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Hiroshi Sotomura
February 5th, 2004, 9:10 PM
Chain Story :: Future Times
Well well, if you thought Vito couldn't conjure up another story, he did! This is another story by me, and I want it to be successful. Shadow and I often only contribute. So if you can, contribute yourself! I'd love a contribution from you all! Enjoy and reply to the story if you can.

Writing form: Story form or script form is accepted.
It's the night as Ash, May, Max and Brock travel through the Hoenn region. Ash travels throughout Hoenn with his friends as he aims to be a Pokmon Master.
"How close are we to the next town?" asked Ash.
"Hmmm..." Brock examined the map, and said, "1 kilometer..."
May fell over. "If I walk like this," she started, "I'm going to collapse evry now and then..."
Max sighed.
"I could go 2.5 kilometers straight if I had my bike!" said May with a hint of sarcasm.
Pikachu groaned. Ash groaned.
As they walked, a large canyon became visible.
"What's that?" asked Ash.
"Erm..." Brock started, "It's called Fume Canyon, supposed to be as big as the Grand Canyon in Australia..."
Max got out his binocculars.
"Well it appears it's easy getting up the top, since there's a cave with stairs that lead to it..." Brock continued, "There's rumors the top holds a time amulet that could take you to the distant future. But there isn't much evidence to support this..."

Jessie came screaming from a bush full of Spinarak.
"Jessie why are you covered in silk?" James asked.
"MIND IT, BUCKO!" she said madly.
"Hmmm..." Meowth started, "The guidebook says this area is known for it's Pokmon, and the top of the canyon. They say there's an abandoned mansion that has gold lost in there. And something about a time amulet..."
Jessie jumped. "Wheee! I know what we can do with a time amulet!" she said.
"Go on..." James went.
"Well time amulets are known to be able to stop time." Meowth began, "The holder chooses in his or her mind who also doesn't get affected."
"Anything else?" Jessie asked excitedly.
"It says you can go back in time!" Meowth explained.
"We can go back in time and steal the twerp's Pikachu from then!" Jessie said at an excited pace.

To be continued..... by you!

February 5th, 2004, 11:21 PM
really nice story so far. :)

The King of Water Pokemon
February 6th, 2004, 2:59 PM
"Well, are we going to the cave now or what?" Max said impatiently.
"Geez.. why are you so anxious to get up there?" May said.
"I want to use that Time Amulet to travel back in time and see the Ancient Pokemon," Max said.
May groaned. "Is Pokemon all you think about Max?" she asked.
"C'mon, quit arguing and let's go!" Ash said. May and Max nodded and stood, following Ash and Brock.

Jessie, James, and Meowth were crouched in the bush, watching the "twerps."
"Some how, we got to get up there before dem," Meowth said.
Jessie continued looked away from the binoculars. "I got an idea!"

Ash and co. continued up the path, towards the cave entrance.
They stepped inside of the staircase cave, which was pitch black.
"Torkoal, go! We need a light!"
Ash threw a PokeBall to the ground, releasing the Fire Turtle. A small fireball appeared in it's mouth, lighting the cave. They continued for a while, until a voice was heard.
"Do not come any closer! This area is restricted!" The company looked around, seeing no one. Then, in front of them stepped a young woman in ancient garbs and long red hair.
"Whose...whose that?" Brock asked nervously.

(I wrote this presuming it was going by Japanese Episodes.)

Hiroshi Sotomura
February 6th, 2004, 4:00 PM
I did it that way as well, so...

"My name?" the lady with the red hair responded, "That isn't your business. This is a protected area, only those who prove themselves may enter!"
"Prove themselves in what?" Ash asked.
"A double battle." she replied.
"Fine! I'll take you on!" Ash replied with 'battle fever'.
May groaned. Max started cheering. Brock stood.
"Go Torkoal! Go Pikachu!"
"Go! Camerupt! Go! Charizard!"
"A Camerupt and a Charizard?" Ash said on first look, "Pikachu! Thunder on the Charizard!"
The Thunderbolt hit and halved Charizard's HP.
"Camerupt! Fire Blast!"
Fire blast hit Pikachu, sending it onto a wall.
In fury, the lady said, "Charizard! Make a big swirl and send that Torkoal flying!"
Charizard lifted itself from the ground and swiveled and then span round. It then hit Torkoal and fainted it.
"No!" Ash cried.

To be continued...

The King of Water Pokemon
February 7th, 2004, 12:28 PM
"Pikachu, use Quick Attack on Camerupt!" Ash ordered. Pikachu ran forward, and slammed into Camerupt's head. The Pokemon stumbled around and then fell, fainted.
"GAH! CHARIZARD OVERHEAT!" The lady ordered. Charizard's eyes turned red and it released a wave of 100 degree temperatures. Pikachu smashed into the wall, hurt and close to fainting. May, Max, Brock, and Ash were all knocked back and began to melt in the heat.
"Pikachu, are you ok?" Ash asked, wincing from the heat.
"Pi...ka..." Pikachu answered.
"Well, then use Shock Wave!" Pikachu's cheeks released a series of bolts that hit Charizard, causing it to fall to the ground, fainted.
"NO!" The red-headed woman yelled. "How could I lose? Master will be so displeased."
"Master?" Brock asked.
"If you come with me, you can meet him," she said, standing.