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July 12th, 2005, 7:20 PM
Ok first all, i will have to explain what a chain pole play is, well its kinda like a chain letter, (you wright something down and you give it to the next person) well in this you post something and wait for someone else to post, you are allowd to post more then once, but you have to wait for someone else to post first (in other words no double posting)

YOu dont contrall a character, you controll every character, so does everyone else that posts, so while you are posting you controll the whole story


{(poster one)"Hey tom, where are we going next" josh said

"Well we need to get to mossdeep, but i dont have any water pokemon or flying pokemon" tom said to josh

(Poster two) "Well i know someone with a boat neer pettleburg why dont we go there" Josh said

"Yeah ok" tom said picking up his backpack and reterning his pokemon}

that wasn't out of any rp i just made it up for an example XD

In this rp you can add characters that come and go or you can add characters that stay for good, but you cant get rid of the first three characters i make


The story is about three people who dont yet know each other, (and might not ever know each other, this is totaly up to you)

One is a homeless kid, his parents died and was forced to live with his uncle, but when his uncle started drinking and being abusive, this boy ran away,(Will he get a pokemon, will he go back to his uncle, or will he just wonder on without the help of pokemon? its totaly up to the posters) [Male] [Name: kon] [Age: 13-14]

The second one is a young male photographer with an aron by his side, or atleast he was, when he went onto an island with some pertential for some grat photo's he didn't expect to be kidnapped by a secret organisation [Male] [Name: max] [Age: 16-17]

The third is the female in this story, she is the grand daughter of the owner of the day care center, but she is also a member of team magma (why do you think the day care center never gets raded be team magma) but she is ready to leave, she is sick of the things they do to innecent people, [Female] [Name: Robin] [Age: 17-18]

Ooc: Ok lets start XD

IC: "Yes sir" Robin said as she left the room,

"Hey robin, Zeple seams angry" [alice] a new team magma grunt said

"Zeple is always mad, he's nothing like maxie" Robin said

"Who is maxie?" Alice asked

"He was our old leader" Robin said walking to her room in the headquaters

'what should i do?' robin thought to herself 'Zeple is alot more rash then maxie! He doesn't even care that my family own the daycare center! I gotta worn them,' Robin thought as she grabed her zangoose nd i'm not coming back to team magma ever again!'


"Come on azz, where here" max said to his aron as he got of the boat "Hey thanx sam, i owe you one" He yelled to the boat driver,

[on the otehr side of the island]
"Sir, someone has arrived on the island" scientist 1 said

"Who is he" The boss asked

"I dont know, He looks like a photographer who came for the sceenery" scientist 2 said

"We cant let him find out about our project" Scientist 1 said

"Oh he's going to find out, He's going to be apart of it" the boss said

"What do you mean" asked scientest 1

"Well, we need one more expperement, right?" said the boss "And we have run out of locals, sooo"

"I get it, we use him as our next fusion!" said scientest 2, suddenly another scientist ran into the door

"Sir, A photographer with an aron has appeared on the island" said the therd scientist

"He has an aron, even better!" said the boss walking out the door, "Capture him and bring him too me"

"He already knew?" asked scientist 3

"Yeah your abit slow phil" said the second scientist

"Hey kid, Get outa' my shop" A man said

"Oh, I just got to sleep!" kon said

"Yeah well, Ya cant sleep on those potato's" the man said

"Come on, Where all mates here" Kon said getting off the potato's

"JUST GET OUT" the man said

"Ok ok, i'm goin"Kon said leaving the shop

~~ Blitz ~~

July 13th, 2005, 10:33 AM
Kon looked around the town. It seemed to be fairly large, though it was nowhere near the size of a full city. Then he looked toward the Pokemon Center, an all-too familiar building.

"Looks like I'm stuck in the Center again..." Kon said. "It's a good thing I packed a sheet..."

Making his way to the center, Kon felt a blunt pain on the back of his head. As everything went hazy, he looked up for a second and saw what appeared to be a pink Latias.

"Huh?..." he managed to mutter before losing consciousness.

The next thing he knew, he was awake the next day in the Pokemon Center. Nurse Joy looked at him for a second.

"It's a good thing I found you. It started to rain and you were passed out on the street." she said.

"Wh..." Kon tried to mutter, but the words wouldn't come easily. "Where... am I??"

"You took a nasty hit to the head... Looks like you've been raided too..." Nurse Joy said.

Kon looked in dismay, as his backpack was missing. "Just my luck..." he said. "First my parents are killed, now this..."

"You're an orphan?" Nurse Joy said.

"Yeah, sort of..." Kon said. At this time, he remembered the pink Latias. "Um... Are there any discolored Pokemon here?"

"Not that I know of..." Nurse Joy said. "Why?"

"Right before I lost consciousness, I could've sworn I saw..." Kon said. Thinking for a second, he cut himself off. "No... It's nothing... Probably from that blow to my head..."

"Are you going to be alright?" Nurse Joy asked.

"Yeah... I should be..." Kon replied. "I've been on my own for a while, so I know how to fend for myself..."

"Ok..." Nurse Joy said. "Just be careful..."

With that, Kon left the Pokemon Center, and headed down the road, and away from the town. Despite the nature of him falling asleep, Kon didn't feel tired at all. In fact, he felt almost supernaturally light. In no time at all, he got to an open field.

July 13th, 2005, 10:54 PM
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{Max's story}
Max saw this huge mountain covered with tree's "Come on azz, lets get closer to that mountain" Max said as he walked ahead

"OUCH" Max heard from the bushes

"Who's there?" Blitz asked

"Great, you blew it, Now get him?" Someone wispered, before max knew it he was out cold, the last thing he was was someone in a white coat knocking his aaron out

{Robins story}
Robin left the headquarters without her uniform, only her zangoose and the cloths on her back, 'Where to go' SHe thought, 'Maybe i should pose as a trainer, and challange the gym'

"Hey you" A deep voice said, instantly robin got scared and ran
"Hey why are you running for?" The man said, Robin turned around and saw a large man in a hikers outfit "I see you have a pokemon, I need a trainer to show the boy scouts how to catch a pokemon

"I'm not a trainer mate, And I don't teach kids" Robin said harshly

"Hey sorry for askin" The man said walking away

{Kon's Story}

"Wow, Now i'm really lost" Kon said to himself, Suddenly he saw the pink latias fly past
"Hey, You wait up" Kon said to the latias "What did you do to me?" He asked, the bird flew out of site, kon was half way into the paddock just from chasing it

"I should go back to the cyity before i become more lost,"Kon said to himself "Whitrch way was that again?" kon though, as he turned his head, he decided to just choose a way, its gotta lead to somewhere, after about 30 seconds of walking He saw the pink latias in the distance "I'm sure that bird is stalking me, Unless its just the bump on my head" Kon said...

{Max's story}

Max woke up, he couldn't move,all he could see was a mew's tail, Max tried to talk but couldnt, then suddenly realised he was in an experement tube,

"Ah so your awake" A man said from the direction of the mew tail, but to his suprise, the man was attatched to the mew tail

"What the?" Max thought as the man stood there4

"Isn't it terrible?" The mew man asked, mak looked at him with a confused face

"Oh so you havn't realised it yet" The man said, "You are a pokemorph, they fused you with your aron, But i'm here to stop it, I was also one of their experiments" The man added while he was releasing max

"This is not a dream!" Max said stupified

"Looks like your 'Project 1337' (XD) I was 'project 2039' " The man said
{Description of the new max}

~~Max had like a aron type shell from his hairline all the way down his back, Both his legs ate also covered in this shell like appearence, allong with his right arm~~

July 15th, 2005, 5:45 PM
Ooc: For now, I'll control only Kon. It's hard for me to do branching storylines like this, but I might take control of others later on. Ooc)

Despite being lost, Kon had to admit that the breeze was great. He ran his fingers through his black hair, as he continued to follow the direction that the Latias headed toward. Without warning, he stopped. It was difficult to describe, almost as if he felt the presence of someone... something on his trail. Turning around, he saw what appeared to be a Pokemon Trainer.

"And you are?" Kon said, staring at the Trainer. She seemed to be in her late teens, and was dressed in the typical shorts and sleeveless top that Pokemon Trainers were known for. Her long, blue hair seemed to glisten in the breeze.

"I'm sorry if I startled you." the girl said. "My name's Neina."

'Neina,' Kon thought to himself. "That's an interesting name..." he said. "I don't think I've heard it in these parts before."

"Um..." Neina began. "My family wanted to give me a unique name, so..."

"Ahh!! That would certainly explain it..." Kon said.

"Yeah..." Neina said. "But I'm happy with it..."

'This girl's lying through her teeth...' Kon thought to himself. He knew she was hiding something, but had no clue what...

"Were you going to Arus?" Neina said. "If so, I can take you."

"Where?" Kon said. He had never heard of such a place.

"Arus." Neina said. "It's a town to the west of here. Should take a couple days to get there from here."

A town to the west? How could there be a town over there? Kon knew full-well that there was nothing but a crater over in that direction. It had to be a trick! But if so, then that meant...

"Um..." Kon said. "I'd better not..."

"Come on!!!" Neina said. "You'd probably like it there. Not many people get to see it!"

"Ok, I guess..." What choice did Kon have? If this was a member of Team Dark, then she would turn on him if she knew he was on to her. For now, he had no choice, but to follow her.

July 15th, 2005, 8:08 PM
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Max didn't like how he looked. He then asked. "Is there a way for me to change back to my regular self."

The Mew-man responed, "May be. Must take some talent through."

The Max relize that Azz was not with him. "Where is my aron, Azz."


Robin found her self in a woodlen area. "There are a lot of tress." she said.

She then heard more voices. "Stupid kids and that ranger. I teach them something" she grab a pokeball and send out her zangoose. "Get readly to attack." Her zangoose nodded in response.

A blue hair girl and Kon appear. Zangoose was about to attack but stop when Neina looked at him. "Attack" said Robin.

"Are you wanting to come to Arus too? Follow me." said Neina.

Robin was unsure but she had nothing to do. Maybe there a gym in this Arus place too. She decide to follow Neina with Kon too.

July 16th, 2005, 4:57 PM
ooc: Thats ok sbaby, I will continue to play all three, But i wont always play all of them !

Hey C_m (can i call you that?) Glad to see you back



"Dont worry, THey used his dna to make you but he is still alive!" The mew-man said

"Well can i have him?" Asked max,

"He is throught that door!" Max said pointing to one of the many doors in this place "Along with your camera and other stuff"

'well I can still take pictures' Max thought, 'But I see things differently now, I wont know how my pictures are going to come out!' max thouhgt as he noticed vision was very different

"Well before I t azz, Tell me how I change back to normal!" Max said to the mew-man

"Well, First you will have to train yourself and your pokemon to fight the leader of this experiment!,Then once you fight him, you can get the antidote off him, He always caries it with him!" The mew-man said, Max want through the door to get azz and the rest of his stuff, Max's vision was very stretched out, The pokeball didn't look round anymore, It looked more like an ovel, max took his stuff and left the lab, without a word to the mew-man

As max left the mew-man said "By the way, Call me Rika!"

ooc: I wont do kons story, Obviosly you have something planned for him sbaby! (but the real reson is because i cant think of anything to wright for him XD)

July 16th, 2005, 8:06 PM
OCC: I glad to be back. It ok to call me that.

Knowing SBaby. He got something plan. I Rp with too. Look at my other two Chained RPs.



The three were traving in the woods with the girl named Nenia.

Kon was wondering about this new girl. Who was she. He didn't even know her name so he was unsure what to do. He thougth the he might might as well get to know her. He asked, "So whats your name? Kon is my name."

Robin was angry by this question. WHy would he ask. They just met and she doesn't even what to go with this kid. But why is she following this girl and why is this guy following her. And why doesn't Zangoose attack? She decide to play along and act as if she was never part of Team Magma. I play the cokey trainer role she said to herself. "THe name is Robin. This name is a name you better not forget." she said.

Kon was unsure. Nenia then said, "You two better get to know each other. It a long way over there."

Kon then said, "Why do say that?"

Robin was surprise by this question. "Because I going be great. Why are you following this girl?"

Why was he following Nenia thougth Kon. Then the image of the pink Latias came to him. That why. He answer back, "I just want some questions to be answer."


July 17th, 2005, 4:53 AM

'Rika huh' Max thought, before max left the lab, He took a couple of pictures for evidence, He thought if he was going to get his normal body back he might as well bring this place down aswell, And to do that, He will need evedince, Not like he isn't evidence enough

Max let azz out as he walked,

"Max I feal week" Azz said, Max stoped in suprise,

"You just talked human!" Max said

" No, its just that now your a pokemorph You can understand me!" Azz said suprised that max understood him "I mean that has to be it right?"

"Yeah, But can I understand other pokemon too? Or just aron's?" Max asked

"How am i ment to know?" Azz said

"You know, I never knew you where so cocky till now!" Max laughed

"sorry" Azz laughed "I can understand other pokemon, But i dont know about you!" Azz replied, Max and his aron azz kept walking,

"So you feel week?, Must be because of the experement!" Max said

"Well duh!" Az said sarcasticaly, Max just laughed as he kept walking "So where are we headed?" Asked azz, Max stoped

"Um i hadn't thought about that, I dont think its a good idea to let people see me, And i dont think its a good idea to stay on the island" Max said

"So we get a water pokemon to help us then!"

"Yeah and then I can see if I can understand other pokemon!" Max said as he started walking towards the water

July 17th, 2005, 8:00 PM

They were walking to the ocean. Max felt the feel of the sand between his aron-like toes. "This feels weird" said Max

"I have something to confess." said Azz

"What?" asked Max

"I don't like the water." said Azz

"Well, we need a way off this island." said Max.

Then the two looked to the same direction. "SOmething is coming this way" said Max.

"SOunds like humans." said Azz

These new senses are pretty cool thougth Max.

--Robin and Kon

"So what questions do you need answered?" asked Robin.

"I don't know" said Kon.

Stupid kid thougth Robin. Why is he even here? she added.

"You two have something to do." said Nenia. "YOu must find another in order to fulfill your." stopped Nenia

"What?" siad RObin and Kon.

"Sorry did I said something?" asked Nenia.

"You said something about something we must do." said Kon.

"We need to find one more. Sorry but what I need to do must be done alone." said Robin but she still continued to walk with Nenia and Kon.

July 18th, 2005, 4:34 AM

"Then why do you still follow without an invitation?" Asked Nenia

"Well if you dont want me here then i will leave!" Robin siad, Nenia froze,

"You musn't do that, You need to be here!" Nenia said "Sory I have said enough already!"
Kon and robin looked at each other with a confused look


"Ok, We dont have much choice, Since you dont like water, I will return you when we get to the water, But if we find a flyer first we will go that way!" Said max "But for now RUN!" max and azz started running as fast as they could, aron's legs where only small but he could still run faster then max, or he could, until max got aron's DNA,

Suddenly max fell over, "WHOLY HELL" Max said as he jumped up from the muddy puddle, " know what you mean about hating water!" Max said

"What do you mean" Asked azz still running

"Well now that i have your DNA Sometimes, I know how things effect you, And that water felt terible on me!" Max announced as he got up and ran

"Hehe, I never thought of that" azz said

"I think where lost them, But keep running just incase!" Max said still running

July 18th, 2005, 7:48 PM
---Kon and Robin

The three walked in silence. How far is it througth Robin, the silence is killing me.

Why is she following me? WHat does she want? I asked her. Kon then asked Robin, "So what about you? Tell me about yourself like where you from."


"So it did hurt when you fell in the mud puddle? It doesn't really hurt but I ok with it." said Azz smiling.

"I still bigger then you and I can throw you in the water." said Max.

THen the two heard two other voices and one of them said, "There you are!"

July 21st, 2005, 3:11 AM
"Come on this way" Azz said sharply turning

"You wont get away that fast" another voice said, Max and Azz turned sharply again

"We gotta find a way outta here" Max said to his aron

July 23rd, 2005, 8:42 PM
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IC:"We need to find something and fast" siad Azz.

"Just run!" siad Max.

THe two ran fast until the saw the coast. THey saw a boat and the ran for it.

"A boat let leave this place and now." siad Azz.

The two jumed into the boat and Max started it. THey were far from the coast now and they flet safe.

Thye were about to let their guard down until they saw a black blade. Max pull the blade to saw it was a Absol Pokemorth. It was a little girl and he said, "Absol, I coming. Sandy is coming for you Absol. I coming."

"Should we wake her?" asked Azz.

July 23rd, 2005, 10:22 PM
Ooc: Sorry for not updating this one in a while. Nice improv though. I'll do this when I can, but with my schedule, it won't be every day. I always shoot for at least once or twice a week. Ooc)

Robin continued to keep her distance from Kon and Neina, but was evidently going to follow the two to Arus. Strange as it was, she had never heard of the town until Neina had mentioned it. However, she seemed driven to follow the two.

"So, are we almost there now?" Robin said, still keeping a small distance.

"It's just past this hill." Neina said. After a moment, she stopped near the top of the hill. "I need you to listen to me."

Kon and Robin gathered to where Neina was and stopped. "What is it?" Kon said, wondering what Neina could be talking about.

"Everything you know, or think that you know about Pokemon, disregard it right now." The words struck both Robin and Kon like a giant mallet. It was like someone telling you to forget everything you knew and believed, simply on a whim. It was impossible.

"I don't understand. What do you mean?" Robin said in a slight sense of urgency.

"When we head over this hill, there's no going back." Neina said. "If either of you want to back out of this, I'll be more than happy to take you back to where you came from. There will be no shame in backing out."

"I've got nowhere else to go..." Kon said, as he remained put.

"Neither do I..." Robin said, as she seemed eager to see the top of the hill.

"Ok..." Neina began. "You had your chance... I should warn you though, nothing you have EVER seen will compare to what you're about to see. Prepare yourselves."

With that, the trio walked up the hill and beheld a sight that could only be described as other-worldly. An enormous fortress-like city of machines laid below the three, as Pokemon and Humans could be seen passing in and out of the city. Strangely enough, many were Pokemon that Kon and Robin had never seen before.

"Welcome to Arus." Neina said.

July 25th, 2005, 11:49 PM
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Robin looked at the city in suprise, She had never seen anything like it, Kon had the same reaction, although he didn't show it as much as robin

"Its, So different." Robin exclaimed with her mouth wide open

"But why have you brought us here?. I mean why us, why are we different from anybody else?" Asked kon

"Well as you might have guessed, This place is a secret location, With alot of 'undescovered' pokemon. well they have been descovered by us, just not, well, the outsiders" Neina explained

"But you didn't answer my question" kon said

"I'm afraid i can not yet tell you this" Neina said sharply

July 27th, 2005, 10:08 AM
Ooc: I don't know why, but my previous post got deleted, so I'm redoing it. Ooc)

As Neina led Kon and Robin through the city, the two realized what Neina meant when she said 'undiscovered' Pokemon. One in particular caught Kon's eye. Perhaps the fact that a Trainer was holding it.

This Pokemon was silverish in color and about one and a half feet tall. It had bug-like wings that matched Celebi's and long pink hair could be seen hanging down, blowing slightly in the wind. Red antennae were sticking out of its head as well.

"And I thought there were weird Pokemon where I come from..." Robin said.

Eventually, the group made their way to a gigantic building in the center of the city. Aside from the enormous set of double-doors, the place looked like a laboratory. Without hesitation, Neina opened the set of doors.

Other-worldly wouldn't even begin to describe the interior of the building, as machines, the likes of which, the two had never seen before were strewn throughout the complex.

"Make sure you don't fall behind." Neina said. "It's really easy to get lost in here. I know."

Neina led Kon and Robin through a seemingly endless series of corridirs, until eventually, the trio made it to another set of doors. These were smaller than the entrance doors, and probably led to a laboratory of some sort. At least, that's what Kon thought.

As the doors opened, it was obvious that he was way off. The room looked more like a type of command center than a laboratory, as consoles were strewn throughout the room. People dressed in silver and white manned each console, as a desk could be seen in the center of the room.

A man in his thirties stood up from behind the desk. He had long blond hair which almost covered his pointed ears. His uniform was silver and white with an emblem that had the letters NW on the right side if the uniform.

"Welcome." he said. "I am Commander Yugi, leader of the Nova Warriors."

"Nova Warriors?" Kon said. "What are those?"

"To put it simply..." Yugi began. "The Nova Warriors are a group of special forces that are stationed throughout the universe of Starlance. Our mission is to solve problems-mjor problems, before they escalate out of hand. We're sort of a reserve group only called in to the most dire situations."

"Ok..." Robin said. "And you need us... But why?"

"You two have potential." Yugi said. "I've seen it in both of you."

With that, Yugi proceeded to pull a drawer out of his desk and place it open-faced on top of the desk. "However..." Yugi said. "It's easier to show one what we are faced with, rather than explain it." Three Poke-Balls were lined up in the drawer, along with three Poke-Dexs. However, the Dexs looked different from normal ones. They had straps on them that seemed to indicate that they went on your arm.

"This is your last chance to back out." Yugi said. "Once you select a Pokemon, there's no going back."

With that, Yugi explained what the Pokemon were.

"The left Poke-Ball contains Silfayree, the Silver-Sprite Pokemon." Yugi began. "I believe Kon's seen one in the city already... It is a Grass/Flying/Psychic type, the only Flying Pokemon capable of resisting Electric attacks. Aside from that, it can manipulate Wind. Its Cosmo-Shift ability can prove useful in tight situations."

Kon thought for a moment. How did Yugi know that he had seen Silfayree? Could he read minds? At that note, Yugi continued the explanation.

"The middle Ball contains Searmagna, the Flame-Imp Pokemon." Yugi continued. "Searmagna looks like Silfayree, except it is red in color and its wings glow with a red tint. It is a Fire/Flying/Steel Type, the only one of its kind that can resist Water attacks. Also, it can manipulate Fire. Its Molten Globe attack can take down even the most powerful Pokemon."

Kon took a look at this one. It was like Silfayree in many ways, but the differences were obvious.

"Finally..." Yugi said. "We come to Hydaura, the Water-Nymph Pokemon. Once again, it looks alot like Silfayree, but is blue in color and you'll notice that its wings emit dew. Being a Water/Flying/Grass-Type has its advantages. It resists Electricity and can manipulate Water. Of all its attacks, my favorite is Tsunami Bomb. Once you see it, you'll know why."

Neither Kon nor Robin needed to make up their minds whether they were in or not. They both knew what the other road led to.

"How are we going to do this though?" Kon said.

"How about..." Neina began. "We each just grab one and see which ones we get?"

"Works for me..." Robin said.

A smile came over Yugi, as he realized that they weren't backing out of it.

With that, the three reached out. Robin's hand landed on the left Ball, Kon's on the middle, and Neina's on the right. It was set.

"There you have it..." Yugi said. "Kon will have Searmagna, Neina will have Hydaura, and Robin will have Silfayree. All very good choices. Now take your corresponding Poke-Dexs, and fasten them to your right arms."

With that, the group cooperated. As they put the Dexs on, it became clear. Knowledge of battles and Pokemon flooded into the minds of the three, as they saw Trainers from a number of years ago, and Legendary Pokemon battling villains.

"Now, you are ready..." Yugi said. "However, there are two more that need to be found to complete the team."

Robin looked up at Yugi. "What do we need to do?" she said.

"I have the coordinates of their most likely location." Yugi said. "They are currently together on an island off the coast of the Johto Region."

Robin knew the place well. It was an island that she had previously visited. There used to be a laboratory where illegal experiments were done on humans and Pokemon. But it couldn't be there anymore...

July 29th, 2005, 8:15 PM
Max nug the Absol-girl to wake her. He said, "Are you a wake?"

THe girl awoke and scream, "They got you too?" SHe looked at Azz and Max. THEy both nodded. She got up on her two legs.

Azz then asked, "How you got her? Is your name Sandy?"

THe girl nodded and said, "I was drop here. I guess they thougth I have died and they were planning to dump me." SHe saw that they were leaving the island and scream.

"Whats wrong?" siad Max.

"We need to go back. My Absol is still there." said Sandy.

Max and Azz were uncertain but they said to each other, "Do you think we need to go back?"

July 31st, 2005, 12:05 AM
"We are going back and thats it!" Sandy told Max and Azz

"Ok ok" Max said as he turned the boat around

"So does this absol have any unusual features?" Azz asked

"Well not really!. Oh wait, He Has a bad leg,!" Sandy replied "Btw, How did you know my name?" Sandy asked the aron

August 1st, 2005, 7:21 PM
"You kind of yelled out your name while you were asleep" said Max.

"Oh, was I that scared" she said.

"I not so sure" said Azz to Max.


Yugi then said, "Let me take you to your form of transportaion." So Neina, Kon and RObin follow him.

THe exit the building and saw a trainer in a battle with another trainer. THey were having a double battle. One trainer said, "Use Tunderbolt Raichu. Ice Beam Lapras. To make IceBolt" The Tunderbolt attack form around the Ice Beam and made an electical charge beam. THe other trainer pokemon was hit badly.

"THe combination of two attacks. I see that they have reach that level." said Yugi.

Robin was amaze by this way of battle. Yugi seem to read her mind and said, "I explain but followe me."

August 3rd, 2005, 11:32 AM
Yugi began explaining the art of Attack Fusion. "It's not too complex. Basically, you take two attacks and combine them to get a new, more powerful attack with properties of both attacks."

"So, it's like a double-attack almost." Kon said. He was no expert on Pokemon, but with his new knowledge, he found himself able to understand it more easily.

"You could say that." Yugi said. "For instance, combining Thunderbolt and Cut gives you the Thunderbolt Cut, an attack that uses Electricity and Grass as its two elements. A Pokemon that is strong against Electric attacks still has the Grass part to contend with."

As the group walked further, another battle was taking place. Magmar and Hydaura were preparing to combine attacks. "Now watch this..." Yugi said.

"Let me guess..." Robin said. "Fire and Ice don't mix?" As she finished, Yugi simply grinned.

As Robin predicted, Ice Beam and Flamethrower were the attacks that would be used. However, the result was anything BUT what she expected. The two attacks combined at the position of the opponent's Flygon. An explosion of fire and ice erupted and seemed to deal both damages to the Pokemon.

"Antipode..." Yugi said. "It's a devastating Fire and Ice attack that can bring down even a Dragonite in mere seconds. I don't know anything that can fully resist that attack yet..."

Robin's seen two Pokemon of opposing types launch their attacks in that fashion before, and create a similar result, but it was never attempted in that way before. She began wondering if Trainers had even thought of doing that before.

"If you think that's great, you ought to try combining three or four attacks!" Yugi said. "When you get that many going at once, the damage can get to be tremendous! You may even create whole new attacks that way. Just remember, it can be a double edged sword. Some combinations don't work too well, and others... but you should experiment to see what works best for you."

August 6th, 2005, 12:29 AM
Max arrived in at the island and parked the boat in an overhanging bush

"This should hide our boad" Max said as he got out

"sandy you better come with us, I mean you know your pokemon better then us!"

"uh, Right" Sandy said as she got up

August 6th, 2005, 7:38 PM
Sandy, Max and Azz then left the safely of the bush to find them self on the beach. They soon got back behind the bush. THe beach was full of men.

"Looks like we got some guys looking for us." said Azz

"Your aron is right." said Sandy.

"YOu can understand Azz" said Max.

"He speaks pokespeech right? We can also understand pokespeech." said Sandy.

Max shug and said, "Makes sense to me but how we get pass them?"

The three just stood their until Sandy said, "I been working on this thing that my distract them long enothe for us to run to the forest on the island."

"Ok" said Azz "Let just do this for we can leave this place."

Sandy then ran to the middle. She close her eyes, her blade tail began to spin around and a wind began to pick up with sand in it. Soon a wirlwind was made with lots of sand. Voices can be heard from the men on the beach saying that they are unable to see.

"She knows who to Razor WInd?" said Azz.

"Looks like." said Max. Sandy then singal them to ran t o the forest. After Max and Azz ran in the forest. Sandy then ran into the forest too and the wind die down.

"Amazing" said Max. Azz nodded in agreement.

"Just a little thing I been working on." smiled Sandy, "But we need to find my Absol now."

August 6th, 2005, 9:49 PM
"Right" Max said

The three walked around aimlessly, looking for absol, As they walked max thought about how sandy used razor wind 'So maybe i can use attacks' Thought max, Max was kinda getting used to the way hee looked, but he still wanted to get back to normal, suddenly, a large speer hit max in the back, but max only felt an itch, he turned around to see one guy atanding their, and noticed that their was a spear in his back

"I didn't even notice" Max said as he grabed the spear and threw it back at him, The three then ran out of veiw incase more came looking

"Looks like one guy saw us!" Azz said

They stoped to catch their breath, then max saw a great opertunity for a picture, he got his camera out and took it,

It was a shadowish figure of a pokemon in the forest, then he realised it was the absol

"Hey i think i found him" Max said

"Abe is that you" Sandy asked as she ran up to the figure in the bushes

August 7th, 2005, 11:08 AM
"Right" Max said

The three walked around aimlessly, looking for absol, As they walked max thought about how sandy used razor wind 'So maybe i can use attacks' Thought max, Max was kinda getting used to the way hee looked, but he still wanted to get back to normal, suddenly, a large speer hit max in the back, but max only felt an itch, he turned around to see one guy atanding their, and noticed that their was a spear in his back

"I didn't even notice" Max said as he grabed the spear and threw it back at him, The three then ran out of veiw incase more came looking

"Looks like one guy saw us!" Azz said

They stoped to catch their breath, then max saw a great opertunity for a picture, he got his camera out and took it,

It was a shadowish figure of a pokemon in the forest, then he realised it was the absol

"Hey i think i found him" Max said

"Abe is that you" Sandy asked as she ran up to the figure in the bushes.

Stay away said the figure.

Sandy walk towards the figure. Its me. Remember me? Sandy?

The absol got back and said, Leave me. I may hurt you.

I can help you. Said Sandy

Yeah man. It ok. We werent hurt you said Azz

He will not but I will. Said a guy from a tree. It was the guy that shot the spear at Max. He pulled out a silver slim control device. He pointed it to the bushes and push a button on the control. Come out he said.

Sandys Absol appeared out of the bushes. Absol. It you! Sandy said. Oh no! What has happen to you! Once she saw Absols face.

The Absol had a silver band running down the side of it head. A red light was on near the eye. Your pokemon is now under the control of us. Said the guy. Attack.

The Absol jumped and was swing it black blades at the group.


Yugi then show them a hanger. Inside the hanger was large gold blimp-like airship.

We traveling in this thing said Robin.

Kon who was still thinking about Fusion attackes said, Looks big.

It is fast too. Said Yugi.

We riding in the Aviater! Wow! said Neina. We never able to ride in this thing!

Well, you three need to get there fast so this should be perfect. Said Yugi.

Get on and get settle said a voice. The three looked up at the where the door was and saw a man in a bright orange jump suit and pilot goggles.

That is your pilot. Oddled He be taking you to the island. Said Yugi.

August 9th, 2005, 3:30 PM

The three got in, and the pilot shut the door

"Ready to go Nivinaw" The pilot said to a wierd looking pokmon with a huge jaw and what looked like a helmet with a long red glass bubble for his eye

"Thats a Navinaw, Navinaw's are exelent navigators, Naturaly, But as for fighting all their attack is in their jaw" said Neina

"Navinaw's jaw is more powerfull then any clamping device, crushing device, or any other pokemon's jaw or claws" said the pilot

"Oh and he isn't whering a helmet, thats just his head" Said Neina

With that the Aviater took off

"THis really is fast isn't it" Said kon as he was forced back into his seet by the amaizing speed

August 9th, 2005, 7:52 PM
Sandy was bary able to move out of the way of Absol's attack. "Absol! Abe! I your friend! We have done so much! Stop it!"

"Useless. That Absol will never listen to you when I control it." said the guy. "Attack with your blades." Abosl swing around and it blades hit Max on his back.

"That bary hurt." he said. Knowing that it hit his newly obatin shell

"We need to hit the device on Absol head" said Max

"I on it" said Azz. He ran at Abe's head and smash to the device. Absol headbutted at the same time and Azz flew into Max's arms.

"He not going down that easy" siad the guy.

"We need to do something" siad Sandy.

There must be another weakness to get Absol out of that guy's control thougth Max.

August 9th, 2005, 8:14 PM
"You are so stupid" Azz said as he started running up to they guy, The guy didn't even see the little aron run up to him

Suddenly azz jumped up and kicked the control out of his hands, He then used a shadow ball on the device on absol's head

"Sandy!" Abe said "RRGGGG, AARRGG" he said as the divice turned back on

"It's.... Blinking.... On... and... of" Abe said moving around in confusion

"GGGRRRRR, GET THIS THING OFF ME" Abe strugled to say

August 10th, 2005, 7:15 PM
"We need to work together you guys" said Max to both Sandy and Azz.

"I REFUSE TO ATTACK MY ABSOL!" she yelled. "We are friends"

"Well I will attack you. USe Slash" said the guy. Absol jumped up and try slashing Sandy but it stop. Then out of no where Azz ramed into him.

"Leave her alone. YOu mustn't mess with the balance between a trainer and their pokmon." said Azz

Max was impress. He never thougth that Azz was so... well smart. "You rigth. Azz, you attack the control in the guy's hand and I go for the thing on Abe's head."

Azz shot Shadow Ball after SHadow Ball at the control until one it it. Then Azz ran and hit the control to break it. Max then Tackle the device on Absol head at the same time. Abe then return to normal.

Sandy ran to her Absol and said, "YOu back. I miss you so bad."

"I miss you too." said Abe.

"This isn't the end." THe guy siad. At the same time, his skin turn green and two set of leaves, three on each wrist. On his head, a long leaf grew from it. The guy looked like a Grovyle. He then jumped up into a tree and seemed to be runining away my jumoing to another tree.

August 10th, 2005, 11:39 PM
"Looks like he is fused with a Grovyle" Said sandy

"Yeah but he only just changed into a Grovyle, Maybe he a ditto" Said azz trying to aim at the Grovyle guy

"Whitch means we should be prepared for him to change form again!" Said max

"You mean he can turn into any pokemorph!" Asked abe

"Well maybe, Thats only if he IS a ditto, Where not even sure" Said azz finaly shooting a shadow ball

August 11th, 2005, 6:55 PM
The Shadow Ball missed and they guy said. "THis isn't the last you hear of me!"

Off near the island, a airship was flying. The airship then slowed down.

"That was fast" said Kon looking down at an island.

"Looks nice" said Robin.

Odded then said, "Trust me miss. That is not a nice island. If Mr. Yugi sent you there the nit must have something wrong."

Neina then nodded in agreement. We should land where we can't be seen. Odded then push a button. "We now are invisable. We can't be seen by them."

"That good." said Nenia

Back on the island, "What are you looking at?" asked Azz

"I thougth I saw a ship" said Max.

August 11th, 2005, 7:54 PM
"Well it must have been fast, Because its not their no more" Said azz

"Maybe i was imagining things" Said max "But now we found abe we can go back to the boat"


"What about when we get off the ship?"Asked kon "Will we need to be invisable?"

"Yes, Thats what these shoes are for" said Odded, "Put them on, and you will be invisable for half an hour, So be back here before half an hour, Then you will be able to get new boots, But we only got two extra pairs of boots, so be carefull


"Um, Whitch way is the boat?" Asked sandy

"Well i'm not sure" Said max

"No idea"said Abe

"So the conclusion is.... Where lost" Said azz not knowing the way eather

"I don't even know witch way to the water!" Said max as he sat down in confusment

August 11th, 2005, 8:05 PM
RObin, Kon and Nenia got off the ship and step on to the soft sand. They were unseen. THey saw the men on the beach and Nenia said, "Goo thing we have these boots on" THe ohters nodded in agreement. The three enter a forest.

Max and the others walked in the forest lost and unable to find away out. Abe looked up and said, "I heard something."

"Me too" said Sandy.

"I can smell them, just give me a second." siad Abe.

HE started going thouths the direction of Kon and his group. Kon then got nervous when he saw Abe one foot away from his body.

August 12th, 2005, 12:34 AM
"There very close, we gotta get outta here!" Said abe as he started running, The other three ran after Abe


"What the hell?" Asked kon to himself

"Did you see something?" Asked Robin

"N-No" Kon said thinking he must have imagined it, Seeing a pokemorph was just too much for kon, He had heard stories about it, but never thought it to be true

' Maybe its just the boots, Maybe they got some sort of wierd side effect ' Kon thought as he saw two pokemorphs run off along with two pokemon


"it smelt like they where right neer us!" Said Abe "I could have swore that his foot was right neer my nose"

"What do you mean?" Asked sandy knowing how good his smelling was "Maybe the machine thing that was on you messed up your smelling

August 13th, 2005, 11:25 AM
"Pokemorphs..." Kon muttered. "I see... This island has some major-league stuff happening on it..."

"Are you alright?" Robin said.

"Yeah." Kon said. "Let's keep going."

After a few minutes of walking, the sound of a machine could be heard from the sky. Loking up, Kon, Robin, and Neina saw what appeared to be a gigantic green flying machine which covered the sky. The obvious emblem of a very portly man with a large red moustache could be seen on the side of the Airship as it passed over the group.

"An Airship?" Kon said. "But this one's different from the one we came on..."

"H... How..." Neina said. "This is impossible..."

"What's wrong?" Kon said. "Anything we should know?"

"It can't be..." Neina said. "Um, Robin! Did you ever find out who owned this island?"

"Yes." Robin said. "A scientist who recently joined Team Magma. I believe his nickname was Dr. Eggman. I never found out what his real name was though..."

"Robotnik..." Neina said. "What the hell... Something is definitely not right here..."

"What is it?" Kon said.

"Um... Never mind..." Neina said. "Ahem! Let's just concentrate on finding our two other members." (But this would explain the whacked out experiments that are supposedly being carried out here.) Neina thought as the group continued to make their way across the island.

August 13th, 2005, 8:18 PM
"I know they are hear somewhere" said Abe. THey others followed him oalong the same path that Kon and the others took.

"Let say there are others here. What are we goig to do? We do't even know if they are frinedly." said Max.

"Then we fight if they are not." said Azz.

Soon the others looked up and saw a green airship.

"Great it back." said Azz

"This ones different. IT green and has a guy with a red moustache." said Sandy.

"Lets just run before they find us." said Max and the others agree.

Then the four saw a person disappear and reappear.

"YOu saw that?" said Max. THe others nodded.

Kon then said, "These boots must be running low on energy." After another flash off appearing and disappearing.

"Lets hope nobody saw us." said Robin not noticing a Absol, Aron and two pokemorths running towards them.

"Lets go to that!" said Abe

August 13th, 2005, 8:30 PM
OOC: Omg, Dovter robitnic/eggman XD You've been playin too much sonic XD

"This island is ****ed up, THings coming and going all the time, NOT TO MENTION I'M A POKEMORPH" Said max

"Yeah well, Maybe these people will know where our boat is" Said abe

"How do you know there even real" Azz replied

August 17th, 2005, 7:43 PM
"I know they here this time" yelled Abe running.

"Are you sure?" said Sandy.

"I sure he saw something becasue I saw it too" said Max

"I still not sure." said Azz.

Abe sniff then he jumped and tackled Kon. "Got you now!" said Abe.

August 18th, 2005, 4:43 PM
Kon lay'd there knopt knowing what abe said

"Guy's, Help, A wild pokemon just attacked!" Kon yelled out "And.... Pokemorphs!" He mumbled looking up to where sandy and max where standing

Suddenly Max and sandy where grabbed by theire wrist's, They both grabed their pokemon as they where lead into the air ship, Kon, Robin and Neina took of their boots and revealed their faces

"Don't worry, WHere here to help!" Nena told the two pokemorphs "But we never expected pokemorphs!"

Suddenly yugi's voice boomed throught the airship

"One of these are the people you need" Yugi said

"Does that mean one of us can't came?" Asked max

"No, Both can came, I suspect we can use an extra hand anyway!" Yugi told the group "Now return here right away!" Yugi instructed

August 18th, 2005, 7:38 PM
Odded started the ship. "Lets go. I don't want to get caugth my that other ship" HTe engines roar and they fell out in the air.

Max was amaze and said, "So what now? WHo the one you guys are talking about?"

"TO tell you the truth. I have now idea." said Robin.

"I just glad you guys are friendly" said Kon still suffering from Abe's attack.

Sandy was just thinking about the grvyle-man.

"We see when we get there" said Nenia.

August 19th, 2005, 3:41 PM
Ooc: Not so much playing Sonic. I'm just running out of villains to throw at the heroes. Plus, I cross Animes all the time. Ooc)

Sandy looked at Neina who seemed to be biting her bottom lip. "Um..." Neina said. "What I meant is that I'll tall you all about Eggman when we get back to base... Yes... I will..."

Sandy accepted that answer for the moment, but couldn't shake the feeling that Neina was hiding something.

Kon seemed to be worried as well. "What did you mean earlier by 'not right'?" he said to Neina.

"... I wanted to save it for when we got back, but since we're all going to be working together, I guess..." she said. "Are any of you familiar with the phenomenon known as 'Universe Prime'?"

"I had heard rumors of it..." Robin said. "A Wormhole materialized from out of nowhere and began to move our universe into another one. But, that was just a rumor, right?"

"It wasn't entirely accurate..." Neina said. "Actually, the truth is that this phenomenon not only brought our world into another universe, but it did the same with countless other universes... I can't tell you how many worlds were affected, because I honestly don't know... But it stopped dead in its tracks due to a new phenomenon..."

"It was true..." Kon said. "It was all true then? All the rumors and tabloids?"

"It gets worse..." Neina said. "I don't know what caused the new phenomenon, but strange etherial creatures began appearing on the various worlds. I believe we saw one at the island..."

"You mean the second ship!!!" Kon said. "They take the form of..."

"People they've seen before." Neina said. "We've picked up a few researchers from various planets, and many don't know what the creatures are either, but one..."

"One?" Kon said.

"One knew the truth behind these monsters..." Neina said. "They're called Gnosis..."

"Gnosis?" Robin said. "So that's what the man was talking about..."

"Are you alright?" Kon said.

"Yeah..." Robin said. "It's just that things seem to be making less and less sense lately..."

August 19th, 2005, 4:28 PM
ooc: Thats ok, I don't care if you use already igsisting characters:P


"So um, Where exactly are you taking us?" Asked max

"WHo cares, this thing is cool!" Azz said to max, Max looked down at him then looked back up for an answer

"You wouldn't have heard of the place!" Neina answered "But once you decide to stay, you cant come back!" She addad

"Um, I don't know if this is a good idea!" Max said "I'm trying to get my life back! My main preority is getting my body back to normal!"

"Is that such an inportant thing?, Your new look gived you alot of other abbilities" Said sandy

"Well in anycase, We can help you get your body back, If thats what you want, But you have to be prepared to throw your old life away!" Neina tols max

"Well, My old life is already gone, Expecially looking like this!" Max told niena "Ok, I'm in, What about you sandy?"

"Yeah, for sure!" Sandy said

"Ok, where nearly there!" Oded told the group

August 20th, 2005, 9:25 PM
The ship landed and a buzz was heard. Odded was on the other side, "YOu kids get off my ship. I got cleaning to do." They laugth and got off the ship as they were told.

"So this wormhole? It sucks in universe and we got into it. How come we didn't know?" asked Max.

"Because it so fast we didn't notice it. That how it work. Can you tell when the earth makes an orbit around the sun?" said Nenia

"True." said Azz

"What can we do?" said Sandy

"First we see Yugi." said Nenia

August 31st, 2005, 9:01 AM
Ooc: This'll be a bit long, but bear with me. I have to explain things. Ooc)

As if on cue, Yugi walked toward the now almost complete group. "Ahh! I see you've found the Prototype. Then please..." As he finished, he motioned the group to the base. Once there, the group was finally able to sit and rest for a moment.

"I feel like I've been on my feet all day..." Kon said.

"You have..." Neina replied.

"I do apologize for the rough treatment..." Yugi said with a chuckle. "But it was necessary to complete the first phase of our mission as quickly as possible. You see, the longer we wait, the worse things are going to get."

"OK..." Kon said. "We're all here. And aren't you supposed to do to them what you did to us?"

"In due time. But first, I have to make sure they're willing to stay." Yugi said.

"I have no real place to go to in this condition..." Max said.

"Neither do I." replied Sandy. The others seened to stay quiet, but didn't move.

"I'll take that as a 'yes'." Yugi said. "Ok... Moving on."

"Hang on a sec." Max said. "What did you mean when you called me a prototype?"

"You were fused with an Aaron (not sure if this is the right spelling)." Yugi said. "But then why only a shell on one arm?"

"Huh?" Max hadn't noticed it earlier, probably due to shock, but his left arm was the only arm that resembled an Aaron. However, his right arm had a strange marking on it. "What's this?"

"If you would like..." Yugi said. "I can unfuse you from Aaron. However, it will be very painful. But I guarantee you that Aaron will be fine."

"You can do that?" Max said.

"Yes, but it will take a little time to prepare the equipment." Yugi said, as he looked at the rest of the group. "In the meantime, I'll be able to go over our purpose and the current situation."

There was a deafening silence in the air. It was like discovering the meaning of life or the basic equivalent. Every second was like an eternity.

"As some of you know, we call ourselves the Nova Warriors." Yugi began. "However, don't feel obligated to do so yourself. It's merely a name, nothing more."

"Kind of like Team Rocket or Team Magma..." Robin said.

"In a way, yes." Yugi continued. "But unlike those groups, we don't serve the forces of evil."

Robin was silent for a moment.

"Don't worry." Yugi said. "I know you never meant to hurt anyone. You did quit the minute you found out what Team Magma was really like. That shows integrity."

"But why us?" Kon said. "You could've chosen ANYONE."

"That is an excellent question." Yugi said. "To answer it, I have to backtrack a bit and explain how I came to be here. You see, when the Wormhole first appeared, we used to access it to travel to different dimensions, never thinking twice about it. At the time we didn't know of the dangers it represented. It wasn't mobile."

"So, it's been there for that long?" Kon said.

"Yes." Yugi replied. "But it started with things before the phenomenon. We've seen many universes, from ones where Earth is ruled by a Moon Kingdom, to ones where people actually travel into computers instead of just surf the web. It was amazing to say the least."

"Unreal..." Robin said. "That's incredible..."

"In fact..." Yugi said. "I once met a man that would probably refer to Poke-Morphs as Mutants. Not to mention the fact that he was able to read minds. Needless to say, he knows about us too."

"But..." Kon said.

"But there was a downside..." Yugi said. "I've also met evil beings the likes of which you'd never be able to comprehend. I've seen evil beings with power that STAGGERS comprehension, and no counterparts to stop them... They would roam the universe and commit atrocities too hideous to even mention... Strange... I've visited many universes, or dimensions if you will, probably over a hundred now, and Pokemon only exist in two of them as far as I know..."

"You mean there are other worlds with Pokemon on them?" Kon said.

"Indeed." Yugi said. "However... As I watched the other universe, saw what was happening... I'd had enough... After the Wormhole was stabilized, I swore that I would do what I could to prevent what happened there from happening here, if it was possible..."

"What do you mean?" Robin said. "What could've possibly happened that's so terrible? How bad could these people possibly be?"

"Let me ask you..." Yugi said. "You ever see a man blow up a planet with two fingers, Robin?"

"Um... no..." Robin said nervously.

"I have. He enjoyed it." Yugi said. "How's THAT for a nightmare?"

"But, what are WE supposed to do against that type of thing?" Max said. "We aren't THAT powerful!"

"True. You'd be annihilated by something of that caliber..." Yugi said. "But... that's where this place comes in... I'd like for all of you to undergo special training. Not to directly fight these beings... Don't get me wrong. The universe is an infinitely big place. I'm not saying that something's DEFINITELY going to happen. Just think of it as a precaution, in case something does happen. If. Nothing may EVER happen. But there is always a chance..."

August 31st, 2005, 11:21 PM
"Well, I'm in" Max said "And I don't want you to change me back yet" Max added "It could help, In whatever i'm getting involved in!"

"Oh? You know, You can change back to your current form!" said yugi

"Well not yet!" Max said "I still want to get used to it

" well then follow me, Your training will start soon, But first you have to rest, I have rooms for you to stay in"

The group followed him as he led them down a long hall All the doors had names on it, Exept for some down the end,

"Are these our rooms?" Sandy asked

"Yes, But i'm afraid we wheren't expecting you, But every room has a spare bed, So you can stay with anyone you like, Oh and ofcourse your pokemon have their own beds aswell!" Yugi said

"But theirs 6 rooms and 5 people!" Sandy exclaimed

"That is true, But our team isn't complete yet eather, The other room is for someone else!" Yugi exclaimed "But don't worry, We will be able to build a new room on in time!" Yugi added

"Well ok then!" Sandy said "I guess I will stay with max for now!"

The 5 all chose a room and put a name tag on the front of the door

There was a bed in the corner, And a sofer in the other, Their whas also another room, It had 6 large beds, Obviosly for pokemon, There was a small TV against the wall, And another door that led to the bathroom

"Not bad!" Robin said as she sat down on the pull out sofar "I could get used to this!"

Suddenly a they all heard a knock on their doors, They all opened it to see that their was a guy in a clean black suit

"Here is your welcome feat!" The man said,

"Oh, I could really get used to this!" Robin said again

September 2nd, 2005, 4:39 AM
They follow the guy to a large table full of food.SOme known and some never seen before.

Sandy wasn't eating a thing and Max asked, "What wrong?"

"Umm, do you feel something strange?" she said.

OOC: sorry it short. Bit short on time.

September 3rd, 2005, 9:48 AM
After a moment, Yugi joined the group.

"Yugi!" Kon said. "I meant to ask you."

"Yes?" Yugi said.

"If all this was happening, why did you wait until now to tell us?" Kon said. "I mean, you could've told us earlier, or better yet, you could have tole the League."

"I thought about that for awhile..." Yugi said. "But what would I say? "Hi, how would you like to undergo special training in preparation for a product of my paranoia? I'd be committed!"

"Yeah..." Robin said. "I suppose it sounds far-fetched... I hardly believe it myself..."

"Oh, yeah!" Kon said. "Exactly what training are we going to go through?"

"Well..." Yugi said. "Standing up to the type of enemy I was talking about earlier is possible. But developing the ability to... How should I put it? It's like when you get a new puzzle. You look at it and at first it's hard to put together, but after a bit of experimentation and figuring out, pieces start falling into place. That's how this is going to be. We're going to start small, and work our way up. Just think of everything that happens after this meal to be part of your training."

It was about then that Kon noticed Sandy. "You alright Sandy?"

"Yeah..." she said. "I just could've sworn..."

As she spoke, Yugi seemed to give a slight nod in her direction. "When we're done, you'll all know how to sense powers. That'll be the first thing I teach you today. Believe me. It may save your life some day."

After about a half hour, everyone was finished eating. Kon got up and stretched.

"Maaan..." Kon said. "That was great!"

"OK..." Yugi said. "You know that really large room we passed on the way here?"

Kon thought for a second, then remembered seeing a large room on the way to the dining room. "Yeah!" he said. "You want us to wait in there?"

"Yes." Yugi began. "I'll be in shortly. First, I need to find someone..."

The group cooperated and sure enough, Yugi had returned with another man who appeared to be in his early twenties. He had blue hair spiked on end and it ung down a few inches in back, where it was spiked on the end there too (he looks different in every FanFic or RP, I swear...). He was wearing a white and blue uniform with silver lining and the 'NW' symbol on his shoulder. Other than that, he didn't seem too muscular.

"Instead of teaching you myself..." Yugi said. "I'd rather have one of the members teach you. This is because we're constantly expanding and gaining new people, so I have to be ready for that. Anyway, this is Chezni, your sixth member."

"Hey, how are you all?" Chezni said. "Don't worry. We won't do anything brutal the first day, but I can be pretty strict when training someone. Just to forewarn you."

"Are you going to be our leader?" Kon said.

"Well..." Chezni said. "We'll figure that out when the training's completely over."

"OK..." Kon said. "Makes sense, I guess..."

"Have you ever been in a battle?" Robin said.

"Yep..." Chezni responded. "I remember fighting a planet-sized monster. Of course, I wasn't alone. I'm strong, but not strong enough to single-handedly stop something of THAT caliber..."

During the conversation, Yugi seemed to duck out of the room, as the door shut behind him.

"Now, you're all mine for a few hours..." Chezni said. "Since this is the first day, we'll start with something that won't require much energy. As the days go on, we'll work our way up to the really tough stuff. Hopefully there'll be enough time..."

"Time before what?" Kon said.

"Before something happens..." Chezni said, as he proceeded to tighten one of his gloves.

September 3rd, 2005, 7:54 PM
OOC: Man. Is Chezni in all RPs you do? (Original Story, The Return and Realm.) In the other he wearing a armor with a crystal right? One other question, Is this before or after Sean or just a completely separate story? Or my choice.

IC: Max and the others follow them. It scary thought that we involve in this he said to Sandy.

Sandy still felt uncertain. Robin slowed down and said, Ok kid. You are the youngest one in other group.

Sandy tried to force a smile and said, I ok. It just a lot to handle.

The smiled scared Max, Azz, Robin and even Abe. Chezni then put his arm around Sandys shoulder and said, Dont worry about her. She be find. Trust me, I have seen many things.

So whats wrong with her. Asked Kon.

Chezni nodded and said, She is just very sense it to energy.

Robin then said, Energy? What energy?

Chezni explain, Every human being and living thing has energy. This energy can be shot as beams of energy to attack with but if it is use to much a person can kill themselves. Some people can sense this energy naturally, like Sandy, while, like you guys, need to be taught that. Today, I will teach that skill.

But why is feeling sick? asked Robin.

It because there is so much energy in this one place that it too much for her to handle at this one time. said Chezni.

They all walked to the middle of the room and Chezni said, He you will learn to sense energy while we help Sandy to focus her ability.

How? asked Nenia.

Chezni raised his hand and form a ball of light. This is energy from myself. The energy then became invisible. Then something almost hit Robin.

What was that? yelled Robin.

That was my ball of energy. It is invisible. You have to catch but the only way to know where it is by sensing where it going to be.

Basically it catch by sensing said Max.

Right nodded Chezni. I be watching from there pointed Chezni and carried Sandy with him.

Sandy then said to him, Why I not there with them. I know it in this room. Right above them.

Good but they dont know that. Now Sandy, Where exactly is the energy ball? asked Chezni.

I not sure but I know it just came down and now it going back up towards the ceiling. She said.

Dont worry. You have just the same amount of time as them. Said Chezni to the Absol-pokemorth.

So how are we suppost to catch something we cant see? said Robin getting frustrated after almost getting hit by the orb of energy for the second time while the others just got hit by the ball too.

We got to sense it. Said Kon.

But how? said Max

September 4th, 2005, 4:37 PM
"Maybe we just gotta consentrate!" Robin said closing her eye's

Everyone looked at robin, Waiting for her to sense something,

"Ohh" Max yelled "It hit me again!", Then suddenly he turned around to see kon standing behind him, He was facing away from him, Also trying to sense the power

'maybe its the same, I sensed that kon was behind me, But i didn't know it was him, How did i doo that!' Max thought, He then felt something quickly go by his back, He quickly turned around to see nothing, Then the ball of energy hit him in the head

"**** it, This thing is just teasing me!" He yelled out, He then felt something behind his back again,

'That must be kon again!' He thought, But kon was infront of him, Max turned around and put his hands out, Something hit his hands, But he didn't catch it, Then, Again he got hit in the head

'I'm starting to get the hang of this!' Max thought as he kept trying to sense the power

September 4th, 2005, 7:24 PM
Chezni looked at Sandy who was focusing on finding the orb. Any luck? he asked.

Sandy looked up at him and said, I think I felt it go in front of Max about two seconds ago.

It was about thirty seconds ago. I felt the breeze of the orb. Said Chezni. Keep trying.

Max was then bump by something. What the heck. This orb is crazy going after me! He looked back and saw Nenia was the one who bump him.

Opps. Sorry. I didnt meant to hit you. I sense the ball so I jump out to avoid hitting it. She said.

You can sense the orb? yelled Robin.

Nenia blush and said, A little but I cant catch it.

Well at least you can sense it better then I can. I just got hit by it again. Said Kon

I know where it is. Give me a minute said Sandy. She close her eyes and then open them. Then she looked up to the middle of the room. It right in the middle of the room.

CHezni nodded and said, You are right. I see you beginning to feel better now too. He raised his hand and the orb reappeared. Nenia, Kon, Max and Robin looked at it.

It was there. I thought it was there. Said Max with Nenia agreeing.

Right said Robin seeing thought his lie.

Now let make this a bit harder. His fingers then rose and the orb separated into four. Now you each have to catch an orb. Once you catch it then you can rest here until the others catch the orb themselves. Then the orbs became invisible again.

Great thought Max, Robin and Kon. Now it harder. Two orbs almost hit Robin.

September 5th, 2005, 12:22 AM
"I didn't even get the hang of the first one!" Kon said as he tried to sense any of the orbs, He looked over to Nenia to see her dodging and ducking

Kon turned around still trying to get the hang of this sensing thing, uddenly, He had a looked over to robin, To see her get hit, His eye's then turned to max, To see him get hit aswell,

'I-I sensed that' Kon thought, Suddenly he put his hand up in the air, His movement cought everyones eye'

As kon looked at his hand an orb apeared

"And I thought I would be the last one here!" Kon said as he went to sit down

"Pfft, That was just a fluke!" Robin said in jeliosity

September 5th, 2005, 6:36 PM
Well done. Said Chezni. That was a good job.

Sandy saw the other orbs flying around. One almost hit Nenia but she dodge it. She look up and saw a ball dive and hit both Robin and Max. Then she saw an orb in the corner of the room then zoom off once Max got close and look at it. They getting good but they need to get better.

Kon didnt pay attention to her and try seeing them. Where are they?

You cant see them? said Sandy. I can. They very fast. It like seeing people and other things.

Kon was embrass but said, I can sense them but I cant see them.

Dont worry about that. The ability to see them takes a long time to develop. To Sandy it is naturally. But to me and the others it could take years. I can see them but it took me months to do and I was a fast learner. said Chezni.

Nenia dodges an orb again and said, I can sense them but I cant catch them. Trying to keep her cool.

Well thats better then me. Said Max trying to dodge one but got hit by another.

Well I just got hit by one three times. Said Robin.

It could have been all three of them. Said Max

NO! I was sure it was the same one! said Robin. Nenia nodded in agreement.

One hit Robin again. Why are you after just me! She wave her hands in the air and felt something hit her. Then she sense it and knew to go right. Then left. She jumped. Then she put her hands up and caught something and an orb appeared in her hand.

September 5th, 2005, 6:53 PM
"Robin can even sence the difference between them!" Max mumbled to himself

Suddenly max sensed someting behind him again, He turned around and grabed something, Only to find that it was nenia's head

"He' he, Sorry" max said before betting hit by an orb again, Max then saw nenia catch the ball

"You cheated!" Max said getting mad, He was the last one there now, He had to get one soon,

Suddenly he felt like he was in danger, Something was comming toward him, He quickly turned around and punched in the direction he thought he was getting attacked

There was nothing there, But he felt something hit his fist, Suddenly, something hit the wall, Again there was nothing there 'It must be the orb' Max thought as he noticed himself sensing it

"I can sense it now!" Max mumbled as he followed the invisible orb with his eye's

Suddenly it came rushing toward him 'what should I do?' he thougth gettining worried

Without knowing he put both hands our for protection and cought the orb

'finaly' He thought as the orb apeared in his hand

September 6th, 2005, 6:46 PM
Chezni smiled while Maxs own Aron laguht at him. First you grab the girls head then punches it. Good one.

Not like you can see it. Said Max.

Pokemon can sense energy better then humans can. Said Chezni.

Yep, I can see those balls flying around and hitting you. Said Azz

Take a break before our next training. Said Chezni. I need to find something.

Chezni walked out the room and left them alone.

You look better now. How you feeling? asked Robin to Sandy.

Oh, fine. She said.

So where you from? How did you got on that Island? Robin asked to her.

September 7th, 2005, 10:07 PM
"Actually I don't know, I was staying in a hotel at goldenrod city because I was visiting my friends... grave, And I woke up the next morning in a glass tube!" Sandy said looking at her feat "Now look at me!" She said "I'm nearly a pokemon!"

Robin looked at sandy's face, She saw that he was trying to hold the tears in

"Hey sandy, How did you figure out how to use pokemon attacks?" Max shouted out across the room, Sandy looked back to see azz trying to teach max a shadow ball, Kon was also there giving advice on the one thing he knew least about

"I told you, Just gather it in your mouth and spit" Kon said

"Max, Tell kon to go away, He dosn't know ****!" Azz said

"Is that pokemon mouthing me?" Kon asked not knowing what Azz siad

September 10th, 2005, 2:41 PM
Ooc: This is Chezni after all of the other RPs. The Wormhole is now a doorway of sorts to Starlance. Realms is sort of an alternate universe RP though, so don't worry about that one in comparison. Oh, and this room is basically like the Danger Room in X-Men in terms of appearance. Ooc)


After a moment, Chezni returned to the room. "We're going to try this a bit differently."

"OK..." Kon said.

"What do you mean?" Robin said.

"What I mean, is the whole energy thing..." Chezni said. "You're all doing as well as to be expected, but there seems to be an obstruction in your way. I am simply going to remove that obstruction."

With that, Chezni handed each member of the group a piece of cloth. "Now that I think about it..." Chezni said. "This is how I learned to sense energy."

"What do you do with these?" Robin said.

"Here. I'll show you." Chezni said, as he proceeded to tie his piece of cloth over his eyes, creating a blindfold.

"But we won't be able to see with the blindfold..." Max said.

"You don't need to be able to see. You see, you're all using your eyes too much. What I want you to do is be able to 'sense' where the energy is. Since it's moving too fast for you all to see, you're all going to be better off without your eyes interfering." Chezni said. "Trust me on this."

The group reluctantly cooperated, knowing that this was somehow going to help them.

"There we go..." Chezni said, peeking to make sure the group was ready. "Now... We're going to start again with four. This time, I want you all to catch the balls and hit me with them. Don't worry. I won't move from where I throw them. That'll be later."

As Chezni began to form the energy balls, Yugi looked on from the other side of one of the windows. "So..." he said. "What do you think?"

A young man that appeared to be in his late teens was standing beside Yugi. He had what appeared to be white hair going downjust past his shoulders. Also he had a yellow and black uniform on. Unlike everyone else in the base though, he didn't have the 'NW' symbol on his uniform. He appeared to be slim and almost athletic.

"They definitely have potential..." the teen said. "But we won't know for sure until..."

"I know..." Yugi said. "until a battle occurs... But at least we're on the same page, chaos..."

"Strange..." chaos said. "I know of Chezni's capabilities from past battles, but I sense something else here... I can't explain it though..."

"I'm sure it will show up at some point..." Yugi said. "Until then..."

"We'll have to wait..." chaos said. "There is no rush though... We still have time."

September 10th, 2005, 8:32 PM
Nenia, Sandy, Kon, Max, and Robin couldn't see a thing but they know that Chezni was blindfolded too.

Kon yelled in pain as a ball hit him. Robin said, "As long as it wasn't me." Soon after that was said she was hit with an orb. "Spoke too soon."

Max was blocking th orbs that wer coming at him with his shell arm but was unable to catch them. "They coming to fast."

"Just focus and you be able to see them. Soon catch them." siad Chezni.

Kon, Robin and Max understood but now it was much harder to sense them because they couldn't see them. Like they did before but they seem to know when one got allow from them.

Nenia and Sandy were dodging them. Sandy asked, "Am I spose to see the orbs even with this blindfold on? Because I can see them."

"I can sense them but not see them nor catch them." said Nenia.

"Sandy, you can naturally see them but the others can't. YOu guys just need to catch them and threw them at me." Siad Chezni

Sandy caugth two orbs and smiled. She threw them. The first one missed because Chezni turned his head but the other one hit him in the gut. He cuaght but was ok. "Good one Sandy. You are a natural at this thing. I was only lucky to dodge that one but I sense you catching them and throwing them." he said. CHezni then got one and threw it back at Sandy but she jumped out of the way. Chezni nodded in approval.

"That little girl hit him before I did." said Robin to herself. "How?"

September 10th, 2005, 10:01 PM
'Thats not fair, Sandy and Max have an advantage because they are half pokemon!' Kon thought remembering that pokemon can naturaly sense power, But little did he know, That that wasn't sandy's only advantage

Max continued reflecting the orbs with his armored arm While robin was having more trouble then the rest this time, Kon could still sense them, But wasn't fast enough to dodge them

sandy didn't want to stop the training just because she had already hit chezni, So she tried to sence where the others where while dodging the energy orbs, At the moment she could only sence chezni because he had the most power, But she also noticed two other people watching, She wasn't sure, But she thought one of them was yugi, So she ignored them and consentrated on sencing the others

"Hmph, She knew we where here!" Chaos said "I think she might have the most potential!"

September 11th, 2005, 6:36 PM
YUgi nodded and said, She might have the potential but she just can see the energy naturally.

Chaos nodded and said, Yes, I also need to account the others that are not like her.

He took a look at each one of them and said, The girl from Magma can take hit and if she can sense them then she can do major damage. Nenia can sense them but she doesnt have that physical strength. The pokemorth is very useful. He will be great with and without his pokemorht form. That Kon kid can take hits so he can be great shild. Look at him taking those hits

And you saw that just in these five minutes of watching them? aske Yugi.

Chaos smiled and said, No, three minutes. It took me two to word it out to you.

Kon kept on getting hit by the orbs but was tiring. I can sense them but I cant dodge them.

Sandy try looking for the others energy. They were low but she saw Robins the clearest

An orb hit Robin again for the second time in the last minute. He jumped up to dodge the one following it only to get hit by the one when she landed on the ground. Why they after me? Then she shot her arm out. Then she shot her own orb from herself and created a dent in the wall it hit.

Where did that came from? Was that from me? said Robin in surprise. That was me?

The ones in the way were bary able to dodge it. Chezni raise an eyebrow from under his blindfold. Good one Robin, but for now try to catch my orbs first.

September 11th, 2005, 10:02 PM
Sandy saw the burst of energy come from robin "Whered that come from!" Sandy mumbled as she sensed max's energy next, She noticed that max had a wierd energy, Everyone elses energy was a blueish colour, But max had two colours, One was blueish like the other's, But the other one was a brown colour, The same colour as his aron

'It must be because he is a pokemorth' She thought 'So that means since i'm a pokeporht i must have two energy's in me!'

Max was still consentrating on trying to catch the energy, But he noticed, That he could nearly see the energy now, It was only faint. But he could see them

September 14th, 2005, 7:11 PM
Max the nnotice the energy building up again. It was a bright pink but it now grew clearer.

RObin was a bit faint because of the lack of energy she just lost but she felf something riseing back up. "I feel better now. I must be retriving lost energy I guess. I need to be a bit careful with that."

Sandy saw that Robin energy was raiseing back to normal slow but her energy was being seen clearer now like it was before she shot the orb. Sandy just missed being hit by an orb becasue she was destricted by watching Robin while Kon got hit instead.

September 18th, 2005, 4:54 PM
(They're very close...) Chezni thought to himself... (I'm amazed... It took me two months to learn to sense the energy of others... It's been less than a day and they're already starting to grasp it...)

"Ok..." Chezni said, as the energy balls disappeared. "I want you all to concentrate on the room. Try to feel out where everyone is..."

The group cooperated. Sandy could easily do it. However, the others were having a harder time. One by one, the auras appeared for the rest of the group.

"You see?" Chezni said. "You've almost mastered the art of sensing energy. It may seem tough to do now, but as you train, we're going to fine tune this skill, until you can do it naturally, without thinking."

"Naturally?" Kon said. "But it's really difficult to get a lock on them."

"Believe it or not..." Chezni said. "It's easier to do with stronger opponents. Like me for instance. Try sensing me... Look for the strongest aura."

After a second, the entire group could see Chezni's aura. It was a sky-blue color, but also it was bright. In fact, it was almost blinding.

"Now you see..." Chezni said. As he finished, he created four more energy balls. "Now... Let's see you hit me with the energy." With that, he threw all four balls in different directions.

Kon immediately sensed one of the balls coming toward him. "Amazing..." he muttered. "It's the same as Chezni's aura..."

It seemed that the rest of the group was catching on as well, as they were dodging the energy more easily now.

"Hmm..." Robin said. "It's a bit easier to see, now that I know what I'm looking for..."

After a few moments, Kon reached out and caught one of the energy balls. It was warm to the touch. "Ok... Now to match the auras..." he said... After looking, he found the sky-blue aura that was Chezni's. "There..." With that, he launched the ball at Chezni.

The wait was the worst part of it. It was like waiting for the results of an election. However, After a moment, a nice loud thump rang throughout the room, as the two auras collided. After the impact, the remaining aura was thrown into a wall.

"Oh..." Kon said. "Are you ok?"

"Yeah..." Chezni said. "But, let's wrap it up for the day..." As he finished, he Dismissed the energy balls and removed his blindfold. The rest of the group did the same.

As Kon removed his blindfold, he could see scorch marks on Chezni and the rest of the group. It was apparent that the training had taken its toll.

"Not a single complaint..." Chezni said. "I'm impressed... Most people whine about how it burns..." It was then that the group actually started feeling the pain from the injuries.

"Ow..." Robin said, rubbing her shoulder... "This smarts..."

The rest of the group was in a similar condition. It all amounted to one thing. You NEVER feel it until the fight's over...

"So..." Kon said... "How'd we do?"

Chezni turned toward the group, as five fresh burn marks covered his body. "I'd have to say..." he began. "Pretty well..." With that, he took a knee.

"You ok?" Max said.

"Yeah..." Chezni said. "I'm just not used to being hit with my own attacks... I didn't expect any of you to hit me on the first day."

As the group finished, Yugi and chaos came in. "How did it feel?" Yugi said.

"Painful..." Kon replied. "But envigorating..."

"Unleash a fragment of thy power!!" chaos suddenly said, as his hands began to glow blue. An aura briefly surrounded the group, and after a second, their injuries were completely gone.

"Whoa..." Kon said.

"I feel great..." Sandy replied. "Was that a KI ability?"

"Not quite..." chaos said. "That was Ether, an artificial form of energy."

"Who ARE you?" Sandy replied. "I sensed you from here..."

"OH..." chaos said. "Forgive me. I am known as chaos." As he finished, he bowed politely.

"Yeah..." Chezni said. "He's a little weird, but he's unstoppable in a fight."

"I don't know whether to take that as a compliment, or an insult..." chaos said. The rest of the group chuckled a bit.

Without warning, a high pitched siren went off. Immediately, Yugi pulled out his Poke-Dex and opened it.

"Oh, no..." he said. "This is bad... According to this, New Bark Town is under attack!!!"

September 18th, 2005, 6:30 PM
"FIrst day on the job. Lets hope you guys can handle this." said CHezni.

"YOu mean we going out and fight that thing." said Max

"Not by yourself. THis may be a small task so you may be able to do it." said Chaos, "Think of it as a test."

"ANd if things get rough we be there to help." added CHezni.

CHezni, Choas, Max, Nenia, Robin, Kon, Sandy, Azz, and Abe enter the ship which was being pioleted by Odded. "Get ready for left off. Because we off. THen they were sent off in the air."

THey were seated in the ship. CHezni sat next to Robin. "It seems like you found out how to threw energy."

Robin smiled and said, "Well it was out of frustion but it was kind of ok. How do I do that."

"Well it simple. Just like focusing to look for energy. YOu focus it in your hand or what ever body part you want and then release it and if done right it should hit your oppenent and not yourself." said CHezni.

"Oh" siad Robin trying to see if she can do it again.

"We almost there." said Odded

September 29th, 2005, 2:56 PM
Finally the ship landed, They all got out not quite knowing what was instore for them, Chaos got out to see a young man with long grey hair walking toward the ship, He was dressed in black, and had the meanest expression on his face any of the four rookies had ever seen

"Well, Well, Well, If it isn't hoi. You know your a spitting image of your father!" Chaos said

"How dare you speak of my father to me," Hoi said as his expression got meaner "I won't fogive you for killing him!" Hoi added as he walked toward chaos

"So thats what you think." Chaos said "Come on, You know as well as me it was a freak accedent!"

"No, You let him die, If you haddn't have pushed the button, He would still be here!" Hoi yelled

"His father was my parter, He died on a mission, I'll tell you the details later" Chaos wispered to the group "For now, Capture him, But don't kill him, If things get out of hand i will step in!" Chaos added

September 29th, 2005, 6:41 PM
You wont take me in without a fight. Said Hoi. He then started to vibrate.

Kon and Nenia stepted back a bit. Robin then asked, What is he doing?

Chezni laugh and said, It just his allusion trick. Think of it like the pokemon move Double Team.

Hoi vibrated faster until five copies appeared. They just stood there.

Robin smiled and said, Easy. She has fought things like Double Team.

One of them is a fake one. Said Max knowing that Double Team is always fake.

Then he was hit my one of them. All of them jumped and the Hois then siad, One of us is real but we all hit real.

Then which one is fake? said Robin frustrated and sense energy going to her hand. I must hold it until I can sense the real one. She said to herself.

Which one is the real one Sandy? asked Kon after trying to dodge one.

They all see so real but I need a minute in order to see which one is a fake one for sure. Sandy use her blade to block a punch from a Hoi.

OOC: Not to intrupt but Blitz, could you post in Chain: Story (revive) anytime soon. Please.

September 29th, 2005, 10:52 PM
OOC: Sure i will soon, Seing i have nothing better to do at this point


Sandy tried to consentrate, But Hoi and his copies where moving around to much for her to figure out witch one is real

"Don't wast your time on trying to figure out witch one is real, Trail and error is userly the best way!" Chaos said calmly

"I'll take that one" Azz said running toward one of the hoi's

"Azz will take that one!" Max told the others "I'll take this one" Max said trying to punch one of them But he was too fast,

The others all chose one of the hoi's to attack, But none of them could land a punch, But suddenly Abe noticed something...

"Four of them have white eye's!" Abe said

"What?" Asked sandy

"Abe's right, Only one of them actually have pupels" Max said

"I hate it how only those two know what there pokemon are saying!" Kon said

"Guy's This one is the real one!!!" Max yelled out rushing toward the only one with pupels...

September 30th, 2005, 4:29 AM
THe one with pupels caugth the punch and laugth. "YOu think that will work on me? Need to be a bit more better then that." Hoi said. He then hit Max with his elbow. Max landed with a thad. He then motion to his clones and they started to spin around to form twisters.

"How are we to beat him if we can't get near him?" said Kon.

Robin just tried to see him but he was surrounded by the twisters. "Get me near him and I take care of him" She felt energy into her hand preparing to fire once she get close to him.

"You sure?" asked Sandy

"Sure" she said.

September 30th, 2005, 4:48 PM
"Wait!" Kon said, Robin waited there with the energy in her hand "If you shoot like that it will only hit the twister" Kon added, Suddenly Kon and max boosted robin into the air over the twister

She could see right down into the eye of the twister, Koi was standing in the middle un awear of robin above him, Robin leleased the ball of energy to let it go speeding down toward hoi...

September 30th, 2005, 5:44 PM
Chezni seemed to stand on the side, as the rest of the group fought Hoi. "That's right..." he whispered. "Don't try to see with your eyes... Sense his energy..."

Suddenly, a blast erupted from the twister toward Chezni. Without so much as flinching, he deflected it upward with a single hand. A small explosion could be heard in the distance.

Another explosion rang throughout the twister, as it soon dissipated, leaving Hoi in the middle with a few burns on him. "Not bad..." Hoi said. "Not bad at all..." With that, Hoi seemed to collapse.

Kon walked forward to subdue him, as Chezni's eyes widened. "No!!!" Chezni said. "Wait! He's..." But before he could finish, Hoi had already wrapped his arm around Kon and grabbed hold of him.

"Just like a typical Nova Warrior..." Hoi said. "You're way too easy to fool."

Robin prepared to launch another attack, as Hoi held Kon in front of him. "Don't even think about it." Hoi said. "If I die, he dies! Got it?!"

"It was a simple mistake..." Chezni said. "Anyone could've made that error, even me."

That said, Chezni seemed to disappear. The next thing Hoi knew, he had been seperated from Kon and was now in Chezni's arms.

"You're not getting away, Hoi." Chezni said. "It's over."

Acknowledging defeat, Hoi bowed his head and grunted. "And I almost got away too... You've trained them well."

"And YOU'VE trained well too." Chezni said.

"Chezni and I had to subdue this man once before." chaos said. "He always considered us to be his biggest rivals."

September 30th, 2005, 8:36 PM
After locking up Hoi in a ceil inside the ship. Odded fire it up and left back to base.

"See that you are able to shot that now." said Chezni.

"Ohh, Yeah. I can and this time I didn't feel tired out." Robin siad with a smile.

Nenia was in the jail of the ship looking for Hoi's ceil. Until she found it. Hoi looked up and said, "YOu...what you want."

"Just want to talk." she said in a shy voice.

"Shot away. I guess CHoas or Chezni sent you." he said.

SHe shook her head to say no and said, "How does it feel to be ... umm ...bad?"

September 30th, 2005, 9:33 PM
"Those are the bad ones in my eyes!" Hoi said, "They killed my father, And for that i can't forgive them

"Was your father evil or something?" Nenia asked

"No, He was on their team!" Hoi said "And yet they let him die!"

"Wait on!" Nenia siad "Did they kill him, Or did they not help him?"

"They left him behind, And in my eye's thats killing him!" Hoi said as he looked to the ground, A single tear droped as hoi remembered back to that moment

"I was there you know!" Hoi said "My father saved me, If he hadn't gone back to save me, He would still be here!"

"I see!"Nenia said

"No, I don't think you do, You think its simple, Your eather bad or good, But its more complecated, People aren't evil for no reason!" Hoi said

Nenia felt hoi's sadness, And she left the room, Without saying anything, *** nenia left, She bumped into robin at the door

"You know, Being on the bad side isn't what you think!" Robin said, Knowing what it was like to be one of them type of people

"Everyone hates you, You never feal good about it, When you know you are hurting inecent people, Its not a good fealing!" Robin added

Nenia looked up and walked past her silently

October 1st, 2005, 8:39 PM
"But what is it that drives a person to do those things without feeling is a different story." Robin said and with that she left the room and close the door behind her.

"The young never know what they are into before it is to late." said Hoi in the darkness.

The group landed back to the base and Kon asked CHezni, "So what do we do with Hoi."

CHezni said, "It al depends on what Yugi thinks." said CHezni.

BUt Hoi may be a great teaching tool to the young students though Choas.

"Where Robin and Nenia?" asked Max.

October 4th, 2005, 9:47 PM
Robin walked in

"Here I am" Robin said "I havn't seen Nenia!" She lied hoping Nenia would take her advice

Robin was teh first to walk out the door of the ship

The other 3 rookies all got out as chenzi, chaos, and odded followed, Yugi was standing at the exit waiting for their return Nenia then came out of the ship last,

"It turns out 'Hoi' was behind it, He caused little damage!" Chenzi told yugi

"Hoi? You mean reglo's son?" asked yugi

"I'm afraid so" Chaos said butting in

"Oh dear, I was afraid he would hold his fathers death against us!" Yugi said as he lowered his head

"Maybe we should just explain what happened with his father!" Chaos said "I wouldn't feal right locking him up!" he added

Suddenly they all heard the engine of the ship start up, They all looked at the ship,

Robin looked at Nenia, Nenia looked to the floor,

Even though robin new Nenia let hoi free, She kept it to herself, It wasn't worth ruining someones reputation!

October 6th, 2005, 10:20 AM
Without saying a word, Chezni simply grinned. "Looks like he got away again..."

"Aren't we going after him?" Kon said.

"We don't need to..." Chezni told Kon. "He still blames us for Leon Reglo's death... If anything, he'll come back here. Besides..." as he continued, he put his hand on Neina's shoulder. "There are plenty of enemies out there that are worse than Hoi... He's just a small fry in the grand scheme of things."

Far from where the group was located, an ominous looking fortress loomed in the distance. Inside, a mid-aged man with a purple robe seemed to be watching the images of the group's battle, using a magical mirror. "So... It seems Hoi has failed..." he said.

Another mid-aged man in a red robe was also looking into the same mirror. "That is true, Sernir. But this might have been for the best." he said, looking in the mirror.

A third mid-aged man in a green robe continued to look to the mirror. "If they are all on that world... Then we can take their main base from the other side... What do you think, Alonir?" he said to the man in the red robe.

"I like the way you think, Eldanir..." he said.

"Enough small talk!" A woman that looked to be in her twenties emerged from one of the shadowy corridors of the fortress. Her crimson hair hung down to her elbows, and she wore a red and white robe. Her eyes seemed to flash a hue of red, white, blue, black, and green. Five gems seemed to be embedded into the chest area of her robe. Each color matched one of the colors that her eyes were flashing.

"Of course, Tiamat." Sernir said. "But you realize our opportunity, yes?"

"Hmm..." Tiamat said. "Destroying the Nova Warriors, with their own weapons... It's too appealing to pass up."

"How do we go about doing this?" Eldanir said.

"I've taken the liberty of calling on some of our old friends..." Tiamat said.

"The Sinistrals?!" Alonir said.

"Exactly." Tiamat responded. "They should be on their way to the Nova Base in Starlance as we speak. And with no defenses..."

"Sinistar will easily take the main base!" Sernir said. "But what about those new recruits? What if they get in the way?"

"Oh them?" Tiamat said. "If they interfere, feel free to kill them. It makes no difference to me. And if my sister, Tiaray interferes, I'll take care of her personally!"

A girl that fit the description of Tiamat was watching from outside one of the windows. Her eyes flashed in a bronze, copper, brass, silver, and gold pattern. Her robe was gold and silver instead of red and white too.

"No... Sister..." Tiaray said. "Why are you doing this?" Immediately, she flew off toward where Yugi and the group were. "I have to warn Chezni..."

October 7th, 2005, 8:36 PM
OOC: Sernir lives on!! I was planning to kill him but umm. You see what happens.

IC: Robin, Max, and Kon were in the lounge area resting. Robin just got done opening a can of soda.

"What a day" she said.

"Tell me about it." Max said fininshing his soda.

"We meant so many people but we know so little about them. Like that Chezni dude." said Kon.

They then saw Chezni walk by.

"Should we follow him?" asked Max.

"May help us to get to learn about him" said Kon.

The three stayed behind Chezni without making a sound. Chezni then stops infrount of a door. "YOu guys can come inside with me if you want too. I not going to bite."

"How you knew we were behind you." asked Max in surprisement.

"YOur energy of coaurse." said Chezni. "Now come in" He open the door and the three followed him ito the room.

The room had a bed, a bathroom and lots of pictures.

"You been with the Nova Warriors for a long time, right?" asked Robin looking at a picture with a guy and a pikachu. "That Ash!"

"Yep. We meant along time ago." said Chezni. "I kind of taught him some stuff but he is good."

Max also saw another picture with Chezni with a gold eevee and another guy. Then a Charizard and another guy that looks a bit younger then Chezni in the picture. "Thats Ash with his white pikachu but who the other guys?"

"The guy with the eevee is named Sean. He maybe one of the most powerful beings on earht when he is with his Eevee. HE now lives in Mt. Silvier with his childhood friend. See that her right there next to him." Pointing to a girl with brown hair. "

The guy with the charizard is named MIke. He also agood guy too. I didn't train him but he was a great help. He from a place far from here but he may be there now or some place else. Not the kind of guy who likes to stay in one place long."

"So where you from?" asked Robin.

Chezni smiled and said, "That another day."

The door then opened and Choas was there. "CHezni, someone here to talk to you. Its Tiaray. She looks like she need to say something important."

October 10th, 2005, 10:02 AM
Ooc: Sernir could be another Zarnon... He seems to be really difficult to subdue. Oh, Tiaray and Tiamat were fused, so she's got a slightly different personality. So don't be surprised. Ooc)

With that, Tiaray entered the room. Despite their inexperience, the entire group could feel her power. It was tremendous beyond reason, despite her efforts to hide it. Even Chezni's power paled in comparison.

"Whoa..." Kon said. "That power..."

"Sorry..." Tiaray said. "I try to hide it, but it's difficult masking this much power. That's why I try to keep mobile. I have many enemies..."

"So..." Chezni said nervously. "What brings you here?"

"Gee, isn't it obvious?" Tiaray suddenly blurted out. "Sorry... Still getting used to my persona... Anyway... It isn't good..."

"What do you mean?" Chezni said.

"Gee, 20 questions?!" Tiaray said. "Well, the fact is... I don't know how to say this properly... Well... You remember that base you have in Starlance?"

"Yeah, the main headquarters." Chezni said. "Why?"

"Ok. You know those Sinistral people?" Tiaray said. "Well, first of all, they're back. Secondly, they've taken over the main base. It all boils down to the fact that it wasn't very well guarded. There weren't many casualties, fortunately, but it's reeeally bad that they have the main base."

"Yeah..." Chezni said. "That's bad alright..."

"It is as she says..." chaos said. "The Sinistrals are back and they've taken over the main base. From there they could..."

"Take over all of Starlance..." Chezni said. "If that happens, they may figure out how to de-stabilize the Wormhole... and that would mean..."

"This world would end..." Yugi said as he entered the room.

"So, what do you suggest we do?" Robin said. "From the sound of them... We wouldn't stand a chance..."

October 10th, 2005, 5:40 PM
"So, what do you suggest we do?" Robin said. "From the sound of them... We wouldn't stand a chance..."

You right. Said Tiaray You are at a serious disadvantage. At your little states now.

Robin didnt like at what Tiaray and TIaray then notice what she said, Sorry, I didnt mean to sound so mean but it true.

Max saw that it could be pointless but he felt that he needs to do something. As if he was connected to what ever is happening.

Kon then siad, So what is the worst thing that could happen if this Wormhole de-stabilize. How can it destroy the world.

Yugi said, It will suck up everything up and tear it up until all life is gone and things.

That is bad. Said Tiaray, What a stupid question.


Awaken. Sernir shooting a black shadow orb at a spider-like beast. Jade, your pet wont wake up.

Jade walked to his side and said, Just wait. He only my genetic engineer spider that is infuse with dark magic.

Well, tell me when awaken. Sernir then disappear as a shadow.


Robin then send out her Zangoose which seemed to have a hair change. What this? Zangoose had a blue mark instead of a red one.

A Celeistal? asked Robin. My Zangoose? Did you say something about them being some sort of powerful pokemon.

I havent seen another celeistal pokemon since Sean and his Eevee. Said Chezni. We may want to discuss this later. said Choas.

Yes, but what to do. Said Max as Azz stood my his side waiting to hear what needs to be done.

First we need to find out where to attack first. This base wont be easy to get into. Said Chezni showing the base area plan on the screen.

October 16th, 2005, 10:27 AM
Ooc: I meant to say Tiaray and Tiamat were fused. Obviously,. Tiamat's still with Sernir, but they've been fused before so her personality is slightly different. And that's about what the Wormhole does, so you improvised well. Ooc)

"You're not kidding!!!" Kon said. "It's... in SPACE? How do we attack something like THAT?!"

Chezni looked at the map. "If I know the Sinistrals... They'll probably be building a Warp Core on the base as we speak... When they're finished, they'll attack us with it."

"Warp Core?!" Kon said. "Like Star Trek?"

"A bit differently than Star Trek..." Chezni said. "This one enables them to go faster than light, yes... But its true purpose is to pass through the Wormhole unharmed."

"And the Wormhole leads directly to here..." Robin said. "right?"

"Um... yeah!" Chezni said. "That's right, you all have that knowledge now with your Poke-Dexs... I forgot..."

Yugi looked at Max for a second. "Max, can I see you for a little bit?"

"Um... sure..." Max said, as he and Yugi left the room.

"Wonder what that was about?" Kon said.

"More than that, how do we stop that thing?" Robin said. "From what you say, it sounds like time is against us."

"When you work here long enough, you'll realize..." Chezni said. "Time is always against us."

"OK, so whaddya need?" acame a child-like voice from the other side of the door to the command center.

"Ahh..." Chezni said. "One thing about our forces though. We always have allies. Come on in! Meet the group!"

The door opened to reveal what appeared to be a small Pokemon with a giant 3-point star for a head. He seemed to have a slit in his chest.

"Who knew?" Kon said.

"This is Jirachi, Legendary Pokemon from Hoenn." Chezni said.

"Wait, doesn't he only..." Robin began.

"Normally he only awakens for 7 days every thousand years..." Chezni said. "But ever since Asmodia's awakening, this one just doesn't want to go back to sleep."

"Come on!" Jirachi said. "How can I sleep with all the noise out there?!"

"Noise?" Kon said. "What do you mean, 'noise'?"

"Oh..." Chezni said. "Right. It must not be in your Dexs. Jirachi can hear the voices of Legendary Pokemon. More specifically, he hears them speaking to him."

"And they only speak when there's something important to be said..." Jirachi said.

"I always imagined Jirachi to act all cute though..." Robin said. "What's up with him?"

"Another question that I can answer." Chezni said. "Jirachi's personality always matches the personalities of the people he's nearest to. So in this room, he'll act like a combination of us 3. Kon. You had a tragic past, which caused you to become hardened and forced you to grow up faster than normal. Robin. A former member of Team Magma, you quit when you saw what they were doing to Pokemon and didn't like it. Though you feel better now, you'll never forget the sights you saw. Tiaray. You're... Tiaray. And me..."

"Yes?" Kon said. "What about you?"

"Well..." Chezni said. "I'm alot like you two."

The second those words sank in, Kon, Tiaray, Jirachi and Robin facefaulted.

"Great..." Kon said. "He does the same thing as us too..."

October 19th, 2005, 5:20 PM
Jirachi was just waiting and said, "NOw back to business at hand. I know of what happen at the base. They at top protection. Very hard to get into."

Sandy and Abe join the group and Sandy smiled at the sight of Jirachi. She ran to the pokemon and hugged it, "I always wanted to meat you. YOu are so cute!!!"

Jirachi smiled and said, "Nice to meet you. I like you too."

Robin saw this and notice a true smile in Jirachi's face. "He must be enjoying a postive fibe."

KOn smiled watching that he was getting hugged by a little girl.

Chezni pulled Sandy away from Jirachi. He then said, "Also, there must be another reason why you here."

Jirachi then said, "You know me that well?"

Tiaray then said, "You only appear when something big is happening and when it big hot dog night here which is every ten years. You don't come when a invasion is being plan."

"So what up?" said Chezni.

"You do know me. I sense a Celeistal pokemon here." Jirachi said.

"You mean that thing that Chez called my zangoose?" said Robin.

"That why you here!" siad Tiaray. "He to help a trainer and its pokemon?"

"You girl. Not everyday I feel one." said the small pokemon.

October 22nd, 2005, 10:51 AM
"At least, that would be the likely answer... But this one is different from what I normally sense..." Jirachi said, as he floated to the front of the room. "This one has a strange aura to it... Almost unnatural..."

Robin seemed to shake at the mention of an unnatural aura. But it wasn't only her. Everyone seemed to be chilled by the words. Even Chezni looked worried.

"Did you say 'unnatural'?" Chezni said. "Like, possibly artificial?"

"Yes... It doesn't seem like a natural occurrence." Jirachi said. "And that's not all... It seems this Pokemon has already awakened its Celestial Form."

It was then that the group could see the color leave Chezni's face. "Omega..." he said. "Omega Ultimus..."

In literally seconds, Yugi had rushed into the command center. "Did I just hear you say 'Omega'?"

"Huh?" Kon said. "How did you... No, I probably don't want to know..."

"I have very good hearing..." Yugi said. "It's part of my Elven traits."

"What's all the ruckus?" came chaos' voice from the doorway, as he entered the room. "Did I miss something?"

"But who..." Chezni managed to say. "Who has the sheer amount of power required to pull off a resurrection of that scale... Why, it would take a transmutation the size of a solar system to... No..."

Chezni immediately rushed to the main console in the room. After pressing a few buttons, a display screen came up.

"chaos, you should see this..." Chezni said.

chaos immediately walked over and looked at the screen. "Hmm... Wait a second... Where's U-DO?! It's completely gone!!"

"U-DO?" Kon said.

"U-DO is an incorporeal phenomenon that had recently taken form and become solid..." Chezni said. "Nobody knows why it was here, but we all thought it had something to do with the Zohar, ancient relics from the past... Here. This'll be easier if you saw it."

With that, the computer displayed a small picture of a pink mass floating in space. Max looked at it for a moment and shrugged. "It looks like a giant pink blob..."

"Or a Jell-o mold..." Robin said.

"If anyone says 'There's always room for Jell-o', I'm gonna hurt them!" Tiaray said.

"What's Transmutation?" Kon said.

"It's difficult to explain..." Chezni said. "Well, you know how some abilities require material components?"

"Ok..." Kon said. He recalled something about Magic from his Poke-Dex.

"Transmutation is one of those abilities." Chezni said. "It's both a form of Alchemy and also a form of Magic, both ancient forms of KI. More than that though, given the right circumstances, one could bring the dead back to life... But it usually requires a live sacrifice... In this case... U-DO..."

"Well..." chaos said. "If it's any consolation, we don't have to worry about U-DO anymore..."

"One less thing..." Yugi said.

"But now we have two forces out there..." Chezni said. "One force revived Omega... And the other has control of our main base..."

"What IS Omega?" Robin said.

"Omega is an artificial Pokemon, the last one ever created after MewTwo." Chezni said. "Reports talk about Cinnibar Island being destroyed by MewTwo... That's a lie. The lab was damaged by him, yes. But the island was leveled by Omega..."

"Why are there still people there then?" Kon said.

"The Pokemon League wanted to cover up what happened, and the fact that Omega was unaccounted for, so they invented the MewTwo story and gave him the rap." Chezni said. "They claim it was in Kanto's best interest... Of course... It was only temporary... One day, Omega suddenly attacked Hoenn. It took the powers of Manachu, Asmodia and every Legendary Pokemon in the world to stop Omega's wrath. But even that may not be powerful enough to defeat him this time."

"Why?" Kon said. "Couldn't we just do that again?"

"No..." Chezni said. "You see, Omega becomes more powerful with each passing second. Right now, I'd estimate he's at least five times stronger than the last time we fought him..."

October 28th, 2005, 4:33 AM
"And this is the kind of bussness we got ourselves into?" said Sandy.

"SO it took all of them to beat Omega?" said Kon.

"It truely took the combine power of light and dark to defeat him." said Tiaray.

"Well let call them two to beat him again. If this Omega thing is getting powerful as a second goes then those guys who defeated him must be getting powerful as well." siad Max

"WHo were they anyways?" asked Kon.

"It was Sean Barta and his pokemon Eevee. Then from the dark was his well...his clone." said Chezni.

"Sean. A clone. Eevee" said Robin confused. "This is the thrid time you metion this Sean guy. Who is he and what makes him so important and why I never heard of him?"

"I be surprise if you knew him to tell the truth. He doesn't exacty work for us but he fights on ourside so that a good thing. He is hidden except to us."

"So what makes him so speacail?" said Robin with her zangoose getting angry with her.

"He also have a Celestial pokemon and together they have doe things that was thougth impossible. They have save the worlds from directly impossible harm many times when they were young. But not even he was storng enothe to defeat Omega by himself so that why he called on his clone for help. He a different story." said Chezni answering his question.

"Then why don't you call on him to save the world." said Max.

"Because he had done it so many times that they need to rest. I don't think you will like it if we call you everytime the world is in danger. So we just be polite and let them come out whne they want. They know what happening." said Yugi.

November 2nd, 2005, 9:45 AM
Chezni chuckled in response to Yugi. "Don't worry. If I know them, they're probably already aware of what's going on. They'll come. It's a matter of time."

"What about..." Jirachi said.

"Yes, Manachu." Chezni said. "I forgot about him. He was in the battle even before Sean joined up. Back when Asmodia was evil and Zarnon was... Whoa... Too many flashbacks."

"What are you talking about?" Kon said.

"It's not important right now." Chezni said. "Let's just say that Omega is probably the greatest threat this world has ever known."

"But..." Robin said. "Why haven't we ever known about it?"

"When Omega was last defeated, he seemed to realize the error of his ways." Chezni said. "Using what was supposed to be his last ounce of strength, he helped us escape from the fortress where we fought. We found out that the fortress would explode on a magnitude strong enough to cause this planet to go supernova... Um... to explode... Anyway, Omega went back into the fortress and used his power to suppress the explosion so it only caused minimal damage. This in turn was supposed to destroy him... But apparently not... But why has he turned on us? It doesn't make sense..."

"So he used to be good?" Max said.

"Basically, yes..." Jirachi said.

"What if..." Robin began.

"Duuuuh!!!" Yugi said. "Team Magma.... They could have control of him."

"That explains his sudden turn..." Robin said. "They were developing mind-control technology on the island."

"I know..." Max said. "I was there. They had a lab and were fusing Pokemon and I didn't see it very clearly, but something was in the room with me when I was captured. Something besides the one who rescued me."

"Omega..." Chezni said. "Then we have our targets..."

"But how do we fight something so powerful?" Kon said.

Yugi nodded. "Yes. It seems too strong for us, but there may be a way..."

"Crystals..." Chezni said. "Yes. With Nova Crystals, you three will be on a level near that of even mine. I'll probably still be stronger, but not by much... Of course..."

"What?" Kon said.

"It all depends on if we accept you." came a voice from a white jewel. It seemed to be embedded into Chezni's Poke-Dex. Dislodging itself, it floated over to the middle of the room.

"You talk?" Robin said.

"Only when there's something to say." the jewel said. "Oh. I am Eden, Chezni's Nova Crystal. And yes, we're sentient."

"Great..." Kon said. "That means they ALL talk..."

November 11th, 2005, 6:03 PM
Neina was back in her room lying on her bed. She was remembering what Hoi said about good and evil.

"No, I don't think you do, You think its simple, Your eather bad or good, But its more complecated, People aren't evil for no reason!"

But then why are they evil said Neina.

Then she remembers what Robin said.

"You know, Being on the bad side isn't what you think! Knowing what it was like to be one of them type of people

Everyone hates you, You never feel good about it, When you know you are hurting innocent people, Its not a good feeling!

Then how do people live with that. Said Nenia. It so hard being good but they make it seem so easy.

Neina rolled in her bed and then on her side. But they say it hard. What is the right path then?

Max asked, So, do they have a name? These talking nova crystals?

November 20th, 2005, 12:49 AM
"Our names are not inportant yet, It will only be of use to you if you are choosen" said the crystal "And before I explain everything I believe everyone should be in the room"

chaos did a head count "Hmm. I will go find Neina!" Chaos said as he left the room

as Chaos walked up the hall he senced Neina's power continuesly changing between good and evil, He could tell she was confused, He walked up to the door and knocked

"Come in!" Neina said

"Something is troubling you?" Asked chaos as he entered the room

"No, I'm fine!" Neina lied as she got up of her bed,

"You know, Nobody is making you stay on the good side, But it is a lot harder being on the other side, You always have more enemies then freinds, even the people who you think are your freinds would despose of you in a second if you where in their way" Chaos said, Neina looked at him for a moment then looked away "Well anyway, Everyone is waiting for us!"

"Thanks chaos!" Neina said as she followed behind "For careing!" She added as she lowered her head

November 20th, 2005, 9:13 PM
OOC: Man it been a long time I seen you around.

IC: Neina followed Chaos down the hall. "Why?"

SHe still confuse but there are bigger thing to worry about thougth Chaos. "What you say?"

"It was nothing. You say people were waiting?" she said.

"Yeah. They are." he said.

They were now in the room with everybody in it. Sandy was chasing Jirachi around the room but it all stop when Neina stepped into the room.

"Ok?" asked Chezni feeling the confusion in Neina

"Are you ok? I feel" said Sandy.

Neina intrupt her and said, "I fine. Its ok. Is that Jirachi?"

"Yes. It is me." said Jirachi in a changed tone.

"He came to tell us about Omega and that something big is happening." said Robin.

"What Omega?" Robin said.

"It a very powerful thing." said Max.

"You don't want to know." said Kon.

"And the floating crystal?" Neina asked.

Everybody looks at the five crystals floating in Chezni hand.

"Nova Crystal." said Chezni. "Are a great souce of power."

"Thanks Chezni for the intro" said the crystal named Eden.

"But you must be trained to learn to use them." said Chezni. "Remember the pokemon given to you in the begining of your journey."

The threesome nodded.

"Well these crystal are like pokemon too and they can fuse with the ones given to you." Chezni said.

"ANd me and Sandy? We were never given a pokemon." said Max.

"They will be able wot fuse with the pokemon you have now but it will be much more training between you and your pokemon." said Chezni.

"But we may not have the time for that now Chezni" Siad Yugi.

November 21st, 2005, 3:07 PM
ooc: Yeah I know, I havn't been around much :P


"Oh, And we are no longer in controll of our main headquaters" max told neina

"Now that we are all up to date, I think we can start!" Said one of the crystals

"Start what?" Asked Neina

"The selection progress!" Said another crystal, Suddenly all the crystals started to glow, Then the room turned compleately black, It was like all the walls dissapeared, The 5 could only see the crystals and each other, The crystals then started to circle the group,

"I can't move!" Max mumbled to sandy,

"Neather can I!" Sandy replied,

the room was no longer black anymore, The glow of the crystals had already over taken the blackness of the space, Each crystal was glowing a different colour, One was an firey red, One was sky blue, One was a bush green, one was a rich golden colour, And one was a shimering silver.

November 21st, 2005, 4:22 PM
OOC:Sorry it tooke ma while. Need to do a little research on the other CRP for the crystals.

IC:"Too cool." said Kon.

"But I still. I can't move" siad Robin struggleing to move.

The silvery one then said, "It only temportary."

The red one then said, "This is only part of the process."

"We are judging you" the blue one said.

"By" the green one added "Scaning your thougths."

"And finding you innerself." finished the golden one.

"Then we being judge." said Robin a bet uncertain.

Back in the compound, "So where they went" asked Jirachi.

"They are being judge." answer Chezni. "The cyrstals are starting there selection and took them to a place to where they can do it."

"Each crystal represent an element." contiuned Eden, "There is the Saradat, the gold one,Guardian of Ligth. THen Adele, the red one, is the Guardian of the fire. My clone, Edento whos is the silver one and is Guardain of time and Space. Then the green one is Gaia who is Guardain of the Earth. Lasty there is Oceana, Guardain of the Water, who is the blue."

"Looks like a lot had happen since I fell asleep" said Jirachi.

November 21st, 2005, 4:31 PM
OOc: We posted at the same time, but the idea was the same... Ooc)

After a few minutes of waiting, the red Crystal approached Kon. It seemed to circle him a few times before settling.

"I see..." Kon said. "This one is compatible with me..."

"That's right..." the red Crystal said. "I am the Nova Crystal, Adele. Looks like we'll be partners."

"So, they're choosing owners..." Chezni said... "Looks like we might have winners..."

Next was the blue Crystal. It approached Neina.

"You're..." Neina said. "But how can I..."

"I know..." The blue Crystal said. "Think of me as another ally. I am Oceana."

"This makes two, Neina?" chaos said. "So it would seem... Well, there's no rule against it..."

Next up was Robin. The green Crystal approached her and circled once.

"You're..." Robin said. "choosing me?"

"You got it." The green Crystal responded. "My name's Gaia. Nice to meet ya."

Max and Sandy stood in wonder, as the gold and silver Crystals approached them. Without warning, the silver Crystal plowed into Sandy, knocking her down.

"I can't believe it." the silver Crystal said. "I finally found you! I've been waiting so long... I'm Edento."

"You ok?" Chezni said to Sandy.

"Yeah. I'm fine." Sandy said. "This Crystal acts like Jirachi..."

"I'm not surprised..." chaos said. "The Nova Crystals are attuned to the personalities of their bearers. In other words, they match your personalities."

After a moment, the gold Crystal finally approached Max.

"... Are you..." Max said.

"Yes." the gold Crystal said. "I am Saradat."

"... So there it is..." Chezni said. "The Nova Crystals have accepted you... Talk about luck of the draw, huh?"

"What do you mean?" Kon said. "I thought you meant for this to happen."

"Actually..." Chezni said. "It was a wild guess."

November 21st, 2005, 4:38 PM
"So they hace their crystals. Now what." asked Jirachi.

"I can tell you one thing. This bunch of are much different then the ones I gave last time." said Chezni.

"Last time?" said Robin.

"Nova crystals are always different and you can say grown." explained Yugi. "CHezni have given out many crystals to other young people like yourselfs. Eden a few minutes ago was just metioning the names of past crystals."

"Oh." said Robin understanding. But wonder about her zangoose.

"NOw it time to learn how to use your crystals with your pokemon." siad CHezni motioning the five to follow him.

December 4th, 2005, 11:23 AM
The group once again entered the familiar 'training area' where Chezni and they were last time.

"Ok..." Chezni said. "For this, I'll be using a Pokemon that I have. I believe this is the best way to demonstrate the significance of Nova Crystals."

With that, Chezni pulled out a poke-Ball. Looking at it, he nodded.

"Pengoon! Let's do this!!!" With that, he threw the Poke-Ball. After a second, a Pokemon that resembled a blue penguin appeared. This creature had a silver beak and beady eyes. Its feathers were blue and white, instead of black and white, and there seemed to be a small metal plate almost attached to its chest.

"No way..." Kon said. "I have to scan this one."

Kon pulled out his PD-02 and pointed it at the Pokemon. After a moment, a voice could be heard.

"Pengoon - The Aquatic Avian Pokemon. Pengoon have been known to inhabit the coldest areas of the Zanta and Chubu Regions, only going south in the coldest winters. Despite this, they are capable of surviving in any temperature. Even though they are birds, they are not flying Pokemon, but are instead a mix of Grass and Water. Pengoon's strongest attack is Ice Sabre." It was alot of information to say the least, but the jist of it was obvious.

"Man..." Kon said. "Always something new, huh?"

"Basically..." Chezni said. "Anyway, let me show you."

With that, Chezni pulled out Eden and pointed it toward the Pengoon. After a second, both the Pokemon and the gem began glowing.

"Now..." Chezni said. "You could either invoke the Pokemon with a KI ability, or do... this. Nova Crystal Unison!!!"

As the command was shouted, the Crystal seemed to fuse with the Pengoon. As the light dissipated, the group could see what appeared to be a golden set of feathers where the blue ones were. They almost seemed to shimmer with energy.

"This is what we like to call a Neo Upgrade." Chezni explained. "Using the Nova Crystals and compatible Pokemon, incredible powers can be grafted to a Pokemon, making them many times more powerful than before. The downside is that the power only lasts for a few minutes, so the job has to be done quick."

As if on cue, the Pengoon began glowing, as the crystal unfused itself from it... After a second, the Pokemon was back to normal.

"More like a few seconds..." Kon said.

"That was Pengoon's first time." Chezni said. "I'm surprised it even worked... Usually, it takes several tries for a Pokemon to sync with a Nova Crystal."

"So why not just keep doing that?" Robin said.

"Well..." Chezni said. "Each time you use it, it takes a great deal of energy for both the Trainer and the Pokemon. Use it too much, and you could end up in a bad way during prolonged battles..."

"I see..." Kon said. "So, we should only use it in emergencies?"

"That's one way to put it..." Chezni said.

December 8th, 2005, 4:58 AM
Each one of the group took out their own pokemon. Sandy tooked out Abe, her absol. Max tooked out Azz, his aron. Kon tooked out his red little fairy like pokemoin called Searmanga. Neina tooked out Hydaura, the blue fairy like pokemon.

Well this is the first time I ever use this pokemon said Nenia. How about I call you Hyda? The blue fairy just seems to nod.

Kon was unsure about his pokemon and said, Mag for short? The little fire imp just smiled and jumped.

Chezni then said, Ok. If this is your first time with pokemon then this will be a bit difficult to do. If you use pokemon before then it still be a bit difficult but the advantage is that you know your pokemon which is a strength here. The more you know the better.

Robin was looking at her Zangoose and the pokeball that contains Silfayree. She was unsure on which one to use. Ree or Zangoose?

Chezni notice she was having some difficulties and asked, What wrong?

Robin then said, I not sure which one to use?

December 18th, 2005, 9:47 AM
Chezni looked at the Poke-Balls for a second. "Use Silfayree." he said. "I have one, myself. They're quite useful in battle."

"What do you mean?" Robin said.

"Well..." Chezni said. "Their Cosmo-Shift is a great defensive move that could be turned to an offense if used right. When you use the move, the Pokemon displaces itself, making it appear to be about 2 to 3 yards away from its actual position. Any attacks against the illusion are retaliated the next time Silfayree attacks. I call it Backlash, but it ends up 3 times as powerful as whatever attack was thrown at the Pokemon."

"So, that's Cosmo-Shift?" Robin said. "That's amazing."

"Well..." Kon said. "I guess each of these Pokemon have unique abilities to their species, right?"

"You're catching on pretty well." Chezni said. "Yes. But there's another reason I chose these three specific Pokemon for you..."

"You chose the Pokemon?" Kon said. "I thought Yugi chose them."

Chezni simply nodded in response. "Yes. I usually choose the Pokemon for Trainees here. It seems to work the best having me do it, but that isn't always the case... This time however, it seems to have paid off."

"Oh..." Kon said. "What's the other reason you chose these Pokemon?"

"Well..." Chezni began. "We'll talk about that a bit later. Right now, let's see what you can do with those Crystals. This'll just be a simple test to see if you and your Pokemon can sync with the Crystals. And remember. The Crystals can help you out also."

December 18th, 2005, 10:07 AM
The other tried to do what CHezni did with their own pokemon. Robin was having a little bit of troble. Only Sandy and Max were the ones who were doing the best.

"How come they actally doing some thing." asked Kon.

Max was able to make the crystal glow but a shimer off of Azz. Sandy and able seems to be in sync but that was all.

"It is becasue they handle their pokemon the longest then us." answered Nenia. "Remember we just got these though."

RObin then said, "So this be easier from me to do if I use Zangoose inseaded?"

Chezni nodded and said, "Yes. The thing is though that you may not be able to control the power."

"What?" she said.

"A person who handle pokemon before like I said has the advangtage in this exercise but your zangoose is a cellestal. THe power created by Nova Crystal Unison will be to much to handle for both you and your pokemon. We don't want any thing bad to happen."

December 29th, 2005, 10:55 AM
"Is that a definite thing?" Robin said.

"Well..." Chezni said. "I'd say 70 percent of people can't control the power. I wouldn't risk it at this point. Later when you become accustomed to the Crystal, it may become easier to control."

Strangely enough, Neina seemed to have no trouble handling her Crystal. In fact, it seemed almost natural.

"You are something else, Neina." Kon said.

"Not at all." Neina said. "Remember, I've had a Nova Crystal before this. It all takes getting used to. Once you can sync your KI with the Pokemon's, a whole new world of possibilities opens up for you."

"... Chezni." Max said. "I meant to ask you, but I forgot. Do you people, you know, this special forces unit? Do you work for the Pokemon League?"

"We used to..." Chezni said. "Unfortunately, we don't anymore..."

"That is one thing..." Robin said. "Did they sanction this type of practice?"

"Well... Kind of." Chezni said. "They let us build a base here, if that's what you mean."

"... Great..." Sandy said. "Now, I'm worried..."

At that point, Yugi walked into the room. He seemed to be a bit out of breath.

"Sorry... to bother you." He said. "But, we've just received word from the Chubu Region. They're under attack!"

"By who?" Chezni said.

"They couldn't identify the attackers." Yugi said. "All they mentioned were an armada of Omega-Class Warships!"

"Tyraxia!" Chezni said. "How do they keep doing this?!"

"Tyraxia came under new jurisdiction." Yugi said. "They must have known about the base..."

"So, they're taking advantage!" Chezni said.

"What would you have us do?" Eden suddenly said. "We can't handle a large armada like that."

"How is Elnius?" Chezni said.

"He's still alright..." Yugi said.

"Elnius?" Kon said. "And for that matter, what is Tyraxia?"

"Tyraxia is one of our many enemies..." Chezni said. "Do you recall the large crater in the Hoenn Region? It was said to be caused by a meteorite."

"Yeah. It was all over the news." Robin said.

"Lies..." Chezni said. "The League covered it up, but it was a Tyraxian attack. The Tyraxians don't care if innocent bystaders get in their way... All they care about is one thing. Legendary Pokemon."

"What about Elnius?" Kon said.

"Elnius was created by Legendary Pokemon." Chezni said. "Don't get me wrong. He isn't Legendary, but he might as well be. Through a twist of fate, my Magikarp evolved into him. His power is incredible. But right now, we need to figure out how to get to the Chubu Region. The Pokemon League is probably trying to do the same thing..."

December 29th, 2005, 11:09 AM
"Can't we take the same ship we did before?" asked Neina.

Chezni shook his head and said, "No. We can't. Remember it got stolen."

"Oh." said Neina sadly.

Yugi then said, "There is always the B-type Jet."

"ISn't that experimental?" asked Chezni.

"It is but it good enough the to fly. THe B-cannon isn't ready but it can still fight a bit." said Yugi.

"Then let take it." said Max.

"Ok." said Chezni. "Yugi makes sure that Elnius come with us."

"He be on the ship by time you leave then." said Yugi leaving to make the perpeations.

The others left and went towards teh docking bay.

"When we get in the ship be prepare for suit up." said CHezni.

"Suit up?" siad RObin

"We can let you be seen dressed like that." said Odded getting on the ship. "I just can't wait to use this new baby."

The ship was a yellow color with blue sides. The wings were blue too. It had a large cannon on the top.

They all then ran on to the ship.

January 16th, 2006, 12:35 PM
Jet was a severe understatement in Yugi's part. The interior looked to be the size of a small Airship, complete with quarters. Despite this, the ship was still shaped like a jet.

"You know..." Kon said. "This looks more like a large aircraft."

Chezni nodded. "It's based off of one of our oldest ship designs." he said. "Don't let that scare you though. It's one of the best we ever developed. Maybe you'll see the original if the need arises."

"How many of these are there?" Robin said.

"Well..." Chezni said. "Including the ones in the main base, about fifteen."

"Looks like everyone is here." came a voice from the front.

"Ahh!" Chezni said. "Elnius."

As the group looked ahead, they could see a 5-foot-tall humanoid figure. This figure had what appears to be light blue armor covering its chest, legs and arms. A blue gem could be seen almost embedded into the breastplate-like chest, and slim sky blue vein-like lights could be seen going to the arms and legs. The arms and legs were connected to the torso by a red cloth-like skin. A blue seemingly robotic helmet covered the creature's face and arced to the back of the head, coming to a point. Only the mouth and chin were visible.

"That's Elnius?" Kon said.

"Yes." Elnius said. "I am Elnius. Originally, I evolved from a Magikarp due to an... unusual... circumstance. It's all really technical, but I'm here to accompany you."

"Another Pokemon that talks." Max said. "And it's not even Legendary..."

"You'll see many things that you never thought possible." Chezni said. "Right now though, I need you all to step into those booths there."

As Chezni finished, he pointed out a group of booths in the back of the ship. They each seemed to look like a cross between stalls and transporters on Star Trek - not that they've ever seen the show.

"Is this the 'suit-up thing you mentioned before?" Kon said.

"That's right." Chezni said.

January 18th, 2006, 5:15 AM
Each one walked inside the booth even the pokemon. Chezni then stoped the pokemon. "Nope. This is only a suit up for humans. It be a bit painful if you went inside the booth."

Abe then snorted at the idea of suiting up.

Inside the booth was a screen that had a box that read 'male' or 'female'. Each person pushed the button that applied to them.

From the outside it could be seen a flash of light. The the door of each booth opened up and the kids came out of it in new looking uniforms.

Kon and Max were dressed in a blue and white jumpsuit. ON the chest was a thin breastplate with a circle on the left chest.

Robin, Neina and Sandy was wearing the same thing but it was tighter on them.

Sandy notice the circle and said, "How come we have circles and not the NW like you and Yugi have?"

Chezni smiled and said, "Very observite. The answer is simple. YOu kids are not part of of the Nova Warriors yet. You are alson one of the youngest here but we not forcing you to join. THe circle means you are of a different part."

February 1st, 2006, 2:34 PM
"Think of it as a way to say your allegiance is undetermined as of yet." Chezni said. "If you choose not to officially be Nova Warriors, you can leave that blank. I'll leave it to you whether you decide to permanently become Nova Warriors or not."

"You're putting an awful lot of faith in us." Kon said. "Are you sure you want to?"

"Faith is sometimes all we have." Chezni said. "I've learned that over the years. But anyway, let's get to the bridge."

After a bit of walking, the group reached the bridge. To explain this easily, there were two seats facing forward toward a control console. Three seats were about 10 feet behind the two seats. A few seats were neatly lined along the sides and back, next to the entrance to the bridge.

"Like a minature command center..." Robin said. "This is amazing."

"The interior of the ship took the longest to build." Elnius said. "About five months, even with the original blueprints."

"And that's not even including the dynatherms and infra-cells..." Chezni said.

"Dynawho, and infra-what?" Max said.

"Sorry..." Chezni said. "Sometimes I lose track of who I'm talking to. Dynatherms and Infra-cells are used in magnetic seperation and fusion, so the individual pieces of the ships don't lose track of one another during the sequence. Of course, we probably won't have to worry about that today, since we'll only be using this ship here. But it may come into play later down the road."

"I'm still confused..." Kon said.

"Don't worry." Elnius said. "If the need arises, you'll see it firsthand."

"Anyway..." Chezni said. "Why don't you take your seats?"

With that, the group began sitting in various seats on the bridge. True to Anime lore, everyone instantly knew exactly where to sit. Chezni and Neina were the last to sit in the front two seats.

"It's been awhile..." Neina said.

"Yes. It has." Chezni said. "Let's get this thing moving!!!"

As Chezni finished talking, lights on the consoles began turning on. After a moment, the ship felt as if it were moving.

"We're moving..." Kon said. He was sitting in the middle of the three seats behind the two front ones.

Outside, large double-doors could be seen opening, revealing a shaft. After they opened completely, the ship began moving, at first slowly, then faster and faster. Strangely enough, the motion wasn't felt inside very much.

From the outside, the ship would look like a jet, as it streaked from the hidden launch bay that connected to the base. Various Pidgey and Taillow could be seen scattering as the jet-like ship ascended above the forest.

February 7th, 2006, 4:28 AM
THe ship was moving at a speed that not many from below see. Other didn't even hear the ship move.

"What are the coordinates of the Nova Warriors?" said a blond hair women in a large chair.

A larger and much bulkly guy then appeared next to her. He said, "They on the way over here. Currently they are traveling in a Type B Jet. It is newly made and this is it first trip."

The blond hair woman then said, "WHo aboard the ship?"

"Only one Nova Warrior. The rest are kids. THree females and two males. Then Elnius is aboard with them."

"As of the pokemon leauge?" asked the woman.

"They are bary on their way. Because of the information we have gotten from the Nova Warriors Chubu Region base we have gotten all this information."

The blond woman nodded. "It wasn't that hard taking over this base. Now we just got to worry about the Warriors they sent. Childern? Well. If Elnius is wiht them then Chezni is with them too. We need to watch for them."

"As of the childern?" ask the bluk guy.

"Maybe we can just do what we always do. Kill them." she smiled.

February 24th, 2006, 8:04 PM
As the ship exited the atmosphere, Chezni looked around the outside of the ship. "Where is it?" he said.

"What's wrong?" Kon said, now looking around as well.

"I can't find the Wormhole!" he said, now genuinely worried.

Back in the central room of the base, the blonde woman looked with glee. After a second, a very refined man entered the room. He wore a golden cape that almost signified royalty and had an anubis face.

"Why is it that you always have to toy with our prey?" he said, looking on.

"Oh, come on Arek." the woman said. "You've toyed with Chezni many times in the past. You know how fun it is."

"Yes." Arek said. "I have to admit, you've got me there... All humor aside though, how goes Operation 'M'?"

The woman immediately stood up and began pressing buttons on a console. Immediately blueprints for five very odd looking robotic creatures could be seen. These robots seemed to be made of organic parts, but it was impossible to see the particulars from the screen.

"Units 02 through 05 are ready to go, but Unit 01 is still having difficulty adapting to the new environment." the woman said.

Arek began grinning. "I see... An effect of the Emeralds being removed, I suppose..."

"Possibly..." she continued. "But I believe it's something more... We've discovered their actual names as well. I think you'll be interested."

Arek nodded. "Continue."

"Unit 01's name is Luke. The others are named similarly, John, Thaddeus, Peter, and finally Bartholomew." the woman finished, as she looked toward Arek.

"Like the Zohars..." Arek said. "And the Servants... It's too much of a coincidence... I wonder if these matters will come to fruition soon, or if there's something on a bigger scale in the works... And to think this is all thanks to the Wormhole..."

As Arek finished, he began laughing meniacally.

March 2nd, 2006, 4:51 AM
Soon the large and bulkly man appeared to the blond haired woman and Arek. "What do you want Didr?" she said.

The bulkly man, Dinr said, "I have some grave news to report. It seems like there is a chamber that we can't open. On the building plans that room isn't shown."

"DOn't you find that strange Staci." said Arek.

The blound haired women, Staci then said with a smile, "It seems like the Nova Warriors have something they want to keep secert. No matter. If we can't open the door then most likely Chezni nor his childern can eirther." She then let out a deep laugh.

Sandy then let out a loud scream. The others looked at her to she she had a terrifid look on her face. RObin asked her, "What is wrong?"

Abe went to her side and tried to relax her. Sandy finally said, "It seems like something bad is where we going."

Max then said, "Well we know that already. THat why we going."

"I don't think that what she meant." said Robin.

Kon then tried to pinpoint the location of the bas e to see what was happening over there but was unable to. "IT seems like the base isn't letting us look at anything from the inside."

Sandy then added, "THere just something there that is almost evil. It feels like the crystals but something just bad."

March 15th, 2006, 10:34 AM
Chezni nodded in response. "Yes... I know what you're talking about..."

Max looked toward Chezni for answers. "So, what ARE you talking about?"

Chezni responded. "It's the Deep Power Stones..." Chezni said. "They've been locked away in our base for some time now."

"Deep Power Stones?" Kon said. "They sound familiar... Why do I know them?"

Chezni nodded. "You probably know them because of your Poke-Dex." Chezni said. "The Deep Power Stones are basically two runes with incredible power. If you put thm together, they can amplify one's power 10,000 times over. Put them the other way, and..."

"And what?" Robin said.

"Well..." Chezni said. "To put it simply, the planet that you're on at the time would be destroyed. It's sort of like crossing protons with anti-protons."

"They have THAT much power?" Kon said.

"Yes." Chezni responded. "And if we don't get them back... this entire universe could be in a bad way."

March 23rd, 2006, 4:21 AM
Max had no idea what CHezni just explained but he knew that it was bad. If something like that happens then it be the end of the world all together.

Sandy had a puzzeled look on her face. She then rasied her hand as if to ask a question.

Chezni smiled and said, "This isn't a school so you don't have to rasie your hand to ask a question. ANyways what you have to say.

The small girl smiled shyly ad said, "I didn't get what you just said. I mean I got the planent being destory but everything I don't get like how?"

Kon then said, "Well to put it in simple terms they like magnets. If you put the sides with the same charge they will repeal each other and everything would be fine. If you put on the side with opposite ends then they will come together and in this case they would blow."

Sandy looked like she understood which helped Max to understand. She then said, "I think I understand now."

March 29th, 2006, 9:49 AM
"Yeah." Chezni said. "That's one way to put it."

As Chezni finished, the group noticed a pink-purple mass sitting in front of them. After a moment, their vehicle entered it.

"Ok..." Chezni said. "Just a bit more and we should be there."

"This is kind of creepy..." Kon said. "What is this place?"

"It's called a Wormhole." Chezni said. "You see, your world exists extremely far from Starlance. About 2.5 million light years away to be exact. If we were to travel full speed there from your world, it'd take about 75 years to get there. Probably longer. Using this Wormhole, we can get there in less than an hour, since it comes out right in our system."

"Man..." Robin said. "It's just one thing after another with you."

"I said the same thing when I first met Chezni." Elnius said.

March 31st, 2006, 4:51 PM
Once in the wormhole, it was like they enter a swril of black and purple with many other swrils in it. Sandy then said, "This place gives me the cold chills."

Max was getting a little annoyed with Sandy's complains and made a face but Robin slapped him on the back of the head. "What?" he said.

"She just a little girl" whisper Robin.

Chezni then said, "That maybe because you may be sensing the leftover energy of a battle that frough in this very wormhole."

"What battle?" asked Kon.

"A battle that decided the future of all universes." said Neina.

"It always decides the future of the unverse with you guys doesn't it?" said Kon.

"MOst of the time it does but yeah." said Chezni. "This one here did determain the faith of the universe this time."

April 17th, 2006, 9:19 AM
"Actually, there were many battles fought in this very Wormhole." Chezni said. "One downside to it linking universes is that villains tend to pop up in here on a regular basis."

"That's kind of major..." Kon said.

"Yeah." Chezni replied. "Unfortunately, all we can do is battle them as they come. That's the reason we established this organization."

"What type of villains come through here?" Robin said.

"All types." Chezni said. "Remember the guy that could blow up a planet with two fingers? He came through here."

"No kidding..." Max replied. He seemed to be a bit nervous now.

"Don't worry." Chezni said. "I doubt these enemies have that much power... If they did, they wouldn't be interested in our base."

"I hope you're right..." Kon said.

The ship finally passed through the Wormhole. On the other side, the group could see four planets arranged around a sun. Two space colonies could also be seen off to the side.

"Here we are..." Chezni said. "Welcome to Starlance."

May 13th, 2006, 4:38 PM
Max looked at the planet in amazment. He had no idea was place like this ever existed before. He just awhed. Robin just shook her head and said, "Close your month. YOu are drooling."

Max did as he was told and Chezni then said, "Some place. I should come here more often if I could." He then nodded and press some buttons. "We about to make a landing once we can find the right place."

Sandy looked around and said, "What are we going to do once we get there?"