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jamie emerald
July 6th, 2005, 5:13 PM
hello guys
im about to start writing a new pokemon fan fic of my own advetures if i was in the pokemon world but i with my story line im gonna write the 2nd book 1st and what its about is ive just competed in the indigo league and came place 11th but all of my pokemon mainly are tired and i have

Totodile as beginner ( given to me by my brother who i never see but he sent to me)


but then after the league my pokemon are tired and professor oak suggests i leave them with him but my totodile charmeleon and pidgeotto come with me to hoen and shortly after getting there i find a girl whos lost as shes trying to find littleroot town to get her 1st pokemon but shes lost so what happens is i tell her ill help her find it since im trying to aswell and we find out at a pokemon center we can get there by going round or over a mountain but the mountain is a volcanic pit ( a mountian with a lake of lava at pier).
And later on we meet this other trainer from hoen whos doing the league for his second time but already has his badges from the previous year but is training a new pokemon team

anyway im doing this thread to ask if anyone can just describe to me a cool and good looking girl to have in it with a name since i cant think of one and also in the story trainers dont start training til they are 15 so shes 15 years old and i am 16 and jsut new to hoen so any ideas for her name and looks would be very much appreciated and also shes gonna be a coordinator so dose anyone have ideas for her pokemon team ( dont copy mays cos i know shes already alot like may but im only talking like 1st 2 pokemon like out of mudkip treecko and torchic its ok if she has torchic but i will just make none of her other poekmon like mays )

and could you also give me ideas for this other trainer a bit older but is kind and not cocky and is a alright cook but his dream is to win all the leagues of the world
so if you could jsu tdescribe some ideas and a name for him (make it english please) i would be amazingly greatfull.

so i hope you will help me come up with ideas for the girls costume and the guys if you want use yourself as inspiration that is fine with me :)

please and thankyou from jamie emerald

July 6th, 2005, 5:43 PM
This really belongs in the fanfiction lounge, considering people might be able to help you out there ^^...here, you actually post the story. =P