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July 9th, 2005, 4:15 AM
In a dimension far away from ours there is a world which is inhabited by magicians. All magicians belongs to clans, and these clans usually live in peace. They have only one enemy: The Reborn. This ruthless enemy has an incredible army, and now they are planning to create the most powerfull weapon of all times, a dragon, which can not be stopped according to the legend.

In this land, there are many clans. There are four elemental clans, Water, Wind, Earth and Fire. Also there are other clans, Cat clan, Bear Clan, Wolf Clan and many others. The elemental clans are the strongest, but still, they do not battle with the weak ones. Now when the threat comes, these clans must unite to even have a chance pf surviving. This may not be easy, becuase some the clans do not always get along, and sometimes they even have small battles with eachother.

In this RPG you can be one member of a clan. There are 7 clans: Wind, Water, Earth, Fire, Cat, Bear, Wolf and some minor clans which you can't be.
Each clan has it's own powers and weaknesses. In each clan there has to be a leader. The first one to apply for the clan get's the leader spot. Then there is 10 warlocks, 10 regular wizards and 20 learners in the clan. So basicly, there are many spots left.

The warlocks are stronger than the wizards


Name: (Your Name)
Age: (over 20 to be wizard, over 25 to be warlock, team leader= over 20)
Position: (Team Leader = the first, then you can choose.)
Description: (Describe your character, picture is not okay, medieval closes)

You have to have propper grammar, which means you can't write u instead of you etc.

My Sign-Up:
Name: Serge
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Clan: Wind
Position: Team Leader
Description: Serge is a tall man. His hair is colored in a nice shade of brown, and at some places the hair is a bit black. He has deep, ice colored eyes and his face is very friendly. He has regular closes, but he tend to wear a cape.
Personality: Serge is a very mighty warlock, he can do all the spells the wind clan has to learn out. Even though he is very young he's a very mighty warlock. Few can withstand his power. Other than that Serge doesn't have any direct enemies, but not so many real friends eather.
Other: N/A

Hope more people will sign up, we'll see when we will start.