' have.

"YAHOO!!!" I screamed into the air, thrusting my head out the top of my blood red, 2005 convertible. I had saved ever since I could talk to buy a convertible. Myy parents had told me if I saved I could have one, but they never suspected I'd actually do it.

I finally saw the outskirts of the school campus. I saw tons of students running around doing whatever it was they were doing. I reved up the motor in a kind of show-off way just as I pulled onto campus. I saw a few jaws drop, and a few heads shake. They couldn't believe it. I also saw a few people who didn't seem to care. They obviously had no sence of what was kool.

I parked in the student parking lot, and hopped out the driver's side door. I grabbed my bags, and slung them over my back. I walked up to the large stone doors and waited for further instruction on what to do form here.

Raichu Master
July 1st, 2005, 9:23 AM
College...right...let's see here...

Name: John Johnson
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Description: John normally wears some sort of buttondown shirt, they get kind of crazy because they usually reflect the mood he's in. He has short black, well trimmed hair, as well as hazel eyes. John doesn't tan well although he has an unusual tan line on his arms that cuts off at his shoulders, and at his neck from working at a stable and wearing muscle shirts. He's relatively skinny, yet he has a very fine muscle tone that shows the creases in his muscles, although they aren't very big. He likes to wear shorts, although he never tans there, so he normally has white legs. He's very athletic so he doesn't mind a little hard work.
Personality: John is mild mannered, although when irritated or angered he can be very tempramental. John comes from a wealthy background so he is very carefree, yet very money conscience. He doesn't like to be classified, by any means, good or bad, so whether someone is calling him "cool" "great" "relaxed" "rich" "nice" "poor" he gets pretty mad and irritated. He doesn't tell jokes, and doesn't have a very good sense of humor. He's very precise and clear-cut, he's very opinionated, yet never classifies anyone. When asked for an opinion on someone, he shakes his head and refuses to give any. He's very conservative in his ideals, and would rather be in a debate rather than in a fight. John is very level-headed, yet can come off as bold and arrogant, even ignorant. He's very well-read, and knows his limits, and knows what he can accomplish, which makes him seem a bit egotistical.
Likes: Riding horses, spending time around stables, analyzing conditions, instructing, pointing out and fixing mistakes, debating
Dislikes: humor, "horse-play", wrestling, fighting, relationships of any type other than family (be it friendship, or romantic)
Subjects: Major: Large Veternary care/ Farrier (horses):feeding, lameness, anestesia(?), shoeing, equipment
History: John was born into a wealthy family, not having to work for anything he got. His parents taught him the value and the worth of saving what you earn. His parents never looked down on others less fortunate than themselves, instead they are always seen helping who they can while they can.

John was also born with a love for horses and riding horse. Now an amateur, he has been seen participating and large A rated horse shows and has been able to place at least 3rd and every one he's shown. Both of his parents willingly and enthusiatically spurred him on as his interest and love grew, supporting everything he wanted to do with horses.

July 3rd, 2005, 3:05 AM
(OOC-I would like to let you know that I have never been to college so my knowledge is a bitso-so. In other words, I am not sure of the procedure in which they take when being sent to dorms, here back in the UK, they go from home and get a lift back, so they dont actually stay in the college, but what would be the fun in that. So anyways, Im just gonna ask you to find the dorm numbered 112

Raichu: Accepted, welcome to the RPG ^_-)

112, 112 the number repeated itself in her head as she looked at the white paper she held in her hand with her dorm details written in black ink. She growled in frustration as her Surfboard began to slip from under her arm once again. She had had to carry her possessions in the most awkward state known to man. Her suitcase was carried by her right hand, lolling behind her peacefully; whereas the surfboard was lodged under her arm, slipping every so often. The tank which contained the green lizard was poking out from the top of her back pack which hung loosely on her back and she held the white paper in her right hand.

Lifting the board once again, she carried on her merry way across campus towards the west end where she had been told her dorm wasthe only problem was finding it. Upon passing dorm 100, where a group of boys were arguing over which room they would be resigning in, she quickened her pace, eager to set her possessions down and relax on whatever bed she would claim.


Rachel was practically jogging in the direction of her dorm now. Her arm was acing from caring her surfboard in such an awkward way and also dragging her suit case roughly behind her. Sweat seeped down from her brow and her breath was becoming heavier by the second.


Finally! She yelled, setting her suit case to rest and taking a key out from her pocket hastily, fumbling with it before inserting the key into the familiar lock before turning it hastily and withdrawing it. She grasped the handle of her suit case and practically threw it in through the door before entering herself.

She took a quick look around the luxurious setting and gave a satisfied smile Oh yeah, now this is what Im talking about, right, Gex!? She craned her neck and stared excitedly at the Lizard who lay on his stomach in the tank. Rachel rolled her eyes Way to show enthusiasm, Gex She muttered, before grabbing her suit case and making her way towards the multiple rooms.

Wow, I cant believe we are the first ones hereWhich means, I get first dibs on the room AND the bed! Hah hah, this is awesome She took a deep breath and opened the first bedroom door. There were four in total and she planed on getting herself the best of the best. Glancing around the first room she found that there were two beds and two desks along with bed side tables. Snorting, she closed the door and went to the others. They were almost identical apart from sizeso naturally she chose the biggest, which happened to be the one towards the end of the small hallway. This will do She announced to the empty room.

She tested both beds for quality and softness and found that both were equally comfortable and decided to go with the bed furthest from the door. She valued her privacy and the bed was situated near the wall which gave her that extra air of relaxation. She threw the back pack onto the bed and placed Gex down on the bed side table. She stood her surfboard in the opposite corner of her side of the room and lay the suit case down at the foot of the bed.

Ill sort all this out later. I just wanna know who I will be sharing the dorm with she bid her farewells to Gex and made her way out of the room, excited to meet her new dorm buddies who would surly be arriving any second nowshe couldnt wait.

July 3rd, 2005, 3:16 PM
"Excuse me, sir, are you lost?" a voice from behind Robyn asked. She snorted and wheeled around to face the man who was talking to her, revealing her feminine features to him. This was nothing new to her. Her preference for boyish clothing and her short hair often made people mistake her for the opposite gender. "Oh, I'm sorry!"

"Whatever," she said apathetically with a shrug. "I actaully am kind of lost. I need to get my stuff to the dorm. Do you know where it is?"

"I do...just pass through the quad down this way," he told her, obviously a professor from the way he dressed. "What's your room number?"


"Ah, perfect...first floor of the dorm then. Good luck!" he went on his way.

Robyn scowled after him, miffed that he didn't offer to help her carry her things. She shouldered her bags and carried her surfboard over her head, shading her from the daytime sun. She reached the dorm and walked in, pleasantly suprised at the size.

She heard a voice from the end of the hallway which she guessed contained the bedrooms. She made her way down the hall to find a girl around her age with dark brown hair. She ran a hand through her own hair, spiked a bright, electric blue that day, and bit her lower lip nervously.

"Hey," she said, setting her things down quickly, and extending her hand, cuffed at the wrist with leather wrist bands. "I'm Robyn...mind if I room with you?"

Raichu Master
July 3rd, 2005, 3:26 PM
"May I help you?" a woman behind a desk asked him as he walked into the dorm directory.

"112," John muttered looking around trying to find some indication of where it was.

"Next building to the left, it's on the first floor, it shouldn't really be hard to find," she said with a smile.

Without so much as a thank you, John backtracked out of the building and walked over to the building that the attendant had directed him too. Running his hand through his black hair, John looked around as he examined the signs point at where a group of dorms were. Headed in the direction that had 112, John ignored anybody asking for help, he didn't need help, so why answer back? Just a waste of time.

"There," John said out loud to himself as he found what he was looking, waiting to see who else went in, to make sure he had the right numbers. He was never really good at remembering numbers and it could have been 122,202,523 for all he knew.

July 4th, 2005, 12:00 AM
Serge walked downed the small corridor to their room.


There it is Serge thought and opened the door. Inside he saw that some other people came before him.
"Hi you all" he said as he entered the room. He chose a bed there and went down to get his bagade. When he came up, the bed was still his. He put his things next to the bed, laid down on it and he fell asleep.

July 4th, 2005, 5:59 AM
Rachel jumped as another female entered through the door Whoa, geez dude, you nearly gave me a heart attack She announced, closing the cupboard she had been nosing through before the girl had announced her arrival. She watched as the girl extended her hand and grinned, taking it in her own and shaking it slightly No problem dude, just throw your stuff down She took her hand away from the other and brushed off her black baggy pants that she had decided to wear, the silver chains gave a clang as they hit against one another and it was then Rachel noticed that the girl who had shook her hand just a moment ago had the same sense of style as herself.

Dude, you surf?! She yelled over excitedly upon catching sight of the surf board the girl had carried with her Thats awesome, perhaps we can catch some waves done the beach sometime, I heard they have some awesome waves down there this time of year She was ecstatic, she had only just met the girl and was acting as if she had know her her whole life. She ran a hand through the loose strands of hair and re-adjusted the black sunglasses atop her head so that they held the abusing bangs in place So, you-

She was cut of from another voice entering her head; she tilted her head in the direction of the door and heard multiple bangs from just down the hall. She grinned Looks like we have another lodger She announced Lets go see, dude! it seemed as if she did not want to know the other girls name, dude just sufficed for everyone she metit was a compliment in its own way, she only called those she liked dude.

She walked swiftly down the small hallway, looking into the multiple rooms that were present in till she came upon a room that was occupied by a boy older and taller than herself, but its not like she complained, she knocked heavily on the door and entered the room with out so much as a come in.

Hey! She yelled to the boy Whats your name, mate? She asked, placing her hands behind her head and gazing at the boy expectedly, he seemed to be asleep, but its not like she cared, she wanted to know all about everyone she would be living with through the year. Not satisfied that the boy had still not awoken, she looked around from something to throw and found a fresh towel on the rack just next to her. Scrunching it into a ball, she threw it forcefully at the slumbering boy Wake up dude, its your first day here and you all ready bored?! Geez, youre gonna be a hoot to live with arent ya?

Turning her gaze from the boy she gazed out from the room and caught a glace of a boy looking at the cabin door confusedly Um, dudeyou OK? You seem a bitlost

(OOC- And that folks, is how you bring everyone together, XD)

July 4th, 2005, 6:52 AM
Serge waked up as he felt something was thrown at him. He opened his eyes and saw a girl walking out of the room. He stood up and followed her out of the room.
She stood in the hallway. "Hi, did you throw a towel at me? I was alseep, I know, I had to be on a plane for 10 frigging hours, so I'm a little tired."

He saw that the girl was full of enerhy and that she had a surfboard in her room. "Well, I also tend to surf, my board broke at home, so I wil buy a new one here."

July 4th, 2005, 7:59 AM
"Yeah...that'd be sweet," Robyn agreed with a half-smile. She watched the girl go bouncing out of the room, and looked after her incredulously. Instead of following her, Robyn took to setting up her side of the room, leaning her longboard against the wall by her bed and stowing her bags, bass, and skate board near them. She figured she'd get unpacked later. For the time being, she wanted to spend the rest of the day outside.

Grabbing her longboard skateboard and helmet, she headed for the door, and made her way quietly past her roommates. As soon as she was outside, she let loose, tearing up the pavement, speeding dangerously around curbs, forcing her body to challenge itself. She whizzed by the beach, passed the enormous skate park, taking note of the half-pipe and jumps, and continued to circle around the various academic buildings until she came back to the dorm. She jumped off the board, kicked it upright into her hands, and walked back in, feeling refreshed and more at home.

When she entered the room, a little sweaty, her cheeks rosy, she pulled off her helmet to reveal her electric blue hair matted in several different directions. She ran her hands through it a few times, spiking it back up, and went back to her room to put her board away.

She made her way back to her bedroom, and decided to make her bed. She pulled out her dark red sheets and plaid comforter, tucking everything in very precisely. She pulled out her pillows and threw them on the bed, and flopped down onto it, tossing her purple Converse sneakers from her feet as she did so. She lay there, looking up at the ceiling, the aches in her muscles and bones from her home life slowly fading. She rubbed the scar on the back of her neck absently, a habit she had when she was thoughtful or daydreaming.

Rolling on her side, she let out a sigh, and looked disdainfully at her bags. She stuffed her clothes in her dresser, put the box containing all her wrist bands, biker gloves, and various chains and collars on top of the bureau, along with a few framed photographs of home. She hung up her jackets and sweatshirts in her closet, and threw her enormous Converse sneaker collection in there as well.

Feeling antisocial, Robyn remained htere despite the noise going on in the other room. She pulled out her candy-apple-red Fender bass and began to hammer out some Victor Wooten licks. She chuckled despite herself, thinking everyone would find it odd that this punk rebel was playing jazz. She smirked and continued to play, her fingers flying effortlessly over the fretboard, her thumb slapping aggressively over the strings, her index and middle finger snapping, the combination creating a funky beat. A smile spread over her face.


July 4th, 2005, 8:14 AM
:: Ah! So much to catch up with! A long post coming up... ::

Gen stared at the figure of Camton College as he road ever-closer on the ferry. The slight breeeze pleased him and made his hair fly back. That displeased him. But it still did feel very good.

A few minutes later a voice called out " Camton College! Anyone bound for Camton College, get your bags ready. We will be arriving in five minutes. " As Gen looked around he saw to his surprise that he was the only one. Five mnutes later, as promised, he was the only one disembarking.

" Umm, Gen Ket. Where's my, uhh dorm? " Gen said as he found himself in the lobby.

Barely seeming to care the attendant found his name on a list and replied, " Dorm 112. First floor. "

Gen looked around and started to wander. After a few minutes he was hopelessly lost in the same building, still looking for the dorm. Then he saw a man and ran up. When he arrived at the man's side he said, " Excuse me. But which way is it to Dorm 112, mate? "

The man, obviously a Teacher smiled and replied, " It's in the building next building. Here, follow me." The Teacher smiled and led Gen back to the front room, out the door again, and over to the next building. " It's on the first floor, that way. " The Teacher said, smiling.

Gen yelled a thanks and ran off to the beach where he had left his stuff. He slung his huge duffel bag over his right shoulder, hung his backpack over his other shoulder, grabbed his suitcasein one hand, and picked up another, smaller suitcase in the other hand. He must have looked quite a sight, because people kept on staring at him. It probably didn't help much that he had his cowboy hat sitting lopsidedly on his head. Somehow he managed to lug all of this stuff over to the dorm, which, suprisingly, he found. He saw a bunch of people in the gigantic dorm.

Smiling, he said, " Hey Mates! " They seemed to be having a friendly, just met sort of argument. He turned and poked his head into one room. It was empty so Gen went in. He shoved everything on his bed except the backpack. That he carefully opened, then lifted out a small cat. In color it was orange, but it had tons of white spots everywhere.

" Shh, Co. " He said as he filed out into the hall. He held the small cat in his hands as he walked over to the group.

Raichu Master
July 4th, 2005, 9:25 AM
John looked over at the girl who had addressed him, and scolded, he seriously didn't need any help. Wiping the confused look off his face, John huffed, "I'm just looking for 112, I suppose that's were I'm supposed to be staying for the year. I'm not sure if I have the right number though." John moved closer to the girl, he had asked for help, but only very sutily. The noise of students yelling back and forth and people trying to get where they're supposed to go blocked his hearing, so he wanted to make sure he heard her loud and clear.

"Do you have any idea where I should be putting my stuff, or should I go back? Or should I ask someone else?" John muttered, he was getting headache from all the people moving, and talking at the same time, all he wanted to do was get into a room and rest for a few hours. John switched his bags to his other hand and leaned on the foot on the same side.

July 4th, 2005, 10:43 AM
Gen heard the boy who was asking where 112 was.

" You're at 112, mate. This is the dorm, " Gen said while he smiled brightly at the boy. He extended his hand so he could shake the boy's. Co managed to claw his way up onto Gen's shoulder. Gen however, was too interested into talking to everyone. But when the cat leapt from his shoulder, Gen did notice. He tried to grab onto the mischevious cat but Co was too fast, and Gen's hand swiped through empty air. The kitty landed on the other boy's shoulder and then Co dug his claws into the boy.

" Co... " Gen groaned while he slapped himself.