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February 7th, 2004, 1:17 PM
I know its long, but I just do long stuff. Anways I write for comments and the are gratefully allow. In fact if I don't get any from time to time, I'll stop writing the story. I hope this one goes well. So POST COMMENTS, please :laugh:

Trapped In Reality

Chapter 1- The Corridor Of Light

It was 5:00 am. Cassidy and Jake had been talking on the phone for hours and they swore they didnt like each other.

Are you even listening?! Dont you want to hear how great Pikachu and Ash looked when they fought Team Aqua. Cassidy loved talking about Ash he was an actor for the pokemon TV show. If you ask me theyre both selfish and stuck up. Do you ever watch the behind the scenes? Pikachu stuffs his face most of the time Jake replied. Well after training so hard Pikachu should be hungry. Cassidy said furiously. Its acting Jake mumbled.

Cassidy heard knocking at her window. She saw a light flickering. She was afraid, she threw the nearest pillow off her bed to the window and hid under the covers. She relieved herself to get up. She got out of bed and pushed opened her curtains...

Jake put the phone down and went into the kitchen for a snack. He saw a light flickering from the balcony outside... A star., they both said.
Ok, Im really sleepy Cassidy told herself. They both rushed to the phone.
I saw a star Jake said. SO DID I! Cassidy replied. You reckon we ought get some sleep? Jake suggested. Erm... Yeah. Goodnight Cassidy lied. Uhh... Goodnight

The both lied and once more went to investigate the star.
Jake rushed out onto the balcony. But the star was gone. Cassidy checked her window and the star wasnt there either. So they went to bed.
GET UP! ITS eight a.m. , the Xatus are probably already at Mt. Silver !! If I have to go to school so do you! Zara yelled into Cassidys room. Zara was Cassidy older sister. She was in in the 9th grade and was studying and training hard to be in the Elite 4.

Cassidy managed to drag herself out of bed. Immediately she called Jake thinking he was still sleep. Hello? The voice on the other end of the phone was too deep to be Jakes mother or his little brother. HELLO? It went again. Sorry Dad, wrong phone. Cassidy replied. Didnt I tell you to check for a dial tone. And youve got the wrong cell phone. Yours is the silver Nokia one. Her father said rather upset. Sorry. Ive got to go, Im late for school Cassidy said as she brushed her long hair and picked out something to wear. Have a nice day at school! Her father said and hung up the phone.
Cassidy father was a businessman, who worked most of time. He worked at home in the winter and when the weather was better he would travel to the office buildings downtown.

Cassidy figured that Jake had already started walking to school. So she grabbed her backpack and pokenav and rushed out the front door. She ran down a brick walkway. Wait up!, it was a small boy riding a Scyther flying towards Cassidy. I thought you were collect flying pokemon this month, Shaun? Cassidy said. The Scyther stopped at Cassidy and let the boy off him. It was Cassidys friend Shaun. He was looked 8 but he was 12.Shaun collected pokemon as a hobby. He already had enough to start a mini- pokedex. Jake walked up from behind Cassidy. Hey Shaun, hey Cassidy Cassidy turned around and waved at Jake. There was a small pokemon at his side. It was a little Minun. Hey, Miny Shaun shouted down a path into a park. The trees made a great green arch. The Minun ran up the path and sort of thundershocked em. The Minun Jake had was given to him by Shaun. He already had 2 of them anyways. He gave Cassidy a Plusle for the same reason. Jake caught up to Shaun and Cassidy.

Shaun looked up. Hey guess what happened in this dream I had last night. Shaun said excitedly. Jake and Cassidy looked at one another in curiosity. What? Cassidy asked. I was counting all my pokemon using a computer program and I was about to go to sleep. It was weird because thats what I was doing before I snoozed. But then a light from the bathroom across the hall, I went in a saw a st- Shaun was cut off by this boy Jakes bother Cadoan. He was hollering, Hold On!, WAIT, WAIT. He ran up from the path in the park. Panting heavily when he reached the others. Are you sure you too have the same parents? Cassidy said in a strange intonation. Jakes head came to Cadoans shoulder. He was a year younger than Jake, they sounded a almost like one another and the looked almost like twins.
The four of them walked across the river bridge, across the street and around a block. They arrived at school. Suzki(Sue-ski or Suez-ki) Academy. Half of the kids that went there didnt have pokemon or didnt take a liking to them. And The other half was the exact opposite.

See you guys in Lunch Shaun said rushing to up the staircase to room P12.Care of Vicious Pokemon(C.V.P), kids who didnt own pokemon liked this class. It told basically what to do when they cam around one. Jake ran off to the 18th corridor which was all the at the other end. He was taking Math. Cassidy and Cadoan had the exact same class.
So watcha been up to Cassidy asked. See anything weird lately?
Besides you and brother talking on the phone till the crack of dawn
Cassidy rolled her eyes.

Cadoan pointed down an empty corridor. At the end off the hallway was a bright glow. Come on! Cadoan said anxiously.

No were already late! Cassidy yelled. She ran after him. But the light got brighter and brighter...
Cassidy found herself sitting in English class. What the?
Something wrong? Mr. Opelt(teacher) said.
Erm, no...Cassidy said with dilemma.

Cadoan on the other hand was still going after the glowing light. He went into a empty class and saw a star sitting on one of the desk. He looked back for Cassidy but she wasnt there. Weird... He let his Cyndaquil. Use flamethrower on that thing. Cysdaquil opened its pointy mouth and shot out a ray of fire. The star was still levitate there, the desk was now ash on the floor. Return Cadoan said with a pokeball in hand. Cyndaquil went back in. He put the pokeball on his belt and went close to touch the star. It was like gold lighting paint on his finger tips. The star began to swirl around.

Cadoan got his stuff and ran out the classroom. The light got more intense. He dropped his books and ran faster. Then, Cadoan disappeared in the corridor of light.