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July 19th, 2005, 2:52 PM
Wandering Undernet 5 Forte wonders to himself if he will ever find the ultimate opponent he has been longing to challenge.Flashbacks of his encounters with the blue bomber known as Megaman and the swordmaster who is called Protoman These...these were worthy opponents,but not good enough...i must continue my search.Forte hovered around a corner to see something odd happening,he saw two navi's talking and decided to listen in.
"So what does the boss have in mind anyways?"A purple navi asked
"I dont really know but what i was informed was he captured Dr.Hikari the father of that so called ace netbattler"Said the green navi
"Oh you mean the one who operates megaman?!"The purple one said scared
"Yea,why such the worry in your voice though?"The green one asked
"I heard around that he is supposed to be the strongest navi around next to protoman!"yelled the purple navi
"Ha dont worry Dr.Regal is going to take care of them,word has it that protoman and megaman teamed up and are now forming a team to stop the take over"the green one explained

Forte listened for another 20 minutes to know that this person named Dr.Regal is planning on taking over the entire net.Forte seemed interested in this character because if what the two navi's were saying was true then this "Dr.Regal" could be the ultimate opponent Forte has been searching for.Forte lept teleported behind the green navi
"Where is this Dr.Regal you speak of?"
"Who are you!?Are you looking for trouble!"Asked the Green navi
"I wont ask you again where is he!?"
"Ha prepare to be deleted!"The purple navi yelled

With great ability Forte lifted the purple navi up by the neck and broke it.He was just about to lung for the other one when everything around him started to turn darker then normal
"Whats going on!?"Forte demanded to know
Is this what that Dr.Regal character had in mind?Is he planning on taking over the net??Forte watched and soon saw Evil navi's such as himself spring to life and come out of these dark holes in the ground,better known as "Darkloids".Forte recgonized(Sp?) only a few the others were a mystery to him Looks like navi's that have already been deleted are coming back to,just who is this mad man!?
Forte took a step back and flew off
Taking over the net,reviving deleted navi's....this man is a worthy adversary..Hahahaha[I] Forte laughed to himself feeling happy now that he found someone worthy enough to fight [I]But those Darkloids might get in the way of my progress of meeting Dr.Regal...hmm..
Forte thought back to the two navi's conversation and then he remembered something Protoman and megaman have teamed up in order to prevent Dr.regals take over
Forte thought to himself maybe he could get a team of his own to use them in order to quicken the meet with him and Dr.Regal.Where am i going to find navi's strong enough to assist me??....Maybe Willy left me something before he was defeated
With that being thought Forte went to the old beat-down WWW headquarters
What bunch of junk here...there is no one here[I]
[I]Whats that?? Forte could hear the pulsing noise coming from a couple of navi's near by but he didnt no where it was coming from.He pointed his blaster to the place he heard it the strongest and opened fire.
"Well,well,well it looks like the old man did leave some useful stuff behind after all" In the smoke of the blast forte entered to find 5 Capsules with navi's inside of them.Forte checked the system and noticed that their power reading were that of Megaman and Protoman Good these navi's will do.. Forte pushed the button to open the capsules.Each one of them opened their eyes and steped out they looked at forte as if awaiting a command
"Ha ha Perfect this is just perfect.Listen up i have found a navi who is worthy enough for me to battle,but it seems i have some pests in my way do me a favor and clear the Darkloids out for your Master Forte!We will take over the Dr's plan to take control of the net."
The navi's looked at him and one of them spoke
"Listen Forte you arent our master we are equals here.You dont control us but i guess we can make a deal with you.There are six of us including you so after we take over the net we each get control of our own territory,sounds fair?"
Forte looked at him and then spoke "Yes..yes indeed it is fair,fine then you guys have yourself a deal.We all shall be known as the Dark Team Forte!Now go to ACDC1 and rid the place of the pests!Commence Operation:Total Take Over! Ha ha"

Navi Weapon: limit 5 (the ones you like to use the most)

July 19th, 2005, 3:52 PM
Name: Skullshocker
Age: 16
Gender: male
Description: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v718/12max1/skullman.gif
Personality: Evil, Backstabber, lies, does anything for power and loves to delete navi's
Navi Weapon: Skullbuster, skullshocker, skullblade.

July 19th, 2005, 8:28 PM
Name: Idzuna.EXE
Age: Appears 19
Gender: Male
Description: Sleek, fox ears and tail, helmet covering eyes, relatively long hair; at the helmet's base is a band tying his hair, if the band is broken or removed he is unable to remain visible and will become unseen to any without a special filter
Personality: Idzuna.EXE is cold, withdrawn, and independent. Though he does obey Forte, he does not consider himself as "belonging" to him. While he is efficient and often merciless in battle, Idzuna has no particular desire to fight and will only reveal his more sadistic tendencies if angered. Despite his "heart" seeming frozen and bitter, Idzuna does have a strong sense of honor and will hold to any loyalties he establishes. However, at the moment, he considers himself fully loyal to none--including Forte and his teammates. Unlike the others, he has no desire to conquer or rule--merely to be left in isolation. Idzuna does not trust Forte and believes that Forte will betray the other navis once his goals are accomplished. However, should Idzuna receive his territory, he plans to force all other forms of existence out of the area and to dwell alone.
Navi Weapon: Are these required to be official weapons (that is, battle chips)?
Silver Claws, Cold Beam, Icequake, Phantasm Zanbatou, Phantom Dance

July 19th, 2005, 8:48 PM
Your both in,and to answer your question kogenta it is battle chips and you can make up your own,which i see you've done

October 2nd, 2005, 2:22 PM
Age:appears 15
Description:Long indigo hair pulled up into a pony tail, and plain indigo helmet with a black stripe across the top. Dark blue eyes, and ice blue lips that are usually covered by a mask along with a jumpsuit similar to Roll's, but theres an indigo scarf wrapped around her waist in the fashion of a skirt, and both her indigo boots and gloves are smoothed over her black body basic. Her symbol is an indigo music note that seems like two stripes unless you look closely.
Personality:Rhythm is very eccentric, and always fun, though she's often found with people who are quite the opposite. She's clumsy when she's not net battling, and is very ruthless when it comes to netbattling. Rhythm thinks that Forte and her teammates are too hung up, but she knows that if Forte keeps his bargin, then she'll finally earn the respect she yearns for. She doesn't break rules, and she doesn't delete navi's unless neccessary. But if some unfortunate netnavi really ticks her off, she'll delete them without a second thought.
Navi Weapon: auto=daggers in the shape of a lone eighth note, others=Music Scepter (staff with a treble clef at the top) Sonic Cannon, Shroud (black gas. Good for silent and sneaky attacks) and Silent Shurikens (Shurikens that don't make a sound when in the air. Good combo with Battle Chip Shroud)
(Do we have netops? I'm guessing we don't...)

October 2nd, 2005, 2:30 PM
Please don't revive theards