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Cyan Goggles
July 5th, 2005, 5:11 PM
Question;what would happen if legendary pokemon suddenly started showing up in the real world?OUR world.Articuno is making a nest in the local scating rink,suddenly lugia is the lochness moster,and the reported "fying rainbow' is none other than Ho-oh.What happens?
. . .
I'll tell ya,every other pokemon known follow.The adults,not trusting the new creatures,have been getting confused with the other accual animals.Imagen you putting away the hourses after a long,hard day at the stables,and suddly one hits you with a flamethower!Geeze!So,,as you can tell,the older folk arn't so happy about this.
The children and some teenagers,however,absolutly love this!Their dream come true!Preparing for the day,or just trying to show off,no one knows,but some teenagers and super smart kids have accualy invented the pokeball.Yeah,they're small,I'm they're made out of our accorns,what do you exsept,but they work fine.
Now,Teenagers are a delicate sitcuation.some are with the grown-ups,whom are agest the pokemon all together,and have banned their kids from it.Others have join the kids and love 'em!
Bad news though,team rocket,magma and aqua "fans" desided it woudn't be a pokemon world without the general evil lurking.
Now,most of the kids have "run away from homm," leaveing the parents even more dislikeing of the pokemon. Some accuay did run away.
Other though,lisen to their parents,no matter their oun wishes,so why woud they run away?
Okay,think about it.
Team R/M/A+pokemon and human DNA=What you ask?
What the heck do ya think!?Poke'morphs!
The pokemorphs,although stange,are still accepted by the children,who weren't all too suprised.
So,you've heard the story,hopefuly seen it for yourselfs.So,who are you?
I warn you,follow or die.
1.No godmoding.
2.don't join if you're not going to be roleplaying at all.Now,if you have to go somewere,just tell me and I'l understand,but don't join and never come back.
3.You do have the option of being a pokemorph,but et's not have EVERYONE be one.
4.chat speak is my biggest pet peave ever.Don't do it.
5.No one liners.
6.Bad spelling is okay,but only on big things.Like supercalifagelisticexspalidocous.Uh,but don't be miss spelling pokemon,cat dog,ya know.
7.Romance is alloud,of course but don't get to caried away.
8.I sugest if you don't know what a Poke'morph is,you don't be one.
9.follow the normal PC rules.
10.Don't try and catch the legendarys,I used to say you could,but it was a mess,and so hard to figour out who had dibs on which.
11.fill out the for completly.
age (12 and under)-
Pokemon(if any,levels are NOT nessisary)-
Looks (may use a picture,but only if you drew it yourself.Art thelf is NOT permitted)-
Bio (Um,yeah,post a bio,don't say unknown)-

This depends on if you're with or aggest the kids.If with,just keep the age 17 and below.If with aduts,fill out the adults form.


Looks (again,only post pic if you drew it yourself)-
Team(Rocket,Aqua,magma,if any)-
(not exspectiong a bio,but you may do one if nessisary.)

Name given-
Origenal Name-
Team(Again,M/R/A,if any)-
Wepon (if any)-
(Again,bio is not needed,but you may post one if you wish)

Name given-Sparks
Origenal Name- Hypa
Type- Pikachu 'Morph
Personality-Aways seems to have a smie,despite her past.Pretty happy-go-lucky.Will bring joy to anyones life.
Wepon (if any)- A Hand gun she hides.Most likely in her sweatshirt pocket.
looks-Blue eyes,Chesnut brown hair that only goes down to the midde of her neck.Dark blue pullover sweatshirt with a fron pocket and and hood usaly hanging of the back.It has the adgestible strigs too.Blue jeans,and orange and blue sneackers.Red cheaks,yellow fur allover her body,her back has two brown strips on it.Pikachu ears ontop of her head and Pikachu tail.
Bio- Was a run away,but was kidnapped and trasformsed before she caught any pokemon.She got away soon after her trasmutantion was complete,so was never corruped by team Rock,the team that trasformed her.

Electric Hero
July 5th, 2005, 7:08 PM
umm... can I be a pokmorph? you'll see what pokmon I decided and I'll let you decide if I can be a pokemorph from that pokmon

Name given: Zark
Original name: Max Hunter (name is Max... so please... call me Max)
Age: 17
Type: Lugia Morph
Team(Again,M/R/A,if any): NONE
Personality: Is weird... his mayor problem are his sudden mood changes. Like: sometimes he is friendly and happy, and sometimes he is dark, and mysterious. But even with his sudden mood changes, he likes to be a good person... well... at least a good morph. Likes to protect people.
Weapon (if any): (if I can have two) a handgun that he hides in his long coat's hidden pocket, and a sword. (if I can only have one weapon) the sword.
Looks: Electric Blue eyes and black hair with weird anime hairstyle. Wears completely black: shoes, pants, shirt, long coat, and gloves. He has wings he can hide. His wings are completely white, and they show a blue aura.
Bio: He was transformed into a pokmorph when he was captured by the Team Rocket. Team Rocket found the Silver Wing, and that silver wing was useful to transform him into a pokmorph of Lugia. Max suffered amnesia and he starts a quest to remember his past.

Cyan Goggles
July 6th, 2005, 8:03 AM
(hermm.....sure,accepted!Put I'd appresapte it if ya lost the handgun,because that's what Sparks has.)

August 4th, 2005, 9:51 AM
Can I Join?
Name given: Koneka
True name: Chihiro
Type: Mew morph
Personality: Highly shy and easily fritened. She is rarely happy and you would be luck enough to get her to smile. When she is scared of something(Pokemon/Human/TeamR/M/A) she uses her Hidden power. But over all, she is a nice chibi.
Looks: Average hight and wieght for a ten-year-old. Has Black semi spiky hair that stops just below the shoulders. Bright Midnight blue eyes. Freakles. Mainly weres a worn out white shirt with green strips and pink pants. Also has a long pink tail and pink ears
Bio: Once a happy-go-lucky girl who couldnt stop smiling. All of that changed when Team Rocket came. That was five years ago.dueing this time, she was morphed with DNA from a mew.But When she has a dream of a boy and a secret promise and a lullaby, she trys to excape to find him, along with the rest of her memories

Um. I think thats it!

August 4th, 2005, 10:59 AM
Oooh! This sounds a lot more fun then the other RPG I'm in. Can I join?

Name- Carlos Mucino (Mucino is pronuonced like Moo-chee-no)
age (17 and under)- 16
Pokemon(if any,levels are NOT nessisary)- Umbreon (male), Bayleef (female), and that it so far...
Looks - (I'll post later...)
personality- calm but knowledgeable
Bio - Grew up likeing the Pokmon games. His parents hate him keeping Pokmon but he does anyway, hiding them in his closet until he can figure out what to do with them. He now is deciding to run away so he can be with his new friends.

August 4th, 2005, 11:37 AM
Name: Rho
Gender: female
Pokemon: Umbreon,Espeon,Jolteon,Flareon,Vaporeon,and Eevee
Looks: Long black hair with silver streaks, green eyes, pale skin, mid hieght, wears baggy, torn and faded jeans and a tight fitting white muscle shirt. Has a rather large scar over her left eye that runs down to her jaw.
Persona: Quite, reserved, often mistrustful. Can be angered quickly, but is caring to pokemon
Bio: Was an orphan after her parents were killed in a car accident. Roamed the streets alone until she was found by a family of eevee.

August 4th, 2005, 12:41 PM

Name- Kelly

age- 13

Pokemon- Pichu (big thing come in small packages so don't forget that X3)

Looks- Brown hair that goes a little bit past my shoulders. Blue-green eyes. A dark Blue T-Shirt and dark Blue jean shorts with white socks (the kind that goes past your ankles) and Black shoes and a necklace shaped like a Pikachu XD

personality- Quiet, has a short temper. Also has a sick sense of humor. XP

Bio- I grew up with a mom, a dad, and two oldr annoying brothers by the ages 17 and 20. They like to beat me up and choke me unti lI can't breath and my dad doesn't give a **** and my mom doesn't do anything. Even the family dog gets more attention and to tell you the truth, I sometimes get jelous of even her..

So one I had it. It was 12 at night and I was up in my room watching the news channel. I had just found out that my biggest dream ever had finally come true!! I grabbed my dark blue backpack and imedietly started stuffing it with clothes and other necesities. Then I got dressed and snuck out of the house by cutting a hole through my window and jumping out of it (my room is on the second floor) while jumping down I saw something fuzzy and light yellow giving off electricity in the spot where I was gonna land. I shouted to the little fuzzy thing before avoiding whatever it was and landing harshly on my side. I looked up and, surprisingly enough, I was facing a fuzzy little Pichu!! we stared at eachother for a while then started to talk to eachother (well, me talking to it) and once I finished telling him my story I asked him if he wanted to go on a Pokemon Journey with me and he nodded saying "Pichaa!!"

Then we became best friends. I nicknamed him Sparkers.

Sparkers doesn't stay inside a Pokeball cause I was in such a hurry to leave that I had forgotten the very little money I had in my piggybank >__>


August 9th, 2005, 8:52 AM
.... Um, is this RPG still, you know, alive...? I was just wondering.

August 9th, 2005, 1:47 PM
.... Um, is this RPG still, you know, alive...? I was just wondering.

I Hafta agree. Chichimi first posted this july 5. She probly forgot bout this.(Which kinda sucks :( ) Oh well. on to the next rp.

August 10th, 2005, 2:03 AM
Name given-scythe
Origenal Name-cant remember
Age-17(unkow to me though)
Type-disfigured scizor morph (has a sythe insted of the claw in right hand)
Team(Again,M/R/A,if any)-none
Personality-mysterious, willing to help someone if they can help him in return. by helping remember who he is and how he can change back to at least, mostly nomal
Wepon (if any)-psychic powers, metal blades along outside edge of lower arm
looks-morphed:black scizor with a scythe that remained insted of evolving with the rest of his body causing abnormalitys such as psychic powers and memory loss

Cyan Goggles
August 10th, 2005, 6:19 AM
(Nope! I'm here!just,nobody joined,therefore I left it alone.But,anyway,only three people I found acceptible,and I dun want to many people,because than people will breack off into they're own little roleplays.The accepted people are...
Max Hunter,as I've already said,
Kakashi and sasuke lover,
and Chibi-kun.
congrats and start roleplaying whenever you like)

August 12th, 2005, 5:57 AM
Ok i'll start!! ^^"

It was around 12am midnight while me and Sparkers were walking down the road. Nobody was around us and we heard only silence, along with our footsteps. Sparkers walked close to me, for he was as scared as I was.

A few minutes later we went to the side of the road where there was a forest and started to walk through it. A few minutes later of walking through the dark woods we came across an open field. Kids and teens by the hundreds were in the field. The filed was pretty big, surrounded by forests and a river on one side. Sparkers and I grinned; this was what we came for. This was now the secret base for all the kids and teens to live at, away from parents and other bad teams like team aqua and magma.

Cyan Goggles
August 14th, 2005, 11:37 AM
(alright...I'm going to be trainer instead.My emerald game is what I will be basing it on,so. Also,anybody who hasn't posted a roleplay post yet,may do so.only 2 times though.)
Name- Hikari
age- 12
Pokemon-Males= Salamance(Hoshi) Altaria(Jiro) Vulpix(Chii) Females= Flygon(Suzu)
Looks- Brown shoulder legth hair,green eyes.Silver newsboy hat,blue jeans,and a black T-shirt with a silver star on it. 5'2.
personality- Pretty happy go lucky,but very careful when sneaking around the town.Loves her all her pokemon,but Chii incists on staying out,no matter what.
Bio-Her mom was pretty suprotive of her going out to catch pokemon,and becaome a dragon trainer.But her father wasn't.Her mom snuck her out one night,and now is heading to find a possible traval partner....Her,HUMAN traval partner.Hikari never planed on having Chii,but he followed her,and he grew on her.

Hikari quickly hid behind a trash can.Chii followed.She ran behind a tree.Chii followed.Chii climbed the tree,and this time Hikari followed.They climbed tree to tree until they're were no trees anymore.Confused,Chii and Hikari walked out,and found the Feild with tons and tons of teenagers and children they were looking for.She picked Chii up,not wanted him to be mistaken for a wild one.She started trotting around,seeing if she could make friends.

August 14th, 2005, 5:36 PM
Kelly and Sparkers were walking through the feild, look at all the different trainers and their Pokemon. Kelly and Sparkers both got to the end of the field and sat down in a big enough space to set up their camp near the river. They both were about to go to the river to get water when they both noticed another trainer and a Vulpix at the edge of the river. Sparkers jumped on Kelly's shoulder and they both walked up to the trainer and the Vulpix..

Cyan Goggles
August 15th, 2005, 6:44 AM
"Hrm?" Hikari took notess to the girl and pichu."Hi! She said friendly like,and Chii sniffed the pichu slightly,not being able to see to many pokemon because of the fact that he had been hid under Hikari's bed quite offen.Hikari introduced herself."I'm Hikari.This is Chii." She said,offering her hand to shake.

August 15th, 2005, 6:53 AM
Sparkers crouched down on my shoulder and sniffed the little Vulpix in the person's arms.

"Hey" Kelly said, shaking Hikari's hand "i'm Kelly and this is my Pichu, Sparkers" Kelly said while tilting her head towards the little Pichu and her shoulder.

"Picha!!" Sparkers said in a friendly tone to the Vulpix while holding out his paw towards him.

Cyan Goggles
August 15th, 2005, 7:40 AM
"vul!"He said,shaking it the best he could with his paws."nice to meet you."Hikari said."So what do we do after we get here?Surely not everone here can tay here forever."
"vul."He looked up at Hikari "pix pix vulpi" He sqweeked
She looked at him oddly."Don't get sarcastic with me.Rember,I feed you." At that he shut up.She would never cut off his food supliuy,but it was fun to tease.

paige pelletier
August 15th, 2005, 9:50 AM
Um am I still allowed to join this?
Name given- Parrish
Origenal Name- Paige
Age- 16
Type- Mewtwo
Team(Again,M/R/A,if any)- Rocket but she is really against them
Personality- Parrish is generally cold and distant, like mewtwo she is very curious and very destructive. She could be kind on the inside but since she was always used as a weapon she has slowly started to act more and more unemotional.
Wepon (if any)- Three orbs follow her around (one blue, one purple, one black) no one has seen her use these as weapons but she has never really been in need to use weapons.
looks- Parrish has lavender colored skin, her hair is dark purple she has bangs and her hair is styled so that she has one bun on the left side of her head and the rest of her hair falls to her waist. She is around 5 '3' and her eyes are a silver purple mix, her nails are fairly long but not in a creepy way. She has mewtwo's tail and his horns, she is small yet well figured. Parrish wears black fingerless gloves, a black long sleeve t shirt with silver lining her shirt enables you to see her shoulders and her sleeves flare out. She also wears black baggy pants, she does not wear any thing on her feet because she often just floats.
Bio: Her parents were killed and she was taken in by team rocket, she does not trust them or like them but she has no where else to go. This was even more true when she was turned into a pokemorph.

Cyan Goggles
August 15th, 2005, 10:17 AM
(.....Yup,sure,accepted.Start when you wisdh)

August 17th, 2005, 4:05 AM
"Well I guess we should set up camp and wait until there are further instructions on what to do" Kelly said while walking over to her backpack and looking to see what she had grabbed right before escaping. "Hmmm..." She said while rummaging through the backpack. After a few minutes she pulled out a sleeping bag and a pillow. She sighed and sweatdropped and Sparkers did the same. She set up the sleeping bag and put the backpack next to it and sighed again. "Oh yeah" She said to Sparkers "We still have to get water from the river" She said while holding up an empty water container.