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Dragon Paw
August 4th, 2005, 7:20 PM
[OOC -
Back Story - A very long time ago, before there were any signs of mortal life, there existed nine beings of great power. The dragons and Light, Air, and Darkness, the caracal of Fire, the cheetah of Lightning, the wolf of Crystal/Metal, the fox of Earth, the orca of Ice, the and dolphin of Water. Together, they existed with no purpose, no need to exist.

One day, they decided to put their powers to good use. They began to create dimensions and worlds. Filling them with all sorts of creatures and giving some the Elements of the Mind [aka sentience and some other, mostly, untapped abilities], and others nothing but instincts, came many different life forms. They did this all very fast, exhausting themselves.

Altogether, they created the element of Dimension.

One day, they visited a world named Shinki. They were completely drained from using their powers to create dimensions and worlds. A band of humans, whom had mastered all of the elements of the mind, sealed the creators away, taking their power for themselves.

Altogether, they created the element of Oblivion.

They began to run rampant around all of the dimensions, destroying many. Then, something odd happened. When the humans that now possessed the powers of Oblivion came back to their original world to rest, seemingly drained from overuse of their powers, nine different types of beings came to face them. They each had powers from the elements and were bonded with the spirits of the original creators. In a short, but brutal, battle, the original creators won. They took back their powers and unbonded with the beings that had risen to help them.

The battle had taxed the spirits of the original creators. They, in turn, nearly faded away. When it was clear that they could do no more for the world, they created a palm sized jewel that held their powers and a link to their souls. They gave these jewels to the, now powerful, beings they had bonded with earlier to fight the Oblivion. They were told to protect those jewels and then faded away.

Present Day; the jewels reside in various areas around the world of Shinki. They had been well protected over many centuries. A few people want to try and collect them to have absolute power; others want them for money, among more reasons.

Miscellaneous Stuff -
Alrighty, with the back story down, I must state this. If you do not role play up to my standards, you shall be removed from the role play. I will use this rite only when I believe that you do not role play adequately enough, or if you constantly do things that can ruin the role play. If you were removed, dont fret! A tip to getting better, try getting some field experience with others whom wish to teach you, or by observing how others role play. =]

And now... Id like to say some more stuff. Id like this role play to promote creativity. You can be just about anything, as long as it doesnt cross over into the godmoding realm. Id also like others to contribute to the plot, mostly by adding their own back stories and ideas. But please, if it is a large plot, talk it over on messenger or PM. You may make areas on this expansive world, the world is pretty much yours to shape. I am not going to make you abide by a crummy old world Id make. =P

I have one last thing to state before the sign up sheet. And that is... Im going to see where the characters take this role play. In the event we go nowhere, I shall pull out a plot. Trust me, I have a bunch of backup plots.

Sign Up Sheet
You may use a basic sign up sheet for your character, you may use a long and detailed one. Its your choice. The only part of a form I ask for is a role playing sample. The rest, you should give just enough detail to describe as much of your character as you want. But at least put SOME form of sign up sheet there. x.x I'll post my own once we start. Remember, unelss we are really deep into a plot, you may join. But talk it over with me first. =3

Exempted List-
These are people whom have already proven their role playing worth to me, they need not give a role play sample.

August 4th, 2005, 8:46 PM
Name: Mat Cauthon
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Personality: I always hated describing personality. He's a rogue, you'll know more from my posts.
History/description: As a result of a tramautic event, he has memories from several upon several past lives, giving him a great deal of experience in neearly every field, but he tries to shut them out more often than not. He usually wears a green coat with black shirt and pants, withboots turned down at the rim, and alarge brimmed black hat. He has medium skin, and short black hair, with shocking blue eyes. He wields a unique weapon, a quarterstaff with a spearlike point on the end, only it's a very short sword blade, rather than a spear head. Some other effects of his traumatic experience have been uncanny, almost frightening luck, and a sense of when important crossroads are coming...

August 4th, 2005, 9:33 PM
Name: Evelon Athena Dufane

Race: Half War Fox Demon, Half Human

Age: around 300yrs but looks 20

Height: 6 3

Gender: Female

Physical Description: Tall and slimly built from her training. She has long, wavy black hair that reaches her hips when tied in it's regular pony tail. Her eyes are a deep lavender and slit like a cat's eyes. Her ears point nicely at the ends and her nails are strong, long, black, and more like claws. She can retract them at will. She wears a simple outfit of a black top that clings to her medium sized chest and ends at her navel. Her silver armbands showed at her sides, thanks to lack of sleeves. Her shorts cut low and end at her knees. She wears no shoes; her feet can take the beating. She wears silver loop earrings along her long ears, ankle braces on her ankles, and gauntlets at her wrists. She smiles, revealing her pearly white fangs.

Personality Evaluation: Is rather haughty sometimes, when shes in a bad mood (so just about every moment of the day). She had a thing for the drink and is rarely seen without a bottle of the finest Demon Whiskey. She can be a little arrogant when it comes to her strengths but dont be fooled. She wont say anything farfetched or untrue about what she can do. The thing she hates most in the world are self-centered, ego-tripping bastards that want to crush the weak. Not that she wants to try and play the hero, though. She has too much pride for that. Instead, she doesnt trust the Mr. Heros of the world or the evil villains. She has no ties and no bonds emotionally to common people but shell do what she sees fitwhether they like it or not. In conclusion, not bad but not good. Shes forever a median between the line of good and evil.

History Bio: She was born in a colony of demons through an arranged marriage. Because of the constant wars between the demons and the humans, when Lady Mareva gained the throne after her fathersaccidental death, she vowed to bring an end to the warring. Though the races werent happy about it, she married Prince Marron of the Stratos Kingdom, who had the same dream as she. He was a human, there for her demon race forbidden it, cursed it, even spat on it when the Sudonian guards werent looking. However, they were a peaceful couple, destined to rule in a calm land between the human race of Stratos in the north, and the demon race of Surdona in the west. That was until a sage from the southern dessert came to them, with news from a temple in The Dessert of Tears. He told a prophecy that claimed that the gateway to The Realms of Orion opening when conception is fulfilled between the forbidden ones. Apparently word got around that this must have meant a child between Marron and Mareva. Protest broke out at once, the fighting continued, and try as they might, no one could find the man from the dessert. Just as it foretold, a child was born from the union of man and demon. The half-demon, Evelon Athena Dufane. Like it was said, odd thing began happening. Creatures of all sorts came out of no where and terrorized everyone, man and demon alike. Some even dragged children off into the shadows of the night. Thus forth, people began looking out for themselves, stealing and being ruthless in their struggle to survive. They had gone from golden times to an age of darkness. Evelon included. She lived, constantly being trained for combat just as anyone was at those dangerous times. When she was around nine years of age, her father was assassinated. For so long now, shes been waiting. Waiting for a sigh, but non-came. Something out there calls to her. Every time she looks out at the eastern ocean, she feels something calling to herthe dessert across the sea to the east stars. So it came that she left her palace life to run away for her true calling. With royal education and training, and a deep understanding of whats going on around them, she left to do what she must. No one understand why, even she has no real reason to give. Simply that darkness begins to surround themand she knows where to find the lightor be lost in shadow forever.

(Transforms if touched by certain moonlights)
Full Moon Nights: Turns full demon.
New Moon Nights: Turns full human.
Blue Moon Nights: Looses mind and goes on killing spree as half-demon.
Blood Moon Nights (occurs once a year): Turns full demon, looses mind, and goes on killing spree.
She had extreme athletic abilities: she is part demon after all. She speaks Surdonian and English. She has a great gift for knowledge of helpful herbs that her training has taught her. If she spins her pike fast enough, it becomes a platform for her to levitate on. She has a white pet dragon named Shaza that can turn from a cat-sized dragon to a horse-sized dragon. Hes the runt of the litter though so he cant talk, breath fire, or fly. She is immune to most elemental based magic attacks. Not all though.

1)When she turns human
2)Cant go out on certain nights
3)Demons are light on land, but do to molecular structural problems, the moment they hit the water, theyll sink. So she cant swim.
4)Her pet dragon, Shaza! (snuggles ^_^)
5)A certian angle she's met before

1) Shaza
2) Children (she has a secret soft spot for kids {not in a sick way!})
3) To drink (if you know what I mean)
4) Heights
5) People who are understanding and selfless to a point.
6) To sing
7) Lance (???)

1) Water
2) Anyone who would dare lay a hand on a child. (she goes nuts)
3) Enclosed spaces
4) Ignorance
5) Rudeness
6) Bad Food or Drink
7) People who talk big but can't break a stick in half.

Weapons: Carries a pike, similar to a spear but with long blades on both ends and lighter in structure. Her long-range weapon is a short bow with arrows that have a certain metal at the tips that allow her to travel element fox magic to it. Other than that, she uses claws and fangs, which are hard as steel anyway.

August 6th, 2005, 9:32 PM
Name: David
Age: Appears 15
Appearance: Pale complexion, black eyes, and shoulder length blonde hair, tall, slim, and well-muscled. He wears a typical garment of grey and green pants and shirt, soft leather boots and gloves of the same color, that allows you to blend into forests perfectly.
Personality: You'll see later aka its 1:18 am and I'm tired, XD
Weapon/Abilities: David posseses a Sword Breaker (http://www.cs.brown.edu/people/psar/photos/Firenze/Firenze_1/tn/Bargello_swordbreaker.med.JPG) along with a bamboo quarterstaff standing at about 6' long.

August 7th, 2005, 11:21 AM
(I very much like Evelon's sign-up sheet XD)

Name: Kalima Doumya (Kali)

Race: Dhampire (Half Vampire/ Half Human)

Gender: Female

Age: 18 (Being a Dhampire, she ages as the normal human)

Gender: Female

Description: Kali has long dark brown hair, which extends to her mid back, many streaks of silver run through her mane of chocolate hair and streams down into her face where it abuses blood red, crimson eyes. She has a slender frame and deathly pale skin, but somehow still shows signs of life. Small fangs extend to her lower lip, and elongate whenever she goes into blood lust, this also may happen when she becomes angry as to drive away opponents or attack them. Her wardrobe consists of a pair of baggy black trousers, which tuck into heavy boots of the same colour, accompanying these is a long sleeved crop top, which comes to a stop just above her bellybuttonthough most of her slender frame is covered by a heavy, black trench coat as well as black gloves.

Personality: Kali having been looked upon as intimidating by many has not known any contact with humans or any other creature apart from her parents and therefore acts cold hearted and distant to those who she travels with. She hardly shows any emotion apart from bloodlust and angerand on multiple occasions, sadistic glee when she is battling. She hates the stupidity of humans and anything alike, thinking them weak and caring of only themselves; the only caring she shows is to nature, which she had grown up in for most of her life having lived in a forest at a young age.

History: Kali was born of a Human and a Vampire, and thus was born a half breed. Her mother had been a young woman of no more than 22 who had lived a normal life in the streets of London, her father on the other hand, hailed from the times of Dracula, near 600 years ago, but appeared no more than 26. Her mother had shown generosity towards the Vampire after he had been weakened in an attack against the Church, they became lovers.

They fled to the forest, knowing that no one would pay generosity to a Vampire and one who had aided him, and there they made their home out in the wilderness, and this is where Kali herself was brought up from her young age. After her birth, her mother lay on the verge of death, and her father was left with no choice but to change the dying woman into one of his own.

Kali being half of what her parents were had limited use of the powers her parents had control of. She could easily disappear into shadow and pass through walls but she could not read minds or withstand being shot to any fatal body part. Being a Dhampire also meant that she was not immortal and lived the average human life, though she had enhanced strength and speed, she would not live forever.

At the age of 12, her house was attacked once again by the children of God and her mother was made to flee with her whilst her father fought off the humans. She knew not of what became of her father, whether he had died or lived was not know. Kali was left with a friend of the family, a young Werewolf whom her father had known, and her son.

Her mother left her there, drawing the Humans away from the house with her own body. The last Kali knew of her was when she said her goodbyes and fled. Kali was then left to grow up with her Foster mother and her young son.

-Kali possesses the power to dissolve/ hide herself in darkness/ shadow.
-Walk through walls and other surfaces apart from silver.
-Withstand much in which a human cannot and example being a heavy blow to the head.
-Run faster than the average human being.
-Turn into a Raven, Bat and Hellhound.
-Use some dark powers an example being levitation.
-Unlike the Vampire, Dhampires can walk in sunlight and go around two months without blood.

- Silver, being shot with silver to the head or heart can kill her instantly; also touching silver can result in intense pain.
- Sunlight may not kill her, but she certainly doesnt like it.
-Unlike a Vampire, Kali can be hurt by and human weapon, fatal place or not, a slice of a sword can hurt her and kill her, though it takes a great deal of power.
-Any Holy substance: Holy Water, Crucifixs ext
-Kali still needs to drink blood once every two months at the least.
-Blood lust can result in danger for friend or foe.

Weapons: Two steel blades and a black pistol. Kali has been taught the ways of the twin blade as well as gun fire.

August 7th, 2005, 12:11 PM
You powerplayers.


Kidding. >>; <<; Lily is just envious. :<~ Pity me ;o;

Name: Belle Morte

Gender: female, durr

Age: is like 8, but is actually around 14 (her mind, I mean)

Race: unknown at the moment, possibly human, then again not. I mean, she LOOKS like a human, but is actually not. ;/

Description: She looks like an average little girl, but one always notes the oddities. Belle isn't exactly an albino or anything; she just has silver hair, proof that I have every right to be skeptical about her race. Few strands wave about in front of her face, not enough to be obsuring a major portion of her face, mind you, and the rest of her hair (cascading down to her waist, nearly, if not less) is kept back by a black headband. Her light complexion usually is contrasted softed with her metallic, pale gray eyes, something abnormal for a human being, yet she possess no other trait that says elsewise. She is usually found wearing a sleeveless dress of white coming down to about her knees, with a chain necklace to complement the stark simplicity of the attire, and shiny (8D!!!) black shoes finish off the ensemble. Belle remains at a petite height of 4'1 or 2.

Personality: She suffers from a bit of a split personality. Not a perfect adolescent either, maybe even delirious. Belle is capable of sharing (a deranged form of) optimism, usually (in a quiet way) nice and just a sweet person who's eager to be acquainted with someone. This differentiates greatly when a battle goes underway, which is scarce for her. When the time comes, however, Belle will prove to be a merciless warrior sparing absolutely no one, oblivious to all those disgusting things, like bloodshed and whatnot. Usually she's seen contemplating by herself, finding solace in solitude, but, as I said, when the time comes: she'll either 1) want to play with you/be friends 2) kill you and giggle madly. =D

History: I'll be cheap and say unknown. Perhaps edit it later. Need ta think now.

Power/Weaknesses/technique/whatever: She possess inhuman strength, although it isn't anything like the hulk or anything, keep that in mind, *very* limited projectiles, and limited amount of telekenetic energy, aka levitating/floating/hovering in mid air a bit. Weaknesses...basically everything else, such as the darkness, water itself, scary monsters, etc. o.o; She gets distracted easily, especially by cute/shiny things, so her powers aren't used much, really. Only the strength is her primary offensive attack; the rest are rarely used, unless there is an absolute dire situation.

Other: She carries a disheveled teddy bear around named Mr. Bucket. D:

Sample RP: Mind if I edit this in later? My brain is fried. :x

Dragon Paw
August 7th, 2005, 7:30 PM
[OOC - I see that some of you have decided not to give RP samples. Not to worry! I have seen you all role play before and I don't need a role play sample from any of you. Hence, you are all accepted. We may begin now.

My Sign Up Sheet -
Name - Kasei

Gender - Female

Age - Three [Adult by her race's standards]

Race - Kaminou [Thunder - Northern Lights], Carion [Caracal - Lion] Hybrid

Past - Born to a Clan of cats that resemble lions and caracals, Carion, she was actually a hybrid of two different clans of cats. The other clan, of which her REAL father belonged to, resembled Cheetahs and lions in some respects. That clan had been exiled off of the land by a clan leader many generations ago.

When she was born, her father, leader of the Clan of the former mentioned cats, was shocked to learn of her parenthood and that she was not actually related to him. He was also shocked that the son that had been related to him had succumb to a disease that Kasei had caught in equal ferocity but yet lived. In a meeting with Kasei's mother, he dug his claws into Kasei near the end of the meeting. In a blind bout of rage, Kasei's mother fought her father. After both being badly wounded, Kasei's mother fled with her in her mouth.

After the two of them learning how to hunt and survive on their own, they came upon a pair of Kaminou [the cats that resemble cheetahs and lions] hunters. They, knowing the pain of being exiled, were allowed into the Kaminou clan, of which lived on the outskirts of the Carion clan.

They lived in harmony for a while. But then, the Kaminou began to become restless. They were running out of game on the largish island they lived on. Being forced to steal from the herds on the Carion's land, they, Kasei's mother and herself, found themselves running into fights with their former clan.

The Kaminou began planning a final attack against the Carion to show their dominance and reclaim what they thought as theirs. As much as they wanted to be left out of it, they were dragged into it. In a bloody battle both clans, the speedy Kaminou, and the strong Carion, faced each other off. No side was losing until Kasei's mother fought the clan leader. That particular battle ended in her mother's death. Kasei had been watching from the sidelines, avoiding battle.

But upon seeing her mother fall, a primal rage lashed through her, unlocking a dangerous and powerful side of her. She suddenly felt everything around her, she felt how to manipulate the elements around her. She felt the life around her, and as her eyes locked on the Carion leader, Kasei summed up the strongest thing she could think of. And that was Fire. Fire suddenly lit the grass around the clan leader, searing at him and leaving nothing but pain. As Kasei watched her father die at her own hands, she felt a certain pleasure at it.

Right as he fell, the fire searing his insides, she felt herself snap back into reality. She watched as both clans began to surround her, all knowing she had created the fire, although they were all baffled as to how. Fearing her power, they made her the leader of them both, despite not wanting the position. All she wanted was her mother back...

Reluctantly accepting the leadership position, for the Kaminou leader, her father, had died in that battle himself, she became leader. Her first order of business was to reunite both clans.

After that, all went smoothly. She took a mate for herself and had cubs. She lived under a calm rule, all at peace and harmony. Except when some discrimination crimes occurred, of which were dealt with swiftly. She began to teach the members from both lines how to control the elements. But, with frustration, she learned that she was the only one capable of such high prowess with the elements.

Until one day... A dream began to come to her every night. It spoke of another area of the narrow world she lived on. She began to seek routes off of the island she had known for so long. She felt compelled by the dream, now wanting something she thought she couldn't have. She didn't have to wait long. Her island had escaped view from the rest of the large world it resided on. A dragon, on a hunch that there may be an area he could claim his own, found the island Kasei resided on.

While half of her clan screeched out to attack this intruding eastern dragon, Kasei decided to see if it could talk. After a brief meeting with the dragon, she was asked if she would like to see the rest of the world. He was intuitive, and could see that this was the only part of the large world she had been on. She gladly accepted.

The dragon carried Kasei over a dangerous sea. Upon landing on the mainland, he left her to it. Kasei explored the lands smaller, making her three years of age. but she could no longer find anyone who knew the way to her island. She was stuck on this continent.

Currently, she strives to find ways to her own island. She knows not how to describe the way to her island, for she had been asleep part of the way, but try she does.

Physical Overview - Bearing incredibly intelligent and mystical blue eyes, she looks very capable of using magic. She bears golden fur, of which looks absolutely stunning in great light. Her stomach is a cream color. Gray spots, much like those on a Cheetah, dot her body. She has a long cat-like tail with gray stripes on it. Her arms and legs are not quite as beefy as a Carion's nor as skinny as a Kaminou's. She is as large as a Carion, which is a bit larger than a lion [Kaminous are a bit smaller than a lion]. Her ears are rounded like a lion's and bear a golden colored tuft in them, much like a caracal's tuft on their ears.

Personality Observations - At times that demand it, she can be very calm, collected, and serious. She seems to be perpetually that way when she is alone. But when with others, she can be quite friendly, outgoing, and easily frustrated. Anything can frustrate her and annoy her. She often turns a blind ear for those whom seem slow, who won't listen, or those who really get on her nerves. Despite getting frustrated by things easily, she tries at whatever is frustrating her until it yields to her, or until she is too tired to go on. Her anger usually doesn't appear until things have really worn her thin, you betray her, or something to that extent. When her anger does appear full blown, such as from being betrayed in a high way, or killing someone she holds in high esteem, don't expect to live, as it sends her into a feral rage. She will pursue you and make you pay in pain and death with her favorite element, Fire. Sometimes her senses snap back in time for her to stop and attempt healing, but at others, she never regains her full sentience until it is too late. Her eyes flash red at this sort of fit.

Abilities Overview - She has the power to summon any of the nine basic elements to do her bidding, Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Electricity, Ice, Metal, Light, and Darkness... She can only use one element a day; barring fire, of which she can use at anytime. She gets tired from too many displays of elemental abilities and begins to lose power in her attacks and must resort to basic melee enhancements by channeling in energy from her surroundings. While she can't use the elements that do not feed off of her own energy, she can channel pure elements into herself and use it to recover, albeit the channeling works very slowly. ]

IC - Where to go now? That was exactly what Kasei was asking herself. She had to find another person to ask about an island of cats. Perhaps one of them would have an old map from when the island of cats and this continent had interacted with each other. Her hopes were fading as the number of maps she found were all from after the Enchantment had been cast. She sighed and continued on her trek to the Kiri Village.

Silently looking around at the pine trees on each side of her as she walked over long dead pine needles, she walked on through the northern forest, Kiri Mori. Well, it certainly is living up to it's name... thought Kasei as she found that she could not look beyond a tree or so in front of her. The towering pines looked sinister in the mist around her. Her superstitious self began screaming at her that anything could be hiding in this forest. But she reassured herself that she would be able to feel whatever was coming... But she knew that was a lie, the mist seemed to hold a magical quality to it. She could not feel the presence of what she couldn't already see. Each time she set a paw down, she couldn't help but cringe as the pine needles brunched beneath her black paw pads. Flicking a tufted cat ear, she thought she heard something.

Sighing, she began to wonder if she was even going the right way. The sound she thought she had heard evaded her, just as everything behind her and in front of herself evaded her knowing. Already she had walked into a few pine trees due to the mist being thicker in some areas. This both discouraged her and encouraged her. Discouraged because she hated pain, and encouraged because this seemed to defy her and make her press on to show she could beat this 'enemy', the forest.

Just as she was about to turn around, her instincts telling her to run away, she began to remember why she was doing this. It was not just so that she'd be reunited with her mate and all she knew, but it was for her people. She knew they'd only obey her mate for so long. He only knew so much elemental power... She pressed on. She was almost instantly rewarded, for the mist all around her began to fade as she felt her paws strike cobblestone. She looked up excitedly to see the fairly large Kiri Village before her. Houses, markets, inns, and all.

August 8th, 2005, 1:18 PM
I looked around, sighing as I pulled down my large hat. "Blood and ashes." I cursed under my breath, looking at the coin, balanced perfectly on it's edge in the path leading to the village called "Kiri." This was the sixteenth time I had flipped it, deciding to go in. Every time it landed on it's edge. "Blood and bloody ashes." I repeated, scooping up the coin, and with my weapon on my back, seemingly dark brownish red wood, with a tip like a miniature swordblade on one end, made of black, power-wrought metal with ravens on the blade. I pulled my hat don lower, and the scarf around my neck tighter, to hide the scar where I had been hanged once. I had felt a pulling, similar to that of a taveran to something into the town, but the light burn me if I knew what, or why...

August 8th, 2005, 1:34 PM
Kiri Mori. The final destination on my adventure. Of course, I didn't realize a whole new adventure would start here, one that would change the way I look at life. I was on my way to the museum in the town, said to contain many rare historical artifacts, of which something may catch my interest. Of course, I become lost in the crowds, and wound up at the edge of town, in the opposite direction of which I was heading. An uneasy feeling was brewing however, like I was being watched, or maybe something much greater.

Dragon Paw
August 8th, 2005, 2:11 PM
Kasie approached the village, coming across a blond haired human whom seemed to be lost. Kasei began to notice that a good amount of people were giving her strange looks. Kasei silently reminded herself that her kind had not been seen in many centuries. Looking about, she could not see the big building that had been described to her by a traveling merchant in another town south of the Kiri Mori. Sighing, she knew she'd have to ask for directions on how to get to it. Kasei didn't want to spend anymore time in the prescence of this mob of so many life forms much longer than she had to.

Clearing her throat and silently reminding herself how to speak in English, she began to speak to the lost looking human, seeing as 'she' seemed to be a less hostile being, while, at the same time, she began to circle around to the front of the 'human', so that the wind carried 'her' scent to Kasei.

"Ma'am..." said Kasei as she suddenly came upwind of the 'human'. Immediatly, the scent that came to Kasei told her that this was a male she was speaking to. Hopefully I can salvage this... thought Kasei as she nervously tilted her head up to look at the 'human'. "Sorry, I should say sir... Anyway, do you know where the museum is?"

August 8th, 2005, 5:53 PM
"Please, help," Belle tapped a woman's shoulder, hesitant. The human was startled out of her wits, nearly dropping the woven basket she balanced perfectly on top of her head. (Green leaves were gathered up there, as well as some herbs).

"What'dya need help with?"

Belle paused, then let out slowly, "A town."

"Town?" The woman arched an eyebrow, suspiciously observing the girl. "Nothin' to be annoying' of course, but why d'ya ask?"

Actually, no, you are being obnoxiously iniquitive and I am struggling to suppress the urge on hurting you for your marvelous stupidity.

"Any town," Belle responded quietly, playing with the hem of her dress.

"Yer quite near one, Kiri Molala if I'm right, and it should be right about..." The woman pointed her forefinger north, where the path perpetually winded down, ceasing to make an appearance. "There. Yep, ole' Kiri Molala. Morila. Don't know the 'xact name, of course." She shuffled her feet, a bit embarassed.

"I thank you," Belle tried smiling, but it didn't come, so instead she dearly hoped her eyes would give off a hint of amicability. The woman's reaction wasn't a surprise, however. Everyone squinted at her to see if her pale gray eyes were genuine.

"Yer quite odd, girl."

Her fists clenched.

"Thank you."

"Ye sure you can travel alone like this?"


"Yer barely a chopstick, though! Let'lone an adult!"

Shut up, shut up, shut up.

"..Thank you."

"Would you like some food, a'least?"

For a moment, Belle was tempted, but then noticed the grimy old hands reaching into the gnarled basket, pulling out a few stained roots and leaves. She shook her head. The woman shrugged, putting them back.

"Your loss. Well, I'm a gonna be on mah way. Good luck."

"Thank you."

"I pray tell yer gonna need it..."

Don't really care.

"...Thank you."

Belle was already waving the old hag off, feet slowly trodding up the path. Kiri Molala didn't sound much like a town; it sounded like a child had made it up. The old woman- dear lord if there ever was an examplary of bad speech, she would be the primary suspect. She was sure- no, she would make sure. Shrugging, she smiled happily at the sun, all glorious within its brilliant light showering upon the worn path. Belle was always fond of light.

And dark.

But that didn't matter.

Humming, she continued on her way to her destination, which, she presumed, would not take very long.

August 8th, 2005, 9:24 PM
"Eh? Ma'am?" I asked, giving the girl a strange look before she corrected herself. I smiled when she did so. "No, I was looking for the museum myself, but I ended up getting lost!" I laughed as I placed my hand behind my back, "You can travel with me until we find it if you want though!" Some would call me an idiot for not questioning why she looked like she did, or for being "scared" of her. However, how someone looks does not determine the size of their heart, and I could already tell that this girl was a good person, and attractive in her own kinda way.

August 10th, 2005, 1:21 PM
I had travelled the city, and eventually, the pulling brought me to the southern outskirts of town. I foundmyself at a small, square shaped building that seemed to be made out of earth, with fllowers and grass all over it. I didn't jsut want to leap inside to what could very well be my doom, so I did a little exploring around the place. Soon, I encountered what seemed to be a man with short brown hair, and bright green eyes, semeingly normal. Aside from the ears and tail of a fox, which reminded me of the foxhead medallion that protected me against some forms of power. "Excuse me," I said, nodding respectfully to him. "But do you happen to know just what's in that thing?" I asked, pointing to the square, plant-covered building...

Dragon Paw
August 11th, 2005, 3:36 PM
Smiling a fanged grin, Kasei glanced at the male's face. She was grateful for his offer, and quite liked him already. He seemed very nice, accepting even. That was something Kasei admired, accepting in such a world where prejudice ran thickly in some areas. It was not too apparant here, besides a lot of questioning looks, but it had been bad for her in other cities and larger towns.

"So, what is your name?" asked Kasei, politely. "My name is Kasei." she said, rather proudly, for she was happy with her name; it described her wonderfully. Fire-Born...

Beginning to walk into the Kiri Village, albeit a bit slowly for this 'human' to follow her, Kasei glanced over her should at him while waiting for his reply and so that she could know where he was. She didn't want to lose him in the crowds of milling people. Quite a lot of people had gone back to their buisness now, ignoring her, only being stared at by younger children who knew no better.


"You must've come to pay respects to the Earth Elemental Jewel?" said the fox demon, his eyes blinking. Most people didn't inquire about what was inside, mostly because they all knew already. Something seemed quite suspicious about this stranger. Sighing, thinking it was just his somewhat distrusting nature, he made his way around the building. Tsuta, the fox demon, pointed at a wooden door at the front of the building. A green and brown glow emanated from a slit at the bottom of the door. "If you want in, I'll have to come in with you. Can't trust people with something of that power." said Tsuta, a bit of an edge in his voice.

August 11th, 2005, 4:40 PM
"Sorry," I began, looking at the.. Man. "I'm not from around here. I would like it if you'd let me see it." I said graciously, respectfully lowering my head. I didn't think that it would be a good idea to tell him that this... What was it? Earth Jewel? Had called me here... "I may have heard one or two things about it in my travels," I lied convincingly, looking at the man again calmly. "Just what *IS* this earth jewel?"

August 11th, 2005, 6:12 PM
"My name?" I repeated to myself as I continued to walk alongside her. An elf, and a girl that resembled a cat, it must of been a strange sight. I don't think Kasei had realized my race yet however. "I'm David, a traveller. I've been travelling the land searching for... something."

"So, what brings you to these parts?" I asked her curiously. I of course wasn't wondering because of her odd appearance, I was just making conversation.

August 12th, 2005, 2:27 PM
(OOC: Late join..-.-;; thanks DP for letting me join still!)

Name: Luna
Age: 1600 years (16 in apperance)
Description: http://c-uncut.com/media/dis-flonne2.jpg (cut and paste the link...)
history: She is an angel-newbie who has just finished her training and has decided to visit Shinki for her own personal interests. From her view in heaven, she thinks that Shinki isnt as happy of a place as it should be and makes it as her side-goal to try to cheer people up :3
Personality: Being her first time on Shinki, she is rather nave, but is very fun-loving. She would probably die without someone to talk to and loves to bring out everyones good side and make them happy. She can get pretty mad when people make her out as stupid
-She can summon Light, Air, Electricity, and Ice elements only
-She can talk to animals
-She can fly

-She is terrified by darkness; she can be out at night if she must.
-She hates blood. She has none and it just makes her sick.
-Dark objects greatly weaken her ability to keep a physical essence if they come in contact with her

IC:Luna looked from her map...and then at a town called "Kiri". Then back at map. Then at "Kiri". This seemed like a moderatly large town. The name was really pretty too. Maybe there would be some pretty nice people here to boot! She slowly entered the city and saw the majestic buildings. The most obvious was the museum and a strange plant covered building which seemed to amit a powerful aura.

"Where to go first?! Hehe....this is so exciting! My own little adventure..."

She remembered her purpose wasn't for sightseeing, she must go to the plant covered building with the aura.

"OOO! A human!" She said aloud as she approached, "And a...um, fox thing too! I should have memorized the species...." She mumbled the last part to herself. The human she guessed must be a traveler judging by his appearance. Looking at the human, he said to him, "Hello human! This is the Earth Elemental Jewel Shrine right? Or is this town not Kiri??"

August 13th, 2005, 10:47 PM
[OOC: Note that I've made a slight change to my Bio please...]

Ridding on the back of her horse sized, white dragon, Shaza Evelon hummed to herself as she passed a market place. Shaza's wings were folded at his sized, slightly to small for him to fly, and his meaty, muscle build body weighed him down. His ivory white scales gleamed in the sunlight, which he enjoyed so very much. Evelon, on the other hand, squinted through the bight light at the village folk. She could see an old woman with a basket standing near a rather short girl in a nice, white dress. Some people were singing or playing folk songs with their playing children in the street...the sight of children lifted Evelon's spirit greatly and she felt her own folk song rearing like a beast inside her. She became slightly homesick for a moment when she realized that the songs would never truely leave her...she shrugged.

"Oh, well...when in Rome, right Shaza?" she asked her dragon, who turned his head and let out a sound similar to a purring lion. Evelon laughed and let the beast of song in her out. She continued to hum a song to herself as her gaze swiped over the villagers. She suddenly began to sing, taken by her own good spirit. It was so rare she enjoyed a day...then again...she had been drinking a bit that day...

"Where can a sick man go?
When he cant choke down the medicine the old doc knows.
A specialist came to town, but he stays at home.
Sayin No on knows, so I dont, honey, when in Rome!" she sang silently to herself, then grew a bit louder, so only very close villagers could hear her song.

"Where can a teacher go?
Where ever she thinks people need the things she knows.
Hey, those books you gave us look good on our shelves at home.
And theyll burn one in the fireplace, teacher, when in Rome!" she sang. Now she was loud enough that most passers were staring.

"Grab a blanket sister, well make smoke signals.
Bring some new blood, it feels like were alone.
Grab a blanket brother, so we dont catch cold from one another.
I wonder if were stuckIn Rooooooome!!" she absolutely belted the final part out so that now people were even peering out of their little houses of the village. Evelon fell silent at once when she heard someone mutter "Stupid, drunken, demon filth! Curoupting our children with their dirty lyric songs..."

She glanced over at some children near the old woman and girl with the white dress she's seen earlier...she reminded herself that she was here to just get supplies and head to the nearest town as she steered Shaza toward the old woman, and silver haired girl. Now feeling depressed once more, her song high disappearing into thin air as the people, shaking their heads, continued their business and she climbed of Shaza. The children continued playing and the old woman, with a glare at Evelon, continued to work. Evelon tethered Shaza to a post in the ground outside the market of the old woman's and looked around at the herbs for what she needed.

But she made sure to finish her fold song in silence as she browsed, knowing to finish what she started, she sang softly...

"Where can a dead man go?
A question with an answer only dead men know
But Im gonna bet they never really feel at home
If they spent a lifetime learnin how to live in Rome" she sang as she picked a few things into a nearby basket to buy, not noticing Shaza sniffing interestedly at the girl in a white dress with silver hair...

{The song lyrics are from Nickle Creek; 'Why Should The Fire Die?'- The song is called "When in Rome"}

Dragon Paw
August 14th, 2005, 7:40 AM
"What brings me here? A while ago, I was brought here by a dragon, eager to learn of the rest of the world. The dragon left me alone to go exploring. Since then, I haven't been able to find a way back home. I'm here to find some maps that will tell of where exactly my island is located." said Kasei, a rather forlorn tone to her voice. Her eyes dropped to scan the ground as she walked through the milling crowd with David. She never really thought about why she was looking for maps, she just did so mechanically, not thinking about why she was doing it.

Soon they were outside a grand building, of which was the museum. It was a large two story building, of which was quite wide. It appeared to be made of white stone. Turning to David, she titled her head to be face to face with him.

"Do you want to come in with me? I might need some help explaining why I need to see some of the older maps." said Kasei, really hoping he would come in with her. She wanted to have him accompany her. He seemed so nice... And he might be able to actually help her. Afterall, there weren't too many people who'd take a large cat like her with seemingly no magical abilities seriously.


"Yes, this /is/ the Earth Elemental Shrine." said Tsuta, now getting suspicious. Shaking his head, he walked over to the door way, he opened the door, ushering the man in, not taking any notice of his last question.

"Sorry, but only one person is allowed in at any time. If you're interested in seeing it after this man has, I'll take you." finished Tsuta as he stepped into what seemed a very spacious room. The room seemed far larger than it should've been on the outside. The walls were hard to see, but if one looked, the light from something glowing in the center of the room would bath the walls in green and brown light, revealing ivy on the walls. Despite the walls being far away, the cieling was actually quite low...

Once the man was in, Tsuta closed the door behind him and locked it, now very apranoid about the girl's sudden appearance and that this might be some sort of attempt on the jewel. Pointing at a glowing object in the center of the room, Tsuta began to speak.

"That /is/ the Earth Elemental Jewel." said Tsuta, looking cautiosly at the man, Mat. Tsuta was definately on the edge. That was one of his problems, he was constantly paranoid someone would come and steal the jewel.

August 14th, 2005, 9:41 AM
The night had fallen for the fifth time now and the young hellhound wandered aimlessly through the forest in search ofin truthshe did not know of what she searched for noweverything she had cared for, even lovedwas gone. The church had paid another unwanted visit on her, eager to wipe the Dhampire of the world. The Werewolves she had been living with had been brutally murdered in front of her eyes, dubbed as traitors to god having taken on the life of a dark creature. It had not been their fault that they had been cursed to live the lives of werewolvesneither was it hers to be a half Vampire, but this is what God had wished her to be, was it not? Then why did these people seek to destroy that in which god had made?

A whimper escaped the hounds mouth and its shaggy head lowered, not paying attention to what lay in front of her, she cared no more for what was in store for her, there was nothing more she wished to do with her cursed lifeshe was a hunted being, her best bet was to spend her life in this hound form where she was safe and free of suffering.

For nights now she had wandered aimlessly, not daring to travel by day time in fear of being seen and caught by those creatures who called themselves humansher mother was never this vileshe was a caring and loving being, who cared not for what she or her father were, she loved them, Vampire or not.

But this night was different; she had heard from passers by that there was a city near called Kiri Mori, here perhaps she could find a place to stay, or at least roam a while picking up any scraps she could find, she was starved, both for blood and for human food having not eaten properly in days. So for this day onlyshe would travel by sunlight in hopes of finding her destination.

The sun came quickly that night; it rose over the trees and shone down upon her form. She flinched at the first sign of light, not having seen any source of its being in many days, though it did not kill her, a sent an unpleasant feeling coursing through her body one in which she tried to avoid by slinking under the shade of trees, but of course, not every space was shaded from the harsh rays of light.

Soon, the sound of civilisation reached her elongated ears, and her head sprang upward in search of the source, and there through the trees branches, she spotted it, the city she had been searching for through both day and night, here she would stock up on her nutrition, and hopefully blood if she could catch one person unaware at a time.

She picked up her pace and sped through the open gates which welcomed her as soon as she ran up the path, the hustle and bustle of the city was new to her though, never had she seen so many humans gathered in one placeit scared her. The young hellhound back tracked a little, scared by the many feet that pounded against the ground and the many voices which boomed all around her.

Many stopped to stare at her, one even reached out a hand to run it through her many of glossy black hair, but she flinched at the touch and drew her head away almost violently. She sprang through the crowd, but every corner was met with more human like creatures and voices.

Having been chased by these creatures for such a long time, and witnessing her loved ones being killed by themit drove fear through her beingwas she not safe anywhere now? Perhaps this was not the best place to comewith so many people, there was next to no hope of gaining any blood.

She sank into the shadows of the houses and many stallshoping that her presence will go unnoticed.

August 14th, 2005, 11:28 AM
"One person at a time?! Aww...." Luna sighed, but then regained her jaunty appearance. That guy better not do anything funny with that Jewel..... she thought to herself.

She leaned against the side of the shrine, getted more bored every minute. She looked around at the many people walking by, carrying on thier own buisness. She wondered what it was like to be a human now and then....

She then sensed a somewhat dark presence entering the town...a vampire? No. It surely wasn't fully human....but what was that called??
"I wish I hadn't of failed my species identification test..." she mumbled to herself. The person seemed to disappear between one of the food stalls. "Oh, they seem so unhappy..." she then reminded herself that the girl probably didn't want to be messed with. "But that food stall over there looks like it has good stuff...that shady guy will probably be in there for a while so I might as well get a snack!"

Luna walked over to the food stall and said to the owner, "Can I have that orange thing?"
"The orange?"
"Um, ya..that..."
"20 gil, hun"

Luna gave him the money and got the orange. She took large bite.
"Uk!! This tastes horrible...;-;"

August 15th, 2005, 8:53 AM
"Sure, I'll gladly accompany you." I replied as I took a step back. "However, ladies first." I'd have to abandon her, however, if I discovered what I was looking for in here. It was much too dangerous, and I didn't want to get anyone innocent involved. I just hoped she'd forgive me if I did so.

August 15th, 2005, 9:37 AM
I blinked, and staring at the light. "I... See..." I said. The pull was going right in that direction. That foxman looked like he was pretty fit with his weapons, and I didn't much favor my chances in a fight, so I decided to ask a few questions, first. "Tell me, have you ever felt... A force pulling you towards it? Like a nagging noose around your neck, lightly tugging at you?" I said, my eyes moving around the room carefuly. I didn't favor my chances any better in the dark, either...

August 15th, 2005, 10:13 AM
Kalima sauntered through the city, avoiding the heavy footsteps of people and glared and growled at anyone who came in reaching distance of her. Many of them sneered, thinking her no more than a filthy four legged creaturewhich at the time she wasbut did animals not have feeling too? They would not hit one of their own would they...so why the same couldnt be said for nature and her kind?

Growling she took to the shadows once more and lurked through the darkness in till she came across a relatively quiet place. The museum, where legends long past lived; something that few took interest inthis could well be the shelter she was looking forthough she feared that many would not allow a dog into a place filled with treasures and antiques.

Shrugging mentally, the four legged creature climbed the steps to the museum and threw the doors open with her rounded head, her long droopy ears lowered even more upon the contact with the hard wood, but she didnt really care, just sauntered in, trying to keep out of view of the human eye.

Her eyes gazed upon the ancient history and many passers by moved aside of the black hellhound having seen its gazeit looked as if it were actually interested in the work and artefactsbut what they didnt know is that she really was, such things intrigued her to no endbut she had yet to find a museum which concentrated on dark beings.

Sighing as much a dog could, she turned her back on the object she was looking at and ventured further into the museum.