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KoBRe LaiR
July 6th, 2005, 6:03 PM
Well this is a story I wrote a while ago while I was at school. Not the best but w/e. Hope you enjoy it. I have otehr chapters if you like to read.
Episode 1: Reality Between Two Worlds

In life, everything comes and goes. As children we are told that there is something more outside our world. That we may not be the only ones in this universe. But then again...

My name is Kobre Lair. I am fourteen years old and I live in planet Earth. What I'm about to tell you is the story of how my friends and I found out that there is more than life in just between us. this is the story of... a Virtual Reality.

* * * * * * * * *

As I was walking home from school one day. I got an e-mail from one of my friends on my cell phone. It said: "Hey Kobre! I'm having a party tomorrow. Wanna come? I need an answer fast so call me when you get this message. bye, Phei" Of course I wanted to go to that party, but then again there was my brother. You see. his not really the kind of brother that would cover up things for you and would help you with your homework or just give you advise. He is the kind of brother that just ignores you, but when I want to do something that I really like he always says "No! You Can't! " or just "No!"

I've been leaving with my brother since I was nine. Our parents died in a car accident, and ever since then my brother had to take care of me. He was fourteen by then, but until now he has treated me like... Well I can't say he has treated me terrible, or anything that bad. I guess he has his own way of caring for me, even though it doesn't look that way.

Well, I got home that same day to ask him about the party. I was surprised to see that he said I could go when I asked him. I wondered very much about what was happening. I wondered why he gave me permission, when he usually says no. It was weird, and kind of odd. But I wasn't going to start asking why. Instead I ran up to my room and started to write an e-mail to my friend:

"Hey Phei! It's Kobre! I got your mail, and my answer is Yes. I will be at your party
tomorrow. I am sending you this message instead of calling you since I have to do
homework online. Well, see ya at the party!!!"

As the e-mail said: "...since I have to do homework online." I had to do homework online that night. But the tought of my brother giving me permission for the party was all around my head. I couldn't really concentrate on my homework. And after I managed to finish all my work I still couldn't sleep.

The next day, I as I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen, I found a note on top of the dinning table. It was from my brother, I picked it up and read it. It practically said that he was leaving for a while to go find something, and that he would be back once I was ready. At first I was happy that I would run the house all by myself, and this meant... PARTY!!! I could invite my friends and have parties every single night. But still... was my brother's leaving the meaning of why he gave me permission? Why did he leave me? Did he not know that I could destroy the whole house in a week? And what about the money!!! I can't live with out food, and there's no food without money. I started to ponder over and over. Trying to find an answer to why?

Trying to find out my so called answer, I forgot about the party. I went to my room and got changed. I went to the garage and I found that my brother didn't take his car. I got the car keys and hopped on the car. I just got my license, but I'm still learning. So the road had to watch out for me. Or was I suppose to watch out for the road? It was late, and it was gonna be late for the party. So I speed up the car. I was going faster and faster. I had to make a turn to the upcoming left, but what I didn't know is that it was going to be my last turn.

When I made the turn I was heading right into a dead end. I didn't know that I was speeding to fast that I had already past it. I was going to crash...

* * * * * * * * *

I though my life was over, but somehow I was saved by someone or somebody. How I knew this was when I woke up. I woke up at a beach. It was the most beautiful beach I've ever seen. Behind me there was a big forest whose beauty surpass any other forest there was.

I got up and started to talk towards the forest thinking someone could help me. There was nothing at sight. I started running fast and screaming loud. Until I came a cross to what it seemed to be a house, or some kind of it. It knocked on the door. Two young people came out, a boy and a girl. One of them had green hair, and was wearing a blue outfit. The boy was about my height and had black brown hair. I wondered if they were friendly? And if they could tell me where I was?

Kobre: [I took a breath and said] Excuse me do you know where I am?

Boy: [friendly] You're not from here right?

Kobre: Not really.

Boy: Hi my name is Jean, and this right here is Sakura. And this place is Zitoket, World of Nature

Kobre: Hello Jean and Sakura. My name is Kobre.

Sakura: Wow...!!! What a nice name! So where are you exactly from?

Kobre: Well, I'm from America.

Sakura: America??? I've never heard of it. Jean, do you know where that is?

Jean: [started to think] Well... I do.

Kobre: [I got exited to hear him know where America was] You do!

Jean: Yeah! America is in planet Earth, right?

Kobre: Yeah! Do you know how I can get there?

Jean: Well...

Sakura: [interrupts] ..If he did, he wouldn't be here right now.

Kobre: [I wondered what she meant by that] What do you mean?

Jean: Well you see.. I'm not originally from this world. I am from the same world you are.

Kobre: [I was surprised to see that he was from my country] You mean... You're from America!!!

Jean: Originally yes. I was born there but my family moved to Domino Town later on.

Kobre: So how come you haven't been back?

Sakura: We've tried to get him back home. But it was all not worth it. All hope we had lead us to nothing. We've experience many dangers and many lies.

Jean: Yeah, many lies... Many false ways of getting home.

Kobre: [I felt sorry for him, and me] Oh I see.

Jean: I figure that whatever way you got here, you won't be able to go back.

Sakura: He's right.

Kobre: Well! There has to be another way out! [I saw an old man approaching to me. He was very small]

Elder Kai: There is. But you have to believe in yourself. I know how you got here.

Kobre: How?

Elder Kai: You see. Whatever brought you here has more plans for you. And I'm afraid that someone has teamed up with our old friend.

Sakura: You mean Oblivion is still alive?

Elder Kai: Yes.

Kobre: Who's Oblivion?

Jean: Oblivion is the one who wanted to destroy all the worlds and create his own kingdom. We managed to defeat him with the help of our other friends.

Kobre: So if you defeated him how is he alive?

Sakura: I don't know. I ask myself that same question.

Elder Kai: Oblivion has teamed up with someone who wants you,[pointing to Kobre] suffer somehow.

Jean: But who could that be?

Elder Kai: Come, all of you. There are some people who want to see you Kobre.

Kobre: See me? But who?

Elder Kai: All come.

I followed this weird old looking man into the house. Jean and Sakura followed me inside too. I was very curious to see who was waiting for me inside. I guess I was about to find out...