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July 11th, 2005, 10:07 PM
Title: (-Journey To China-)
Author: Undine Shade (Sel-chan)

Sel-chan's brown, shoulder-length hair blew gently in the breeze. Her hazel eyes quietly watched her clothes. She had been waiting for a whole hour now.

"Sel, are you still waiting for Cherii to show up?" Sel's older sister, Hatiya, asked. Her younger sister looked up and nodded. Hatiya saw that Sel was partially annoyed and partially worried.

"Sel-chan hopes Cherii-kun is okay... He always shows up before this to steal Sel-chan's underwear. Does Hatiya-chan know where he is?" she pleaded. She had now fully turned her chair toward her sister. Her hands were clasped together as she looked out the window with a worried expression. Her hair even fell limp. She was begining to worry something bad had happened to her master. Suddenly, her trained ears picked up a familar voice. Hatiya simply nodded and left the room; she perfered not to see the blood and gore of Sel and Cherii's fights. She closed the door and went into the the kitchen where Diare was.

"Cherii is back," she murmured to her older sister. "He was late too. Maybe we should go tell Mister Siye to stay away from Sel's room." Her sister nodded. Diare put down the spoon she was stirring with and went outside to see her father and Mister Siye playing Go.

"Father, Mister Siye, I am sorry to interrupt your game of Go, but Hatiya and I believe it would be best if you didn't enter Sel's room for a couple of minutes." Diare smiled her sweet smile. There was a loud noise from above, and each one of them looked up. Scott came running outside and looked up as well.

"Scott...aren't you going to go help Sel?" Sera (Also known as Mister Siye) asked his son. Sera didn't speak; he simply held up a sign with his hand. It was to be expected; Sera couldn't talk normally in his monkey form.

"Naw, she can take care of the old leech be herself," Scott replied, going back into the house slowly. Sel came out onto her balcony with Cherii in her grasp.

"PERVERT! GETTING SEL-CHAN ALL WORRIED AND THEN TRYING TO STEAL HER UNDERWEAR! PERVERT!" she screamed. Even though Cherii was already badly beaten up, she punched him a couple more times and threw him over to the left, where Scott and the others were. She crossed her arms and screwed up her face. "No come back to Sel-chan's room, Cherii! Oh..." she paused as she saw Scott was looking at her with longing eyes. "...What Scott-kun doing here? Scott-kun should be in school!" she exclaimed.

"Yeah, well, I got out of it earlier so I could-" He looked around at everyone. Sera had grabbed a kettle and poured himself with the hot water so he would return to normal. Sotu had his fists clenched. Diare and Hatiya both had their hands covering their open mouths. Cherii stood behind Scott and smirked.

"Well, they're you go, just like you wanted Scott; Sel-chan's panties!" Cherii exclaimed. He quickly started explaining:

"You see...at first I thought Scott was a pure soul, but that was until I saw him stealing the very panties I was about to take! It was amazing! And, not only that, there have been numurous times that Scott has stolen Selini's underwear! But, one day, he decided it was getting to risky to do that. He caught me while I was stealing panties and asked me to get Selini's panties. And, Scott, I have done so!"

He bowed down low to Scott and then got back up. He pointed to Scott's left hand and smirked even wider. Scott stared in horror at the silky panties in his hand. He closed his eyes and let them fall to the ground.

"That...was one detailed story, you little liar," he said. His was clearly annoyed. Everything on his body showed it. His hair, his hands, his neck, his face. The way he shook was a real tell-tale sign though. He looked up at Cherii again. He kracked his knuckles, but, before he could get into a fighting stance, Selini spoke once more.

"Scott...Sel-chan is...disgusted! Scott...getting...Cherii...to...steal Sel-chan's underwear... Scott...is...a...bigger pervert than Cherii! SCOTT WILL PAY!" Selini screamed. She grabbed a bucket filled with cold water out of her room and threw it on Scott. "You...PERVERT!!!"

I will probably add to it, but I have to go to bed right now.

July 15th, 2005, 5:40 PM
Interesting story of stolen panties.. XD, I enjoyed reading it even though that first part focused pretty much on the stealing of the panties. The title "Journey to China" caught my interest and I really hope to see more of this.

Great job ^^

July 17th, 2005, 6:55 PM
Lol!!! I like it!! ^-^!!!

July 21st, 2005, 10:19 PM
That was really funny, props to you. <3