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July 30th, 2005, 6:22 PM
NO MORE ENTRIES PLEASE! We are getting in to the RP, and the Academy is officially closed for the year. Thank you for your time.

This is something that had been started WAAAY back when, when I was Mew13! Basically, what's gonna happen, is you're going to be playing a student at the Pokemon Academy. Shiney and I worked hard on creating this, and while we won't turn anyone down without reason, we DO reserve that right.

The Academy is run like a high school. You have 4 years here per character, and as each year ends, we'll close the thread and start a new one, letting new members join, and our characters age realistically. You can start out as anything (Freshman/14, Sophomore/15, Junior/16, Senior/17), but remember, the younger you start, the better off you are.

Classes are as follows:

Basic/Intermediate/Advanced Battle Skills- These three courses are taught by Professor Nick Bates. Bates is a tall, younger man with light brown hair. His eyes are a light blue color, and his faithful Pokemon partner is an Arcanine. During these courses, Bates will teach you how to battle, things to avoid in battle, proper battle tactics, and ways to beat even the toughest opponents, among many other things!

Basic/Intermediate/Advanced Breeding- These three courses are taught by Professor Julia Martin. Martin is a rather round woman with flaming orange hair and deep blue eyes. She owns a Azumaril and a Clefable. During these courses, Martin will teach you all you need to know about Pokemon Breeding. You'll learn how to communicate well with your Pokemon and cover many bonding excercises. This also entails Pokemon Nutrition, Pokemon Grooming, and much much more!

Basic/Intermediate/Advanced Training Tactics- These three courses are taught by Professor Marianna Lee. Lee is a very thin, shapely woman, and rather young as well, much to the delight of the male staff and student populus. She has long, black hair and light green eyes. Lee trains an Umbreon and a Misdreavus. During these courses, Lee will teach you hundreds upon hundreds of ways to train with your Pokemon. The techniques will get incresingly more difficult as you progress in the system.

Pokemon Mythology- This course is taught by Professor James Matthews. Matthews is a young man, freshly graduated from a Pokemon College. He has short, brown hair and laughing brown eyes. Matthews's companions are a Kingdra, a Bedlum, and a Charmeleon. This course will teach you all about the legendary Pokemon and help you decide between facts and myths surrounding them. Many take this course because of interest, but many more take it so they can drool over Matthews.

Pysical Education- This course is taught by Professor Mark Collin. Collin is a large, muscular man who trains a Hitmonchamp and a Machoke. He has a thick head of blonde hair and watery blue eyes. This course will keep you and your Pokemon in shape! It can be taken during any year, and as many times as you'd like it.

Wilderness Survival- This course is taught by Professor Ivan Griggs, an older man with totally silvered hair, but a very stong build. His eyes are a striking color of gold. Do not take his age for granted, his is much stronger than many people 10 years his Junior. He trains a Chimecho and a Vibrava. This course will teach you all about making it on your real Pokemon Journey.

Pokemon Psychology- This course is taught by Professor Ryouga Hibiki, a middle-aged man with shaggy black hair and slightly reddish eyes. He carries a very calm demeanor, and his Pokemon Companion is an Alakazam. This couse will really get you inside your Pokemon's head and take your bonding to a whole new level!

Pokemon History- This course is taught by Professor Kay Blithe, a stuffy, middle aged woman with long, grayish hair and brown eyes. She has a rather nasaly voice and trains a Vileplume. This course will teach you all about Pokemon History, from famous trainers to the rise and fall of Gym Leaders and different Teams.

Emergency First Aid- This course it taught by Professor Carl Zinner. Zinner is a younger man with shoulder-length, dirty blonde hair and gray eyes. Zinners Pokemon companions are a Pidgeot and a Crobat. This course will teach you everything you need to know about Potions, Antidotes, and many other forms of emergency first aid.

Gym Leader Training Course- This advanced course is taught by the Pokemon Vetran Robert Price, a former Gym Leader himself. He has short grey hair with a tinge of brown left, and hazel eyes, with a cheerful demeanor most of the time. This course is highly restrictive and will only let the best of the best in. You will learn how to be a Gym Leader here, of course.

Alright, Shineyll be playing Ryouga Hibiki, and Robert Price, along with another student, I believe. Im going to take care of Marianna Lee. Other teachers are up for grabs, but only if Shiney or I approves your request. If we dont get them all to be played, the remaining teachers will be computer characters that you can control ONLY WHEN NECISSARY!! Teachers remaining able to be played are bolded.

Room Lists are as follows: (Ill edit this post as time goes by and we get people signing up in rooms.) Each room has two beds, dressers, closets, tvs, and nightstands. Each room also has one bathroom and one balcony. Bed A is on the left side of the room, Bed B is on the right. When you sign up, make sure to put in a room number. (PLEASE check the Occupancies BEFORE making your sign up!)

Room 100 (0 occupancies) Rachel/Bed A :: Adriana/Bed B
Room 101 (1 occupancy) Anna/Bed A
Room 102 (1 occupancy) Bane/Bed A
Room 206 (1 occupancy) Chad/Bed A
Room 207 (0 occupancies) Max/Bed A :: Noah/Bed B
Room 303 (0 occupancies) Yikari/Bed A :: Clow/Bed B
Room 306 (0 occupancies) Kaetlina/Bed A :: Alec/Bed B
Room 404 (0 occupancies) Nat/Bed A :: Darin/Bed B
Room 407 (1 occupancy) Lyst/Bed A
Room 410 (0 occupancies) Kasie/Bed A :: Rian/Bed B

Heres the form you need to fill out. Please make it fairly detailed, as it will help get you accepted into the Academy!

Age/Grade/Room #:
Physical Appearance:
Pokemon: (2 Pokemon MAX for Freshman)
RP Sample:

Alright then, heres my form!!

Name: Kaetlina (Kat)

Gender: Female

Age/Grade/Room #: 15/Sophomore/#306

Physical Appearance: Kat has short, curly black hair that bounces lightly a couple of inches above her shoulders. She is a very small girl, and dangerously thin. Her cheek bones are very prominent, as well as her shoulder blades and collar bone. Her eyes are an odd shade of indigo with light, lavender flecks sprinkled throughout them. She wears rather baggy clothes in a feeble attempt to cover her abnormal thinness, though her efforts somehow manage to make her look even frailer. Her feet are usually encased in a pair of very worn in trainers, unless of course, they are inside of her satin pointe shoes.

Personality: Kat is very shy and very reserved. She wont approach anyone, and her only true friend is her Kirlia, Dancelle. She rarely speaks at all, and when she does, it is merely the bare necessities. She has a habit of biting her lower lip or scuffing her toes when someone tries to talk to her. She rarely smiles around anyone, though her smile is absolutely gorgeous. Shes desperately afraid of getting close to anyone after the death of her parents, which she remains convinced is her fault. She is also (and painfully obviously) battling anorexia.

Pokemon: Kirlia

RP Sample: I woke up slowly, shaking my head of curly ebony hair. Looking around, I spotted Dancelle and roused her with a mental call. The Kirlia rolled over and buried herself farther into my covers. I giggled and shook her into the world of awakeness and she glared at me reproachfully. I giggled again and hugged her.

Grandmother must have heard my giggles, because she opened the door to my room with a smile on her face. My own smile quickly dissipated and I looked at her with my large, sad eyes as I always did. Grandmother sighed and handed me a letter A letter of acceptance, apparently.

So, I began to pack wordlessly. Id be off for the Pokemon Academy soon. Not that it mattered to me where I was, so long as Kirlia was with me. She was the only one I was close to anymore, and the only one I talked to or laughed with. I couldnt help it After my parents death well

I shook my head of those thoughts as Grandmother attempted a conversation. Packing already? she asked with a small smile.

I merely nodded.

She sighed and left me, much to my own pleasure. I enjoyed being left to my own devices.

Alright people, now you can sign up. Please include an RP sample with your sign up. I realize that its uncommon, but it really helps to make accepting you in easier, and makes the RP a much happier and better place to be RPing!! Thank you all in advance!

Electric Hero
July 30th, 2005, 11:23 PM
Name: Max Hunter

Gender: Male

Age/Grade/Room #: 14 years old; Freshman; Room 207.

Physical Appearance: Max has electric blue eyes and black hair which has a very strange anime hairstyle. He likes to wear black clothes, like: black running shoes, black long pants with many pockets, a black t-shirt, a black long coat, and black gloves.

Personality: The best word for describing his personality is: weird. He is very happy and cheerful, and one second later, he is shy, mysterious, and serious. He can't control his moods... so he likes to warn people he meets before a sudden mood change happens. He likes to hang out with his friends, and his pokmon. He spents a lot of time with his pokmon when he is with no one. He likes to stare at the beauty of nature when bored. If he is hyper... he ,possibly, will try to find something to do.

Pokmon: A Pikachu he likes to call "Zikachu"... even people tells him that the name is lame... he is still calls him that way... apparently... his pikahcu likes it ((his pikachu spends the whole time out of his pokeball)). A Charizard ((tell me if it is too much for a "freshman")) that has as nickname "Dromax".

RP Sample: (I hope this is enough... I can still write more if you want...)

Day 76 since first step into the cave, current status: lost and in danger of be harmed/injured or even killed by hostile creatures.

Since Mat lost the map, we have just started get scared by spooky sounds and noises coming from nowhere. I still don't think that the thing we saw yesterday was a REAL dragon. It just had the wings with holes, and yet, it still could fly. He chased us all the way here... apparently, a really dark point. I think bats are everywhere... but their sounds can be heard. I'm writing this thanks by the moon that is outside. But we can't escape... it is too high for jumping.

I will write this like if I would describing everything now... I heard noises...but... something is getting near... the walls just show a shadow coming each second faster. Wait... it is the dragon. Mat is fighting with him... I hear noises... I hear Mat asking for help while he is being brutally killed by that thing. I can't hear Mat anymore... this is possibly my last sentence... the dragon is just above me... at least his head... Good bye ...

Max Hun

(Sorry... if it may look like if it comes from a sick mind...)

July 31st, 2005, 4:09 AM
Ill take on the role of James Mattews and my own characterI will more than willingly take up another teacher if they are not taken soon.

Name: Rachel Lorenzo

Gender: Female

Age/Grade/Room: 17/ Senior/ #100

Physical Appearance: Rachel looks to be around average height for a 17 year old girl and has slightly tanned skin gracing her features. Her hair is a dark brown colour which extends to her mid back with a slight kinkiness to it; unruly bangs of this chocolate hair descend to cover emerald orbs, which is why a pair of black sun glasses sat perched atop her head to keep the sleek bangs at bay. Her clothing consists of a black, long sleeved crop top, which comes to a stop just above her bellybutton and a pair of black baggy trousers which hang low at her waste held up only by two silver buckled black belts. Multiple silver chains descend from many clasps on her trousers and the bottoms of said trousers flare to cover heavy black vans which seem at all times to be hidden from view. Around her neck is a silver pendant carved into the shape of a legendary serpent, Dragonair. Her upper arm is home to a black dragon tattoo which spirals around her upper arm to the join of her elbow and most of her appearance is covered by a black, leather trench coat.

Personality: Rachel has a very complex personality, though she seems to be rather out cast towards others, when known, she is rather friendly and protective towards her comrades. Though she does not easily trust those around her and is a hard person to be-friend, she is an intelligent individual as well as down to earth, her biggest flaw is her incapability to mingle with crowds. When amongst a large amount of people she tends to withdraw from making any contact with those she does not know, but all she really needs is a push in the right direction to gain more confidence around larger crowds.

Pokemon: Houndoom, Male (Cerberus), Absol, Female (Kiara) Xatu, Male (Totema), Dragonair, Female (Mystique).

RP Sample: Ill have to edit later, OK ^_-

Alter Ego
July 31st, 2005, 6:16 AM
It's obvious that you've put a lot of effort into this RP, hope I'll be able to do it justice:

Name: Yikari Arikawa
Gender: Male
Age/Grade/Room #: 14/Freshman/303

Physical Appearance: Yikari is about 1,68 meters (Can't wrap my mind around the feet system, sorry) tall with a pretty normal body build. He has fairly long hair of a colour that is on the border between light red and orange which he keeps out of his face with a blue bandana. His skin is not tanned but not deathly pale either and his eyes are dark blue. Yikari is not really keen on fashion and prefers to wear clothes that are useful rather than flashy, meaning a three-pocket minimum, and he likes to hang onto them far beyond the point where his mother thinks it's time to toss them in the trash. His typical attire includes a pair of, usually pretty worn, jeans, a pair of equally worn running shoes, the afforementioned bandana, and a jacket, preferably one with a hood sewn on it. He's also got a pair of gloves, fingerless since he can't get a proper feeling of certain things with fully covered hands. The clothes are usually in fairly light shades of blue or green with a touch of red or orange thrown in for good measure. Yikari now has an actual picture, thanks to Kagome, check it out. (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=1403643#post1403643)

Personality: Although friendly among individuals Yikari is very shy in larger crowds and mortally afraid of being in the spotlight, since he's sure that he'll do something wrong and that people will laugh at him. Yikari is also a bit hesitant to speak about himself, although he'll be more than happy to shoot his mouth off at most other topics. He is rather knowledgable in subjects that interest him but can be blatantly ignorant about others ones. Yikari is a fairly competent trainer but more often than not his lack of confidence prevents him from living up to his full potential.

Pokemon: Vulpix [Spark]

RP Sample (Oh, I usually write in 3rd person, but if that's not okay for this I'll switch to 1st):
"Vul-" Yikari, still half-asleep, felt a gentle but insistent nudge on his left ankle.
"Go away Spark..." he muttered, turning his head and curling himself tighter into the fold of his blankets. "I'll play with you later"
"Vuuul-" the pokmon insisted, its nudge developing into a full-fledged push, shoving the boy of his bed and down to the floor with a dull 'thud'.
"pix!" the fox exclaimed jumping onto his trainer. "Vuu-uu-ul-pix!"
"Now? You've got to go now?"
"Vulpix!" the vulpix replied with a hint of urgency in its voice.
"Oh, alright." Yikari muttered, rubbing his eyes as he struggled out from the blankets and pulled some clothes over his pyjamas. The sun had barely risen outside his window, the faint beams illuminating Yikari's room with their pale glow as he pushed the curtains aside. A quick glance at the bedside clock revealed that the time was only a little bit over 7 o'clock in the morning.
"Oh joy..." he muttered for himself as he exited his home, Spark running ahead of him into a nearby grove of trees to relieve his bladder.
Stiff and sleepy, the boy examined the other houses on his block with faltering interest, failing to stiffle a huge yawn, of all the mornings to forget to put Spark into his pokball for the night it had to be this one. The night before he would be sent to the Academy.

July 31st, 2005, 8:22 AM
Name:Adriana Mercili

Gender: Female

Age/Grade/Room #: 16/Senior/100

Physical Appearance: With a slender, but tall build, she still intimidates most people with her demeanor, usually wearing dark clothes and glowering at most people, with jet black hair that reaches almost to her shoulders.

Personality: Advanced for her age, she is cunning, and unusually observant, most of the time, but her personality as a whole tends to change with her mood, though she tries to remain dark.

Pokemon: Metang and Dragonair

RP Sample: It was along time ago, I realised, looking out the window. I had been going along with my education swiftly, but it had still been a long time...

"I don't like this." My mother said from my doorway as I finished buttoning my shirt. "Whether any of us likes this is irelavent." I said,turning around as I put on my belt. "Regaurdless of any agreements you made with Dad before you broke up, this was practically garunteed. I *have* to go to that school, even if I'd make a good trainer on my own, I need to for my sake." I said, even though I was doing it as much for hers as for mine...

July 31st, 2005, 8:48 AM
((Did you say that the PE teacher has a HITMONCHAMP on purpose or was that a mistake?))

July 31st, 2005, 11:19 AM
*squeals* Ahhhhhhh yeaaa it's back, I was waiting for this... I've been in every version, I believe... Except for that one that occurred when I was gone... I didn't think it was too successful though... I still remember the first one in '03, that was awesome! No Julia this time though, I think she's only like... 13 in the 'rp world' XD... Haha yes she has aged into a teen, *gasp* that's horrible! Ah well, I'll have to stick with just Ali this time - changing his name to Noah though, too many people thought he was a girl -_-;...

Name: Noah (yes, same history and EVERYTHING as Ali... Just dif name...)

Gender: Male

Age/Grade/Room #: 15/Sophomore/#207, it would stink if everyone had their own room, haha, do you mind Max??

Physical Appearance: Noah now has shorter purple hair, put up larger in the front, and tapering down straighter as it reaches the back of his head. He still has the same peachy skin, and his deep brown eyes have grown tired. He's grown into a somewhat athletic build, playing lots of soccer, tennis, and volleyball since the previous year. His broad shoulders and height give him a much more masculine appearance. He normally wears fitted clothing, and has a varying style from day-to-day, depending on his mood.

Personality: Noah has grown quieter since the summer, and has been finding it more and more difficult to express himself as each day goes on. Most of his friends had either left the city, or gone travelling over the summer, and their return to the academy was questionable after so many of the events that had occurred there. His old happy-go-lucky attitude is slowly vanishing, but there is still a bit of it left. What he hates the most is seeing people with tears in their eyes, and when it comes to a situation like that, his whole mentality seems to fall apart for him. He's obviously been going through rough times, and has been channeling his negative attitude into sports. His relationship with his pokemon has even grown distant...

Pokemon: Pikachu, baby Vulpix

RP Sample: The sun had barely risen, and once again, it was the start of a new day. Noah slowly opened his eyes, finding a large, blue mouse in front of him, giggling. This was obviously his younger sister's Marill. Tirelessly, he batted it away, watching it jump off the bed and out the door as he lifted his back off the mattress of his bed, looking outside with a dreary stare... The letter was going to come any day now, and it seemed to be the only thing he was looking forward to... Which he knew could easily be a mistake. He leaned against his wall, looking at himself in the mirror. He was wearing a fitted black shirt, accompannied by a pair of black shorts... What he'd normally wear to sleep.

He shook his head with a disdain attitude and walked down the hall, opening the door to Julia's room... She was alone, so hopefully her 17-year old boyfriend left after Noah went to sleep... So he walked down the stairs... And there he was on the sofa, Tyson. There really wasn't anything Noah could do about him... Ty was older than he was... And definately had what he liked to call, 'connections'... Right when Julia was about to turn over a new leaf, she runs into nothing but trouble... Seems like a waste of time... Just when he thought nothing more could happen to make things worse, his step-dad walked into the kitchen...

'Hey sport!! look what I've got!' Johnathon called to Noah, waving around a letter.

'... he tries so hard... and doesn't realize I'm never guna think of him as a dad...' Noah thought to himself, grabbing the letter from John's hands. As usual, he was accepted... Half of a smirk hopped onto his face, and just as quickly, hopped off.

'...I'm going to go pack...' With that, he walked up the stairs as Pikachu and Vulpix eagerly waited by the door, completely ignored...

OOC: Yeah... Sorry, I was listening to emo-techno, LOL... Yeah, decided to go for a change... As you can see, a lot's happened =\... We'll see where this year will take us :P

July 31st, 2005, 2:18 PM
Hafling2, I don't know why you posted in here... YES, the PE Professor does have a Hitmonchamp. Why on earth would that matter to you?

RT, Shiney, Strider, you guys are in!

Alter Ego: You're in too, but try putting a whole space between paragraphs, it makes things easier to read.

Max Hunter: Congrats, you've made it, for now. Your RP style is a little different. Look at the others and try to match that. We want to play like it's already happened, like you're writing and reading a story.

July 31st, 2005, 4:11 PM
... I hate to make such a small post, but... When do we start? XD

Are we waiting for anyone in particular?

July 31st, 2005, 7:10 PM
I'm waiting for Jake, actually, he wanted a spot... and hopefully RM and Skye as well. We'll start soon.

*slaps forehead* Oh, and Strider, you can play Professor Matthews.

Electric Hero
July 31st, 2005, 7:28 PM
I actualy do mind... nah just kidding XD. Well... Phantom Mew... I actually write like that... is just that the RP Sample was different XD. Do you want me to write another RP Sample?

July 31st, 2005, 8:27 PM
I better get in this >_>

Name: Anna Hunter
Gender: Female
Age/Grade/Room #: 16/Junior/101
Physical Appearance: See avatar/banners (just ditch the angel wings)
Personality: Brave, sweet, caring, hardheaded
Pokemon: Sparkle(Raichu, Female), Leo (Espeon, Male)
RP Sample:

Anna looked out the window of her room and sighed. The window fogged up slightly and she jumped as a flash of lighting lit up her darkened room. She sighed and walked away from the window and picked up the letter that was on her bed and faint smile came across her face. In her hand she held the only good new she's had in months.


Anna's Raichu, Sparkle, hopped up onto Anna's shoulder and looked onto the letter. Not knowing what it said. Anna chuckled slightly and pet the pokemon on it's head. She then placed the letter in her open trunk on the floor, clothes seemed to be randomly thrown in.

"Sparkle.. we're going back to the academy," Anna said looking to her pokemon.

Sparkle's ears perked up and the pokemons smiled, liking the feeling of seeing her trainer happy for the first time since learning of her brother's death.

Anna looked over to finish packing her stuff and she reached over and grabed a picture frame. The picture inside was of three people, two girls and a boy, one of which was Anna. The other two where Minkai and Kazumi, Anna's brother and sister. All three happy and carefree. Anna placed the picture into the trunk and sat on the edge of the bed and burried her face in her hands, crying softly.

Alright.. if ya want more I'll give ya more. Only people who've known me for a while will know about the Hunter triplets, lol.

July 31st, 2005, 10:34 PM
YEAAAAHHH ANNA'S BACK!!! =D Hahaha so many veterans are coming back, *very very happy XD*... Yeah I've been talking a lot... *tapes mouth shut*...

July 31st, 2005, 11:12 PM
YEAAAAHHH ANNA'S BACK!!! =D Hahaha so many veterans are coming back, *very very happy XD*... Yeah I've been talking a lot... *tapes mouth shut*...

That just makes it all the more fun! Because we all us veterans know each other =D!

July 31st, 2005, 11:28 PM
W00t!! I choose this as my first official rp as of this time on PC!

Name: Lyst Ikikara
Gender: Male
Age/Grade/room #: 15/freshman/room 407
Physical appearance: Tall, decent build. He is slightly tanned and has unruly red hair that falls into his face. He has bright green eyes that shift to blue somedays and they are often covered with a pair of black glasses. Lyst has a rather large scar across his left forearm from the first encounter with his pokemon. He wears loose fitting clothes, normally a plain white dress up shirt and baggy and well worn jeans.

Personality: He is often reserved about his true feelings and hides it behind a face of outgoing happiness. Lyst loves the act of being mischievious and often gets himself into trouble from it. He secretly is a very intelegent boy who has a lot of compassion for others.

Pokemon: Youkai{Houndoom}

RP sample:

A sigh escaped the irritated young man as he trudged unwillingly through the woods. Once again he had been conned into checking on his little sister and her friends. They had an annoying habit of running off without telling the parental units. A sly grin worked it's way onto his lips as a devious idea ran through his mind. What better way to get back at them then to scare them into running home like the scared little girls they were?

With more spring in his step he trotted onward as his mind ran through all the wonderful things he could do to them. Suddenly a high pitched scream reached his ears, causing him to hault in his tracks.
He knew that scream...

" NAOKI!!" He yelled, running forward. His heart hammered in his chest as the forest rushed by. What is she was hurt? His mom would kill him! But more then that he knew he had to help his sister. He rounded the curve in the small path and slid to a stop. Before him stood his sister and two other girls. They were huddled together in a frightened mass of pink and purple. Around them were several large houndoom and houndour, all snarling lowly at the girls.

" LYST!!" Naoki screamed when her large green eyes spotted him. All of the pokemon turned to look at the young man hungrily in unison. Lyst flinched.Great, now what?

" Back off! All of you! Leave them alone!" He yelled, grabbing a large stick. He swung at the nearest houndour, causing it to back off. It bit the stick in it's large jaws, snapping it in two. A massive houndoom rushed foreward and latched onto Lyst's arm. He cried out in pain when he felt it's fangs sink into his skin. Angrily he glared down at the beast that refused to let go.

" Let them go! They haven't done anything. They are just kids!" He yelled at the dog. It growled lowly, but did not release him. Blood ran down his arm in streams.

" Naoki! Run! Run now! Get up a tree!" He commanded, throwing the broken stick at the other pokemon to distract them. The three girls ran away quickly without protest. Lyst glared down at the Houndoom.

" You ain't gunna win pal..." He growled. The dog seemed to understand him very clearly because he uttered his own remark.
The others sat in a loose circle to watch in amusement. Lyst grabbed the houndoom by one of it's horns and pulled down hard, forcing the animal to the ground.

It squirmed to free itself as Lyst sat onto of it's chest.
" Let go of me and I'll let go of you buddy!" He yelled. The dog thought for a moment then slowly released him. In a flash lyst got to his feet. The moment he did the other pokemon lunged at the houndoom. They attacked it unmercifully.

" What are you doing!?" Lyst yelled in shock. He pulled the animals from the houndoom angrily.

"GET BACK!!" He yelled at the top of his lungs, the beasts hesitating. That was all Lyat needed. He scooped up the dog, tossing it over his shoulder. Lyst began running back home, the houndoom now unconcious.
" Just my luck..."

July 31st, 2005, 11:28 PM
Hi everyone, this is actually the first role playing that i look forward to join, i don't really know much about it and not very skilled at it, but i wish to learn and right now all i can do is try ^_^, plz don't to be too hard on me if i make any foolish mistakes >_<.


Name:Michelle Star


Age/Grade/Room #: 16/Junior/206

Physical Appearance:http://img25.imageshack.us/img25/5118/newhotbabe1zq.png (made me by me ^_^)
personality:always acting hyper, very loud and is kind of a scaredy cat, but when it comes to pokemon battles it seems as if she evolves into a whole new person
pokemon:ninetales, raichu, totodile, flygon

RP sample:I watched as the small man began to move, turning his small head up.

"Hello Michelle Star, you have been invited to a tournament for those who have what it takes to take anybody in the world. This tournament will be like none you have ever seen or competed in before. If you accept you will recieve a letter in exactly 1 week with a very special ticket inside. This will be your passport and map to the tournament's location." The man spoke in a choppy voice as a small note fell out of the envelope and into Blazer's hands.

"Train long and hard. There will be 64 other trainers participating, all being selected for their skills and special talents as Trainers. A great prize will be awarded to the winner of the tournament; Something beyond comprehension. We await your arrival and hope for all of you to be ready." The man finished as he disappeared back into the card. Flare tugged on my pants and held up the small card that had fallen out.

"Michelle, you should accept. This could change your life forever and provide you with great battling challenges." Tucker said, but something about the man's voice had bothered me. I pulled out a pen and signed it, my answer was yes.

Alter Ego
August 1st, 2005, 12:21 AM
Alter Ego: You're in too, but try putting a whole space between paragraphs, it makes things easier to read.

You mean like this?

"Yay!" Alter Ego exclaimed, performing a little happy dance until he noticed that everyone was looking at him in a funny way.

"Sorry" he muttered, stooping his shoulders and turning away as he felt a furious blush rise to his cheeks.

August 1st, 2005, 12:52 AM
Name: chad

Gender: male

Age/Grade/Room #: 15/sophmore/206

Physical Appearance: Chad's hair is short, unruly, and teands to cover his eyes. it is sunny-blonde with black hylites . he eyes are a hazey blue colour, and seem to have a distant look to them. his body is muscular and a peachy colour. he can normaly be found wearing a black trench coat with the kanji for "fox" on the back. underneath he usualy wears a t-shirt with a band name on it. he wears camo-jeans, it's like he only has one pair but he has many. he ears a pair of beat up steel-toed boots.

Personality: Chad is the calm and collected type. he tends to smile alot around friends in an atempt to seperate his sad home life, from his social. he manages to keep up a facade of sorts to keep up his appearance. he tends to be sarcastic...ok he is really sarcastic. tends to refer to himself as "the chad"

Pokemon: evee (nicknamed kyu)

RP Sample:

It was a clam and peaceful day in the city, or at least in most parts. Chad woke up to the usual sound of car alarms going off in the early morning. Groaning, he looked at the time. The clock read 6:00. signing he threw off his covers and looked around his room. The walls were cracked and he could hear mice scurrying around inside them.

'Oh well' he thought. 'Thats life in the slums for you'.

He got up from his sitting position on the bed and walked over to his dresser. Opening up the first drawer he took out a tight fitting DK t-shirt and put it on. Then he picked up a pair of black and grey camo pants of the ground and put them on. He could hear his little sisters alarm clock going off in her room and vaguely wondered where she'd been all night.

'Oh well, time to face the morning'.

He opened his door and walked over to his sisters room.

"OI! Jenna get up"

He smiled, her strawberry blonde hair was a mess. She looked at him sleepy eyed.

"What time is it?" she muttered.

"Six" he replied calmly, dodging the pillow aimed at his head.

"ARG" screeched jenna. "why'd you wake me up so early?"

In reality they both knew the answer, but chad wouldn't dwell on that

"I'm gonna check the mail"

he stated and walked down the creaking stairs, carefully avoiding his passed out father on the ground. He went outside to the mail box. Letting the door shut loudly behind him. He took the mail. Bills mostly, except for one that was adressed to him. He quickly opened it.

"YES!" he bellowed, surely the neghbours were awakened.

He quickly ran back through the house, almost tripping over his "father", and began to pack. Through all the commotion kyu, his bet friend, just slept soundly on his pillow.

August 1st, 2005, 5:36 AM
Alter Ego: THat's much better, thanks a bundle!!

Max Hunter: No need for another RP sample, I accepted you. Just try writing it like that and consider yourself on probation! XD. I'm just kidding.

Anna, Kagome, and Innocent Fox, you guys have been accepted!

Ninetails9, I just need an RP sample, as I really can't tell you if you're in or not without it...

Dragon Paw
August 1st, 2005, 10:00 AM
Name: Kasei Kyokukou
Gender: Female
Age/Grade/Room #: Fourteen, Freshman, Room 410
Physical Appearance: She is around 5' 5" and hasn't a lot of muscle build, but doesn't quite look frail. She has long [mid back length] brown hair that looks black or red in certain conditions [aka black in dull light and reddish in VERY BRIGHT light]. Her brown eyes are intelligent and emit an aura of friendliness.
Personality: Very sensitive. Just yelling at her can bring tears to her eyes. She is kind, and cannot hold a grudge for very long, no matter how hard she tries. She is very truthful, often times telling things to complete strangers as if she had known them for years. She can be outgoing at times, and other times [mostly during the night] she yells at everyone for disturbing her and walks off to find another place to be alone in. Sometimes she goes into a dreamy state where she is only partly aware of her surroundings. Don't be surprised if she is clueless as to what is going on. She can be irritated very easily and states all of her opinions openly, often getting into trouble for that.
Pokemon: Charmander [Reiki] and Eevee [Seishin]
RP Sample: [Sorry this isn't Pokemon related. Excerpted from a role play I'm making else where soon.]
Swiveling her long and narrow cattish ears forward, the fire dragon demon began to become alert. Long, blood red hair swaying in the wind, the demon, in a humanistic form, crept forward, through the dark cave she called home. Making very little noise as she walked, her bright pink eyes darted from side to side of the cave. Despite there not being a lot of light, she could see quite well; from the various cracks to the formations on the wall.

Something had stirred within the deep depths of the cave. As the demon, Kasei, walked, she became aware of a feeling of great power begin to reverberate around her. She began to wonder if something had entered her cave system through one of the many tunnels on the mountainside cliffs. She began to wonder if it was a greedy human mage whom had come for her crystal...

Long red, scaly tail lashing at the darkness, Kasei temporarily lost control of her rage at that thought. Quickening her pace, her red robes, of which bore bright pink ornate markings, seemed to not have an effect on her maneuverability. Her red wings with bright pink membranes rested on her back, furled.

August 1st, 2005, 10:24 AM
I'm here, I'm here, n worries. I'll also take Bates and Griggs as teachers, if that's okay.

Name: Alec Crushing
Gender: Male
Age/Grade/Room #: 17/Junior/306 :P
Physical Appearance: Sparkling green eyes and short, curly brown hair combined with his height give Alec reasonably striking features. Though not very muscular, he has a rather large build, with the broad shoulders of his grandfather. Though he might look somewhat severe at first glance, he's got a nice smile and laugh a little deeper down. Typically, he'll dress in blue jeans or camo pants with any number of t-shirts, though there is one he favors, with a picture of the Buddha on it and the text "Inquire Within." His footwear is typically a pair of serviceable (if rather worn) shoes. If the weather requires it, he adds an old Army field jacket to the mix.
Personality: Alec is Alec. Most find little other way to describe him. He's one of those people who's completely out there, knows it, and doesn't care, no matter what people say. He doesn't really care what they say either. He can be a little hard to ap[proach at times, either because of the remanants of shyness left over from his boyhood, or because of his outlandishness, but he's rather friendly at heart, although it's more his kindness and compassion that shows through. At heart, he's a pacifist, though he does have a cruel streak that can be brought out every so often.
Pokemon: Kadabra, Absol, Espeon, Hitmonlee

RP Sample: It was a rough battle. Profewssor Bates was good, I had to give him that much. Still this was my Intermediate Battling final, and I HAD to beat him to pass. It was, after all, the last final of my sophomore year at the academy, and I wanted to keep coming. Hence, grades had to stay up. Taking advantage of one of the advantages of training a Psychic-type, I thought towards Espeon, Break left and duck. My Espeon, Nanashi by name did so, neatly dodging a Flamethrower. Mentally, I added, Now, rapid-fire Psybeams. Nana did so, leaping out from behind a rock and peppering the battlefield. I nodded as I heard the buzzer, saying I'd passed.

I smiled, stretching my arms out and cracking my knuckles. I caught Professor Bates' congratulatory nod as I filed out of the arena classroom, returning to my own room. I sighed, remembering that one of my best friends, had just graduated. My roomate, she'd been an immense well of support over the past two years. I was just getting over a massive crush on her. It probably wouldn't be good for me to stay there. Maybe I'd request a new room next year. Maybe not.

My friend, Jessi by name, Aki to her friends swooped down on me as I entered, hugging me. I laughed, as I overtopped her by a good seven inches, hugging her back. I said happily, "I passed, you know." She giggled and squealed, excitable as ever. On a more somber note, I added, "Promise you'll call, okay?" She nodded and said, "As long as you do." I nodded my assurance. She stood up and lightly kissed me on the cheek, saying, "I need to be off, though. I'll see you at graduation."

Electric Hero
August 1st, 2005, 10:28 AM
Ohhh!! ... ok! XD ... I will just wait... *sits on chair*..... waiting...

August 1st, 2005, 11:49 AM
Name: Rian Kitsune
Gender: Male
Age/Grade/Room #: 14/Sophomore/410
Physical Appearance: Rian's hair is a slightly dark brown with natural pale brown highlights. His eyes are a bright, innocent emerald. Rian wears a baseball hat backward, has two earrings in his left ear, and wears a pair of handcuffs that have both the cuffs on the right wrist. His attire is rather casual, consisting of a loose t-shirt, sweater-jacket tied about his waist, and khaki pants. (In serious battles, Rian often removes his hat.)
Personality: Rian is usually rather quiet and withdrawn--spending most of his time training his Pokemon. However, he also seems relatively amiable and almost innocent. Due to his generally passive and accepting nature, most are unsure as to how he is able to control his Gyrados. Rian rarely displays anger, though he may feel such emotions in certain situations (particularly when viewing blatent arrogance or dishonor). While he may often appear clueless or naive, Rian usually knows and understands far more than he is willing to tell. But, though he has had quite a bit of experience with the darkness of life, he is, in actuality somewhat unfamiliar with parts of life's normalcies.
Pokemon: Scyther, Gyarados
RP Sample:

Sirens blared out in rhythm with flashing red lights as an ambulance sped along the street. The last rays of sunlight set the sky afire with gold and crimson--a fitting elegy for one whose life was fading so quickly.

"How's he doing?" the ambulance driver questioned, his gruff voice tainted by choking at the horror of the victim's condition.

"I-I don't think he'll make it," a medic stammered as he pressed an oxygen mask over the mangled face of the youth lying limply before him.

To this the driver did not respond, rather biting his lip as he lowered the vehicle's visor to block a flare of sunlight. A drop of blood tumbled from the man's bitten lip as a rasping cough reached his ears.

The victim's chest heaved in a desperate attempt to breathe as spurts of scarlet erupted from his mouth. Moving the oxygen mask away from the young male's lips, a medic wiped the clear plastic with a sterile cloth. "Come on . . . " he murmured, again placing the mask over the face of the injured trainer. "Please, breathe . . . "

A series of spasms shook the youth's body as his head struggled away from the oxygen mask, causing his blood-matted brown hair to be further stained by the crimson liquid flowing from his neck. However, the medic firmly resisted the trainer's attempts at escape, retaining the position of the breathing device on the male's thoroughly gashed face.

Suddenly, a single convulsion ran through the injured male as his emerald-green eyes snapped open, followed by a weak shudder. Throughout the vehicle, a single, piercing tone rang out from the electrocardiogram as the monitor displayed the words every medic fights against. Heartbeats per minute: 0.

August 1st, 2005, 1:42 PM
TAD, you have been accepted. :P

Dragon Paw and Kogenta, you're both in too! I think it is now time to start the Academy!! *throws confetti* It's my new trademark! :P

If there are others that want to join, you still can, for an amount of time... Or as long as there are still bed vacancies.

IC: I walked into my room, Dancelle perched on my shoulder. She looked around the room and smiled. Nice place! she said happily.

I nodded. It'll do. I hope I don't have a room mate... I "spoke" back, my mindvoice a little bitter.

Dancelle sighed. A room mate would be good for you. I wish you would talk to other people sometimes.

I didn't say anything back as I yanked my bags into the room and began rumaging around for my bedclothes. I found my black, jersey sheets and pulled them onto the twin-sized bed. I then spread out my blood-red comforter and tossed a black-encased pillow to the top. Dancelle giggled and attempted to help, thought being as small as she was, she got in my way more often.

I found myself smiling and giggling despite myself as I began to file my clothes into my closet.

Dragon Paw
August 1st, 2005, 2:08 PM
Walking towards her designated bed, trainer Kasei plopped down on the bed. She yawned and lay down on the pure rose pink covers, of which she had already lain out. A tiny Eevee, smaller than normal, that bore shiny brown fur, hopped up onto the bed. Kasei's stare went blank as she imagined a beam of indigo energy connecting the two of them together at the forehead. Once the mindlink was established, Kasei sat up for a moment, staring around the room in front of her. Her gaze eventually stopped on Seishin, the Eevee.

'Hello Seishin. Err... What happened to Reiki? She was right behind us a moment ago.' said Kasei, via her mind. Kasei mentally kicked herself, she should've kept a better eye on Reiki. Little did she know, an albino Charmander was sat on the bed behind her. The Charmander's bright pink eyes watered as she realized, via a mind link she had established herself with Kasei, that she wasn't noticed. Seishin replied with a wave of confused and unscertain emotions.

Suddenly, Kasei became aware of a wave of distressed emotions. Turning to see the source of emotions, she scooped up the Charmander, Reiki, and rocked the flaming Pokemon in her arms, mindful of the pink flame on her tail. Kasei terminated all energy mindlinks as she stared down at the Charmander. She wondered if Reiki would live long, being as how she was so prone to illness and weakness.

Sighing, Kasei set Reiki down on the bed and picked up her suitcase that contained her meager belongings. She opened up the suitcase and began to take out pairs of different, bright colored, clothes out and set them in neat stacks in her closet while her Pokemon watched her with smiles on their faces and interest in their eyes. After the clothes were out, her Pokemon still watching her with interest, she closed the suitcase and shoved it in a little space in the corner of the closet.

"Well, that's done." said Kasei cheerfully. Her Pokemon nodded, as if understanding her human speak. Although they did have a rough idea of what she was talking about. Kasei had been in the process of teaching them English...

August 1st, 2005, 2:11 PM
I sighed, walking back to my room from last year. I'd left it too late to change it, I'd have to deal with the memories. I hadn't heard from Aki all summer, by this point I was worried sick. Dark circles had appeared under my eyes and my normally tanned skin was somewhat greyish. Fatigue did not to good things to my body.

I turned the doorknob and walked in, eyes cast towards the floor. Hence, I didn't notice the person now occupying Aki's old space. I dropped my pack onto my old bed and set my bag heavily onto the floor. Kneeling I unzipped it, seeing as I opened it a framed photo of Aki and I.

I'd thought myself over her, but the summer had proved otherwise. She still dominated my thoughts. I knew it wasn't healthy, but I couldn't help myself. Couldn't help but jump every time the phone rang, or sift through the mail daily, hoping for a leter. I sighed again and said, "Where are you?"

August 1st, 2005, 2:16 PM
I gasped as he entered the room and placed his things on the bed. I DO have a room mate?! I shrieked.

Dancelle merely bubbled. say something to him!

I shuddered and pulled my knees to my chest, my baggy clothes hanging over my terribly thin body. My lavender eyes were still rather sad. I spoke very softly, rather afraid. "Who are you talking to?"

August 1st, 2005, 2:21 PM
I looked over, a rather dead expression filling my eyes. I muttered, "An old friend. Or rather, a photo of her." I sighed, the worry filling me again. All summer with no word... What had happened?

I added quietly, and with a little edge to my voice that I couldn't keep out, "That's her bed you're sleeping on." I shook my head and managed a weak (very weak) smile, adding, "I'm sorry. That wasn't nice." My voice turned rather kind now as I asked, "Is this your first year at the Academy?" She looked so small and frial, it seemed only logical.

August 1st, 2005, 2:34 PM
I shook my head. "I'm a sophomore this year. The room transfer was because my old roomie and I... we didn't get along..."

I suddenly became aware of the tone of voice he was using. Old friend. It was painfully obvious that he thought of her to be more. Though, the thought didn't matter to me, I didn't know him, and I knew it was dangerous to get close to anyone.

I also became aware of the fact that I was talking to him. I cast my eyes to my bed, blushing a bit as I did so. I wasn't to talk... Not to anyone other than Dancelle lest it proved absolutly necissary...

August 1st, 2005, 2:47 PM
I nooded, knowing how that went. I took the photo out and placed it reverantly on my nightstand, saying kindly still, "I know how that goes. I had the same issue in my freshman year." I blushed and added, "But I met Aki because of that." I smiled and said, "Maybe I can help you as much as she did me. I hope so."

I paused for a moment and looked over at her seriously, adding, "At the very least, we're going to have to get along." I flashed her another grin, trying my best to keep my thoughts off my worries. It came out somewhat strained, though. I added, "My name's Alec, by the by."

August 1st, 2005, 3:59 PM
I gave him a very small smile, rather nervous. "I'm Kaetlina. Please, call me Kat," I said in barely more than a whisper.

I noticed that my sleeve had gotten pushed up to my elbow, revealing my terribly thin arm and wrist. It didn't bother me at all, in fact, the sight made me proud. Though, I knew that not everyone felt the same, and I could hardly imagine Alec would react as I did when I looked myself over.

August 1st, 2005, 4:18 PM
"I will." I said with a small smile, now taking out my sheets and stretching them over the bed. Though I had noted her appearance, I didn't mention it, figuring t would be best to let her talk to me about it in her own time.

Besides, if Aki had taught me anything, it's that no one lived up to the same ideals as anyone else. If this was who she was, then this was who she was, and it wasn't up to me to tell her that she needed to be anyone else.

August 1st, 2005, 4:20 PM
Anna softly chuckled as she walked into her room, her trunk floating next to her as her hand was held up, a light purple light surrounding both her hand and the trunk. At her side was her Espeon, Leo, and her Raichu, Sparkle.

"Espeon... esp..", Leo sighed looking up to his trainer.

Anna laughed as she set the trunk down on the floor in front of one of the beds. She then reached down and petted the Psychic pokemon.

"Yes, I know I'm a show off. But hey.. I got the powers, might as well make some use out of them!", she laughed flopping down on the bed and waving her hand.

As she did this, her trunk flung open and everything was put neatly into place. As she finished, she looked to a few pictures that had been placed on her desk, and she sighed a little.

"Man... I miss him...", she sighed as she took a long look at a picture of her brother.

August 1st, 2005, 4:35 PM
I sighed a bit and walked over to my closet, pulling out a bag that contained my pointe shoes. Kirlia noticed the light brown, suede bag and immediatly was at my side. She enjoyed dancing almost as much as I did. It was just who we were. I also pulled a leorard and a pair of pink tights out and stuffed them into the bag. A sheer, black skirt that would do little more than cover my waist and upper thighs followed.

I went to the bathroom and changed into the clothes and redressed in my baggy clothes. No one needed to see me in traditional ballet attire.

I wordlessly left Alec, not trying to be cold, just falling back into my old habits of speechlessness. I wasn't expecting a reaction from him, most people ignored me anyways. All the better for me. Turning a corner, I found my little secluded spot near the Academy wall. It was cement covered, so a stumble and fall often caused me large amounts of bleeding. It didn't happen often though, I was far from being a dancing novice.

Stripping out of my baggy clothes, my thin figure could be fully seen. I tied the skirt to my waist and slid my feet into my shoes, lovingly lacing them up my calves. Dancelle smiled and rose up onto her own pointe, aided by her psychic powers.

I didn't use mine. I merely pushed up onto pointe, grimacing as the cement in the toes bit into my flesh. It had been too long since I'd danced... I began a graceful dance, one from my solo in Swan Lake the past year.

August 1st, 2005, 4:46 PM
I followed after her, silently, with grace given by years of martial arts and hiking. I was intrigued, to be sure, and a little miffed that she had nothing else to say to me. still, it was her, nothing needed saying. hopefully we'd be able to have a longer talk soon enough.

As I rounded a corner, I saw her dancing. It wasn't something I was particularly familiar with, but it was indeed beautiful to watch. Kat too, I found alluring in a way. I smiled softly, looking on without alerting her to my presence. I didn't want to interrupt her.

Though I didn't recognize it, as caught up in her dancing as I was, my mind wasn't on Aki at all. No worries, no pining, nothing. Kat was filling my thoughts instead.

August 1st, 2005, 7:06 PM
I looked around as I walked into my room calmly. There didn't seem to be anyone here yet, but I could always get a room mate. So I was conscious of space as I began to unpack my things, never letting my pokeballs off my person. I already knew enough about being a trainer that I wasn't stupid enough to risk losing my pokemon because of an accident...

Electric Hero
August 1st, 2005, 8:14 PM
ooc: always late *sighs* anyway... just telling... when my pokmon talk, I will use "[]"s... sorry for my ignorance if they have a name...

I walked in my new room of the academy with my Pikachu on my shoulders and looked around. "wow... and this is mine!! I will have no room mate!!" I yelled as I let my bags hit the floor. Pikachu jumped off my shoulders when I closed the door and said in his 'pokmon language' [why do you think you will have no room mate? you can't be so sure... and will you try atleats of moving these bags!?] as he tried to move the bags by himself... but he failed. He suddenly saw I was jumping on a bed... and he sighed. Pikachu jumped on the other bed... he was like a mini version of myself.

August 1st, 2005, 8:20 PM
OOC: This post is dedicated to all the former members of any of the major 'Academy' Role Plays that no-longer come to PC, it's in memory of you guys!! :'(

"For sure!" Noah stated in a firm tone, filled with reassurance. With that, he walked out of the auditorium with his aunt and uncle. Julia quickly caught up with them, walking back to her room soon after. She got her luggage, Noah got his, and together, they walked out of the Academy to the front gates, when the egg their aunt was holding slowly began to wiggle. After about 30 seconds of watching the egg in front of the gates, a tiny red head poked out of the shell, shedding a soft cry.

"A Vulpix?..." Noah asked, beginning to remember what happened the previous year to T.K.'s Vulpix.

"What else does it look like? A Feebas!?" Julia said in a stern tone, adoring the sheer beauty of the tiny Vulpix. She poked her head out of the shell now, after seeming fairly timid, and glanced at Noah, then Julia, then to their aunt and uncle.

"Pii, vu... pi?" She looked very confused, but managed to crawl out of the egg and into the arms of Noah's aunt. Her silky fur shimmered in the sunset, and her only tail waved gradually behind her...

Noah glanced over his pictures, starting from when he was very young...

The first, with nine people... T.K., a petit, blonde boy dressed in a green jacket and cargo shorts.

Nikki, a tall, well-shaped graduate that year, with long black hair, pale skin, and wearing a black tanktop, following a pair of white, fitted pants.

Hope, a girl in her teens who looked very feminine, defined by her bright, long pink hair, pink polo-shirt, and white skirt.

Anna, a blonde haired girl dressed in a pink shirt, and black pants.

Fox, brother to Noah, a red-headed, ambitious male.

Noah himself,

Julia, Noah's young, blue-haired sister.

And Jenna's red head, poking out from the bottom, right-hand corner of the picture...

The second,
Anna, looking more competetive than ever... Right next to Noah.

Julia, slowly maturing into a young girl, wearing a cake of make-up on her face, a black tank-top, and a black skirt to match her long, black-haired friend, Monica.

Marina, a blue-haired, blue-eyed girl wearing a white tanktop and a dark-blue mini skirt.

Scott, dirty Blonde hair, sapphire eyes, red sweatshirt, blue jeans, shoved right between Monica and Julia, both on either side of him.

Nat, dark brown, curly hair, deep brown eyes, medium bulid...

Blaze, still wearing the same black muscle shirt, faded blue jeans, and cowboy hat he came to the school in, absent-mindedly having his elbow on Nat's shoulder.

Skye, long blonde hair held back by a purple scarf. Her blue-indigo eyes, and oval, smiling face almost made her look as friendly as she really was.

And Dex, standing very close to Nat, Wearing a long black trenchcoat, black baggy trousers, and a wide brimmed black hat...

All were good friends... But he's kept in touch with almost none...

'... You guys... Fox...' He thought to himself, his eyes tearing up.

'I miss the good ol' days...' Pikachu and Vulpix looked up at him, wanting to do something... But really lost almost all connection with their trainer since the accident. He sat crouched over the picture on his bed, covered now in deep blue sheets, and pillow covered in white pillow-covers.

Just then, he heard someone barge through the door.

"wow... and this is mine!! I will have no room mate!!" He heard, rubbing away the tears from his eyes quickly, putting the pictures back into his suitcase, and shoving it under his bed. Along with the new, clumsy looking trainer was a pikachu. Noah's Pikachu and Vulpix were relieved, finally they could talk with another life-form...

'Pika!' Pikachu greeted quickly, Noah didn't turn around until just then, his face still a bit flushed.

'...Hi, I'm Noah...'

And so, the new year began...

Electric Hero
August 1st, 2005, 8:30 PM
Suddenly... I heard voices... I stopped jumping and so did Pikachu. [Hi!] said Pikachu to the strangers. "Um... Hi... I'm Max" I said as I jumped off the bed and landed on the floor. Pikachu jumped and landed on the floor just infront of Noah's pokmon. "sorry for the yelling and stuff" I added. [why do I think you're disappointed?] Pikachu joked and I made an evil glare at him.

August 1st, 2005, 8:43 PM
Noah chuckled for the first time in what seemed like ages, smiling for a moment.

'Hi... Nice to meet you,' he sighed, feeling refreshed to find someone like him for a change. There was always so much tension in his house, he never enjoyed being there.

'Princess...' He muttered, watching Pikachu. It'd been a long time since he'd referred to her by her nickname (and it'll help in identifying the two as well, LOL). Princess and Vulpix both looked up at Noah, very surprised.

'Did he just say what I think he said?' Princess asked Vulpix and Pikachu, not expecting an answer. Vulpix, being too young to understand, only said

'Hi!' In a perky attitude to no one in general. A smile grew onto Princess' face, she made eye-contact with Noah, then looked at Pikachu.

[/i]'So... Tell me about your trainer! Hehehe!!'[/i] She loved gossip... Had loved gossip since the second year... She could have very well been corrupted by Julia's Marill and Anna's Cyndaquil in the first year, being too young to understand back then.

'So... Is this your first year at this Academy?' Noah asked Max, hoping it would eventually lead to some conversation.

Electric Hero
August 1st, 2005, 9:14 PM
Pikachu stared at Noah's pokmon and then he looked at me. [I'm scared] he said to me... I was silent for a while and then... laughed really loud. Then I heard Noah asking me if this was my first year. I stopped laughing and coughed. "yeah... I think this will be interesting" I answered. [ready for a whole year of being shocked?] said my Pikachu like if we were alone in that room.

"hey... I'm having a conversation here... shut up" I said to my Pikachu kinda angry. He sighed and sat down on the floor. "so... is this your... second... third... year here?" I asked Noah... kinda shy. Pikachu sighed again and looked at Noah's pokmon, [so... I'm Pikachu... having no nicknames... it's hard to say when Max talks to me or another Pikachu... nice to meet you] Pikachu told Noah's pokmon.

August 1st, 2005, 9:18 PM
Noah could tell Max looked considerably shy... Which was bizarre. During previous years, he remembered himself as more of an approachable person.

'Right, my third...' Noah paused, remembering the pictures he'd just looked at, not wanting to go much further with the subject.

'So... where are you from?' He continued to ask, lying down in his bed now, hoping it would make him look more approachable, Max's reaction definately made him feel insecure, and very self-conscious.

'Hi Pikachu!!' Princess stated, giving Pikachu a thumbs-up.

'Pikaaaa' Vulpix said on her own, rolling onto her back and playing with the air above her. Princess watched and did nothing but giggle.

Electric Hero
August 1st, 2005, 9:30 PM
ooc: sorry... I think we are in the pokmon world, right? XD.

Pikachu gave a thumbs-up too and suddenly saw the vulpix said 'pika'... [what's wrong with the fox?] asked Pikachu. "well... I'm from Pallet Town" I answered to Noah. I sat down on my bed too and looked at my room mate. I was more calm then... I never had like a personality and sticked with it. "so... actually having my mind blank... he... do you like pokmon battles?" I asked Noah... kinda slow but I was ok then. [oh yeah... I remember when I fought that Lairon...] started Pikachu... he kept talking to the other two pokmon like is he was the king of the world.

August 1st, 2005, 10:50 PM
Chad opened the door to the room annd looked around. Both beds were completely baren. He sighed and pulled off his trench coat.

'Looks like I got this room to myself' he thought.

He took out a few pictures, most of which were filled with pictures of himself, and his little sister. He looked out a picture from when her hair was still dyed red, which had been for several years. In it she was sitting with that kid.


His younger sister had been hit hard by the accident, though its not like stuff like this didn't happen all the time where they lived. To tell the truth, he had been hit hard by it aswell, just not in the same way as her. The boy in the pictures brother had put him through hell and back, then back to hell.
'They were all so happy. If only i didn't come back' The thought brewed in his head for a while. 'NO! everything happens for a reason, I must remember that.'

The thought didn't seem all that reasuring, but it would do for now.

He dumped the rest of his stuff on the floor, then grabbed a pokeball and released the being inside.

"Hello Kyu," Chad smiled at his friend. "Let's go explore!" The evee nodded in acceptance. "Kay, let's go then." he opened his door and re-entered the hallway.

'This years gonna be a party, but I'll be sure to host.' He smirked and re-enstated his calm and happy facade.

'I wonder who my nehbours are?' He walked up to room 207 and knocked loudly on the door.

August 1st, 2005, 11:54 PM
OOC: Oh yeah, thought I'd mention.. I [errr.. Anna I mean] can understand pokemon. As she is a pokemorph. Don't wanna give anymore away.. as in all the academy RPs I've been in... "my" history has been revealed xD.

IC: "Hmm..."

Anna looked around her empty room, a pad on her lap, a pencil in her fingers. Slowly her eyes went back to the sheet of paper. Drawn on it was a girl that looked very much like Anna, Sparkle pearched on her shoulder. And a boy just about Anna's age next her her, a Pikachu at his feet. Anna chuckled softly as she saw how her picture came out. Sparkle looked over to the picture and looked up to her trainer.

"Raichu..? Raichu rai?", she said. [Hey..? Isn't that Noah?]

Anna smiled and nodded slightly. "Yup.. that's him..", she said, her voice trailling off.

She looked over at one of the picture frames that she had pushed down so she would not have to look at it. She lifted it up slightly, tears seeming to instantly fall as she took a good look at the picture. She then slammed it back down, the glass shattering instantly. With a lazy wave of the hand, the glass repaired itself and Anna went back to finish up the picture and held it at arms length and admired it.

"Man... do I miss the good old days...", she thought to herself.

Alter Ego
August 1st, 2005, 11:56 PM
OOC: Whoa, I'm a bit late. Ah well...


"Come on..." Yikari muttered, feverishly twisting the key in the lock of room 303 which was stubbornly denying him entry.

"Vulpi" Spark the Vulpix said with a slight chuckle, observing his trainer's motions with amusement. "Vul-pix."

It took a while for Yikari to get the message: "It turns the other way?" he asked, feeling slightly embarassed.


"I knew that" the boy muttered, blushing slightly as he turned the key counter-clockwise and the lock efortlessly opened with a small 'click' "I was just checking to see if you knew."

"Vuul-" Spark replied sceptically, rolling his eyes.

"Come on, let's take a look inside." Yikari pushed the door open, revealing a fairly large, spottlessly clean room which was definitely made for two. There were two beds, two dressers, two nightstands, even too TVs.

Not bad. Yikari thought for himself, tossing his heavy bag carelessly into a corner of the room and semi-carefuly spreading a set of bedclothes and a lumpy pillow from his bag onto the nearest bed before stretching out on it. And with a little luck I won't have to share. The last conception was quickly erased however, as Spark leapt onto the other bed with a delighted squeal.

"Fine then." Yikari said, feeling no inclination to shoo the little fox away. "But you're explaining this to my room mate if I get one, and don't even think that I'll put that in order for you."

"Pix." Spark replied dissmissively, as he jumped back on the floor and started exploring the room. The little Vulpix was full of pent-up energy after the long hours of idle waiting they both had been forced to endure on the train trip here. The same couldn't be said for Yikari however, as Spark had woken him up at an inhuman hour in order to respond to what one might refer to as a 'call of nature'. Lying idle, Yikari suddenly became panifully aware of just how sweaty his clothes were. His seat had been by the window, and under the full glare of the sun. Tired or no, he needed a shower, and a change of clothes.

"Try not to wreck the place while I'm gone, alright?" Yikari said, closing and locking the door from the inside before entering the bathroom with a towel from his bag hanging over his shoulder, leaving the hyperactive fire Pokmon to its own devices. With tender care, Yikari removed his blue bandana and placed it on the edge of the sink, his hair celebrating its newfound freedom by falling over Yikari's eyes. Without further ado, he shedded the rest of his clothes into a haphazard pile and stepped into the shower.

A few minutes later a still significantly wet, but considerably more sanitary, Yikari stepped out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist, carrying the stack of discared clothing in one hand and holding up his towel and his cherished bandana with the other.

"Vuul!" Spark exclaimed happily, half ready to leap at his trainer until he noticed the water. "Vu-uu-u-ul!"

"I was only gone for a few minutes..." Yikari muttered, unceremoniously dumping the pile onto the floor and rummaging the huge bag in search of a fresh set. Spark was a very social pokmon that required lots of attention and got worried the minute it was left alone. Ought to get another one to keep him company Yikari thought for himself as he put on fresh underwear and a pair of worn, originally dark blue, jeans which his mother hadn't found while discarding nearly all of Yikari's most cherished pieces of clothing, arguments like 'But it's a good year' hadn't helped the matter either, mothers just didn't understand some things.

Feeling too lazy to put on full atire, Yikari settled for a simple, orange T-Shirt before putting his, somewhat cleaned, bandana back on.

"Come on." he said, calling Spark. "Let's go poke around a bit.

With that, Yikari opened the lock on his door and entered the corridor, Vulpix in tow.

Dragon Paw
August 2nd, 2005, 6:22 AM
"No room mate so far." said Kasei sadly as several minutes ticked by. Situated on the bed now, she could feel the energy of others arriving into dorms away from hers, but no one was showing signs of entering her own dorm. Reiki began to speak to her with her mind. Emotions of hope and patience were transfered over to Kasei. Seishin connected to Kasei in words, rather than emotions.

'Don't worry, I'm sure you'll have a room mate. I know you've been looking forward to having a friend for a long time, I'm sure you won't be let down.' said Seishin. Kasei nodded, the hope and patience still strong in her from Reiki's vote of confidence. Standing up, she paced around the room, gazing over at the second empty bed every now and then. Kasei, despite having Reiki and Seishin, wanted to have a human friend. She hadn't had any friends that weren't Pokemon since that incident six years ago...

August 2nd, 2005, 9:21 AM
Rian strode casually down the hall, a backpack slung over one shoulder and a gym bag hanging from the other. Pausing at the door bearing the number "410", he sighed as he removed a key from his pocket. As much as I enjoy taking the stairs, maybe taking the stairs to the fourth floor while carrying all my luggage wasn't such a bright idea. Adjusting the the strap of his backpack to prevent it from falling, he placed the key in the lock and turned it. As a satisfying "click" was heard, the trainer took ahold of the latch and opened the door. Removing the key from the lock, Rian glanced up to see a young female who seemed to be pacing the room. Raising a hand, the male lightly pushed up the edge of his baseball cap in greeting.

"Hey. I take it you're my roommate?"

Dragon Paw
August 2nd, 2005, 10:38 AM
With a frightened squeak, which made Seishin grin a bit, Kasei jumped in surprise. Quickly composing herself, she turned to face the doorway, having been facing the opposite direction. She brushed her brown hair out of her face and gave the newcomer a once over. He looked... Tough. Although his emerald eyes suggested otherwise. Smiling, Kasei began to wonder if she could still remember how to be formal and polite.

"Hello there! I am your room mate. At least if you are destined for room number four hundred and ten. Anyway, my name is Kasei." said Kasei, in a kind and happy voice.

Seishin and Reiki were watching her talk with the boy, Seishin was giving Kasei words of encouragement while Reiki was sending emotions of calmness and happiness that she did indeed have a room mate.

"Is this your first year here? I'm a bit nervous; this is my first year here." said Kasei, feeling a bit ill at talking to someone again now that the original shock and euphoria had worn off. She had no idea if she had somehow said something offending or if she'd make a good impression. Silently remembering that it was impossible to please everyone and that if she made a mistake she'd learn from it, Kasei began to calm down, no longer feeling sick.

'Remember, don't rush it.' said Seishin's calm and slightly monotonous voice. Kasei responded back with a feeling of reassurance.

Electric Hero
August 2nd, 2005, 1:06 PM
I suddenly heard someone knocking on the door. I opened it and saw a boy. "oh... Hi..." I said to the boy. "how can I help you?" I added still holding the door. Pikachu jumped to my shoulders to see who was knocking the door so loud. [why did you knock so loud!? I have hightened ears!!] yelled my Pikachu kinda angry.

August 2nd, 2005, 1:18 PM
Chad looked around the room to the newly opened door. This room had two occupants it appeared, but the other one was just sitting on one of the beds. Chad frowned, he recognized the boy. He turned back to the one who opened the door and smiled.

"I'm just seeing who my neighbours are thats all. Anyways im Chad, I'm in room 206. And you are?" he said idly glancing at the figure on the bed.

'Who woulda thought HE woud be at this school' he sighed and looked back at the person who opened the door.

August 2nd, 2005, 1:20 PM
I did a neat little turn, pulling my leg up at an angle as I turned. I caught a glimpse of someone watching me. A couple of turns later, I realized that it was Alec. I promply toppled over onto my rear, gasping.

Sprawled out slightly, I stared up at him, shocked that he'd followed and found me. I was breathing heavilly, as dance WAS hard work. I swallowed nervously.

Here I sat in less clothes than anyone other than my dance studio saw me in, and the only three guys there were homosexual, so it had never bothered me. To realize that I was being looked over like this frightened me. My eyes met his as I looked upwards again...

August 2nd, 2005, 1:36 PM
"Yeah, 410's my room number," Rian replied, dropping his belongings onto his bed. "It's my second year here at the Academy, though." Unzipping his backpack, the male removed a bottle of water. As he opened the lid, the trainer glanced at Reiki and Seishin. "A pleasure t'meet you, Kasei. Those are your Pokemon, I take it?" Rian lightly sipped the bottle's liquid contents before resealing it. Replacing the object in his backpack, the male's gaze turned toward Kasei as he added, "Being that it's your first year here, feel free to ask me any questions you might have."

Dragon Paw
August 2nd, 2005, 2:46 PM
"Yep, those are my Pokemon." said Kasei proudly. She looked over at Seishin and Reiki and smirked as Seishin lifted her head proudly into the air and as Reiki's pale white cheeks turned pinkish for a moment. Kasei turned back to Rian.

"I may need a bit of help later. I can't think of anything to ask presently..." said Kasei. Turning around, Kasei walked back to her bed and sat down, on the edge of the bed. She looked over at Seishin and Reiki. Smiling to herself, Kasei looked back over at Rian.

"By the way, what's your name? I haven't quite heard it yet." said Kasei, after finally realizing she didn't know his name.

August 2nd, 2005, 3:06 PM

Lyst whistled to himself happily as he walked through the doors of the academy, his bag slung over his shoulder. He looked about curiously as he passed other students.
" Wonder what trouble we can get into today..." He smirked, glanceing down at his faithfull Houndoom. The dog snorted in disbelief at his owner, shaking his head in irritation.
" You know me Youkai I have to do something!" He laughed. The houndoom sighed in defeat, knowing the situation was out of his control.

August 2nd, 2005, 3:10 PM
I walked over and crouched down with a kind smile, saying, "That was cool. You been dancing long?" Though she had stopped, my thoughts still remained in the here and now, with her. I offered her a hand, asking, "Do you need some help up?"

August 2nd, 2005, 4:04 PM
Noah clenched his fist, seeing chad out of the corner of his eye. He did nothing but stare at his bed, ignoring the older brother of his sister's best friend, Jenna.

'Pi-pichu... Uh-oh...' Princess called. She was hoping that Noah would be able to get away from everything that'd happened, but this was only going to make things a thousand times worse.

'... Why don't the three of us go down to the Dining Hall... Maybe we'll meet more people there...' Noah muttered, recalling the playful Vulpix to her pokeball. He stood up, and walked out the door, shoving Chad out of the way as he stormed down the hall.

'Pi... Pip-Pika... Pichu! I'm guna go follow... Before he gets too far and I can't find him!!' Princess quickly waved farewell to the Pikachu, and fled out the door, not taking a second glance at Chad, but trying as hard as she could to catch up with Noah...

* * *

'Pika? Pikachu?... Where are we going?...'

* * *

They reached the cafe, and Skye suggested taking a booth so everyone could sit together. There was one free by the window that looked out onto the street. She pointed it out, hoping everyone would agree.

Nat agreed and sat down.

Anna smiled and took a seat.
"I'm starved, haven't really eaten since I started my crash training...," Anna sighed.
She looked around. She smiled as she was surrounded by friends.... friends... even last year she only really had two friends. She pushed her blonde hair out of her face and pondered on what she could get to eat.

"Oh, man...I'm starved!" Skye exclaimed. "I'll have a plate of fettuccini alfredo please, with a cup of lemon tea...and Agile...well...she'd like a bottle of catsup..."

Agile gave her a sharp look, as if she were offended by Skye's embarassed tone. Skye just giggled and pet her gently.

"You know I'm kidding," she said. She looked over at Anna. "So what's all this about crash training?"

* * *

Noah sighed, his hand against his forehead, trying to keep his head up. Princess stared blankly at the bottle of Catsup that Agile would normally have down her throat, then at the Iced cappuccino that would normally be gone by now. Noah stared out the window of Kiki's cafe, towards the gates of the Academy in the very same booth that he'd sat at with his friends just a year ago.

Princess was beginning to get tired of Noah's negative attitude... She poked his arm, and managed to convince him to go sit in the Dining Hall where he'd meet some new friends. He stood up with the Iced capp in his hand, and walked across the street back to the Academy, eventually making his way to the Dining Hall, doing nothing more than twirling his straw around in his drink...

August 2nd, 2005, 4:27 PM
"The name's Rian Kitsune," the male replied, dropping his gym bag into his closet to unpack later. Closing the wooden closet door, Rian paused to check the Pokeballs at his side. Looks like they're both still there. Lifting the room's key from his bed and placing it in his pocket, he glanced toward Kasei, saying, "My Pokemon are probably restless from the journey here, so I'm going to do some training at the training grounds." Turning, he swung open the room door and entered the hall.

August 2nd, 2005, 4:55 PM
I took his hand greatfully, allowing him to help me up. I gave him a rather nervous smile. "I've been dancing since I was 3," I said gently. "Since Kirlia came to me."

I brushed myself off a little, highly embarassed, a blush rising in my sharp cheekbones. I looked at Alec again. "I'm sorry... I'm just not used to being seen by anyone like this..."


OOC: NAT MAKES HER REAPPEARANCE! hehe, I just can't let Noah be all alone with Anna! She's back!

BIC: Nat rushed into the building, her Raichu, Ruby, bounding along beside her. Room 404 was the Sophomore's room. She bounced into the room, glad she hadn't been late. Her aunt had been asleep at the time they were supposed to depart. Nat laughed. Her aunt was ALWAYS late.

Bubbles, Nat's Azuril, giggled in her arms. Fang bounded along with them, jumping onto Nat's bed. Nat giggled at the Houndoom, shoving him off and pulling her light pink sheets and hot pink comforter onto the bed and unpacked her other clothes and miscelaneous articles.

She placed a picture of her old Academy buds on the table, thinking about all that had happened in the past. She looked over the picture, smiling as the faces of Noah, Anna, Skye, Dex, Julia, Marina, and Blaze smiled back at her. She wondered if they'd come back this year...

SHe sighed and shook her head. None of them had contacted her over the summer, why would the remember her now? The thought hurt, and Nat scooped up Bubbles, and slumped off to the Dining Hall, Ruby and Fang plodding after her. SHe entered the dining hall, and a wide grin stole over her features.

"NOAH?!" She called excitedly, waving her arm and rushing over to him.

August 2nd, 2005, 5:07 PM
I nodded. She did seem experienced, from my limited point-of-view. My kind smile staying in place, I placed a hand lightly on her bony shoulder and said, "I'd imagine, they aren't exactly streetclothes." I laughed a little, my grin widening as I added, "But it's not like you're horrible to look at, you know." After a moment's thought, I added, "Besides, they are practical clothes for dance."

August 2nd, 2005, 5:43 PM
I blushed a little deeper as he spoke. "Most think I'm rather hard to look at due to my, well..."

I had planned to finish the thought, only to find myself swooning and meeting the ground again. I shook my head, trying not to pass out. My stomach clenched, begging for the food it knew it wouldn't recieve. I forced myself back into a standing position, still slightly woozy and uneasy on my feet.

August 2nd, 2005, 6:15 PM
Anna walked down the halls of the Academy, her sketch pad in her hand and Sparkle at her side. She walked into the Dinning Hall, trying to be a bit social. She knew that nothing good would come out of moping in her room like she was. As she entered the hall she jammed her hands into her pockets, her sketch pad neatly tucked away under her arm, and a smile came onto her pale face. Anna had spotted Noah and another girl, who Anna knew from memory to be Nat. She quickened her walking pace and walked around to the front of them, a smile still shining on her face. She gave a short wave.

"Long time no see," she said.

"Raichu... Raichu!!!", Sparkle said happily. "Yeah... what she said!!!

August 2nd, 2005, 6:18 PM
Nat turned around and gave Anna a quick hug. "I thought you'd forgotten me!" she giggled.

Ruby was looking over the new Raichu curiously. "Chu?" she asked incredulously. "Sparkle?

I turned back to Noah, my smile still wide. "It's so nice to know you guys came back! I didn't know if you would have or not. Not after everything that happened..." My smile had faltered a moment. "Hey!" I said quickly. "We'll have to go to Kiki's again sometime. Like old times!"

August 2nd, 2005, 7:50 PM
Noah turned to the familiar looking girl, seeing her give another girl a hug. It didn't take long at all to remember Nat and Anna... But he wasn't faster than Princess, that was for sure. Before he could even turn his head, Princess ran as fast as she could to Ruby and Sparkle, greeting them first, then jumping quickly into the air, as high as she could, seeing which of the two girls would catch her. Hopefully her recent evolution would impress them, remembering how hard Noah was trying to train her last her, when he still acted like he cared...

'...Anna... And Nat!...' He smiled, walking up to them in a quick pace, grabbing them both in an embrace, Princess squeezed in the middle,

'Chu... Eep...'

August 2nd, 2005, 8:52 PM
Lyst watched The three friends in their display with envy, smiling slightly. Youkai, his houndoom looked up at him curiously.
" Wouldn't it be nice?" Lyst began." To have friends like that?"
Youkai looked that the upperclassmen, then back to Lyst.
[You are the only friend I need.] Youkai replied. Even though Lyst could not understand pokemon, he understood Youkai perfectly.
" Me too buddy!" He laughed, scratching the pokemon's back lovingly.

"Let's go see our room shall we?" He asked, adjusting his glasses. The dog barked in agreement and followed The red headed boy toward their dorm room. He opened the door to 407, and peered inside.
" Hmm.....I see no one..." He stated. Lyst shrugged and opened the door wide, then began unpacking his things. After securing his bed he took out a sign he had taken from a store a long time ago that read the letters: DIT
With a smile he tacked it to the outside of the door then stood back to admire his work. He hummed a little tune and opened his window wide, leaning out to look at the campus.

" Look out Pokemon Academy! Lyst is here HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" He yelled as he cupped his hands to his mouth.

August 2nd, 2005, 9:32 PM
Chad got up off the floor. It wasn't every day you got pushed over by someone from your past after all.

'Oh well, at least I unsderstand why he's like that' he sighed and walked away, not giving the boy that opened the door the time to say his name.

"ev, eveeee" kyu complained.

Chad smiled "Sorry, kyu, I guess I was walking to fast. Heh."

He and Kyu began their exploration of the school. The only thing that really got his attention was the cafe, bu he saw Noah through the window and decided to stay clear of the place for now. Sighing he went back upstairs to take a nap.

'This is gonna be a long year' he thought.

Alter Ego
August 2nd, 2005, 11:33 PM
"DIT?" Yikari thought out loud as he saw the sign attached to one of the doors in the hallway he and Spark were exploring.

Acronyms had always fascinated him. Die In Terror? Drive-In Theater, maybe? , he could think of countless interpretations for the acronym. Peering inside the room he noticed a slightly tanned boy with unruly red hair standing on the balcony, and apparently shouting something.

"Hiya, nice sign you've got there." Yikari said, giving a small knock on the open door in an attempt to catch the boy's attention "I'm Yikari Arikawa, just arrived here today. And you are?"

"Vul!" Spark called, noticing the Houndoom that accompanied the boy and running over to it in hopes of making a new friend.

August 2nd, 2005, 11:53 PM
Anna smiled as she pulled away from Noah's embrace. She looked at him and couldn't help to see how different he looked from the last time they had seen each other. She thought it best not to bring it up.

"Man.. it seems like forever since the last time we all saw each other..", she said her voice trailing off.

Sparkle looked up at her trainer and sighed slightly before hopping up onto Noah's shoulder, giggling like there was nothing wrong in the world.

"Raichu! Rai rai!!", the pokemon said happily.

Anna smiled and giggled, her sketch pad falling to the floor, flipping over to the picture she had been working on in her room. The picture of her and Noah.

August 3rd, 2005, 12:09 AM
Princess quickly climbed into Anna's arms, it'd been so long since she saw her and Nat! Noah smiled at Sparkle, then saw the sketch that Anna had been drawing on the ground. He crouched over slowly, admiring it for a moment, then picked it up.

'... Nice...' He smiled, handing the sketchbook to her.

'Why don't we do what Nat suggested, and go to Kiki's?' He asked, scruffing the back of Sparkle's ear.

August 3rd, 2005, 1:14 AM
Anna took back her sketch book and patted Princess. Her cheeks a bit red from hearing Noah compliment her art. She quickly tucked the sketch book under her arm again and tried to hide her red cheeks from view.

"Hmm.. yeah let's go to Kiki's", she said.

August 3rd, 2005, 3:27 AM
Rachel sat on her bed, throwing a baseball up into the air towards the ceiling and catching it before it landed painfully on her face. She had been here for 4 years now and was starting her last yearshe had to admit, she was going to miss it very much having spent most of her teenaged life here. Her Pokemon had grown immensely from the small Pokemon they use to be and she was more than happy with her two starting Pokemon, Cerberus and Totema.

She sighed, clutching the ball to her stomach having had enough with throwing the ball up and down and instead settled on staring at the ceiling in her boredom. Being a senior only meant more work for hershe had to look after the freshmen and make sure they followed the rulestruth wasshe wasnt really up to it.

Sighing, she got to her feet and made her way towards the door that leads out into the main hall. She leaned against the door frame and threw the baseball up and down lightly as she gazed at all the freshmen that were looking for their rooms. She smiled remembering the first time she had arrived here.

She had not been sure at all, and thus asked help from one of the seniors, he had pointed her in the right direction and furthermore, did it with a smile.

Her mid made up, she stepped out of her dorm and made her way into the herd of Freshmen, may of them were in a panic, unsure of where to go and looking at the piece of paper in their hands with wide eyes.

Ohwere is room 104

She turned in the direction of a young female, who stood in the middle of the hall, her hands covering her mouth. Rachel smiled and walked over to her Room 104 is just there She said, pointing four doors down from her own room.

The young girl gave her a warm smile and thanked her with all her heart before practically diving into the room.

Rachel smiled Perhaps this year wont be so bad after all

August 3rd, 2005, 7:02 AM
"Excuse me," I said, eyeing the girl who had just directed another to room 104. "Is this room one-hundred? It seems there was a bit of a mix up, and they had to switch me to a different room." I explained, though my attention was on the girl. My gaze was calm, not one to make anyone uncomfortable, but I was evaluating her. I might have some difficulties if I shared a room, but I could deal with it. I hoped I could, at any rate...

August 3rd, 2005, 7:38 AM
Suddenly quite worried, I offered Kat an arm, saying softly, "Everyone needs to eat, you know. There's a fine line between eating less to cut your weight and simple starvation. Come back to the dorm, I'll make you something light. Just some soup or something."

August 3rd, 2005, 9:09 AM
I shook my head at him. "Food is over-rated," I said simply, although I took his arm greatfully.

Dancelle looked up at Alec, clearly saying how much she hated my anorexic issues. She picked up my bag and brought it over to us, worry clouding her usually clear blue eyes.


Nat smiled at the pair as Noah draggged her into a hug. She suddenly remembered all the old feelings she'd had for him and giggled. How foolish she had been. Anna and Noah really did belong together, and she hoped they would figure that out again soon.

The thought of romance twinged a bit. She still hadn't found Blaze... She shook her head and smiled at Princess.

"My, my, you've grown!" she laughed, patting the now Pikachu's silky head.

She looked back to Anna and Noah. "I certainly wouldn't mind heading off. It'll be awhile before we're expected back in the dorms." My voice was light and happy, though my eyes did not quite match my expression. I'd thought that the first person I'd see was Blaze... after all that had happened last year...

August 3rd, 2005, 9:14 AM
Name: Darin Himoto

Gender: Male

Age/Grade/Room#: 15/Sophomore/Room 404

Physical Appearance: He has dark, jet black eye's with short brown hair that sticks up. He always has a set of thin headphones around his neck, but when in class, it's replaced with a smooth chain. He wears a long sleeved black shirt without a collar with a pair of fingerless black gloves. Also, he wears a pair of black, baggy cargo pants, with another chain strapped onto the left pocket. He is medium height, not too tall, not too short with a pair of full black Nike Air Force One's (Sorry, but I love those shoes.) with dark Red Laces. He wears a silver Rolex arm around his right wrist to keep track of the time.

Personality: He is cool and collected at most times, yet, he hates people that don't respect him. His # 1 Life Motto is "Never respect someone that doesn't respect you back." He also dislikes taking orders, except from teachers because there much wiser than him. Also, he is very easy to talk to. He is very serious in battle and doesn't hold back in any battle. Although, he has very little knowledge of using special kind of items in battle such as X attacks and hold items.

He hates living all fancy and high society. He enjoys going out side to the Petalburg Woods with his pup Houndour when he was young. He rarely gets to see his Mother and Father since all the important meetings they have to attend to and deals they must make. His pokemon, Jeremy, and his Butler, Harrison our the closet to him since. it is very difficult for him to make friends with the other kids around his neighborhood because they all want to do stuff that he doesn't like to do, like chat about how much money their rich parents own.

He never really tried to tell anyone how he his felling except his close friends. After attending the Academy and barely passing, he is ready to go to the next grade.

Pokemon: A Skarmory and Houndoom

RP Sample: It was a near 8:00 AM when the day I received this letter, or invitation. A young Tailow was chirping happily above a healthy Green Apple Tree. I gave out a quite loud yawn as I got up and shut off my clock radio. I always wondered why I couldn't sleep without it on. Skarmory flew inside from the open window and gave it's usual greeting by pecking me on my rumpled hair. I gave a short chuckle as I rubbed him on it's smooth head, avoiding it's sharp spike. I then noticed a very plain letter near my alarm clock. It wasn't one of those boring invitations to my father's exquisite parties or any of the sort. Beside it was a sheet of clean notebook paper left by Harrison, my personal butler. I decided to read this one first.
" Dear Master Darin,
A thousand apologies that I couldn't attend to your services for today. I had some important business to attend you, thanks to your father's permission. The letter beside this one is a invitation to The Pokemon Academy that you attended last year. What I don't get is that you don't want to return back to the Thomspon Private School for boys? It's more educational then the Pokemon Academy that you our going to now. Oh well, it is your choice and I have to right to oppose towards this, enjoy your time there,

Harrison Smith, Your Butler,

I gave out another yawn and smiled at the letter in disbelief. After all these years, he still doesn't know why I like this school. I gave Skarmory another rub on the neck this time as I slowly picked up the second letter, noticing that it's the confirmation letter. I wanted to holler in joy that I made it back to the Academy, again, but it wasn't in my nature to do such a thing. Instead, I returned Skarmory back into it's ball and picked up my belongings.

I went outside towards the front door and sat on the finely carved, wooden porch. I was wearing my usual clothes (See description) with my new pair of Nikes. My Mother insisted that I purchased another pair of them fancy shoes so I could look decent, but I hated those dull, brown shoes. Patiently, he waited for his ride to come. He glanced at his Rolex watch, which shined brightly, checking the time. Suddenly, a generic black SUV drove onto my driveway, beeping it's horn furiously. I could tell it was Jeremy, another one of my good friends. I got off the porch and walked casually towards the vehicle.

August 3rd, 2005, 9:15 AM
Lyst turned to face Yukari with a grin, pushing his glasses up on his nose a little more. He bowed dramatically.
" I am Lyst Ikikara." He stated. " Pleasure to meet you Arikawa-san."
Youkai looked down at Spark curiously. He sniffed at the vulpix then promtly ignored it.

Lyst looked at the sign on the door affectionately.
" Ah, such a lovely treasure that one!" He laughed. " What do you think it means?"
Youkai leapt up onto the bed and laid down, trying his best to ignore the Vulpix.

August 3rd, 2005, 9:20 AM
I sighed a little and nodded, returning the Kirila's look and saying, I'll try. mentally, hoping she'd pick up on it. I said to Kat, though, "You really do need to eat, if at the least to keep up enough energy to keep dancing, or whatever." I looked her in the eyes, adding, "I really don't mind fixing you something. I usually make my own dinners anyways." I began walking back towards the dorm, hoping she'd come along, as she was still attached to my arm.

August 3rd, 2005, 9:32 AM
I followed him slowly. "I don't eat. Or at least, very rarely," I said firmly, letting him pull me along.

Dancelle gave a small noise of discust. She was following us with my bag, glowering. She spoke mentally to Alec, fully capable after all the time she'd spent in my mind. Kat's anorexic. She's been that way since she got cut from the Nutcracker two years ago because she was over the weight they wanted. I can't convince her to gain some... Her mindvoice was laden with hurt and worry as we continued to move back to the dorm room.

OOC: Welcome aboard, Metaforte.

Alter Ego
August 3rd, 2005, 9:41 AM
"Arikawa-san?" Yikari gave an amused chuckle and returned the bow "I've never been one for formal titles, just call me Yikari, okay? Nice to meet you Lyst."

Spark gave an indignant snort, he wasn't used to being ignored and wouldn't make an exception in Youkai's case.


The little fox promptly leapt up on the bed and poked the Houndoom in the ribs, taking a quick leap back before approaching from another angle and repeating the procedure. If there was one thing Spark knew, it was how to annoy others.

Lyst looked at the sign on the door affectionately.
" Ah, such a lovely treasure that one!" He laughed. " What do you think it means?"

Yikari shrugged and made a couple of wild guesses even though he knew they were probably wrong "Download an intelligent teddy? Dentist in town? Die in terror?"

August 3rd, 2005, 9:42 AM
I replied to the Kirila, Again, I'll try. It's threatening her health, and I won't let that happen, okay. I'll do my best. I stopped, gently taking one of Kat's shoulders and spinning her to face me. I looked down into her eyes, quite serious.

"I won't let your health fail because of this, Kat." I said, then adding, "And believe me, it is failing. I know a good bit of physiology, I know the signs. You WILL eat, I insist." I sighed softly, not wanting to sound harsh and added, "It doesn't have to be much, okay? Nothing too heavy, either. Just eat, please?"

August 3rd, 2005, 9:51 AM
He looked so concerned... something I wasn't used to... I couldn't let him get close to me... Not after what happened to Mom and Dad...

I sighed resolutly, continuing to let him take me to the Dorm.

Dancelled looked up at Alec. That would be her way of saying fine. You'll have to excuse her... Anorexia isn't her only problem. In all honesty, the fact that she's said this much to you is a miricle. the Kirlia said seriously.

August 3rd, 2005, 10:03 AM
I understand. I replied, just as seriously. I'll be fine with that. Do you have a name, by the by? I pushed the door of the dorm open with my free hand. I myself went off to the kitchen area, saying to Kat, "You can watch, or wait somewhere, whichever. I'll be done soon enough."

I took a pot from a rack, setting it atop the stove and flipping it on. Opening the freezer, I pumped my fist a little in victory, there was still a tup of my soup from last year in there, frozen. I took it out, prizing the lid off and dumping the contents into the pot.

August 3rd, 2005, 10:27 AM
Princess grinned, very pleased with the compliments she'd received. She finally made her way to Nat's arms after weaving through Anna's. Noah smiled, then nodded,

'Right, not much happens on the first day,' he stated, agreeing with Nat.

'So then why don't we head off?' He asked, hoping he'd have a bit more fun there than he did just a little while ago.

* * *

Noah happily held the door open, waiting letting Nat and Anna to pass through first, then looked around.

'So where do you think would be a good place to sit?'

August 3rd, 2005, 10:55 AM
OOC: Cool. Time to start.

"Yo Jeremy! Can you drive a bit more carefully!" I yelled through the booming music.

"No way! This is way more fun then doing it the normal way!" He hollered back, finally turning the music a bit down.

He skidded from a turn and didn't stop at the near stop sign, like this was some insane video game. I was turning white when he didn't stop when the Edward's Bridge began to lift. He was going to attempt to blast from the road and hop over to the other side. I thought he was drunk or on a hangover, but I was wrong, he's just crazy!

The SUV soared over the bridge and landed quite roughly onto the granite street. I was snow white, gasping for air. How can someone be so reckless like him? Ironically, we where close to the academy. When I slowly opened the door, I couldn't feel my legs, they were like jelly as I slowly got out of the car. Jeremy grinned at me and drove away, breaking the speed limit.

"Okay, lets see. I have Room 404 located upstairs. I better back my stuff there," I suggested.

I glanced at my Rolex, hopping I wasn't late.

August 3rd, 2005, 11:33 AM
Anna looked around for a good place to sit. She jumped a little as she saw a nice little table and she discretely pointed, so not to seem rude or anything, over to it.

"How about over there?", she suggested.

August 3rd, 2005, 1:05 PM
Noah nodded, taking a seat at the quaint table.

'So... What have you guys been up to?' He asked, finally releasing Vulpix again. Princess rolled her eyes on impulse,

'Pika... This is guna be a while...' She muttered to Ruby and Sparkle, giggling just a tad.

'She's still growing, we have to make sure she doesn't do anything silly...' Princess explained, jumping onto the ground where Vulpix was.

August 3rd, 2005, 1:32 PM
I casually strolled into the colossal building, keeping my cool and retaining myself from throwing up. Finally I registered in the Main Office and got an old bronze key with a tiny slip which read "404" attached on my key. I slipped the cold key in my pocket. I took the stairs up until I reached the second floor. Holding my things, I finally reached "Room 404" and unlocked the door.

The room wasn't half bad. There was two beds. I shuddered after the thought of having roommates. I barely had some friends, and didn't really know how to make new ones. I dug into my pack until I felt two metallic orbs. I tossed them into the air and Skarmory and Houndoom came out, happy to be out of their balls.

After a good 20 minutes, I finally got everything set up and glanced upon my schedule, finding out where to go next.

OOC: Two questions plz. Which character is Nat and what are we supposed to be doing right now in school? Sorry, but I had a LSU.

August 3rd, 2005, 3:45 PM
OOC: Nat is one of my characters. The one I play in third person.

BIC: Nat smiled and took a seat, giggling at Princess. "Not much, really. I mean, I spent the summer on the ranch. I kept trying to get a hold of you, but the postal service way out there isn't the best, and even when I tried to call Blaze-"

I broke off. The thought of Blaze still twinged.

Ruby looked to the others meaningly. "Chu. Rai-raichu, raichu." "Nat's still pining over Blaze," Ruby said gently.


I went and sat on my bed, pulling my baggy clothes back on over me. I didn't want him to see me like that... Dancelle wandered into the kitchen to look at Alec. [I]My name's Dancelle. she said quietly.

She then came back to me and cuddled in my arms. I smiled and a small twinkle entered my sad lavender eyes. I cuddled her gently, smiling softly.

"You don't need to trouble yourself," I said gently, speaking to Alec, though I didn't knkow if he could hear me.

August 3rd, 2005, 4:05 PM
I nodded at Dancelle's mental comment. As the soup was already made, and it was a good enough stove, the meal was quickly ready. I poured the soup into a pair of waiting bowls, grabbing some crackers and peanut butter for a side dish. Some milk completed the dinner. I threw a dash of salt and some pepper into each (it was a classic problem with my chicken noodles soup, and I could never seem to work it out).

I set the glasses onto the plates, grabbed two spoons and began walking back to the room with my rather precarious load, shouldering the door open just in time to catch her comment. I said, "I do, though. You NEED the food, this was a quick enough meal to fix anyways, and I enjoy cooking." I set the plates down on the desk set against the far wall, pulled out a chair for her, taking a seat myself, and saying gently, "Now, eat."

August 3rd, 2005, 4:11 PM
I took the spoon dubiously, looking at the bowl. "Do you know how many calories is in that?" I asked skeptically. Dancelle promply screeched at me mentally. I glared at her and sipped at a little of the broth.

My stomach clenched, unused to the food. I swallowed forcefully, already feeling rather full. I looked up at him, my eyes sad again. I bowed my head down and whispered. "Please, don't make it harder for me to keep you away..." I said, my voice laden with emotion. "I can't be close to anyone... Please don't make it hard..."

Dancelle looked up at Alec, clearly saying that he was about to get into my issues whether he liked it or not...

August 3rd, 2005, 4:20 PM
"So... What have you guys been up to?"

The words pearced into Anna's skin like a bite from a rabid Mightyena. She slowly shifted in her seat the looked up to her two friends.

"So what have I been up to, eh", she repeated softly. "Been setting up a funeral.. umm.. my brother, Minkai.. died..."

Sparkle looked up at her trainer, knowing that talking about her brother's death hit close to home knowing how close the two of them used to be. Sparkle adverted her looks to Ruby and Princess.

"Raichu.. rai...", she sighed. "This could get ugly..."

August 3rd, 2005, 4:25 PM
"Pace yourself, at least at first. You don't want your stomach to explode, it will if you eat too fast." I replied, though looking at Dancelle and replying that I wasn't about to give up on her, or let myself get uninvolved with her.

I added, "And I'm GOING to be involved, okay? We're going to be in close proximity for the next nine months, and I am NOT going to know nothing about you, do my homeworks, say goodnight and turn off the light, okay? You need a friend or two, and I'll be one if you'll have me."

August 3rd, 2005, 4:26 PM
Nat placed a hand over Anna's comfortingly. "I'm so sorry, Anna. I know how much that hurts... When my Mom and Dad died, and I had to do thier funeral..." Nat broke off. "I'm just so sorry... Is there anything I can do?"

Ruby glanced upwards. Nat never talked about her parents' deaths. The fact that she was doing so, almost casually, was strange to the Raichu. She noticed all the hurt in Nat's eyes, and it began to make a little more sense. Nat always put other people before herself. Always.


I sighed. "It's nothing personal..." I said, taking another small bite and setting the spoon down. "I just... don't do well with people..."

Dancelle grabbed my hand, tugging it. SHe looked so sad, and I sighed again. I looked back to Alec. A small smile entered my eyes, but I kept my face neutral. "Maybe I could use a friend..."

August 3rd, 2005, 4:34 PM
"Nope.. there's really nothing anyone can do.. I doubt it'll be much a funeral anyways.. my mom died a while ago.. my dad left, and my sister really doesn't wanna have anything to do with it..", Anna sighed.

She wiped a few tears away and her sad face was replaced with her usual, carefree, brave, bubbly demenor. Sparkle sighed and once again spoke to the other pokemon to fill them in on her trainers recent change.

"Raichu. Rai rai chu chu, raichu," she said. "She's been like this for months... hiding her feelings, keeping it all inside.. I tell her it's not healthy.. but nooo, she doesn't listen.".

Anna's head slowly turned in Sparkle's direction and she gave the Raichu a somewhat threatening look. Sparkle groaned unhappily, she was always forgetting that Anna could understand her, her trainer being half pokemon and all, and a psychic pokemon to top it all off.

August 3rd, 2005, 4:36 PM
"I understand." I said gently, smiling over at Kat and adding, "I won't pry or anything, but if yu ever need a shoulder to cry on..." I paused, runing my eyes over her and adding quite seriously, "A good meal, I'll be around, okay?" I laughed softly and added, "Now, eat. If there's one thing a cook can't stand, it's an unfinished meal. Just remember, pace yourself."

August 3rd, 2005, 4:42 PM
I looked at him incredulously. "Finish it?" I looked down at the food. "Alec, that's more food than I've eaten in the past week...."

Dancelle picked up a cracker and stuffed it into my mouth. I chewed and swallowed, annoyed with her. She got these kicks every once in awhile, and Alec's persistance seemed to have spurred her own.

"One of these days, I'm going to stuff a cracker in your mouth!" I shot at my Pokemon.


Nat nodded, fairly uncomfortable. She rose and scooped up Ruby, glancing about nervously. "I.. I think I'll head back to the Academy..." she whispered. She couldn't help herself. Anna and Noah should talk anyways...

Ruby looked to the other Pokemon, calling out an apology as Nat carried her quickly from the cafe. Nat walked a good few feet before collapsing onto the ground and sobbing. Ruby patted her arm comfortingly.

It wasn't fair. So much crap had been happening... She hoped her uncle was getting better at least... He'd been sick. Not terribly ill, just sick. But, it kept him from working the ranch, and that put strain over the whole family. Even through all that, Nat couldn't help but pine after Blaze again.

August 3rd, 2005, 4:52 PM
"I know, and that's not healthy, Kaetlina. Not at all." I replied seriously. I nodded my thans to Dancelle, eating my own meal now. I needed to do my evening training, but that could wait for the moment. I added, "Besides, Kat, one meal won't ruin you, okay? You need to eat more, really."

August 3rd, 2005, 4:57 PM
"Says who?" I asked rather sharply. I sighed. "Sorry," I muttered. "It's just... well... since getting beaten out for the Nutcrakcer... I just... I can't let it happen again."

I looked over my body with a small, almost sick smile. "I don't need to eat more... I need to lose another couple of pounds before the years' over, and keep them off. We're doing the Nutcracker Suite again, and I might be thin enough to make it this time..."

August 3rd, 2005, 6:13 PM
Noah couldn't really say anything. Princess only stood and nodded, being able to understand everything Sparkle was going through, but decided not to go into detail after being reminded that Anna could understand her, watching the stare she gave sparkle. Noah had absolutely no response, only placing his hand across the table, staring at his own reflection on the clean surface.

August 4th, 2005, 9:49 AM
Lyst's smile faultered for a brief moment as he looked at the sign.
"Well I'll tell you this much Yu, the real meaning is a secret that I must hold to for now." He stated.
Youkai sighed then leapt off the bed, swiping the vulpix with his tail. He snickered softly with an evil gleam in his eye.
"Youkai be nice to our guests." Lyst stated. The houndoom snorted in annoyance, but the sat down beside Lyst. Lyst smiled down at the dog.
" This is Youkai, he is a bit rude but he's a nice guy when you get to know him."

Alter Ego
August 4th, 2005, 10:05 AM
A secret? Yikari's curiosity was undoubtedly awakened but he hadn't failed to notice the slight crack in Lyst's smile and decided not to push the matter...not at the moment,anyway. It didn't take long for the subject to change however;

"Youkai be nice to our guests." Lyst stated. The houndoom snorted in annoyance, but the sat down beside Lyst. Lyst smiled down at the dog.
"This is Youkai, he is a bit rude but he's a nice guy when you get to know him.

Yikari nodded "This is Spark, and he likes to be a right pain in the neck at times." Spark put on a pretentiously saintly face and pretended not to know what his trainer was talking about, looking up at Lyst with huge innocent, puppy-dog eyes.

"You're not fooling anyone, you know." Yikari muttered to the Vulpix before turning back to Lyst, "He's usually nice, but he just has to be the center of attention."

Spark flashed a mischievous look at Youkai when the trainers weren't looking, clearly signifying that he wouldn't give up until he got his way.

"So..." Yikari said, in an attempt to keep the conversation going "What do you think of the academy this far?"

August 4th, 2005, 11:18 AM
" It certainly is amusing... although, it has become clear to me that I was definately needed to bring a bit of fun to this place." He replied with a smirk. Youkai shook his head at his trainer, a bit of a sigh escaping him.
"Oh comeon Youkai, lighten up! HAHAHA" Lyst laughed, petting the dog. Youkai rolled his eyes at his master, but couldn't help grinning slightly. His master was a loon.
" So what about you Yu? Do you like to have fun?" Lyst asked, his grin changing into some thing different. It was almost evil looking, but his eyes danced with mischief. Youkai, glanced up at his master wearily, knowing that look all too well.

Alter Ego
August 4th, 2005, 12:21 PM
Yikari noticed the manic gleam in Lyst's eye and briefly wondered if he hadn't walked into the proverbial lion's den with a sign saying 'meat for the taking' on his back. But it would be impolite to back off, and truth to be told Yikari wasn't adverse to a little mischief, as long as it wasn't of the malicious kind.

"I have a laugh now and then, yes." Yikari replied "But you sound like you have something in mind."

August 4th, 2005, 12:30 PM
Can I join?

Name:Akira Minnia Duran


Age/Grade/Room #:14/Freshman/#101

Physical Appearance: Dark blue eyes, short dirty-blond hair, a navy cap with a light blue mix of colors on the front(it looks like the portal opened when Celebi travels through time), a navy t-shirt with a light blue mix of colors on the right sleeve, blue jeans, navy sweat bands that also have the blue mix of colors on them, and a navy backpack that looks like Sams. She also has a navy Pokegear around her neck and a simple belt with six Pokeballs on it.
Other: She's traveled through many times and seen many things. The Celebi she rescued has become a close friend and now stays with her. Besides her jeans and backpack she is no longer wearing the outfit she had on when she rescued Celebi. But she does still have the old Pokeballs even if she does use the recent versions. She had to change her look to fit in in the different times she traveled through so she decided to change it again to suit Flare's time. Like this http://img67.imageshack.us/img67/2687/s1bu.png

Personality: She is caring, Kind, and lovable. She calm is and sarcastic at the worst of times. She is almost always cheerful and carefree. She is friendly and cares very deeply about all of her friends. She loves adventure and is rather stubborn and tough. She will always help those who need it and never backs down from a fight even if she knows she can't win. She is intellegent and always willing ot make sacrifices for those she cares about.

Pokemon: Blaze (Houndour a female one.) and Flygon

RP Sample: I hope you like this.
Its was 6:00 when Akira woke up and found a letter at her door it said:

Dear Miss Akira,
I apologizes that I couldn't attend to your services for today. I had some important business. Thanks to your mother's permission. The papers beside this one is a invitation to The Pokemon Academy that you can attend to.
John Smith, Your Butler

"Blaze do you want us to go to the acadamey?" "hound." (Let's go.) "Ok." Akira packed her clothes food and stuff to get ready to go. Akira got on a plane and flown to the Pokemon Acadamey.Akira arrived in her room and saw her roomate. "Hi! She said.

August 4th, 2005, 12:32 PM
Lyst grinned widely at Yukari's statement, the looked out the window.
"Tells me Yu, How much do you know about confetti?" He asked calmly. Youkai knew at once what the young man was planing and his tail wagged in anticipation. They had tried the prank once before but because of certain technical difficulties it had failed.

" first we will need confetti...lots of it...but, since we are limited on supplies...what could we use...hmm..." He muttered to himself. So many problems with this one. If Rei were here they would of had no trouble whatsoever. The girl was a genius. " Wait a sec...what if we used....Snow?" He asked.

Alter Ego
August 4th, 2005, 12:52 PM
OOC: I'll just pretend that Yikari knows what he's up to. ^_^

Confetti?, a mischievous grin spread across Yikari's face as he began to grasp a vague idea of what Lyst was up to.

"Snow?" he arched an eyebrow "Where would we get that? It's not like we have an ice pokmon at our disposal. But you've got that figured out too, I take it?"

Spark was listening intently to the conversation, hoping to participate in whatever was going to happen in some way. Although the talk about snow didn't sound all too appealing to the fox, not after he had fallen into a whole drift of the stuff last winter.

August 4th, 2005, 2:34 PM
Lyst thought to himself for a moment. There had to be a way to pull this off. Wait!
" Do you know where a phone is by any chance?" He asked curiously. Youkai smirked down at Spark in amusement.
[What's wrong fox-boy? afraid of a little snow?] He asked. Lyst pulled a notebook out from his desk, flipping open a page to a phone number that was scratched on it quickly.
" If I can get ahold of a friend of mine then we will be in bussiness!" He stated with a triumphant grin.

August 4th, 2005, 3:03 PM
Anna shifted in her seat. The silence was killing her, usually she didn't mind silence. But this time it was different, it felt awkward having the silence with Noah. She really could not summon a memory of them being this quiet around each other. She just quietly took out her sketch pad and a pencil and her hand raced across the papery surface, and within 2 minutes a pretty good rough sketch was on the page. It was Noah. Noah in the pose that Anna was staring at, at that moment in time. So different from the last time she had seen him, and she found herself very attracted to him this way, more drawn to him than she had been in the past. Anna reached into her pockets to find her pen, which she normally kept with her and she groaned unhappily she was unable to find it.

"Darn...", she said to herself out loud, hopping it would break the silence.

August 4th, 2005, 3:59 PM
OOC: Guys, we're going to have to slow down for awhile. Jake's gone for a week. Character interaction is still fine, and Jake's given me permission to at least keep his characters up... But I'm not going to let the plot move until he comes back anyways.

August 4th, 2005, 4:04 PM
OOC: Aww nuts... BTW, just a couple of questions...

1- about what time is it at the academy? Morning? Afternoone? Evening?.. Something else :S

2- When are the classes going to start, and how are we going to figure out who's taking which classes when?

* * *

IC: Noah's eyes quickly shifted from the glare of the surface of the table, up to Anna.

'Hmm?' He questioned generally, needing to absorb the surroundings again after zoning out, finally noticing the sketch that Anna was drawing.

'What's wrong? ... Did you mess up somewhere? It looks fine...' He managed to ask, not seeing anything wrong with the sketch... Then again, he couldn't really make much comment, it's not like he could look at himself the same way Anna could.

'Are you looking for something?' He continued, after realizing that she seemed to be digging through her pockets.

August 4th, 2005, 4:12 PM
"Yeah," Anna said. "I just can't find my-"

She was cut off mid-sentence as Sparkle poked Anna's arm holding her pen out to her. Anna smiled and patted Sparkle on the head and placed the pen next to the pad and started to fix some things on the sketch and as soon as she was happy with the drawing she took the cap off the pen and slowly and carefully started to outline the picture, trying not to mess up. After a few silent minutes, she was done outlining the picture and she erased the pencil marks and smiled, very happy with her creation. She signed her nam then pushed the pad to Noah, and smiled at him.

"Well? What do ya think.. I mean for such a quick drawing?", she asked.

August 4th, 2005, 4:19 PM
Noah pulled the pad closer to him, slowly observing each of the details that Anna had included.

'... Nice...' He stated, a soft smile crawling upon his lips. He pushed it back to Anna with a nod,

'It's great... Especially considering it was done so quickly,' Princess quickly jumped onto the table, something she definately would've had to struggle to do last year. On all fours, she walked across the table to Anna, viewing the sketch up-close.

'... Chu! Pi-pichu! Pi... Ka! That's really cool!! I wish I could draw...' She smiled, looking up at Anna, knowing she could understand her.

'Pichu... Or at least hold a pencil...' She added with a grin, crawling into Anna's lap, barely being able to look over the table.

August 4th, 2005, 6:48 PM
Can I join?

Its was 6:00 when Akira woke up and found a letter at her door it said:

Dear Miss Akira,
I apologizes that I couldn't attend to your services for today. I had some important business to attend to. Thanks to your mother's permission. The letter beside this one is a invitation to The Pokemon Academy that you can attend to. What I don't get is that you don't want to return back to the Private School ? It's more educational then the Pokemon Academy. Oh well, it is your choice.
John Smith, Your Butler

Whoa... The letter sounds almost exactly like mine! That is NOT cool. I don't care if you copy the idea but PLZ don't copy the same thing and make a few changes to it to make it sound like you made it. Sorry if this is breaking the rules in RPGing and such, but I dislike copiers of such.

Alter Ego
August 5th, 2005, 12:16 AM
"Would this do?" Yikari pulled out his poknav, which had recently been upgraded with the match call function, and typed in the security code, whatever Lyst had in mind it was bound to be grand.

At Youkai's comment Spark took up a haughty posture before replying; [Snow doesn't bother me, just the stuff that it's made of. Any fire pokmon with even the slightest idea of self-survival would be cautious around that. But that probably excludes you, doesn't it?]

August 5th, 2005, 12:53 AM
" What a wonderful idea! I should invest in one of these." Lyst replied. He dialed a number quickly, then put it to his ear. As the phone began to ring he hummed a little tune.
" Oh! Fushigen-san! Could I borrow jet for a moment? Yeah! I'm at the academy! How is it? Fantastic! I already have a new playmate!" Lyst said enthusiastically. " Yes I promise to not get into too much trouble. Alright, I will. Tell the runt I said hello! Oh! and Youkai says hi too!"
Youkai rolled his eyes at Spark.
[ Water isn't that scary...] He growled.

" No He hasn't eatten anyone yet!" Lyst said with a laugh. Youkai shot the phone a dirty look.
[ As if I would eat Junk food!] He barked.
" Alright! Thanks! Later!" Lyst said, closing the phone. He handed it back to Yukira with a grin. The boy then crossed the room to thewindow again, his eyes glued to the sky.

Alter Ego
August 5th, 2005, 1:07 AM
Yikari returned the little device to his pocket before joining Lyst at the window, Who's Jet? He wondered for himself. Judging by the way Lyst was peering at the sky, it was probably a flying pokmon. And it was supposed to help with snow so it was probably an ice, or possibly water type. A Delibird, maybe? Glalies hovered, so it might be one of those too. Or maybe just something like a Wingull with a tutored ice move. He decided against asking Lyst about it, prefering to maintain the suspense.

Spark threw Youkai a mischievous grin, [We'll see about that.] he said quietly [Yes, I think we will.]

August 5th, 2005, 1:39 AM
A streamline form appeared in the distance, moving at a rapid pace. Lyst's face contorted into joy at the sight of it. He waved his arms out the widow to signal the pokemon as it drew closer. It was a dragonair, it's feathered wings carrying it gracefully through the air. Jet spotted Lyst signalling him from the building, veering toward his window with a light spin.
" JET!! HEY!" Lyst laughed, standing back to allow the pokemon in. It landed lightly on the floor, and squealed in joy at the sight of Lyst. It nuzzled Lyst lovingly, it's wings fluttering against him in excitement.
"Haha! Knock it off! You crazy thing!" He laughed. Jet then turned his gaze to Youkai, nodding slightly in greeting. The houndoom dipped his maw in return. Then Jet spotted Yikari.
" uh...Yikz my man, you might wanna-
"NAIR!!!!!" Jet squealed, practically tackling the long hair boy. It nuzzled him happily.
"Sorry I should of warned ya! Jet loves the color red...and well your hair is pretty close!" Lyst laughed.

Alter Ego
August 5th, 2005, 1:48 AM
"Nice to meet you too..." Yikari chuckled, giving the Dragonair a friendly pat as he got back on his feet "I'm used to being knocked into." he explained to Lyst, "Spark does that all the time".

"Vul!" the Vulpix snorted, annoyed that this stranger was using up his trainer's attention, and getting close like that too. He self-consciously walked over to Yikari and nuzzled him to make sure that he remembered who his pokmon was.

"Jealous bugger..." Yikari muttered, scratching Spark behind his right ear.

August 5th, 2005, 1:55 AM
Jet turned her gaze onto Spark and Lyst swore she was gunna pass out from excitement.
" Spark now would be a good time for you to-
" NAIR! NAIR! NAIR!" Jet exclaimed, wrapping herself around the vulpix.
" Nevermind" Lyst sighed. " Anyway. This is Jet, she is gunna help us out!"
Jet meerly cooed at Spark happily while Youkai gave her a discusted look.
[ I swear woman! You have no morals!] He growled.
[ B-but! He's so so pretty!!] She replied, nuzzling the vulpix.

Alter Ego
August 5th, 2005, 2:20 AM
Yikari watched Spark and Jet with amusement, "You're on your own, buddy." he said to the Vulpix, who gave him a I-won't-forget-this look while struggling out of the Dragonair's grip as politely as he could. Spark generally enjoyed attention, but there was a limit to everything.

[Sheez, get a grip.] Spark muttered, blushing slightly at Jet's compliment. [We've just met.]

He caught a glimpse of Youkai's disgusted look. [I swear woman! You have no morals!] the Houndoom growled. Between Youkai's grouchiness and Jet's do-eyed affection, Spark suddenly had an unusual desire to not be paid as much attention. He wished that the trainers would get on with whatever they were doing so that they'd be given something else to think about.

August 5th, 2005, 2:34 AM
" You any good at drawing Yikz?" Lyst asked with a smile. He motioned for Jet to come to his side and the dragonair reluctantly released the vulpix.
[ Sorry little fox. I j-just have a habit of getting too excited!] She stammered in embaressment.
" Jet, can you start on the roof? Why not take Spark with you if you haven't terrorfied him too much. Besides we need some heat for this to work right!" He suggested. Jet looked overjoyed and flapped her wings happily.
" Youkai my wonderful friend could you please keep watch while Yikz and I raid the supply room? Pretty please?" Lyst asked in a pleading voice. The dog shook his head in annoyance at is trainer.
" I will leave you alone with Jet and your vulpix friend for hours on end if you don't!" Lyst replied in a sing song voice.

[ You wouldn't dare!?] Youkai exclaimed in horror. Jet smirked at the dog in amusement
[ Oh, I think he would!] She giggled.

Youkai sighed in defeat, nodding unwillingly.
" Alright! It's set then!" Lyst exclaimed. " We need red paint, and a big sheet of paper!"

Alter Ego
August 5th, 2005, 2:50 AM
"I'm decent enough." Yikari replied with a shrug, remembering the numerous sketches he had worked with in his boredom a few years back, "Just don't expect top art."

[ You wouldn't dare!?] Youkai exclaimed in horror. Jet smirked at the dog in amusement
[ Oh, I think he would!] She giggled.
[And I'll take the opportunity tell you my life story while we're at it.] Spark added with an evil smirk.

Youkai was obviously not too wild about the prospect as he nodded his head in surrender.

" Alright! It's set then!" Lyst exclaimed. " We need red paint, and a big sheet of paper!"

"Alright." Yikari replied with a nod, as Spark got ready to join Jet "Lead the way Lyst. But just for the record; what's the story if we get caught?" he always thought it was better to have some kind of backup just in case.

August 5th, 2005, 3:13 AM
" No prob! Just leave it to me!" Lyst replied, his entire being taking on a seriousness that completely counteracted his previous mood. He adjusted his glasses with a dark gleam in his eyes. Youkai knew that Lyst wasn't lying. The boy had a way of weasleing out of trouble without even a scratch. Well, almost. Youkai looked up at Lyst right arm instinctively. There wasn't a single day that he didn't regret biting Lyst. He stared at the scars, his self hate building within him.

Lyst caught Youkai's look and smiled softly at the dog. The young man unrolled his left sleeve to conceal the scar from his eyes.

" How many times do I have to tell you, it's alright, Youkai." He asked, petting the dog gently. Youkai meerly looked at his paws in response.

[ no, it isn't.] Was the houndoom's reply. Jet turned somber instantly, her eyes rooted to the floor. She knew what had happened between Lyst and Youkai that day. The day that they met, Lyst lost most of the functions of his left arm. He would never be able to feel much in that arm, nor wound his hand ever fully close. When Youkai had bit into that arm, he tore several nerves and ligaments, and also broke the bone.

But, Lyst had forgiven him without a second thought. Thinking of them meeting made Jet think of her former trainer, Rei. And whenever she thought of her master, she always shed tears. Already she felt the prickling of her eyes filling with them. Lyst wrapped his arms around the dragonair comfortingly as her tears escaped to travel down her cheeks.

" Now, now. No crying Jet. You know she wouldn't like that..." Lyst whispered to the dragon. Jet nodded slightly and shook off her sorrow.

" Good girl. Now let's go." He stated. He stepped out into the hall with Youkai on his heels.

Jet turned to Spark with a small smile and lowered her head for him to climb on.

[Let's go make some weather!" She said happily.

Alter Ego
August 5th, 2005, 3:28 AM
OOC: Lol, this is almost a page long already. We're such nasty threadjackers. ^_^


Yikari listened to Lyst's conversations with both Youkai and Jet intently. There was obviously a significant bit of history between the three, and looking at the scar on Lyst's left arm and the somber experession on Youkai's face Yikari felt that he had a certain idea of what it was, although he couldn't fit the Dragonair into the picture. But these were stories best left for another time, for the moment they had trouble to make.

Spark carefully got on Jet's back, attempting to find some hold for his paws so he wouldn't fall of in the flight. He was obviously as curious about what events had transpired between these three strangers as his trainer was. But Spark was afraid to upset the Dragonair, seeing as the stability of her flight would probably determine his lifespan in the near future. So he settled for returning the smile [Okay.] Spark said [I'm as ready as I'll ever get.]

August 5th, 2005, 3:38 AM
OOC: lol! Sad ain't it! Oh and your pic is almost finished! I just need to finish colorin it^^

Jet smiled at Spark, her wings moving to hols him in place.

[Don't worry, I have never lost a passenger.] She stated, lifting off the floor. She glided out the window slowly as the wind rushed about her. The dragonair circled gently in an even assent, knowing that the Vulpix was nervous. She flew above the building a little ways. The dragonair then glided to a rest atop the roof.

[ not so bad was it?] She asked lightly.

Lyst moved downstairs,youkai splitting off from them to watch for trouble.
A side door sat off in a hall way near the main entrance, the word "supplies" etched on it neatly. Unfortunately there were people nearby. Lot's of them.

" Hmm...this could be a problem..." He murmmered. He thought quickly, trying to come up with a way around this obstical.

" Yikz, I am gunna create a diversion of sorts while you swipe the stuff. Youkai will watch your back for ya!" Lyst stated after a moment.

Alter Ego
August 5th, 2005, 3:49 AM
OOC: Yay.^_^


Diversion? This plan was becoming trickier by the minute, Lyst looked like he had far greater experience of such matters than him, so Yikari decided to trust his judgement.

"So it's red paint and a large sheet of paper, right?" he asked, not wanting to make a base blunder. "How much paint do we need, and how much time would I have to get it? It's going to be pretty obvious if I walk around with a bucket of swiped paint right after a larger disturbance by the supply room." Yikari then glance at the Houndoom, he obviously wasn't pleased with the arrangement and Yikari wondered if he could really trust the dog to watch his back. Youkai's loyalty lay with Lyst, not him.


Meanwhile, Spark had found his footing on the roof after the flight with Jet.

[Not so bad was it?] The Dragonair asked lightly.

[Guess not...] Spark replied, taking in the view of his surroundings from his lofty vantage point. [What do we do now?] He asked, hoping that Jet could shed some light on these plans [And sorry for snapping at you back there.] He added in an apologetic voice [You just startled me, that's all.].

August 5th, 2005, 4:00 AM
Lyst nodded and gave Yikara a thumbs up sign before trotting away without a word. He strolled amongst the students casually, removing his glasses. Lyst decided it was time to reveil his "pretty boy" side. He ran his fingers through his hair as he moved around a young girl in front of him. A light smirk lit his lips when she stared at him. When he reached the center of the crowd he stopped, glancing around in amusement.

" Hello everyone!" He yelled, most of the students looking at him. Lyst bowed dramatically at the waist.
" I am Lyst Ikikara, and I would just like to say...BOMBS AWAY!" He exclaimed, pulling a rather strange looking thing from his pocket and dropping it before himself. He covered his face quickly with his shirt before it hit, giggling madly. A loud bang sounded and smoke poured from the object in a massive cloud.

Youkai smirked at the sound of Lyst's voice, unable to prevent it.

[ Now then, we have to make snow. Unfortunately, I can only use Ice beam when it comes to ice based attacks, so, you and I need to direct our attacks towrd each other. But we must aim over the side. ] Jet explained.

Alter Ego
August 5th, 2005, 4:10 AM

Well, that was unexpected. Yikari thought using the cover of the commotion to slip into the supply room. Checking out the various sheets of paper he grabbed a fairly decently sized one, neatly rolled up, and tucked it under his armpit.

And now the paint... he thought, finding a bucket of the red variety after a few moments of frantic searching. The bucket was a bit heavier than expected but nothing that Yikari couldn't handle.

He soundlessly slipped back out into the corridor, making sure to close the door properly, and made a quick dash for the upper floor, before employing the getaway technique his older brother had taught him; he slowed his pace to a casual walk, put on a friendly Just-doing-my-job expression and strode nochalantly down the hall towards Lyst's room, merrily greeting any students he passed.


[Okay.] Spark said, nodding to Jet. [Do you think an Ember would be enough? I haven't quite gotten the hang of Flamethrower yet.]

August 5th, 2005, 4:19 AM
Lyst slipped back into the room casually a few seconds later, his clothes cover in a thin film of dust.

"HAHAHAHA! Did you see their faces!" He laughed, Youkai sitting down on the bed. " Ah! I love these powder bombs!"

Lyst took off his shirt quickly and threw it in the trash. He donned another of a different color and dusted off his hair.

" Now then! Youkai, go help the other two. Yikari let's get paintin!" He exclaimed, adreneline pumping through him.

[ that will be fine!] she replied happily.

Alter Ego
August 5th, 2005, 4:25 AM
Yikari joined into Lyst's laughter, what he'd seen of the people's expressions was rather amusing, but no doubt about it: this guy was a real weirdo, but not really of the bad sort.

"Now then! Youkai, go help the other two. Yikari let's get paintin!" Lyst exclaimed, adreneline pumping through him.

"Right-o" Yikari replied, following Lyst's lead, half wondering how Youkai would make it to the roof.


[Glad to hear it.] Spark replied, gathering up the heat in his body in preparation [Ready when you are, then.]

August 5th, 2005, 4:52 AM
(( It's finished!!))

Youkai bounded down the hall at an easy trot, looking for a stairway.

[ We should begin] Jet stated happily. She focused on the ice energy hidden within her body, absorbing any cool air around her. She felt a deep chill building within her. Her eyes gleamed blue for an instant and a large beam of Ice shot from her horn, crackling across the sky in front of the building.

Lyst sat down nearby Yikari, putting his glasses back on.

" Let's write D.I.T. in big letters down the middle... Oh and For those that can not be with us..." He stated somberly. He smiled lightly at a distant thought.

" yes...I think Rei would be very happy..." He added softly.

Alter Ego
August 5th, 2005, 5:39 AM
OOC: Ooh! Where? Where? Can't see it anywhere...where is it supposed to be? :confused:


"Who's Rei?" Yikari asked in as polite a voice as he could, as he got to work with the 'D' "If you don't mind me asking, that is." he added as an afterthought, noticing that this was obviously someone important to Lyst.


As the beam shot forth from Jet's horn, Spark took a deep breath and blew. Sending a cone of small embers on a direct collision course with the beam. This is going to be cool he thoguht excitedly, No pun intended..

August 5th, 2005, 9:11 AM
Whoa... The letter sounds almost exactly like mine! That is NOT cool. I don't care if you copy the idea but PLZ don't copy the same thing and make a few changes to it to make it sound like you made it. Sorry if this is breaking the rules in RPGing and such, but I dislike copiers of such.

Indeed. Cebe, for that, I'm afraid I can't let you join... My apologies, but copying is a huge pet peeve of mine. Metaforte did work on that letter.

August 5th, 2005, 9:26 AM
"Gyarados, go!" Standing at the edge of a lake, Rian cast a Pokeball into the air. A flash of red light was released from the object as a large Pokemon materialized at the water's edge. The water dragon roared as it prepared for battle.

Rian stared up at his Pokemon, smiling slightly. "Sorry to disappoint, but we're not in a fight right now. I just through you might like some time to relax."

Gyarados seemed to quiet slightly. "Gyrrrr . . . "

"Yeah," its trainer replied. "I'll be letting Scyther out, too." He raised another Pokeball, releasing a jade-coloured bug type.

"Scy, Scyther!" The bug Pokemon raised its blades, moving into a fighting stance.

Eheh . . . Why are my Pokemon so battle-eager? Rian's smile seemed slightly nervous as he motioned toward his Scyther, indicating there was no battle to be fought. I suppose it's good that they're ready, though . . .

August 5th, 2005, 9:54 AM
I casually strolled into the colossal building, keeping my cool and retaining myself from throwing up. Finally I registered in the Main Office and got an old bronze key with a tiny slip which read "404" attached on my key. I slipped the cold key in my pocket. I took the stairs up until I reached the second floor. Holding my things, I finally reached "Room 404" and unlocked the door.

The room wasn't half bad. There was two beds. I shuddered after the thought of having roommates. I barely had some friends, and didn't really know how to make new ones. I dug into my pack until I felt two metallic orbs. I tossed them into the air and Skarmory and Houndoom came out, happy to be out of their balls.

After a good 20 minutes, I finally got everything set up and glanced upon my schedule. It read that it was time to go eat, I guess. I returned both of my trusted companions back into their great balls and walked out of the door. While opening the door, I wondered how my so-called roommate is like.

August 5th, 2005, 10:33 AM
(( It's in the art thread ^^ Silly Alter lol))

Lyst took on a quieter state when he heard the question. Memories of her flashed in his mind as he painted the I. He found himself smiling to himself when he thought of all the trouble they used to get into.

" She uh, she was a very dear friend of mine. " A began in a quite tone. "Her name was Rei Itsuki, a trainer like me. She should have started school with me, but... because of what happened, she can't."

He sighed softly as a smile crept onto his face.

"We used to get into so much trouble. We were the troublesome duo by anyone who knew us. Everything somethin wrong happened we were always the ones running away with big smiles on our faces. " He chuckled lightly. "She was also the only other person that Youkai would trust completely. In fact I think he cared more about her then me. I honestly thought for the longest time that he wanted her to be his trainer."

He painted in silence for a few moments. His smile seemed almost forced now, his eyes trembling slightly.

" It happened a year ago. She had gone to a beauty contest with Jet, he belongs to her you know. Anyway, it was raining that day, really bad too. She always hated the rain. I was running late to the contest, and I guess she got worried because she had went looking for me." Lyst explained. " She was crossing the street when this car hit her. Just plowed into her as if she were nothing..."

" Youkai blamed me for it. He wouldn't let me go anywhere near him for months. Jet was a mess. This is as close as she has gotten to being normal again.

August 5th, 2005, 11:36 AM
I decided to check out this place out and find out what kind of changes they made. They added new wallpaper, giving the Academy a nice touch. I dug into my pocket until I reached a MP3 Player. Then, I dug into my other pocket snatched out the headphones, attaching them to my ears. I stuck the cord in the slot and began to look through my enormous collection of songs, raps, and others. I ceased my search when I located the song I desired and pressed the green "Listen" button. The vibrant music began to flow through the headphones and my head as I dug I gloved hands into the pocket, rattling the chain.

Lots of people where scattered everywhere, chatting, flirting, glancing upon books of all the sort. I was really never around so many people in the same time, in reaction, causing me to become a little nervous. Shaking my head, I began to continue walking down the halls.

Alter Ego
August 5th, 2005, 12:12 PM
OOC: Oo! Found it. Spark looks so cute on Yikari's head. ^_^


"I'm sorry..." Yikari said at the end of the story, continuing to paint the paper mindfully even as the rage towards every careless driver on the face of the planet built inside him "I didn't mean to stir up bad memories. Did you at least nail the bastard who was driving that truck?" this, he realized, was highly unlikely. In Yikari's experience the people responsible for driving accidents rarely ended up with the blame, he knew that all too well. He took a deep breath to call himself down.

For a moment Yikari hesitated, but decided that it would only be fair to tell his story too "I think I kind of know how you feel..." he said quietly "My older brother, Hibiki, died in an accident too. Although it was" he shuddered at the memory "...a motor boat."

August 5th, 2005, 3:01 PM
Guys can I join. I posted it earlyer but no replies that I can join. Heres my profile again.

Name:Akira Minnia Duran


Age/Grade/Room #:14/Freshman/#102

Physical Appearance: Dark blue eyes, short dirty-blond hair with blue highlights, a navy cap with a light blue mix of colors on the front(it looks like the portal opened when Celebi travels through time), a navy t-shirt with a light blue mix of colors on the right sleeve, blue jeans, navy sweat bands that also have the blue mix of colors on them, and a navy backpack that looks like Sams. She also has a navy Pokegear around her neck and a simple belt with six Pokeballs on it.
Other: She's traveled through many times and seen many things. The Celebi she rescued has become a close friend and now stays with her. Besides her jeans and backpack she is no longer wearing the outfit she had on when she rescued Celebi. But she does still have the old Pokeballs even if she does use the recent versions. She had to change her look to fit in in the different times she traveled through so she decided to change it again to suit Flare's time. Like this http://img67.imageshack.us/img67/2687/s1bu.png

Personality: She is caring, Kind, and lovable. She calm is and sarcastic at the worst of times. She is almost always cheerful and carefree. She is friendly and cares very deeply about all of her friends. She loves adventure and is rather stubborn and tough. She will always help those who need it and never backs down from a fight even if she knows she can't win. She is intellegent and always willing ot make sacrifices for those she cares about.

Pokemon: Blaze (Houndour a female one.) and Flygon

RP Sample: I hope you like this.
Its was 6:00 when Akira woke up and found a letter at her door it said:

Dear Miss Akira,
I apologizes that I couldn't attend to your services for today. I had some important business. Thanks to your mother's permission. The papers beside this one is a invitation to The Pokemon Academy that you can attend to.
John Smith, Your Butler

"Blaze do you want us to go to the acadamey?" "hound." (Let's go.) "Ok." Akira packed her clothes food and stuff to get ready to go. Akira got on a plane and flown to the Pokemon Acadamey.Akira arrived in her room and saw her roomate. "Hi! She said.

Dark Draco
August 5th, 2005, 3:14 PM
Is it to late to join? if not, here's my character:

Name: Bane

Gender: Male

Age/Grade/Room #: 14/Freshman/Room#102

Physical Appearance: Bane is about 64 tall and fairly well built. Bane has spiky black hair lined with red (like Shadow the Hedgehogs) and unusually black eyes. His otherwise normal face has a scar running through his left eye towards his nose. Bane always wears a dragon emblazoned shirt and his black denim shorts, ripped at the knees. Overtop his dragon shirt, Bane wears a loose fitting, dark red vest, which holds his pokeballs along the inside. Finally, Bane wears a black trench coat, usually with the collar over his right shoulder.

Personality: Sarcastic and a hothead, it takes Bane awhile to warm up to someone, although this doesnt always take a long time, depending on the person. Bane likes fighting and showing off what hes good at towards the girls, which, inadvertedly, gets him in fights.

Pokemon: Tyranitar, male, named Tyrant, Typhlosion, female, named Inferno

RP Sample: (this is my character from Pokemorph Training Facility) IIm freefreeyet Tyrant is deador, is he within me? Bane thought as he lay huddled beneath a large tree amongst the forest. He looked to the sky, only to see the foliage blocking his sight. Grunting from the pain of multiple wounds, Bane staggered out of the trees cover into the night.
Why, why did this happen? What was the point in it all? Bane spoke to himself, and then raised his head to the sky, looking at the stars.
Now I have become thisthis monster! Bane whirled around, swinging his tail into the trunk of the tree that had covered him, snapping the trunk.
No one will know who I really am, Im just a freak. No, Im not a freakIm a killing monster! Bane slammed his fists to the ground in anguish, hating what had happened to Tyrant and himself.
Bane, get over it! You cant change what happened, nor can you return to being human. Your past life is over, accept this new form. Besides, you know where you can go. That school for pokemorphs, youre one of them now. Bane heard this from inside his head, not sure if it was his thoughtsor maybe Tyrants.

August 5th, 2005, 3:50 PM
Guys can I join. I posted it earlyer but no replies that I can join. Heres my profile again.

Name:Akira Minnia Duran


Age/Grade/Room #:14/Freshman/#102

Physical Appearance: Dark blue eyes, short dirty-blond hair with blue highlights, a navy cap with a light blue mix of colors on the front(it looks like the portal opened when Celebi travels through time), a navy t-shirt with a light blue mix of colors on the right sleeve, blue jeans, navy sweat bands that also have the blue mix of colors on them, and a navy backpack that looks like Sams. She also has a navy Pokegear around her neck and a simple belt with six Pokeballs on it.
Other: She's traveled through many times and seen many things. The Celebi she rescued has become a close friend and now stays with her. Besides her jeans and backpack she is no longer wearing the outfit she had on when she rescued Celebi. But she does still have the old Pokeballs even if she does use the recent versions. She had to change her look to fit in in the different times she traveled through so she decided to change it again to suit Flare's time. Like this http://img67.imageshack.us/img67/2687/s1bu.png

Personality: She is caring, Kind, and lovable. She calm is and sarcastic at the worst of times. She is almost always cheerful and carefree. She is friendly and cares very deeply about all of her friends. She loves adventure and is rather stubborn and tough. She will always help those who need it and never backs down from a fight even if she knows she can't win. She is intellegent and always willing ot make sacrifices for those she cares about.

Pokemon: Blaze (Houndour a female one.) and Flygon

RP Sample: I hope you like this.
Its was 6:00 when Akira woke up and found a letter at her door it said:

Dear Miss Akira,
I apologizes that I couldn't attend to your services for today. I had some important business. Thanks to your mother's permission. The papers beside this one is a invitation to The Pokemon Academy that you can attend to.
John Smith, Your Butler

"Blaze do you want us to go to the acadamey?" "hound." (Let's go.) "Ok." Akira packed her clothes food and stuff to get ready to go. Akira got on a plane and flown to the Pokemon Acadamey.Akira arrived in her room and saw her roomate. "Hi! She said.


Indeed. Cebe, for that, I'm afraid I can't let you join... My apologies, but copying is a huge pet peeve of mine. Metaforte did work on that letter.

=/... it was said you were not able to join. Copying and plagerizing(sp) is bad, very bad.

August 5th, 2005, 3:57 PM
In other words, change your sign- up, because of when you copied my letter idea. Or you can read the above post. But I don't know if you can join anyways since you angred Phantom Mew with the copy-the-letter thing.

And it looks like you added a few more changes to the letter too. : \

Raichu Master
August 5th, 2005, 4:40 PM
OOC: Sorry it took so long for me to join. Look at my profile and you'll see why. It's really rather long and well thought out for me. The RP Sample you might recognize from Chimney Rock.

I hope this is good enough! ^^

Name: Mathew Thumbleton
Gender: Male
Age/Grade/Room #: 16/junior/102

Physical Appearance: Matt has short brown hair, that is never tidy and always a mess. He prefers to wear a muscle shirt, even though he doesnt quite have the build for one, even still he tries and works out daily to try to remain in tiptop shape. Hes very athletic and is often found playing a contact sport than sitting quietly and reading. Because of his over abundance of sports, he has a rich tan that displaces his brown hair. His deep emerald eyes tell of an intelligence that is very uncharacteristic of a stereotypical jock. His hands are callused from touching every ball insight. He has a hidden talent that he often doesnt brag about, since he has other talents as well, he is a very talented rider, but doesnt boast about it because playing any sport very well is what he does best. Sadly, he was born with a birth defectthe right side of his forehead had collapse, and his brow line was slanted, causing one eye to appear slightly, if not obviously, larger than the other. Hes had surgery since he was a baby and now his collapsed forehead is only noticeable in the small upper right corner of his forehead, and his eyes are almost even with each other. He has braces, and has a speech impediment; he has a hard time with saying s, sh, and ch sounds because of a severe underbite that his doctors are hoping to correct soon. Besides the large scar that runs from ear to ear directly above his head and his other birth related mishaps, hes perfectly normal.

Personality: Highly intelligent, he is often envied because his intelligence seems to come with no downfall. Theres no studying for him, just goofing off, no long hours of preparing essays, just a half hour and then its outdoors. Needless to say, hes the outdoorsy type, and rather goof off than act serious. Many dont like him because everything seems to go his way, and he seems perfect, others dont like him because he may appear intimidating by the way he looks. Hes quite rough around the edges, and has a bad temper when angered to the point of bursting. He becomes very violent when being pushed around, since hes been made fun of for most of his life, so hes a bit touchy when it comes to his birth defects, if its obvious they mean something in an insulting way. Other than these few flaws Matt is fun loving and carefree.
Sparks: Male Pikachu
Sparks is often at the end of many jokes, mostly because of his goofball personality. Although serious in battle, Sparks prefers a carefree life of acting weird and hanging around, although with the rush to become the best, he doesn't find much time to do so as he used to. In combat, Sparks acts like any other well-trained pokemon, and loyally obeys the orders commanded by his master.

Skye: Female Scyther
A naturally fierce pokemon, whose only ambition is to hurt. She's hot tempered (aren't most women? XD), and often tries to hurt her master and is quite dangerous to anything in its reach. No body knows why Skye is so formidable, even for a Scyther, the only thing known is that Skye really really doesn't like to be ticked off, and is easily angered.

RP Sample:
Bouncing through the fireplace on the receiving end, Becca rolled headlong into a wall in a rather large room filled with people talking and chatting rapidly at the arrival. Rebecca slowly got to her feet and looked around, noticing all the curious glances being thrown her way. If she was embarrassed it really didnt show she just huffed, straightened her bandana, and waited for the others. Becca glanced around yet again, hoping to find that no one was looking at her, but she was terribly mistaken; although they werent staring at her, they were staring at her odd clothing choice, which didnt make sense to Becca, until she realized where she was. Havent you ever seen jeans, a T-shirt, and a bandana before? she muttered, more of a low growl, as she continued to watch the people watching her.

Next out of the fireplace was her father, obviously hoping that she was all right. Not at all as clumsy as Becca, he stepped out of the fireplace decked out in a black robe so he didnt get the stares that young Rebecca was getting. Ridding his robes of the ashes from the fireplace, he quickly found Becca (obviously because she stuck out like a sore thumb). Dont worry, your mothers on her way with the rest of them. I went ahead of them to make sure you were all right. You are all right, arent you? he whispered to her as he took a position right beside her, and waited patiently for the others, not the least bit conscience of the strangers still staring at Becca.

Theyre still staring Becca replied, with a slight hint of worry in her voice, as she leaned closer to her father so the other wizards and witches wouldnt hear her.

Not to worry, he started, well buy some nice robes for you, and they wont stare at you anymore. In fact, well let the other three and your mother go to Kinderflame, while we got to Lockhorn. Hows that sound?

Becca nodded gratefully, and answered, Id like that a lot. Rebecca always admired her fathers sense of always knowing what she was thinking, and how she was feeling, aside from how strangely excited her parents were about the letters and such, she loved them dearly.

Oh, here they are now! he said cheerfully, interrupting Becca from her deep thoughts of how much she loved and admired her father besides how weird he could act. When Becca turned her head back to the fireplace, sure enough Matt and Russ, thought it would be cool to go togetherwhich almost ended in a disaster with the being joined at the hip. Becca and their father had a quick chuckle about this before he moved to help them out of the fireplace and to separate them. As soon as he had their hips disconnected, Kelly appeared through the fire, and stepped her usual grace out of the fire, accompanied by their mother shortly after.

Izzy, Ill take Rebecca with me to Lockhorn if youll take the others to Kinderflame to get their wands, he said took Rebecca by the hand and moved to exit the pub.

Why, Charles, are you in such a rush? Elizabeth (obviously the mothers name) asked inquisitively as the other three mimicked her expression.

Charles (the fathers name) looked at his wife and mouthed, Robes. This drew an understanding nod from all four of them, as they watched them both walk out of the room and onto the street. Walking for what seemed like a few short seconds, Charley pushed his daughter into a shop. Inside each wall was covered in racks of robes and other assorted wizarding clothing.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth to the rest of the children across the street to Kinderflame to choose their wands; once inside they found a small sitting area, and a small desk just behind it, with rows and rows of small slender boxes behind it, which they assumed to be the wands. It seemed that the clerk was busy right now, so the four newcomers took some seats to rest while they waited for their turn.

This is a strange place Kelly remarked as she examined the room.

Shh! Be quiet, dear. Keep your thoughts to yourself while were here, Elizabeth hushed as she turned her head to take note of everyone in her, hoping to find an old school friend.
Go pick your robes, Charley said as he pushed the cautious Rebecca forward. She was unsure of the place, it closely resembled an ordinary tailor shop, but with wizards and witches running around getting their children outfitted with robes.

Ok, she squeaked before her father had a chance to nudge her on again. Walking through the store felt like walking on ground that was about to erupt into a volcano to Rebecca as she made her way to the first rack of robes to see if there was any particular design or color that she favored. There was a particular robe design that she thought was cute, which was very uncharacteristic of Becca since she didnt often label things cute. It was a darker purple robe that was embroidered on the cuffs with a fine ascent of silver. It was also embroidered with silver on the rim of the hood.

May I help you? came a voice from behind Rebecca, which startled her into turning around to face a very short pudgy woman that had a measuring tape draped over her shoulders.

UmIm just looking for nowbut thanks for the offer Rebecca replied nervously and then went back to observing the robe that she was growing rather fond of.

Is that the one you like? Charles said as he noticed Rebecca was looking longingly at a particular robe.

Yeah, Rebecca sighed when she noted the price of the rather simplistic robe.

Youre grandmother gave you enough money for a robe and whatever supplies you need. So if you want itgo for it, Charley said as he put a comforting hand on Rebeccas shoulder.

So you are the Burlingame children? the clerk said as the three of them stepped up to receive their wands. Taking out his measuring tape, he preceded to take the proper measurements. Then before any of them could say a word he scurried through the selves only to return with three long slender boxes. Try these out, he coaxed as he gently lifted each out and handed them to the children.

What do we do with them? Russ asked as he took hold of the wand that the clerk gave him. He had never held a wand before, and really didnt have a clue how to use it.

Just wave it, my boy. See what happens, the clerk replied, not annoyed at the absurd question at all.

With a loud swooping sound a gust of wind burst through the door of the shop and swirled around a nearby vase that Russ waved his wand towards. The gust of wind lifted the vase up and suddenly died down, Matts quick reflexes caught the vase before hit could crash into the counter. Very good, very good! Splendid reflexes, my boy! Just like your father! the clerk said excitedly as he took the wand from Russ to examine it. Its a wand made from the hair of a unicorn and the wood is a sturdy redwood. Nice wand indeed, fitting for you I should say.

Next it was Kellys turn, she waved her wand at nothing particular, when nothing happened, she turned to the clerk for an explanation, then a loud crack of thunder sounded and Rebecca was standing where the boom had originated from. Rebecca looked around confused, her violet robes draped peacefully over her body, she had just exited the tailor shop wearing the robes that she had liked, and the next moment she was here

Where am I? she asked as she turned to Kelly, who hadnt noticed her wand was still pointed at Rebecca. Kelly was astonished, she had highly doubt she could ever do magic, and always knowing that Matt was the gifted one.

Youre at Kinderflame, my dear, Elizabeth spoke up as she put her calm hands on either side of her daughters shoulders.

Amazing, truly amazing! the clerk sputtered as he took the wand back and examined it like he did Russs wand. Strangemade from the same tree, and same hair as your brothers

Honey! I lost Becca! Charles said as he sprinted into the shop, and then stopped dead in his tracks confused. There stood Rebecca who had, a moment earlier, been walking at his side.

No worries, dear, Elizabeth said rushing to the aid of her husband. Snickers came from their children as they noted the surprised look on their fathers face.

Next it was Matts turn, who smirked confidently as he waved his wand at the box his wand came out of. The wand promptly disappeared and reappeared in the box, which left a shocked expression on his facehe had meant for the box to appear in his hand. Good, best Ive seen out of your siblings so far! the clerk cooed as he examined the wand. Solid oak with a hint of Basilisk venom. Very rare.

Ah, the last of the quadruplets! The lovely Rebecca Burlingame I presume? the clerk said, noting the girl standing beside the others. Rebecca seemed to beam happily at the compliment of her being lovely.

She was indeed quite elegant looking, with the bandana out off her forehead and her hair out of the ponytail that she usually had it pulled up into, not to mention the beautiful purple robes with silver trimming. The clerk then proceeded to measure her and come back with a wand. Try this!

Rebecca shot a worried glance at her parent, who just nodded back to her. She never used magic before, was this really going to work? Could she really do magic?

With a sigh, Rebecca flicked her wand, using as much focus as she could muster on trying to make the wand work. To her delight and satisfaction, a bouquet of flowers appeared in her hand. Bravo! the clerk said as he took the wand and examined it. The feather from the wing of a hippogriff, and oak like Matts

Rebecca jumped up in the air in delight as her siblings came to examine the flowers and to congratulate he. Guess you dont have to worry! Charles said as he joined the group.

I guess not! Rebecca replied brimming over with happiness.

That was even better than Matts little trick! Russ commented as they sat down to examine her new robes.

August 5th, 2005, 5:30 PM
OOC: I posted this... A coupel of pages back O.o;... I haven't gotten any response so I'm going to re-post it, adding a little more.

IC: Noah pulled the pad closer to him, slowly observing each of the details that Anna had included.

'... Nice...' He stated, a soft smile crawling upon his lips. He pushed it back to Anna with a nod,

'It's great... Especially considering it was done so quickly,' Princess quickly jumped onto the table, something she definately would've had to struggle to do last year. On all fours, she walked across the table to Anna, viewing the sketch up-close.

'... Chu! Pi-pichu! Pi... Ka! That's really cool!! I wish I could draw...' She smiled, looking up at Anna, knowing she could understand her.

'Pichu... Or at least hold a pencil...' She added with a grin, crawling into Anna's lap, barely being able to look over the table.

'So... Why don't we get going, back to the Academy?' Noah asked, not exactly having much more to discuss... More not wanting to discuss anything further, anyhow.

August 5th, 2005, 6:53 PM
Anna giggled and patted Princess and looked to Noah.

"Yeah.. that sounds like a good idea," she said standing up, still holding Princess.

OOC: Wow.. that has got to be the shortest post I have ever made.. but I got an RP writing block now >_<

August 5th, 2005, 10:36 PM
Noah nodded, sitting up from his seat, and recalling Vulpix. With a sigh, he held the door open for Anna, and walked across the street through the gates of the Academy, and into the Dining hall.

'Hey... I'm going to go get changed... I'm feeling kinda stuffy in these clothes...' He said, rubbing his chin.

'Do you wanna keep Princess 'til I get back? I'll probably see you before tomorrow anyways... And if not, I'm sure Princess won't mind staying with you overnight, but I'm almost positive we'll see each other before then...' Princess nodded happily,

'Chu! yeah!!'

August 5th, 2005, 11:31 PM
"Yeah, sure I wouldn't mind, I'll probably be in my room.. I wanted to finish up a picture I had been working on. I'm in room 101," Anna said.

Sparkle smiled, being able to be around a pokemon that wasn't as stubborn as Leo could be.

"Raichu! Rai chu chu!", she said. "Awesome, this is gonna be fun"

August 5th, 2005, 11:38 PM
Noah nodded, looking at Princess.

'You... Need to behave,' he stated in a stern tone, his eyes piercing through Princess'.

'Chu... Ok...' She muttered, only to look at Sparkle with a smirk.

Noah made his way to his room, finding it neatly put-together. He took out his suitcase from under the bed, opened it, and took out the 2 pictures he'd looked at earlier, placing them on his nightstand.

'Finally... I can look at them without feeling sad...' He said to himself with a sense of peace. He quickly got together a pile of clothes, first wearing a white under-shirt, then a fitted, black T-shirt over that, following his black shorts, and then a pair of black sweat-pants to wear outside of his room. He sat back on his bed, taking a good look at everyone in the pictures on his nightstand. With a sigh, he made his way to the bathroom, pouring cool water over his hair, then ruffling it to give it more volume.

'That looks good, I think...' He said to himself, admiring his appearance in the mirror.

August 5th, 2005, 11:46 PM
Anna walked into her room and fell face first onto her bed, sighing a bit as she pulled out her other sketch pad and opened up to a fresh page and looked at Sparkle and Princess annoying Leo by poking him. Anna laughed and started to sketch out the scene that was unfolding before her.

"Come on guys.. this is really annoying!", Leo snapped to the two Chus, twitching at each poke.

Sparkle laughed and poked Leo again. "Oh come on ya party pooper! Have some fun in life!", she giggled.

Anna laughed listening to the pokemon argue like little kids. She finished up the drawing and she got up from the bed and held the drawing out to the three pokemon.

"Well..? How does it look?", She asked. "And remember honest opinions.. and remember I know if you're not telling me the truth."

"It's great!". Was the response from the pokemon, and Anna smiled. She loved to know that she was getting better at drawing. Once again she flopped onto her bed and sighed a little, allowing her mind to drift off.

August 5th, 2005, 11:59 PM
OOC: Oh dear.. I'm stuck XD Time to fill this post with as much mindless-description as I can...

Noah happily walked to the door of a room with the numbers 101 hung on it, knocking softly on the new-looking door.

'Anna, you there?' he asked, rubbing his forehead. The long travel to the Academy from Ollivine was definately taking a toll on him.

'C'mon, we should get headed to the Dining Hall where we can meet some more of the new students...' He stated, leaning against the sturdy wall that encased the door.

OOC: 'Kay so not as much meat as I'd like but... It's as good as it's going to get X_x;...

August 6th, 2005, 12:02 AM
OOC: Hahaha.. this always happens when it comes down to just us posting xD!

Anna heard Noah on the other side of the door and recalled both Leo and Sparkle and picked Princess up and walked to the door and opened it.

"Yeah.. that sounds like an idea," she said as she steped out of the room and closed the door.

OOC: *kills teh shortness of the post*

August 6th, 2005, 11:28 AM
Noah walked down to the dining hall, taking a seat at the same table they were sitting at earlier. Princess looked over to Leo from Anna's height, sticking out her tongue, then receeding it before anyone else could see, with a giggle.

'So... What do you think of the way they re-built the academy from the first year?' He asked, only then noticing that it would've been a better time to ask that a year ago.

'Things have changed a lot since back then...' He took a quick look around to see if there was anyone in particular that looked like they could start an interesting conversation, but then looked back to Anna after failing to find anyone that fit the description.

August 6th, 2005, 1:05 PM
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BIC: Nat finally made it back to the Academy, still rather down on herself. It was tough... Well, she'd only made a few friends, and two of the one's she'd hoped to have returned didn't seem to...


I ate another couple of bites, much to Alec's amusement, and shoved the plate away. I'd eaten more in that sitting than I had in the past week or so...

OOC: SOrry about the shortness... My brain is fried on paint fumes, and I have to act tonight... :S

Dark Draco
August 6th, 2005, 1:41 PM
Phantom Mew, is my sample good or do you want one showing a reason for coming to the school?

August 6th, 2005, 3:15 PM
Anna also took a seat and looked around, sighing a little. The memories seemed to flood back to her, hitting her like a powerful Surf attack. Things really have changed since their first year at the academy. Lots of things.

"Yeah.. things really have changed..", she said, trailing off.

Sparkle and Leo looked at their trainer, knowing excactly why she had trailed off, it involved every feeling she had confided into them, everything the two pokemon would take to their graves, of course knowing that no one, other than a psychic, could understand them. Sparkle jumped up and took a spot on Anna's shoulder and Leo jumped onto Anna's lap. Anna smiled sweetly at her two pokemon.

August 6th, 2005, 3:46 PM
OOC: The best way to lengthen a post... FLASHBACKS! :P

IC: Princess grunted eagerly, now being the only one not being held. Noah laughed and quickly grabbed her, tucking her into his arms.She squeezed her soft head out between them, sticking her tongue out at Leo again... She had discovered a strange, new liking to teasing him now.

'So... What do you think is going to happen this year?' He asked, as he continued to eye each part of the hall.

'You think the group from Rustboro is going to come back again? They were pretty entertaining...' He said with a chuckle, remembering the many antics that Julia and Monica had been up to last year.

Julia sat at one of the tables of Kikis caf on a bench seat with Monica and Cloud across from her. Before leaving the grounds of the Academy, Julia got dressed into a pair of close-fitting black flares, and a white, strapless top, being sure to apply her favorite strawberry lip-gloss before she walked out of the girls dorms. She looked over to Monica after they both received their frozen coffees, who was dressed in a black tank-top covered up by a fuzzy, short, brown jacket, and wearing a pair of pants similar to Julias.

So Well be performing in 2 days, that only leaves one day for rehearsal, half a day to stress out, and the other half to screw up Monica nodded in response,

There is no way that Mr. Iwana could expect us to ace this show None of us are prepared maybe Elijah and Kyle And Naru But thats three people out of 6! Julia gawked at Monica,

You mean Were the only people that arent prepared for the show!? AKK IM NOT GONNA GET INTO THE DRAMA CLUB!!! She muttered to herself, panicking.

How can everyone except for us be ready!? Were going to stay up all night memorizing our lines, well spend tomorrow to perfect the expressions and relax, and then spend the first half of the performing day to Stress out like everyone else? She sweat-dropped.

Yeah, we could try staying up tonight, but where could we meet where we wont get into trouble with the teachers? If it was just you and me, Julez, it would be much easier But cloud needs to study too! I think Do you? Monica looked at Cloud with a bizarre expression.

Cloud took the oppurtunity to stay up all night with a couple of girls and ran with it

"Yeah, of course, i need all the studying I can get, you guys!" Cloud laughed

"So, where should we meet if we're planning on doing this?" Cloud asked as he took a sip from his frozen coffee

"Y'know i wonder if Torch wants something to eat..." Cloud said and took out a plastic bag of pokepellets he made specially for Torch, but then remembered how Torch had evolved and would cause chaos in the cafe

"Er...maybe not..." Cloud sighed and put the pokepellets away

"maybe we could meet in the auditorium after hours? or the library maybe?" Cloud suggested and took another drink of his coffee.

Yeah! The library! Julia shouted excitedly.

Now we just have to figure out a way to stop ourselves from going to sleep Looking around the caf, Julia saw a stand in the middle of it. She stood up from the bench-seat, and walked over to it, having Monica follow.

Hey look Chocolate chips! Julia stated ecstatically, pointing at a bag filled with tiny brown pellets.

Julia, those are coffee beans Monica replied to Julia, sweat-dropping.

We can make coffee! Thats whatll keep us up! Yeah!

You kinda need a coffee machine to do that

Well figure out a way! Haha, with that, she walked over to the counter and bought a small paper bag filled with coffee beans, while Monica continuously tried to figure out a way to make coffee without a coffee maker, taking a sip of her drink.

OOC: Haha one of the more comical moments of last year :P *sigh* the memories... =)

Raichu Master
August 6th, 2005, 4:34 PM
OOC: Does it matter where I start? Oh and what time of day is it?

That's the only problem with joining super late...for one, you don't really know how far the others are in in the rp, unless you've been following it...

Sorry for the delay, I'll post as soon as I'm not so leery as to where everyone is at...

August 6th, 2005, 4:54 PM
OOC: It's still the first day back at the Academy, I'm not sure what time of day it is either... Probably either Afternoon or Evening... 'Cause if so, I think starting dinner would be a good way for the characters to mingle with each other.

August 6th, 2005, 5:06 PM
Chad got up from his nap. He hadn't sept for that long but it seemed like time for food. He got up and streched, making a groaning sound in the process.

"Common Kyu, time to get some eats" he said lazily.

"eve eveeeeee" Kyu purred happily.

Chad smiled and headed out the door to the dining hall. Upon entry he immidiately noticed Noah and glared at him from across the room. he got himself some food and sat as far away from Noah as possible. Every once and a while he sent another glare towards the boy. He looked around for possible friends. There didn't appear to be many people in the hall.

"This sucks," he mumbled. "I only got Kyu and thats it".

He looked at his fuzzy friend, a hint of a smile on his face. Then he sat back and relaxed, looking strait at Noah. It wasn't a glare, but it didn't show interest either. Chad was simply watching, and waiting.

August 6th, 2005, 7:36 PM
Anna chuckled, for the first time in months she was having fun thinking about the past. She was also laughing at how annoyed Leo was.

"Hmm.. Ya never know," Anna responded. "It would be interesting to say the least."

Suddenly she remembered the picture she had drawn of Princess and Sparkle annoying Leo and she pulled it out and handed it to Noah, laughing.

August 6th, 2005, 9:05 PM
Lyst added the finishing touches to the T of the sign, then moved to the rest of the wording.

" Im sorry about your brother..." He stated softly, continuing his work. His heart ached at the thought of Rei's death, but he did not show it on the outside. She shouldn't have died. It was his fault. If he hadn't wasted so much time getting to the contest she never would have died.

Youkai had somehow found his way to the roof, trotting over to Jet and Spark. He shot his own ember out at the beams of Ice, the impact causing the ice to burst into tiny white powder.

Jet squealed in delight.

August 6th, 2005, 9:39 PM
Glancing upon my schedule, it was time to eat Lunch/Dinner. I folded the schedule into a small square and jammed it into my pocket. I gave out a low sigh, remembering that it will take a to reach the Dinner area, or whatever it's called. After a few minutes, I reached the Lunch Dorm, staring upon it.

It was like the same as the hallways, people where talking, , flirting, and creating new friendships probably. I remembered from last year, get your tray and a plate, get your food and find a table to devour your choice. I decided what food I will have today and sat on an empty table. I needed someone to keep me company, so I released my Houndoom from it's ball. It gave out a low growl, then rested beside me.

Alter Ego
August 6th, 2005, 11:16 PM
Yikari shrugged, "That's life, I guess. But at least I have Spark to remember him by." he gave a distant smile "He was hatched from an egg Hibiki gave me, the two never even met but they still have a lot in common. The showoffs..." Yikari returned his attention to the sheet, deciding to be extra careful with the 'For those who can not be with us' part. "But that's enough self-indulgence on my part." he concluded, getting to work with the wording too. "Hibiki never wanted people to brood."


Yay! It worked! Spark thought for himself as he noticed the snowflakes forming from the Ice Beam. But how did Youkai get up here, anyway?

August 7th, 2005, 12:10 AM
Noah laughed hardily, Princess only immitated him.

'When did this happen? was that when left her with you?' He asked, tracing the two chus' fingers with his own. It wasn't until then that he realized a stare was being sent his way. Princess' ears immediately perked up. She galopped upon the table on all four legs, and tilted her head towards her shoulder blades, only then finding the individual across the hall. She seemed much more offended than Noah, though. Princess was very tempted to tell Sparkle what had happened, but felt it really wasn't necassary for Anna to find out.

Noah put his hand out over Princess, trying to reel her back towards him, only to have a charge of static run through his body,

'Ouch!' He jumped almost out of his chair, itching the arm that was used to try to bring her in. Princess couldn't help but sigh, not knowing what else to do, so she tucked her legs beneath her, and layed down right in the middle of the table, lowering her ears, her eyes shifting between Sparkle, Leo, and Chad.

August 7th, 2005, 1:35 AM
(OOC- Sorry for my delay in posting, I haven't been on much these past few days due to work and such. This RPG does seem to be moving quite fast though.)

Rachel turned, startled by the voice behind her after she had watched as the kid made her way to her own room. She turned on her heal to glance upon an older girl, about a year younger than herself who looked almost as confused as the girl she had aided not long ago.

She gave a small smile and nodded Yeah, this is room 100. You will be roommates with me then it looks. She tilted her head to the side and focused her gaze on the younger face Hmm, youre a senior arent youI think I remember seeing you in a few of my classes

She held out her hand for a shake I am Rachel. Last year here and top of the class in Mythologyyou see I want to be a traveller who discovers all she can about the mythical Pokemon of the world and hopefully see themI do not doubt that they are real. And you are?

The Pokemaster
August 7th, 2005, 8:36 AM
There was an unusual quiet hanging around the front entrance to the academy, a familiar figure was approaching, and once again he dipped his familiar black hat down over his now White face-mask, Dex looked upon the doors he had left a while ago, and if not for the mask, those around him would have noticed a rare smile across his face.

"...I have returned..." he said quietly to himself, before pushing the doors open and walking down the halls..

"Now..i only wonder if any familiar faces have remained..."

August 7th, 2005, 12:06 PM
Chad snorted loudly at Noahs pain. It was the funnyest thing he'd every seen. He turned bad to eat his food. glancing at noah again. Thats when Kyu acted up.

"EVEEEEEEEEE" the pokemon yelled as it charged at Noah.

"Kyu stop!" yelled Noah as he got up and ran after his pokemon. 'this isn't gonna go well.' He sweat dropped.

He managed to stop his pokemon three quarters of the way towards Noah. "Kyu why did you do that?" he asked restraining the pokemon.

"EVE EVEEEEEEEEEE" it shrieked. Somehow it escaped his grasp and continued towards Noah.


August 7th, 2005, 12:18 PM
OOC: OMG THE EVEE HAS RABIES! Is it's mouth foaming? *checks*... I'm sorry I couldn't help myself :P

IC: Princess' ears immediately perked up again. She looked over to Sparkle and Leo, indicating that help would probably be needed, and jumped into the air, charging directly towards Kyu at an attempt to perform a volt-tackle.

'Princess, don't!' Ali called out, standing up at the edge of his seat, knowing very well that Princess isn't quite the type of pokemon that would do very well in battle, which is why he generally tried to avoid them. Aside from that, he didn't exactly want to create a scene in the middle of the dining hall on the very first day.

August 7th, 2005, 12:26 PM
Kyu, having no time to stop, ended up crashing right into princess. Chad sweat dropped and picked Kyu up out of the kerfuffle.

"Sorry about that...Noah" he said, giving the other boy a glare. '****, I'm not gonna pick a fight now! Let's just hope he feels the same way.'

Meanwhile Kyu was struggling to get out of Chads grip. "EVEEEEEE" it growled, foam started coming out of it's mouth. Chad looked at the evee.

'What the hell, does Kyu have rabies or something?' He then turned his back to the group.

"Well See ya later...Noah" His voice was almost dripping with venom...almost but not quite. 'I should stop that' he thought as he started to walk away.

August 7th, 2005, 12:32 PM
OOC:.... HAHAHHA The foam.... I'm sorry.... *zips mouth*

IC: Princess seemed much more competitive than normal, growling at Kyu until he was out of sight. Noah managed to shoot a glare at Chad before he turned his back, then sat back down in his chair, waiting for Princess to return to the table... She wasn't in a very good mood anymore... The tension was only building up within her, and she wanted to tell the pokemon more than ever now what happened... Instead, she only gave them a glance, indicating that she needed to tell them something, deciding to stay on the floor now, feeling very edgy.

August 7th, 2005, 12:47 PM
Lyst sat back to examine their work. He smiled at the sign in satisfation.

"Dinner should be starting soon...What a erfect time to deploy the wonderful fun!" He laughed. He rose to his feet with a groan. He was reminded of Rei strongly.


Lyst laughed loudly as he and a small girl sprinted through the streets of Goldenrod city. She was a beautiful girl, her long golden hair, violet eyes, and her beaming face. Lyst took her hand, turning down a back alley. They both were coated in powder. A rather comical sight.

" Lyst-kun! That was great!" She giggled, panting lightly.
" Shh!" He exclaimed, covering her mouth quickly and pushing her against the wall. Several yelling people ran past the alley, Lyst hiding her behind him. When they were gone he grinned down at her.

" that was close!" he laughed. She smiled up at him warmly, kissing his cheek before running off into the alley. Lyst blushed furiously, staring after her in shock. His hand rose to touch his cheek as his eyes trembled. His lips split into a delightful smile and he followed after her.


" Let's go up to the roof..." He stated calmly.

Alter Ego
August 7th, 2005, 12:51 PM
Yikari tilted his head as Lyst seemed to slip into personal memories for a moment, but it didn't last too long. And Yikari had to admit that he was a bit worried about Spark so he didn't think too much of the incident.

He nodded and gave a brief reply: "Yes, let's."

August 7th, 2005, 1:45 PM
OOC: I'm really sorry about my lack of posting here, but I have a few things to say... Firstly, try to keep your posts to 2 or more paragraphs, or at least more than 4 lines. I know it's hard right now, but I'm about to fix that up a bit as well.

Yes, it is early evening, and I think dinner would be appropriate.

Dark Draco, I did not see your sign-up, please re-post it, and I'll get back to you on your entry.

I must admit that I have made a terrible mistake in this RP. On the sign-ups, I did not put a class schedual. So, within your next few posts, make up some way that your schedual has been delivered to you. I don't care if you go to the office, or if you go to your room and find it on your bed or tacked to your door. Just make sure your character gets it. You can use any of the classes on page one, but make it realistic. NO freshman or sophomores are going to be in advanced anything! So, here's the schedual you can fill out on your own.

Period 1
Period 2
Period 3
Period 4
Period 5
Period 6
Period 7

You don't have to fill out all the periods, you can have a couple of free periods. You must be taking AT LEAST 4 classes, however. The more, the merrier, but again, keep it realistic please! Thanks!

I'll stick an IC post in when my brain decides to kick back into gear.

August 7th, 2005, 1:58 PM
Anna simplely blinked at the scene that just unfolded. She saw it best not to ask Noah what that was all about. Both Sparkle and Leo where now on the floor trying to calm Princess down.

"Raichu! Raichu, rai rai chu!", Sparkle said poking Leo a bit. "Come on, let's annoy Leo some more!"

Anna giggled a little and saw that at this point in time, Leo seemed to give in a little, not completely minding the poking, as long as it calmed Princess down.

August 7th, 2005, 2:09 PM
Nat slipped back into the Dining Hall, noticing a rather out-of-it looking Noah, and a very upset Princess. Nat scooted over, bending down in front of the Pikachu. "Hey, Princess, what's going on?" she asked soothingly, shooting a meaningful look to Anna and Noah, clearly asking them as well.

Fang and Ruby had followed her in, settling around the table as well. They didn't go at Princess as I had, but instead shot nearly identical meaningful glances at Anna and Noah. Neither of them liked seeing friends upset, nor did Nat.

Raichu Master
August 7th, 2005, 2:45 PM
Matt, who had arrived and put his things away in time for dinner, wondered the halls until he found the cafetria.

"Pika!" Sparks said with enthusiasm as it hussled after him with great speed.

"What is it?" Matt said, again stumbling over the 's' sound before he finally got the sound similar to it. Even though he had a speech impediment, and was still a bit deformed, he considered his athletic ability and intelligence to make up for it.

"Chu!" Sparks replied rubbing his belly as he jumped onto Matt's outstretched arm. Under normal circumstances a person's arm would give under the pikachu's weight, since it practically slamed itself on Matt's arm. But Matt regularly worked out to gain what muscle tone he had. Although his muscles were big by any means. They were as hard as a rock and the muscle tone of each fiber was as good as it was going to get.

"I agree! Let's eat!" Matt said, trying to find a word that wouldn't require to make his impediment hearable.

Entering the rather large room, Matt felt slightly overwhelmed and self-conscience of his forehead. Trying to flatten his hair over his forehead, to make the collapsed part less noticeable, he straightened and walked it as proud as he could. Scanning the area for the place to get food, he also kept an eye out for some place to sit.

August 7th, 2005, 3:52 PM
Princess first took a look at Leo and Sparkle, seeing how both were trying hard to keep her calm,

'Chu... Sweet...' She smiled glancing at Sparkle, then giving a longer smile to Leo, but still with a hint of irritation expressed in her face and tone. Then she noticed Nat asking her what had happened. She couldn't help but lay down again, not knowing what to say. Noah was in the exact same situation, Obviously they couldn't say, 'it was nothing, she was just being weird,' it was obviously much more serious than that.

Noah's eyes shifted from Anna, to Nat, to the pokemon continuously, not knowing how to explain the event that'd just happened. He knew something like this would happen this year... He was just hoping it didn't have to happen in front of everyone else. Aside from that, he really felt that Princess had more self-control, he'd never seen her that agressive since year 1...

'Umm... I'll... Tell you guys later...' He said softly, reverting back to the same gloomy being he was a few hours ago.

'... Dinner's starting soon... Why don't we meet somewhere after dinner... And I'll tell you guys what happened...'

Dark Draco
August 7th, 2005, 5:34 PM
As per your request Phantom Mew

Name: Bane

Gender: Male

Age/Grade/Room #: 14/Freshman/Room#102

Physical Appearance: Bane is about 64 tall and fairly well built. Bane has spiky black hair lined with red (like Shadow the Hedgehogs) and unusually black eyes. His otherwise normal face has a scar running through his left eye towards his nose. Bane always wears a dragon emblazoned shirt and his black denim shorts, ripped at the knees. Overtop his dragon shirt, Bane wears a loose fitting, dark red vest, which holds his pokeballs along the inside. Finally, Bane wears a black trench coat, usually with the collar over his right shoulder.

Personality: Sarcastic and a hothead, it takes Bane awhile to warm up to someone, although this doesnt always take a long time, depending on the person. Bane likes fighting and showing off what hes good at towards the girls, which, inadvertedly, gets him in fights.

Pokemon: Tyranitar, male, named Tyrant, Metagross named X-Factor

RP Sample: (this is my character from Pokemorph Training Facility) IIm freefreeyet Tyrant is deador, is he within me? Bane thought as he lay huddled beneath a large tree amongst the forest. He looked to the sky, only to see the foliage blocking his sight. Grunting from the pain of multiple wounds, Bane staggered out of the trees cover into the night.
Why, why did this happen? What was the point in it all? Bane spoke to himself, and then raised his head to the sky, looking at the stars.
Now I have become thisthis monster! Bane whirled around, swinging his tail into the trunk of the tree that had covered him, snapping the trunk.
No one will know who I really am, Im just a freak. No, Im not a freakIm a killing monster! Bane slammed his fists to the ground in anguish, hating what had happened to Tyrant and himself.
Bane, get over it! You cant change what happened, nor can you return to being human. Your past life is over, accept this new form. Besides, you know where you can go. That school for pokemorphs, youre one of them now. Bane heard this from inside his head, not sure if it was his thoughtsor maybe Tyrants.

August 7th, 2005, 5:56 PM
Lyst headed down the hall, his eyes searching for a doorway. He hummed a little tune as he walked, carrying the rolled up banner under his arm. An upperclassmen moved toward him purposely, catching the young man offguard. Don't tell me they figured it out already?! He thought frantically.

" Hello Sempai, to what do we owe the honor of this encounter?" He asked calmly, looking up at the seventeen year old boy. He was much larger then Lyst, built twice as strong too. Lyst was not one to be intimadated though.

" I have Your schedule, and Yikari's as well." The senior stated. He held out two slips of paper, Lyst taking them. He bowed to the senior.

" thankyou Sempai." He replied with a light hearted smile.

"wait a second, aren't you that kid who let off that bomb in the lobby?" The senior asked after a moment.

" I'm afraid I don't know what you are talking about. My new friend and I have been helping each other to unpack. Also We were looking for my Houndoom. He has a habit of wanting to explore." Lyst explained smoothly.

" I will be keeping an eye on you Lyst Ikikara..." The boy stated coldly. The senior walked away from them stiffly. Lyst cracked a smile after he vanished.

" I'm sure you will sempai..." He snickered. "Here ya go!" He beamed, handing Yikari his schedule.

August 7th, 2005, 6:23 PM
OOC: So, does that mean we have to post our schedules here or something?

BIC: Suddenly, I felt my cellphone vibrate violently in my left pocket, rattling my chain and shaking my MP3 player. I reached into it and flipped it open to see that it was Jeremy. Sighing, I answered it.

"Jeremy, why are you calling me at a time like this, man! Im busy," I whispered back harshly.

"Yeah right!" Jeremy snapped in reply."I bet that your sitting by yourself in a dinning room or..."

"Please man! I'll call you back," I finished, hanging up. Houndoom looked up at me, thinking I was mumbling to my desperate self. I sweatdropped, forming a silly laugh and scratching my head.

Whispering another sigh, I glanced around the vast dining hall. I saw people chatting with each other, and I saw a Pikachu, very rare around these parts too.

Alter Ego
August 8th, 2005, 12:11 AM
Yikari followed Lyst's smooth conversation with the senior in awe, nodding at appropriate moments. He'd never seen someone tell a complete lie in such a flawlessly innocent and polite way since Hibiki's time, in fact; he wouldn't have been surprised if this boy could have taught his dear brother a trick or two. The senior left with a last expression of his mistrust and Lyst handed Yikari his schedule with a huge grin.

"Thank you." Yikari replied, returning the grin as he grabbed the piece of paper and examined it.

He made a quick scan to check that his courses had been put down right: Basic Battle Skills, Basic Breeding, Pokmon Mythology, Basic Training Tactics, Pokmon Psychology, Emergency First Aid, Wilderness survival. Yup, all there. Yikari shrugged, realizing that any sane person wouldn't have filled up his timetable completely. But it all looked so interesting...he really didn't know his own good at times.

"Okay" he said, turning back to Lyst with a nod "Let's get to finding our pokmon then, shall we?"

August 8th, 2005, 3:57 AM
Name: Evin
Gender: Male
Age/Grade/Room #: 14/Freshman/#102
Physical Appearance: Evin is about 5 foot 7. He has rather dark brown eyes and his hair is of a similar brown colour. His hair is messy and has short sideburns that curl in a few centermeters. Evin wears a navy blue T-shirt over a white long sleeved shirt. He weras knee long grey shorts with pockets everywhere. A red belt that can hold up to six pokeballs hides under his T-shirt.
Personality: Evin is an outgoing person and never thinks about what he is doing. He rarely feels embarrassment when he is doing something but may later feel stupid, when he is in private. He can easily meet new people and rarely ever broods over things. He jokes alot and has a rather infetuous laugh.
Pokemon: (2 Pokemon MAX for Freshman) Poochyena
RP Sample: Evin clipped his beloved Poochyena to his red belt. His drawers were empty and a grey and orange back pack stood by the door with his clothes and a few important possesions in it. He walked over picked up his bag then wlaked to the door. He took in the sight, he wouldn't be seeing this room for quite a while.

After a few minutes passed Evin went through the hall passed the bathroom and into the kitchen. His mom stood just finishing buttering up the last meal she would make for her beloved son in a while. She embraced her son in a warm hug, smothering Evin.
"Geroff, mom," he said ruining the moment. He was rather annoyed, he was fourteen. He was only going to the world famed pokemon academy.
"Yes, son," she said with a light sniff after wards. Evin could see she was going to get all teary.
"OK, well I'll be going to catch my boat to the Academy," He took two pieces of toast and left the house with a small wave.
"Wait, do you think I'll see you soon?" She demanded.
"Ah ma, of course you'll see me. Me an Poochyena will be that famlus we'll be on every magazine you look at." Evin said with a grin and a wink.
"That's not what I meant," said his mother with agrumble. In a quick change of humour she waved him out of the door with tears on her cheeks. Evin ran off slowly away from his mother and home.

August 8th, 2005, 5:39 AM
"Yeah.. we should meet somewhere after dinner.. any ideas?", Anna asked, her naturally curiosity and need to protect her friend slowly creeping up on her. She wanted to know what was going on, so she she could help. She mental slapped herself, she need to learn when to back off with her helping. Slowly she started to drift off, and was able to see that there was a note on her bed in her room. She concitrated hard and in a quick second a letter appeared in her hands. Leo and Sparkle both sighed as the letter appeared and looked to the other pokemon.

"Such a show off", the two pokemon said in unison.

Anna sent a playfull glare over to her two pokemon and opened the letter. She skimmed through the letter to see it was her class schedule. She smiled happy with her classes:

Period 1 - Pokemon Mythology
Period 2 - Advanced Training Tactics
Period 3 - Free Period
Period 4 - Advanced Battle Skills
Period 5 - Free Period
Period 6 - Gym Leader Training Course
Period 7 - Pokemon Psychology

OOC: Yay for being part psychic pokemon >_>;

August 8th, 2005, 9:20 AM
Lyst nodded enthusiastically and continued forward. Curiously he glanced down at his schedule.

" I wonder if we have any classes together Yika!" He stated, reading off his schedule.

Let's see...

1 Basic Battle
2Basic Breeding
3 Pokemon Mythology
4 Basic Training tactics
5 Free period
6 Pyshical Education
7 Wilderness Survival

"hmm..sounds like we have alot of classes together Yika!" Lyst exclaimed happily.

Alter Ego
August 8th, 2005, 9:26 AM
Yikari shot a glance at Lyst's timetable, the two of them were nearly identical.

"Yeah, so it seems." he replied "But I'd wager I'm about the only one mad enough to take the maximal number of courses." he gave a small grin as he came to think of something "I bet Youkai and Spark will be overjoyed." he added in a sarcastic voice, remembering the little quarrel that the two pokmon had had earlier.

Yikari still felt relieved that the timetables were so much alike, it would certainly be interesting to spend time in the company of someone like Lyst.

August 8th, 2005, 9:29 AM
Nat sighed, rather unsure of herself. "I don't know," she said nonchalantly, rising again, rather uncomfortable. "If, if you guys think of something, let me know, okay?" she said, getting up off her knees and scooting away again.

She shook her head and took up an empty table in the corner, away from the eyes of her friends. She didn't know why she was suddenly so uncomfortable around her friends. It didn't seem natural. She sighed and pulled her pack to her, noticing a letter attatched to it. She sighed again and opened it, finding her schedual.

Intermediate Training Tactics
Intermediate Breeding Methods
Free Period
Pokemon Psychology
Pokemon Mythology
Intermediate Battle Skills

A decent enough schedual. She'd survive the year, anyways. She found herself looking downwards at nothing imparticular, noticing the scarring along her thighs from last year's... incidents. She sighed and wondered where Blaze was now...


I looked to Alec and sighed. "I can't eat anymore..." I whispered.

"It's fine," he said. "Don't push yourself."

I smiled greatfully, noticing a couple of envelopes get pushed under our door. Scheduals, apparantly. I picked them up and handed the one labeled "Alec" to it's respectable owner. Looking mine over, I was relatively pleased.

Intermediate Training Tactics
Intermediate Breeding Methods
Pokemon Mythology
Pokemon Psychology
Free Period
Intermediate Battle Skills

I read my schedual off to Alec, asking what his was. He, in return recited the following.

Physical Education
Free Period
Advanced Training Tactics
Free Period
Intermediate Breeding Skills
Advanced Battle Skills
Emergency First Aid

He seemed pleased with his schedual as well.

OOC: Dark Draco, you're in, but please put a FULL SPACE between your paragraphs. Makes things easier to read.

Xanter, your RP sample was not up to my par. I'm sorry, but I can't let you in to this RP.

August 8th, 2005, 11:50 AM
"Hope you've exercised enough for a bit, you two, 'cause I'd better be getting my class schedule now."

Scyther and Gyarados turned toward their trainer, glanced at one another, then nodded in agreement.

"Alright, then." Rian raised two Pokeballs, recalling his Pokemon. Then, attaching the Pokeballs to his belt, the male turned and started toward his dormitory room.


Moving off the last step onto the fourth floor platform, Rian swung open the wooden door that divided the stairs and the main part of the floor. Closing the door behind him as he entered the hall, the trainer started toward room 410. As he approached his room, Rian removed his key from his pocket and paused, knocking at the door to verify his presence.

August 8th, 2005, 12:38 PM
Lyst headed toward the end of the hall, noticing a door that was half open. Gee that's obvious. He thought to himself. He pused it open the rest of the way and started up the steps toward the roof.

" I hope Youkai is behaving himself." He chimed happily. The young man pushed open the door to the roof, sunlight blinding him temporarily. It was getting late, the perfect time. Rei had always loved the evening. She used to say it was the time when the day knew it was going to die and so it put on a final show to the world.

He found himself smiling again as he stepped on to the roof, his eyes drawn uncontrollabley to the sky. Lyst spotted the trio of pokemon on the edge of the roof, snowflakes falling from the attacks that they used. He pulled out two peices of string from his pocket, tossing one to Yikari.

" Let's tie this to the railing. Then we need to get someone's attintion." He said, smiling despite his feelings. Rei always loved the snow. He tied his end tightly to the railing, making sure it was perfect.

Alter Ego
August 8th, 2005, 12:42 PM
"Looks like it." Yikari replied, seeing the three pokmon busy at work.

Noticing the distant smile on Lyst's face when he gave the instructions, and the boy's carefulness in tieing the knot, Yikari did his best too. Soon securing the other end with a firm knot.

"Well." he said, pleased with the results of his labours "Getting people's attention should be the easier part, right?"

Dark Draco
August 8th, 2005, 3:04 PM
OOC: No problem Phantom Mew, must have screwed up when i pasted it from Word

IC: Bane walked into the school with his shoulder bag on his right and headed for the main office. Encountering no one, he signed himself in on the sign-in board and found his schedule in the 'schedules' box for late joiners.

"This looks like an interesting set-up" Bane muttered to himself. His schedule read:

1) Basic Battle Skills
2) Basic Breeding
3) Pokemon Mythology
4) Lunch
5) Basic Training Tactics
6) Free Period
7) Physical Education
8) Wilderness Survival

Why did they put my spare in between two periods? Why couldn't they have put it last or first period? Oh well. Bane thought to himself. Just then, the secretary came in.

"Oh, I didn't know someone had come in. What's your name and what room are you in?" she asked.

"I'm Bane Draconus and I'm staying in room #102. I've already signed in and grabbed my schedule, I just need my key now." Bane replied rather impatiently.

"Okay, here's your key then Bane. Have a nice day." she held out the key to Bane. Bane snatched it and walked off to his room without another word.


Bane opened the door to his room and took over the bed by the window(A or B?). Bane unpacked his room stuff and Gamecube, and then replaced it with pokemeds, like Potions, Atidotes, etc., and his laptop.

(edited, no problem Phantom Mew, I'll try to remember past tense as opposed to present)

August 8th, 2005, 3:27 PM
A dark grin lit Lyst's face as he looked down at the snow that was piling up on the front yard. His mind rushed with possibilites. Which one should we use? He pondered happily.

" We had best get downstairs my friends, wouldn't want anyone to know it's us yes?" He chuckled happily. Since everyone was at dinner things were working out perfectly.

" Jet, could you give us a lift please?" He asked the Dragonair. She nodded enthusiastically." Hang onto me Yika! You don't wanna fall!"

Lyst grabbed Yikari By the arm as Jet snatched up Spark in her mouth. Lyst then wrapped his free arm around Jet's body, the dragon lifting into the air. Youkai bounded down the steps quickly as the dragonair flew down toward the side of the building where Lyst's window was. When the were close enough Lyst swung Yikari toward the window, hoping the boy would get the idea.

August 8th, 2005, 5:09 PM
OOC: Dark Draco, try to type in the past tense. Read my next post if you don't quite understand. Again, just for the aid of reading and understanding.

BIC: Nat sighed as Ruby and Fang appeared at her side, carrying a smoothie. Nat looked at it dubiously, seeing the pleading look in Ruby's eyes. Nat knew she hadn't been eating much since her Uncle had gotten sick. She took the strawberry smoothie from her Raichu, stirring the whipped cream into the icy pink mixture absently, staring off at the empty seats around her, pretty much dead to the world.

Fang shot a glance at Ruby. Ruby understood, worried as well. It had been ages since Nat had actually taken time to train either of them, let alone any of the other Pokemon on her belt.

August 8th, 2005, 6:39 PM
Noah looked around, watching everyone stare eagerly at their Schedule.

'Hmm... I wonder what I have...' He asked himself out-loud, watching Princess, still very alert after the events that had just ocurred.

'Gee I hate to come here for just a minute and leave, but I think I'll go to my room and get my schedule for a second... I'll be back in like--not even a minute, 'kay?' He said, giving Princess a reassuring look, leaving her with Anna again.

* * *

Period 1 Breeding Methods
Period 2 Battle Skills
Period 3 Free Period
Period 4 Training Tactics
Period 5 Pokemon Appeal/Contests
Period 6 Pokemon Mythology
Period 7 Physical Education

'Cool,' he stated happily, feeling fairly satisfied with his Schedule. With that, he made his way down the hallway, on his way back to the Dining Hall.

August 8th, 2005, 7:03 PM
I almost forgot. I had to look over my schedule to know which classes I will be attending to. I dug into my pocket and pulled out a generic piece of typing paper. The letters where written in Arial, making it easier to read since I had trouble in read and such. I unfolded the paper and glanced upon the schedule.

Period 1 Basic Battle Skills
Period 2 Emergency First Aid
Period 3 Pokemon Mythology
Period 4 Free Period
Period 5 Basic Training Tactics
Period 6 Free Period
Period 7 Wilderness Survival

"Hmm ... not bad. I can get used to this," I replied quietly. I wrapped schedule into a small square. I also noticed that I had Emergency First Aid class. Last year, that class brought my grades too low, causing me to almost fail the school year.

I began studying after that more, not wanting to disappoint myself and my pokemon.

Alter Ego
August 9th, 2005, 12:20 AM
Yikari didn't have too much trouble guessing Lyst's intent, he swung himself a bit more towards the window and released his grip, landing inside with only a small amount staggering. He decided to vacate the spot near the window.

Meanwhile, tucked away in Jet's mouth Spark didn't find this flight quite as enjoyable as the first, but decided to keep quiet seeing as how it wouldn't be good for him if Jet would try to answer any inquiries.

August 9th, 2005, 12:30 AM
Lyst followed Yikari through the window and landed in a crouch, his knees aching from the strain. It had certainly been a while since his last estravagant ruse. Jet flew inside shortly after and placed Spark on the floor gently. She flashed him an apologenic look.

" Right then. Jet I have one last thing to ask of you my friend but I am afraid you will have to depart rather quickly after that." Lyst stated as he stood with a groan. The dragonair nodded in understanding. She nuzzled Spark goodbye as Youkai trotted inside the room.

" Ah Youkai! Right on time!" Lyst beamed. The dog bounded up onto the vacant bed without so much as a glance at Jet. The dragonair meerly smiled knowingly.

[ Goodbye Youkai! I hope to see you soon!] She chimed brightly before turning to Yikari. The dragonair nuzzled him lightly then pulled away to give the same fare well to Lyst. Lyst handed her a small package which she took happily.

" I take it you remember what this does?" He asked with a grin. Jet nodded entusiastically and flew outside. " Why don't we head down to dinner? I'm starved!"

Youkai rolled his eyes at his master's short attintion span and followed the young man out of the room.

Alter Ego
August 9th, 2005, 12:35 AM
[Goodbye!] Spark called, still feeling guilty for his previous rudness, as Jet left through the window, the Vulpix turned to Youkai. [Why didn't you say anything to her?] he asked in a slightly accusing tone [She's your friend, isn't she?]

At Lyst's comment Yikari's stomach, which had this far been kept silent by the excitement, agreed full-heartedly.

"That makes two of us." Yikari replied, stretching his arms out a bit. "Come on, Spark."

The Vulpix shot one last curious glance at the Houndoom before following the others out of the room.

August 9th, 2005, 12:42 AM
Youkai ignored the vulpix easily, hiding hisdark look at the window from the others. Lyst hummed happily as they made their way down the hall.

" la la la I love food!!" He sang with a laugh.

[ you are such an idiot sometimes...I hope you know that...] Youkai growled dully at Lyst.

" Take's one to know one!!" Lyst sang in reply. Jet made her way to the roof with a squeal. She tossed the small package into the air as her horn began to glow faintly. A hyper beam shot from her a few seconds later and engulfed the package. The shockwave from her attack knocked her back, but the dragonair had expected this.

Quickly she flew upward, away from the package. Suddenly sparks egnighted about it, sending off a loud boom that echoed throughout the campus. Even the building shook slightly from the sound.

Lyst snickered evily in satisfaction and moved faster down the hall/

Alter Ego
August 9th, 2005, 12:46 AM
Yikari grinned at hearing Lyst's side of the conversation with Youkai. It wasn't too hard to guess what the other party had said.

"Whoa." Yikari paused for a bit as the tremor shook the corridor around him. Now that's bound to spark some attention.

Noticing that Lyst picked up the pace he decided to do the same, not wanting to be left behind.

Spark kept watching Youkai intently as they travelled down the hall. That dog was hiding something, and he'd be buggered if he didn't find out what.

August 9th, 2005, 12:57 AM
" What was that noise!?" Lyst exclaimed in a frantic voice as he moved past several students. Suddenly a familiar face rounded on him.

" You! Ikikara!" The senior from earlier yelled, moving into Lyst and Yikari's path.

" Oh! Sempai! Do you know what is going on outside?" He asked in confusion.

" No but I have a good feeling that you do!" The senior growled, fixing Lyst with a glare. Lyst did not faulter, knowing that the young man wouldn't be able to hurt him anyway.

" I am afraid that once again you are speaking to the wrong peson Sempai..." He sighed sadly. Youkai growled lowly at the senior, causeing the boy to cast a vary look at him.

" What about you!?" The senior asked fixing Yikari with the same suspicious look. Lyst stood up on his tip toes and made rather rude faces behind the senior's back. He pulled back his nose in a pig like manor while moving his mouth to what the boy was saying. The Benior looked back at Lyst dangerously only to find the boy looking at the floor innocently. He glared at him a moment longer before returning his eyes to Yikari. This only caused Lyst to make another amusing face behind the senior.

Alter Ego
August 9th, 2005, 1:28 AM
Yikari stiffled a chuckle at Lyst's little charades, reminding himself to keep an honest face when he was adressed, although he took his chance when the boy turned around.

" What about you!?" The senior asked fixing Yikari with the same suspicious look.

"Me?" Yikari asked, putting on a saintly face as he saw Spark do the same on the floor beside him "I would never commit such a reckless and irresponsible act. And I am deeply hurt that you would even consider such a thing." Yikari's inner-self was shaking with laughter at Lyst's gestures but Yikari maintained his poker-face, giving the senior student an extremly hurt look, locking his dark blue eyes into his. He had always had a knack for putting on the helpless puppy-dog look, and this talent had been honed under Hibiki's supervision.

August 9th, 2005, 1:40 AM
Lyst silently applauded Yikari behind the senior then gave his the thumbs up.

" I am sorry Sempai, but Yikari and I are very hungry and we need to get to dinner!" Lyst stated, moving past the boy without so much as a second look.

" Remember Ikikara! If I find out that you had anything to do with this you are in trouble!!" The senior yelled.

" Yes captain! I understand you loud and clear!" Lyst replied, saluting the boy before turning away. Youaki snikkered lightly and followed after Lyst. Lyst smiled when he looked outside a nearby window. Students were already outside looking up at the still falling snow and the banner.

" I have to say Yikari, you and I make a wonderfull devious team. Friends?" Lyst asked with a smile. He held out his hand to Yikari flashing him a genuine smile that lit up his entire face. Even Youkai appeared startled by his master's look. He hadn't seen Lyst smile like that for an entire year.

Alter Ego
August 9th, 2005, 1:48 AM
Puppy-dog eyes always do the trick. Yikari thought, seeing that the senior couldn't comment and that Lyst approved of his charade, he felt a sense of pride in that someone as talented as this boy would approve of his skills.

"Friends." Yikari replied, returning the handshake happily. The same thought had been in the back of his head but he had been afraid to express it. "After all." he added in a slightly lower voice so the senior student wouldn't hear "Hibiki always said that the best kind of friend is a shameless liar."

[What's the matter?] Spark asked Youkai, watching the Houndoom's expression curiously. [Haven't you ever seen your master smile before?] The Vulpix was also fairly pleased with this arrangement since it meant that he would have even more opportunities to pester Youkai with his questions.

August 9th, 2005, 1:59 AM
" haha! I would have liked to have met your brother!" Lyst replied. Youaki looked down at the vulpix for a moment before decideing to give in to the insisting ideas in his mind. After all he was Lyst's pokemon. The large dog sat down on Sparks without a word, hoping he would crush the little fox.

" Youkai! Get up!" Lyst laughed, knowing that the dog wouldn't actually hurt Sparks. He just didn't want to deal with an angry vulpix. Youkai looked up at Lyst as though he had no idea about what the boy was saying. Lyst sighed in annoyance.

" You know he's gunna get mad and bite you or something..." Lyst stated dully. Youkai snorted in reply.

"all well suit yourself, but I am going to go get food..." Lyst said. Youkai weighed his options in his mind. Torture the vulpix, eat food. Torture the vulpix, eat food.

Alter Ego
August 9th, 2005, 2:07 AM
Yikari nodded, picturing his brother's reaction "Yeah, I think you two would have liked each other." he said "But I also think that todays acts have served his memory well."

[Oy! Get off!] Spark exclaimed, slipping out from under the Houndoom's bulk with a Quick Attack. [I'll get you for that.] he said with a malicious glare, before following after Yikari. [In fact...] he continued, turning around [I think I'll do it right now.], making sure that neither trainer was watching the fox shot a confuse ray at Youkai and grinned wickedly. There was no way to prove this ray's influence afterwards, but its effects were plain to see.

"Come on you two." Yikari called without turning around, "Quit lagging behind!". Spark gave a happy "vul" and followed his trainer cheerfully. Erasing the previous grin completely.

August 9th, 2005, 2:19 AM
Youkai blinked at the three blobs in front of him in confusion.

[ what the?] He growled, shaking his head. [ Lyst?]

" Hmm?" Lyst glanced back at Youkai curiously as the houndoom stumbled forward. Youkai bounced off of a nearby wall with a growl.

[ Who put that Snorlax there!?" He snarled angrily. The ground spun beneath his feet as he tried to move forward. Lyst was begining to grow worried.

" hmm...you didn't eat anything bad did you?" Lyst asked dully. Youkai looked toward the voice.

[ ARGH! The voices!! They are back!!] he barked, backing away. The dog howled angrily and lunged forward in an attempt to fight off the voices. Unfortunately he was headed straight for Yikari. Lyst pushed the long haired boy aside quickly, raising his left arm in front of himself. Youkai opened his jaws wide and Lyst braced himself for what he knew was coming. In a last effort to stop the dog he pulled back his sleeve, reveiling the wicked scar that it had hidden.

[ No!] Youkai howled, pulling back. Instead of biting Lyst, he ended up tackling him to the ground. The dog stared at Lyst's arm in shock.

" I think you need to rest awhile..." Lyst murmured softly and pulled out a ultra ball from his pocket. The houndoom disappeared into the depths of it in a flash of red. With a sigh Lyst pushed himself to his feet.

" Sorry about that!" Lyst said to Yikari, before moving toward the caffeteria.

Alter Ego
August 9th, 2005, 2:24 AM
"That's alright..." Yikari replied weakly, gathering his composure. "I wonder what went into him?"

Spark maintained an innocently confused expression, although he felt slightly guilty about his trick now. He had only wanted the Houndoom to stumble about a bit, make a fool of himself, not actually try to hurt somebody.

"Something the matter, Spark?" Yikari asked, watching the Vulpix in concern. He wasn't going to go crazy too, was he?

"Vul..." Spark replied with a shrug.

"Well...okay then." Yikari said, throwing concerned glances at his pokmon as he followed Lyst into the cafeteria.

August 10th, 2005, 9:13 AM
I looked to Alec and yawned. "It's getting late, you think we should turn in?"

Alec smiled. "Probably," he laughed.

Dancelle smiled at the pair of us, glad that I had finally made a friend.


Nat sat and continued stirring her smoothie. She shoved it away from herself, sighing as she rose. Ruby and Fang leapt to their feet, following her. Nat headed outside, walking across the grounds She pulled herself up into a tree, leaning against the trunk and letting her legs dangle. Moonlight reflected off of her scarred legs.

She let a couple of tears loose. Where WAS Blaze, how was her uncle doing now, why was she in such a slump? Questions floated around her mind, the answers eluding her grasp as she looked up at the stars from her leafy perch.

August 11th, 2005, 8:25 AM
Here's mine-



Age/Grade/Room #:11/???(you pick)/#102

Physical Appearance:She has Long,Stright,Blond Hair.She also has a blue kimono with a eye on the back thats purple.

Personality:She's smart and friendly.She's the only Psychic Trainer and Trainer(for now) in her family.She is on Team Psychic(Good Team).She is dealing with asthma and ???(a bumpy chin).Her first pokemon was an Eevee(Now Espeon).She knows alot about pokemon.

Pokemon:Espeon,Eevee(evolves in 1 week),Ralts,and Abra.If I'm only suppoesed to have 2 it'll be Espeon and Abra.

RPG sample:*Mom found her in the backyard,playing with her poke'mon.*
Mom:You got a letter from this strange acdamy.*Ashleigh read the letter*.
Ashleigh:Yes they accepted me.*Ashleigh rushes in to get ready*.
~2 hrs. later~
*Ashleigh was all settaled in room 102 and ready for tommorow,her first day of school.*
Ashleigh:At least it will be easer to study and do homework for now.

August 11th, 2005, 12:53 PM
OOC: *gasp* it's dying!! that's no good... Maybe we should start a fresh day soon?

IC: Noah sighed, staring at his schedule, walking into the dining Hall.

'y'know... I think I'm guna skip dinner tonight... I'll talk to you and Nat about what happened tomorrow...' He said with another sigh, waving Princess over to him. She smiled back to Sparkle and Leo, then made her way to the room with Noah.

August 11th, 2005, 4:48 PM
OOC: Latias fan, no entry. Your RP sample is far from my par. I'm sorry.

And RT, I think that's a good idea. *starts new day*

By the by, I'm switching to all third-person again... first is getting too confusing with the multitude of RPs I'm in. :P

BIC: Kat fell asleep quickly, snuggling into her red comforter.

As she awoke, she noticed that Alec was still asleep. She smiled over at him, turning away before he caught her smile. She sat up silently, shaking Dancelle awake. The Kirlia yawned rather noisilly, and Kat flinched, looking over to Alec, hoping Dancelle hadn't woken him.


Nat woke with a shock. She was still in the tree! After nearly falling out, she managed to regain her balance and climb down. She stretched, cramped from falling asleep like she had. Ruby and Fang laughed at her as she stretched, and Nat shot them both rather contemptuous glances.

Looking at her watch, Nat was relieved to see she still had time for breakfast before getting ready for class.

August 11th, 2005, 5:06 PM
OOC: Sorry for the delays in my post, but I've been overworked recently. Now, I'm going to use an RPing techniquem I invented three minutes ago! =p

IC: I was yawning slightly, having gotten up much to early, and got out of my room with stealth. Soon enough though, the "janitor" came by, and stopped sweeping, leaning up against the wall next to me. "Well, miss Mercili, are you settled in all right." He said, and I immidiately responded with "Yes, I am. Everything is going fine, and I assure you I'll make my report on time. But I advise you not to contact me again. Maybe it's different with you adults, but students don't tpically asscociate with janitors." I said, and promptly got to my feet, and began to walk down the corridor, muttering to myself about imbeciles...

August 11th, 2005, 5:14 PM
Noah opened his eyes slowly, finding himself in his bed... What else was there to expect? He slowly crawled out of bed, careful not to step on Princess or Vulpix, finding them asleep on some pillows that were set on the ground. He walked over to the mirror, rubbing his eyes as he looked into it, still feeling very tired. After a few moments had passed, it seemed like the most obvious thing to do would be to take a shower, so he made his way to the bathroom with some clothes and a towel over his arm.

* * *

Noah made his way back to the bedroom, feeling much more refreshed. He looked back into the mirror, trying to create a 'before and after' moment for himself, finding himself in a pair of black jeans held up by a black belt, a fitted black shirt, and a red leather jacket that was cut right above the waist. After fiddling with his hair for a bit until he'd reached satisfaction, he sat back down on the bed, took a look at the 2 pictures on his nightstand, and then at his schedule.

Period 1 Breeding Methods
Period 2 Battle Skills
Period 3 Free Period
Period 4 Training Tactics
Period 5 Pokemon Appeal/Contests
Period 6 Pokemon Mythology
Period 7 Physical Education

Then packed appropriately for each of the classes. Considering it was the first day back, they probably wouldn't be doing much... Or at least he hoped. Once he was fully prepared, he nudged Princess, and recalled Vulpix to her pokeball. Princess managed to roll off the pillow, 2-inch drop seeming to be more of a wake-up than the nudge. She quickly shook off the shock, then sprinted to Noah's side, still a bit groggy.

After finding his way to the Dining room once again, his duffle-bag over his shoulder, Noah found a table and took a seat, waiting for a few more people to arrive before grabbing any breakfast.

August 11th, 2005, 5:29 PM
Nat raced back up to her room, seeing her room mate asleep. It was a he, something she was totally unprepared for. Biting back a small shriek, Nat grabbed a pair of jean shorts and a light pink tank top. She bounded noiselessly into the bathroom, making sure the door was locked behind her before stripping down and showering.

After her shower, she toweled off and dressed, slapping some mousse through her hair. Once the curls met her satisfaction, she applied her minimal amounts of make-up and packed for the day. She slung her bag over her shoulder and scooted from her room, heading to the dining hall.

She found it almost empty, save Noah and a few students she didn't know. She walked over to Noah and smiled. "Hey!" she said softly, but brightly. The bags under her eyes didn't do much for her appearance. Sleeping in a tree was never a good idea, and now she knew from personal experience.

August 11th, 2005, 5:39 PM
Noah noticed Nat walk in, greeting him with a cheerful 'hey'. He smiled happily, quickly standing up, and running to the counter to get some food.

'Hey... 'Kay, now that someone else is here, would you like to accompany me to get some food? I'm STARVING!!' He growled, knowing that skipping dinner last night wasn't a good idea. Princess giggled with satisfaction, seeing Noah act more like himself. She greeted Nat with a wave, jumping into her arms. She always loved being with people, no matter who it was.

August 11th, 2005, 5:50 PM
I blinked as I walked into the dining hall, stifling another yawn. This wasn't vanity, but simple fact was that I was one of those few people who managed to look good no matter what the situation, or state I was in. I noticed that there were a few other students in there besides me, but not many yet. I shrugged, trying to recall my acting classes. After all, I wouldn't mingle well glaring at people. Even my attire had changed to suit my new self, as I was wearing a pink tube top that fit my form very flatteringly, and a pair of faded jeans which did as well. I had thought about changing my hair color too, but that was too much to ask of me, from ANYONE...

August 11th, 2005, 5:55 PM
Nat hugged Princess to her, giggling at Noah. "Sure," she said, heading up to the counter with him and grabbing herself a fruit salad. She had never been much of a breakfast person.

"Sleep well?" Nat asked with a hint of laughter in her voice, more because she hadn't than anything.

It was then that Nat noticed a good-looking girl saunter into the Dining Hall. Just seeing her sent waves of self-consiousness through Nat, and she felt her stomach clench a bit. Nat resisted the urge to look down at the scars covering her thighs, but instead settled for shifting Princess so she could better hang on to her fruit salad.

August 11th, 2005, 6:07 PM
Noah nodded, filling his plate with as many pancakes he could possibly fit onto it, taking a fruit salad from where Nat had gotten hers, just for good measure.

'Yeah, I slept well... You?' He asked, putting his stuff onto the table, finding it a bit difficult to carry with his bag. It wasn't long before he noticed a very good-looking girl walk into the Dining Hall. He leaned over to Nat,

'Do you know her?' He asked, with a bit of curiosity. Princess sighed, shaking her head back and forth to Nat, looking up to her.

'Whaaa - she looks like... She could use some friends!' He said, now trying to save himself from the embarassment he was definitely going to run into.

August 11th, 2005, 6:11 PM
Nat flinched visibly. "I don't know her," I said cooly. "She looks totally plastic," I muttered to Princess and Ruby, who seemed to be sharing the ideas.

With a serious attempt to change the subject as they sat down, Nat went back to Noah's question. "I slept as well as one can when they fall asleep in a tree," she laughed, watching the new girl out of the corner of her eye. With her luck, the girl would come and sit with them.

August 11th, 2005, 6:26 PM
"Hi there." I said in a cheerful tone, walking over to two students who seemed to be talking about me, a girl with curly, black hair, and a boy who seemed to have purple hair. I sat down next to them, not really hungry. I wasn't much of a morning person, to be honest. "My name's Adrianna." I hadn't seen much of them before, and that suprised me, since I had tried to recognize most students by sight...

August 11th, 2005, 6:31 PM
Nat deeply resisted the urge to glare at the newcomer. "My name's Nat," she said calmly, keeping her focus on making her tone free of ice. She motioned to the Raichu and Houndoom beside her. "And this is Ruby, and this is Fang," she said, actually sounding cheery as she slid her chair under the table, hiding her scars from view.

August 11th, 2005, 6:56 PM
I slowly stretched as I awoke, becoming aware of each muscle in my lean frame as I shook the haze of sleep from my mind. Looking over, I grinned and said to Kat, "G'mornin', dearie. You ready for today?" I tossed my bedclothes aside and stood, still fully clothed. My grin widened, eyes still fixed on Kat as as said, "Y'know, I'm not gonna sleep like this every night."

I stretched again, before kneeling and letting my eyes flutter shut, back straight. My breathing slowed naturally as I began to focus my attention on it. Before I was too deep in, I asked Kat, "Do you mind I I meditate a little?"

August 11th, 2005, 7:02 PM
Slightly pertubed and red-cheeked, Kat shook her head. "Not at all," she said, walking to her closet and pulling out a pair of baggy jeans and a loose, red longsleeved tee. She kept jer gaze off Alec as she went into the bathroom and showered. She brushed out her long, black hair, letting it cascade down to the middle of her back. She pulled on her clothes and belted her pants to keep them from falling to her knees.

Kat went back to her bed and sat down, pulling items into her bag for the classes she would be having today. She kept quiet, not wanting to disturb Alec.

August 11th, 2005, 7:13 PM
I nodded. "I have two pokemon, a dratini and a metang too, but they didn't really like any nickname's I could think of-" I said, sounding cheerful, until my cell phone rang. I picked it up, but before I could speak, a low quality line was activated, and a masked voice said "There's to be an attack, I advise you to get to safetey immidiately, miss Addriana, as there's no telling what can occur in the heat of battle." My complexion became even paler as the line cut off. "Oh no..." I said breathlessly. I had no idea they were actually going to try to *ATTACK* the school. I immidiately turned to who I considered my two newest "friends." Nat in paticular. "There's, ah, a bit of a... Problem." I said, unsure of how I could warn them without giving away my secret...

August 11th, 2005, 7:15 PM
Nat raised an eyebrow. "Problem, eh?" she said, looking skeptically to Noah. She didn't trust this... Adrianna.

Then again, she was probably just jealous. Biting back a string of comments and ignoring the egging-on from Fang, Nat looked at the girl. "Anything I can do?"

August 11th, 2005, 7:22 PM
"Find somewhere to hide." I said, standingup, and beginning to look around, any trace of cheerfulness gone, replaced by determination, and a professional air. "Team rocket is coming." I said, immidiately releasing my pokemon. "Listen, don't ask me how I know, but we do. They said somehting about an attack, and we need to get somewhere safe."

August 11th, 2005, 9:47 PM
The rain was dreadful as it poured down from the dark, cloudy skies. Heavy drops of liquid splashed onto puddles, scattered everywhere on the driveway. It was a bit windy too. The impact of the winds pressing against my face wasn't irritating me, but it caused me to squint my eyes. My shoes were caked with dry mud from running out of the shivering rain. My parents were supposed to attend my 6th Birthday party, but didn't come, they promised they would have came.

Houndour attempted to cheer me up by licking my face with it's soft, slippery tongue. I just sat there motionlessly, holding my pale face with my two wet hands. They were never there to celebrate, always attending their meetings and such. Houndour gave up on hope of making me happy and walked back inside the House.

Suddenly, I noticed a pair of two brilliant lights go through the gate. My eyes lit up, and a hopeful smile curved upon my face as I rushed to the front of the house. I knew it was my parents. They drove a Mercedes-Benz, with a solid paint of black and polished finely. Even though it was coming through this direction, it didn't seem like it was slowing down. Actually, it appeared to be picking up acceleration. My once cheerful face quickly turned into fear. I couldn't move, paralyzed with fear as the car began to skid towards me, trying to cease to a halt, but it was too late as the car...

I woke up, in a cold swat. I began to breath heavily, clenching my hand onto my heart and slowly began to calm down. I never wanted to remember that dreadful day when I had my accident. I gave out a low yawn as I stood up from my bed. My face was still quite pale from the last scene. I was about to go take my usual mourning shower, until I recognized an unfamiliar scent in the air. I was interrupted when I heard my cell phone create a small beep. I rushed to my cellphone and flipped it open, noticing I have a message.

" Yo Darin! This is Jeremy! Remember when I drove recklessly yesterday? Well,... I got ticketed and do you mind if I borrow a couple of dollars from you? Call me back.

Sighing, I deleted the pointless message and arched the phone on top of a drawer. I then paused, remembering that fragrance. I walked slowly, and somewhat cautiously to the restroom. Turning on the pearl white faucet, I slowly began to take my shower.

Finally done with my shower, I slipped into a pair of white, long cargo pants and an ordinary white T-shirt. My theme was now white and blue, so I took out my pair of Full White Nike Air Force One's, A stab of blue was on the heel, giving it a better look with the sky blue laces. I attached my Rolex watch onto my wrist and strapped a chain around my neck. I snatched my cellphone and slung the strap over my shoulder, containing the required contents for my classes. I left the room and locked the room shut, hopping Breakfast didn't ended yet.

August 11th, 2005, 9:57 PM
OOC: LOL Another flashback, thank GOODNESS I've got it all in one of my previous posts from a previous year, I just beefed it up a bit, and edited it so that it made more sense (putting together years that were cut short, changing names etc... Actually I think that's all I did >_>) =D IMO, it's worth reading, and it's got a lot of cool history!!

IC: The mention of 'Team Rocket' brought back countless memories, none of which were good... The first year of Noah's stay at the academy resulted in the school shutting down for a period of time, and it wasn't something he wanted to happen again.

Well, Its a complicated story, but Ill try to explain it
What happened was Well, it was in the first couple of weeks of school So, its first thing in the morning, and everybody in the hall hears a big commotion going on. Fox, my room mate - and brother, came out into the living room-back then, the dorms were much larger The night before, Anna came to our dorm to watch a movie, and by the time it had finished, it was really late, so she stayed in our dorm to prevent her from being caught by the admin ANYWAYS-back to the incident. The three of us were questioning what had happened, so we walked outside, and everybody was standing outside the dorm of a person named T.K. The three of us joined them, not having any idea of what had happened. One of our teachers immediately cleared us all away, and brought us back to our dorms He sort of singled out Anna because she was the only girl in the hall, all the other girls were still asleep on their side of the school, so since then, they had never gotten along, he couldnt punish her because he didnt have proof of anything happening, and people were free to roam around the school in the morning. Well, we were all brought back to our dorms, and we heard the principal on the P.A. say that there werent going to be any classes soon after. Obviously we were all pretty happy, but what couldve happened that was serious enough to cancel classes, right? Well, we found out later that Pixie-T.Ks Vulpix, had been Uhh Well, killed. Apparently, it was pretty evident that it was intentional, none of us knew why though Back then, Team Aqua and Magma were just coming out of their shell, so there was a huge rumor that one of the students were drafted with them. Since then, T.K. kinda lost his marbles Noah put off a little chuckle, trying to lighten the atmosphere.

He vowed to get his revenge on whoever did that to Pixie, and before the next day, he was gone. Obviously, everyone wanted their share of the 15 minutes of fame, so one after another, students began to form groups, and travel to find T.K... Nikki and Hope would always stick together... And then Anna, Fox, and myself went together too... But eventually we got split, and I found myself travelling with Jenna... The teachers didnt allow that at all, but its not like they couldve done anything to physically stop us, right? Within the following week, most of the students had already left, and the Academy was getting a ton of threatening messages from anonymous organizations, so they had to shut down the school until Well, now! Trying not to go into any deeper details, he stopped there, and watched the faces of Nat and Skye to see their reactions.

* * *

"Hi..." Nat greeted, obviously uncomfortable by the way she toyed with her ribbon bracelet.

She sighed as she heard Fang munching happily under the table. "Look, Noah. Did I do something wrong? You've been acting so strangly lately... Especially around me..." she blurted out, unable to keep it in any longer.

Hearing Nat add 'especially around me' to her statement made Ali feel some-what unsettle, which reminded Vulpix of the conversation she heard Ali and Anna have. She quickly made her way to Fang, explaining what had happened in the cafe the previous evening.

"Uh-well... Actually, it has more to do with Sean... I heard you guys talking at lunch, and... I'm kinda confused..." He hoped that she would fill in the rest, but he decided to add,

"What about Blaze?" Meanwhile, Vulpix was barking rapidly, explaining to Fang that Anna had been attacked by Team Magma over the summer, and that there was an implication of previous contact within their conversation. She then referred to Noah's long-term absences since the get-together with Nat. Princess tried listening from the top of the table, but was barely able to hear soft murmurs.

Noah pierced directly into the eyes of Princess with his own, knowing she knew what he was thinking, after having experienced everything since the first year. He didn't want to believe it, but there was a great chance that everything that was happening from the first year up until now could have to do with the same thing... And to think it all started with one child's Vulpix...

August 12th, 2005, 8:02 AM
OOC: Gahh... I'm now lost.. I gotta learn to keep up with this.. xD!

Anna grumbled as she raced down the halls into the dining room, not wanting to miss breakfast. She suddenly came to a halt as she entered the room, looking in the direction of Noah and Nat, and another person. Something was wrong, or rather something was going to go wrong. It wasn't even her psychic part that senced this, it was just her being her, her being a good friend. She walked over to her friends at a quickened pace and smiled slightly as she appeared.

"Morning," she said. "What's up?"

August 12th, 2005, 8:47 AM
I only had a few minutes, but those few minutes helpd immensely, I found myself centered in the world again. My eyes fluttered back open and I hopped to my feet, smiling sodtly at Kat as I said, "One more thing to do before classes. You can tag along if you want, but I need to go and do some training, mmm?" I reached into my bag and rummaged around, before finding what I was looking for with an, "Ah! Gotcha, 'ya little devil."

I pulled the item out of my bag, refealing a small knife, six inches long, handle included. It was a kunai, one of many I had packed. I walked it across my fingers with practiced ease before spinning it around and tucking it up my sleeve.

August 12th, 2005, 9:12 AM
Kat's eyes widened as he pulled out the weapon. She looked at him curiously, pulling Dancelle into her arms. "Certainly," Kat said gently, slipping off the bed. "I don't have anything better to do before class, and it's apparant that I won't be eating breakfast."

Dancelle shuddered as Kat mentioned not eating breakfast. The Kirlia got the feeling that Kat wouldn't be eating at all today after what happened last night.


Nat looked at Noah curiously, rising and finding Ruby and Fang standing beside her protectively. A look of determination entered her eyes as she looked at Adrianna.

"I will not run away from Team Rocket," she whispered in a hard tone. Not after all that had happened, after all she and her friends had been put through because of the Teams.

"Up for a battle?" she asked Noah, hoping he would come along. After all, surely he wanted some sort of revenge as well.

August 12th, 2005, 9:14 AM
OOC: Er, I feel incredibly out of synch with this roleplay. Being such, I will most likely be posting here very little or not at all. My apologies.

August 12th, 2005, 9:20 AM
I laughed, noticing her eys and said, "Nothing like that. I just need the blade as a marker." I walked out of the room, trusting Kat to follow if she wished. I moved off to a secluded corner of the ground, to an immensely tall tree. Old scars were visible in the bark, leading up to two, maybe two and-a-half times my own height. I nodded, turning to Kat, smiling and saying, "This morning, I'll be climbing trees." With that, I turned back to the tree and began focusing my energies, my chakras in my feet.

Mist seemed to surround my ankles as I achieved my goal. I nodded, opening my eyes and stepping forward, I began to walk up the tree, parallel to the ground.

August 12th, 2005, 9:40 AM
Kat gasped and fell backwards, landing on her rear. What the heck was he doing? Dancelle merely looked impressed.

Not wanting to disturb him, less he topple out of the tree, Kat bit her tongue and kept quiet, settling for watching him.

August 12th, 2005, 9:49 AM
I felt my chakras begin to weaken, return to a more normal state. I slipped a little, hurridly flicking the kunai out and marking the trunk with it, about three feet above my previous highest mark. Before I lost control altogether, I pushed into the tree, then lept off of it, backflipping in midair to land lightly beside Kat. Supposedly, it looked rather odd, for someone of my frame to land so gracefully, almost without a sound. I gave both Kat and Dancelle a cockeyed grin, saying, "Like I said, climbing trees."

August 12th, 2005, 9:54 AM
Kat's eyes were still wide, looking at him curiously. "Sorry," she said with a little laugh. "but I didn't see you climb anything."

Dancelle giggled. He walked UP the tree!

Kat smiled at her Pokemon friend. Indeed he did. Rather interesting, isn't it? I wonder how he did it. She didn't bother keeping the mental link on a personal note, as she didn't think that anyone could intercept her thought.

August 12th, 2005, 10:12 AM
Unaware of the mental conversation, I laughed a little and flicked the knife up my sleeve, saying, "Fine. walked, climed, whatever. To me, it's just good training." I stopped for a moment, my features calming before I began my explanation, adding, "You see, I'm a student of ninjutsu. In combat, we use our chakras, our vital energis to aid us. In Western terms, chakras could be considered the soul, or spirit, but that's rather misleading. You could try and consider chakra life, undiluted by the flesh, but at the same time, an integral part of it."

I looked down at my feet for a moment, adding, "A disciplined mind can manipulate its chakras to do seemingly impossible things like," I broke off again, and grinned, continuing, "Walk up a tree. But it's good training in that the bottom of the foot is the hardest place to focus and control one's charkra. Frthermore, to much energy there, and you'll bounce off. Too little, and you fall off. It's an exercise in perfect, total control, the control you need in combat when you don't have time to stop and think abot all of this."

August 12th, 2005, 10:48 AM
Noah didn't say anything, almost positive that Princess and Vulpix weren't up to it... Then again, Princess hadn't battled at all since she'd evolved, and she did look much more determined. Princess jumped onto the table, barely dodging the plate covered in pancakes and maple syrup. She looked over to Nat with a determined look on her face, she was never able to prove to Noah that she was good enough to battle, any oppurtunity she had was a good one for her.

Seeing the look of determination in Princess, Noah finally agreed with a nod.

'I guess we should... Could I eat first though?' He playfully put on a disappointed face, looking at Nat, until he noticed Anna arrive, which is when he decided to straighten out.

"Morning," she said. "What's up?" Before Noah could ask if it was a good idea to tell her anything, Princess quickly blurted everything out to Leo and Sparkle, knowing that Anna would understand as well. with a cheeky expression, she stuck her tongue out at Noah, and then receeded onto all fours on the table.

August 12th, 2005, 10:59 AM
((Sorry Alter I didn't know what to type T_T Oh and Rai? Can I draw Noah?! PLEASE!!!!!???))

After He and Yikari had finally made it downstairs to dinner and he had started a snowball fight on the front lawn, the young man had retired to his room. He awoke with a yawn and stretched lazily.

" Alright Youkai, come on out.." Lyst stated, holding up the ball that held his partner. The dog leapt to the floor and looked up at Lyst apologentically.

" Don't worry about it! What was wrong with you anyway?" Lyst asked, and the Houndoom shook his head. But the dog did know, and he would get his revenge. Lyst looked over at the empty bunk across from him and sighed in disapointment. He stood and moved across the room to the bathroom and took a quick shower. He hummed happily as he dress in his clean white shirt and well wore jeans. He messed with his hair lazily then walked into the hall with Youkai right beside him.

" Let's go wake up Yikari!" He said with a laugh.

Alter Ego
August 12th, 2005, 11:04 AM
OOC: No problem, I was just afraid you'd forgotten about this one. ^_^ IC to follow possibly. Got to see if I can elude the parental patrol. :paranoid:

August 12th, 2005, 11:39 AM
I blinked, suprised. Normally, when people were told to run from team rocket, they did. "Fair enough." I said, with a waryness in my voice as I turned to my released pokemon. "You guys know what to do, ri-" But I was cut off as the doorway into the cafeteria exploded. There was no other word for it.I knew they would have come in many other ways, but it looked like the brunt of the force was coming through here. Tons of men were outside the doorway, with several viscious looking pokemon out. "Still don't want to run?" I asked, glowering at the forms in the doorway. I was beginning to regret what I had done at this point...

August 12th, 2005, 11:57 AM
Anna grinned slightly when she was asked if she was going to run.

"Me? Run from Team Rocket? Never...," she simply said looking down to her two pokemon who seemed to be ready for battle. Even she was taking a battle position, wanting to get into the action herself. She was part pokemon after all.

August 12th, 2005, 12:01 PM
Noah watched Anna jump into a ready stance, and held onto the pokeball of Vulpix. He probably wasn't going to send her into battle, but just incase, he wanted to be ready.

Princess quickly pounced to the front of Anna's feet, ready to battle for the first time in almost a year... It was only then that Noah started to see that he wasn't the only one that changed over the summer, Princess had too.

August 12th, 2005, 12:13 PM
I blinked, but stood back, and turned to metang. I was about to order him to attack, when one of the rockets spoke out, condemning me. "Miss Adrianna? What are you doing he-" He said, but was cut off as a large confusion attack from metang bounced off the invisible barrier they had errected in the doorway. ""Shut up" I shouted back, any traces of coldness gone from my voice. "It's enough that you threaten my family, but attack here? I've had enough." I said, but before I could order metang to attack again, a much larger psychic wave hit the barrier, and shattered it, sending the pokemon and people behind it flying back. I turned around in time to see an old man with gray hair, surrounded by several dangerous looking pokemon. A metagross, a nidoking, a raichu, a dragonite, a bright green scizor, and suprisingly, a Ludicolo. I recognized him as the Gym Leader teacher, mister Price. "Kids, I think there may be a little too many for me to handle, would you be willing to help?" He asked us, in a warm voice, though he was still glaring ice at the rockets re-assembling their forces behind the doorway.

August 12th, 2005, 12:19 PM
Noah nodded, but before he could say anything, Princess had already pounced onto the leg of the nearest rocket, trying to gnaw on his leg.

'Princess, I don't exactly think that's the best place to be in a situation like this... Use slam!' The unusually small Pikachu jumped off the Rocket grunt, and lowered her body to the floor, preparing to jump into anything that were to come close.

'I have a feeling that this isn't going to go too well...'

August 12th, 2005, 12:24 PM
I nodded, shouting for my pokemon to attack. They launched forward, doing their best to work on the rockets, but to be fair, we were a flea compared to mister price's pokemon. Metagross lunched forward with ludicolo on it's back, bashing into Rockets and their pokemon, as ludicolo sprayed the dark purplish-black ooze of toxic. Nidoking was doing as much damage, trashing around in the head of battle, with raichu perched on it's head, sending out electric shocks from the relative safetey of nidoking. Lastly, scizor hung back, obviously guarding us, and mister Price was on dragonite's back, directing the occasional hyper beam at the rockets. I could see why he had been a gym leader, I was amazed he hadn't been a part of the elite four. Still, the rockets here outnumbered us to such an extent, that I wondered that even with his help, if we were going to come out of this...

August 12th, 2005, 12:25 PM
Anna grinned, she missed seeing a good battle.

"Sparkle!", Anna cried, ready for battle now. "Thundershock!" "Leo! Use Psybeam!"

Sparkle and Leo raced forward and jumped into the air near a bunch of rockets and unleashed a powerful Thundershock and Psybeam attacks. Anna herself was holding back from joining in the battle herself, she was going to wait until she was really needed.

August 12th, 2005, 12:28 PM
OOC: 'Kay, so... Does anyone want to give a description of who and what we're actually battling, as opposed to 'a mob of Rocket members'? Just had to ask, lol

August 12th, 2005, 12:32 PM
OOC: I purposefully left that blank, I should have elaborated, sorry. From the "mob of rocket members" you can basically control who and what you're battling individually.

August 12th, 2005, 12:46 PM
OOC: Oh okay ^.^ That works out well, it would've taken a while to have one person controlling all the enemies -- why I avoid battling with other members in RPs, it always takes forever =\...

IC: 'Princess, use thunderbolt!' She gave Noah a quick glance, and with a nod, turned her head back to the Rocket that she'd been gnawing on, watching him throw out a pokeball.

'Go, Rhydon!' He called out, sending out a massive Rhydon. Princess' actions immediately came to a hault as she watched the Rhydon bend down to her height, mocking her with a grin playing upon his lips. He lifted his leg slowly, getting ready to use stomp, but Princess wasn't stupid.

She quickly skid to the side, and jumped onto Rhydon's stiff tail, running up his back and onto his head, grabbing onto his horn. His strength was evidently much more overpowering though, with the shake of his head, she found herself on her side on the floor, barely able to move.

'Princess!... I knew this was going to happen... Nothing's changed at all...' Noah shook his head from side to side in disappointment...