View Full Version : Two out of the blue

Cybex Mewtwo
July 3rd, 2005, 7:05 AM
I've got two poems I wrote for no real purpose. Heck, I don't even know if they're good or not.

Everyone has someone to call their own
Everyone but me

Everyone has a fancy job
Everyone but me

Eveyone has a fancy car
Everyone but me

Everyone has a fance house
Everyone but me

Everyone has a happy family
Everyone but me

Everyone has a wonderful pet
Everyone but me

Everyone has loving parents
Everyone but me

Everyone has extravegant vacations
Everyone but me

But there's one thing I have that everyone doesn't
I have the need to never include myself into things
It's rumored that at the mountain peak
A treasure sits for those who seek
Riches and such even if chances are bleak

Many men have tried to get
to the top but then they met
Deaths' broker; they've paid the debt

But one boy felt thet he should
Go there to get it, he should
The treasure could help his family, at least it could

He traveled to the moutain base
The cold wind niping at his face
He'd die if he stayed still so he would make haste

Up the mountais side he climbed
He hurried like he was being timed
"This isn't so hard..." he chimed

The wind and snow drove
I twas not like a stove
But more like Deaths' frozen forest grove

Despite these problems he continued up
Clinging to his lucky cup
Praying he'd make it to the treasure and say "Wassup?"

He finally reached the highest spot
He entered a cave and looked around the cot
He must be one lucky tot

As he walked into the cave so deep
He heard something that began to weep
So silently he would creep

He looked around the corner, eyes agast
If he told what he'd seen he'd have a blast
He hid from the weeping thing rather fast

What he saw was from a legend
It had the ability to mess and bend
and shape the land and oceans it could rend

It was a dragon unlike the rest
It had a scaley body that could help test
To see if it was the dragon that was the best

It's scales had a weird ability
You could view and you could see
Things beyond the Earth and events yet to be

It was some sort of rare thing
But the boy began to softly sing
as he shakily grabbed hold of a golden ring

The dragon turned and with a stare
He looked at the noise...it was over there!
He looked at the little boy with a teary glare

The boy froze with fear
The boy was weak he was a mere
human against a dragon here

But the dragon didn't strike at all
He went back to his bawl
And it had clung to a doll

The kid thought this dragon was weak
So the kid would take a peak
At why the dragon was so very meek

The dragon turned to him
"Hello my boy...my name is Tim...
So sorry if I look so grim..."

"Mr. Dragon, why are you sad?"
The dragon turned and said "Well now I am glad.
You're the first who asked why I am this bad."

The dragon told him that
in the past many a man thin or fat
would abuse him at the drop of a hat

The boy felt bad for it
The boy decided to leave for a bit
and not disturb the dragon and this promise was legit

But before the boy left
he saw no treasure...like there was a theft
so he stood the confused; rubbing his cleft

"Mr. Dragon, where's the loot?
there sholud be a pile larger than a boot
Enough treasure to handle an old coot"

The dragon looked at the kid
"The treasure is really hid
for the one person whose pure soul is legit."

Then an extrodinary thing happened that day
It was like magic some would say
But I will tell you what happened if I may

The stone walls fell apart
and then a rather large cart
rolled down a ramp filled to heart

with jewels and gold
rubies of warm and sapphires of cold
and gems so big they broke the mold

"I had played the part of a sad creature
To lure people here I'm sure
The gold story was merely a lure."

The boy was surprised a bunch
Now this was an assumption...merely a hunch
But this boy was wealthy much

"Now to deliver this down the slope
Hop on my back and let's hope
That you don't fall off you silly dope!"

The dragon flew out of the cave and soon
the treasure followed, glowing from the moon
night had showed up, the opposite of noon

When the boy was back at the place
Everyone was thrilled with warm embrace
the child was rich, his parents filled with grace

He and his family were the wealthiest group
But greed was the path they did not stoop
They gave to the poor like a carneval loop

Greed can cloud your soul
But an honest aura will reach the goal
this is a small lesson...on the whole.

Life lessons are fun to know
when told by poems, knowlage'll grow