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July 15th, 2005, 10:53 AM
Hoenn League: Emerald Adentures

Disclamer: I don't own pokemon, although I wish I did.

This is basically putting the manga of R/S/E into a story, so others can read it. I don't have the manga, so I have to give some credit to Serebii.net because I'm using their summeries of the Manga to make this. Do tell me if this isn't allowed. And if something doesn't match the manga, who cares! Don't bother telling me that! After all, it just makes the story more original!


Brendan Maple grunted as his brush flew out of his hands again. Nana the Poochyena snarled as she slid to the back of the truck again. His Ralts, a psychic pokemon with a green cap hesitated, and then used Psychic to keep a box steady.

"Thanks, Ruru." Brendan sighed, getting back on hands and feet to find the brush. "Coco? Where are you???"

"Ski!" Coco the Skitty's voice came from under another heavy box.

"Oh, there you- HEY!" Brendan forgot about the comb and turned to Ruru. "Lift the box with Psychic!"

Ruru chirped in agreement as the box began to glow a mysterious blue, and lifted to reveal a flattened Skitty. "Ralts?"

"Oh no..." Brendan sighed, reaching for the fallen brush again. "Now I have to regroom you. You have to be in tip top condition for the Cute Contests. Ruru, practice your Psychics while I do this. Nana, watch out for falling boxes." Taking the brush, he began to run it through the Skitty's soft silky hair. "We're going to have to stop sooner or later... NOT AGAIN!" The brush and a couple of pokemon grooming items went flying away, this time they skittered into the shadows, where Brendan couldn't see. "Great. Ruru, use Psychic to light up the place."

Just as he had spotted the comb and grooming set, another jolt, this time, larger than the others threw him clear off his feet as Ruru's Psychic faded away in surprise. Nana bared his claws and stuck to the floor, growling angrily as Coco slammed into him. When the truck finally stilled, Brendan groaned. Coco's perfectly silky coat was ruffled and messy. Nana's untamed fur was sticking out in all places. And Ruru was way upsidedown.

"Sorry honey!" Brendan's mother popped up from the front of the truck. "Just a mud hole! Can you help us lift this truck?"

Brendan rolled his eyes and folded his arms stubbornly. There was no way his mother would get him off this truck and dirty himself in the mud. "Ruru, use Psychic on the truck."

"Ralts..." Ruru shrugged and let the blue energy slowly lift the truck clear out of the hole and back on the road.

"Good." Brendan reached for the comb again. "Nana, come back here. Coco, I have a new hat for you! Hold still Ruru!" he snapped, glaring at the shifting pokemon.

"Oh Brendan. Can't you afford to get dirty once?" His mother sighed as she pulled herself next to the driver's seat. "What do you plan to do with all those worthless pokemon?"

Coco swelled up indignantly as it heard those words. "Skitty! Ski!"

"Mom..." Brendan sighed, fixing the small cap onto Coco again. "I'm going to enter the contests. Coco is my Cute Contest pokemon..." He reached out and set Ruru the right side up. "Ruru is my Smart Contest pokemon, and last but not least..." Nana trotted up to him, lower lip bristling from all the falls it suffered. "Nana takes care of my Cool Contests. But I still have to fill Tough and Beauty"

"Ah nature. You can never be too sure what pops out at you" A man with brown hair and a beard was on his hands and feet. A white lab coat fluttered in the breeze. "This is interesting" He began to slowly jot down notes as the pokemon Wurmple in front of him began to spin the thread around itself. "It will evolve into the Poison Cocoon pokemon, Cascoon. Hey wait a mimute! That's not purple!" It was a pale peachy color that the Wurmple was expelling around its body. "I wonder..."


The Professor jumped in surprised as the small yellow machine on his belt blinked to life. The Wurmple who had been making its cocoon dropped from the tree in surprise and plopped smack on the man's head. "AEEEE!" Jumping up and down and smacking the half worm- half caterpillar away, the professor snatching up his PokeNav and pressed to large blue button. "Heeeelllp! I mean, hello"

"Hello to you too, Professor Birch" A man with short black hair filled the screen on his PokeNav. "As this is only a voice recording, I must remind you to welcome my family to Littleroot Town like I said. Since you might be too caught up in your research to really care, this is a reminder." He said, his cool voice almost mocking the Professor.

Birch shook his head. "Norman. Always so..." He never finished his sentence. Instead, he let it drift off as he packed away his papers and clipped to Navagator back on his belt and started to head off, unknownst to him, however, was the presence of three ferocious black dogs, their yellow and red eyes narrowed in hunger.

"Brendan! Help us unpack this stuff!" his mother's annoyed voice floated up to him as he marveled his new room.

"Excellent!" Brendan ignored his mother's protests and instantly set out three small beds, each the size of a pokemon. "Ruru! Coco! Nana! Your beds are ready!" Quickly, he stuffed his hands in his pockets and drew out some multicolored pokeblocks. Sprinkling them in each of the respective pokemon's bed, he walked back to his own larger bed and blinked. There was a large packet, the size of a small pokedoll. Attatched to it, was a note. "From your father..." Angrily, he tore the note from the package and tossed- no chucked it into the trash. Then he started to rip away the package, lifting a cover to reveal two Running Shoes. "Humph. I suppose this is so I can run around becomming an all powerful trainer! Well too bad!" Brendan lazily tossed the shoes into the trash. "I won't be here for long! And then lets see who's the trainer, and who's the coorodinater!"

"Grrrr...." Nana the Poochyena, along with his other pokemon came out.

"Sorry guys. If I don't get out of here, then we'll never get anywhere" He recalled all three pokemon.

Carefully revealing a secure rope from underneath his shirt, Brendan hooked it onto his bed and threw the other end out the window. He slowly hauled himself off the open window, and paused, guilt nagging at his heart. Sighing, he climbed back in and snatched up the two shoes and put them on.

"I never knew Hoenn was that pretty." Brendan sighed, pulling at his bandana. "Maybe this place isn't that bad..."

He had managed to leap outside the house with the help of his rope. Then he had Ruru bring the rope down and shut the window and latch it shut, so it would seem that he had just vanished instead of running away. After a little trouble from an annoying brat who was blocking the way out, Brendan was now walking freely in the wilderness of Route 101.


He blinked. Strange. He could have sworn he heard a-


Brendan instantly drew a pokeball and ran the rest of the way to the the voice. He blinked again and supressed a giggle. Hanging by what seemed to be a heavyset rope, was a man in a white lab coat who was struggling to keep a hold on the rope. Underneath him, was what appeared to be three large black dogs, reminding Brendan of another pokemon.

"Well don't just stand there!" The man shouted, eyes widening as he realized the rope was beginning to snap. "Help me!"

It took Brendan a second to realize who the man was. This must be his father's distant friend, Professor Birch. "But my pokemon will get dirty again!" Brendan hollered over the barking.

Suddenly, the three dogs turned on him and bared their gleaming ivory teeth, gnashing and growling. Brendan let a large smile bloom on his face as he walked closer to the dogs. They were beautiful! Their luscious black shining coats, thick and heavy on their backs! The pale yellow eyes and ruby red irises! The perfect pokemon for any contest! But all that evaporated away as the dogs forgot entirely about the Professor and sprung to the sides and bounced after the boy.


Brendan ran another circle around the dogs and turned again, this time with the Professor next to him. "Ah great! Now I'm gonna get dirty!"

"Bleep!" Suddenly, a red machine that had been next to the professor began to blink. "Mightyena, Hyena Pokemon. Commonly found, they can easily be aggravated and threatened. Their speed and arsenal of weapons makes it an efficient killer, along with the fact that it can use dark type moves.

The name stuck a chord in Brendan's head as he realized slowly that their attackers were actually the evolved form of Poochyena! Tossing Nana's ball, he ordered a tackle. Bouncing harmlessly into the larger dogs, Nana instinctively rolled away from its evolved forms. This just made the Mightyena even more angrier, as it leapt after the boy and Professor. Brendan snatched up the Professor's bag, recalled Nana and dashed off.

Brendan smiled dreamily as he turned to watched the awestruck movements of the large dog pokemon, leaping and arching after them. "Wow, so graceful! OW! Hey! What was that for!"

Professor Birch had smacked Brendan on the head. "Now is not a time to marvel pokemon! RUN!"

Brendan nodded and concentrated to on running again, and just as Birch found another safe tree to climb in, Brendan suddenly tripped. His left foot accedentally knocked into his right shoe, and he was jerked ahead in top running speed. Birch blinked from his tree. Those were the shoes he had been sent to give to the Maple family! Brendan must have activated the shoes without knowing so. The Mightyena were no longer interested in him. They had continued on after the boy, Brendan!

Brendan leapt another boulder and gasped in horror as he realized that the shoes were thrusting him closer and closer to a jagged cliff. Just as he sprung off the cliff with the three dogs, a leafy humanoid think suddenly swung past and snatched him up, disheavling his hair and nearly making him drop the bag. Clutching tighter to the back, Brendan slowly welcoming the comming darkness.

"Whine..." The sound of whimpering and sloshing slipped into his ears. Something wet was touching his face. Was it an octopus? Brendan opened his eyes, and the first thing he noticed was the fact that Nana was out of his ball, trying to revive him with his wet tongue. "Hi..." Then he realized that he was lying on a mat, in a dark cave with a leafy table at the side. Several Spike Mats layered the floor.


Nana jumped away quickly, barking madly at Brendan, who looked around, wondering what was wrong, when he realized that something the the Professor's bag was still beeping away. He drew it out and studied the yellow clad machine. He had heard of these before. His father Norman had one as well. A PokeNav. Pressing the blue button and flipping up the screen, Brendan answered the call.

"Brendan! I'm glad you're alright!" Birch's face appeared on the screen.

Brendan? Brendan blinked. The man knew him too! Just as he was about to open his mouth and deny it all, the creature with leaves all over it suddenly swung into the cave.

"Are you alright?"

"AHHHHH!" Brendan threw himself back in a frenzy. "Nana! Bite!"

Nana sped into a ball of fur and sank its teeth into the thing, who leapt back angrily. A girl about his age stood up, brushing herself off and nursing her bite. A Torchic fell off her shoulder and stood up defiantly.

"Chaka, use Ember!" The girl stood up, ticked.

Brendan watched in horror as the fire singed his pokemon. "Hey! My pokemon's fur! Nana, return!"

"Wimp!" The girl sneered, continuing her flaming assaults on Brendan. "Pokemon are meant to keep their natural looks, not stupid make up and grooming!"

"Your pokemon aren't strong enough!" Professor Birch hollered over the crackling fire. "My bag! There are two other pokemon in there that may be able to face that pokemon!"

Brendan sped out of harm's way again and ransacked the tote bag. "Two pokemon!" Peering into their transparent tops, he noted some sort of water pokemon, and a grass pokemon.

"Water! Your opponent uses a fire type! You may have an advantage!" Birch called.

Throwing the green pokemon back in the bag, Brendan flung the pokeball out. "Go, whatever you are!"

"Mudkip" Birch corrected instantly. "The Mudfish pokemon, that's known for its dual type ground and water combination."

"Alright then, Mudkip, um... argh!" He swooped in and snatched the pokemon away from the fire. He set it down, just to snatch it up again. "Ugh! Fire will singe the coats!"

"Set the pokemon down already, and fight!" Birch hollered impatiently.


An annoyed Mudkip sunk its teeth into Brendan's new clothing. "Mud! Kip!" Then it launched a small missle of water at the fire attacks, just to be knocked away by a powerful Flamethrower. And suddenly, before Brendan could really get a grip, the barbaric girl was suddenly right in front of him, her blue eyes stormy and dark. Grappling him by the collar of his new shirt, the girl opened her mouth and...


"May?" Professor Birch gasped in surprise. "MAY!"

May blinked, pausing her hollering. "Dad?"

"Brendan. This is my daughter. May. She usually helps me in my fieldwork... Brendan, are you listening?"

Brendan was most defaintly not listening to the professor. He just couldn't believe that this barbaric tarzan girl was actually the Professor's daughter! "YOU are the Professor's daughter?"

"She is-" Suddenly, the PokeNav's screen went blank, as something large and black coiled around it and squeezed.

"I'm Brendan" Brendan said, getting over his shock. "I-"

"SHHH!" May hissed, her eyes narrowing dangerously. "Something's here with us..."

"Seiviper!" A large black coil with a bladed tail lashed out.

May grabbed it by the flesh and twisted it around. "Well don't just stand there, you idiot! Help me!"

"No way! My pokemon will get dirty! They're for contests anyhow, not battling!"

"Dirty?" May spun around the pokemon and leapt away, at the same time, Torchic gripped tightly to her shoulder and sprayed another shower of fire at the snake. "Seiviper is a poisonus pokemon! How can you say dirty! Get up and fight!"


"Use Flamethrower on its face!" May commanded, shoving him away from the snake's poisonus speared tail.

"Tor!" Torchic reared its large orange head and breathed a large cluster of flames right at the Seiviper's black head, fainting it immediatly.

"Pokemon." May turned on him, still no happier before the snake pokemon attacked. "You know, pokemon who lack the ability to fight... are useless" May snapped, allowing Torchic back on her shoulder. "And that's what I see in your pokemon."

"Say what? You're the one all dressed in leaves!"


"Dirty barbarian!"

May suddenly thrusted her face at Brendan and glared. Brendan was slightly taken aback, but he let a fierce look come to his face. Finally, May backed up a little a gave a small grin.

"So. Your pokemon are for contests?" May smiled, her grin widening at the moment.

"Yes..." Brendan snarled, backing into Mudkip.

"And mine are for battling." May continued, paying no heed to Brendan.

"I can see." Brendan snapped, stopping at the wall of the cave.

"Then in that case" Her smile got bigger and bigger. "I will collect all 8 badges of Hoenn."

Brendan, finally getting were she was going with this, spoke up. "And I'll go and collect all the ribbons of the Contests."

"Exactly." The smile faded a little. "80 days. We have 80 days. Then we come back here, and lets see who's right."

"Fine!" Brendan thrust his hand out. "Deal!"

May took his hand and pumped it. "You got it."

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