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July 17th, 2005, 12:52 PM
Dark Cloud
PG 13-R for violence


Forget all you know of the world of Pokemon. The Peaceful aura and the helpful nature of the Pokemon world, for now, there is only war and survival of the fittest. The world of Pokemon has plunged into darkness, the peace being replaced by hate and helpfulness by vengeance. Now is a time of war for the Pokemon world, for all regions and the beings living upon its surface.

Long ago, when outgoing trainers would leave on their journeys to defeat the league, around the year of 2005, the world of Pokemon was peaceful, where Trainers would choose the perfect Pokemon to accompany them on a wondrous journey through the many regions of the world to make new friends and train hard to defeat that in which would make them Pokemon masters.

Yes all was perfect; children and adults of all shapes and sizes could guarantee a happy lifethat was in till one day, when a dark cloud consumed the entire earth and plunged it into an everlasting darkness. A Pokemon of unknown origin appeared, its eyes cast on fire and its body black as the cloud that hovered above the earth. It sent out waves of dark power which turned all Pokemon that inhabited the earth into carnivorous beasts which would hunt all humans down to the last and dispose of them in a wave of bloodlust and then turn on each other and drive the world into an eternal science.

Even now in the year 2011 the Pokemon has not been identified and the earth is still consumed in darkness. Crops have been hard to grow and many parts of the earth have been thrown in to poverty. Places like Goldenrod, Lilycove and Celadon are the only towns which have yet to be driven in to poverty, but alas, they still suffer the curse of having to deal with rogue Pokemon which slowly dispose of human kind.

The Human race have fought these wild Pokemon for 6 years now, and there still is no sign of peace returning to the world, they begin to worry that the world is doomed and that there is no hope left, what so ever. Every human is asked to have possession of weapons to defend themselves, and people are not aloud out unless they are in need of supplies.

They are asked to lock all doors and keep loved ones close at heart for tomorrow they may not exist. Families cower in fear of loosing their lives as well as their loved ones and they are forced to kill all Pokemon who approach them before they themselves are attacked. Even the common Ratatta proves dangerous for its quick moves and sharp fangs can bring down a human in seconds if bitten in the right spot.

But, towards the end of 2008, there shined hope in a small laboratory in Saffron city Kanto. They had managed to capture six Pokemon and begun the project of producing chips that would take control of the Pokemons emotions and return them to normal.

You see, when the dark waves produced by the dark Pokemon that appeared towards the end of 2005 consumed the Pokemon, their thoughts and feelings were not erased merely covered over by hate and greed. Below the thick coverage of hate and greed, lie the Pokemons true thoughts and feelings, all that needs to be taken away, is the think coverage of hate and greed.

And thus started the project of creating a chip to overcome the coverage and return the Pokemon to its true self and therefore become normal again. It was a challenge, and many humans were lost in the progress of this dangerous task, killed in cold blood trying to return these Pokemons true feelings.This is the journal that was found by former scientists after many years of failure:

January 2nd 2006

The cloud has consumed the entire world and Pokemon are beginning to rid the world of human existence. It can only be the doing of the Unknown Pokemon that appeared along with the cloud upon the time of its forging. We have received reports of many attacks on humans by Pokemon who have fallen victim to the dark powers of this cloud.

We are discussing a plan which will hopefully return Pokemon to their normal composure. But at this early stage in progress we are not sure of what is causing the change in personality in the Pokemon nor are we sure of how to over come it. Hopefully in time we will devise a cunning plan to rid the world of this unnatural source.

Dr P.K Jones

January 22nd 2006

After capturing and successfully dissecting a Ratatta, we have discovered a dark liquid like substance consuming the Pokemons brain, we are not sure of what this substance is made of, but it is the reason behind the change in personality of the Pokemon. We must devise a plan that will remove this substance from the head of the infected without killing the Pokemon.

Dr P.K Jones

February 29th 2006

We have lost many volunteers to the wild Pokemon after they bravely tried to capture these wild creatures and bring them back for experimenting. May their names go down in History for their bravery and dedication towards the project and giving their lives for the sake of the world.

David Zackary- Born 1972, Died 2006
Bethany Davied- Born 1987, Died 2006
Corry Hopkins- Born 1976, Died 2006
Lorain Hunter- Born 1969, Died 2006
Kiori Okochiro- Born 1988, Died 2006

May they rest in peace.

Dr P.K Jones

December 1st 2007

We have had no luck in producing a successful plan that will turn these Pokemon back to their normal selves. We have had many failed projects, but not one has been successful as of yet. Near a year has past and the cloud still consumes the world. Crops have failed to grow and many parts of the world have been forced into poverty, soon there will be no food left to keep the human race stable.

Dr P.K Jones

May 19th 2008

Success! We have had a pang of hope in our studies, for a brief moment upon entering a chip into the brain of a chosen specimen (Pidgey); its personality was returned to one of contentment until it sadly passed away. We are verging on the path of true success; it will only be a matter of time in till we devise a working chip that will keep the Pokemon under control for a longer period of time.

Dr P.K Jones

March 7th 2009

Dr Paul K Jones sadly died today upon treating an experiment. He asked me to continue his train of thought in this journal and so I shall.

We have been able to produce a chip that has worked for a longer period of time than the first, but are still working on a complete success.

We will make Pauls experiment a success in his honour.

Dr C Nettle

August 9th 2010

We have finally created a successful chip. The experiment has remained alive now for a month or so as far as we know and has still not passed on. He has not shown violence towards me or my co-workers and after many years, we have finally found a solution.

We will not continue to capture Pokemon and insert the chips.

Dr C Nettle

September 31st 2011

We have received word of sighting of a peculiar Pokemon lurking in the deepest pits of Mount Silver in Jhoto. We have reason to believe that this is the Unknown Pokemon that we have been searching for. We are sending out volunteers to investigate along with the renewed Pokemon to keep them safe from harm.

They have been asked to keep journals of their progress through the regions and have been given weapons to defend themselves. With any hope these recruits may give us the information we need to defeat this Pokemon and return the world to its previous status.

Our prayers are with them and we wish them luck.

Dr C Nettle

Sum Up:

It is the year 2011 and you are one of the recruits mentioned in the journal to carry out this dangerous task. You will travel with your Pokemon companion in to the deepest regions of Jhoto and report back with any information on the dark Pokemon you may find.

Your Pokemon partners have been treated for the unusual behaviour they once suffered and are now loyal to their partners.

Now, battling Pokemon is not at all like it once was. Prepare yourself for gore and violence, for you will be killing these infected Pokemon if they advance upon you. You carry a weapon of your choice along with a chosen Pokemon in its last stage of evolution that will attack on order, not to knock out, but to kill.

You are to keep a journal of your progress through the two regions, Jhoto and Kanto and then report back with any news on the unknown Pokemon and the dark cloud.

This is a survival RPG and rated PG-13 to R for violence.

Sign up:

Age: (18+)
Description: (I mentioned poverty, but you do not have to take notice of thatthough nothing along the lines of skirts and classy wear)
Weapon: (2+)
Pokemon: (Last stage of evolutionno legendaries)
History: (How did you become a volunteer?)

If anything is unclear, PM me.

My sign up will come later with the Pokemon Houndoom, 5 spots left, sign up!

July 17th, 2005, 1:13 PM
Age: 19
Description: Sithre is in perfect shape due to the constant training his family follows by traditon. He is 6'3" and very slim, this allows him to be very agile in a fight. Sithre has green eyes, short black hair and normally wears black jeans and a black shirt with his families signature japanese name.
Personality: He grew up a clam senseable person, but in his teen years he became the total opposite. He begun hurting his sparring partners and forgeting the defensive family style of the sword. Not much of a romantic or talker, Sithre won't ask questions till his sword is red.
Weapon: Small dagger and longer sword
Pokemon: Scizor
History: Sithre is from a long line of practicing Samurai's, but with the coming cloud. His family went into panic. He was the only surviving member as a group of Ursering destroyed everything he had. He became a volunteer in hopes for revenge against that unknown pokemon.
Other: He is formidable with a sword.

July 17th, 2005, 1:46 PM
Name: Alex Maziuki
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Description: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/0803/edgar4899/Kaizer/Alex_nomask.gif
Personality: Ever since his parents died and Ecruteak was ruined, Alex became cold blooded and started to work by himself. He only helps the ones he loves and care about, Alex sometimes help out other people's pokemon if their badly injured or if the pokemon is out numbered.
Weapon: Sword and a Kunai 8D
Pokemon: Noctowl
History: Alex was a regular 13 year old living in Ecruteak until the Dark Cloud arrived. As it made all of the peaceful pokemon full of hatred and rage. While trying to escape from the city 3 houndooms attacked Alex's parents and scratched Alex on his right eye. He became a volunteer to seek the unknown pokemon and get advenge on his parents.
Other: His throwing for kunais sometimes hit other things. Alex also sometimes freeze when seeing other people getting hurt.

Electric Hero
July 17th, 2005, 2:18 PM
Name: Max Hunter
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Description: Electric Blue eyes and has black hair with a weird anime hairstyle ,which is kinda big, but his hair grows... upwards. Wears black clothes like: black shoes that some people think that are boots, black pants that have many pockets and it is not so tight, allowing Max to move freely when he needs it, a black short sleeve shirt, a black long coat that has pockets inside and, black gloves.
Personality: Is possibly weird. He can be happy and very cheerful, and one second later, he is possibly shy and mysterious. Doesn't like violence, but if he needs to fight back, he will. He likes to be with friends and prefers be with someone than being alone even he sometimes tries to hide it.
Weapon: A black handgun and a sword.
Pokemon: Mightyena
History: He was starting the Hoenn League when the Dark Cloud came. He had many pokmon but, they all changed when a weird pokmon came and changed the personality of the pokmon. His Mightyena was cured... but if it was his decision, he would have preferred his Scyther. Decided to know deeper about everything, he became a volunteer to go to Mount Silver, with his Mightyena and with other persons.
Other: Has excellent accuracy when shooting with his handgun and, knows to handle very well his sword.

paige pelletier
July 17th, 2005, 5:01 PM
Name: Whisper
Age: 18
Gender: female
Description: Whisper is around 5 '4' and has pale skin that seems drained. Her eyes are a deep brown color and seem to glow gold around the pupils and black around the iris's, her hair is dark brown (people consider it black at times) and is down to her ankles, she will tie up her hair with black lace and in most cases her hair is styled into two ponytails. She wears baggy jeans that only stay up because of a belt, and a black t shirt that is also way to large for her over her t shirt she wears and extremly large black hooded sweat shirt. She wears dark grey knee high socks (though you never can see them) and regular light grey sneakers. On her hands are a pair of worn out black fingerless gloves, her nails seem to be longer then normal (but not creepy long) and she also has celtic knot earrings and a cross necklace that reaches just below her chest.
Personality: Whisper has a kind and innocent aura, and generally is polite and shy towards people she does not know. Although of how she may act her past is quite grievous and is filled with sorrow, she does not speak about her past and will not even show she had problems. Her anger only comes out in her fights and when she fights she becomes cold, ruthless. and bloodthirsty.
Weapon: A sythe and a dagger
Pokemon: Dragonite
History: Whisper's whole family was brutally murdered right in front of her by their own pokemon and her own pokemon, she killed the pokemon yet kept one of them in its pokeball. She volunteered so that she would not have to kill her dragonite, but she had another encounter with the pokemon that made her want to change them back even more.
Other: Whisper loves rain and grass, but for some reason is terribly afraid of needles and dog pokmon.

Trainer Ben
July 17th, 2005, 5:33 PM

Name: Ken

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Description: http://img305.imageshack.us/img305/3433/kenkabito5qd.gif (http://www.imageshack.us)

Personality: Very quiet, keeps to himself mostly. If somene is in trouble, he'll help, unless he's certain the person can get out themself. He's adapted to this new life, and he follows the "every man for himself" rule. Ken's love for his Charizard is perhaps the only love left inside him. When his family was killed, he realized that the same kind of determination Ask Ketchum and others had before would not help him at all. He decided that revenge was his only option.

Weapon: A rifle

Pokemon: Charizard.

History: Ken led a normal life with friends and everything. He enjoyed every minute of his days, and his connection with his family and love was unbreakable. Suddenly, the cloud came overhead. All the Pokemon became bloodthirsty and went on a killing spree. A pack of Houndoom found their way to Lavaridge town, Ken's home. He watched as they burnt and devoured his whole family and his girlfriend. He was also the unfortunate victim of an attack by his very own Charmeleon. He survived, but suffered a nasty, and later, infected wound on his shoulder. He grabbed his dad's rifle, which lay next to it's owner's dead body, and shot the Houndoom. He tied up his Charmeleon's arms and legs together, and then contained it within it's Pokeball. He traveled for a long while, until finding the lab where Pokemon were being cured. With the help of the scientists, he managed to purify his Charmeleon, who evolved shirtly afterwards. Ken now vowed to get revenge on the Pokemon responsible for bringing this tragedy onto the world.

July 17th, 2005, 5:41 PM
Name: Julia
Age: 19
Gender: female

Description: Has peachy skin, deep blue eyes, and silky, straight blue hair that reaches down to the middle of her back. She's about average height, dresses fitted, black, flared jeans, a fitted black top, and a short, beige coat, cut from under the chest, wearing normal, dirty black sneakers.

Personality: She's a curious, young girl who isn't very sensible. She tries to cover up her shyness towards people with attitude, not letting people get to know the real her until they've won her trust.

Weapon: Short Bow, 6-pointed Throwing Stars
Pokemon: Milotic

History: At the age of 18, she moved to a quaint apartment in Celadon city with her only cured pokemon, Milotic. Her other pokemon are now roaming wildly, and she still feels an emotional bond with them. She volunteered with hopes of finding her pokemon again, Azumarill in particular.

Other: Julia's father was a Team Magma executive before dying, and was kidnapped by Team Aqua at a very young age as bait. She was brought back home by her two brothers at the delicate age of 10.

EDIT: DRATS I'm too late -_-; me and my slow typing -_-;

July 18th, 2005, 4:22 AM
(Ooc: Is it too late?)

(Ooc: Is it too late?)

Name: Shen

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Description: Medium height, spiky black hair, wears a blood-red shirt, covered by a black vest, and wears black jeans. He has Sandy Brown shoes, has two black wristband on each hand, and wears an Olive green Bandanna.

Personality: Very serious, never jokes, and always wants a good fight, he loves to flirt, even though he is serious. Also, he is a romantic, when the time calls for it, and even though he is serious, his childish side shows occasionally, and its a bit on the crazy side.......

Weapon: Two Sai.

Pokemon: Dragonite(I dont think this is a legendary)

History: Shen was found as a baby, abandod by the world, he was then
raised by Hannah and Jacob, two farmers who found him in their corn fields, they raised him and purchased a Dratini for him on his 10th Birthday, he then trained his Dratini on a target area, and then left home after nine years of long, hard training, he now lives within the LilyCove Hotel, paying $150 a month, and now searches to kill the evil, clouded Pokemon.

Other: Family: Jacob & Hannah Welsley.

July 18th, 2005, 8:30 AM
Since more than five have posted sign ups I am going to choose the best. SO if people still want a chance of signing up, then feel free.

Sithre: Both your Personality and Description is a bit short, I expect at least four lines for each, sometimes I feel that even three lines is acceptable if you seem to have covered everything. Edit please and we shall see.

Nitrus: I accept the picture, but the personality is to short, could you edit please by following the instructions I gave Sithre. Thanks.

Max Hunter: Give more description please, for example, is it a short sleeved shirt, are the trousers baggy. How long is the hair ext.

Paige: Accepted, perfect length that I am expecting. Thanks for joining.

Trainer Ben: Like I said to Nitrus, the picture is accepted, but the personality is way to short. I do not accept just words; I want them linked with words that show proper grammar and Punctuation. Also the Pokemon must be as last level of evolution.

Raichu Tamer: Accepted

Myrrh: read my response to both Trainer Bens and Nitruss sign ups.

So, so far only three spots have been taken and they are by:

Paige Pelletier
Raichu Tamer

There are three spots left; the ones that have been denied may edit their posts to include that which I have asked for if they please. But sign ups are still open. If no one fills the spots I will be allowing accepted members to double their characters.

Name: Aisha Lorenzo

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Description: http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b282/SinfulDragon/Anime/GothicGirl.jpg

Personality: Aisha is one who shows no mercy to those who threaten her or her companions, thus making her protective of those she travels with and furthermore very possessive of that which she counts as hers. Aisha can be rather moody when she wants to be and prefers to work alone knowing that if this was the case, she would have nothing to worry about, but when she is faced with a task that calls for team work, she is more than happy to aid those she works with and agree to anything as long as it is agreed on by all. Shes caring as well as protective, but at first glance, she comes across as cold hearted and distant, though this is only half right as Aisha has a heart of gold.

Weapon: Aisha carried with her a small, black Pistol as well as a silver blade hooked at her belt.

Pokemon: Houndoom

History: Aisha once lived in Goldenrod city with her family which consisted of herself, her younger brother and her parents. She worked in a small family business which concentrated on the grooming of Pokemon and their taming. Aisha was set on becoming a master breeder after she had finished her days at school and studied the habitats of the local Pokemon, but unfortunately for her and the rest of the world the black cloud disposed of her dreamsstarting with her family.

Her mother and father had been working at the day care centre that fateful day, and were turned upon by the multiple Pokemon that they kept there, and thus the Pokemon shed her parents of their flesh and they were left to decompose amongst the rubble day care centre.

After learning of the fierce outcome that the cloud had caused, Aisha took her younger brother, only eleven years old, and made for shelter, this of course left her no alternative but to leave the city where they were confronted by a pack of rogue Pidgeotto. Aisha protected her brother as much she could, but the rogue Pokemon decided that removing the youngling would prove more of an easy task than taking out the older. Aishas brother was taken from her grasp and pecked to death right in front of her eyes.

Aisha fled far from Jhoto to the region of Kanto where she learnt of an organisation that was looking for volunteers to bring this miserable time to an end. Having nothing left to do with her life, Aisha signed up for this mission and now travels with her companions to her most dreaded region.

Other: Nothing

July 18th, 2005, 9:21 AM
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Electric Hero
July 18th, 2005, 10:12 AM
Ok... I edited my post... I hope it's better... but I still can write more if you think it still needs description.

July 18th, 2005, 10:30 AM
Yes, i edited mine also. I was short on time when i posted it so i hope this is better.

July 18th, 2005, 12:12 PM
I edited mine too... also I edited my weapons

Electric Hero
July 18th, 2005, 3:48 PM
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July 18th, 2005, 7:30 PM
Name: Josh
Age: 21
Gender: Male

Description: Josh has brown skin of someone you might expect to live somewhere hot and humid. His hair is black, and he likes to keep it shaved close to his head. Most of the time Josh is wearing baggy blue jeans and any kind of long sleeved shirt that he ties down on the ends. Under this he always has on his swimming trunks and a tank top. One of Josh's eyes is green and the other is brownish red. He has a few scars from Pokemon attacks he somehow managed to survive. One along the length of his arm, one slashed across a collarbone-they barely missed his neck that time...-, and various other scratches covering his face and hands. His clothes have patches torn out all over and have a sort of dusty appearance.

Personality: Even though Josh is 21 he still acts like a 12 year-old. He'll challenge anyone to anything stupid and then go through with it. Sometimes he's teased by his Pokemon about this. Actually, Josh is scarred for life. He manages to cover up his sad mood by acting immature all the time. When he's alone, with no one, not even his Pokemon around, he thinks of all the Pokemon that have been murdered. Then he thinks about the people that are dead too. He's as wierd as he looks. He's determined to kill this whatsitsthingy so he can be able to relax without having to act like a little kid. At heart, he's probably a 12 year-old anyway.

Weapon: Steel staff, and a small sword
Pokemon: A Jolteon named Biole. This doesn't really matter since he drifts in between Biole and Jolteon.

History: Josh was born in 1990 and grew up in Azaelea(Sp?) Town. On his seventh birthday, Josh's older brother, Mat, gave him a Growlithe. Nine years later, one year after the world was thrown into darkness( Creepy music... ), Josh was sixteen. His brother had suffered from an attack from Josh's own Growlithe-now evolved into Arcanine- and died. Josh attended the funeral while his Pokemon created chaos in Goldenrod. After his brother died, Josh really had no place to go, his parents having been killed right after the cloud appeared. He sought someplace which might help him find his beloved companion. Josh found it after a year of searching. He wants revenge for his brother, but he also wants to be able to find his first Pokemon and cure it. So he's torn between killing his Pokemon, or letting his brother's death go unavenged.

Other: When Josh joined the Orginization he had high hopes that his Pokemon parter would be his Arcanine. Or any Arcanine. When he got a Jolteon he was extremely let down. Josh treats it fine, but he still can't help but wish that he could battle with his own Pokemon.

Trainer Ben
July 18th, 2005, 7:42 PM
Upon editing my post, I've extended my personality and history. They were only short because I wanted to be the 5th person before whoever was posting with me that day. :D

July 18th, 2005, 7:54 PM
I'd like to give it a shot, will be editting this post.

EDIT (Here goes):

Name: Fiore Regal
Age: 19.5
Gender: Female
Description: She dresses lightly for the sake of her position and choice of weapon. Soft, yet durable black boots grace her feet, and her wardrobe consists of khaki shorts, knee-high, white socks, black, fingerless, elbow-length gloves, and a (navy) blue short-sleeved tunic with black vest. Her black hair is kept back in two short, braided pigtails, which accent her pale skin and emerald-shaded eyes.
Personality: Fiore tends to remain very calm and levelheaded with a passive temperament during peacetime. However, she is also extremely critical and doesnt trust her teammates to be able to live up to her expectations and keep up with her serious nature, and therefore ends up doing more work than she needs to. When fighting, she seems rather cold with how mechanically she can kill, but her compassionate heart cannot bear with any death that is not quick and painless. Fiore is known not to take any sort of nonsense when theres work to be done.
Weapon: Sniper Rifle (carried in a portable case), knife
Pokemon: Absol
History: Fiore had grown up in Saffron City for the majority of her life, both parents being very busy entrepreneurs, leaving her to grow up on her own. Determined to become a Pokemon trainer someday, she began to raise a small Pidgey at a young age. Growing close over the years, Fiores dream to become a master came with her rapidly approaching birthday.

But it was not to be. A dark cloud came, and her friendly little Pidgey, by far her closest friend, immediately turned on her, giving her a lasting scar on her left shoulder and upper arm. Desperate, Fiore did all she could to get away, but watched with sorrow as it was eventually shot by her father. They immediately went to the nearest shelter, where her parents still reside. However, Fiore herself began watching how the guards would use their rifles, practicing on her own when she was old enough, and swiftly matured into a class-A sniper. With thoughts of how her own Pokemon, her friend, had suffered, Fiore had no qualms with volunteering; whether or not she would survive.
Other: Fiore has the typical sniper trates; control of heart rate, breathing, trembling, clearing her mind, and stealth.

July 19th, 2005, 2:27 AM
Ouch, OK, it seems this is going to be harder than I though now that more have joined. OK:

Sithre: Much better, the description you had was fine in terms of the actual description, it was just the length, but now that you have bettered it you are accepted.

Max Hunter: Though the length is better, I still worry for your punctuation and way of description. Sorry, but not accepted.

Myrrh: You have the same sort of problem as Max Hunter does. Sorry not accepted.

Gohan: Accepted

Eirik: Accepted.

Trainer Ben and Nitrus: Im sorry to you two because, even though your Sign ups were much better that they were before and I was tempted to accept you, but Gohan and Eiriks length and description just outdone you. I am really sorry for that.

Ok, so the accepted are:

Paige Pelletier
Raichu Tamer

Ok, this is the last time I do a Whoever is better is accepted Sign up, because it is just way to hard to choose and I feel guilty then when I do accept them, so from now on my RPGs are just gonna be first come first served.

Anyways, On with the RPG!

Aisha tightened the belt around her waste so that it was secure, and guaranteed not to fall from her slender hips. She then took the black pistol from its resting place upon the rotting wooden table, and returned it to its holster at her waste after giving it a thorough inspection for bullets, she was not leaving unprepared for this live threatening mission.

After packing her back with countless ammo and rations of food, she threw it over her shoulder and made her way out of the room, and down the corridor towards the briefing room where she was to meet with her comrades and Pokemon. She wasnt to thrilled with working with a Pokemon after the pain they had caused her and her family, but this was the only way she could guarantee safety from those rogues polluting the earth.

Upon entering the briefing room, she saw six Pokemon lined up neatly behind the desk, and a man sitting with his legs crossed at the end of the table. He beckoned for the young woman to sit at his right side and she complied, walking along the row of high back chairs and sitting at his side wearily.

The others will be here shortly, Miss Lorenzo. He announced, patting her shoulder and returning to his usual posture after doing so I will give you a short briefing on where you must head and then you will be introduced to your Pokemon. Oh and dont worry, they are fully aware of who they are and who you are, they will not harm you He chuckled at Aishas expression of terror as one of the Pokemon from behind her traced its large snout up her arm.

She waited for her comrades to arrive for the briefing, silently wishing that the whole ordeal would be called off before they could leave.

paige pelletier
July 19th, 2005, 6:51 AM
Whisper packed a medium sized black bag with extra clothes, some food, a small water bottle, some healing suplies, and a small torn old picture. She lifted the bag and swung it over her shoulder "this is not very heavy" she said to her self in a soft voice that was not used much.
She then checked to see that her dagger was still on a sheath attatched to her belt. She walked over to the door of her room and grabed her sythe, she used it almost like a walking stick as she went down the corridor. When she reached the briefing room she walked in and looked around with curious eyes.
She bowed slightly, and started to talk in the same soft peacful voice "hello, my name is Whisper and this is the place to get the calm pokemon?" as she said this she smiled at the other girl in the room. Her eyes caught sight of the houndoom that was by the girl Whisper trembled a bit but tried not to look at the dog pokemon.
She then stared at the dragonite who was looking at her with large curious eyes, she gave it the same stare and just kept looking at it.

July 19th, 2005, 10:27 AM
Julia sighed, stuffing her large (or at least large, considering the type of bag it was), black drawstring bag with needless supplies... Shampoo... Makeup... Conditioner... Perfume... Hairspray... Facial cleansers... More hair products... And then of course, there were the things that she would need - bandages, bottled water, cotton swabs...

She pressed her lips against a crisp piece of toast, then threw it into the trash, not feeling too hungry. She slipped her throwing stars onto the holder that was clipped around her waist, and held her bow tightly, standing up, and throwing the drawstring bag over one shoulder, beside her quiver, over the other shoulder.

'This seems like an aweful lot...' She thought ot herself.

'People should design backpacks that are more fashionable... Then I wouldn't have bought this dinky bag...' She stated, not realizing she was actually speaking. She took a black hair band, pulled her silky hair back into ponytail, and walked into the briefing room, seeing only 2 girls.

'Wow... I thought there'd be more guys...' She thought to herself, still being the flirtatious 13 year-old she was 6 years ago at heart.

Not saying a word, she looked at the rest of the group with a strict gaze, trying to look as serious as possible, and took a seat.

July 19th, 2005, 12:19 PM
OOC: So its too late to join? Dang it oh well I'll have to be quicker.

July 19th, 2005, 1:53 PM
Sithre entered the room, bringing with him an eerie silence and a terrible doom. He noticed that their were three other women, alongside with 6 pokemon. Nothing special stood out about these girls, but he knew they must have all gone through some form of teribble hardship or else they wouldn't be here. Sithre felt scarcely equipped, compared to the other three. He hadn't brought a bag or any supplies. Living off of the earth was what he was used to, and this would be no different.

Sithre walked up to one of the pokemon, a Scizor, and adjusted his katana. He had been around this pokemon before, his father had one...

July 19th, 2005, 2:18 PM
She was up long before dawn.

Fiore's essentials were laid neatly across her bed; a first-aid kit, medicine, extra clothes, water (and a small purifier), flint, a blanket, and dried food. She sighed before dropping the last two objects, a knife and healthy amount of bullets. They fit cleanly inside her plain, khaki bag, and were left beside a larger, black case. The one that held her rifle.

Sitting down on her bed, Fiore placed the last pack of food into her bag, eyes locked onto the wall. No windows. -When was the last time I saw the sunrise... What a tiresome old prison here.- she thought, a bitter smile on her face. Slipping both packs onto her back, she traced a finger down the wall, memorizing the last moment she'd be in her secure little room. The cruel irony was, of course, she'd probably miss the place with time, just as she missed the sunrise. -Truly, one doesn't know how much they had before they lose it.-

The door clicked as it closed behind her, and soon she was at the briefing room. Noting the others already in their seats, she wordlessly sat down in one herself, sending a polite nod to what seemed to be the man in charge. Fiore could feel her blood freeze for a moment when she saw the Pokemon, keeping still as a statue.