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Raichu Master
July 1st, 2005, 12:37 PM
This RP is explained in the RP Lounge. Sign-ups and other information will be given, explained, and discussed there. This thread is only for the rp part.

Unlike what I said in the Bounty Hunter Association, we will skip the Bounty Hunter Academy. You will start posting as if your character just graduated, if you will, from it.

July 1st, 2005, 1:15 PM
OOC: I shall begin my role playing then eh?

Ryu walked out of the shuttleport on Mos Entha, Tatooine..

Ryu turned and looked around at the fairly large city.

"I think ill go have a drink."

Ryu turned to his left and walked about half a yard..

Ryu then entered the near by Cantina.

As he walked in, a couple heads turned starring at him.

Ryu then walked forward and ordered a drink from a near by Twi'lek man.

As he waited for his drink he sat back and watched the dancers.

After a few minutes the man came back and gave him his drink.

So Ryu sat back and drank as he watched the dancers.

Raichu Master
July 1st, 2005, 1:30 PM
OOC: I have bounty posted in the BHA. So if you want to begin the hunt, go ahead.

IC: "Ok, what's the bounty on a Ewok?" 120-357 said into his headset as he landed on a forested moon of Endor.

'200 points, sir. Will that be all? Beyond this point, communication is lost,' an assistant from BHA replied, but before Sharp could reply, communication was lost.

Putting a DC-17m Blaster Attachment on his DC-17m ICWS, 120-357 turned on his night vision as he walked into the dark forest, creeping looking for any strings or anything that would trigger a trap as he made his way toward an Ewok village that he had located before he landed.

July 1st, 2005, 2:50 PM
Ryu stood up and marches out of the Cantina.

"I think ill go pick up my Landspeeder and do some hunting."

Ryu walks to his near by small house.

Ryu walks into his house and pulls his AV-21 Landspeeder outside.

Ryu then closes his House door, and jumps onto his Landspeeder.

Ryu looked back, then turned and sped off out of site of Mos Entha.

"I think ill go find some Tusken Raiders.."

"Data pad..Find waypoint to nearest Tusken Raider village."

Data Pad: "Waypoint located. Map found."

"Okay great..Okay so the nearest village is a couple miles from here."

Ryu sped off looking for the village.

July 1st, 2005, 5:41 PM
I looked around the harsh, grating sun of Tatooine. I wondered why banthas had been given such a high rating with theasscociation, considering that you could buy a domesticatedone at almost any major city. However, I wasn't one to exploit the system, so heremI was, out in the middle of nowhere, on my B.A.R.C. speeder, a relic from The Clone Wars that I managed to procure, wearing only my armor, and my two weapons. A C.E.D.F. rifle on my back, and a modified hold-out blaster pistol I had gotten custom (and illegally) modified by a smuggler in exchange for not bringing him in...

Raichu Master
July 1st, 2005, 5:56 PM
"There we go," Sharp muttered to himself, so the sound wouldn't penitrate his helm. Sharp had stumbled upon a tripwire, it was time to put his bounty hunter skills to the test.

120-357 snuck into the bushes a few feet from the wire, and detached his blaster attachment and locked his sniper attachment into place. Cocking it, Sharp let an empty clip fall softly to the ground, and reloaded it with a full round. Seeming to have the feeling he was being watched, 120-357 walked further and further away to make it appear that he didn't notice anything out of the ordinary.

Dropping slowly to his stomache, as he looked around to make sure nothing was going to jump him, he caught sight of the wire again through his scope. Pulling the trigger, 120-357 aim proved true, as the silent shot snapped the wire. Two huge logs came smashing together right above the wire. Sharp's eyes widened behind his visor, if he hadn't been as careful as he had been, that would have been him. Keeping his focus, out of the corner of his eye, he caught a lone scout. Probably sent to make sure it wasn't a forest animal that set off the trap, it happened alot since nothing barely disturbed them.

Sharp would have to wait until the Ewok got down off the tree and to the tripwire before he could safely take home the prize.

July 1st, 2005, 6:56 PM
Ryu stopped his Landspeeder.

From his side belt Ryu pulled out a pair of electrobinoculars.

Ryu brought the electrobinoculars to his eyes and looked straight forward a spotted a village.

"This must be the Tusken Raider Village."

Ryu put his electrobinoculars back on his side and pulled from his belt dual High Capacity Scatter Pistol's.

Ryu then jumped off his Landspeeder.

"Ill leave my speeder right here."

Ryu walked forward a few feet toward the village. about a foot away from the village He ducked behind a shrub.

"This odda take out the whole village..Or at least most of it."

Ryu pulled out a Proton Grenade from the back of his belt.

"Here we goo..."

Ryu pressed in the top of the grenade and threw the grenade a foot forward it landed near a house and hit a tree, instantaneously a huge explosion erupted in the village.

Ryu rolled to his left away from the shrub with both his pitols ready to fire.

Ryu then whispered to his Datapad "Datapad, monitor death count."

"Go time.."

Ryu ran forward to the village and he imidiately spotted 2 Tusken Raiders.

One immidiately spotted him and fired on him. Ryu quickly eluded the blast by rolling to his side. Ryu was to slow though, he had been shot in the shoulder, it didn't stop him though.

Ryu then quickly fired on both Tusken Raiders with both his blasters.

Direct head shots on both.

Ryu then went forward realizing they died.

"Datapad locate any lifeforms within a 2 foot radius." Ryu shouted.

His Datapad beeped for a few seconds and spit out.."3 Lifeforms found, Threat found in each, 0. 2 out of 3 lifeforms found as, Womp Rat.. 1 found, Slum Rat.."

"Small village heh."

"Datapad access death count?"

"Death Count found, 3 Tusken Raider." Beeped the Datapad.

"Aww...Waste of a Proton Grenade, those are expensive."

"I supposed ill go back to Mos Entha then.."

Ryu then searched the village for any valuables..Then gathered the 3 bodies and slummed back to his Landspeeder.

Ryu belted his pistols and slumpped the bodies on the back of the speeder, and jumped onto the Speeder.

"Data pad..Find waypoint to Mos Entha."

Datapad: "Waypoint Found, Map Found."

Ryu then jetted off back to Mos Entha. His speeder was moving slower because of the extra weight from the bodies.

Raichu Master
July 2nd, 2005, 6:07 AM
OOC: The BHA will be the base of operation for all bounty hunters. Make supplies and other things free for any bounty hunters. Also all bounty will be cashed in there. So the BHA is also an rp type thing as well.

Enteri: One note. All the bounty hunters are inexperienced, otherwise we wouldn't need a Bounty hunter Academy. So all of our bounty hunters are just starting out, so they can't always have to cleanest getaway, or easiest time getting bounty.

Like tuskian raiders are pack creatures, if you throw a grenade at them, you might kill a few, but retrieving their bodies is a whole seperate things. Tuskian raiders are hardly ever known to hunt in packs of 3, and are rare in a spot where on grenade kills more than one. Even if it is in a village, as yours takes place, the other raiders would be on your guy in a heartbeat, also how did your guy get past the sentry?

Sorry about the little set back, I'm just trying to keep this as real as possible. Also, so collecting big points are that easy. you might want to read through my post that is following this OOC. It might give you an idea of what I mean.

IC:120-357 pulled the trigger, hitting Ewok in the head, the poor Ewok never had a chance to scream out for help. Walking over to the dead Ewok, Sharp kept his eye open for more trouble, unfortunate for 120-357, a squad of Ewok were at the ready, meeting him at their fallen comrade.

"Just my luck," Sharp sighed, taking a thermal gernade out from a hidden location on the arm of his suit, Sharp pulled the clip and threw it at the Ewoks. Grabbing the dead body, 120-357 scrambled to get away from the explosive before it exploded.

The blast launched Sharp forward as the forest around him began to burn. Rolling through the brush, often managing to keep from getting killed by other booby traps that he had taken care to avoid on his way up. Once his momentum stopped, due to the friction of the forest floor, Sharp landed on a trap, the rope pulled tight around his ankle, and slung him upward.

"Not a perfect getaway..." Sharp muttered as he hung upside down. Dropping the body, Sharp took out his DC-7m Interchangeable Combat Weapons System (ICWS) and attached his blaster attachment, and shot the rope. Falling hard to the ground, Sharp laid there for a moment, trying to keep conscienceness after landing on the back of his neck.

Dizzily getting to his feet, Sharp shook his head, as he wearily tried to lift the Ewok up. Unable to do the task, Sharp looked around for anything that would help him move the body. His eye sight was blurred, even through his visor, which normally corrected any eye problems, so he couldn't find anything in his enviroment that could help him. Hearing rustling in the brush behind him, Sharp had little time to get the body back to his ship if he wanted to make it out a live. "Screw the body," 120-357 decided, a small Ewok wasn't worth his life. Stumbling along the forest, Sharp successfully made it back to his ship, glad that the Ewoks following him hadn't continued their search, it seemed their companions body was good enough for them

"Next time...next time," Sharp growled as he took off back to BHA headquarters, so the doctors there could help his aching neck, before he lost total conscienceness.

July 2nd, 2005, 9:36 AM
OOC: Okay slash my kills then, but you know tusken raiders are not the hardest of creatures to fight. For any of experience. What you need to do is as i told you, add better monsters. Very much stronger monsters..The ones you put up are weaklings, that anyone can fight, even a peasent with a blaster could take out tusken raiders without tooooooo much problems.

Raichu Master
July 2nd, 2005, 11:05 AM
OOC: Okay slash my kills then, but you know tusken raiders are not the hardest of creatures to fight. For any of experience. What you need to do is as i told you, add better monsters. Very much stronger monsters..The ones you put up are weaklings, that anyone can fight, even a peasent with a blaster could take out tusken raiders without tooooooo much problems.

OOC: Actually that isn't too hard to debate. Tuskian raiders are easy to kill when it's one on one. But when you're attacking a village, they have sentries you have to worry about, not to mention turrents, and were they live, you're more likely to run into a hunting squad and be more lucky. And if you have a problem with my point values, please pm me, or discuss it on BHA.