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July 12th, 2005, 5:13 AM

Fire, Water, Thunder, Earth, Wind, Ice, Darkness and Light; these eight elements, they call to you, seeking help, calling for aid and wishing for freedom. These Elements were made to bring peace to the Digital world by allowing their natural powers to bring the necessary weather to the seasons and islands of the world. Without them, the digital world will fall into a pattern of unnatural disasters which will soon bring destruction upon the Digital beings and their habitats.

The Fire god, Zhuqiaomon was said to have been able to build islands with the use of its volcanic power. It was said that he would use lava from his own creations: the Volcanoes as well as his own fire powers to create land that would inhabit Digimon for years to come. His symbol was a fire ball, the symbol of a leader built with passion and a fiery temper.

The Water Goddess, Azulongmon was said to have created the calming Sea where Water Digimon could swim freely and live as those upon the land could. Her symbol was a rain drop, the symbol of a Dreamer built with tranquillity and calmness

The Thunder god, Hercules Kabuterimon was said to have created unbelievable thunder storms that would transfer energy to the land, allowing children of thunder to live a normal life upon the Digital earth. He gave the power and energy that the Earth and its inhabitants needed to survive. His symbol was a thunder bolt, the symbol of a strong individual, built with power and determination.

The God of earth, Ebonwumon was said to have created all the nourishment upon the land, trees in which Digimon could feed from and live under as well as the nourishment the land needed to be able to grow food and crops. His symbol was a tree, the symbol of an intellectual built with intellect and wisdom.

The goddess, Phoenixmon, was the goddess of wind. She was said to have created the ever changing winds which would give the Digimon energy and bring a sense of freedom upon the earth. Her symbol was a wisp of wind, the symbol of a free spirit and built with energy and a changing personality.

The Ice god, Azulongmon was said to have created the ice of the Northern border, creating snow and blocking out the warmth of the sun so that his children: The Ice walkers, could live a life of peace away from those that would seek to harm them. His symbol was a snow flake, the symbol of a protective individual, built with Protectiveness and Determination.

The God and Goddess of Darkness and Light, Skull Satamon and Opanimon were entwined in an endless battle. They would fight day and night for their right to engulf the world in either Darkness or Light. In the end, they came to an agreement that Light would engulf the world in a time Ophanimon called Day and Darkness would engulf the world in a time Skull Satamon called night and thus time was created.

Ophanimons symbol was that of a sun, a symbol of pureness built with happiness and reliability.

Skull Satamons symbol was that of a moon, a symbol of Loneliness built with Hatred and Stubbornness.

But alas a terrible crisis has befallen the Digital world, for these eight Gods and Goddesss have been taken prisoner by an evil force which still remains unknown to the Digimon that seek guidance upon the now cursed earth. Without their leaders, they are at a lost and know not of what to do.

Thunder has begun to strike the ice caps of the Northern border. Fire and water clash, sending the Dwellers of land and earth into war against one another. Wind has begun to shred the forests of the earth and no one knows when Darkness and light will engulf the earth anymore. The only thing left to blame, is one another, and thus, the Digital world is at war.

The human world, on the other hand, has been all in all, normal and Humans live their lives in peace and tranquillityECXEPT for eight individuals who hear the cries of the captured Gods and Goddesses who beg for aid. They know not of what is going on, for they have heard nothing of this Digital world before, in truth; this Digital world has only just been discovered after being lost to the world for decades. Scientists around the world who have studied the Digital world from the safety of earth for the past few years are in disarray. Their computer screens do not listen to their commands and they are unable to do anything to help stop the dilemma at hand.

The Digital worldand perhaps the Human world, is in the hands of these eight human beings, who hold the power to wield a Digimon of their own and put a stop to this dilemma. The gods call to youbut will you aid them?

Sum up:

Basically, you are one of the eight chosen humans who are to enter the Digital world (I wont say how just yet) and save the Gods and Goddesses from this turmoil and set them free in time before Digimon are whipped of existence. It all begins one night when you hear the cries of the trapped Digimon and receive your Digivices.

You are each in possession of a Digivice, unique to you only. Though they may look the same, crests are embedded in a clear patch in the corner of the Digivice. Yes you guessed right, one of the symbols of the ancient Gods and Goddesss of the Digital world. The list of the Ancient Digimon and their crests can be found below. Just keep in mind that whatever crest you choose does not mean that you have to have a Digimon with that element, BUT it does mean that your character has to act that way or there just really wouldnt be much point, would there?

Gods and Crests:

Name: Zhuqiaomon (http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/yz/Zhuqiaomon.gif)
Element: Fire
Crest: His symbol was a fire ball, the symbol of a leader built with passion and a fiery temper.
Digivice color: Red and Orange
Reserved for Raizor blaide

Name: Plesiomon (http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/op/Plesiomon.gif)
Element: Water
Crest: Her symbol was a rain drop, the symbol of a Dreamer built with tranquillity and calmness.
Digivice Color: Dark Blue and Light Blue
Taken by KuraCottum

Name: HerculesKabuterimon (http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/gh/HerculesKabuterimon.jpg)
Element: Thunder
Crest: His symbol was a thunder bolt, the symbol of a strong individual, built with power and determination.
Digivice Color: Light Yellow and Dark yellow
Taken by Undine Shade

Name: Ebonwumon (http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/ef/Ebonwumon.jpg)
Element: Earth
Crest: His symbol was a tree, the symbol of an intellectual built with intellect and wisdom.
Digivice Color: Light Brown and Dark Brown
Taken by Takashi

Name: Phoenixmon (http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/op/Phoenixmon.gif)
Element: Wind
Crest: Her symbol was a wisp of wind, the symbol of a free spirit and built with energy and a changing personality.
Digivice Color: Light Green and Dark Green
Taken by ~*Strider*~

Name: Azulongmon (http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/ab/Azulongmon.jpg)
Element: Ice
Crest: His symbol was a snow flake, the symbol of a protective individual, built with Protectiveness and Determination.
Digivice Color: Light Blue and White
Reserved for Yukito

Name: Ophanimon (http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/op/Ophanimon.gif)
Element: Light
Crest: Her symbol was that of a sun, a symbol of pureness built with happiness and reliability.
Digivice Color: Yellow and White
Taken by Kay11190

Name: SkullSatamon (http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/st/SkullSatamon.gif)
Element: Dark
Crest: His symbol was that of a moon, a symbol of Loneliness built with Hatred and Stubbornness.
Digivice Color: Black and Dark Gray
Reserved for Trainer-Kat


Now Digivolving is near the same as the first season of Digimon. The Digivice and crest are just there to help your Digimon Digivolve, BUT towards the end you will master the skills of your crest and you will not need neither as the Crest will have been embedded in your heartBut thats towards the end.

And there we have it for the plot and the sum up. Now for the sign up *Shudders*

Sign up:


Age: (No more than 18)
Personality: (remember the same as the crest)
Crest and God:
History: (Your ordinary Human life)

Digimon: (Now this is the hard bit, you need to give a Picture or the whole series of Digivolution as well as a description of the attacks. You will need to do the following for each Digivolution) For all your Digivolution needs go here: http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/digidexE.html

Stage: (Baby-Mega)
Name: (Include picture)
Attacks: (Include description: The Description does NOT have to be accurate)

For an example, I will do mine:


Name: Kim Copper

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Description: http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b282/SinfulDragon/Anime/Tomboy.jpg

Personality: Kim is a very energetic individual who is set on having fun while she can; she lets no opportunity go to waste and treats every day as if it were her whole life. Kim has a very complicated personality, it is said that her mood changes with the wind and the situation. She can be one of calmness and caring and yet can also be one of fiery passion and determination. Over all Kim knows when the time for action is called upon and knows when to act or keep her mouth shut. She doesnt like to be told what to do and can get a rather nasty temper when challenged, sometimes she needs a leader to set her straight, she sees worthiness in those who can control herto an extent.

Crest and God: Phoenixmon Goddess of Wind

History: Kim is a free spirit, she did nothing that was not to her liking and would more than willingly spend her time alone if her friends did not comply with her ideas. Throughout her life Kimhas suffered many difficulties having lost her mother at the young age of 8 and has worked most of her life to help her sick father recover from Cancer of the lungs. After her mothers death, he turned to smoking to rid him of his sorrow.

Kim hardly found any time to play and joke around having to look after her sick father for what seemed like her whole life, worrying that if she was not by his side that he would fade away. To her great sorrow, he passed away when Kim turned 14. She was sent away to live with her Aunt who treated her as one of her own, but nothing could fill the empty space that had stated to form after her mothers death.

The Good news is that Kim now has the time to explore and try new things, but the heavy burden of not having real parents still stays with in her heart.

Other: Nope


Stage: Baby
Name: Purumon- http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/op/Pururumon.gif
Bubble blow: Unleashes a ray of bubbles

Stage: In-Training
Name: Poromon- http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/op/Poromon.gif
Bubble Blow: Unleashes a ray of bubbles

Stage: Rookie
Name: Hawkmon- http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/gh/Hawkmon.gif
Hawk Beak: Unleashes a critical peck at the enemy.
Beak pecking: Pecks at the enemy multiple times
Beak Buzzsaw: Step up from, Beak Pecking
Feather Strike: Unleashes multiple razor sharp feathers in the direction of the enemy.

Stage: Champion
Name: Aquilamon- http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/ab/Aquilamon.gif
Grand Horn: Aquilamon charges at the enemy dealing a hard blow with its horns.
Blast Ring: Aquilamon unleashes a ray ring from its mouth towards the enemy.
Mach Impulse: A ray of energy is sent directly towards any enemies within range of the attack.
Penetrator: Aquilamon penetrates the enemy with its horns.
Invisible Shot: Aquilamon re-appears behind the enemy dealing a back attack.

Stage: Ultimate
Name: Silphymon- http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/st/Silphymon.gif
Top gun: Silphymon unleashes two rays of energy from its palms.
Static force: A wave of electrical energy engulfs the foe.
Dual sonic laser: Two lasers are unleashed, one from its belt and one from its helmet towards the foe.

Stage: Mega
Name: Valkyrimon- http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/uv/Valkyrimon.jpg
Feral sword: Valkyrimon uses its sword to deal light damage upon the enemy
Lightning arrow: Valkyrimon uses its bow to unleash an arrow of lightning towards the foe.

There, OK there are 7 spots left, not all have to be filled but I will be taking late sign ups if they are not.

Trainer Kat
July 12th, 2005, 6:02 AM

Name: Margarete "Malkovich" Zelle
Gender: Female
Description: Margarete has red hair that falls to her shoulders. She keeps part of it tied in small pigtails. Her eyes are sparkling blue. She wears a long black outfit that is somewhat low cut in the front. She has fingerless black gloves and black sandals. http://www.hydepark.co.il/hydepark/upload06/050201_191932-20_Rag04.jpg
Personality: Margarete is dark and reserved. Anyone who tries to talk to her gets the cold shoulder or a tongue lashing. She has never warmed up to anyone. That has been attributed to the fact that her parents abandoned her when she was a child.
Crest and God: SkullSatamon, God of Darkness
History: Margarete was abandoned when she was only 3. Living in London at the time, she was taken in by a group of orphans called the 'London Rats.' It was there that she grew up until she was 12. She was caught shoplifting and thrown into an orphanage. She then was adopted by an american couple, and now resides in the USA. At the age of 16, she attempted to pursue a dancing career, but couldn't quite make the cut. Disheartened, she closed off to the world completely, and, though her parents made many attempts to revive her, she remained an angry youth.
Other: N/A

Gotcha. ^_~ Sorry I didn't edit this sooner. I had to go to a movie. e_e

Stage: Baby
Name: Mokumon- http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/dex-m/Mokumon.html
Smokey blow: Unleashes a stream of smoke on the foe.

Stage: In-Training
Name: DemiMeramon- http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/dex-d/DemiMeramon.html
Fireball: Spits a Fireball at the enemy

Stage: Rookie
Name: DemiDevimon- http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/dex-d/DemiDevimon.html
Attacks: Butt Smasher, Evil Whisper,
Demi Dart: DemiDevimon throws a dart at the enemy.

Stage: Champion
Name: Bakemon- http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/dex-b/Bakemon.html
Attacks: Dark Claw, Evil Charm, Ghost Chop

Stage: Ultimate
Name: Pumpkinmon- http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/dex-p/Pumpkinmon.html
Attacks: Trick or Treat, Pumpkin Squash.

Stage: Mega
Name: Puppetmon- http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/dex-p/Puppetmon.html
Puppet Pummel: Puppetmon brings his hammer down on his foe. Also, Puppetmon can shoot (bullets?) from the holes in the hammer.

July 12th, 2005, 6:13 AM
*Dies* Thats the pic I was gonna use o.o Anyways:

Well as far as I can see, Bakemon only evolves into the following:

Giromon, Myotismon, Phantomon and Pumpkinmon

So, if you want Puppetmon, you are going to have to go with Pumpkinmon because that is the only one as far as I can see that evolves into Puppetmon, you see?

So if you use the link that I provided for Pokemon, you will be able to find the exact Digivolutions.

But anyways, they dont have to be exactly how you see them in the anime, BUT they do have to have a digivolution chain.

Appart from your Digimon which is incomplete, your good to go, accepted. Though I would like a bit more for History and Personlity, thats up to you, though it would give me a better insight on your RPGing skills.

Anyways, thanks for joinin ^_-

July 12th, 2005, 7:26 AM

Name: David
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Description: 5'11" with short red hair and deep blue eyes. David wears a navy blue shirt, with a small diagnol cross on the upper right. He always wears a pair of navy blue jeans, as well as black running shoes, and he wears a navy baseball cap, no symbols and such on it. He is medium built, and has a gold chain necklance on his neck, and a black watch on his left wrist.
Personality: David is a down to earth kid who doesn't like to leave things unfinished. He is also very protective of his family and friends, and if they're hurt by others, he will fight, no matter how strong the opponent. Most of the time he doesn't like to fight, but he can be very dense, and sometimes very rash at times. Once he starts something, however, he refuses to leave until it's finished.
Crest and God: Azulongmon the God of Ice
History: David has dedicated most of his life to his school (even though he barely makes it over 80%), and spending time with his friends and family. He often takes part in protests that could in turn protect the environment, as its obvious humans are killing it.

Stage: Baby
Name: Nyokimon (http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/mn/Nyokimon.gif)
Attacks: Seed Cracker- Launches small seeds at foe

Stage: In-training
Name: Yokomon (http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/dex-y/Yokomon.html)
Attacks: Bubble Blow- Blows bubbles at foe

Stage: Rookie
Name: Floramon (http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/ef/Floramon.gif)
Attacks: Rain of Pollen- Sprays dangerous pollen on foes
Stamen Rope- Assaults enemy with stamens on body

Stage: Champion
Name: Kiwimon (http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/kl/Kiwimon.gif)
Attacks: Pummel Peck- Shoots seeds from mouth at foe, which resemble Kiwimon (See picture)
High-Jump Kick- Jumps high into the air and kicks foe with all one's might.

Stage: Ultimate
Name: Lillymon (http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/kl/Lillymon.gif)
Attacks: Flower Cannon- Shoots a beam at the foe
Temptation- Releases a sweet odour into the air, which soothes the soul, and makes the enemy unable to attack temporarily. (courtesy of my Digimon Rumble Arena 2 XD)
Vicious Vine- Shoots sharp vines at the enemy.
Flower Reed- Attacks the foe with the reed of a flower
Flower Wreath- Attempts to place a wreath of flowers on the foe, which if left on, drains the energy of the foe.

Stage: Mega
Name: Magnadramon (http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/mn/Magnadramon.gif)
Attacks: Fire Tornado- Creates a tornado of fire
Dragon Fire- Shoots fire at the enemy
Heaven's Claw- Slashes foe with powerful claws

July 12th, 2005, 7:29 AM
*Pounces on Dai* Yay! Thanks for joining, It's been ages since I RPGed with you...well interacted with you, I'm still standing out in the cold in your RPG XP

Anyways, spot reserved, I'm looking forward to seeing what Digimon you choose and...your Discription XD, no Female this time...or do you have something planned? XD

Anyways, Ill start to cross off the God's and Crests when they have been taken or reserved.

Raizor Blaid
July 12th, 2005, 8:42 AM
Name: Tek
Age: 14
Gender: Male

Description: Tek has black hair and blue eyes. He wears a red shirt with with black sleeves that has a dragon symbol on it, and matching cargo pants. Hes usually seen with a back pack which he carries his stuff in.

Personality: He has a fiery temper a lot of the time and has a passion to be the leader even if he clearly doesn;t have the stuff . He can be sarcastic sometimes but knows when its the right time to acy funny.
He has a lot of technology on him most of the time, like a his portable DVD player and his MP3 player. Tek also loves video games but keeps in average shape.

Crest and God: Zhuqiaomon god of fire

History: Tek never really knew his father as he left to the other side of the country when tek was young. Tek had always lived with his mother and step father as far as he knew, but that never stopped him from being the leader all the time. He constantly gets average grades but his parents always want him to do better no matter how hard he tries. He has a very hot temper and even the slightest insult can set it off, even if it was a joke. Tek recently began drawing little creatures just for the heck of it, but he always seemed attracted to drawing fire balls even if he drew one perfectly he knew it could be better.
Other: Nada

Stage: Baby
Name: Jyarimon
Attacks: Pyro Bubbles- Jyarimon unleashes an attack similar to bubble blow, but in the form of fire

Stage: In-Training
Name: Gigimon
Attacks: Hot Bite- Gigimons mouth heats up to high temperatures and bites his foes... or foods

Stage: Rookie
Name: Guilmon
Attacks: Pyrosphere- Guilmon fires out a ball of flamesClaw Attack- guilmon swipes his opponents with sharp claws
Rapid Claw- a faster version of claw attack
Head Slam- guilmon puts his hard head to good use with this attack

Stage: Champion
Name: Growlmon
Attacks: Pyro Blaster- A stonger version of pyrosphere
Dragon Slash- a claw attack capable of cutting through metal
Plasma Blade- the blades on the sides of growlmons arms glow with plasmatic force as he swipes his opponents

Stage: Ultimate
Name: Wargrowlmon
Attacks: Atomic Blaster- the seemingly small cannons on wargrowlmons chest unleash a brutal laser attack
Double Blades- He simply slashes his opponents with his deadly arm blades

Stage: Mega
Name: Gallantmon
Attacks: Shield of the just- uh... I dont have an exact description for this attack
Lightning Joust- Gallantmon pulls out his swordy spear joust thingy and fires a huge electric beam at opponents

Stage: Mega 2
Name: Gallantmon crimson mode
Attacks: Final Justice- er.. Not sure what this does either
Invincible sword- Gmon CM attacks using his powerful swords

July 12th, 2005, 8:43 AM
*Pounces on Dai* Yay! Thanks for joining, It's been ages since I RPGed with you...well interacted with you, I'm still standing out in the cold in your RPG XP

Anyways, spot reserved, I'm looking forward to seeing what Digimon you choose and...your Discription XD, no Female this time...or do you have something planned? XD

Anyways, Ill start to cross off the God's and Crests when they have been taken or reserved.
I forgot to fill out description xx
That's what happens when you skip over an area first thing in the morning. As for the Digimon, we're skipping over Armor and Hybrid levels, correct?

July 12th, 2005, 8:45 AM
Not bad Raizor, BUT I would like to see more in your personlity, though your description seems short, it seems to have the nessecary, but could you add a bit more to your personality? The Crest states that they have a passion and a fiery temper, so perhaps you could add something about loosing his temper to often or having a strong passion for leadership, something like that?

Other than that, all is fine and your accepted ^_-

EDIT: Dai, yeah were skipping them and no worries about skipping...you were half asleep XD

July 12th, 2005, 9:14 AM
Name: Kamalin
Age: 14
Gender: male
Description: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v718/12max1/11111111.bmp
Personality: Kamalin is a smart student, he is also very wise. Kamalin just doesn't like to study, he also likes to help the earth by picking up other people's garbage and water the plants in his mom's garden. The kids at his school say that he wastes his time by doing things that most of them wouldn't do but that doesn't bother Kamalin. Kamalin doesn't have alot of friends but that doesn't bother him, nothing does! He's just too caring and kind. He helps his dad too sometimes with his work, his dad is a lawyer and Kamalin thinks his dad's job is cool so he studies the law, And thats what his dad askes Kamalin to help him with.
Crest and God: Grass=Ebonwumon
History: Growing up with his Mom during the week and going to his dad's house on the weekends made Kamalin alittle sad but when his parents finally got back together his life changed for the best. He got more interested in learning more and becoming smarter everyday and with his mom and dad there to help him his school work got better! Now Kamalin life is really turning around, he just turned 14 and started high school. Hes the best in his classes and gets mostly A's. After school he usually studies for tests and does his homework, other than that he likes to hang out with his only two friends (Rick and Tyler). Kamalin lives in New York with his mom, dad and two little sisters Emily and Steph.
Other: N/A


Stage: Baby
Name: Chibomon http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/cd/Chibomon.gif
Attacks: bubble blow: shoots bubbles out of its mouth

Stage: In training
Name: Demiveemon http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/cd/DemiVeemon.jpg
Attacks: Pop attack

Stage: Rookie
Name: Veemon http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/uv/Veemon.gif
Attacks: Vee head butt, Vee punch, Veemon head spear, Wind up punch, Head slam, Rapid punch

stage: Champion
Name: Ex-Veemon http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/ef/ExVeemon.jpg
Attacks: Vee Laser, Critical Punch/Crunch, Vee Punch, Vee Kick

Stage: Ultimate
Name: Paildramon http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/op/Paildramon.gif
Attacks: Desperado blaster, Cable Catcher, Sting strike, Speedy scratcher

Stage: Mega
Name: Black Imperialdramon http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/ab/BlackImperialdramon.gif
Attacks: Positron Laser, Transic Cannon, Mega Fire, Mega Crusher

Stage: Mega
Name: Black Imperialdramon Fighter Mode http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/ab/BlackImperialdramonFM.gif
Attacks: Positron Laser, Giga Crusher, Splendor Blade

Stage: Mega
Name: Imperialdramon Paladin Mode (Black) http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/ij/ImperialdramonBlack.gif
Attacks: Unknown

July 12th, 2005, 9:33 AM
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Description: Kail stands at about 5'8 and has green eyes and short blue hair. He wears blue jeans and a white t-shirt with a yellow sleeveless jacket. He also wears white fingerless gloves with a ying yang symbol on them.
Personality: Kail has been known do be a very dependable person whether it just helping his friends out with whatever or babysitting for his parents. He is very level headed and seems to always be happy. He is is easily befriended and will do just about anything for those who are is friends.
Crest and God: Ophanimon Goddess of Light
History:Kail just moved from his old town leaving him with little friends. He is usually in his room playing games or doing the same at the arcade. Being in a new town often makes Kail worry that he won't find many friends but he looks up and knows that the right people will show up.


Attacks:Bubble blow

Attacks:Bubble blow, Bubble blast

Stage: Rookie
Name: Patamon
Attacks: Boom Bubble, Headbutt, Wing attack, Slamming Attack

Stage: Champion
Name: Angemon
Attacks:Hand of Fate, Angel Staff, Angel Rod, Fist of Fate, Hand of Destiny

Stage: Ultimate
Name: MagnaAngemon
Attacks:Gate of Destiny, Excalibor, Angel Rod, Magna Antidote

Name: WarGreymon
Attacks: Terra Force, Mega tornado, Nova Force Mega Claw

July 12th, 2005, 10:25 AM
Name: Tasuri (Taz)
Age: 14
Description: Ever seen Misao from Rurouni Kenshin? That's what I'm going for...http://www.animegalleries.net/albums/media/226/rk_misao041.jpg

Personality: Easy going, she likes to dream and does a lot of 'what if 'ing. She likes to think that the cup is always half full and likes things to be predictable. She can be pretty animated at times, but never means any harm. Friends are whoever is generally nice to her. She doesn't have a small temper but when she does explode, you don't want to be around her :3
Crest and God:Plesiomon, god of water

History: She lives in Japan with her parents and twins who are still toddlers. Her parents are rich, but are usually gone so she has to take care of her siblings most of the time which has given her an unusual patience and ability to take care of herself. She spends most of her time in books and dreams of far off places and extrodinary things. Making friends has been an option and she can be without them. There has barely been any chaos in her orderly life and hopes there never will be.

Attack: bubble blow

Stage: In-training
Attack: Koko crusher: Headbutts the foe

Name: lopmon
Attacks: Blazing Ice, Blazing Fire, Tiny Twister

Stage: Champion
Attacks:Gauntlet Claw, Lightning Kung-Fu

Attacks:Arm Bomber,Meditation Cure, Bunny Blade

Stage: Mega
Attacks:Holy hug, Lightning spear


July 12th, 2005, 10:34 AM
Takashi: You havent given a description x_x and your personality is much to short and doesnt fit your chosen crest: an intellectual built with intellect and wisdom and it's grass not tree ^ ^;; I'm sorry but not accepted.

Kay: Everything seems fine, though you have the whole Digivolution line of Angemon...and then War Greymon XD, but still it has the abbility, so accepted none the less.

Kura: XD, I love your characters Personlity, its like me 'what if'. Anyways, all looks fine from where I'm sitting so, accepted so far ^_-

Now only Thunder and Earth remain, Takashi you could edit, but it will have to be good standard.

Now when everyone who has been accepted has finished their sign up's then we will start whether the spots have been filled or not.

July 12th, 2005, 10:41 AM
Sorry I was in a rush since my sister wanted on, I'll fix it right now

愛Forgotten Angel愛
July 12th, 2005, 11:06 AM
Name: Selini

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Description: She is 4' 7" and weighs about 100 pounds. She has long, green hair that she always keeps in pigtails. Her wear, a brown shirt with white shorts and jewerly, gives of the impression that she is a nature freak, and she is, sort of. Her regular build gives her hopes that she will one day attract a guy.

Personality: She loves to show how detremined she can be. She will openly jump into a fight no one thinks she can win and leave without any scratches. People like how she is strong, both in pshycalness and spirit. Her detremination never wears down, but her strength in her spirit can hit rock bottem at random times.

Crest and God: HerculesKabuterimon, thunder bolt

History: Most of it she keeps to herself, but the most common knowage is that she lives alone. Her mother died during child birth, her father when a criminal shot him. She doesn't have any family, but she acts as though she grew up around people. Her attitude makes many people wonder if she is just making the whole story about her family up.

Other: She is sometimes romantice, but never to people. She keeps it inside. She can be very rude to men...


Stage: Baby
Name: Kuramon http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/dex-k/Kuramon.html
Attacks: Glare Eye- By using its one huge eye it can paralyze enemies.

Stage: In-Training
Name: Tsumemon http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/dex-t/Tsumemon.html
Attacks: Nail Scratch- Since it is shaped like a hand, it uses its five fingers to rip into an enemy.

Stage: Rookie
Name: Keramon http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/dex-k/Keramon.html
Attacks: Network Flapping- It uses its knowlage of networks to destroy/eat, and enter them. It is mostly used for hacking in the real world.
Crazy Giggle- An odd move where it seems to go into a sizure where it laughs and moves suddenly in odd places. By using this it can confuse its enemy.

Stage: Chamion
Name: Chrysalimon http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/dex-c/Chrysalimon.html
Attacks: Data Crusher- An improved move of Network Flapping, it can also do high scale damage to digimon. If it tries hard enough, and has a reason, it might be able to completely erase a digimon.
Unconnect Buster- If two digimon are partnered and fighting together, Chrysalimon uses this to first tear them apart, and then, using Data Crusher, destroy one, then the other.

Stage: Ultimate:
Name: Infermon http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/dex-i/Infermon.html
Attacks: Spider Shooter- It uses its long legs to launch itself toward and enemy. If it is hard enough, the impact can knock out a Digimon for a little while.
Network Grenade- Another improvement of Data Chrusher, it uses an actual object to demolish and destroy both real world networking and digimon.

Stage: Mega
Name: Diaboromon http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/dex-d/Diaboromon.html
Attacks: Cable Crusher- It is only used in the real world. Apperently, it is used to hack into computers and destroy main frames.
Web Wrecker- Both used in hacking and fighting, this move unwinds wiring and allows Diaboromon to rewire the computer to his liking. For digimon it strikes high damage, most digimon have trouble recouperating.
Inferno Missle- More commonly used for fighting, it is a missle that Diaboromon sends. It seems to have no chosen area to go to, until it strikes. The most powerful in Diaboromon's arrsenal, if used in a real world computer it insure total demolishion and destruction of that system.

July 12th, 2005, 11:09 AM
Ummm Plesiomon is taken X_O and so is Ebonwumon so the only one left is HerculesKabuterimon

July 12th, 2005, 11:11 AM
Thats been taken x_x by me.....I'm sorry you had to write all that...pick another though :3

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July 12th, 2005, 11:13 AM
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Can't we just start the roleplay? I really want to start roleplaying o.o

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Ok, all spots are either taken or saved, I never expected such a good come out ^_^, the spots are as follows:

Zhuqiaomon, God of Fire reserved for Raizor blaide
Plesiomon, Goddess of Water taken by KuraCottum
HerculesKabuterimon, God of Thunder taken by Undine Shade
Ebonwumon, God of Earth taken by Takashi
Phoenixmon, Goddess of Wind taken by ~*Strider*~
Azulongmon, God of Ice reserved for Yukito
Ophanimon, Goddess of Light taken by Kay11190
SkullSatamon, God of Darkness reserved for Trainer-Kat

The following still need to finish:
Raizor blaide

I think thats all, anyways, this RPG will start tomorrow, AFTER 11am UK time...seeing as I have an interview. Anyways, this post will either be edited or another will be posted depending on whether someone posts after me x_x So keep an eye out ^_-

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edit: k, I edited it, so when do we begin, I'm getting eager to start
edit2: oh, ok we start tommorow, I'll be here!

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Come on T_K and Yukito! We all want to start the roleplay!

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Razor (I hope its all right that I call you that) all seems fine there now ^_- Accepted.

Takashi, please stop ^_^;; It's not starting in till tomorrow anyways

Now all that remains is Dai and TK to finish their sign up's. I think Dai is doing his now, so we should be all ready by tomorrow. Anyways, I have to go soon anyways, see you all tomorrow.

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Fine X.x So the roleplay starts tomorrow. Question: Now that everyone has signed up, can you tell us how we get to the digital world or are you going make us wait til tomorrow?

P.S. Pick tomorrow because it will ruin the suspense!

July 12th, 2005, 11:53 AM
That's groovy :3 If only I knew what 11 UK time was in US time o.o well I'll be doing cross country tommorow so it better not start to early! :3 Can't wait to start! ^___^

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Geez, I don't spend 24 hours a day on PC you know guys xx
Anyways, I'm done my sign up >>

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Awesome Dai, thanks. Also I see TK has edited as well, so were all set to go tomorrow. And sorry Takashi, you will have to wait in till tomorrow XD, because I'm evil XP Sorry.

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DIGIMON! not pokemon! XDDDD

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Actually, I chose randomly, XD
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Er... isn't it past 11 UK time? by my calculations it should be 2:22 there right now, either way strider hasn't been on to say how everything starts and stuff, oh one question, can I have megidramon in my digivolution line? its one of guilmons 3 mega forms, is his corrupted one but its still one of them right?
see megidramon: http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied/digidex/Megidramon.html
note the chest symbol

July 13th, 2005, 5:58 AM
it's past 11....o_o it's 10 here. meaning it should be...3? oh well, I'll wait :3

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Striders just not on yet maybe, anyways its 10:30 where I am

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July 13th, 2005, 7:34 AM
Drake if you dont keep up, Im leaving you behind

Kimyouyou move to fast and your not carrying anything!

I am to; I have the map and the compass, now come on you wuss!

The Black haired teen growled as he followed the younger girl up the side of the mountain. He had carried the hikers pack upon his back for most of the way now and he was battling the steep slope the younger had chosen to climb up, he was practically on his hands and knees as he struggled his way up the rocky path towards their destination.

The Girl grabbed hold of a tree root that stuck its way out of the muddy ground and hoisted herself up onto flat ground. She turned her self around only to catch a snarling face pulled in her direction; she could only grin sheepishly as she held out a hand to the older to help him gain his footing long enough to hoist himself up onto the flatter ground.

With a struggle, Drake managed to grab her hand and with the help of the brown headed girl, he slid up into a sitting position next to her, gasping for air. His eyes clenched shut and he took a side long glance at the other, she was concentrating on the map in her hands, eyes squinting at the small text and symbols on the map.

****maybe we should have taken a left back on that path we came from She muttered, folding the map and grinning madly at her friend Ah well, well just set up camp here for tonight and go back tomorrow She stated, tucking the map into her pocket and getting to her feet.

You meanwere lost!? Drake yelled, dumping the pack on the ground, away from the slope and getting to his feet Kim!

I didnt say we were lost, I just said we took a wrong turning down there She stated, nodding towards the slope But you look tired, so we will rest for the night

Drake growled and made his way back away from the slope, picking up the pack on his way, the last thing he wanted was the tent collapsing down the side of the mountain as they slept. Kim on the other hand didnt seem to care; she took a whiff of the night air and skipped merrily towards the direction Drake had taken off in.

It took the pair around half an hour to set up the tent. They werent the best pair to be left to do things amongst themselves, but they got the job done in a matter of time. Finished with their work, they turned in for the night, both sleeping in separate compartments that the tent offered, Drake to the Left and Kim to the right.

Help us!

Free Us!!

Save us!!!

Kims emerald eyes flew open as the pleas became louder in her sleep. She shot up in her sleeping bag and took a wild glance around, her breathing coming out in rapid breaths. She ran a shaky hand over her face and threw the quilt off of herself What the hell was that She whispered, uncertain of what it is she had just heard on her world of dreams Fresh air, thats what I need, this tent is WAY to hot

Unzipping the tents entrance, she stepped out, being careful as not to wake Drake from his peaceful slumber, it was best that at least one of them was refreshed by the morning.

She took a look around at the claming scenery and took a shaky breath inward before releasing it and deciding to take a walk around their camp site. The cool, night air calmed her somewhat, but those cries for help she had heard, they seemed so, real and so close to her. She frowned in remembrance of the dream.

She had been stood on a cloud, high in the sky above an unknown place in clothing that was not hers and she held a strange creature in her grasp, something along the lines of a pink bird like creature and above her head flew a golden bird, tail feathers flared behind itand then the cries.

She shuddered and decided that going back to sleep would be the best option; she did not want to be exhausted in the morning. But as she made her way towards the tent, something caught her eyesomething familiar that made her gasp.

The Golden bird from her dream flew gracefully above her head, but it was more along the lines of a spiritit was transparent, but the same golden fur covered its form. Upon seeing her, it made a wild dive towards her frail form. Kim had half a mind to scream and runbut somehow, she felt it to be destiny that she met with this creature. She stood her ground, and awaited her destiny as the golden bird engulfed her in its golden form and she knew no more.

(OOC- OK, so, first post is the start of an ordinary life for you, but you hear the cries of these spirits in your head (You dont have to be asleep if you dont want to, just make sure you are alone or that everyone else is sleeping) Then you recall a dream you hadit could have just happened or it could have happened ages ago, but the Digimon from your dreams which called to you (The God/Goddess) appears before you and engulfs you in its formand there you have your first post. PM me if you are unsure of what to do and I will make sure you know ^_- Have fun!)

July 13th, 2005, 7:55 AM
"You're going to drop it Alex!" I yelled at my friend who was helping me out with a favour. We were making deliveries for the grocery store to the older people of society. Why was I bothering you asked? Well I need at least 40 hours of community service to graduate, and I hadn't even made 1 hour during last year, so I thought I'd make up for that on the summer break. I felt bad for dragging Alex out though, as he had summer school all week. Then again, it was his fault for failing Geography.

"Well, how many boxes of graceries have the word 'fragile' on it?" Alex replied as we left the last stop on the route for the day. "Anyways, I'm going home, I'm tired as hell."

"See ya," I replied, concealing a laugh as he walked away. Don't ask why, it's just something you wouldn't understand. "Well, I suppose I should go home as well." I said to myself as I began to walk home.

Some time later, I arrived outside my apartment door.

Help us!

Free Us!!

Save us!!!

"Am I hearing things again?" I questioned myself as I impatiently looked around for the source of the noise. When I decided there was nothing, I walked into my apartment and crashed on the couch. It seemed nobody else was home yet.

I turned on the television, and found a dragon of sorts... staring at me from behind the screen? I flipped the channel, same thing! I flipped a few more, it was still there! I looked there, but not there at the same time, like a spirit, and it was blue in colour, a chain surrounding its body. I didn't get to witness much more before it flew out of the screen at me, and I blacked out.

July 13th, 2005, 8:19 AM
(OOC: Yay! Finally!)

A black haired boy wearing a dark forest green t-shirt and blue baggy pants walked around some flowers, pouring water on them from a hose, he was 14 and had just started highschool. Knowing that he was the best student in all his classes and the only one who liked to water plants and flowers in his mom's garden, Kamalin was a smart and caring young man. Everyone that was in Kamalin's classes thought he was weird since he didn't like to do normal teenager stuff like skateboarding, only his two best friends Rick and Tyler unstood what went through Kamalin's mind. School had went by fast and it was now over, Kamalin would still study during the summer though.

"Kamalin me and your father are going out and were taking the twins with us, we should be back by tomorrow morning. Don't stay up too late! Bye!" His mom yelled at him from inside the house. Kamalin went inside to say good-bye but his parents and sisters were already gone

I have the whole house to myself! He thought as he went back outside. It was true that he was semi-rich and that his backyard was huge but Kamalin didn't mind, then he heard it.....

'Help us'

'Free us'

'Save us'

"wow" Kamalin muttered to himself "I think I need some more sleep". Then he saw it, a big,fat tree that he had never seen before but what scared him was what the tree was on. A Turtle shell with two golden dragon heads sticking out, four huge golden legs and a tail made of wood, it stared at him with its red eyes. Then it happened, it charged at him, it was transparent like a ghost so it went right through all the pots and flowers. But when it hit Kamalin it felt real, Kamalin was thrown backwards, he was knocked out laying on the grass.

Raizor Blaid
July 13th, 2005, 8:21 AM
IC: "of course the bus would have to be gone" said Tek as he gotout of school "well walking home wont do any harm. I wanted to stop off at gigaplex anyways" Tek started on his way home and saw a shortcut through a few buildings "that was never there before...?" Tek was confused but didn't hesitate to get home faster. when he entered the first building the electronic doors closed behind him but there was no one in the building

"maybe this place is closed... well it should be" Tek started running now and found the exit to the first building, before exiteing he saw an alleyway outside the door but when he went through he was at the entrance of the same building "what?! heh, maybe its a duplex or something. Yeah why else would there be two identicle buildings right next to each other" tek ran even faster now and feel before going through the familiar door.

"Help us!

"Free Us!"

"Save Us!"

"what? who? save who?" Tek was confused as he looked around to see who said the mysterious words but like he saw before there was nothing.
"maybe I shouldn't have eaten cafeteria food" Tek went through the door he fell in front of and now noticed he was in an alleyway "see I knew it was a duplex" Tek tried to run home but before he even left the alley a giant dragon like bird flew out behind the wall and it seemed kinda, not completely there "ok a huge red spirit like bird, you dont see that everyday!" said Tek sarcasticly as it began flying towards him, just then it was had dissappeared, it seemd to dissapear into him or engulf him or somehting either way he has out cold and not getting up for a while

July 13th, 2005, 8:56 AM
OOC: Yay! It starts :3

The ocean breeze blew apon Tasuri's hair as she took out her easle and watercolors and sat on the sand. Her twin siblings were armed with thier pails and shovels; ready to turn the sand into any shape they pleased. Today was strictly going to be Tasuri Day, a day where she would do everything she wanted, and at this moment she wanted most of all to paint the beach.

She got as close as possible to the waves of the ocean as she could permit-she still had to keep an eye on the twins. Humming to herself, she began to mix the watercolors together and started to paint. She then closed her eyes to embrace the ocean atmosphere. As if the waves themself had grown louder, they seemed to be talking to her...


Startled, she opened her eyes and the waves became again their usual roar.

"Well, that was really strang-" With a huge roar, a great wave toppled over her. Her clothes, paints, spirit, and painting, were all drenched. Irritated, she shook off some of the water from her clothes and hair and gathered up wat was left of her art. When she looked back at the wet picture, the colours had mixed and ran to make a rather strange picture.

A monster. A rather calming sea monster that she had recalled in her dreams once. What if this was some kind of sign? Handling the wet paper gentley, she called out to her siblings that it was time to go.

"Awwww, common sis I didn't get to finish my sand animal!"
"Just alittle longer, nanitozo?"

Tasuri sighed, "Iya. Maybe later. I'm soaked if you haven't noticed...anyway, what were you to building?"

"Oh, umi-kaibutsu! A sea monster! It was all grrrr and the little sand people were like ahhh..."

This made her quickly turn around tward their sea monster, just as a rather mean looking wave came up and pummled it into an abnormal looked sand lump.

"Taz! I left my pail by the ocean! We'll go get it." One of them said slyly, but she could see past that.

"Pfft. You two arn't going anywere back into the sand. I'll go get it." She began to run tward sea to get the abandoned pail. A dark shadow then appeared over her head. She looked up and saw a massive creature consealed in water seem about to swallow her. With a mighty wave's splash, she was gone.

(it wasn't a dream but a series of events....Hope this is a good start ^__^)

Edit for not being engulfed XD

Trainer Kat
July 13th, 2005, 9:03 AM
"What are you claiming your name is again? Mega what?" The blond surfer teased. A year younger than Margarete, he felt it was his business to annoy her.

"It's Malkovich," the redheaded girl said, sighing. "And, Derek, I'm not claiming my name is anything. That was what they called me in the Rats."

The boy laughed. "You're a real rat, alright," he said. With a spiky blond haircut, sandals, khaki shorts, an American Eagle shirt, and an annoying personality, he was everything Margarete hated.

"If you're going to be here while I'm packing my stuff, don't talk to me," Margarete shot at him. She had on a black outfit, chunky-soled black sandals, and a hooded cape lined with red satin. Her roommate had stayed away from her the whole year. It was no wonder, seeing as how Margarete had treated her with enmity.

"Hold this," she said, pushing some books into Derek's arms. The boy grumbled before taking them from her. "Take this out to the car," she said, shoving more in his arms. "I want to look around the dorm to make sure I got everything out."

Derek cursed under his breath and walked out the door. Margarete scanned the dorm. Nothing was left but some of her worthless roommate's things.

Help us!

Free Us!!

Save us!!!

Margarete dropped to the ground, clutching her head. "Wh-What is this?!" she yelled. She looked up and gasped. A large black ghost stared at her through the dorm window. It had red ribs, black wings, and a black skull on its head.

It...it's the ghost from my dream! Margarete thought. The ghost appeared directly in front of her. It opened its mouth as if letting out a bloodcurdling scream, then enveloped her. She tried to scream, but blacked out before she uttered a sound.

July 13th, 2005, 10:56 AM
OOC: What do we do next? I mean everyone but Shade posted.....

July 13th, 2005, 11:00 AM
OOC: You wait o.o I wanna start 2 but I can tell this will be a patience RP since we all can't be on at the same time and no one wants to be left behind. Ok, me stop spammin :3

July 13th, 2005, 11:28 AM
After his summer school class Kail started to make his way to the arcade as usual. He knew people though he was kinda wierd considering he was the only one to even volunteer for such a thing. As he headed down te road he saw a familiar face of someone from the arcade. It was the same kid who always challenged him to any racing game he had the chance to play, even though he would always loose.

"Well if it isn't the racing master himself, thought I wouldn't be here today didn't you." said the boy sucking on a lolypop. "Well are you ready to finally loose a game today,huh."

"You do know everytime I go to the arcade you say this and everytime the same thing ends up happening. You wind up loosing leavingthe arcade and then pretending you don't even know who I am the next day." Kail said walking into the arcade with the kid still following him. The arcade was completely empty except for them and the owner who was asleep at the counter. "Anyway which racing game do you want to challenge me to today?

"Well we've played every game in here five time exeptfor Hydro thunder so why not play that."The kid said taking his seat. he upt in his tokens picked his car and waited for Kail to do the same.

Kail sat down in the saet next to him and picked the boat that he would never in million years hopefully giving the kid an advantage. "So before we start can you at least tell me your name. You havm't told me for the month I've known you.

"Well I'll tell you my name whenever I beat you in this game without you giving up. a few seconds later the race began with the kid out in front. Kail gave him a bit af a head start before he even began to move. after the fisrt lap around the course Kail had already caught up and started to pull ahead. dispite the other kids best efforts he lost again.

"Why can't you ever let me win. Havn't you realized the reson I avoid you everywhere else. It's not because I don't like you it's because your a jerk when it comes to games." The kid stormed out of the arcade leaving kail alone with the owner. That's when he heard an odd voice around him saying..

Help us!

Free Us!!

Save us!!!

Confused Kail decided to go home and got out of the seat. when he looked behind him he almost fell over. Some sort of spirit was standing there staring at him. It looked like an angel with golden wing and a golden staff. It flew into him engulfing him. Until everything around him turned into nothingness.

Raizor Blaid
July 13th, 2005, 12:03 PM
OOC: yeah unless we get a story that will go a while we cant do much withhout strider saying whats gonna happen next, thats the downside to nearly perfectly organized RolePlays... meh I can wait, and I should stop spamming to, the last person to make a starting post is here anyways

July 13th, 2005, 12:05 PM

Help us!


Save us!!

You gonna get up?!

Free us!!!

Kim shot up, eyes wide with fear and chest heaving with short gasps. Upon coming into contact with a pink bird like creature, Kim let out a glass shattering yell which echoed throughout her surroundings, this caused the Pink ball floating in front of her to let a yelp of its own to escape it and also to jump back a few spaces in fear.

Kim staggered to her feat, stumbling over herself to get a distance between her and the weird creature in front of her. Her eyes were wide in bewilderment and her mouth agape at what she saw floating in front of her at this exact moment. She had never seen anything like it. It was along the lines of a pink fluff ball, but with the characteristics of a birdit was down right creepy.

Whowhat are you!? Kim asked breathlessly, clutching at her chest.

Im Poromon! Youre Digimon! It stated rather breathlessly itself Youre an Elemental Saviour! You have to save them, you, you, you! Dont you remember anything?! The creature was jumping up and down now; fear had quickly changed into excitement upon seeing its trainer.

Youre a what? Im a what? She asked, there were so many questions she wished to ask this creature, but the small over hyperactive ball of fluff seemed as if it wasnt up for much discussiononly action, somewhat like her. Where am I? She glanced around her; she was on the outskirts of a lush forest, green grass, over flowing flowers and tall trees.

Im a D-I-G-I-M-O-N it stated, stopping its bouncing to answer the question And youre and Elemental Saviour, you have to save the Elemental masters! Oh and this is the Digital world, you must have seen me in your dreams, because I saw you! It stated joyfully, beginning its bouncing once again.

Now that Kim thought back on it, she did remember seeing this creature in her dream, she had been holding it as a bird flew over head, crying out a loud to be saved. You mean, that Golden Bird, that who I have to save?

Yup, yup, yup! That was Phoenixmon, shes the Goddess of Wind, thats your crest! You see, the elemental masters made the Digital world, with Fire, Ice, Wind and all the other elements, but now that they are captured, there have been unnatural disasters like earthquakes and tornadoes. The Digimon have turned against each other because they are confusedwe need to rescue the Elemental masters to restore peace! It bounced forward, causing Kim to flinch as it bounced up and his something at her belt. It was then Kim noticed that she had taken on a whole new appearance and that a small mechanical device was clipped to the cloth like belt. She gasped WhaWhat happened to me?

She took the Device from its place at her belt and gave it a once over. It was a mixture of Light and Dark Green, and there embedded in a transparent corner of the device was a symbol of a wisp of windher crest.

That crest was made for you, especially. The ball stated It symbolizes one full of energyLike me and you! You have been chosen by the Wind Goddess herself, to save her from an evil unknown to anyoneall us Digimon know is that is lies in the Digital Worlds core, where no Human or Digimon has ever set foot before. So has soon as the other get here-

Others? There are going to be more?

Of course, silly! You really think that you and I could take on something that captured the Elemental Masters?! Get real!#

This creature was getting pretty annoying, it was to full of energysomewhat like herwas she really this annoying?

They should be here ANY second now!

(OOC- Please Takashi, do not post unnecessary comments in the RPG. It will move on when it moves on, if you are impatient then you will only find yourself getting frustrated with this RPG because it will be a slow moving one, I have always been in slow moving RPG and we have to give everyone a chance to catch up.

Anyways, next post is you arriving in the Digital world and meeting your Digimon Partner. It will tell you everything you need to know: (include the following)

Where you are (You are an Elemental Saviour. Called to save the Elemental Masters)
Who they are (Digimon, your partners)
Why you are there (To save the Elemental Masters. You were called by your chosen God)
Your crest (Embedded in a transparent section on your Digivice. It symbolizes your personality and youre Digimons)
What the Elemental Masters are (They made the Digital world with their elements, and now that they are captured, the Digital world is confused and Digimon are turning against each other)
Where you must go (The Core of the Digital world)

Ok, on we go! ^_^)

愛Forgotten Angel愛
July 13th, 2005, 12:17 PM
OOC: Oh man, I'm sorry I didn't post sooner, but...I have been having problems with my family.

IC: Selini gasped as she surfaced from the water. Her green hair covered her face. She shoved it back and dove into the water again. She could hardly believe it. She was swimming! After 10 years she was actually swimming! Once again, she surfaced.

"Ahh!" she squealed as she took a breath of the mountain air. "Lake air so nice!" she exclaimed. She gently swam back to the bank and got out. Her body looked like it had a coat of slime from the way it shown, but it was just the water that clung to her body.

"Too bad...no one here to share moment with Selini..." she murmured. Then she smiled. "But Selini likes it so much better when she is alone!"

She picked up her towel on the way into her cabin. She dried off to her best ability. She laid down on her sleeping bag, and she was almost aslepp, but then she heard something.

"Help us!"

"Free us!!"

"Save us!!!"

The words echoed in her mind as she flung upward. She glanced around with accusing eyes. She slowly cracked her knuckles.

"Who there? Huh?" she yelped as she saw a turtle-like tree monster. It had two heads. It slowly crawled toward her. "Urk...um...stay...a-" she never got to finish. The thing crawled faster, and, before she knew it, she blacked out.

July 13th, 2005, 12:42 PM
"What happened?" Was the first thing that came to mind when I awoke. My mind was all blurry... Wait! "The dragon!" I yelled as I shot up into a sitting position, to find a pink blob with a flower on it's head laughing at me. Wait... A laughing pink blob with a flower on it's head...?

After it calmed down, it noticed the shocked look on my face, and decided to speak. "Sorry, it's just when you shot up yelling 'the dragon'... it was just funny!"

"What... are you? are you an alien!" I said, my voice raised, as I glanced over the "thing". It had big green eyes, and quite a few little "legs" on its underside. It also had a flower shooting out of it's head with purple petals, and was obviously female by her voice.

"An alien? What's an alien?" The "thing" replied as it waited for an answer. I was to speechless to give one, so it continued on, with a smile on it's face. "I'm Yokomon, a Digimon, and your partner."

A Digi-whozit? Just what on earth was going on? "Wait... my partner?"

"Yup, you're an Elemental Saviour, and you've been called here by the Elemental Masters to save them!" Yokomon replied. She was quite childish, then again, I was sometimes too. "I'm guessing you saw it right? The dragon! That's what brought you here!"

"Why do we need to save them?" I asked Yokomon, now curious towards the situation, and she didn't seem like she was going to hurt me.

"The Elemental Masters created where you are now, the Digital World, where other Digimon like me roam. But recently, they were captured, and the other Digimon have begun to turn on each other. Now we have to go to the core of the world with the others, and save them!"

Others? There were more? That's when I noticed a blue and white device sitting in front of me, a snowflake embedded in a transparent section of it, between Yokomon and I. She noticed I was looking at it. "That's your crest! It represents us!" She exclaimed and leapt on to my lap, and looked up at me.

So far, this is what I had gotten. I was transported here, the Digital World, by that dragon, that is actually an Elemental Master, who has disappeared. I, along with Yokomon, and some "others" had to save these Elemental Masters. Meh, I'd probably understand it fully later.

I finally stood up, and noticed I was in a forest of sorts, a field visable in the distance. "Lets go have a look over there, okay Yokomon?"

"Okay!" she replied as she jumped on my shoulder, and we began walking towards the field.

Raizor Blaid
July 13th, 2005, 1:19 PM
OOC: to clarify, I putting waht my digimon says in arrows and what Tel says in normal "s just so its easier to tell
IC: <Wake Up! C'mon are you gonna get up?> Tek opened his eyes and saw that there as a little red dragon nudging him <Oh your awake, I thought I was gonna have to bite you> said the creature smiling "woah hold up! I was just in an.. wait I remember, mostly. I was in this weird alley then the huge dragon bird flew at me!" Said Tek quickly getting up before remembering he was talking to a circular red dragon "wait what are you? where am I? why am I here? and how do I get back? give me an explanation now!" tek was showing his so-called leadership <You're demanding aren't you? well as far as I know you were brought here by the elemental gaurdians to come and help save them. You are in the digital world a world inhabited with digimon like me! and I happen to be Gigimon your partner!"

Tek was getting confused but summing it up in his head "so I-" <I'm not done, the Elemental masters are who control the elements in the unstable digital world, without them its falling apart, volcanoes are errupting three times a day, the only thing keeping them stable are the huge Tidal waves!>
"woah so can I at least run down what you've said so far?
I'm Tek a human boy who was sent here by the elemental masters to save the elemental masters.
Here exactly is the digital world which is filled with Di-gi-mon like you and you are called gigimon who will help me?
And finally the Elemental masters are what keeps this place alive and doomsday free" Tek caught his breath and took a second to take all that in, when he leaned over he noticed his clothes had changed and he had a little gizmo in his pocket

<almost, that thing there is a digivice which will help you as you and everyone else travel to the digital worlds core and rescue the elemental masters> "woah wait other? there are other people? humans?" <yes ok! now lets get going we can find the rest of them and save the digital wolrd from blowing up in our face> "suuure" Said tek with a hint of sarcasm in his voice he still didn't totally beleive it but we was willing to help his imaginary friends

July 13th, 2005, 1:30 PM
OOC: Sorry u.u

"That was weird, I really need to get more sleep!" Kamalin muttered, he opened his eyes and looked around. On his lap was a blue and white little creature, "AHHHH!" Kamalin screamed, the creature must've gotten frightened because as soon as Kamalin screamed it ran off his lap and then turned around and looked at him with big red eyes.

"Who-- What are you!" Kamalin screamed at the creature

"I'm Demiveemon, and I'm a digimon! I'm your digimon!" Demiveemon said running up to Kamalin

"Digimon? Whats that and where am I?" Kamalin asked as he picked up Demiveemon

"A Digimon is short for Digital Monster and your in the Digital world!"

"Why am I here and how are you my digimon?" Kamalin said, Demiveemon sighed then took in a huge bunch of air.

"Your here because you must help the others to save the gods and goddesses of the digital world, without the gods and goddesses the digital world's weather is going haywire! The gods and goddess each have a an element and a crest, the crest was a sybol of their element. A tree/grass, fireball, etc. All eight gods were captured by an evil force---"

"Wait! What do you mean by others?"

"Wait until I'm done!"

"Geez for a smart one you act like... me?!!?!?"

"Duh we act same so thats why were partners"

"Oh ok well continue"

"Ok so all eight were captured by an evil force and the elemental saviours, meaning you and the others, must save the element masters. But along the way you must face strong digimon, thats why you need me. I will digivole which means I will turn into some new digimon but with the help of your digivice and crest, the crest is the same thing as the crest of the god"

"Digivice? How do I get---" Kamalin was about to finish when he felt something on his belt, he took it off and held it up to his face. It was light brown and dark brown with a picture of a some grass and a tree, he put it back on his belt.

"Where can we find some food?"

"Right on this tree" Demiveemon running over to a tree

"Good thing I had my backpack on when that turtle/dragon hit me" Kamalin said as he opened his backpack and stuffed awhole bunch of fruit in it.

"Can I have some?" Deviveemon said as Kamalin and Deviveemon walked into the forest

"Only one and you still need to answer some of my questions" Kamalin grabbed a fruit out of his backpack and gave it to demiveemon

"Ok ask away" Demiveemon jumped up into Kamalin's arms, he took a bite out of the fruit.

"Where are we going?"

"To meet the others"

"I mean once we meet the others?"

"The core of the digital world"

"I see" Kamalin replied as he walked through the forest.

OOC: I don't know what my crest looks like so I put that for now and Undine_Shade thats my god not yours

July 13th, 2005, 1:33 PM
Tasuri regained conciousness on a foriegn looking beach right by some wierd jungle. She gathered up all her thoughts; pail, wave, blackout- what if shed floated to some different country! Hopefully it was Australia because she loved Au-

"Yay! You're awake! I've been waiting and waiting! How people things are so wierd." A chocolate colored blob seemed to be talking to her. Her first instinct was to panic, but she knew that wouldn't do any good. She had to be calm; the thing looked hamless enough anyway.

"Who are you? What are you?" She questioned, regaining her footing and stepping a foot backward.

"Well, my name is Chocomon! And I'm a Digimon! Wait I know what you're going to probably ask. Where are you? Well this is the Digital World! You and I and others are going save it." It nodded, as if it had known exactly what it was going to say.

This was very wierd...maybe her brain imploded or this is what mentally ill people did in thier subconcious. Oh well, she'll go along with it. "What do you mean save it?" she questioned again.

"You're an Elemental Saviour, silly! That's what you do! The Elemental Masters-yes that's right, the one you probably saw- has been captured and now everything is so confuzing and this is that and blah blah blah. So we're going to free them, that we are! At the Core of the Digital World!" It, well, Chocomon seemed rather high spirited, so why shouldn't she?

"Oh! Well that's really neat! Not quite what I'm used to, but it's always great to do something different." Just then she noticed a dark and light blue coloured device sitting by her. It had a little raindrop imprinted on the side.

"Isn't it neat? It's a tranquil symbol, don't you think? And it stands for you and me only!" Chocomon was so cute looking right now she just had to pick it up.

"Ok then! You said there were others. Some we should start looking for them, shouldn't we?" She said, in a rather jaunty mood.

"We should! I thought I say something over in the jungle! Lets head over there." And so, girl and Digimon went into the forest.

Trainer Kat
July 13th, 2005, 1:38 PM
Margarete rubbed her head. She had a massive headache. Where's the Tylenol when you need it? she thought. Her eyes fluttered open. A little blob of smoke floated around.

"What the?" Margarete said. She stood up and attempted to wave her hand through it.

"Oof!" the blob uttered. Margarete responded with a shriek. "What's the big deal, hitting someone from behind?" it said, floating up and facing her.

Margarete's eyes widened. "What...are you?" she uttered. The smoke sighed.

"I'm Mokumon. I'm your Digimon," it said.

"Are you...a girl or a boy?" Margarete asked. The smoke uttered another sigh.

"I'm a male," he said. "And you're..."

"Wait!" Margarete yelled, cutting the small creature off. It looked annoyed with her. "What the heck are you? A Digdig what?" she asked.

"A DIGIMON," he yelled at her. "A Digital Monster! This is the Digital World, not the world you knew. Now, as for why you're here. You are one of the Elemental Saviours. Your job is to save the Elemental Masters. The whole Digital World has been in discord since the Masters were captured. All the elements have been out of whack! They control the elements, you see, and without them, the world falls apart! Now, we're going to the core of the Digital World. But before that, we must find the others."

Margarete looked at him strangely. "This sounds like a video game," she said.

Mokumon gave her a glare. "This is serious. We're both in this together. Oh, and one more thing," he said, plucking a Digivice off her belt. "This will help me Digivolve." He got a strange look from Margarete, and he sighed. "Transform, if you will. This is called a Digivice, and it's unique to you. See this? This is your crest." He pointed to a moon in the corner of the odd device.

Margarete nodded. Others? she thought. She still didn't like the sound of there being others. The rest, she understood. "Now what?" she asked.

"Now," Mokumon said. "We wait."

愛Forgotten Angel愛
July 13th, 2005, 4:59 PM
OOC: Okay, I have to stop RPing. I'm sorry. I just won't be able to keep up because I hardly get any time on the computer any more.

July 13th, 2005, 6:37 PM
OOC: Takashi, you really shouldn't jump ahead until Strider gives the okay, okay? ^^;;

July 14th, 2005, 12:05 AM
(OOC- Takashi, you havent learnt how to use your crest yet vv; Its a slow moving RPG whether you like it or not, Im sorry but thats how I work and always haveYour Digimon cant simply Digivolve like that, not yet anyway, the Crests have more power over the Digivolution of your Digimon in my RPG than they did in the first series of Digimon

Undine: Im sorry to hear that, but the RPG will not be going that fast if you still with to join. But Im sorry to hear that you cannot keep up.

Well we dont need all of the Gods to have saviours, because I wasnt expecting so many to join anyway, so the RPG will still run smoothly)

Kim watched the small bird like creature carefully, she didnt fully trust it having only just met it, but it didnt seem much of a threat to her, and it had stated that she was her trainer, so that meant she kind of owned it. She shifted uncomfortably on the ground and drew her knees up to her chest, laying her chin on the peek of them.

So where are the others? She asked, scanning the area slightly for any sign of more humansor danger.

They will come soon, hopefully Poromon answered uncertainly.

Kim arched an eye brow You dont sound very sure

Well there is a possibility they could be dead now She stated casually.

Kims eyes widened to the size of dinner plates Dead?!

Poromon nodded awkwardly, having no neck could prove quite a challenge to the little ball of fuzz There are Digimon out there who would kill on first sight. Some we fear are even working for the one who captured the elemental masters

Kims head tilted to the side in question But-

She was cut short upon seeing a silhouette of someone approaching from with in the forest. Kim got to her feet excitedly and waved her hands about in the air Hey! She yelled Over hear!

Kim! That could be anyone; that could be another Digimon for all we know, they take on the shapes of humans as well! Poromon warned, glaring angrily at the girl that stood feet above her Just be careful!

Kim snorted I like to live on the edge, Poromon. And if youre anything like me you would have been running half way towards it by now anyways, now lets go! With that, Kim stooped down low and hoisted the ball up into her arms before making a dash towards the figure that was slowly emerging from the forest.

July 14th, 2005, 5:30 AM
"Hm?" I said to myself as I emerged from the forest, and heard someone calling at me. I looked towards the source of the racket, and saw another human, finally! I couldn't see that clearly from here, but it seemed she had a pink ball- er, Digimon, as well. I glanced over to Yokomon, who was sitting on my right shoulder, and asked "Is that one of the others you mentioned?"

"Mmhmm," she said as she nodded? It was hard to tell. "Thats one of them all right! Yup!"

"Okay, lets go have a closer look." I said in reply as I approached the girl at a regular walking pace. When I arrived, I simply asked "Sup?" 'cause I didn't know what to say at this point.

July 14th, 2005, 5:56 AM
"Chocomon, did you hear that?"Tasuri said happily. Somewhere in this jungle, someone was calling out to someone else, which mean there were probably at least other two people here

"Hear what?" Chocomon questioned, she guessed he was probably deep in though about something.

"Over there! I thought I heard voices...." They both headed in the direction of the voice cautiously; it could have been another Digimon. When they were close enough to see two distinct figures, Chocomon bounced happily.

"Yay! Those are other Saviours! Let's go meet them."

Tasumi had done many introductions before, so she didn't find doing this one uneasy.

"Um, hi! It seems you're stuck in the Digital World too, uh?" She said happily. It was great that she'd met some people already.

Raizor Blaid
July 14th, 2005, 6:23 AM
Tek falled his partner untill they saw a few poyomon "are those things dangerous at all?" Tek said standing his ground as he watched the blobs run around and play <no way! there just a group of poyomon, probably just hatched too. hey did you hear that?> Gigimons ears twitched as he heard someone yell "yeah I did and by the sound of it its more than one person, are you sure its completely safe?" Tek got out the digivice trying to figure out how it worked <I haven't a clue. but I doubt theres anything in this part of the forest life threatening> Said gigimon running toward the voice he heard. minutes later they managed to get there, out of breath "Hi... person!" Said tek catching his breath and finally puting the digivice in his pocket

July 14th, 2005, 7:26 AM
(OOC: I could delete my post and I didn't know that the digimon needed the crest to digivole to rookie)

"Demiveemon did you hear that?" Kamalin said as he ran towards the voices

"Wha? Oh ya I heard the voices, run faster!" Demiveemon replied, Kamalin ran faster he jumped through some trees and finally got out of the forest. Demiveemon was the first to see the others "Hey over there!" He said pointing to the others. Kamalin ran over to them

"Hey!" He said as he reached them.

Trainer Kat
July 14th, 2005, 2:01 PM
OOC: My Digimon is in its Baby form-does it need its crest to digivolve to In-Training?

IC: Margarete swatted at the smokey creature. He turned and glared at her.

"Watch it!" He snarled.

"Sorry," Margarete mumbled. "Hey, what's that? Listen, I hear voices," she said, pointing with one hand and cupping her ear with the other.

Mokomon looked excited. "It must be the others!" he exclaimed. "Come on." He grabbed her hand with his two tiny ones.

"Oh great. The others," she mumbled, going not so willingly. Mokomon struggled to pull her.

"You know what?" he said, frusterated. He blew smoke in her face. She started to cough.

"What was that for?" she asked, a cloud of smoke around her. She couldn't see, and was coughing up a storm. Mokomon got behind her and pushed her towards the group. Margarete stumbled into the clearing, still coughing. She opened her eyes.

"Oh...uh...hello..." she said sheepishly. She figured she'd have to spend a while with them, so why not at least try to get along?

July 14th, 2005, 2:09 PM
OOC: We're supposedly supposed to be starting with them in In-Training Kat. ^^;;

July 14th, 2005, 5:21 PM
"Wow I feel like I was hit with a truck" Kail said getting and brushing off his pants. "Hey these arn't my clothes Kail said now starting to get a little freaked out. Behind him Kail could hear something moving in the bushes unsure of what it was he started to back up slowly. The creature jump from the bushes and stoped right in front of Kail. Puzzled he stared at the little creature that somewhat resembled a marshmellow. "What is this thing" He said starting to poke at it.

"Hiya, I thought you were never going to wake up at all." The creature said jumping into Kail's arms. "Anyway I'm you digimon and your my trainer you here to save the digital world."

"I'm where and your a what." Kail said sitting down stairing at the thing in his lap. "Wait a second how in the world can you talk, your just some sort of animal."

"I'm no animal I'm a digimon short fo digital monster, and your an Elemental Saviour. You see The Elemental Masters who created this world were captured and without them the weather and digimon have gone crazy. That's why your here an Elemental Master chose you to be one of the people to save them."

"So you mean there are other kids who have been transported here too." Kail said amazed to hear that he wasn't the only one who was transported here. "So do you know where the others are?"

"Well I thought I heard some voices a little while ago but that might have been other digimon fighting each other. It's gotten worse everyday but that's why you have your digivice so I can become stronger and help you fight off evil digimon.

Kail looked down on his belt and found a yellow and white divice. In the corner he noticed a symbol of the sun embeded into it. "Wow this thing is pretty kool, can't wait to figure out how to use it. So where did you hear those voices again?"

"I heard them in that directoin over there. If we run we miht be able to catch them if they are the other Saviours. And by the way my name is Tokomon"

"So Tokomon let's hurry"Kail said getting up and running with Tokomon on his head. "So after we meet the others where are we heading anyway because I want to make sure I'm prepared for anything."

"Well we are headed to the core of the digital world. That's where the Elemental Mastes are being held." Tokomon said as they dissapeared into the forest toward the others.

July 14th, 2005, 6:20 PM
OOC: I wont be on until sunday cause i'm going to my cottage also anyone can play my character or I can post one huge post once I come back

Trainer Kat
July 15th, 2005, 4:25 AM
OOC: Oops, I didn't know that...^^;; Thanks, Yukito. I'll go back and change that.

July 15th, 2005, 5:14 AM
When it seemed like there was only the one she had called out to, many more figures appeared from all direction as round her, all carrying similar beings to the one that she had cradled in her own arms. Kim couldnt help the wide smile that spread on her face at the scene. There she stood, in the middle of a circle of others just like her. They were Saviours who would make a difference to the world they dwelled in now.

H-Hey! She yelled excitedly as she looked at them all in turn. They were a colourful bunch, all similar yet the same as they stood there holding their Digimon partners. She looked down at her own and smiled Looks like were getting somewhere, Poromon She grinned that sheepish grin of hers and stepped forward So, are we all here or are there more? She asked, looking around her to see if any more of the Saviours could be seen running from afar.

Well wait a bit Poromon squeaked from her arms There may be more; we need all the help we can get so lets just wait and get to know each other!

Kim nodded Im Kim! She announced to the circle of people that had gathered around her I think my crest is the Crest of Wind? She looked down at Poromon for guidance, earning herself one of those awkward nods. Yeah, I was just camping out with my friend one night and I suddenly ended up hereI was called by PhoenixmonDrake! She looked down upon Poromon once again What about my friend? Hes out in the woods all on his own!

You will be back there in no time Poromon announced You see, a day here is only a few minutes in your world. So Drake will only be on his own for the night if we hurry

Kim sighed in relief Thats a reliefweird, but a relief. Drake wouldnt know how to get out of the tent, never mind the forest She chuckled nervously and looked up at the rest of the crowd that had gathered So, who are all of you? she asked curiously

(OOC- No worries Takashi, I wont be able to post much tomorrow because I have work from 10-7 so you wont be left behind ^_^)

July 15th, 2005, 6:23 AM
"Gah, so many people!" I exclaimed as I sat on the ground, my legs crossed. "I'm David," I replied to Kim as I waited for the others. "And this is Yokomon." I continued, pointing to the pink ball on my shoulder.

"Pleased to meetcha!" Yokomon said happily, as she jumped onto my lap. Luckily, she wasn't exactly heavy, so it didn't hurt. "David's crest is the crest of Ice!"

"A day here is a few minutes in our world huh?" I questioned myself. "I wasn't doing anything important anyways..." For some reason, however, I didn't feel safe sitting in the open like this, oh well.

July 17th, 2005, 12:24 AM
Kim looked at the boy who had addressed her and gave a wide smile Hey Dai! You dont min if I call you Dai right? Good! She set Poromon down on the ground and sat down with her legs crossed, leaning back so that she could gaze up at him Sooo, crest of ice eh? Who are you here to save? You have had a dream about that right?

Kim was so curious, she wanted to know all she could about her companions and this world, it was going to be an adventure that she would keep close to her heart for the rest of her life, knowing that she had done something remarkable, something that perhaps no other being would ever accomplish.

She looked down at Poromon who was looking at her with a raised eyebrow and grinned I was just thinking She announced to the small ball of fluff I do that all the time, so you better get use to ityoull know when Im thinking because I juts zone out She smiled as Poromon became a little easier and sighed a happy sigh.

Wow, I cant believe this, the Digital world! I never thought anything like this would ever happen to me, its so weird. She ran a hand through her chocolate locks and once again got to her feet. She had so much energy pent up inside of her that she just couldnt keep still. She was eager to get started and learn the secrets of this new world.

Hmm, is it all right if we go now? She asked as she stooped down to pick up Poromon once again. The ball nodded that awkward nod of hers and squeaked I think so. Its best we keep out of the open though, its not safe with all these Digimon running wild She announced taking a swift look around Perhaps the forest is out best bet

Kim nodded OK, lets GO! With that, she took off towards the forest in a brisk run.

July 17th, 2005, 5:15 AM
"... Why am I being called Dai now?" I asked, half surprised by the statement. "Anyways, the Master I'm supposedly saving is Azulongmon. I didn't have a dream, more of an illusion... I think." I replied to all her questions as I stood up on my two feet once more, Yokomon regaining her position on my shoulder, and noddded, confirming what I had just said, before rubbing against my face.

"What are you doing?" I asked, trying not to laugh. It tickled!

"I'm showing affection! I like you!" Yokomon replied as she came to a hault. Anyways...

"The forest huh? It seemed pretty safe when I was in here earlier." I replied as I followed, just not at such a fast pace.

July 17th, 2005, 2:15 PM
"I'm Kamalin and I was chosen by ebonwumon I think..." Kamalin said, he looked down at Demiveemon who nodded at him "Anyways my crest is a patch of grass and a tree on the grass" Kamalin looked at the others.

The girl named Kim was talking then she started running, Kamalin followed her Demiveemon still in his arms. "So I guess were going to need to get more food because I only have a bag full of fruit" "plus Demiveemon ate most of the fruit" when Kamalin said this the digimon pouted

"Digimon need to eat too you know!" He shouted.

OOC: I'm back and I'm called Outlaw now!

July 18th, 2005, 6:47 AM
Kail hurried through the forest seeing that eeryone else had started to leave. When he finally caught up he tried to keep up without loosing his breathe which usually happens quickly after he starts running. "Hi everyone I'm Kail and this is my digiimon partner Tokomon" Kail said making a jesture toward his head.

"Nice to meet you everyone" Tokomon said while smiling at everyone. "Kail he is the Elemental Saviour of light chosen by Ophanimon. His crest is the Sun which symbolizes a pureness with happiness and reliabilty."

"You know I can speak for myself" Kail said shooting a glare at Tokomon. "Anyway I'm glas to meet all of you and to know we have help fighting whatever took the Elemental Masters."

July 18th, 2005, 8:16 AM
OOC: >_< sorry! I was busy...

Tasuri hadn't said much untill she was back into her own thoughts. She woke for her daydream when she heard Chocomon say,

"Taz! Everyone's leaving! We need to catchup..."

And they were!

"Ah! Wait! We all haven't even meet eachother properly..." She wasn't sure if she was heard, which she never really was because usually she kept to herself. Oh well, they didn't really need an introduction now, the objective was to save this new world. Thinking she would meet them all better later on, she followed alittle slower behind.

Trainer Kat
July 18th, 2005, 10:29 AM
OOC: Me too. I work as well, so I'll be gone all night. ^^;;

Margarete scooped up DemiMeramon and tagged along behind the group. Another girl seemed to be in no hurry to catch up, so Margarete kept her pace.

"You need to make more of an effort," DemiMeramon said. "Don't be so antisocial. You'll be spending a lot of time with these people. Be friendly."

Margarete shot the little fireball a glare. "If you're anything like me or this 'crest,' you wouldn't be so quick to be friends," she said. DemiMeramon cursed under his breath, but shut up.

Margarete sighed. "You win," she said. She hurried to walk beside the other girl, who was toting a brownish Digimon with three horns.

"I'm...Malkovich," she said stiffly, sticking out her hand. "And you are...?"

July 18th, 2005, 11:34 AM
Tasumi looked at the other girl curiously. She seemed to be making an effort to be friendly, so she would also be friendly.

"Hi. My name's Tasumi. You can call me Taz....so I seems you're in this Digital stuff too, huh?" She wasn't a good conversationalist and it seems that this Malkovich wasn't either; but she shouldn't be judgemental.

Chocomon flapped his ears and smiled at the flamming Digimon.

July 19th, 2005, 8:34 AM
Kim came to a halt upon entering the forest, she gave the scenery a once over and hummed in question, raising one hand that wasnt holding the ball of fluff and running it through her hair Um, where exactly are we heading for? I have never been here before, you should know, Poromon She looked down upon the pink ball in her hand and was met with an uncertain look from the Digimon.

Kim growled Dont tell me you dont know where we are going either! She yelled her face inches away from the Digimon, who was now cowering beneath her stare. IIm only an In-training Digimon She wailed I dont know that much about he land myself She looked around as if trying to remember her surroundings.

Ah hah! I remember a small village near here...I think it was home to a bunch of rookie Digimon, but Im not sure She sighed Anyway, lets head there anyway and stock up on some supplies The little Digimon suggested, turning its hazel eyes upon its trainers emerald ones.

Kim nodded Ok then, we will She turned her head to gaze over her shoulder at her companions and grinned Theres suppose to be a village just down that way She said, raising a hand and pointing towards the north At least thats what Poromon thinks anyways, so if anything happens, blame her

The little Digimon glared up at her trainer and huffed in annoyance Can we just go it asked. Kim just snickered Yeah yeah, whatever. Lets go!

(OOC- Now is the time to get to know one another and do whatever you please as long as you dont stray from the group or Digivolve your Digimon. OK XD)

July 19th, 2005, 11:53 AM
"Yep she's right there is a village around here" the smart Demiveemon said "You really have to be the smartest do you" Kamalin glared at Demiveemon "Yep" Chuckled the Digimon. Kamalin stopped walking for a second and took a fruit out of his bag, he then took a bite "Anyone want some fruit? I have some for everyone" Kamalin said to the group as he continued walking "Me me!" Demiveemon shouted "No... you had almost the whole bag...." Demiveemon pouted.

"You know maybe I should give you a nickname or something...." Kamalin said to Demiveemon "No!" The digimon shouted "Just call me by my name Demiveemon!" Demiveemon looked up at his trainer "Fine fine... So if your so smart tell us how long it will take to get to the village!"

"Ummm... Uhhh" Demiveemon muttered "Aha!" Kamalin said "Your not that smart after all!" "Well I'm still in-training once I digivole I'll be smarter!"

July 20th, 2005, 7:33 PM
"So, your name is Kim?" I asked the girl who was taking lead. She was kinda cute, honestly. That wasn't why I was talking to her though. "As I said earlier, I'm David."

"And I'm Yokomon!" Yokomon exclaimed, her comment aimed at Poromon.

"Wanna be friends? I mean, we WILL be working together from now on!"

"Yeah, friends!" Yokomon repeated from atop my shoulder.

July 21st, 2005, 1:46 PM
Kim glanced at the boy walking at her side and smiled happily at him Yup, Im Kim alright and I hope you dont mind me calling you Dai. Im just too lazyI give nearly everyone nicknames She announced, looking down at the Digimon in her arms. Actually, maybe its about time I gave you a nick name Poromon

She took on a thoughtful look and then grinned at the look of horror on the Digimons face Dont worry, Im good with names She assured the pink ball, given her a reassuring squeeze to her stomach So, how about Pinky She asked curiously, gazing down her button nose at the Digimon only to be greeted by a look of disgust OkMaybe notSky?

Come on, you can be a bit more creative than that The pink ball announced with a sly look of its own.

Sky..l..er? Skyler? How about Skyler!? The Teen asked excitedly, glad she had been able to come up with a suitable name for the soon to be air born Digimon. There was a moment of silence as Poromon pondered on the name before she gave a nod Skyler sounds quite good! She squeaked in approval.

Great! Kim yelled, turning her gaze back to the boy and his Digimon So where are you from She asked And how did you get heresame way as me perhaps? I just faintednot much to tell reallyquite a boring and original way to end up in anther worldyou see it all the time in movies

July 21st, 2005, 1:54 PM
"Me? I'm from Canada, and I think we all got here the same way." I replied to her question as I watched her give "Pinky" it's nickname.

"Haha! Pinky! It's cute!" Yokomon giggled, before rolling off my shoulder accidentally and hitting the dirt with a thud.

"Gah! Yokomon!" I called as I bent down in front of her. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine!" The pink ball said beack as she leapt back onto my shoulder. "But we should keep moving, I'm getting a bad feeling!"

July 21st, 2005, 4:59 PM
"Bad feeling as Digimon trouble or...?" Demiveemon stopped and looked up at his trainer who was grinning "Wha.. what?" Demiveemon asked

"I'll call you...."

"No NO!" Demiveemon shouted


"Fine....." He said as pouted

July 21st, 2005, 5:06 PM
Tasumi let Chocomon out of her arms and onto the ground.

"Boy I'm hungry!" He said. He seemed to pull out a fruit out of a wierd looking fern. "Want some?"

She looked at the wierd fruit. "No thanks Chocomon....I'm...fine," The fruit looked unappealing to her.

"Okie dokey!" He munched on the fruit. Tasumi longed for her brother and sister and began to feel homesick...

July 21st, 2005, 11:13 PM
Kim arched an eye brow as the small Digimon upon the boys shoulder began to laugh at one of the nicknames she had suggested and held in laughter as it tumbled from its perch upon the boys shoulder and fell to the floor in a laughing heap. Dai bent down and took a hold of it, bringing it back up into his embrace with a sigh. Kim chuckled lightly.

Bad feeling? She asked, taking a look around her for any signs of trouble I dont- She began, but the sentence was never finished as an cold feeling befell her and she shuddered uncontrollably Wow...tha-that was weird She announced, looking down at Skyler Can you feel anything She asked.

The small Digimon nodded, she to was looking around at her surroundings for any sign of danger yeahI do She told her trainer as she jumped from her arms and landed with a thud on the ground at her feet There is a Digimon near She assured the trainers as she frowned lightly Just be ready

Ready? Kim asked rather angrily How can we be ready, we only just arrived here Her voice quivered with fright as hooves trotted lightly in their direction, getting louder with the rustle of the bushes. Another shudder ran down her spine.

The sound of hooves against mud became clearer as the bushes gave one last rustle when a horse like Digimon stepped out from the mass of bushes and stared at the chosen guardians with one piercing red eye.

Whoare you? he asked, coming to stop only feet away from Skyler, who was at the head of the group.

These are the Saviours! She announced forcefully, almost growling They have been chosen by the Elemental masters to stop the evil that has spread through the Digital world! Step aside!

Kim eyed the small Digimon at her feet with a mix of adoration and question. Why was such a small Digimon standing up to an obviously stronger opponent, was it brave, or just stupid?

But size didnt seem to bother Skyler as the Centaur stepped forward, laughing evilly at its frail attempts of scaring him away And what can a few weakling humans and their petty Digimon do to stop this great evil? He asked with laughter in his voice if you wish to pass, prove yourselves worthy by defeating me, for if you cannot, there is no point in you going any further

Skyler growled and let a row of bubbles escape its mouth. They flew towards the offending Digimon and hit home in the chest of the Centaur. Unfortunately, it seemed not to have effected the Digimon, as he gave a cruel laugh, but the determined look upon Skylers face did not leave its post, if anything, she grew more angry and frustrated.

Is that all you have? He asked, tipping the small pink Digimon over with its hoof.

Skyker squealed as she tumbled to the side and Kim rushed forward, a look of anger upon her face Wow, arent you a sight She snarled, picking up her friend and cradling it in her arms You go around picking on Digimon this small and call yourself a Digimonhow pathetic, your just like those bullies at school

Centarumon cackled I am merely trying to aid you He announced

Aid us!? Kim growled You call this aiding us!

Centraumon nodded slightly If you cannot defeat me, how do you hope of defeating the greatest evil this world has ever seen? Now rise and fight me! All of you! He growled, eyeing the rest of the Digimon.

Kim placed her chosen Digimon partner on the floor and stood from her squatting position to her full height Youre gonna regret ever messing with the Saviours! She growled, before making a dive towards the taller being in a daring attempt to land a punch to its helmeted face when a bright green light emitted from her Digivice, causing her to retreat her outstretched arm and stare at the brilliant glow in awe.

A string of green light soared from its resting place and wound its way around Kim before taking the form of a glowing bird and diving towards Skyler who lay helpless on the ground. The light engulfed her week form and Centraumon cackled with glee Thats right, Digivolve, show me your true power, all of you!

(OOC- http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/cd/Centarumon.gif <Centarumon

Now, if you can, do something that represents your crests personality, for example, my crest represents one full of energy, so my character tried to land a punch to the Digimon therefore activating Phoenixmons spirit with in the Digivice.

Now the glow that emits from your Digivice should be the same colour as the Digivice and take the form of the Elemental master you have chosen before engulfing your Digimon, causing it to Digivolve. OK)

July 22nd, 2005, 10:52 AM
"We need a plan to beat this guy, our digimon aren't strong enough and even with your new digivoled digimon we still can't beat him! If only we had someway to tell how strong he is then if our digimon combine their attacks maybe we can beat him!" Outlaw said, as soon as he finished speaking a dark green light emitted from his Digivice. The light took the shape of Ebonwumon the God of the element: Earth, It charged towards Demi who was on the ground ready to fight, the form engulfed him

"I feel strange..." was all the digimon could say as the light circled him, making him glow as the light faded. Demi looked Different, first of all he was bigger, second he had a horn on his horn and he had small fangs, third he had a yellow V on his forehead, two little v's under his eyes also his eyes were the same color.. Red!

"Great! you ummm..."


"Ya right I knew that..."

"Sure...." Demi went beside Skyler, ready to battle Centarumon.

Trainer Kat
July 22nd, 2005, 12:01 PM
"Tasumi, huh?" Margarete mumbled. She managed to give the girl a small smile. DemiMeramon jumped out of Margarete's arms and hopped over to Chocomon. He took one look at the fruit in the other Digimon's hands. He rummaged around the fern before pulling up a nasty looking, lumpy purple fruit. He took a huge bite before offering Margarete some.

"That looks disgusting..." Margarete mumbled.

"Suit yourself!" DemiMeramon said happily before popping the rest of the fruit into his mouth. Margarete turned, her attention grabbed by a flash of green light, followed by an identical flash of darker green color.

"Come on," she said, grabbing DemiMeramon. "Come if you'd like. If it's a fight, I want to take part," she said to Tasumi, before turning and running in the direction of the light.

"It's a Centarumon!" DemiMeramon exclaimed, hopping out of Margarete's arms.

"A what mon?" Margarete said, looking rather confused. DemiMeramon let out a sigh.

"Never mind," he said, rolling his eyes. "Just fight it." Margarete searched her pockets for her pocket knife. It wasn't there. She thought of the backpack she had thrust into Derek's hands.

"Derek..." she mumbled. "Well, let's try this!" she yelled, picking up a stick with a sharpened point. She thrust it at Centarumon's throat, but before it could connect, a black light encircled her, before a skeletal ghost emerged from the light, and forced its way into DemiMeramon's body. The little fire Digimon glowed black, before sprouting wings and losing the flame, but still retaining the circular shape.

"What...are you?!" Margarete said, shocked. Her little DemiMeramon now resembled a bat!

"DemiDevimon, at your service," the bat said, giving a small bow. This did not ease Margarete's shocked expression, as she looked more shocked then ever. It was not feasible to alter your shape like that. It just wasn't...

July 23rd, 2005, 5:56 PM
I clenched my teeth as I looked over our opponent. It was pretty ugly if you ask me. "I'll hurt him good!" cried Yokomon as she leapt off my shoulder in Centarumon's direction, only to land on her face.

"Hey, you okay? You shouldn't be so reckless!" I scolded Yokomon as I picked her up.

"I'm sorry, all I want to do is to protect my friends..."

"Did you forget? I'm your partner, we'll protect them together!" I replied to her comment, a smile on my face. "Huh, what the?" I asked as an ice blue light shot out of my Digivice in my locket, forcing me to pull the digivice out. The light flew up into the sky a bit, then turned into what looked like a dragon, before engulfing Yokomon.

I backed away as the light cleared, revealing what looked like a plant with hands and legs, only the hands had flowers on them! "Yokomon? Is that you?"

"Yup," she replied as she turned to face me, "Except I'm Floramon now! You helped me digivolve!" Digi-what?

July 23rd, 2005, 8:26 PM
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July 23rd, 2005, 8:37 PM
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July 27th, 2005, 4:59 PM
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August 3rd, 2005, 5:16 AM
WowI cant believe this Kim muttered to herself upon seeing the mass of Digimon digivolve in front of her eyes. The anger she had felt towards the Digimon caused her Digimon to Digivolve almost immediately. Was it something to do with her feelings that made them Digivolve? She wasnt completely sure, but it seemed as if this was the case.

Whawhat are you now? She asked her newly Digivolved Digimon. The Hawk like monster turned his head and smirked knowingly at her from over his shoulder Hawkmonthe Digivolved form of Poromonyour determinedness to keep me safe and defeat your opponent caused me to Digivolve He announced, turning his head back to the Centaur.

Kim gasped and rubbed her templesThen attack, Skyler! Lets show this Digimon that we are not to be messed with She yelled, her arm outstretched, pointing at the opponent.

Immediately, the small Hawk like Digimon sprang into the air and yelled out Feather Strike!

A chain of feathers sprang from its wings upon slashing them through the air, and made their way towards the foe. Some were sent off target whereas many of them hit the Centaur in multiple places, causing it to double over and growl in outrage. Upon instinct, the Centaur sprang forward and made to stop upon Skyler but was caught off guard as the Hawk sprang to side and let out a harsh peck upon the Centaurs leg.

Thats it, Skyler! Show em whos boss! Kim yelled from the sidelines, before turning to the rest of the saviours If we work together we can bring him down! Lets go!

August 3rd, 2005, 5:42 PM
"I agree, we can beat him" Kamalin said "attack!"

"V HeadButt!" Demi shouted as he jumped up and headbutted the larger digimon who just looked at him. It reared upwards and slammed its hooves down trying to squash Demi, Demi kept on running until a hoove slammed down on him

"Demi!!!!" Kamalin shouted. Kamalin ran over to the hoove and kept on kicking and punching it trying to free Demi