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July 10th, 2005, 11:10 AM
Hey! SBaby here! I've been watching Pokemon for years and reading all sorts of Fics too. Then it hit me... What would a Pokemon Movie be like if the creators of Transformers made it?? See these are the kind of things I think of when I'm alone at night and the power goes out. So, I decided to do a script-style Fan Fic based on my take of what it would be like. It's Script Format to simulate the fact that it's supposed to read like a movie. Well, let's see if this'll work out... Oh, and if you've got MP3s of the music from Transformers: The Movie, play the corresponding ones during the scenes you recognize. It'll add a whole new dimension of effect. One note, this is NOT word-for-word like Transformers: The Movie, but anyone who's seen the movie will recognize alot of the scenes and a majority of the lines. For those of you who haven't seen Transformers: The Movie, if you're gonna read this, disregard just about EVERYTHING you've seen in Pokemon. Otherwise, things won't make much sense for you. Also, go rent or buy Transformers: The Movie. It's awesome!!


A CAeshar


Scene: A dramatic shot of the ocean, near a small cluster of islands. A floating island can be seen in the distance, as it nears the camera. After a few more seconds, it passes by so close that you can see every single groove on the rocky surface of the island. A pack of Swellow are thrown into disarray as the island passes by. It is late afternoon and the sun can be seen high in the western sky. Slowly, the camera pans to reveal a small fishing town on one of the islands. People can be seen going about their daily business throughout the town. The camera then switches to a view of a pier. A lone fisherman on the pier feels a tug on his fishing pole, and begins to reel the fish in. After a few seconds, the ground begins to shake. Immediately, he drops his fishing pole and gazes in fear at the sight of the island.

Fisherman: "Wha... No... It's Omega!!! Omega's attacking!!! Everybody run!!!"

Scene: The camera now pans to show nearby people running in a panic from the shadow of the island that is covering the town. Without warning, beams of light shoot out of small gaps in the island's structure, as buildings are destroyed and people are vaporized. Near - bottomless pits show where the beams hit the ground, as the onslaught takes its toll on the island. A man looks to some ships that are docked at the other side of the island.

Man: "We have to get to the ships!! They're our only chance of escaping!!!"

Scene: As survivors make their way across the system of piers and docks, Beams of light continue to rain down on the town. As the fisherman gets to the dock, he looks in horror as it is completely destroyed by one of the beams, along with a majority of the ships. The camera zooms to one ship - the only ship that fled the dock, as it is hit by one of the beams and sinks. A final shot of the island shows it sinking into the near infinite depths of the ocean. Slowly at first, then faster, the island moves on, as if looking for a better target to attack. Finally, the camera pans to show the open ocean.











Mark Hamill as
the voice of

(Just Kidding)

Inspired by

Scene: A distant shot of Saffron City in all its glory. The sun can be seen setting in the distance behind the massive city. As it disappears, the land becomes darker, as the Narrator's voice can be heard.

Narrator: "It is the year 2136. Humans and Pokemon now live side by side, and Pokemon Trainers have become commonplace worldwide. Competitions to see who's 'best' have finally been put to rest, as people worldwide now work to better themselves, and to strengthen the bond they share with their Pokemon. However, even in this peaceful time, there are still forces that wish to use Pokemon for selfish ambitions, such as global conquest. As a result, the Elite of the world have teamed up with a select few Legendary Pokemon in an effort to thwart such ambitions, before they spiral out of control."

Scene: The Elite Headquarters of Saffron City, disguised as a gigantic Pokemon Center. Various Trainers come and go on a daily basis, as the camera moves past Nurse Joy, and down the hall. After a few seconds, a large command center can be seen. Many control panels can be seen aligned in a circular pattern, as Lance of the Kanto Elite Four can be seen talking with the four foot tall, cat-like Pokemon, MewTwo. After a second, a blue-haired individual, Chezni, enters the room as well. The camera pans upward to reveal a large window behind one of the control panels. Lance takes one last look out of the window and shakes his head.

Lance: "It just gets my blood boiling to think that anybody walking around out there could be a member of Team Rocket in disguise..."

Scene: MewTwo walks over and puts his hand on Lance's shoulder in an effort to ease his mind.

MewTwo: "I know what you mean, but with our Energy Stone shortage, we'd be overpowered in a heartbeat if we attacked head-on. We'll have to wait for Sabrina and Surge to return before we can mount a decent offensive."

Lance: "Yeah, I guess you're right... Besides, as long as we have the GS Ball, there's hope..."

Chezni: "How are you in there?"

Scene: The camera switches to an inside view of an airship. Sabrina and Lieutenant Surge can be seen flipping various switches, as a countdown is displayed on the main screen.

Sabrina: "We're ready to go. Thirty seconds until launch!!"

MewTwo: <From the monitor> "Remember, come right back after you get the Stones. Good luck, and godspeed."

Lt. Surge: "Don't worry! We'll be back before you know it!!"

Scene: As the countdown concludes, the camera switches its view to the engines of the Airship, as they flare up, and the massive contraption begins to move.

Sabrina: "Three... Two... One... Lift off!!!"

Scene: As the Airship leaves Saffron City, the camera switches view to the outer end of the window, where MewTwo is watching intently.

MewTwo: "Now all we need are a few Energy Stones, and a lot of luck..."

Scene: The camera switches to a lone Pidgey, which seems to have a small camera of some sort attached to it. Suddenly, the Pokemon takes off, flying toward the forest. Slowly, the camera zooms in to show a small outpost belonging to Team Rocket. The Pidgey flies through an open window and lands on the arm of a tall individual in a slim red suit. His short brown hair is combed back neatly to fully reveal his face, which has a menacing grin on it.

Giovanni: "Ahh! Swift! Unlike some other members of Team Rocket, you never fail me."

Scene: The camera pans to show Jessie, James, and Meowth giving a scowl to Giovanni. Despite this, a hint of shame can be seen behind their fasade. The camera pans back as Giovanni reaches behind the Pidgey's head and pulls out a small disc.

Giovanni: "Now, let's see what they're up to..."

James: "At once sir."

Scene: James grabs the disc and places it in a player. A video of the Airship launching begins playing as every word that Lance, MewTwo and Chezni said can be heard in the room. A grin can be seen on Giovanni's face, as the disc stops playing.

Meowth: "Now dat da Saffron Elite Headquarters is short-handed and outta Power Stones, we can take dem out easily!!!"

Giovanni: "You fool!! Why settle for small potatoes? If we can hijack that Airship, we'll be able to slip through their defensive grid unnoticed and destroy the League Headquarters in Indego before they can even react!!! Then, once their Power Stones are ours, nothing will stand in our way!!!"

Scene: The camera switches to a shot of the Airship, passing over Viridian Forest, on its way to Indego Plateau. Inside the ship, Sabrina and Surge can be seen piloting it over the dense forest. Without warning, an explosion occurs in the back of the ship, as Giovanni wades through the wreckage. Jessie, James, and Meowth follow. Sabrina immediately gets up and pulls out two Poke-Balls. After throwing the first one, a red beam of light can be seen forming into Alakazam. The second one is then thrown, showing a Kadabra.

Giovanni: "Team Rocket!!! Attack!!!"

Scene: Almost in unison, Jessie and James call out Seviper and Dustox. Giovanni can be seen calling out Persian, his signature Pokemon. Meowth immediately launches at Kadabra without any warning. As his claws hit the Pokemon's neck, a mist of blood can be seen spewing out of the wound, as it falls on the floor of the Airship, motionless.

Sabrina: "No... Surge!!! I need help!!!"

Scene: Surge puts the Airship on Auto-Pilot and gets up, calling out Raichu. Seviper immediately bites Raichu and quickly constricts around him.

Surge: "No you don't!!! Raichu!!! Thunderbolt!!!"

Scene: Raichu begins glowing and can be seen electrocuting Seviper. Despite this, the constriction continues, as sickening pops can now be heard. Eventually, no further movement can be seen from Raichu. Persian can now be seen literally mauling Alakazam. Sabrina then grabs an iron rod and runs toward Persian.

Sabrina: "I'm not letting you hurt any more of my Pokemon!!!"

Scene: Sabrina suddenly stops and feels her side. Blood is gushing out of a wound that Seviper inflicted with his poisonous fangs. After staring for a moment, Sabrina drops to the ground, dead. After a moment, Persian tosses Alakazam's dead body aside, where it lands next to Sabrina.

Giovanni: "Just one more to go..."

Scene: Giovanni grabs Surge's head and pulls out an expensive-looking pistol. He points the weapon at Surge's right temple.

Giovanni: "Any last words?"

Surge: "Go to Hell!!!"

Giovanni: "See you there..."

Scene: With a loud pop, Surge's head is torn open on the left side, as the bullet exits and puts a hole in the front windshield of the Airship. After a few twitches, the now lifeless body of Surge drops to Giovanni's feet, as he steps over toward the control panel. Immediately, Jessie and James recall their Pokemon.

Giovanni: "That was almost too easy. You two!!"

Jessie: "You want us to get rid of the bodies?"

Giovanni: "You two aren't complete idiots after all."

Scene: As Jessie, James, and Meowth throw the bodies of the Pokemon and Trainers out of the Airship, Giovanni immediately takes control.

Giovanni: "Now that we have this, we can slip past their defenses and take their city before they even know what hit them!!! Begin loading the attack squad!!!"

Scene: With that, the camera zooms away from the shuttle, as it flies off into the night... and on to the next day, toward Indego Plateau.

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Shouldn't this be in the fanfiction? It doesn't look like a RP to me.... *goes to ask...*

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July 10th, 2005, 12:33 PM
Yes... this should be in FanFiction.

Moving on up...

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Did I really put this in RP? I actually meant to put it into Fan Fiction. Anyway, thanks for moving it for me. I'll have the next part up soon, so check back.

July 13th, 2005, 10:08 AM
Well, here's Part 2 of our story. For our Transformers Veterans out there, if you chose Unicron's Theme and Instruments of Destruction for the music to play during the scenes in Part 1, you were right. You couldve used the Transformers Theme for the credits, but it might not sync up as well, since this is still a Pokemon fic. Remember that this isn't going to be 100 percent accurate to Transformers: The Movie (But, the major events will happen in similar ways).

Part 2

Scene: A shot of a small lake on the outskirts of Indego Plateau. It is mid-afternoon and the sun is high in the sky. Misty, Brock, Max, and May are having a picnic, while Ash is fly-fishing off the shore. Naturally, Pikachu is with him, cheering him on. After a moment, Ash gets a bite and begins reeling the subject in. To his dismay, it's a Magikarp that isn't big enough to keep.

Ash: (Sigh) "Unfortunately, I can't keep this one... Too bad though..."

Scene: Pikachu walks over to Ash and comforts him.

Pikachu: "Pika..."

Ash: "Yeah... I guess I'm just worried about Lance and the others..."

Scene: Misty walks up to Ash after overhearing him talking to Pikachu. Brock follows at a close distance.

Misty: "I wouldn't worry. They'll be back after taking care of things in Saffron City."

Brock: "Speaking of Saffron City, didn't they send an Airship from there yesterday?"

Ash: "You know, you're right! I bet they're almost here!! Hey! Why don't we go to see it?"

Scene: The lake erupts in what appears to be an explosion, as a gigantic blue and white Pokemon arises out of the depths. After a few seconds, the creature seems to hover, as it sets its sights on Ash and the group.

Ash: "Lugia!! Did you overhear us?"

Lugia: "Yes. If you're going that way, I can give you a ride. Besides, why walk when you can go in style?"

Ash: "... Ok. Sure, why not?"

Scene: As Misty, Brock, Max, and May nod in agreement, the entire group boards the enormous Pokemon. Flexing its wings, it prepares to take off.

Lugia: "Ok. Hold on tight, everyone."

Scene: As Lugia finishes, a swirl of wind can be seen underneath him, as he lifts off into the air. After gaining some altitude, Lugia begins flapping his enormous wings, and moving toward Victory Road.

May: "This is awesome!! We'll get to the League Headquarters in no time this way!!"

Lugia: "Why settle for a peek, when you can see everything from the top of Mount Indego?!"

Scene: Lugia begins climbing at a 45 degree angle, as the group hangs on tightly. Ash looks around, as various Flying Pokemon can be seen in the sky. After a few seconds, Moltres can be seen almost racing Lugia.

Ash: "I KNOW he won't beat you, Lugia!!"

Lugia: "Hang on everyone!!!"

Scene: Lugia quickly gains speed, as he pulls away from Moltres. Officer Jenny can be seen tending to a roadblock on a lone path up the mountain, as Lugia performs a fly-by, creating a sonic boom. The entire ground shakes as a result.

Officer Jenny: "I swear!! Those two are going to be the death of me, yet!!"

Scene: In no time, Lugia reaches the top of the mountain. After a careful landing, the group gets off. After disembarking, Max immediately catches the Airship out of the corner of his eye.

Max: "Wow!!! We're just in time!!! I can see the Airship!!"

Scene: Ash looks up and notices a rather large hole in the side of the Airship. Brock also notices this.

Ash: "Why is there a hole in the side of the Airship?"

Brock: "They must have been in a battle. I hope they're ok..."

Lugia: "Something's wrong..."

Pikachu: (Electricity is surging through him) "Chuuuuuu!!!"

Ash: "It couldn't be... Team Rocket!!!"

Scene: Lugia immediately fires an Ice Beam at the Airship. Sure enough, Giovanni and the rest of Team Rocket can now be seen jumping out of the ship and activating gliders.

Giovanni: "We've been found out!!! Team Rocket, Attack!!!"

Scene: Jessie immediately calls out Dustox, as Giovanni calls out his Pidgey.

James: "I've got to land before I can call out my Pokemon!!!"

Jessie: "I TOLD you to get a Flying Type!!!"

Giovanni: "Swift!! Distract those accursed Trainers, while we land!!!"

Jessie: "Um... Ditto, Dustox!!"

Scene: Dustox and Pidgey both launch into simultaneous Tackle Attacks, striking Lugia. The attacks knock him back a few feet, but he quickly recovers.

Lugia: "I'll hold them off here!!! You've got to warn the League!!!"

Scene: Moltres swoops in and grabs Giovanni's Pidgey. With a jerk, he tosses it into a tree. Despite the injury, it gets up and continues to fight.

Giovanni: "Swift!!! Finish up here and follow us to the League Headquarters!!!"

Jessie: "You too, Dustox!!!"

Scene: The camera switches to the League Headquarters, where Ash, Misty, Brock, Max, and May have finally notified the League of the situation. Unfortunately, Team Rocket has also made their way to the Headquarters and are now attacking in force. Mew looks on from inside one of the windows of the Headquarters. Roan, a tall, black-haired man in a platinum uniform is standing next to him. A sword is sheathed on his side. Ash and Misty are with him.

Mew: "Mew, mew mew mew mew, mew mew... Mew mew mew mew mew!!!"

Roan: "In other words, we're outnumbered..."

Ash: "We need to get to the Control Room and activate the base defenses..."

Misty: "You let ME worry about that! You should stay here and help defend the base."

Scene: A small yellow and white Pokemon that can best be described as having a star for a head enters the room and floats toward Roan.

Jirachi: (Talking really, really fast) "What about me, huh? What can I do? Want me to help Misty with the base? Want me to back you up here?"

Roan: "Why don't you help us here, while Misty and the others take care of the defenses?"

Jirachi: (Again with the speed-dialogue) "Sure, sure. Not a problem. No Team Rocket forces are gonna get past me. Absolutely, positively, definitely!!"

Mew: "Mew..."

Scene: Team Rocket is outside of the League Headquarters, as they are barely being held off by the League. Above, in one of the towers, Gary and Professor Oak are tending to some controls.

Professor Oak: "I've just gotten word from Roan to contact MewTwo!!"

Gary: "It's about time!!! Help me get the radio working!!"

Scene: Gary and Professor Oak throw a few switches and plug a cord into one of the free outlets in the room, and some buzzing noises can be heard. After a few turns of the lever, the buzzing clears up.

Gary: "This is Gary Oak from Indego Plateau! Team Rocket's attacking in full force, and we're severely outnumbered!!! If you hear this, send reinforcements immediately!!!"

Scene: Outside of the tower, a lone Team Rocket member sees Gary and Professor Oak trying to contact MewTwo. Immediately, he pulls out two Poke-Balls.

TR Member: "No, you don't!! Come on out, Raticate and Pidgeotto!!"

Scene: After a flash of red, the two Pokemon can be seen. Immediately, Pidgeotto grabs Raticate and flies it up to the communications antenna.

Gary: "Repeat... This is Gary Oak from Indego Plateau! Team Rocket's attacking in full force, and we're..."

Scene: As Gary speaks, the Pidgeotto and Raticate destroy the antennae, and break through the glass roof.

Gary: "They're here!!! Eevee! Blastoise!!!"

Professor Oak: "Graveler!! Surskit!!!"

Scene: With that, Professor Oak and Gary's Pokemon are released, as they immediately begin a hand-to-hand fight with Pidgeotto and Raticate.

Gary: "I hope that message got through to MewTwo..."

Professor Oak: "If not, we're all heading straight for that Pokemon Gym in the sky..."

Scene: Meanwhile, Jirachi seems to be fending off members of Team Rocket from inside a corridor.

Jirachi: (In his fast tone) "We got Team Rocket on the streets, Team Rocket on the roof, Team rocket, Team Rocket everywhere, everywhere, EVERYWHERE!!!"

Scene: Misty, Brock, Max, and May have finally reached the gigantic Control Room, along with Lugia.

Max: "Ok... Just give me a second and... There... Base defenses are now on-line!!!"

Scene: The League Headquarters begins changing. Steel plates rise up out of the ground, and defensive turrets can be seen appearing on the towers and near the main entrance. Giovanni nods his head and maintains his composure.

Giovanni: "We've still got the upper hand!!! Penetrate their defenses!!!"

James: "You heard him!!! Concentrate your attacks on a single spot!!!"

Scene: Immediately, a group consisting of a mix of Fire and Water Pokemon begin using their Elemental attacks in step, beginning with Fire, and ending with Water. After a few seconds, cracks can be seen on the barricaded main entrance. On the other side of the base, Giovanni and the three Regis prepare for another assault.

Giovanni: "Regis!!! Merge for the kill!!!"

Scene: Brock looks out of one of the open weapon ports, and sees the three Regis transforming, one into legs, one into arms, and the other one into a body and head.

Brock: "We have a problem here!!!"

Scene: Lugia makes his way to where Brock is looking, and backs off slightly at the sight.

Lugia: "Regidoom!!!"

Scene: Having transformed, the Regis combine to form a giant robot, Regidoom which is now tall enough to reach the top of the main tower. That said, that's exactly where it begins to attack, as it slams its fists into the main tower of the Headquarters.

Lugia: "We need to take that thing out, NOW!!!"

Scene: Lugia immediately fires an Ice Beam at Regidoom, but it seems to do no damage to the enormous creature. The camera zooms out to show the entire Headquarters and the firefight that is going on throughout it. The sun sets, as the firefight ends, and Giovanni looks on with glee.

Giovanni: "Their defenses are breached!!! Let the slaughter begin!!!"

Scene: Regidoom finally tears through the wall of the main tower, as Giovanni pulls out what appears to be a small beam cannon of some sort. Immediately, he catches something out of the corner of his eye, and looks up. A very large Airship can be seen heading straight for the Headquarters. The camera switches to an inside shot of the Airship, as MewTwo, Groudon, Articuno, and Zapdos are shown getting ready to attack.

MewTwo: "Groudon, Articuno, Zapdos, you three take care of Regidoom!!! I'll handle Giovanni!!!"

Scene: As Groudon, Articuno, and Zapdos jump out of the rear of the Airship, MewTwo pilots it to a clearing and lands. Groudon, Articuno, and Zapdos immediately plow straight into Regidoom, knocking it into a wall. MewTwo looks and sees Giovanni standing right next to Regidoom.

MewTwo: "Giovanni must be stopped, no matter the cost..."

Scene: "MewTwo can be seen levitating slowly off the ground, as he begins flying toward the battle. Seeing a few members of Team Rocket, he fires his Psychic Blasts, destroying them. After a few moments, he gets to where Giovanni is. Landing, he confronts the leader of Team Rocket."

MewTwo: "Giovanni!!!"

Giovanni: "MewTwo!!!"

MewTwo: "One shall stand, and one shall fall!!!"

Giovanni: "Why throw away your life so recklessly, clone?"

MewTwo: "That's a question you should ask yourself, Giovanni!!!"

Scene: "As the wind howls in the night, MewTwo and Giovanni exchange glares, and prepare to have the fight of the century."

Narrator: "It appears the tide has turned, because MewTwo has finally arrived!! Will his psychic powers be enough to turn the tide of the fight? Or will Giovanni and Team Rocket triumph over the forces of the Pokemon League? And what part will the GS Ball play in this tale? Be there, as the battle heats up, next time on POKEMON: THE MOVIE!!!"