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July 23rd, 2005, 1:24 AM
This Is My First Fanfic. Yes Japanese Names Are Used, Like It Or Not. Please Don't Be Too Harsh, For This Is My First Time Trying It ^^


A Young Boy With A Red Baseball Cap And Blue Sweater, Frustruated And Sweating, Said "Now! 100,00 volt!" The Small Yellow Pokemon Known as "Pikachu", Made Thunder Fly All Over The Stadium. Before It Hit The Other Glowing Silver Pokemon, A Trainer Who Looked Around The Age Of 18 Said "Eaamudo , Protect!" The Glowing Silver Pokemon "Eaamudo" Made A Flash Of Blue Dazing Light Go All Around Him, Making The Devistating "100,000 Volt" Attack That The Pikachu Was Using Innafective. "Now.." Said The Boy, "Steel Wing!" The Eaamudo Flew Up Close Range To The Pikachu, And Used The "Steel Wing" Attack, A Silver Streak Of Energy Reflected From The Eaamudo 's Left Wing. Pikachu Didn't Have Time To Dodge, And Was Hit. there Was A Small Explosion, And When the Smoke Cleared, Pikachu Was Lying on It's Back, Unable To Move. "Pikachu!" Cried The Trainer As he Was Running Up To His Pokemon. "Hehehe.. I think I Remember You. You Were The Loser In Houen's Four Emporers, Ne?" The Other Kid Growling Said"I GOT SECOND PLACE, DIDN'T I?!", The Taller 18-Year Old Looking Kid Said "Relax. It Was A Compliment." The Other Kid, Smiling Friendly Got Up With The Pikachu In His Hands Said "You Were A Great Challenger. I'm Satoshi. Satoshi Of Masara Town. You Are..?" The Other Kid Grinned And Said "I'm Jesse. Jesse From Wakaba Town." Satoshi Reached Out His Gloved Hand For A Handshake And Said "Let Us Battle Again Someday. I Will Remember You." Jesse, Smiling Said "Ok" Afermativly. And Shook Satoshi's Hand. They Departed.

Jesse, Walking in The Evening Sun, His Long Brown Hair Glowing And Blowing In The Breezy Wind, Thought To Himself, Now This Is The Way Life Should Be.. He Smiled. When all of A Sudden, WHACK A Fist Flew Across His Face Knocking Him Down To The Ground. "Ugghh.." A Tall young Male With Long Red Hair Grinned Evily At Jesse, And Said "Hey. I Liked Your Battle." "Thanks...?" Jesse Said confused."Your Pokemon Were Also Good-I Think I'll Take Them," "What?!" Jesse Said Astonished. "Listen Mister, who The Hell Do You Think You Are, You Can't Jus--" That's As Far As He Got Before The Young Red-Haired Male Stomped His Foot On His Chest. "Aaagggghhh.!!" Cried Jesse In Pain. "Now Listen." The red-Head Began. "My Name's Kamon, Got That? Now. We Can Do This The Easy Way, Or The Hard Way." He Said With A Smirk On His Face. "There's Not Much You Can Do In Your Possition" He Said, His Smile Widening. Jesse Opened His Eyes And Began To Smile. "Yeah, But You Made One Fatal Mistake, You Left My Arms Free To Reach For My Belt." "What?!" Said Kamon. Jesse Reached for A Super Ball on His Belt and Threw It. "Go Eaamudo !" He Said. Kamon Grimmacingly Said "You Little Bastard.." When Eaamudo Hit Him On The Head. "GAAH!" He Said, Allowing Jesse Enough Time To Escape. "Now!" He Said Returning The Silver Pokemon Into It's Super Ball. "Enough Of This Sh*t, Why Don't You Battle Me With Your Pokemon? Instead Of Disabling Me Cowardly" He Said With A Firm Smile On His Face. Kamon Scowled. "Fine" He Said. And Reached For A Monster ball On His Belt.

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July 23rd, 2005, 8:35 AM

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