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June 28th, 2005, 12:07 PM
In this game you must know the basic details that will arise....

first: Due to some vilent content reader descresion is advised, (example, there may be blood and grafic battle sequences.)

now this is the story,

five years ago to the day a great battle arose in the digital world, no one knew about it, no one heard about it, it was like it had never happend, unkown to the people of the world,8 kids were selected, each possesing the touch, (or the abbility to controle a digimon, {digimon, for thoes who don't know are digital monsters, or creaters that live within data})

although the children can feel what is going on in the digital world they do not know how to get there, that is were I come in.... Call me Blank, the first digidestand, I have come to gather the selected children and save the digital world from the clutches of evil.... are you who I've been serching for?

fill this out if you think you are....

digigod you wish to comand: (choose from the list below)
short history: (keep it short)

List of gods:
(mine) SamuriAngemon:
Caracormon-the three headed god
Squalamon-the gator rider
Robodramon- the macanical god
FlameAngemon- the only female god
DarkAngemon- the dark and holy god
Darknessmon-the god of the dead
SerpentMiotismon- Miotismon's true form.

each person who signs up will be juged by me and I will send you ether a pass or fail via private message.
if you do pass then I will send you a picture of your digimon via your e-mail. along with a detailed stat board....

if you came and just looked and didn't like it would you please tell me why and let me know so that I can empruve apon it, I can't make it better unless you tell me...

Please help me defeat the evil PharohDevemon who is torchering the poor defensless digimon....