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~*Silent Tattsu*~
February 9th, 2004, 4:02 AM
Hewo all you guys ! Tat here ^^.

Well this is my first fic here , i am only a occasional fic writer but i'll give this a try & i hope you guys like !


~*A big wide world....One Absol's story*~

I opened my eyes for the first time , i felt all my senses come alive. The sunlight overwhelming my tiny eyes for the first few seconds then slowly , my eyes came to focus and i found myself looking at a face. The face was familiar, a face that smiled at me weakly from just giving birth. Her skin was coal black & her Fur was as white as the purest snow. She had warm gold eyes & a silver blaze mark on her forhead. It was my mom , i smelt her familiar , comforting smell & buried my face in her soft fur & i felt her groom me with her warm tongue. I looked up again and she licked my tiny nose and chirruped softly to me. With my little neck i reached up to her wet nose & licked it. I heard the happy chirrups of the Taillow & Swablu in the spring swaying trees. I saw the blue sky above and a whole flock of Pidgey who had come back from Migrating for the Winter darting past. The lush Green grass tickled my tiny paws in the slight breeze. I sighed happily & curled up next to my Moms warm furry underbelly as she continued to lick me clean and fell asleep. I was in the world... alive , young and free.


Comments or Critisisim ? All accepted :cheeky:

Part Two coming very soon !

Phoenix Boy
February 9th, 2004, 12:52 PM
I like this it is very descriptive and i feel that im there but its a bit to short
(i think)

~*Silent Tattsu*~
February 9th, 2004, 2:03 PM
Well this is just the Epilogue so its like the start to the story its not the whole of it ya know ! ^^ I think the Epilogue is long enough..... Thanks for the comments

~*Silent Tattsu*~
February 11th, 2004, 2:12 AM
Chapter One

"Raion..." "Raion..." A voice stirred my dreams..."Raion...come on get up we need to go get some food"......I opened my eyes. The orange shaded sun was slowly rising above the tips of the pine and oran berry trees of
Toraji Forest. To us we lived in a paridise. Me and my Mom lived here in Toraji Valley. It was a haven for so many types of Pokemon and there was never a day without food or water. Pokemon Trainers cherished this place , mainly because of the huge varieties of Pokemon who dwelled here. I had not yet seen what my Mom called a "Human" and i was rather interested in them. I had been inquistive ever since i was born. I now had a name Rion and i was around 15 weeks old. I was growing fast in my late puppy hood , my snow white hair just like my mothers now was very thick and silky. My black hook on the left side of my head had started to grow allthough it still was a lil stumpy. I got onto my short black legs and stretched. My mom Shika nuzzled my playfully as she bribed me to follow her out of our cave. I trotted off after her playfully through the long sweet grass. "Raion , there ya are i've been looking for you !" a sqeaky voice from somewhere above said. I looked up , and saw a rather scruffy looking Taillow just hovering above me. "Torichi !!" i cried with joy. Torichi was a great friend of mine , young like me. And was part of a flock of Taillow that lived in the big old Oak Trees branches just above my Mom's and mine small hilly cave. Torichi came down to rest on my hook with her small hooked feet. She loved riding on my hook luckily for me....i rolled my eyes she was pretty heavy for a small Absol like me. "Hey Raion how ya doin ?!" "Huh ?! Huh !?" Torichi chirruped in her usual hyper way. "I'm happy !" i barked cheerfully. "Well Raion how bout we go down to Lapras Lake later huh ?!" "And we can splash and play huh!?" "Yeah Okay" i said to her. "Mom can i go down to the lake later with Tori??" i asked her as i trotted up to her ahead and gave her the puppy dog eye expression. "Oh Raion..."she sighed. "Yes you can go but be very carefull and don't upset the Lapras okay ?" "YAY !!" me and Tori shouted. "Thanks so much Mom!" i licked her affectionatly on the nose. Tori then spread her small wings and flew off telling me she'll meet me down next to the river later.