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February 7th, 2004, 1:31 PM
Prologue: Burning Magma

Day One
Dear Diary,
Let me introduce myself. I am Lance Alaite, but currently I'm better known as Plasma. That's because I'm half-Jolteon, due in part to a home experiment gone wrong. I was trying to test my Transport Device to be used for quick travel from town to town: even faster than a blazing Latios. However, Team Magma invaded my quiet Littleroot home, believing I had a crucial formula, one that could possibly destroy the world when in the wrong hands. They slammed me into one of the transporter's chamber, and, unbeknowest to me, my Jolteon, fittingly named Plasma, had moved into the other chamber. Then, one of the Magma Grunts mistakenly pressed the button that sent me to my fate... as half human, half Pokemon.
You now know how I got to be who I am. But you don't know that today's the day it happened. Yes, I'm now a quadruped. From the waist down of my new body, I look like any normal Jolteon. Except my fur is fire red, with black highlights. Waist up, however, is the upper body of my human self. It has brown hair and blue eyes. Right now I'm wearing only a blue t-shirt, and bracers for my hands and paws. I tell you, life is going to get really hard for me, I can be sure of it.
I'm turning 16 tomorrow. My friends are going to throw me a party, I bet. What a time to be a half-Jolteon freak, huh? I can't help but think I have the worst timing. I just bought my home with the money I made selling my formulas to Devon Corporation. I settled in Littleroot, far from the Pacifidlog home I was born and raised in. I'm supposed to head for Petalburg tomorrow; something's going to be there for me. But how can I face anyone like this?
I'm the only thing that came out of the transporter; we both must've fused together. That is, me and Plasma. It's sad, because Plasma was my lab partner. He helped me with a lot of things. You see, he was very intelligent. I hatched him from an egg. As a young Eevee, he knew how to talk from very early on. I decided to evolve him into a Jolteon, because I think they're really cool. He would help me all day long in his lab. He helped me come up with the means for transforming humans into Pokemon. But my accident today showed how to make humans into half-Pokemon. I don't think I could sell it, though. After all, who wants to be half-Pokemon?
The way I see it, I haven't improved much from my normal self. That is, apart from the fact I have electrical powers. And I'm about tall enough for people to ride on my back. How tall am I? Well, my Jolteon back is 3'6" from the floor. And my head is 6'2" from the floor. So yes, I could carry people on my back. And I can go just as fast as a normal Jolteon could, so that's a plus.
Anyways, that's enough about my fiasco for tonight. I may or may not tell you more tomorrow. Right now I have to wait for my mother to call me.

Lance "Plasma" Alaite

February 7th, 2004, 8:28 PM
Author's Notes: Either no one's reading my story, or you're too scared to hurt my feelings... which is it? Anyway...

Day Two
Dear Diary,
What a day! I'm all tuckered out. Between giving my friends rides on my back and racing their Pokemon, I've worked up a huge sweat. I can't help but think being half-Jolteon may be the best thing that ever happened to me. My friends like me even more than before, and, funny thing, I caused a blackout in Petalburg when I accidentally let out a burst of lightning after my friends surprised me at their home. The power was down for about 3 hours. I still don't think anyone knows I did it. Either they're stupid or ignorant, but who cares? I like myself 3 times as mch as before, and, after putting on an old lab coat, resumed my experiments. I guess maybe I'll find a new Pokemon to call my own... at least I still have my Master Ball.
Oh, and I don't think Professor understands the severity of my dilemma... When he came to my house at about 7:45, it played out like this:
Just as I was working on my "How Eevees Can Evolve Like They Do" project, Professor Birch knocked on my lab door. "Lance? You in there?" he asked.
I told him to come on in. He did, and did a total anime drop when he saw me. "Lance! What the heck happened???"
"Long story... anyway, what's up?"
"Well... I must say, you look rather comical..." He stifled a giggle.
An anime sweat drop ran down my face. "Just get to the point already. I'm very busy."
"Okay, okay... I got word the Magma members intruded our quiet town. Is this true?"
"Yes. It just so happens they're the reason I'm half-Jolteon."
"Oh, Lance..."
"Don't feel sorry for me."
"I wasn't; I..."
"I'm sorry, Professor, but I had a long day. I'm very tired, could we talk tomorrow?"
"Sure. I'll just..." He headed towards the door and walked out laughing."
I gave a disgusted look on my face as I could still hear him howling with laughter. It sickened me that he would find humor in my current state...
Anyway, enough of that... some kids came to my house at 10:30, asking to spend the night. I agreed, and I'm writing to you now as they sleep. However, I suppose that's all I can write on this night. Promise to write you tomorrow, though!

Lance "Plasma" Alaite

February 8th, 2004, 12:30 PM
Author's Notes: You don't like my story... :( so I guess I'll quit after this chapter... unless someone convinces me not to within 24 hours. It's sad, because I had really big plans for this... but oh well, you don't like it. Too bad for you, cause you'll never find out.

Morning Three

Dear Diary,
I'm writing this as I serve breakfast to those kids who came to my house last night. I decided to ask their names and such. Their names were: Ash Ketchum, Brock Stone, and May... something. Anyway, I'd heard about Ash from a legend involving Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, and Lugia... and I knew Brock was the Gym Leader somewhere in Kanto... Pewter, I believe. May, I wasn't sure about... but it didn't matter. Our little conversation after breakfast played out like this:
May had just finished her plate when she commented, "Excuse me, Mr..."
"Alaite." (pronounced Ay-lay-tee) I finished for her.
"Mr. Alaite..."
"Call me Plasma."
"Okay... um, Plasma, we couldn't help but notice your condition... does it have anything to do with Team Aqua?"
"Aqua? No, not them. Magma."
"Oh... um, Plasma, would you like to come with us on our quest?"
"Huh? I couldn't... I have no Pokemon."
"Yes you do... right there, behind you!"
And I turned around, and sitting right there was my Espeon, Sunny. I forgot I had her, almost...
"Hi, there, Sunny..." I started.
"Who... who are you?" Her ears lowered as she looked at me strangely. "Plasma? No, wait, you can't be... unless..."
"I fused with him by accident?" I finished.
"Lance?? That's you? What happened to you?"
I explained my predicament to her, detail by detail, then she jumped into my open arms and licked my face.
"It is you! I'd never believe it but it's you!"
Just then Ash decided to comment. "Your real name is Lance?"
"Yes, Ash... See, I'm a scientist, and I..." As I was speaking, Brock interrupted. "We heard it all."
"You... did?"
"Yes, sir..."
"We feel really bad about what happened." May added.
"Please, if there's one thing you can do for me, don't feel sorry for me. That's all I ask."
Ash, May and Brock nodded.
"Say, where's Pikachu, Ash?"
"Pikachu? Oh, he's in the garden..."
"So, about your offer to take me with you... I accept."
May raised an eyebrow. "Great! Let's get going, then."
"Yes... did you hear that, Sunny? We're going on an adventure."
"Yippee! It'll feel good to get out of the house again." She squealed.
As I walked out of the house, behind my three new friends, and with Sunny in my arms, sleeping, I left on a new adventure with new friends...

Lance "Plasma" Alaite

Author's Notes: Brock's last name is Stone, right? Cause that's what I've heard...

The King of Water Pokemon
February 8th, 2004, 3:02 PM
Great story. I've been reading, but I have had no time to comment. There's nothing too major to point out. Very unique.

February 8th, 2004, 4:05 PM
I had a full scale review written out for the first two parts, alas, I messed it up, and then the browser deleted it. >.>;;

So yeah. I'll edit this post soon and rewrite it. :]

February 8th, 2004, 6:33 PM
Day Three

Dear Diary,
The first day of adventuring with Ash, May, and Brock has ended. We've hit Oldale, and we're camping just outside of it. As I write to you, Sunny is rubbing against me, happy as she can be. I decided I'd catch a Poochyena, but not with my Master Ball. Sunny almost didn't make it, but she did manage to keep up long enough for me to bag my new friend. Howler, as I call him, isn't able to talk, but he doesn't need to: my half-Jolteon form is able to comprehend Pokemon speech. May seems worried I may electrify her, as I had to electrify a Taillow. I tried catching it, but it looked KO'd, and May beat me to the trigger. I suppose it's the least I could do... we are friends after all. She thanked me, of course, and I was happy to oblige. Of course, for every crowd of humans, there's one or two bound to notice the freaks in the world. And one person was dumb enough to do just that. Our little game played out like this:
"Hey, freak boy!" A voice called.
"Excuse me?" I sneered.
"What's it like being a living fr--" And I shocked him without hesitation. The guy was so distraught, he ran away, not saying a word, though I could hear him whisper, "I'll get you later, Pokemon-boy."
"What a weirdo. Don't people have any common sense?" May looked disgusted at the display of rudeness the man had shown.
"Relax, May..." Ash interjected.
"Yea, May, chill." Brock added.
"How can I chill when people are calling such a great guy a freak?" She looked about ready to explode.
"May..." I ran over and grabbed her, almost in a hugging embrace. She settled down, seeming entranced by me.
"Lance? You... feel the same way?"
"What, you don't mean..."
"Yes, Lance, I've got a crush on you."
"Wow. Same with me."
"You're half-Jolteon, but you're just such a great person..." And with that she kissed my cheek. I had stood up on my back legs, and I fell over, nearly on top of Sunny. "Hey, watch it!" Sunny yelled.
"Sorry, Sunny..."
"Aw, it's okay."
Brock looked like HE was about to explode. "I... am... so... jealous..." He said every word, seething with anger.
"Sorry, Ash... but seriously, why doesn't anyone kiss me?" May, hearing this, kissed Brock on the lips. He looked lovestruck, as he practically fainted.
"You're welcome!" May smiled as she told this to Brock.
"I'll... never... wash... these... lips... again..."
"You're so silly Brock. Uh-oh... I'm in love with you both. What do I do?"
"Take us both out alone and see which one you like best."
"But I'd hate to hurt your feelings... either one of yours..."
"Then don't decide just yet... your heart will guide you, May..."
"I guess, but..."
"Don't finish that, May. Please."
"Okay." She smiled, giving me a kiss on the lips. Once again, I fell right over.
It seemed a girl had a crush on me... despite the fact I looked like a total fool. How would it ever work? She was younger than me, and I just couldn't see me with anyone so innocent and good looking...
Well, diary, I'll have to wrap it up. It's been nice to write to you. Oh, and I'll write again tomorrow.

Lance "Plasma" Alaite

February 9th, 2004, 2:52 PM
Chapter One: The Encounter

Day Four

Dear Diary,
Life is good. Apparently May and I are really hitting it off with each other, even in my altered state. I mean, I practically fainted today when she gave me a hug for defending her against that person from yesterday. It played out something like this:
As we neared Petalburg, that rude guy I was telling you about yesterday came back. "I'm not scared of you, Jolteon-boy, not anymore." His eyes narrowed as he grinned. "We're gonna have a battle, and if you lose, your little girlfriend has to date me."
"Hey! She's not my girlfriend..." I yelled. ~Not yet, at least...~ I thought.
"Pth. Right. Freakazoid and girlfriend sitting in a tree... K-I-S-S-I-N-G,
First comes-" With that I tried to shock him then and there. He seemed unfazed by my bolts, though. "-love, then comes marriage, then the freak baby in the baby carriage!" he finished.
"Wait a minute... you've grounded yourself." My Jolteon ears, which I never noticed I had before, twitched furiously as I looked at him, stunned.
"That's right, freako... you're pretty perceptive. Too late though... Sandslash, go!" He threw a Pokeball at me, and out came the person's Sandslash.
"Hey, weird one, call me 'Quake.' At least, if you live through this attack... Sandslash, use Earthquake!"
As I stood horrified of Quake, I could feel the ground rushing up to hit me. It hurt... a lot.
May looked away, frightened. She couldn't bear to look at me. ~Great,~ I thought. ~She'll think I'm a loser now...~
As I hit the ground, battered, I lost consciousness, as memories flooded in my head.
I remembered my 11th birthday, when Father gave me the egg I would hatch Plasma from. For 5 years we'd been inseparable, and now, ever since I'd fused with him, it became clear that our attachment was more than just emotional. It had become physical. I had gained his quickness and power, while I had kept my high intellect and hands. I had gained the best of both worlds with this fuse... so why was my world suddenly changing so rapidly? Either we were to be accepted and loved by someone, or our loneliness would follow us forever. It's strange... I felt as if Plasma's body might not be in my control. It was almost as if Plasma was still controlling his body while I controlled mine. That's probably why I sometimes refer to myself as 'we', in the sense that each of us was in control...
I awoke inside the Pokemon Center, shivering and wet. My Jolteon half surged with electricity, inducing my upper body into shocking itself. My lab coat had been taken off, leaving just my blue t-shirt and bracers. I shivered, as May walked into the room. She saw me awake, and, in excitement, ran over to me and kissed me. But this time, it felt natural... almost as if I expected it. May and I seemed to connect really well...
"Lance! You're okay!" She squealed with joy.
"Yes, my love, I'm fine." Suddenly she backed away. "Did you just call me..."
"Oh no, I'm sorry..."
"No, it's okay... it just seemed... sudden." I shook what was left of the water on my body off, and, when I got some on May, she just laughed.
"That Quake person, he called me..."
"My girlfriend."
"Yes... that's it. But why?"
"Because we care about each other."
"Yes... we do..."
"Ever since I met you..."
"You fell in love? Don't worry, so did I."
May smiled at me and nodded. "Uh huh!" And with that, we shared a kiss... it felt... so wonderful.
Neither of us knew Brock and Ash ahd just walked in... and Brock was mad.
"I... am... way... over... JEALOUS!" Brock fumed with anger.
"Gee, even I'm jealous..." Ash added.
"Ash? Brock! Um..."
"Don't worry about it. Brock just wants to get a girl."
"Officer Jenny..." Brock looked like he was fantasizing.
So here we are in Petalburg... May just told me where we were. She explained that she had to use Ash's Totodile to wake me. I kissed her again, wanting to be the one to do it this time...
So, diary, it was up, and it was down. But May and I officially became a pair. She loves me, and I love her too. I'm writing to you as the four of us get ready to sleep in the tent, just outside of Petalburg, as we head for Rustboro. Good night, diary... I'll write again tomorrow.

Lance "Plasma" Alaite

Author's Note: The story's back on! Thanks you guys.

February 11th, 2004, 5:37 PM
Day Five

Dear Diary,
May and I talked all the way to Rustboro. I gave everybody a ride to Rustboro on my back. I figured if I could run that fast carrying them, I might as well. When we made it, May kissed me on the cheek. "Thanks, Lance."
Just then Quake appeared from behind, calling, "Hey, lover-boy!"
I turned around. "You talking to me?" My body surged with electricity as I growled.
"Yeah, you. What are you doing still alive?"
"What's that supposed to mean?"
"I don't get it. That girl LOVES you? As if. She's just using you, kid."
I fumed with anger. I looked like I could spew a fireball at him. "Step over here and say that again!" I dared. My ears twitched furiously as I looked at May. "Guys, step back. I don't want to hurt you." I let out a furious blast of electricity. Quake was absolutely pummeled by the shockwaves, and after I finished, he looked unconscious, to say the least. "Oh no... May... I..."
I ran over to check for a pulse. But there was no pulse, at least not one I could sense. I pawed at him, seeing if he would stir. He just lay there, motionless. I got my ears closer to him. He was still breathing... I put his body on my back, running him to the hospital. Ash and the others just watched horrified.
The doctor said that Quake may not make it. He said I really need to watch my electricity level. He told me to have Nurse Joy at the Pokemon Center check me out. I agreed, and guess what... I have MEOS: Massive Electrical Overload Syndrome. They say it affects Pokemon who have kept stored electricity for too long. Come to think of it, I admitted I didn't think Plasma ever shocked anyone at all. I sobbed, as Nurse Joy comforted me. "Lance... all you need to do is remember to let out electricity once in a while."
I nodded, and, as I went out, an Electrode exploded in front of me, knocking me clear into the sky. Where I am is a mystery to me... but all I know is poor Sunny is gone, and so is my love, May.

Lance "Plasma" Alaite

Author's Note: I hate sad endings... but I had to, just for the AvidGamers community, Pokemon Kingdom. Also, I'm sorry about lying to you when I said Blizzard's story would intertwine. I'm sorry... *sniff sniff* :( I feel like such a letdown. Note that this is Lance's last entry. *sniff* I'm sorry... I feel so bad. :(