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July 25th, 2005, 3:02 PM
Shadows overcast by the dark desires of the Hearts of Pokemon......They joined to create Ebonica, a new world ruled by Pokemon wielding all sorts of weapons, guns, and swords. They banded together and raged a war on what they call Light Pokemon, the Shadow Pokemon look just like the Light POkemon, but with a silverish aura. The Light Pokemon are the Nice Desires of the Hearts of Pokemon. They are the ones who fight alongside humans, now the Light Pokemon you have must fight against the Shadow Pokemon as you travel to the shadow world, using a Machine created by the Proffesors of the world, called the Time Sifter, and travel to Ebonica. You must choose one POkemon to fight with, a weapon to give them, and when you enter the land of Ebonica, a Shadow Clone of yourself will be created, and you will have to fight them before a Legendary Pokemon will fight you. You are equipped with a Journal, to record what happens in the world, and with the Pokemon you have chosen, you shall save the world. Everyone shall meet at Proffesor Oaks lab, where he has recruited 15 people to use the Time Sifter.

Your sign up sheet will look like this:

Age: (15+)
Pokemon: (Only one, no Legendaries)
History: (Optional)
RP Sample: (If I know you enough, and you are good, do not bother, oh, and if you do write up a sample, you need to put how you got to Prof.Oaks lab.)

My sign up sheet is this:

Name: Shikotsu
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Dragonite
Apperance: Long, black hair in a braid, a light purple shirt, white baggy pants, black shoes, a black headband, white gloves, a white belt, and a purple star on his forehead, and dark violet eyes.
Personality: Very foreward, not shy, likes to talk, is a flirt, is sure of himself, likes to be around the opposite sex, and likes to be in charge.
History: Shikotsu was born in Blackthorn City, and he idolized Clair, since she was the strongest trainer he had seen, and so he trained with her, and he trained with her until he heard of a Perilous Mission, so he left his hometown and left for Prof. Oaks Lab where the Prof. told him to go. Before he left, Clair had given him a Kingdra, to add to the Dragonite he alreadt had, but, he kept it it the PC, and he flew on his Dragonites back to Prof.Elms back.

RP Sample: Dragonite complained since we had flown for 3 hours, so I decided to let him rest, and he went to sleep for a whiel, so I returned him to his Pokeball.

"I wonder how much longer until we get there?" I asked myself.

I turned on my PokeNav, which I got for my 11th Birthday, from Clair. It said we were in the outskirts of a place called Saffron City. I asked it to estimate how much longer until we got to Pallet Town, and it said, approximatly, another 3 hours.

"MAN, I cant believe I agreed to do this!!" I shouted.

"Well, believe it!" replied a call on my PokeNav, it was Clair.
"Its gonna take alot of guts to do what youre gonna do kid," said Clair.

"I guess, well, I should be heading out, its getting late, Bye Clair," I closed the PokeNav,

I walked over to the spot where I had put Dragonite, and there was a biker there!!

"Hey kid, battle me!" he said as he revved his engine and sent out a Weezing.

"Um, okay? Whatever, itll be good excercise.." I thought, "go, Dragonite!"

Dragonite suddenly woke up, and yawned.

"Weezing! Use Sludge Bomb!"

Many balls of oozing sludge were hurled from Weezings mouth to Dragonite, and Dragonite took critical damage!! And from the way Dragonite looked green, he was poisoned.

"Hm, Dragonite! Destroy it with Hyper Beam!" :sleeping:

Dragoniter roared, and as he was roaring, a mix of a brown, red, and yellow colored beam was forming in his mouth, and it shot at the Weezing.

" O_O!! " was the face the biker had on when his Weezing was sent flying, "AAH!! Oh, Weezing, return!!"

He then rode away.

I used an Antidote and a Hyper Potion on Dragonite and we took flight again, I then took a small, 1-Hour Nap....

*1 Hour Later*

Dragonite roared and I woke up.

"Whu-? I didnt eat all the cookies!" I then self-slapped myself, and I saw that we were in front of a lab. I recalled Dragonite and entered the building......

August 3rd, 2005, 12:12 PM
Can I join?

Name: Sora Awai
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Pokemon: Pikachu(Pika)
Apperance: Spiky black, Sholder lenght hair, Azure eyes, Freckles, Red tank top, Short sleeved B/W jacket with blue hood,red capries and black sandales
Personality: Short tempered and slightly bosey, sometimes rather lonely. A real goofball at heart , and (boy)shy. In other words, shes a total Tomboy
History: Sora Iwai has Lived in Pallet town her whole life. The farthest that she has ever gone was the forest that seperates pallet and viridian. since she usally keeps to herself, she doesnt have that many Human friends. In fact, the only friends she has are the pokemon in proffeser oaks lab and her pikachu, Pika. Ever since she was little, she has always pictured of going on an adventures and explore the world. But with an rich and overprotective father, will she ever get a chance?

RPSample: It was a gloomy day, here in pallet town. Sora, a residental girl, was home alone. Again. She sat at her Baywindow and looked out at the gray streets. After a few moments, she turned back to her sketching of her sleeping pikachu, Pika. she smiled at her sleeping friend as she scrblied more detail on her nose. Before she could finish though, her house phone began to ring. She sat her sketch book down and walked over to her dress where the phone was. She picked it and answered:

"Hello. Iwai residence. Sora Iwai talking." She said formally.

"Sora? Oh good. Now I wont have to explain everything to your father now." It was professer oak. Sora Grinned as she heard the old man's voice.

"Professer Oak! how are you?" Sora asked politly yet excitedly.

"Fine, thank you. Acttuly, I was wondering if you could come down to the lab. Do you think you can stop by?" He asked her. Sora blinked curiously.

"What for Prof.?" She asked before she got a look of annoyance on her face," Dont tell me Squartle and Charmander got into a fight again..." She could hear the old man chuckle heartedliy.

"No. Not this time anyways." He said cheerfully. But that quickly changed as his voice became stern. " What I called you today has nothing to do with the pokemon here, but something much bigger. I need you, and your Pikachu, to come here right away." He told her. This sparked her curiosity more, wondering what he was talking about.

"What are you talking about, Professer?" she asked. there was a short pause before he spoked again.

"Just stop by the lab and I'll tell you whats going on." Then he hung up. Sora stood there shocked at what just happened. She sighed irritalbely and hung up. Ussally, when that happens, she would just ignored it completely. But now, he had sparked her curiosity. So she packed her backpack with somethings and woke up Pika.

"C'mon pika! Time to go!"Sora said as she started to rub roughly on the yellow mouse's back. The pikachu stired and opened one lazy ocean blue eye. She stretched and yawned loudly. She stood on her rearlegs and smiled happily.

"Pika!"~Hiya!~ Pika shouted happily. Sora smiled at her long term best friend. The smile quickly turned into a smirk.

"C'mon, sleepyhead. We gotta go to the prof.'s lab." Sora said as she left her room. Pika tilted her head, wondering what was going on. She decided to just shruge it off. The pikachu jumpped off the baywindow and ran out the room, down the stairs and to the front hall. She found Sora near the shoe rack, pulling off her socks and slidding her sandales on.

"C'mon pika! Lets go see whats up with the 'old man'!" She grinned as pika jumped to her shoulder. They ran out the house, making sure the doors were locked, and ran down the path. A short while later, she came to a stop. A huge white house with a yellow windmill stood before her. She walked to the door and pushed the P.A button and called in.

"Professer! I'm Here! And this has better be good or ELSE!" She Yelled into the Small white box. She heard a beeping sound, indecating that she could come in. Then, the automatic door swung open slowly, allowing admittance. With one last glance at Pika, the 2 friends walked though the door, oblivious to the danger of whats to come.

Okay Im done!

August 5th, 2005, 4:28 PM
Sure you can join!! Now, we need 8 more people!!! Thanks for joining!! *hands out free cookies*

August 5th, 2005, 5:08 PM
Yay!RP!COOKIE! YEP-YEP-YEP-YEPPIE!!!^_^(Extreamly hyper right now. sorry)

August 5th, 2005, 5:56 PM
Please dont Spam......<_<.....

Dark Draco
August 5th, 2005, 6:19 PM
Name: Bane Draconus
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Tyranitar named Tyrant

Appearance: Bane is about 64 tall and fairly well built. Bane has spiky black hair lined with red (like Shadow the Hedgehogs) and unusually black eyes. His otherwise normal face has a scar running through his left eye towards his nose. Bane always wears a dragon emblazoned shirt and his black denim shorts, ripped at the knees. Overtop his dragon shirt, Bane wears a loose fitting, dark red vest, which holds his pokeballs along the inside. Finally, Bane wears a black trench coat, usually with the collar over his right shoulder.

Personality: Sarcastic and a hothead, it takes Bane awhile to warm up to someone, although this doesnt always take a long time, depending on the person. Bane likes fighting and showing off what hes good at towards the girls, which, inadvertedly, gets him in fights.

History: Bane originates from Eclipsion in Drakor (my created region, no stealing) where his older sister was leader of the Dark type gym. Wanting a name for himself, Bane and his Tyranitar, Tyrant, looked for challenging tasks, finally finding on offer in Pallet Town

RP Sample: "Man, I hate plane rides, I should have brought a Flying Pokemon as well, just for the trip," Bane complains aloud to Tyrant, who is walking alongside him. The plane had landed in Veridian City and they were heading south towards Pallet Town.
"Tyran ran ran itar tar," Tyran merely said, which riled Bane up.
"I am not afraid of heights!" Bane yelled back at Tyrant.
"Tyran ranitar!"
"Only over unknown water! Oh, just drop it already, you aren't exactly fond of swimming either, even though I taught you how."
"TYRAN!" Tyrant tackles Bane to the ground in fun.
"OMMPHH! You great lumox, trip over your own feet again?" Bane lies on the ground, sore all over now.
"Ty ty ty." Tyrant laughs.
Bane picks himself up off the ground and dusts off. Looking ahead, Bane can see buildings. Bane suddenly takes off, startling Tyrant. "Catch me now, Slowpoke!"

August 6th, 2005, 3:25 AM
Name: Juggle
Age: 5
Gender: Female
Pokemon: Wait, i av none

I am small and podgey, with pink fuzzy hair. I have a curly fringe. I am about 1 foot tall. My job is being a jigglypuff inpersonator. I am doing GOOD! :13:

August 7th, 2005, 6:33 PM
Name: Kelly
Age: 15
Gender: female
Pokemon: Raichu
Appearance: long brown hair, deep blue eyes, light blue jean shorts, a black T-shirt, black and red shoes, and a light blue sparkly Pikachu necklace
History: I grew up around the dragon's den in Johto; abandoned at birth I was forced to live alone in there until I was founded by Lance. He took me in and cared for me and a few months later I became his girlfriend *twiddles thumbs* He taught me how to battle with Pokemon and he gave me a Pichu to start off with.
Personality: quiet, shy, and has a really short temper >3

RP Sample: .....One Saturday morning a girl by the name of Kelly woke up in her bedroom at 7am in the morning, due to sunlight filtering through the window. Failing to go back to sleep, she got up, stretching and looking down at her now fully evolved Raichu sleeping at the foot of her bed. She smiled, shaking the little Raichu awake.

"Time to wake up Raichu" Kelly said softly.

The Raichu stirred, got up, and stretched. Yawning widley, she turned to Kelly. Her big blue eyes stared up at Kelly.

Suddenly Lance came in, jumped on Kelly's bed, and enveloped her in a bear hug.

"You got a phone call" He said, kissing Kelly on the cheek.

"from who?" Kelly asked

"The Proffesor Oak"

Grumbling, Kelly got stumbled out of bed, after finally getting out of Lance's bone crushing hug.

Kelly went to the living room and picked up the cordless phone and went back into her bedroom. Lance was still sitting on her bed, petting Raichu. A small smile on her face, she sat down on Lance's lap and leaned on his chest.

"Hello" Kelly said dreamily into the phone.

"No time to talk" Proffesor Oak said quickly "we've got a serious problem on our hands"

"what is it?" I asked softly, still sighing dreamily as Lance gave me another hug.

"there is no time to explain! Look, you gotta come down to the lab immediatly!!!"

"WHAT?!!!!" I shouted into the phone. I could feel Lance flinch at the loudness of my voice.

"Look, just come down to the lab imediatly!! I will explain when all you got here just please, hurry!" and with that Proffesor Oak hung up the phone.

Kelly's eyes widdened as she hung up the phone and set it down on her night table..

~a couple of hours later~Giving Lance one last hug, Kelly jumped onto Lance's Dragonite that he had lent her.

"Be careful.." Lance said, looking sadly up at me.

"don't worry..i'll be back soon...." Kelly said sadly 'I hope' she thought inside.

and with that said, Dragonite flew off into the distance, Kelly riding on his back.

~5 hours later~

I got off Dragonite's back and looked up at it.

"Tell Lance I love him.." I said softly to the Dragonite before he flew off again, going back to the home that Kelly wanted to be at ever so much now.

With that taken care of, Kelly turned around and faced a tall white building and started up the steps to the Professor's lab. Her only Pokemon left was Raichu now. One, but strong, really strong with all that training they did together with Lance.

Kelly wasn't afraid, even though the professor sounded really frantic on the phone, she knew that as long as her and Raichu were together, nothing could harm them..

August 7th, 2005, 8:48 PM
Name:Kaarnishia Ikikara
Age: 18
Gender: female
Pokemon: Arcanine Warwolf
Appearance: Kaarnishia is mid height, and has a decent build. She has long white hair with two black forelocks that are cut short at her jaw. Her eyes are a strange crimson color and have catlike pupils. Her skin is pale with several black tattoos in various places. One of the most noticeable ones is a small cross under her right eye. She wears a black cloak over her skin tight black pants and red tunic. She wears steel plated boots that go up to her knees, and she always carries her katana with her.

Personality: Cold, quite, often acts emotionless. She trusts no one easily and pushes away anyone who tries to get close.

History: (Optional) From a young age she has been with her Arcanine Warwolf. She was abandoned by her father after her mother died, and she decided to live on her own. She had been through many bad situations which made her into the cold person she is.

RP Sample: Quiet footfalls sounded in the darkness of the forest, the wind lifting long white tresses from cloak covered shoulders. Piercing crimson eyes looked about intently as the ring of steel echoed about her.

A large Arcanine snarled lowly at a figure in the darkness, crouching lowly beside his master. His goldenrod eyes glared angrily at the figure and he waited for his master's signal to attack. Kaarnishia brought her blade level with the figure, her face emotionless.

" Kaarnishia Ikikara, Your presence is required..." The man stated, bowing deeply. Kaarnishia sheathed her weapon, and fixed the man with a cold look.

" What is it that is so important that you have been sent to find me?" She asked in her soft voice. Warwolf hadn't stopped growling, his fur on end.

" You are needed to go to to Proffessor Oak's Laboratory in Kanto." He stated.

" Kanto...I haven't been their in ages..." She murmmered, stroking her Arcannine's fur lovingly. " Very well. Next time send a letter..." She growled, swinging onto the back of Warwolf. The massive dog leapt forward and bounded into the night, leaving the trembling man behind.

Kaarnishia held on using her knees, her arms raised to her sides in an accepting gesture.

" such a wonderful night for a journey." She said, Warwolf howling his agreement.

August 13th, 2005, 7:20 AM
When do we start? Can it be sometime BEFORE sept. 6th?

August 14th, 2005, 7:57 PM
(( T_T Myrrh-chan? Are we going to start?))

August 22nd, 2005, 1:26 PM
Here are the problems:

1: ICE DRAGON-Please re-write your sign-up sheet, it's horrible. Sorry, but please write it in the format that I asked, and then we'll talk.
2: Everyone else? You are okay. Except Kakasuke and Sasuke Lover doesn't even have a name!!!
3: We'll start when these errors are fixed.

August 22nd, 2005, 1:39 PM
o___O;; The hell? *looks back* Oops lol sorry bout that. *fixes*

Oh, and you spelt Kakashi worng >__o *dies*

August 22nd, 2005, 6:34 PM
Name: Amethyst Callista Moon (Amy)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Pokemon: Vaporeon

Appearance: She's quite somebody to you. Her blonde hair is all open, while she wears a silver hairband. She wears two golden bracelets on both of her wrists, and she also wears a ring on her finger. Amy wears an orange shirt that sparkles as well as shorts of the same color and it also sparkles. She wears long orange boots and she wears a waistbag that is gold color. Amy also wears an amethyst bangle, and an amethyst charm on her shirt.

Personality: Amy is in a mood that no one can understand. Her unique styles of battling and raising Pokemon are the reason she's always so kindhearted and naive. She always puts her things to good use, but to the bad teams, she's too aggresive for you to even find out why. Above all, Amy really isn't so bad. Some people can insult or offend her, but Amy just drives them away to prevent any violence. Amy wishes for the best things to happen, and her luck may just give her a chance...

~*Sample RPG*~

Amy was walking in the forest. She had been encountering many things along the way. However, she realized how strange these things were. She heard sounds of Arcanine, and thought she was hallucinating and see phantasms. One thing for sure, was that they were lost.
What more can happen? she thought. I can only hope for something...

A Vaporeon was trailing behind her. If they were to find something, it was to be as soon until midnight. Suddenly, a small piece of white paper fell down near Amy and Vaporeon. Amy picked it up and it read:

Go to the Lab of Professor Samuel Oak. There you will find a mysterious place in your hands. Only can you find it.

"This sounds important!" Amy turned to her Vaporeon. "Come on, Vaporeon! We need to get there and fast!" The two of them started running.

As they were running, Amy stopped and found something out. At least they were tired.

"Wait a minute! We're in Hoenn! Prof. Oak's Lab is in Kanto! We'll never make it there!"

Not seen by the girl, an Espeon overheard the conversation. With a mind of her own, the Espeon teleported Amy and Vaporeon to the Lab. All of a sudden, Amy and Vaporeon were at Pallet Town, just in two seconds, right at the gate.

"How did we get here?" The girl questioned. The two of them walked up the stone steps and opened the door...

August 22nd, 2005, 6:55 PM
Name: Cloud
Age: 15
Pokemon: Charizard
Appearance: Hair over one eye. Hood shirt. Blue pants. Backpack
History: Saved the world once, and is here to do it again. Only wit friends.
RP Sample: . Sorry Myrrh, but um. I'm going to start from scratch in your roleplay. This is why I joined. But if you look in the roleplay "Captive Groudon and Kyogre" You can see my RP skills. If you don't wanna waste time just tell me myrrh and I'll show you the way I RP got it? Just don't start RPing without me