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Trainer Kat
July 8th, 2005, 4:00 PM
(This RPG will contain spoilers.)

What if humans didnt really evolve? What if, instead, they transformed? All life began in the water. However, some creatures yearned to live on the land. These were large reptiles--dinosaurs, if you will. These creatures built a city-Dinopolis. It is said that they were wiped out by a meteor. That is half true. Lavos took the Frozen Flame and eliminated the dinosaurs. The Frozen Flame also transformed monkeys into humans.

Yet a young boy came in contact with the flame. Poisoned beyond healing, he was healed by the mysterious Flame. Yet, in the process, he became the Chrono Trigger, and only he could access the flame. That boy was Serge. This put a dent in FATEs plans. She stole his form to access the room. It was there that she was destroyed.

Two years after the events of Chrono Cross...

FATE has been reborn. The computer goddess seeks now, not only to alter the inhabitants lives through Records of Fate, but now she aims to destroy. The goddess is reborn yet again in the form of Lynx, a feline Demi-Human.

You are a human from Home World, the world Serge is from. After a trip to Opassa Beach, you discovered a Wormhole, allowing you to travel to an alternate world. For whatever reason, you dont exist in this world. You have the choise: travel with Serge and help save the world, or travel with Lynx and help destroy it.


Innates are very simple. There is no complex triangle to understand, but rather an innate is strong against one innate, yet weak against that very same innate. For example, someone with innate Black will be both strong against white, as well as weak against it. If you still dont understand, feel free to IM or PM me.

2)Try to talk in English. If English is not your primary language, I understand, but there is no excuse to type lYkE DIS!
3)Punctuation is greatly appreciated.
4)If I am not familiar with you, I must have an RP sample.

That said, use the following form to sign up. I know it looks like a lot, but it is quite an easy task.

Name: (self explanitory)
Build: (like Average, Slender, Ordinary, Stout, etc.)
Hand: (Right, left, or ambidextrous)
Weapon: (Gun, rod, sword, frying pan, etc. No Mastermune, Masamune, or Einlanzer unless you are playing as Glenn or Serge.)
Innate Element:
Alignment: (Lynx or Serge/Evil or Good)
Bio: (At least a paragraph. No unknowns. If your character has amnesia, explain how he or she got their amnesia, or what theyve done since.)
Tech Skills: (Can be made up, if made up, include a description. You need 3 tech skills-Level 3 [learned first], Level 5 [learned second], and Level 7 [last learned])
Allocated Elements: (Very few to start off with, no summons.)
RP Sample:

You may also play as one of the characters from the game. I will need an RP sample, and possibly a picture. Everything else, I can provide.

If you are new to Chrono Cross, I can provide pictures. There are 40+ characters.


Name: Kat
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Origin: Termina
Height: 55
Weight: 97 lbs
Build: Slender
Hand: Right
Weapon: Sword
Innate Element: Blue
Alignment: Serge
Bio: Kat had spent all her life in Termina. While living there, she developed a fondness for men. She went on a long walk and found herself at Opassa Beach. To her surprise, she wound up in an alternate world-a world in which she had already perished. She had gone out to sea when a storm washed over her boat. Its considered rather ironic that she died at sea. Kat learned of FATEs plan and decided to help Serge.
Appearance: Kat has blond hair that goes to her mid-back. She has pretty green eyes and wears a necklace that has a skull on it. She wears a tight white t-shirt (like Kids) that cuts off right under her ribs. She also wears a long, tight white skirt that flares out around her ankles.
Personality: Kat is a quiet sort. She refrains from talking to many people. Whether she is shy, or just reserved, no one knows. She keeps a cool head in battle, and, though not physically as strong as shed like, she is quite good at casting spells. About as strong as Kid.
Tech Skills: Level 3-Blue Gash--(1 foe)Slice opponent and fill the wound with water. Level 5-Submerge--(all foes)Force opponents underwater to cause damage. Level 7-Serpent Skin--(all allies)Fully heals allies.
Allocated Elements: Aqua Ball, Cure, Photon Beam, Gravitonne

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you decide to sign up!