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Tasteful Loathing
July 22nd, 2005, 12:36 AM
Poppers could be heard going off, children giggling as they caught the handfuls of streamers that floated down from the air. Choruses of voices rose as a string of people danced through the crowds. The area was packed. Vendors were harried, trying to serve the countless people who surrounded the bars and carts, food, toys, merchandise and equipment in hand, money a blur as it was passed back and forth. One child bawled, gesturing hopelessly at her mangled cotton candy on the ground, her Zigzagoon looking worried before snuffling into the food, as it was still good to him.

There was no place that was silent. It was a huge celebration. People, Pokemon... everywhere.

The Pokemon Master tournament had ended two nights before, but people were still hyped. The Stadium grounds were still open, as the celebrations were known to last up to a month after. It was a time to kick back, relax, and have a good time. Trainers could forget about striving to be the best for just a while. As a ritual, all three sets of gyms were closed, as the leaders were here as well, although most of them were hanging with the Elite Four and the new crowned Master. But brief glimpses of them could be seen, as they offered advice for younger trainers, or had demonstrations of their Pokemon's ability.

It was a mix of regions; people from Kanto, Johto and Hoenn were all here. The expansive grounds barely had breathing space, the countless hotels were booked out. Many were camping in the forests surrounding, the few towns and cities that lay nearby were also booked out in the ways of accomodation.

The celebrations were always big, always extravagant. They had been for years.

Small battling tournaments were going on the arenas still, with sections open for Beginners, Intermediates, Moderates, and Experts. Unofficial battles were popping up everywhere; a few had been given fines for battling where the shops were, as spontaneous battles were meant to be in the fields, so there were no injuries.

Trading trainers were cuddling their newly aquired Pokemon lovingly, Breeders were grooming their Pokemon for the daily contests, Professors and Enthusiasts were running around, observing for all their worth, and reporters were appearing randomly, interviewing trainers.

A statue of Lugia was the centerpiece of a giant fountain in the square, water arcing gracefully from it's open mouth. A pale, almost frail-looking boy was seated on the smooth border surrounding the water, his cheek pressed against his Persian's head.

Stroking the feline Pokemon's back, a purr vibrated the soft skin of his cheek, the Persian's eyes half-closed in bliss. He cooed lovingly to her, eyes looking ahead at the crowds.

One hand gripped the harness that was clipped onto the Persian, and one look at his face offered an explanation: he was going blind. One eye was milky already, the other bright one having a slight glaze, although it was generally still functional.

His white bangs were touselled messily, his clothes slightly wrinkled. A black backpack sat at his feet, a bottle of lemonade next to it.

He unwrapped a PokeTreat he had just bought, feeding it to the Persian with a soft smile.

Nevada was one of the twelve trainers in the qualifying rounds in the tournament, but was knocked out at seventh place. Rather good for someone who could barely see... but despite his victories, he was reminded of his losses more, for the mere fact he was technically 'disabled'.

People were just cruel.



Basically, this is a more relaxing roleplay, for trainers to meet and battle, really. Somewhere to unwind. Backstories and subplots are welcome, but I don't want world dominations plans or anything just yet. ^^;

Character Sheet:

Type: Trainer, breeder, professor, collector, gym leader, etc.
Association: Rocket, Magma, Aqua, Neutral, Evil (you know, without being part of a group or anything).
Pokemon: Pokemon can have up to eight attacks, four attack (ones that do damage, whether they cause a status ailment or not, like tackle, or firespin), and four defense (ones that up the users stats, cause an effect, or produce a status ailment without causing damage during that turn, like defense curl, will-o'-wisp, rain dance or attract). TMs are allowed. Hopefully that isn't confusing... ^^;

My character:

Name: Nevada Behrens.
Type: Trainer.
Association: Neutral.
Age: 19.
Gender: Male.
Description: Shaggy white hair, scruffily drawn down to his cheekbones, the back sticking out left and right. Blind in his right eye, the other a brighter blue. Black swirl linked with a green heart under his left eye, to draw attention away from the blind one. Pale skin. Labret peircing. Black hoodie, left unzipped, green band on his upper left arm, holding his Pokeballs. Horizontally striped green and black collared shirt, black tie. Black pants and boots. Nails are painted black.
Personality: As he has been teased almost constantly over the years by trainers who thought those who were disabled should be barred from battling, he is rather withdrawn. He loves company, and will chatter away to people, but he doesn't trust anyone but his Pokemon anymore. Gets embarrassed easily, as well as insulted. Seems to find meanings in people's dialogue that weren't intended. Blames himself for a lot. Nevertheless, he is a skilled trainer.

1. #053 Persian [female]: Given to Nevada as a small Meowth when he was young, as a playmate. She is like his second set of eyes, and is deathly loyal. Doesn't battle anymore, as she is always needed at his side. Is equipped with a seeing-dog harness. Calm, protective. {Thunder, Aerial Ace, Shadow Ball, Return, Protect, Rest, Roar, Endure}

2. #301 Delcatty [male]: A complete flirt. A cocky fighter, and quite the speedy one. {Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Dig, Solarbeam, Safeguard, Double Team, Attract, Rest}

3. #038 Ninetales [female]: Quiet and focused. A defensive/status ailment battler. {Fire Spin, Toxic, Iron Tail, Flamethrower, Will-O'-Wisp, Confuse Ray, Safeguard, Reflect}

4. #156 Quilava [female]: Despite remaining in her first evolutionary stage, she is a powerhouse. She cancelled out her evolution as it started, so she is really partially evolved (this is why she has some Typhlosion-only moves), which confuses PokeDexes quite frequently. {Fire Blast, Earthquake, Aerial Ace, Rollout, Defense Curl, Swagger, Attract, Substitute}

5. #037 Vulpix [male]: Stubborn, gets angry easily. Usually sulks in the corner if he loses. A rapid-fire battler. {Frustration, Overheat, Flamethrower, Swift, Grudge, Reflect, Double Team, Mimic}

6. #261 Poochyena [male]: Innocent and wide-eyed. Many underestimate the small pup. Usually ends up blinking bewildered when he unleashes an attack, as he doesn't know his own strength. {Crunch, Facade, Hidden Power, Shadow Ball, Torment, Roar, Endure, Psych Up}

Trainer Kat
July 22nd, 2005, 7:11 AM
OOC: I'm hoping I can finish this later, I'm running late for a tennis lesson. I do have a question, however--does Aerodactyl qualify as a legendary, or could I have one?

Name: Kat
Type: Trainer, but also participates in some Coordinating.
Association: Ex-Rocket, now neutral
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Description: Has chin length blonde hair that has pink streaks in it. Her eyes are a bright blue. She wears black eye makeup, mainly eyeliner, and paints her nails black. She also wears black lipstick. For clothes, she wears black fishnets, black boots, a black skirt with white lace trim, and a satin corset.
Skirt, fishnets, and boots: http://img92.imageshack.us/img92/6222/252982hi3dr.jpg
Top: http://img149.imageshack.us/img149/679/256488hi7sq.jpg
Personality: She cannot remember a time when she did not cry herself to sleep. Often withdrawn, she is difficult to talk to, unless she feels she clicks with you. Not at all the kind of girl just anyone comes up to. However, she does want a boyfriend, and, if you connect with her, she'll give you a chance.

1. Meowth [male]: Meowth was Kat's first Pokemon, given to her by her friend, who passed away three days before the tournament. Meowth is Kat's best Pokemon, despite being unevolved. He never leaves her side, and is always kept out of his Pokeball, unless there is a transportation issue. He wears a pink ribbon around his neck, and is Kat's main contest Pokemon.{Slash, Water Pulse, Pay Day, Bite, Rain Dance, Sunny Day, Double Team, Attract}

2. Absol [male]: The first Pokemon Kat ever caught on her own. He's a powerful force, and often gets jealous of Meowth. His personality type matches his Dark type. He is very trustworthy, and makes a good partner. {Theif, Blizzard, Shadow Ball, Slash, Toxic, Swords Dance, Double Team, Flash}

3. Espeon [female]: Stolen from Team Rocket when Kat quit, Espeon is grateful to not have to serve Team Rocket. She was stolen, but has no desire to go back to her original trainer, as she has given up hope of finding him. She doesn't completely trust Kat, but for the most part is a good Pokemon. {Psychic, Iron Tail, Dig, Hyper Beam, Reflect, Rest, Calm Mind, Helping Hand}

4. Gengar [male]: Not a fun Pokemon to be around. He has a strange aura about him that makes people nervous and sad. He has a creepy laugh, and is not a Pokemon for the happier people. {Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb, Hypnosis, Confuse Ray, Will-o-Wisp, Destiny Bond}

5. Charizard [female]: A shiny Charizard. Her heart is as black as her skin. She is a smaller Charizard than normal, only 5'0" tall and only weighing 182.3 lbs. She wasn't fed well as a Charmander, making her smaller. However, she can easily best a full-grown male in battle, due to her sheer determination and willpower. {Fire Blast, Earthquake, Body Slam, Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Attract, Smokescreen, Toxic}

6. Aerodactyl [female]: Found sleeping on a pedestal in a dank cave. After a quick Water Pulse from Meowth, Kat threw the PokeBall. Tired from her sleep, she didn't retaliate. She is Kat's other contest Pokemon, and wears a pink bow on the left horn. {Ancientpower, Snore, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Sandstorm, Protect, Rest, Toxic}

Yami's Girl
July 22nd, 2005, 10:54 AM
Name:Emily Mueller
Association: nuetral
Description:Blonde hair in ponytail, violet eyes, flame shirt, tattered jean shorts, sneakers, height: 5' 2", and light tan skin
Personality:Brave, fun-lover, and carefree. She loves to explore and go on adventures. If you befriend her, you're friends for life. She will do anything if her friends are in danger. But beware! She also has a bad temper.

Purple Charizard [Female] Nickname: Flare
A rare purple Charizard with a personality just like her trainer's. She's very powerful and if you offend her be ready for a hard blow.
{Fire Spin, Dragon Rage, Steel Wing, Hyper Beam, Sunny Day, Protect, Double Team, Smokescreen} (Does Fly really count as a move? If so, I'll edit this later)

Houndoom [Male] Nickname: Darkness
Darkness is an extreamly energetic pokemon and very friendly, despite his nickname. He tends to run off if he smells something good, but he's a very trustworthy pokemon.
{Flamethrower, Crunch, Bite, Shadow Ball, Double Team, Roar, Toxic, Protect}

Shiney Vaporeon [Female] Nickname: Hydro
Hydro is a very moody pokemon who won't obey any command except Emily's. She's a very loyal pokemon and also has a bad temper. She's not the most friendly pokemon, but if you keep trying to be her friend she'll except you in time.
{Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Aurora Beam, Iron Tail, Haze, Roar, Protect, Double Team}

Salamance [Male]
Salamance was the first pokemon Emily caught on her own. She found him stuck in a lake, trying to fly. Salamance's basic form was powerful enough but now he's one major power puncher.
{Dragon Claw, Dragon Breath, Flamethrower, Steel Wing, Protect, Double Team, Sunny Day, Scary Face}

Dragonite [Female]
Very optimistic, no matter what the situation, Dragonite is happy all the time, and that makes some pokemon think she's annoying. But if the battling time comes, she gets all serious and is very powerful then what she lets on.
{Hyper Beam, Twister, Dragon Rage, Thunderbolt, Protect, Double Team, Rest, Snore}

Tyranitar [Male] Nickname: Rage
Abandoned as a Larvitar, Rage isn't a very trusting pokemon. He turns down most pokemon and is sort of the loner type. Just give him time to warm up to you.
{Iron Tail, DragonBreath, Hyper Beam, Thrash, Protect, Double Team, Sandstorm, Roar}

Can you tell I like using Double Team and Protect? :P

Tasteful Loathing
July 22nd, 2005, 11:05 AM
OoC: Hehe, double team and protect are fun. XD I dunno if Fly would really count as a move... I guess not, really.

Although a Cloyster using Fly is pretty out of the ordinary... I had a Cloyster that knew Fly once... he was a glitch Pokemon. X)

July 22nd, 2005, 11:34 AM
Are Breeding Moves and HMs permitted in Pokemon?

Name: Rine Shard
Type: Trainer, coordinator
Association: Neutral/Evil (See "Personality")
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Description: Dark brown hair with lighter brown highlights, green eyes, casual attire
Personality: Rine is usually calm and gentle, though slightly withdrawn. He prefers the company of his Pokemon to that of humans, but often makes an effort to be amiable and reasonable to others. While he may not be terribly demonstrative--especially in the presence of other humans--he cares deeply for his Pokemon and would sacrifice himself for them. And, in some manners, he has. Rine has a darker, harsher personality that was revealed after Team Magma stole his Pokemon and began to use them to accomplish their goals. Furious at his inability to protect his Pokemon, his darker personality was born--or, perhaps, simply activated. It was after his Pokemon were stolen that Rine met Scyther. And, lying injured and broken in a forest, Scyther awakened Rine from his stunned trance and followed the trainer in his dark anger to retrieve his Pokemon.

Although somewhat of a "villain" when his darker personality is active, Rine retains some semblance of loyalty to honor. It is because of Rine's sense of honor that Scizor is willing to follow him--though at times he may disagree with Rine's more hate-fueled actions.

Gender - Male
Attacks - Dragon Rage, Blizzard, Thunder, Wrap; Agility, Toxic, Protect, Detect
History/Personality - Quiet and ethereal, Dragonair may seem somewhat aloof or detached at times. However, he respects his trainer and is, as with all Rine's Pokemon, highly "in synch" with him.

Gender - Male
Attacks - Steel Wing, Metal Claw, Slash, Hyper Beam; Double Team, Detect, Sandstorm, Swords Dance
History/Personality - For several years, Scyther travelled with Rine as his ally in battle--not being, in actuality "caught". However, after a time, Scyther agreed to be caught and later evolved into Scizor. Despite this, though, Scizor's personality is still independent and somewhat solitary, having a mentality similar to a "lone swordsman". Scizor's only loyalties are Rine and honor.

Gender - Female
Attacks - Night Shade, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Psychic; Curse, Will-o-Wisp, Screech, Destiny Bond
History/Personality - Oddly, Shuppet is probably one of Rine's more friendly Pokemon. However, she can be highly jealous of her trainer and may release a deafening Screech attack if particularly agitated. When Rine's darker personality is active, Shuppet grows stronger by feeding on his negative emotions--an activity she rather enjoys. Shuppet also has a slightly mischievous side that she usually hides.

Gender - Male
Attacks - Flamethrower, Hidden Power, Overheat, Irontail; Confuse Ray, Hypnosis, Imprison, Attract
History/Personality - Ninetails is a rather unusual Pokemon in that it evolved from Vulpix without the use of a Fire Stone. As of yet, Rine has been unable to discover how this event occured.
Ninetails is rather cold to most and seems to merely tolerate others' existence. However, he can be rather affectionate and demonstrative when he is alone with his trainer.

Gender - Female
Attacks - Quick Attack, Aurora Beam, Hydro Pump, Water Gun; Haze, Mist, Acid Armor, Attract
History/Personality - Fairly gentle and accepting of others, Vaporeon is patient and docile. As Rine's first Pokemon, when she was an Eevee she chose Vaporeon as her evolution choice. She is extremely loyal to Rine and often displays guilt or sadness after losing--as she feels she has failed her trainer. During the times at which Rine enters his darker moods, Vaporeon remains true and relatively obedient. However, she is often doubtful as to Rine's commands and may act in accordance to the personality of the Rine she was originally familiar with.

Gender - Male
Attacks - Dragonbreath, Iron Tail, Fire Blast, Crunch; Sand Tomb, Protect, Toxic, Sandstorm
History/Personality - When rescuing his Pokemon from Team Magma, Rine also freed Flygon from one of their laboratories. Although Flygon decided to follow Rine, the Rine he first knew was the one of a darker, mroe aggressive personality. And, it is that personality that Flygon admires and respects, and holds his loyalty to. As such, Flygon refuses to obey Rine unless his darker personality is active.
Though he appears relatively docile, Flygon is harsh and savage--any part of his softer nature having been removed during his time with Team Magma. Flygon's abilities have been enhanced by various experiments performed on it, but at the cost of much pain. Even now, Flygon often suffers due to its unnatural imbalance of power.

Alter Ego
July 22nd, 2005, 11:55 AM
Seeing as how the thread starter has been booted out, will this RP continue at all?

Yami's Girl
July 22nd, 2005, 12:02 PM
I suppose if we really wanted to, we could continue.

Trainer Kat
July 22nd, 2005, 12:06 PM
There was really no reason she should have been booted out, unless some posts of hers were deleted...And even so, I just don't know what she could have done. Anyway, hopefully it is only a temporary ban, because I was really looking forward to this. I'd like to know what she did wrong.[/spam]

Alter Ego
July 22nd, 2005, 12:14 PM
I don't really think it's spam considering that it is related to the progress of the RP. But I agree that the ban is baffling to me as well. And I was just hoping to sign up too...

Yami's Girl
July 22nd, 2005, 12:17 PM
Well, if you want you can post your profile and mabye after a while we can start on our own?

Alter Ego
July 23rd, 2005, 5:15 AM
Yay, it was only a temporary ban!^_^ And it's true that we can start on our own as well if need be. Okay here's my profile:

Name: Alexandros Maxwell, Alex for short
Type: Trainer
Association: Neutral
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Description: Alex has a tall and slender build with light green hair, kept short enough to stay out of his blue eyes. He tends to dress casualy unless the situation absolutely demands otherwise. His skin is slightly tanned from his extensive travels.
Personality: Alex is a very diligent and dutiful person, once he has given his word to do something he feels compelled to go through with it regardless of complications, which is why he refuses to give up on his Pokdex quest. The only exception is if the person he has given his word to proves to be untrustworthy or dishonorable. He tends to be friendly and trusting towards others, but if he's betrayed he is most unlikely to ever trust, let alone befriend, that person again. He will also retaliate fiercely if his friends or his Pokmon are endangered or hurt. Alex finds it hard to kick back and relax even for a second, which is why some of his friends urged him to join the festivities.


Charizard (Male) [Flammie]:
Flammie is quite an unusal Pokmon in the respect that his skin is silvery rather than red and the flame on his tail as well as the ones he unleashes glow white. Alex found Flammie while he was still a Charmander, shunned from his tribe due to his unusal colouring and pacifist ways. Unlike his trainer, Flammie is very playful and affectionate, particularly towards Alex, and will often try to cheer him up when his feeling bad. Flammie is also a highly sensitive Pokmon and hates to hurt others unnecessarily. He is not completely opposed to battling but prefers to make the process as quick and clean as possible. He is also very quick to blame himself and will often cry after failed, or unnecessarily violent or drawn out battles.
Moves: Aerial Ace, Overheat, Earthquake, Return, Attract, Sunny Day, Rest, Dragon Dance

Glalie (Female) [Sleet]:
A stark contrast to Flammie, Sleet is a coldblooded Pokmon (no pun intended) willing to take any order from her master and isn't bothered about the consequences. When caught she was actually showing an extremely malicious streak, maiming and terrorizing the locals, and Alex caught her primarily to protect the locals. For an unknown reason Sleet considers Alex her master and will obey his wishes unquestionably. In battle Sleet likes to slowly incapacitate her opponents before dealing the finishing strike.
Moves: Ice Beam, Water Pulse, Crunch, Shadow Ball, Substitute, Double Team, Rain Dance, Toxic

Xatu (Female) [Iris]:
Unlike Sleet Iris was never malicious by nature, simply detached, often acting as if she was there in body only, despite being constantly alert. For reasons unknown to anyone but Iris herself she allowed herself to be caught by Alex while still a Natu, possibly sensing that she would be given a chance to grow. Iris doesn't usually bother with those around her, be they humans or pokmon, but she obeys readily enough and doesn't bother the others too much. A fairly flexible battler, Iris is talented both at protecting herself and dealing out heavy damage, although it takes a while for her to warm up.
Attacks: Night Shade, Future Sight, Giga Drain, Hidden Power [Fire], Wish, Double Team, Protect, Calm Mind

Raichu (Female) [Brie]:
A hot-headed Pokmon that Alex named after his little sister, largely due to the similarities in their tempers. Brie was apparently dumped by her previous trainer, since she was already evolved when Alex found her. Brie is amiable enough when calm, but angers quickly and is very unpredictable when in such a state. She is a regular powerhouse in battle.
Moves: Thunder, Volt Tackle, Reversal, Frustration, Rain Dance, Thunder Wave, Agility, Double Team.

Sableye (Male) [Shade]:
An utterly mischievous prankster, Shade delights in all kinds of hoodwinking, trickery, and practical jokes, particularly tieng shoelaces together and tripping people. He is not cruel or heartless, he just has a peculiar sense of humor. Alex finds the little Pokmon's antics amusing at times and keeps him along. Shade is adept at wearing out his opponents and striking as soon as they make a mistake.
Moves: Shadow Ball, Fake Out, Brick Break, Faint Attack, Confuse Ray, Snatch, Recover, Double Team.

Yami's Girl
July 23rd, 2005, 2:56 PM
Yay! That's such great news! I can't wait for this to start.

July 23rd, 2005, 3:58 PM
Oooh, I wanna join!!

Name: Nekotsu

Type: Trainer

Association: Neutral

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Description: Spiky black hair, a black headband, a black longsleeved- shirt, covered by a white vest, long, sandy brown pants, U.S.A converse shoes, Black Sunglasses pushed up to the head, and a black bag, oh and a pair of black gloves(Like the kind Ash has).

Personality: Very serious, a talker, always on topic when conversing, always completes a task given to him, always is focused on what he is doing, canNOT be distracted.


Dragonite(Male): Dragonite was found as a Dratini in Nekotsus home, as an egg he found while he stranded from home, looking for adventure, he hatched the Dratini, and trained it to become the Dragonite he is today. {Moves: Hyper Beam, Dragon Breath, Gust, Dragon Dance, & Ice Beam}

Togetic(Female): Nekotsu found Togetic training with Dragonite, she was a Togepi, and he was nice enough to care for her and soon she evolved into TOgetic, TOgetic is the most loyal of Nekotsus Pokemon. {Moves: Return, Metronome, Take Down, Hyper Beam, Softboil, & Defense Curl}

Persian(Male): Nekotsus father gave him his Persian when he went blind, and so, Nekotsu uses Persian to his full potential, always battling with him, and now Persian has a baby Meowth, which Nekotsu gave to his little brother. {Moves: Slash, Screech, Pay Day, Hyper Beam}

Pichu(Female): Pichu was hatched when Nekotsu visited the Daycare in Jhoto, he then decided to keep her, and wont evolve her, since he likes her too much.....{Moves: Zap Cannon, ThunderBolt, Tail Whip, Thunder Wave, Growl, Agility(TM)}

July 24th, 2005, 12:48 AM
Type: champ
Association: Neutral
Description:5'7'', average build, reddish-brown hair, blue eyes, black t-shirt and long black pants
Personality:kind, helpful and but a little timmid untill he gets into battle where he apperers a whole different person

Black scizor: evolved form of starter pokemon (scyther). evolved using a damaged metal coat and ended up with 1 scythe and 1 pincer
attacks: aerial ace, slash, hyperbeam, snore, swords dance, protect, rest, safeguard

shiney metagross: most recent catch and is a relaible mode of transport (he dosent mind as i dont weigh much)
attacks:dynamic punch, thunder puch, metor mash, psychic, iron defence, protect, recover, reflect (although he is trained up and dosent recieve much damage from it)

tyranitar: is the smartest on the team with a battleing mind of its own. if he thinks i chose the wrong move he will change it to another. people think i cant control him but he just wants to win
attacks:crunch, earthquake, dragon claw, shockwave, rest, protect, toxic, substitute

kabutops: is bold and proud and will carry on fighting untill he passes out
attacks: icebeam, hyperbeam, slash, gigadrain, rest, protect, toxic, double team

salamance: has ground-a-phobia and hates to be on ground for long peroids of time
attacks:fly, aerial ace, hyper beam, flame thrower, protect, doubble team, rest, toxic

houndoom: acts ruthless but is realy a sweet pokemon unless you get him angry
attacks: chrunch, flamethrower, faint attack, hyper beam, protect, rest, double team, toxic
ill post the rest later

Tasteful Loathing
July 24th, 2005, 4:54 AM
Out of Character:

Okay, people are free to start roleplaying if you really want to. I was baffled as to why I was banned, so, 'eh.

And finishing your profiles at a later time due to other needs (ie. going to an appointment, getting booted off the computer, so on, so on) is completely fine with me.

I'll start RPing in about a day, as I have school tomorrow. Ugh.

July 24th, 2005, 10:47 AM
Name: Leo
Type: Trainer
Association:Neutral/Ex-Magma Admin
Description:Like this (http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a168/dominous/naruto_yondaime0005.jpg)
Personality: He can be random most of the times. At one point he can be serious, at another point he can be funny and outgoing. He likes making new friends, and never lets a person down, that is unless you are against him. Other than that he is usually the bad boy type..He lives for trouble..and usually goes too far..
Pokemon: (Pokemon in party in my emerald)

Charizard [Male]-
Attacks- Flamethrower, Blast Burn, Fly, Heat Wave, Sunny Day, Overheat, Double team

Blaziken- [Male]-
Attacks- Double Kick, Slash, Blaze Kick, Sky Uppercut, Fire Punch, Focus Energy, Mirror Move, Bulk Up

Altaria- [female]-
Attacks- Dragonbreath, Aerial Ace, Fly , Dragon Dance, Sing, Take Down, Mist, Safeguard

Manectric- [male]-
Attacks- Shock Wave, Thunder, Bite, Spark, Quick Attack, Thunder Wave, Howl, Thunderbolt

Attacks- Rock Tomb,Psychic, Iron Defense, Hidden Power, Metal Claw,Confusion Take Down, Earthquake

Azumarill- [female]-
Attacks- Hydor Pump, Surf, Water Pulse, Rain Dance, Bubble Beam, Water Gun, Rollout, Defense Curl

Finding Defense attacks compatible is tough...so please mind the inequalities.

July 25th, 2005, 11:21 PM
so when will this start hopefully soon

Spike Razzor
July 25th, 2005, 11:39 PM
I was going to ask the same thing, I mean, this is one of the only good RP's I have seen in atleast a year now. Too many Rocket, Magma/Aqua, Pokemorph or something invovling a legendary Pokemon. Taseful and the others joining seem like good RPers, so I want in on this as soon as its up and running. I'll check back later.

Tasteful Loathing
July 26th, 2005, 1:39 AM
He sat up slightly. Rubbing her sleek form against his baggy-trousered legs, the Persian was purring loud, content. Turning her alert, watchful eyes to his face, he smiled warmly, stroking his left hand down her neck, the right cupping his chin. Fingers reached to shakily rest on the polished jewel that sat on her forehead, single digit sliding down her muzzle, then returning to pet her again.

She padded the opposite direction to sit at his feet again, tail twitching, Nevada's hand resting on her shoulders. Eyes half-closed, the Persian looked to her trainer again. The white-haired trainer sighed. "I know you're restless, Adell," he murmured quietly, "But I'll get mauled in that crowd. You know that."

A low purr was still humming in her throat, but she seemed to sigh back at him boredly. Nevada let his uneven vision sift past the faces in the crowd, not really focusing on anyone in particular. A quick flash of a face caught his eye, and although blurry, he recognised it instantly. He flushed in embarrassment, frowning. It was one of the trainers who had treated him unfairly in the tournament, claiming that the only reason he got through was that the other trainers pitied him for his lack of eyesight, and that he had no real talent as a trainer.

Adell snorted angrily, growling. A soothing pat of her trainer's hand ceased to shush her, as she continued seething until the trainer was gone from view. Nevada dropped his head to stare at his scuffed boots, face still tinted pink. The Persian leaned against him, trying to comfort him.

Trainer Kat
July 26th, 2005, 7:22 AM
The girl slowly pulled the brush through Meowth's sleek coat. The small cat relaxed, his tail twitching every so often. "There," his owner said. She tied the pink ribbon around his neck and allowed him to ascend to her shoulder. The Pokemon settled on her shoulder, his tail flaccid. The girl was Kat, a decent trainer, knocked out of the competition at fifth place.

Kat cleaned the fur off of the table she had borrowed from another coordinator. The coordinator had been wary of her, but had agreed to loan her the grooming station. Kat walked away from the area. She didn't want to exceed her welcome. A quick look through the grounds revealed her destination: a tent where the next Pokemon contest was to be held. The contest didn't start for another hour, so she resolved to grab a bite to eat for her and Meowth. Her other Pokemon had eaten before, but generally, Meowth didn't like to eat before a contest. This time, however, his trainer felt a small helping would do no harm.

Kat recognized some of the trainers attempting to blend in to the crowd. There was a boy who had defeated her and clinched fourth after being defeated himself. There were other trainers who had fallen before her. No one was clamoring around these trainers attempting to get an autograph or photograph. Everyone's thoughts were on the Champ.

July 26th, 2005, 7:40 AM
OOC: I guess I should start..?
Leo hung out in a bar doing nothing but just sitting around. He snuck a bit of beer from the counter when the barmaid wasn't looking. He wasn't old enough to drink but enjoyed it once in a while for the fun of it. Though he drank he was always responsible, never getting carried away. " He drink half of the mug. He looked out of the door to find a crowd full of trainers who he had seen during a small tournament competition. He thought of that competition as one that wasn't as important. After all he had taken only one pokemon, which was one of his weaker pokemon, a mere low-level Sudowoodo. He hadn't won but he got pretty far at an Expert contest. 3rd place before he choked out and his Sudowoodo was beaten. Leo turned back to the counter and refilled his beer stealthily. "This is too easy... " said Leo. "Too bad I left Team Magma.." he said...still talking to himself..

Alter Ego
July 26th, 2005, 7:50 AM
Feebas live in ponds that are heavily infested with weeds. Because of its hopelessly shabby appearance, it seems as if few...
"Hey, watch it!" a random crowdmember bumped into Alex who was sitting on a bench, nearly knocking the pokdex out of the hand of the slender green-haired boy.
"Raaai!" Brie the Raichu was preparing an electric shock to punish the rude person who had bumped into her trainer, disturbing the little nap she had enjoyed on her the boy's shoulders.
"Let him go Brie." Alex said, raising his hand "I shouldn't be looking at this anyway." he stuffed the little red device back into his backpack with a slight sting of guilt, making a mental note of deciphering Feebas' evolution later. He had promised not to think of such things, not tonight...
"Come on" he said, getting up on his feet "Let's go get something to eat before the next tournament begins."
With that, he let the Raichu climb on top of his head so she would feel less uncomfortable in the crowd and started elbowing his way towards the food stands.

July 26th, 2005, 12:53 PM
"Shuppet, you told me you'd wake me up so I wouldn't be late for the Contest," Rine gasped to his Pokemon as he dashed through the crowd.

"Shup shup, Shuppet." The ghost Pokemon hovered beside her trainer, slightly pouting.

"Don't give me the 'I fell asleep' line. I know you don't sleep. Why else would I ask you to wake me up?"

At this, the ghost Pokemon said nothing, merely turning her face away.

Rine released an exasperated sigh before pausing to view his surroundings. Slowing his pace, he glanced about. "Er, Shuppet . . . "


"I think we're lost."

"Shuppet . . . Shup, shuppet."

The trainer smiled faintly, allowing himself a good natured shrug. "Yeah, but we'll probably end up missing the next Pokemon Contest anyway." Moving at an unsure walk, Rine's jade eyes roved ceaselessly about as he attempted to indentify his location. Then, feeling Shuppet nudge his shoulder, he turned toward the direction she indicated. Seeing a pale-haired male with a Persian at his side, Rine fell still. He looks familiar . . . I think he's from the tournament. He glanced at his watch before speaking to Shuppet. "The Contest starts in about a half hour. If you would, please try to find its location, and report back to me as soon as possible."


"There's something I need to do."

Shuppet nodded before vanishing into the crowd.

Rine's emerald eyes stared silently at the white-haired trainer for a long moment. Normally, I'd rather not talk to anyone unless it's necessary. But, in this situation . . . He started toward Nevada. I feel bad about the way some of the other trainers have been treating him. And, at a festival like this one, I think he deserves to enjoy himself.

"I recognize you from the tournament. Your name's Nevada, right?"

Tasteful Loathing
July 26th, 2005, 9:16 PM
His eyes and face quickly tilting upwards, he felt a quick shot of dizziness, but ignored it. His cheeks tinted again, but barely noticeable. "Uh, y-yes. That would be me." Slight smile creased his lips, but he was unsure whether this trainer was talking to him to be friendly, or to ridicule him.

Adell curled her tail around her toes, giving Rine a suspicious glare, before leaning against Nevada, eyes more shut than open.

He sat upright, hands folded casually just before his bent knees. "I apologise for not being able to recall your name... I'm horrible at things like that..." Nevada's gaze lowered before uneasily meeting the boy's again. It took a while to absorb his features, as his depth-perception was rather off, and the outline a bit blurry. Pausing, he bit his tongue, not quite sure what to say next.

Yami's Girl
July 27th, 2005, 7:08 AM
I sat on a wooden bench out in a field, grooming, Darkness, my Houndoom. The brush glided through his fur. In the sunlight it was so shiney it was enough to blind.
There, I'm done." Darkness got up and bounded through the grass. I giggled. I released all my other pokemon who followed Darkness and started to play.
They were great fighters, I thought. 3rd place isn't bad.
Flare, my Charizard, flew over and flung me on her back. She lifted off high into the sky.
"Flare!" I shouted. But the rush of air muffled my voice. We flew over the tornamemts grounds, and I saw some familar faces.
"Flare, let's land." I spotted a green haired boy who was from the tornament.
"Go back with the others, I'll whistle if I need you." Flare took off. I walked up to the boy. I moticed he had a Raichu on his head.
"Um, hello," I said. "I've seen you at the tornament. You're Alex, right?"

Alter Ego
July 27th, 2005, 7:48 AM
"Chuuu!" Brie gave an agitated cry, jumping up and down Alex's head.
"Come on Brie, cut it out!" Alex growled, reaching for the electric pokmon until he felt his right hand tighten around its soft fur "What's the matter?" he asked looking the Raichu in the eyes. "Raichu-Ra-a-ai-chuu!" Brie flailed wildly and pointed towards the sky, as a large shadow passed over Alex and several confounded crowd members. Looking up, Alex noticed a familiar looking blonde girl riding on a purple Charizard, landing fairly close to Alex and Brie on a spot that several bystanders had wisely vacated. The girl gave her Charizard a few quick instructions before the fire pokmon rose back into the air. Unsure wether this was a hostile encounter or not, Alex took up a defensive stance. It soon proved unnecessary, though; "Um, hello," the girl said, approaching Alex in a clearly non-treathening manner "I've seen you at the tournament. You're Alex, right?" Alex relaxed, now recognizing the third up from one of the most recent tournament, her purple Charizard should have been enough of a giveaway "Yeah" he replied, giving a friendly smile "And last I checked there weren't too many purple Charizards around these parts, so I'd assume you're Emily, came in third in that tournament, right? Something I can help you with?" Brie was not quite as relieved as her trainer and was still watching the sky intently, as if expecting a giant fire pokmon to swoop down on her at any moment, but the crowd already seemed to have forgotten about the incident and had returned to minding its own bussiness.

July 27th, 2005, 7:59 AM
OOC: Errors intentional to show "drunkenness". I know you're like O_o but you'll see..lol.
After a few drinks Leo's head began to get dizzy. His vision slightly blurred and he began to get a headache. He closed his eyes for a few minutes to try and see if that would work. "I knew I shouldn't have had that last drink.." said Leo, reflecting upon his actions. Leo stood up and went outside, attempting to go home. Every step he took was wobbly and uncoordinated. After walking several feet he came up to a tree and began to talk to it. "Hey! Whattya lookin attt..? You wanna piece ah me?" said Leo, partially drunk. He began to punch at the tree for no reason. After several minutes of yelling and punching the tree Leo dropped on the grass and fell asleep.

Yami's Girl
July 27th, 2005, 8:08 AM
I smiled.
"I thought I'd say hi. I also wanted to say you were a good opponent in the tornament." The Raichu on Alex's head was surveying me nervously.
"I don't bite, I said with a bit of a chuckle. "And if any of my pokemon come by, they won't either." No sooner had I said this then, Darkness , came speding up the gravel and ran full-force into me, knocking me over.
"Doom!" He said happily and started to licked my face all over.
"Pfth! Darky! Get off! I can barely breath!" I pushed my Houndoom off and stood up.
"That's Darkness if you didn't know," I said. "Mabye you would like to come to this big open field and have our pokemon get to know each other?"

Alter Ego
July 27th, 2005, 8:51 AM
"Not good enough to win, though." Alex said, blushing slightly as he remembered the utterly humiliating way in which Flammie had lost the decisive match-up, landing Alex in fourth place. "Should have known better than to put Flammie up against that Dragonite, but I honestly didn't know he would try to give it a hug."
Before Emily managed to reply, a Houndoom came and bowled her over in excitement. Licking her face until the girl firmly pushed her Pokmon off and resumed her composure.
"That's Darkness if you didn't know," she said. "Mabye you would like to come to this big open field and have our pokemon get to know each other?"
"Sure." Alex replied, he wasn't really feeling all that hungry and it would be a change for the better to get out of the crowd for a while. "Sorry about Brie" he added, seeing that the Raichu was still peering cautiously at her surroundings, particularly Emily "She's a bit edgy around strangers."

July 27th, 2005, 8:55 AM
Rine smiled before shrugging slightly. "I don't blame you--I'm usually not too good with names either." Shifting his jade eyes toward Nevada's Persian, the trainer commented, "Judging by your Persian's condition and actions, it seems you take care of your Pokemon very well." Rine allowed himself a quiet laugh before adding, "But, someone could tell that by simply watching your battles."


Shuppet wove its way through the crowds--at times moving between people and at others moving through them. Casting its sapphire gaze about, the ghost paused as it recognized a coordinator. As it seemed the trainer/coordinator was preparing for a Contest, Shuppet began to follow her.

Yami's Girl
July 27th, 2005, 9:21 AM
I motioned Darkness to go back towards the field.
"I'll be there in a few minutes," I murmered. Darky nodded happily and ran back to his friends. I sighed and stood.
"I can understand Brie would be nervous, I would be too." I took a deep breath, put two fingers up to my mouth and whistled. Flare came tearing through the sky and landed in front of me.
"I can take you to the field, Alex, if you want that is."

Alter Ego
July 27th, 2005, 9:59 AM
Brie squealed and jumped backwards, clinging to alex's back for dear life as the Charizard landed once more.
"Chuu!" she exclaimed, building up elctricity and forcing Alex to intervene once more:
"Come on Brie, relax!" the Raichu stopped charging energy but kept its eyes firmly locked on the Charizard, ready to blast it at the first wrong move.
"Maybe its better if I take my own." Alex said with an apologetic look, "Come on Flammie!"
A second Charizard appeared, although this one was silvery in colour and had a white tail-flame.
"Char!" the pokmon gave a happy cry and took Alex into a bear hug.
"Nice to see you too, buddy." the boy replied from somewhere within the giant embrace, relieved that his pokmon let go fairly quickly. It then turned towards Flare.
"Look." Alex said, knowing that Flammie could spend hours talking to one of his own kind "I need you to fly me somewhere, okay? You two can talk all you want once you're there." The Charizard grinned widely, happy to be of help, and bent down a bit to allow his trainer to climb between his wings.
"Lead the way Emily." Alex said, once he and Brie had secured a position on Flammie's back.

July 27th, 2005, 11:01 AM
OOC: Drunk people are fun...

IC: Half an hour after Leo's drunken problem he rose up to his feet, his hand on his head, as if trying to make his headache feel better. When in fact it wasn't. He stood, still half-drunk. "God, what the hell did they put in those drinks?" said Leo, slowly coming to his senses.

Tasteful Loathing
July 27th, 2005, 9:09 PM
Nevada blushed again at the compliment, and Adell gave Rine another, more kind glance, finally thinking that he wasn't the bad of a person. Nevada gave his Persian another pat before speaking. "Considering my Pokemon are all I really have, I guess I have to keep them in good condition." He smiled, this one a little wider. "Better them fit and well-fed than-"

A Poochyena leaped into his lap, fighting his way onto Nevada's shoulders, emerald eyes wide. A Vulpix ran to his feet, jumping and yapping at the Poochyena. Nevada shook his head, glaring down at the small fox, who looked like he refused to look 'girly', his head curls unrolled and mussed by his paws. "How many times do I have to tell you to leave him alone?" Nevada plucked the Poochyena off his shoulders, despite the struggle the pup fought to keep up there.

Laughing suddenly, he looked up at Rine again. "Although, despite how well you train and treat your Pokemon, there's bound to be some mismatches personality-wise."

Yami's Girl
August 1st, 2005, 10:09 AM
I smiled. "Brie has a right to be scared." Then I jumped on Flare.
"Up, up, up, and away!" I said, in a standing position and look out at the land before me. Flare beat her wings and rose up into the sky. I stood still in my psition, keen to find my other pokemon. We came across several valleys until we reached ours.
"Begin Sky Dive," I directed Flare. Without a word, Flare turned in a vertical positsion and plummeted to the ground. I hung on to her back and felt the wind whip my hair in my face. Close to the ground, I could hear my pokemon shout with glee, except for Rage.
"Now!" I shouted. Flare pulled up so suddenly my head jerked back. She came back to a regular flying position and lighted down.
"Whew! That was so fun!" A familiar canine shape came bounding towards me.
"Wait..." almost as Darkness was on top of me, I jumped onto Flare's back and he ran into a tree. My pokemon laughed.
"I'm too quick," I said. I motioned for Alex. "Come meet the gang!"

Yami's Girl
August 1st, 2005, 10:41 AM
I smiled and jumped on Flare.
"Up, up, up, and away!" I said, standing up and looking at at the land before me. Flare beat her wings and took off into the sky. I shielded my eyes from the sun and looked for the valley with my pokemon. After awhile I found the valley.
"Sky Dive," I said to Flare. With out warning Flare went into a vertical position and plummeted to the ground. I hung onto her back, my hair whipping my face. I could see the faces of my pokemon, each with thier own ahppy expression.
"Now!" Flare pulled back so suddenly my head jerked back. She got back into a regular flying position and lighted down. I greeted my pokemon and a familiar canine shape came bounding towards me. I jumped back on Flare and Darkness ran into a tree. My pokemon roared with laughter. I motioned for Alex.
"Come meet the gang!"

August 1st, 2005, 10:41 AM
Rine smiled slightly as he nodded. "Agreed. But, I think that the differences in Pokemon personalities is what makes training so enjoyable." The male's jade-green eyes moved from Persian to Poochyena before resting on Vulpix. "In some ways, training Pokemon is like life--it's often the trials that make it most worth continuing." He again allowed himself a faint laugh, adding, "But, that could just be my opinion."

Alter Ego
August 1st, 2005, 11:09 AM
Alex dismounted Flammie with the routine that came naturally for one who had done it countless times before, the Charizard had followed their guide faithfully, even in that last breakneck dive, Alex certainly owed it to live up to his word.
"Thanks, buddy." he said, patting the Charizard's warm hide affectionately "You can go mingle now."
"Char!" Flammie called out happily, quickly making his way to Flare and striking up a conversation.
Darkness the Houndoom came running towards his trainer, attempting the same trick as last time, but Emily was prepared now, jumping back onto her Charizard and evading the playful tackle with impressive agility. The Houndoom crashed into a nearby tree, although the only thing that had been injured was its pride, as the other pokmon laughed at the scene.
"I'm too quick," Emily said, motioning for Alex. "Come meet the gang!"
Alex nodded in response as he moved closer, currently he could only see Flare the Charizard, Darkness the Houndoom, and a Tyranitar that was giving him a slightly appraising glance, but he was sure that there were more of them there, at least the Dragonite he had seen in the tournament and probably two others as well. He wasn't sure wether the rest of his team would be all that interested in making new aquintances but he decided that Iris and Shade at the very least would be worth introducing.
"Come on out, guys." he called, sending out the Sableye and the Xatu. Shade started peering around the new faces with curiosity while Iris simply stood there as usual, acting like there wasn't anyone else present.
"Okay, this little guy here is Shade." he gestured at the little ghost pokmon beside him "And the anti-social one is Iris." the Xatu didn't comment on the matter, although she obviously acknowledged it.
"And these are?" Alex asked, raising an eyebrow inqusitively as he noticed an unusually coloured Vaporeon, a Salamence and a Dragonite headed their way.

Yami's Girl
August 1st, 2005, 12:20 PM
I turned and saw what Alex was talking about.
"Oh! Yes, I have another shiney, Hydro is the Vaporeon, and then Dragonite, who you've met in the tornament, and Salamance. They unfortunatly don't have nicknames." Hydro came up and sat by me, eyeing the new pokemon suspiciously. My other two pokemon flew over to the others and tried to make friends. I tried walking over, and noticed I was being held by something. I pulled and the thing holding me let go and I fell flat on my face. Hydro behind me was laughing very hard.
"You're so going to get it, Ms. Moody." Hydro snorted and jumped on my back. I quickly got up and she fell on her back.
"HA!" I said. Hydro quickly gave me a Hydro Pump and went over to the new pokemon.
"You're pokemon look like they're well cared for," I said, trying to pet the Xatu, but yet it always turned it's head.
"I don't think I battled them. You don't have to bring out the others though, don't feel pressured."

Alter Ego
August 2nd, 2005, 12:55 AM
"Oh, I'm not feeling pressured." Alex said, shaking his head "It's just that...well, Sleet can be rather vicious, and seeing as she is an ice type I wouldn't want any accidents to happen." he gestured towards the Salamence and the Dragonite. "And Cascade needs a bit of water to...wait, I know." he noticed a fairly sized hole in the ground.

"Brie, Rain Dance over there."

Brie the Raichu was slowly acknowledging the fact that she was not going to be eaten in the near future. The two dragons didn't look all that intimidating, and Flammie was okay with that Charizard. Brie trusted Flammie's opinion, although she was still clutching her trainer's ankle when the command came. Relieved to have something else to think on, and willing to show her talent the Raichu made her way to the hole and started out a peculiar little dance, which ended with her throwing up her arms and pointing her tail vertically upwards towards the sky. A small but persistent rain cloud appeared over the hole, filling with water, a makeshift pond.

"Okay." Alex said, patting Brie on the head as she unsummoned the cloud "Go Cascade!" with a cry, a small, purple Feebas appeared in the pond and eyed the others with its big, watery, eyes.

"That's Cascade." Alex said, "I caught her a while ago, but she doesn't really see much battle. And yes, I do try to look out for my pokmon the best I can." he eyed the Feebas who now had a hint of dissapointment in its eyes as she realized that her trainer still hadn't found a way to make her evolve, "Although I do fail at times." Alex concluded with a slight sigh.

Yami's Girl
August 2nd, 2005, 10:36 AM
I shrugged.
"Life is like that sometimes." Hydro walked over to the Feebas and eyed it. Seeing no harm yould come to her, she started to dig up the moist edge of the pond and made bigger. She refilled it with her water attacks and splashed in. Flare and Flammie, who were nearby, got sprinkled and moved farther away, still talking. I shook my head.
"Amazes me how pokemon can just strike up a conversation and keep going."
Dragonite flew over to me and pointed to his back.
"Fly?" I jumped on and Dragonite flew up sharply and did a loop. I let go while we were doing the move and plummeted towards Earth. Just as it looked like I was going to crash into the ground, Dragonite quickly flew under me and caught me. I jumped off to the ground.
"Scare ya?" I chuckled and poked Dargonite. "Cuttin' it close there."

Alter Ego
August 3rd, 2005, 12:59 AM
"Life is like that sometimes."
"Yeah, it is." Alex concured solemnly. He watched with a measure of amusement as Hydro tried to evaluate wether Cascade was a threath or not, obviously deciding on the latter the Vaporeon expanded the pool by digging and refilling before joining Cascade.
"Fee!" the Feebas called out enthusiastically, jumping at the chance to finally have a friend to play with, in an attempt to impress Hydro the little fish pulled of her proudest achievement, a Mirror Coat; leaping into the air, Cascade's scales suddenly gave of a glow so intense that it was almost impossible to look at her, the illumination only lasted for a few minutes before she fell back into the pond, returning to normal.
"Show off." Alex chuckled, having seen the performrance before.
Turning around he noticed Emily taking a flight with her Dragonite, first rising up nearly vertically and then entering a loop. For a moment, it seemed like Emily was really going to crash as she suddenly seemed to loose her grip and started falling downwards. But to Alex's relief, the Dragonite managed to catch her trainer before it was too late.
"Scare ya?" Emily chuckled and poked Dargonite. "Cuttin' it close there."
Alex shrugged, he had probably been more scared than the Dragonite.

Yami's Girl
August 3rd, 2005, 11:54 AM
I gave Alex a smile.
"I guess not." Dragonite gave me a push. It was intended to be a poke, but Dragonite had too much strength.
"Thanks," I said, standing up and brushing off dirt. Hydro and Cascade were in the pool, splashing each other.
"Ya know, after this tournament celebration, I'm going to go back on my journy. Would you like to come along?"

::Short post, I know. I'm having a bit of a post problem.::

Alter Ego
August 3rd, 2005, 1:06 PM
Come along? Alex hadn't actually ever thought of travelling with anyone, mostly because no-one from his hometown had the skill or inclination required. Emily on the other hand seemed to possess both traits in abundance, and their pokmon got along just great. Well, except for Sleet, but no-one really got along with her so it was fine. And although his pokmon did provide Alex with company it wasn't really the same as having a real human, friend.
"Sure." he replied, smiling in return "If my company hasn't bored you to death already. What do you think, guys?"

"Sab!" Shade replied with a shrug, raising his paw into the air.

"Char!" Flammie gave his voice enthusiastically.

Brie looked a bit hesitant, but seeing Flammie grin at the prospect she raised her paw too.

"Feeba!" Cascade splashed about excitedly.

"Well..." Alex said "Looks like we have a majority-" he was cut of mid-sentence by an unusual occurence; Iris, who had been acting in her usual absent way this far suddenly turned her eyes towards Alex and Emily, clearly watching the both of them, her eyes glowed for a moment before she let out a solemn "Xa!" and raised her left wing into the air. Whatever it was Iris had seen, she approved of it.

Yami's Girl
August 4th, 2005, 11:07 AM
I was nearly jumping up and down with excitment.
"This is great!" I said, Salamance poked me from behind to tell me not to jump on Alex. I embraced Alex in a bear-hug, almost falling over on him.
"This'll be so much fun! I can teach you how to do tricks from the sky, we can battle side-by-side, and our pokemon will have so much fun too!" I let go of Alex.
"Wanna get something to eat? I'll buy!"

Alter Ego
August 4th, 2005, 12:09 PM
"Whoa..." Emily's hug, although a far less suffocating experience than Flammie's, caught Alex by surprise, but he managed to keep her from falling over until she regained her balance and released the grip. Caught in the moment, Flammie let out an affectionate cry and hugged the nearest pokmon, which happened to be the Dragonite. Shade snickered at the scene, attempting to sneak closer in order to tie up Alex's shoelaces but was promptly stopped by an angry glare from Brie. Iris had returned to her usual state of indiference, and was presently observing a patch of dirt with great interest.

"This'll be so much fun! I can teach you how to do tricks from the sky, we can battle side-by-side, and our pokemon will have so much fun too! Wanna get something to eat? I'll buy!"

Alex listened to Emily's flurry of speech with a smile on his face, she was so energetic, thinking of possiblities rather than obstacles. Was this what his friends had been prompting Alex to do? Just take what life has to offer, rather than plan and agonize over things? Just 'live a little'? He soon snapped back to reality, realizing that it would be impolite to let her wait too long for an answer.

"Sure" he replied "But I insist on paying, consider it a consolidatory prize for getting to third place."

Yami's Girl
August 4th, 2005, 12:28 PM
I blushed slightly.
"How 'bout we split the amount? Fair?" I smiled. "But this place has so many places to buy food from. Should we get hamburgers, mabye pizza, or mabye we should both get something different?" I took a look at my pokemon.
"I can make poke-food for our pokemon, so we don't have to buy any, but if we decide to get different things, I insist on paying for yours, just because you were a good opponent." I walked over to Dragonite, who was despretly trying to get free from Flammie's grasp. I calmly asked Flammie to let go, but Dragonite just slipped out of his grasp. I smiled slightly again.
"I guess it works. Now, shall we get our food?"

Alter Ego
August 4th, 2005, 12:40 PM
Alex smiled back, noticing the blush on Emily's face he decided to comply with a deal, not wanting to make her feel uncomfortable "You drive a hard bargain Emily...but alright, we'll split it."

He turned to watch as Emily went to dislodge her Dragonite from Flammie's embrace, although the dragon seemed to manage it fine on her own. Flammie looked slightly dissapointed but the moment passed quickly enough and he turned towards them with a cheerfull grin, remembering the earlier talk about food.

"I guess it works." she said, coming back towards Alex "Now, shall we get our food?"

"Certainly." Alex replied "I'm not too picky with what I eat myself, and I have a good stock of pokfood in my backpack, although I suppose they would prefer something a bit more fresh." This suggestion recieved an enthusiastic welcome from all but Iris, who ignored it.

"You think they'll be alright if we leave them here with each other?" Alex asked, eyeing the gathered pokmon with a slight hint of nervousness.

Yami's Girl
August 4th, 2005, 12:53 PM
"They should get along. But my pokemon know that if someone wants to be alone, they'll leave them alone." I set off towards the main square, sniffing all the wonderful aromas.
"What to eat?" I wandered around the stalls, eyeing all the food they had to offer.
"Alex?" I turned and noticed there was no Alex with me. I quickly retraced my steps and found him.
"C'mon, silly! I think I've found the perfect place!" I led Alex back to the stall I was viewing.
"It's an Italian-American mix place. They somehow manage to make pasta" I took a look at thier menu and ordered a mini-pizza and spagetti.
The clerk behind the stall looked at Alex. "And for you sir?"

Alter Ego
August 4th, 2005, 1:04 PM
"And for you sir?" The clerk gave Alex the politely snooty look of a person who 'expects a certain standard from those he serves'

Alex performed a quick scan of the menu, still slightly embarassed about having lagged behind like that. Decisions, decisions. he thought for himself. I'll take this...he pointed out his choice to the waiter who promptly took note of it and gave the typical monotonous reply:

"Excellent choice, sir. Your orders will be up momentarily."

OOC: I'm too tired to think up a proper order at the moment and didn't really want to resort to the old 'the same' cliche. Feel free to put in anything of your choice if it's important. I'll make sure that Alex chews it down like a good boy. ^_^

Yami's Girl
August 4th, 2005, 1:23 PM
::He'd better. XD::

I took the tray which had our food, and took Alex's share of the money and paid. I then walked back over to the valley. A small table resided in a corner.
"Flare, get me some berries for poke-food," I said. Flare took off and returned minutes later. I set down our food at the table and Darkness came bounding up.
"If you so much as touch my food, or Alex's pizza, and you're dead!" Darkness retreated back to the group of pokemon. I took out a bowl and started to mush berries of all kinds. I added a few herbs and spices from my bag. Awhile later, the food was all ready.

"I made food especially for you pokemon," I seperated all thier food.
"This is for Shade," I pointed to a the far bowl. "This for Cascade," I pointed to a blue colored liquid. "And this for Iris," I pointed to the middle one. "And then this for Brie, and this for Sleet." I gave my pokemon thier food and started to eat mine.

"When do you think we should hit the road again, Alex?"

Alter Ego
August 4th, 2005, 1:37 PM
OOC: None for Flammie? He's going to be sad...I'll just assume there is and you just forgot to mention it.


Alex sat down with his pizza, releasing Sleet from her pokball and informing her of the situation. The ice pokmon gave a simple nod and went to eat with the rest of the pokmon.

"When do you think we should hit the road again, Alex?" Emily asked.

"Well..." Alex said "I was considering hanging around until the final competitions were over. But it's not such a big deal." He suddenly stopped mid-sentence, noticing that Cascade was having difficulties in getting to her food.

"Here, let me help you with that." Alex said, crouching down by the pond and lifting up the bowl, pouring its contents into the Feebas' waiting mouth. Suddenly, the fish pokmon's scales began to shimmer faintly and Alex stopped in alarm. Nothing more happened though...but Alex suddenly had a hunch that he'd cracked the mystery that had baffled him for so long.

"Emily?" he asked slowly, the anticipation evident in his voice "What kind of berries did you put into Cascade's food?"

OOC: Looks like a good spot to evolve her.

Yami's Girl
August 4th, 2005, 1:51 PM
::Oops! Yeah, I forgot. Heh, sorry. *pats Flammie*::

I stared wide-eyed at the Feebas.
"I put in Leppa, Mago, Razz and Bluk berries. Do you think I just maxed out her beauty status?" All the pokemon had stopped eating, watching Cascade. I stared too.
"I just thought, well, I thought something which I can't remember!" Looking at Cascade's glowing scales had made me forget what I put those berries in there for.

Wow! I really am useful for something!

Alter Ego
August 4th, 2005, 2:14 PM
"I think I know what you were thinking." Alex said, turning back to Cascade and resuming her feeding "Come on girl" he said encourageingly "That's it. Drink it all up.".

As the last drop of liquid dissapeared down Cascade's throat, the light emanating from the fish pokmon was so bright that it was almost painful to watch. Suddenly, Cascade's body began to change, her rather plump body stretching and twisting into an elegant serpentine shape as something that looked like a long sheet of hair began growing down from her head. The light finally became so intense that Alex had no choice but to shut his eyes although, they soon opened in response to a new, yet hauntingly familiar, melodic cry:


"Cascade?" as he opened his eyes again, Alex found his Feebas replaced by a golden scaled Milotic with something that looked like light blue hair situated above a pair of gentle, brown eyes which were wide-open in wonder as the creature splashed about in the now rather small pond, taking in its new appearance. For a while, Alex just stood there, speechless, stunned by this drastic transformation. The answer seemed so simple now Beauty, what else? Every bit of recorded data was lamenting how hopelessly shabby a Feebas looked like, which meant that few had attempted to change the fact, which in turn explained why there were so few Milotics in the world.

August 5th, 2005, 12:09 AM
I was sitting in the champ lounge with the e4 and some of the past champs and their pokemon when there was a bright light out on the nearby lake. I turned my head to look out the window and saw one of the trainers I just only just managed to beat in the semi finals. I back turned to everone else who had already recovered from the light and were talking again. "Do you think we should invite them in I think its going to rain soon?" after a bit of mummering lance nodded his head and said, "of course this is the champions house and untill a new chalenger beats you, you get to say who comes in."

the chapmions house was just like a 3 bedroom house with forrest's, fields, and lakes surrounding it and a vast hallway with photo's of past champs and their pokemon which lead to the battle stadium.

I excused my self and began walking out towards the two trainers. "hey I recognise you from the semi-finals, you realy put up a fight. ...Oh sorry my name is chris but my nickname is scythe you may call me either and your emily right and your alex right?" i said turning to the other trainer
"would you two like to come inside the champs house theres too much food in there for us to eat alone and ill introduce you to the past champs."

Yami's Girl
August 5th, 2005, 9:55 AM
I stared at the Milotic before me.
"I did that?" I poked my food with my fork.
I can't believe I maxed out her beauty status! What are the chances of that happening?! I took up more spagetti on my fork and heard a voice behind me.
"You're Emily right?" I turned, spagetti hanging out my mouth. I quickly slurped it up and stood.
"Yes, I'm Emily. You're the new champ, I suppose." I acknowledged his invitation and after a brief pause I answered.
"I'd be glad to come. I'll just finish my remaining spagetti noodles and head in." I sat back down and quickly slurped up the rest of my spagetti.

"Should I return my pokemon?" I asked. "Or do you perfer I leave them here?"

Alter Ego
August 5th, 2005, 10:12 AM
As the new champ presented himself and put foth his invitation, Sleet was the first to react, approaching the boy with menacing calmness, locking her blue eyes with his into a stare so glacial that the chill was almost tangible. The girl was under her master's protection and was not to be harmed, but the same privlige hadn't been extended to this one.

Noticing Sleet's vicious expression, Alex snapped out of his trance. "Sleet! Stop!"

"Gla-" the Glalie gave an indignant snort but halted her advance, giving Scythe one last, murderous look before she turned around and returned to her food.

"You do seem to know a good deal." Alex said with a nod to Scythe, quickly eating the rest of his pizza. "I'll come too, but Emily made a good point, should the pokmon come along or not? Sleet is under control by the way" he added "She won't disobey a direct order from me."

August 9th, 2005, 12:25 AM
"they can come too, there is no need to return them." I said giving alex and emily a hand to wash their dishes and pack up. "Once we get there I'll open the doors to the staiduim and our pokemon can play in there while we sit around in the living room eating the food and watching the massive screen tv then maybe we can have a battle." we finished packing then headed up to the house.

Yami's Girl
August 11th, 2005, 8:09 AM
I cleaned up the rest of our dishes and placed them in a tub.
"OK, guys! Let's go to the Chapmion's place!" My pokemon roared thier approval.
"I'm ready to go."


Alter Ego
August 11th, 2005, 8:15 AM
"I take it, you guys want to come too?" Alex asked

"Rai!" Brie called excitedly, leaping back onto Alex's head. Flammie concured with the deafening roar of approval from Emily's pokmon so he was in too. Cascade was busy admiring her new scales but gave an absent-minded nod and slithered out of the pond.

Shade gave an amused chuckle from the corner, having successfully tied together Scythe's shoelaces while the champ was distracted by Sleet, and happily bounded to his trainer.

Iris gave an indiferrent shrug, but the look in her eyes suggested mild interest, and Sleet of course was always willing to follow her master.

"Now Sleet." Alex said in a serious voice, locking eyes with the Glalie "You are not to attack, intimidate, torture, maim, or kill anyone without my approval, understood?"

Sleet snorted but gave a nod.

"Good." Alex replied, turning to Scythe "I'm ready as well."