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February 3rd, 2004, 4:47 PM
My fanfic about a kid named Ross.

Ross was very excited about going to Johto to collect badges. He was finally old enough to train pokemon. He was going on the magnet train from Saffron, where he lives, to Pallet Town. The magnet train was bigger than it was, it now goes to Pallet Town and New Bark Town instead of just Goldenrod City and Saffron City. He was going to Pallet Town to get a national pokedex and his starter pokemon. Oak said that it was going to be a pokemon from a continent called Hoenn. His mom had given him a magnet train pass. His sister, Rachel, who is a year older than him, has been a pokemon trainer for a year already and has 5 gym badges currently. She started with a Dratini, which is now a Dragonair. She has a well-developed team of 6 pokemon, plus about 50 in her boxes. He really wanted to challenge her and beat her. He had a pokegear, a pokenav and a P*DA(pokemon digital assistant) for his birthday. His parents said that one comes from Johto, one comes from Hoenn, and the other one comes from Orre. He liked the pokegear the best because it has a cellphone and a radio. He likes the pokenav the second best because it records his friends and it has a better map than the pokegear. And he liked his P*DA the 3rd best because it had a mini national dex built in with not as many features and it had e-mail, so he can e-mail his friends when not on the internet. He was ready to go onto the train and go to Pallet Town to get his first pokemon...

February 5th, 2004, 11:28 PM
nice fan fic youve got ;)