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August 7th, 2005, 12:41 PM
Before anybody asks (if they ask), I did post this rp in another forum. But to prevent any advertisement, I won't give out the name of the forum. It had originally been designed to go here, but I did, infact, post it there for specific reasons. So enjoy! ^^

A thousand-year war reeked havoc on a world much like our own. The Order of Light, a knighthood that was sworn to protect the goodly races of their world, stepped up to the challenge to smite the evil that had risen to consume them all. After the war (that some historians argue that it lasted several thousand years not one thousand years, but thats another story) the knights that survived were crowned kings of the goodly races, which were soon divided into 30 kingdoms (one for each knight). 20 of these 30 happened to be elves, and 18 of the 20 only accepted their own kind, isolating themselves, once again from the rest of the world. The rest were divided among the dwarves and humans, who openly welcomed each other like brothers.

At last, the kings grew power hungry and skirmishes broke out between the races trying to claim land for themselves. By this time most of the original founders were too old and stepped down to bring fresh blood to the throne, which left only 5 of the original founders in power. Disdained by what was becoming of their good intentions, the 5 kings formed an underground force called The Order of Night, since the others had re-instituted The Order of Light, which was a corrupted version of what it once was. Viewing the formation of a new knighthood as a threat, the 25 other kings (including many of the elven kingdoms as well) began a propaganda campaign that turned everything The Order of Night did into a horrible catastrophe.

While on the verge of another war, the sadistic races, who were exiled to the wastelands that were created by the war, began to build up their own arms, gathering mages, knights, and dragonriders alike. Blinded by their own feuds, the kings didnt see the arms gathering outside of their borders, waiting to attack. If a two front war wasnt bad enough, the 25 kings who turned greedy and power hungry banished dragons, good or bad, into the wasteland as well, only to be accepted by the original 5 kings. Forgetting the old ways, and forgetting how the dragons and other folk helped them win the war, they ran propaganda campaigns against everything that stood in their way to power, often killing the opposition. Which put them on the verge of a 3 front war.

Having enough of this foolishness, the 5 original kings pushed harder for recruits for the Order of Night, accepting all who excelled in any form of combat, be it dragonriding, spellcasting or otherwise. The kings were ready to sacrifice their powers for the good of the races; seeing as how people were being dictated, abused, and executed without proper reason. So they announced their intentions, starting a clash between the Orders. The Order of Night, which followed the ways of the old Order of Light, against The Order of Light, who were a large group of mercenaries that would do anything for money. Things always seem to get worse for the folk on this planet, for the arms that were building up forces were also mixed into the fray, often allying themselves with the other 25 kingdoms to take down what they saw as the weakest link. On the other hand, the dragons aided the 5 kings, who had befriended them since the days of the war, and most of them had riders that were in The Order of Night.

The kingdoms allied with the Order of Night are as follows (note that the kingdoms are named after their respected kings):

1. Udrath A rather large prosperous kingdom that is known for its openness to all races. Even though its an elven kingdom, the king has many advisors that are varied in race. Its best known for its military might, normally having the best of the dragonriders, since there are several dragon stables present inside the confines of the castle walls.

2. Kendra Not truly a kingdom, Kendra is more of a military facility, most of its tax dollars go towards building up arms and recruiting knights and other warriors. This kingdom is mostly inhabited by human folk, although dwarves and halflings are often seen scurrying around its paved streets.

3. Olson A strictly elven community, thats most known for its mages. Although it cooperates with the other 4, it doesnt approve of anyone that isnt elven inside their borders, so not much is truly known about the kingdom.

4. Cenrate A kingdom blessed with the honorable, be it sorcery, knighthood, or anything else, you can bet they got it. Its oddly enough a dwarven community, but willingly lets other races come and go as they please. A dwarf himself, King Cenrate is a very honorable man, still to this day, and has never done anything to disgrace his name, or his kingdom.

5. Mystric An odd kingdom to say the least. The kingdom itself has no special features to boast, not as prosperous as the others might be, but anyone could make a good living here nonetheless.

The Order of Night is commanded by a Grand Master, who is the leader of the whole order, under him he has two Grand Generals, with 3 generals a piece to command. They are as follows:

Grand Master: Alvender Handern A young man at the age of 20, although a way younger than most Grand Masters before him. The young man has already mastered every craft of combat, and due to his early heroics as a small boy, he quickly accelerated through the ranks to Grand Master. A brilliant strategist, and a very kind person, Han is quite worthy of the title, and no one underestimates, or argues with his commands. He fights alongside his ash colored dragon, and willing wields a simple sword, trusting in his magic abilities to hand any long range fighting.

Grand General: Edith Grantil A older, war worn man, whose demeanor often intimidates those in lesser power, and even in equal power. He is a fair man none the less, and is also a brilliant strategist in his own right, although he is a little too eager to take risk. He fights with a well-crafted sword and shield, and prefers the way of a knight to any other discipline.

General: Gwen Campton A middle aged man, whose powers as a spellcaster is only rivaled by that of the Grand Master and a few mages in The Order of Light, and the other sadistic races. Hes quite burly for a mage, and quite irrational. People under his charge often joke that When things get scary, he gets hairy. The more it seems unlikely victory will happen, the more powerful and determined he seems to get. He barks orders and is extremely rough around the edges, which makes him very explosive.

General: Freden Surge Ilimay Getting his nickname from an offensive maneuver where he promptly sent his charges to out flank a group of hostiles while his main force came in from behind, leaving the enemy waiting for them in the wrong direction, has been dubbed the Surge Maneuver, which prompted his nickname. Hes quite a skinny man, whose bald head is covered by his helmet that he wears proudly. Hes the ripe old age of 50 and is still going strong. Perhaps the best strategist that their generation has ever seen, the only thing that kept him from being promoted to Grand General is the fact that he loved to be out there doing something worth wild and getting to know his knights and fellow comrades better than if he was cooped up in a ten or office all day.

General: Elizabeth Defree A very free spirited woman, whose talents as a dragonrider is renowned throughout the world. Shes a little older than the Grand Master, and is quite the looker in her own right. Most of the other member of The Order of Night, see her as insignificant, since shes the only woman in power on the high staff of the Order. She has a wicked personality, and will punish anybody who disregards her rules or commands as she sees fit.

Grand General: Glenn Grimmings A softhearted man, whom often is very nave and trust too easily. Almost the same age as Alvender, Glenn was normally his sidekick through all his reckless heroics. Hes not the greatest strategist, but when it comes to distinguishing between right and wrong, hes very good at it. And is a very valueable advisor to the Grand Master. Hes a dragonrider like Alvender, although not as skilled.

General: Wulf Karshen - A man about 3 times older than Glenn, and doesnt see why he has to follow the young mans orders. Hes the least trusted of the faction, since hes a drow elf, and all but Grand Master Handern, dont trust him. No one knows why Alvender trust the drow elf so much, or why he even let him join. The only thing anyone knows is that hes one of the best weapons masters in the world as of now, and rumors have been flying that he was Alvenders old mentor.

General: Slex Killan A stout man, renown for his healing powers. This cleric isnt afraid to stand up for what he believes in, and cares deeply for his comrades, and does everything in his power to keep them alive when conflict arises. Aside from Freden, Slex is the most favored of all the Generals.

General: Red Reid An old ball of short, the middle aged man normally swaggers, and some think hes an alcoholic, though he swears that he never drank in his life. Probably the least talented of all the generals, no body really knows why he was even accepted, because hes so clumsy and dimwitted. Little does anybody know, that Reid is a fierce warrior in his own right, and only acts the way he does so other underestimate him, giving him the advantage. A bit odd, and doesnt always think like most people would, Red comes up with outlandish plansthat amazingly enoughactually work


You are allowed to have a maximum of 2 characters. If you wish you could also control one of the generals, the only one thats off limits is the Grand MasterI kind of like control of the direction my rps are headedsorry

The generals do not count as one of your 2 characters. PM me if you would like any of them, and Ill see what I can do. There is a diverse array of personalities among the generals so there is a broad range of selection.

Heres is the form you need to fill out:

Age: Normally knights enter the order after finishing training as a squire so the minimum is 20.
Gender: Male or female?
Race: I dont accept any race other than that of the goodly races. So dont put a drow elf, or vampire, or anything that wouldnt normally be a good guy. Just stick with the good ones.
Class: Mage, Cleric, knight, Dragonrider, etc. (I reserve the right to deny any Class I deem inappropriate)
Weapon: Staff, sword, lance, mace, wand, medallion, etc. Please also describe your weapon, just dont say sword. Or Broadsword, or scimitar, or what have you. Put a little depth and thought into what your sword looks like.
General: Which general is in charge of your character?
Description: This is what youre character physically looks like. This seems to be the thing people have problems with. I DO NOT, accept anything under a healthy sized paragraph of good description. If its in list form, I wont even look at it, and wont accept you because you didnt listen to directions. This is your first warning!
Personality: This also seems to be hard for people! This is the juicy part of your character; this is what makes him or her different from the rest of the hero-would-bes out there. Again, if its in list form I aint going to accept you. If it isnt descriptive and there hasnt been any or little thought put into it, Im not going to accept it either, that goes for description too.
RP Sample: Yes I have to do one of these, and no you cant skip it. This is where you are supposed to wow me with all of your rping might. So dont blow it. Look at my Profile that follows this to see what Im looking for.

Remember that I reserve the power to not accept anyone, no questions asked. I dont like complainers.

Name: Jack Hintle

Age: 30

Gender: male

Race: Human

Class: Knight

Weapon: A beautiful elven crafted curve blade in the style of a scimitar. Its perfect balance and extraordinary precision makes this blade an easy to wield weapon. After joining the Order, Jack had the opportunity to go into one of the many elven cities before this whole situation broke out, and visit a famous blacksmith. At first the blacksmith absolutely refused to make any weapon for a human, not even repair his old broken blade. Stepping outside of his shop to yell and scream at Jack for even coming to him, he left his young daughter at the age of 5 alone in there. Accidentally knocking down one of the hot weapons that was in the furnace heating up, it fell on top of her, scorching her in several areas, and slowly started a fire when it hit pile of straw that was laid to the side of the furnace. Jack sidestepped the huge man and sprinted into the flaming building, without a care for his own life when he realized the little girl was in there.

Successfully retrieving the young toddler from the burning house, and helping to put out the fire, the blacksmith quickly warmed up to the man, and agreed to make him a weapon. Bestowing it with the power to glow a faint green, even through its sheath, when danger is near, the blacksmith felt he had a personal debt to repay since Jack saved his whole world.

General: Elizabeth Defree

Description: Jack stands at a full 6 feet, towering over most of the people in his day in age. Some have rumored that he was half-giant, which is perfectly understandable because of his burly build and intimidating height. Fortunately, he doesnt have an ounce of giant blood in him; through his bloodline, Jacks ancestors all have been quite tall, some of them elves and halfelves which would certainly aid in his height difference. Under his visored helm, he has rich black hair, with gray hair hinting in spots. His eyes are a sleek icy emerald, which contrast greatly with his personality and his black hair. Despite being 30 years of age, Jack is quite youthful, and very athletic. He prefers wearing his armor when out in public, which is a perfectly matching battle-worn splint armor. Dulled by the ages hes worn it, its dented in several locations, though he never wanted to replace or repair it, referring to the hunk of metal as ol faithful, since he hasnt really been wounded severely since hes had the armor. There arent any decorations that elaborate his armor, simply because he doesnt think its necessary to make armor fancy. When he isnt in battle, or trying to show off his Knighthood, he can be found in loose peasant clothing, which reveals how much muscle he actually has. Definitely not a guy you want to take very lightly. His body is scarred from battles long ago fought, during his early years of his knighthood, and his hands are callused from always having something in his hands. The rough beginnings of a beard always linger on him, although no one really sees him shave or really do anything with it. People think he thinks he looks more rugged like that, others think he put an enchantment on it, so he didnt have to shave it all the time.

Personality: Jack plays it cool, and is normally an easy guy to make friends with. Hes proud that hes a knight, and is very typical of what knights turn out to be if they arent careful: arrogant, reckless, and self-righteous. He often gets yelled at for reckless heroics, and stands up for what he believes in; which can get him into trouble when his view of whats right clashes with what the Order of Nights code is. Hes one of General Elizabeth Defrees charges, and has been in her company long enough that you dont cross that line she draws in the sand, though he often gets on her nerves which his carefree and wild personality. As shown in the weapons description, he willingly throws his life away to save others, no matter how insignificant the individual is. Despite some major personality flaws, hes extremely loyal and keeps to his honor. He never has to be told what to do, or how to do it. Only in battle or when hes caught goofing around does he really need to be watched. He as an undeniable thirst for battle, war, and guts flying all over the place. He often keeps count of how many people he slain in a battle, and how many people hes saved, not that he wants anybody to return the favorits his littleermhobby if you will. Although he hit middle age, Jack shows no real signs of maturing, and normally entertains his comrades with some stupid song he made up off the top of his head, or by doing some stupid thing to draw any sort of laughter from them. Hes always been in Elizabeth Defrees hands, and she keeps wondering why no one else wants him. Although on several occasions shes admitted that shes grown accustom to having him around, and wouldnt have let anyone take him from her charge.

RP Sample: Jack, what are you doing now? came a moan from somewhere near the group of knights who where out of uniform and seeming to just be enjoying their time off; Jack happened to be among them as they laughed along with him.

Ahoy, General! Jack slurred with his best impression of a drunken sailor. It is well known that Elizabeth Defree had once fallen in love with a sailor only to find that he was an alcoholic and really could careless about her.

Ahoy! If you dont stop this rubbish, Ill kick your lazy butt all the way to Kendra! Elizabeth threatened, but her voice was light and playful for a change, tired of all the stress from the pass week where her company had defeated a lone pack about 2 dozen goblins.

You dont really mean that, General! Jack called back soberly with a goofy grin on his face as he raised his invisible glass of mead. On this particular day, Jack found himself in his usual pair of old peasant clothing, since this was probably going to be their last day off for a long while.

Sure I do! she called back just as sober, Ive been meaning to get rid of you for along time now! Nows as good a time as any! And I think my way works a lot quicker!

Its been about 6 years! I would have thought Id be long gone if that were the case! Jack countered, foreigning shock.

Yeah wellits never too late! Elizabeth shot back quickly before disappearing into the tent that was designated for the injured. She often checked on her fallen comrades to make sure they were still fit to fight. Jack then followed her inside as he realized that his fallen companion had was in there and he had been meaning to check on him for a long while now.

Hell be ok, she said as she put a calming hand on Jacks shoulder as he leaned over the bed of a man whose head was bandaged from nearly being split open by an axe. The man appeared a little older than Jack, and was one of the best knights Elizabeth had ever seen.

Hes had worse done to him. Hell recover just fine, Im sure of it, Jack commented as he sat down at the side of the bed to look longingly at his unconscience partner. They had fought side by side for as long as he could remember, it wasnt fair to him, that his best friend was lying in bed on the verge of death and he was alive and well.

He needs his rest thats all, Elizabeth said silent as she left Jack alone to think to himself beside the mans bed.

Returning outside, Jack looked up at the cloudy sky and frowned, it looked like it was going to rain hard today, most of his time would be spent in the bed tents, probably sleeping unless the General needed him, or something to that nature. But until it started to pour, why sit here and wait? Jack decided as he took off towards a nearby stream, they had been running out of water, and now was as good a time as any to get restocked, so that they wouldnt have to rely so much on the rain to give them what they needed.

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Can you save a spot for me? If not, then I'll sign up later.

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August 7th, 2005, 5:24 PM
I'll make sure to leave you an opening. I'd be a fool to do otherwise. You're a great author, I've enjoyed reading what I could of your work from time to time, let's hope your rping skills equal your reputation as a fanfic writer. ;)

I do so hate to clutter an RP thread with useless OOC talk. But nothing I can do about that yet.

August 7th, 2005, 6:16 PM

*le sigh~* Everytime you say I'm good at something, somewhere in the world, a person loses their talent.

In other words- I am not. >] Anyway, this took faster than I thought. XD

Name: Mikami (Mika) Nuo

Age: 20

Gender: female

Race: Human

Class: Mage, aspiring cleric, if that is alright. If not, I will stick with mage.

Weapon: Staff. This...pointy stick thingy that's all pretty-ful and...ok I'll do the real describing, although I stink at it ._.

It's really...long, but not that long, averaging around five feet or so. The whole length of it is gold, while the base is curved a bit more horizontally. The top basically widens into a circle, with an unmistakable carved cross neatly fit tight within it. Random assortments of chain dangle below the rim of the circle. If one looks closely, pieces of ruby, sapphire, emerald and whatnot are studded within the cross, although not very noticeable from a great distance.

( + )=:----------------] 8D I felt artistic.

General: Slex Killan <3 ;3

Description: A very stout young woman. Mika likes to portray her appearance as the younger one. Her thick brown hair is often tied to a ponytail-like fashion, stray bangs equivalently across on her forehead. Emerald eyes (flecked with amber or something) contrast sharply against her slightly tanned skin, and strangely, much to her distaste, very..er..'thick and alluring' eyelashes accompany her eyes, giving people the wrong ideas at the wrong times. o.o; Her attire is very simple and green. Long sleeved (pale green) tunic extends over her hand, in a half cut diamond, the middle obscured by a (even paler) transparent veil looped around her waste, clipped by a gold crest. Majority of the time, all this is concealed by a thin robe of sparkly lime-green (wow~ how'd you guess =o) with a hem usually dragged around. Oh yeah, her shoes are also (a darker) green, rather petite, snugly fit, not those boot-like ones. (O_O) Overall, her height measures to about 5'5 or 6.

Personality: Mika ish very naive. Note the 'very.' She's in a (deranged) sense optimistic, but clueless. Of course, common sense tells her what's wrong and what's right, not to trust strangers with axes and heavy metal gear, but other than that, Mika is, indeed, full of naivete. Often her challenges reside in differentiating between allies and foe, but once her goal is set, her determination kinda soars with her. If she feels the battle is righteous, Mika will not hesitate to attack with fury, surpassing her limits, at times even doing so with unimaginable happiness. o_O; Yes, that's how naive she is. Her speech proves to be an amusement for everyone, considering how blatantly she states everything with absolutely no contractions (THANK YOU DAC 8D). Despite all these oddities, Mika can be a very emotional friend who just acts...queer sometimes.

RP Sample: Later. ;_;

gah. This sign up is my worst. ._. Sorry. I had trouble finding the right word. XD And I shall edit the sample in later. *must write an essay on symbolism*

August 7th, 2005, 7:41 PM
Well, its late, so my sign up isnt too great. But I hope you find it acceptable.

Name: Sylviharu Harugaia

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Race: Half-Celestial/Human

Class: Paladin

Weapon: Purge and Smite, two magnificent greatswords that lie strapped to this mighty warriors back, have been his only aid in battles so perilous that his life should have been extinguished during dozens of them. However, with such powerful allies, the celestial has assured his continued existence, and is able to pursue his noble quest to smite evil. Both weapons, six feet long each, have finely crafted hilts that feel at home only in their bearers hands, and the blades, astonishingly smooth and deadly for such large swords, look to be of elven and dwarven make respectively; gifts from two separate villages, one silently crafting in the mountains and another placidly frolicking in a glade, for ridding them of demons at their borders.

These deeds were years apart, but now both Purge and Smite are wielded like extensions of his own body, his celestial strength allowing him to effectively carry out justice using both marvels. Curiously, their glimmering steel edges are even more beautiful with blood spilled upon them.

General: Slex Killan; recruited during a battle with a renegade group of ogres, Sylviharu was saved by the general after receiving a terrible wound during the act of protecting an unconscious fighter. Ever since, he has sworn loyalty to the holy cleric.

Description: How can such a perfect being be described with simple words? Such a task would be nigh impossible should Sylviharu not possess human blood, rendering his full celestial grace somewhat sundered. Standing at a slight margin above six feet in height, the hybrid is lean, his lithe body undermining his stupendous strength (yet another affect of his otherworldly father). His eyes, perpetually a shining, golden hue, are often narrowed, analyzing his surroundings and searching for evil to destroy. Lush, silver hair forms bangs across his brow and falls neatly onto his shoulders, the mortal manifestation of the moon. Incredible armor, scale mail in fashion is secured along his body, a whirling cloak settled around it and, at times, over his head. Spectacular, angelic wings find their way through holes in his cloak, sometimes folded to allow more space around him. Two sheaths, holding both of his swords, run along the length of his back and legs, positioned so that they meet in between the wing joints and then continue onward so that his flight ability is not impeded in the least. Knee-high leather boots, worn from many travels, adorn his legs, and he has a look of disgust on his lips while in the presence of his mortal kin, loathing their destructive nature.

Personality: Sylviharu hates the material plane. Nothing irritates him more then seeing his slobbering, disgustingly mean-spirited human kith, with all their desires and wars and murders. One day, as a child, he looked around himself and noticed that nearly all races had some of these qualities, and realized that it needed to be stopped. Thus, the paladin dedicated his life to ridding the world of such taints, slaughtering the malicious and malignant in the name of justice, proclaiming himself a sacrifice to the greater good, living his life for the sole purpose of his quest. Always with an air of clam, he cannot remember a time when he was ever truly frightened, for that is not his way. His emotions are not important, as long as evil is slain. In battle, his lust for the death of the wicked and his proficiency with the amazing swords he brandishes is enough to intimidate many into simply bowing their heads and awaiting his punishment. Rarely does he linger on a target or a battlefield long enough to converse for more then a few moments, for he does no actively enjoy battle, and wishes to be done with forever.

All too often, he is left within moral dilemmas to complex for his one track mind to solve. At these times, which occur whenever one of his beliefs is brought to serious question or when posed with a deep philisophical problem, the celestial can become useless in battle or, quite the opposite, dangerous; viewing things like an over-priced mug of ale an evil act and promptly smiting the perpetrator. Similarly, because he believes his cause to be the most righteous off all crusades, he allows nobody to stand in his way. At times, he may ever kill those who plead for him to reconsider his act, which may be unreasonable or flawed, simply to continue. Always, at these times, he returns and buries his victim or, if he can, revives them. Then again, sometimes he can do neither, and is left with a sense of darkness that causes him to brood and pray for forgiveness, yet again limiting his abilities.

RP Sample: The desert, littered with fallen corpses of men and monster alike, had a strong scent of death about, as if the bodies had been there for days. Further to the east, the sounds of battle still erupted from a crowd of clashing forces, the ringing of steel and twang of bowstrings easily heard even through the carnage and screams. However, separated from the main battle, was a crowd of humanoids, perhaps several yards away from each other were a group of goblins and men, a dozen at the most, facing a single being who raised two colossal swords to parry an orcs club.

The beast, with its gnarled green face, swung a heavy oak limb at its opposition, but to no avail. In an awe-inspiring display of power and speed, one sword came up to block the pitiful weapon, while the other swung clear through the monsters torso, ripping flesh from flesh and spewing even more blood across the red sands. Screaming, it crumpled to the ground pathetically as its killer turned to face the rest of the group, silvery wings fluttering behind.

W-what are you? cried one of the men, his left eye twitching nervously as he hefted the rusted dirk he wielded, gawking at the mighty weapons held by his enemy. Similarly, the rest of his company shifted nervously, afraid of this stunning warrior.

But he offered no response, content to simply begin closing the distance between them, slowly, as if to draw out every tendril of fear they could spare before he allowed them into the final rest.

Gulping, the man roared again, What are you?! Momentarily, he forgot his horrific terror and swung his clumsy knife around threateningly before meekly drawing back.

Hood still drawn over his face, the man or was it a man?- continued his pace, No point in introducing myself to the dead. With that, a burst of speed sent him rocketing towards them, catching the deplorable fools off guard. In a speed unlike anything they had witnessed in their battle-laden lives, the raiders were slashed and struck down in a flurry of whirling blades. His cloak billowed around him, wings battering those behind, as both titanic weapons let loose their savage fury on the enemy squad, dropping them in moments and pouring blood across the piled corpses.

He dried both of his treasured swords on the tunic of one carcass before sheathing his steel companions, letting them rest in their scabbards. A single young man, scarcely more then a boy, came running from where the battle was, stuttering and limping from an arrow wound, S-sir, we need you, he gasped, theyre cutting straight through us a-and-

Hush, whispered the fighter, as he drew the arrow from the lads thigh and placed his hand over the gash. A brilliant light encircled both the leg and his palm, and the skin immediately sewed itself back together. Very well, let us go. Come.

The boy hastily wrenched one of the many swords from a fallen body and followed his idol, Thank you, General Harugaia, he breathed, unaware that the celestial had heard him and smiled.

August 7th, 2005, 8:32 PM
Can I reserve a spot in this RPG?

I know both Lilypichu and Dactylus would votch for m being worth having in it, but the problem is I will not have time to write a sign up with a sample RPG for three days. After that of course I should have no problem having time to post, at least for a few weeks.

Electric Hero
August 8th, 2005, 2:06 PM
Name: Max Hunter

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Class: Knight

Weapon: A beautiful but also mighty sword. The sword has a silver-colored blade that glows a faint blue. But when danger is near... the silver-colored blade glows a solid blue that can even glow through its sheath. Its blue-colored handle has two beautiful wings that look like they are holding and protecting the blade. Its sheath ,which Max carries on his back, is blue with some small, silver decorations.

Nobody knows how Max got that sword. Max says he doesn't remembers but there's a story he made that said that he helped an elven blacksmith protecting his village with his old sword. Max ,having some reinforcements of course, saved the blacksmith's family and almost the whole village. The blacksmith took Max's old sword and the only thing Max remembers is that he got his current sword from that blacksmith. When Max is alone... he thinks he got that sword when he was very young. But he doesn't care too much how he got it... he just loves his sword. He always... no matter what... he always takes his sword with him.

General: Elizabeth Defree

Description: He is around 5'7 or almost 6 feet. He has electric blue eyes that sometimes can intimidate. Max has black hair with a strange hairstyle... something like the anime hairstyle. When Max is in a battle, he wears his dark blue armor. The armor is really thin, but don't think it is weak... because the armor has protected Max for a long time and also can resist almost any kind of attack. It is really light and makes Max very fast in battle. Max always wears a dark blue cape, which covers his normal clothes and his armor when he wears it.

When Max is not in a battle, he likes to wear a dark-blue colored and long-sleeved "shirt". He wears dark blue pants, and dark blue boots. He sometimes calls himself "Blue Lightning"... because he always wears blue or dark blue clothes, and he is really fast in battle.

Personality: In just one word? .... um... weird. Max likes to be very happy and is cheerful, but one second later he is shy, mysterious, serious, or even dark or silent. But even with those weird mood changes he has... he has that hero concept. No matter what... he would risk his life for anyone who needs help. He thinks that a person's life is more important than anything... even if he is facing something big. He always likes to help people first then going back to the fight.

Most of the time... Max likes to keep his good mood. He likes to be with his friends, and make new friends. Max is the kind of person you can trust... even with his mood changes. Max is loyal to his friends... no matter what. He protects them and tries not to be so hard with them.

RP Sample: The sky was covered with black clouds... it was going to rain. Oh I still remember those days in the at war. I was with some friends of mine... making jokes and stuff like that. Until I finally heard thunders and it started to rain. We were in a small tent... and we we just felt like talking.

I walked outside and saw everyone running to have some cover... they didn't want to get wet... but I wanted. I had my normal clothes... with my sword on my back. One freind of mine yelled from the tent and told me to enter... he was drunk. I didn't move... I just stayed there... enjoying the rain. A lightning turned the night into day for two seconds... then everything was like before... dark and wet.

I walked inside a bigger tent, and saw a man wearing his armor. "why are you still wearing your armor?" I asked the man. The man was not facing me, and without moving. he answered "because there will be a fight right now". I didn't believe him... but 5 minutes later... a man yelled that enemies were coming. I quickly got out from that tent and went to the tent I was earlier. I quickly had my armor on my clothes and then I ran back to the outside.

Everyone was ready to battle... and I saw the man with the armor I told about earlier just a few meters away from me. I took my sword and walked over at him. "I don't see them..." I told him. "they are coming from the west" the man replied and pointed with his giant sword to the west. I faced west and suddenly men with black armors on horses were coming our way. "Blue Lightning... stay alive" added the man. When one entered our little camp site, and when he headed my way... I knocked him down from his horse.

The only thing I remember from that moment... was the whole site destroyed... there was dead bodies all around me. Many knights died... and somehow we won. There was still few people besides me. The rain was still falling, and I walked to a dead body. I looked at him and saw the man I was talking to. He was a good friend of mine... he never had a name... and some people called him "friend"... but he was the closest thing to a brother to me. I still was holding my sword... and then I stared and the dead body of my friend. I just stayed there... under the big, cold rain.

ooc: well... I hope this is enough... anyway... I think I'm going to say this before it is too late... if I don't post for two days ((real life XD)), I would like that Raichu Master controls my character... you know... sometimes my parents force me to go with them in a trip to another city... and if I'm gone too long, after two days of not posting a reply, I think it would be better that Raichu Master controls my charcter until I come back... well... of course... if he doesn't accept at least someone says I'm there... at least wandering around XD.

Sima Yi's Apprentice
August 8th, 2005, 5:14 PM

Name: Lance Constantine

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Class: Knight

Weapon: This weapon has a distinct curve to it, almost like that such as a scimitar, but less extreme. The blade itself is made out of pure silver, and has a decorative golden handle. Ancient letters are etched into the upper part of the blade, in a gold color, but none know what it actually says. There is also another design on it, in a wave-like shape, with the same color imprint. The curve to the blade allows it to cut through the air quickly, reaching its target quicker than a normal blade. One side is smooth, to quickly eliminate an enemy, and the other side has four sharpened points which stick out from the sword, to cause extreme pain as it roughly passes through.

It is unknown how he came into possession of this blade. He is the only one who knows. Finding it in the depths of a river, near a shrine to a Water God, he gave the blade the name of the Water God, Leviathan.

(If this is hard to imagine, look at picture link on top of page)

General: Red Reid

Description: Lance is a man of rather short stature, being only 5'3" tall. He has brown hair, which stands up, and is held by a silver headband. In back of the headband, there are two emerald-colored feathers. He wears a deep blue vest, open, with golden wave-like designs displayed in certain spots. The vest goes about halfway down the top part of his leg. Under the open vest, is a simple sleevless shirt, with the color of white, just like an undershirt. Around his neck, is a string of bells, which is how he got his nickname, 'Ringer of the Bells', due to the way they would ring as he dashed through the battlefield. A silver sash is tied around his belt, and the two ends hang down a little lower than his knees. He has a pair of long sapphire pants, same color like the vest, which tuck into a pair of boots. These boots have a strips on the very top, and right above the ankle, which are silver. The rest of the boot is blue, with two circular golden designs inbetween the area of the two strips. His skin is a brownish tanned color. His dark chestnut colored eyes almost look crimson in the light.

Personality: Lance has a rather odd urge for battle, but not as deep as someone with a bloodlust. This came from his years of ambushing those whos intentions were to cause trouble or bring harm onto others. Some interpreted this as criminal, some saw through that and understood what he was trying to do. He will listen to the opinions of other people, but only if he thinks it'll be worth the time. Always eager for a battle, he will push to get into as many missions as possible.

In battle, he seems to get what others see as hyper, and soemtimes, erratic. But, the one person who saw through this, was the General who took him in, Red Reid. Easily getting along with people that were carefree, as he was, he took the oppourtunity and accepted the General's offer. He has a sense of duty, and will protect someone, if given the right incentive. One of his more obvious drawbacks, which offen gets him in deep trouble, is his lack of respect. He will address anyone normally, no matter who they are. He also refuses to dress like a knight, only commenting that wearing the armor will slow him down too much. The best word to describe him more than hlaf the time would be rebellious. Yet, it seems the only person he will respect is Red Reid.

RP Sample: The night sky had quickly swept over the day, and now showed prominent in the sky. The gleaming stars in the sky were enough to illuminate the fields, let alone the addition of the shimmering moon, now high in the sky. A crisp cool breeze flowed through the landscape, softly brushing against anything in its casual path.

All this seemed peaceful, but suddenly, it all changed. A crimson glow flooded over everything in sight, giving it a seemingly twilight effect. Screams pierced the silence of the night, disrupting anything and everything. Footsteps could be heard everywhere. The clang of steel erupted in various directions, alerting everyone to what was occuring.

Lance noticed this through a large window. His feet were on top of a nearby desk, and his body was leaned back, balancing a small chair on two legs. At what seemed like random, a door slammed open, hard enoguh that it broke off of its hinges.

A private came up to him and said, "Knight, you are needed immediately. General Reid requests that you meet him in the Conference Room, along with a few others."

The chair fell back onto all four legs, his feet touched the floor, and he stood up out of the chair. Without any words, he grabbed his partner in battle, his Leviathan, and dashed out the now unbarriered doorway. He thought, Well, looks like things are finally getting interesting. Maybe it was actually worth coming by the request of Red. Eh, guess I'll find out soon, only way is to experiment.

The door opened, and revealed a small room, designated for planning strategies for battle. In the middle of the small room, a table was set up, for the selected ones to be seated. Lance stepped in the room, realizing that he was the only one not already here.

A random voice echoed out and demanded, "Sit down, we have a lot to discuss."
Lance replied, in a sarcastic tone, "Wow, such courtesy. No wonder you command such respect."

He looked over to Red Reid, to just find him smiling. He always seems to agree with me, even if he doesn't openly admitt it. Probably why I actually get along with him, unlike those others.

So, Lance took his designated seat, which was about a quarter of the way down the eight-seat table. After a lot of bickering, one of the few generals with what Lance saw as common-sense and knowledge, decided to speak up.

General Elizabeth Defree stated, "You all miss the simple solution to this. If they have a solid area set up, where most of their resources and units are located, why not set it ablaze?

Someone else spoke up, saying, "We could have the dragonriders get close enough to ignite the area, and then move in to take out whoever remains. That seems like a great idea."

Everyone started giving in their ideas, murmurs of agreement and screams of displeasure echoed through the room. Unlike everyone, Lance just sat in his seat, the same way he was in the other room, legs on the table, chair on two legs. He thoguht, God, they command loads of respect, yet they bicker like little children over a toy. I don't see why we don't just engulf them in our forces, and pick them off.

After everyone calmed down, Red Reid stood up, and said, "Dragonriders would be too obvious. We should take a more sneaky route to light the camp on fire."

Another interjected, and continud, "I suggest we send one of our Generals, who excels in fire, to commence this event. There is already one out there, defending the town. But, we need someone to lead him there, who can keep the units away, while he prepares for the attack. I suggest Lance."

A General stood up, and commented, "We can't allow him to lead it. He is a criminal peasant, he's only here because of a mistake by Reid! He..."

Red Reid silenced the man, and turned to Lance. He said, "Lance, you are the key to this plan."

He threw Lance the token they were using to mark the guider's place on the map. Lance caught it, and leaned forward, saying, "You got it! Leave it to me!"

He turned from his chair, grabbed his weapon with his right hand, and balanced it onto his shoulder. Without another word by anyone else, he dashed staright out of the room, and towards his destination.

The RP Sample is in Purple. Is this good enough to be accepted?

Alter Ego
August 9th, 2005, 10:27 AM
It's going to take some time for me to make a proper profile but I definitely want to join, could I reserve a spot?

Name: Elhan Moonshire
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Cleric (With a strong pull towards swordsmanship)
Weapon: A sword that appears to be nothing more than a translucent crystal hilt with yellow runes on it. The runes seem to indicate that the power of the blade comes from the moon, although another theory is that they simply refer to the family which has possessed this blade for so long. When one of the Moonshire family touches the hilt, a bladelike field of magical energy appears, allowing the weapon to be used as a conventional longsword. It has been passed down in Elhan's family for countless generations and is the symbol of his house. It turns heavy as lead in the hands of anybody outside of the Moonshire bloodline.
General: Slex Killan, because Elhan seriously need guidance in his clergic career.
Description: Elhan he is about 1,98 meters tall and has slender build with long, flexible fingers which have given him an advantage over many of his peers. His skin is ivory coloured, and his eyes are indigo. Elhan has dark blue hair which he always keeps at a fairly short, or as his parents call it 'respectable', length and neatly combed. Due to his elven heritage, Elhan's ears a distinctively pointed and he doesn't grow a beard. He wears a standard issue suit of mithril chainmail which he covers with a set of dark blue robes with a streak of dark purple running along the edges. He also wears a pair of dark brown boots and a pair of black leather gloves. Elhan believes in the improtance of appearances and always tries to keep both his equipment and himself in spotless condition.
Personality: While at first glance Elhan might seem like a stuck-up, arrogant, self-righteous, narsistic snob, those who get to know him for a bit longer will actually discover that it is really nothing more than a facade that he puts on to mislead his opponents, much like the fact that he's a Cleric by profession even though his true talent lies in swordsmanship. Born into a family with a long line of healers, Elhan was pressured since young age to follow the footsteps of his father, and the countless fathers before him and become a cleric. And while he does seem to pull it of decently, Elhan's heart isn't really in the tedious healing work. He is an adventurer at heart, and wishes to risk his life on the forefront rather than sit back and treat frostbites. Although old enough to meet the order's age limit, Elhan hasn't really come of age by half-elf standards, a fact that many other members of his race are quick to state, much to his frustration. Elhan hates being belittled or snubbed because of his age and has gotten into fights over it on numerous occasions. He tries his best to be a good person, though, and generally does the right thing.
RP Sample:

"You must learn to control your powers child...do not let them control you." came a quiet voice by Elhan's ear, like the sound wind rustling through the pages of an old book.

"For the last time Vigil, I'm not a child!" the young half-elf exclaimed slamming his fist on the table before him, his spell fizzling briefly and then vanishing.

"So you say..." the older half-elf, a frail man with silvery hair and emerald green eyes, dressed in a deep green robe, said coldly. "And yet you fumble with the simplest of cantrips as soon as I call you one. It is excactly that kind of childish anger that makes you so immature."

Elhan's pale face turned crimson with fury but he failed to formulate a retort so he settled for staring furiously at the table and hissing.

The one called Vigil observed the young cleric quietly, giving him time to went some of his frustration before continuing:

"As soon as you're ready we may resume the lesson." he said in a casual voice, his face perpetualy calm, unrattled by the outburst.

Elhan threw the old man a vicious glare but nodded, taking a deep breath and regaining his composure a bit.

"The problem with your spellcasting, child." Vigil continued, ignoring the wince his student made at the word 'child', "Is that you focus too much on the external." he pulled out a shining object from the fold of his robes and showed it to Elhan. "Tell me child, what is it I am holding in my hand?"

The half-elf glared at the object "A gold coin." he stated, "Do you take me for a complete fool?"

"If that is your answer then yes." Vigil replied, flipping the coin up into the air where it vanished in a puff of smoke, leaving behind a small wooden one which fell back into Vigil's palm.

"Fine!" Elhan snapped "So you fooled me with your little sleight-of-hand trick! What's the point?!"

"The point, child." Vigil said, his voice now betraying a hint of annoyance "Is that you judge things by their facial value, paying no heed to the actual substance. Are you truly so ignorant of the fundamental principles of our art that I need to tell you how severe a mistake that is? Lunisia would be shocked to hear that her son-"

Elhan got up from the table, his face now ghostly white from anger "Don't-not-ever try to use my parents to guilt me!" he bellowed, his sentence structuring awry from emotion as he turned around and stormed out of the chamber, shutting out any further attempts at communication on Vigil's part.

August 9th, 2005, 11:42 AM
Name: Chigau Shiwanabe
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Class: Mage
Weapon: Chigau is not a conventional mage as she uses a long bow as only weapon. Her bow is made from Yew and has had minor floral patterns carved into it. Both the string and bow are made in such a way that the bow can be permanently strung without the bow being damaged. The arrows that she uses are relatively non-descript but like her bow they are bright yellow in colour.
General: Elizabeth Defree
Description: Chigau stands about 66 in height and is rather thin. When people first encounter her, unless they have her bow pointing at them, they usually decide that she is cute, relatively harmless and dont think much more about her appearance. Those who do look closer notice that under her clothing she is not heavily muscled but that she is well toned. She never wears armour, and has been repeatedly disciplined for this, she instead wears a halter top, tight fitting shorts, basic boots, fingerless gloves and a hooded cloak, all of which is a bright yellow in colour. Her eyes and hair also follow the colouring of her clothing with her eyes being yellow and her hair a light blond.
Personality: (I never feel I do these well and I also always feel that they are too short) Chigau is relatively quiet when with others and is almost constantly thinking. Her abilities in spell casting and archery make her very confident, if not overly, when the person talking to her is more that 15 feet away, although if they get closer she feel constricted and nervous. She does not think of herself as superior to others, unless of course they are also archers but she is forever forgetting to call her superiors by either their rank or sir/mam.
RP Sample (well there is always a first time for everything):

Chigau stood facing down the range, three arrows already sticking from the centre of her target.

Chigau! called the officer in command of the training for the moment. Of course it was at the worst possible moment, Chigau was just about to loose her next arrow and was startled by the sound of her name. When she was startled Chigaus arms gave a jerk and she let the arrow, she was aiming, off a bit earlier than she intended.
Yes?! Chigau replied in a slightly irritated voice as she walked to where the officer was. The arrow had gone high and landed in the outer most of the rings on the target. When she arrived in front of the officer she noticed that he was staring at her in an irritated manor. Sir? she added just so the conversation could continue.
Well, the time you reserved is up and the next person has turned up for their time. Stated the officer as he wondered how many times the mage I front of him had been disciplined for exactly what she had just done to him.
Very well, sir Chigau replied. I guess I spent too much time stretching before my first shot then. She thought to her self as she walked back to collect her arrows, her bow already slung onto her back.

Sorry about the short sample but i'm half asleep right now and i have to head off to school, i'll lengthen it later...

August 9th, 2005, 3:36 PM
Name: Zook Nimblehands
Age: 35 (not quite adult by Gnome standards)
Gender: Male
Race: Gnome
Class: Jester/Juggler specializing in throwing weapons and evasion, as well as the occasional trick or two
Weapon: Chuckle, Chortle, Giggle, Gurgle, Snicker, Snigger All six are throwing knives, and each one is relatively identical to the rest at first glance. The blade on all six of the daggers is roughly four inches long and only an inch in width. Both cutting edges are remarkably sharp, and the metal is surprising resilient for its thinness. The handles are too small to fit comfortably in a human fist, but fit perfectly in a gnomes hand. Each knife has a tiny cross guard to separate the blade from the handle. Both handle and guard are made of wood, then wrapped in strips of tough, black leather.
General: Red Reid
Description: Zook is about 3 4 tall with short, dirty blonde hair. His eyes are a light, crystalline blue that bear a resemblance to ice. He has a trimmed beard which barely covers his chin, also blonde. A small jesters hat sits atop his head, splitting into two halves that come to points. One half is red while the other is black. Zook wears a sleeveless, jacket-like shirt that is also divided into red and black halves. The two halves fasten together in the front with large, yellow buttons. Both his hands are covered by flexible, brown leather gloves that protect him without hindering his dexterity very much. While performing, Zook wears a pair of pants that balloon in the legs like clown pants would. These are also divided into red and black halves. When not performing, however, Zook dons simple brown cloth pants that dont balloon and make him look somewhat more normal. They are worn but still in relatively good condition. Covering his feet are a pair of nondescript brown leather boots that are as worn as the similar pants. Stashed away in various hidden areas of the articles of clothing are throwing knives that Zook can draw at any time.
Personality: Zook is unusually happy about most every event that happens to him. It is rare for him to be seen without a smile on his face, a bounce in his step, and a general aura of joy that surrounds him to the point where its almost tangible. Needless to say, this can get exhausting and irritating to those that he travels with, which is the main reason why he travels alone. In public, Zook acts overly trusting and innocent to the point where his annoying nature is forgiven by most people that he encounters. Like a child, the gnome has a habit of asking why far too often (though he does so mostly for fun, as he often already knows the answer). An entertainer by profession and nature, Zook is unafraid to make jokes at others expense (which he rarely actually means) or to pull a stunt in a place where it is generally a bad idea (i.e. throwing knives in a tavern). On the insider, however, Zook is a highly intuitive individual capable of analyzing a situation and coming up with multiple different courses of action, all of which he can think out several more steps in advance. This tactical mind makes him less prone to falling prey to those unfortunate enough to fight him. His constantly working mind also gives Zook a somewhat short attention span because he figures out whats going to happen far before it actually does, and walks away from whatever had his interest to find something new.
RP Sample:

The knives came down just as he expected them to, and small Gnome fingers deftly threw them skyward again. There was a flash of steel as a fifth knife entered the circle. Zook smiled as he watched the awed faces of the crowd, and he carefully lifted a foot off the ground and balanced himself. He was now juggling almost all the knives he had, and was doing so on a single foot. Zook heard coins land in the bucket he had found in the back of a shop nearby and wondered how many were in there: hopefully enough for him to get a stay at the inn for a night, and perhaps buy a little food. Beginning to get bored with his own performance, Zook caught the knives in his gloved hands and quickly hid them away. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen! Zook peered into the bucket and his smile broadened. Especially whoever threw in the platinum piece! Good night, everyone.

The Gnome took a bow and hastily grabbed the bucket. He needed to get it back to its owner before it was missed, or he might actually get in trouble. There was a problem, though; the bucket was hindering his walking speed as he shuffled along while dragging it with both arms. Eventually he got into the alley that was connected to the shop he needed to get to. Then, because he was facing backwards, Zook felt the back of his head connect with someones knee. Slowly, Zook turned his gaze skyward and saw a human face looking back at him. Oh, hi! Excuse me, but I need to get this bucket back to where it was. Zook shifted to the side of the bucket and tried to pull it around the man, who stepped into his way again. Really, its kind of urgent. Please move, sir. He turned a different direction and attempted to go that way. This time, a new man stepped in the way. Whats going on

Thats an awful lot of money for someone like you to carry. Why dont you let us help you with that. It was the first man who spoke, and Zook saw the light from the street lanterns reflect off the blade of a dagger. The Gnome glanced at the second man and noticed that he too was armed. Just two against one? This should be fairly simple. Zook turned back to the first man and let go of the bucket so that his hands were hanging freely at his sides.

Really? Thanks mister! The Gnome ran a few steps away from them, spun on his heels, and addressed the stunned muggers who had yet to move. Well? I thought you were supposed to be helping me. It looks like you two are just, Zooks eyes narrowed and a slightly sinister tone snuck into his voice, a couple of thieves. I mean really; stealing from a gnome half your size and probably a third your weight? I probably would have given you some of the money if youd only asked. In a single motion, Zook drew a knife and flung it directly at the first mans calf. He howled in pain as it hit its mark, and dropped his own weapon as he reached to pull out Zooks. While his target was preoccupied, Zook ran at the man and jumped up and onto his (the thiefs) shoulders. With a small spinning jump, Zook was facing the opposite direction the man was. The Gnome raised his two small fists above his head and then brought them down against the back of the mans head. As the thief collapsed, Zook jumped lightly from his shoulders and pulled the knife out of the leg it had buried itself in.

He turned to the other thief, who had backed up a few steps and looked like he was about to run. Aw, dont go! Lets have a little fun first. Zook laughed as he charged the second man. His quarry tightened his stance and slashed at the gnome once he was in range. Zook sidestepped without missing a beat and pushed his knife into the mans leg. He tumbled out of the way as the injured man feel to a single knee and pulled the weapon free. Blood was gently trickling down the wounded leg, and the entire dagger blade was red. Zook had snuck behind the crouched man and had drawn another knife. These things never create very big cuts. You should be fine if you wrap it in time. The man whipped his head around to see where the gnome was, but Zook had already predicted it and had leapt up and over the human. Rather than kill him with the knife, Zook merely slugged the man with his right hand against his opponents right cheek. The head turned a little farther than it already was and the thiefs eyes rolled back into his head as he fell to the ground.

Zook carefully put his second knife away and pried the first one out of the fallen mans fingers, then wiped the blood off on the mans shirt before stowing the weapon. Now that it was over, Zook walked back to his bucket of money and pulled out the single platinum piece and as many gold ones as he could and stashed them in a money pouch that he kept tied to his waist. Once his money bag was full to bulging, Zook tipped the bucket over. Silver and copper pieces scattered over the stone road, creating the distinctive and unmistakable sound that only loose change could create. When the bucket was empty and its former contents were scattered over the ground around the thieves, Zook lifted it with ease and ran back to the store he had borrowed it from. I should be able to stay in the inn afterall.

Raichu Master
August 10th, 2005, 11:51 AM
Everyone but LilyPichu and Rattrap is accepted.

Rattrap, I recommend if you were tired, to come back when you're awake to finish it off, for as it stands right now, I can't accept you.

For anyone who wants me to leave a position for the rp. I am still accepting applications.

If anyone wants to help me with RPing the Generals then please pm me, if not I guess I'll just do it.

August 11th, 2005, 12:57 AM
I thought long and hard about this, and I hope it is acceptable. If not, Ill happily fix whatever is wrong with it. I hope you realise Druids are entitled to an animal companion, just like rangers. Ill happily do a full description of the animal companion if you want.
Note: Some longbows use elastic string and others (The better ones) use flexible wood.

Name: Hims Regnar
Age: 78 years (Im going by elf standards, so he must of lied about his age to get in while so young)
Gender: Male
Weapon: One would have to wonder if there ever was another longbow anything like Hims one. It seems so basic, yet effective, with no added attractive details or any hint of runes being added in hopes of giving it magic properties. Its just a curved piece of wood with a notch in the middle to help with aim, string attached near each end, one through a whole, another held in with a catch. If it wasnt for the tight string the bow would snap back into a straight stick perfect, except for the flexibility, for use as a quarter staff, which the reason for the catch on one end (It is a lot harder to set it back up as a bow than flicking it straight to a quarter staff).
He also has a quiver of arrows, weaved from flax including a long strap so he can carry it on his back. The arrows are standard issue ones for knights, thus are certainly the most fancy things on him.
Race: Elf
Class: Druid
General: Red Reid (The only one whod put up with Hims, I wonder what he has planned for this elf. Probably a suicide mission)
Description: Hims is quite tall for an elf of his age, standing at 4 feet, 5 inches. He mullet of long blond hair reaches down to his shoulders, with his large pointed ears, which would be hidden under his hair if it werent for the fact they are slightly larger than normal elf ears. It is a bit odd how his pale blue eyes seem to glow (metaphorically) with pleasure at the sight of fear, but thats nothing compared to his physique. His muscles arent exactly well defined, and they are so barely noticeable under his clothing that it seems that he is almost trying to hide them.
His clothing is thin and simple. He wears a vest woven from flax leaves, light brown from drying out, leaving his arms bare. His trousers are made the same way, though with more care, as they were more difficult to make. His feet are bare, leaving only Two other thing of interest on him: His bow and his quiver of arrows.
Personality: A trickster of both nature and genius. Hims is certainly that, but there is much more to him than just his carefully thought out pranks. He is really a kind, caring person, buried within a sadistic soul. He never wishes harm towards those he likes, he just loves to watch them squirm a bit too much. Deep down watching physical pain drives him sick to his stomach, it is emotional torment he loves (Fear in particular), and thus when it comes to killing he has worked long and hard on making quick kills. It is often missed how deep he is, since only the closest watcher would notice how differently he really treats allies and foes. Of course it is noticeable how different he treats what few friends he has, no one could miss the fact he doesnt pull pranks on everyone.

Name: Etik
Species: Red Fox
Gender: Male
Age: 7 months (Foxes dont live long, so this is nearly adult hood)
Appearance: Etiks wondrously soft fur is reddish brown on his body, except the tip of his tail and his under side which are white, and his lower legs remain black. His sharp looking eyes are still blue with youth and playfulness. His nose is a black deeper than his legs.
His body shape is much like any fox: a small canine body standing 13 inches tall, weighing very close to 13 pounds. The amazing thing is he is in perfect health, no signs of a bad diet at all as one often gets with foxes that are kept as companions.
Personality: Etik is loyal. If he wasnt he wouldnt hang around for anything more than food since he isnt kept on a leash. He acts much like his master, loving to pull pranks like he was taught to do. He does has trouble showing respect to anyone, always striving to be dominant, even over his closest friends. It is hard for the untrained eye to see why he pulls pranks on his own, but for those who know how to pick up suck details it becomes quite clear. He is lashing out against those he cares about to try to get recognition as being useful (Hard for a fox to be helpful on a battle field), and often because he has grown tired of fighting for dominance the usual canine way.

Sample RPG: Note, this was quickly written up and in not of a good quality, Id actually recommend you looking at RPGs Ive been in to get a better idea of my posting quality.
The target is near, time to get in position. The letter should provide some debating to make this easy.

Hims crawled in the tall grass, slithering unseen, keeping an arrow tight on his bow. It was hard for him to see anything but the beautiful clear sky, but even then hed have had to look up, right into the glare of the mid-day sun. He was working on hearing alone. It was enough, and he could hear the target talking in a familiar language.

Looks like another anonymous letter demanding that poison to soak arrows in is provided as standard for all our archers, The target was speaking, probably meaning a subordinate was listening. It certainly brings up some good points, but I do not approve of it. Not for troops under my command.

Etik, He whispered, altering his voice with magic so as to make it easy for his companion to understand. On my mark, run distraction. It should put the target off guard, thus making an easy target. One arrow is all Ill need Mark.

Etik burst out of the grass beside Hims, revealing what he was. A fox, red/orange fur except for the white tip of tail and white chest. The fox ran towards where Hims judged the target to be. Then came the staccato baking of the fox.

If everything is going right, Etik is running circles round the target. A decent distraction.

What is it, Etik? Its not that Hims is in trouble and you want us to hel The targets kind talking to Etik was cut short as Hims leapt up, shotting the arrow over the shoulder of his target and commanding officer. It came close to hitting, and since the poor guy was looking right at where Hims leapted up, it would of looked to him like it was going to hit. The target stumbled over to the ground.

Catch them when they arent wearing armour, it frightens them quite a bit.

As much as I hate your pranks, at least this is the last time I have to put up with them. The target laughed nervously, while laying on the ground. Your transferto the command of Red Reid is now official, as he seems to want you for something and no one else does. I personally favour you being transferred to the enemys side instead, but no one can refuse the call of that drunk. Red will be sure to take good care of you and your tricks

Raichu Master
August 11th, 2005, 4:55 PM
*sigh* I'm well aware of the capabilities of a druid. I wouldn't waste my time developing this rp if I wasn't knowledgeable in all fantasy elements.

Just becareful though, you're character sounds more like an imp than an elf.

So far so good though. *accepted*

August 12th, 2005, 12:49 AM
Reserve a spot for me if you can, i started my form but had to save it because schools satrting in five minutes.

Raichu Master
August 13th, 2005, 3:15 PM
OOC: I plan on starting this RP tomorrow 9:00 EST, so all who want to join, must join by that time. That includes those who have yet to turn in a RP Sample.

August 13th, 2005, 5:25 PM
Name: Robert Pryce

Age: 21

Gender: Male (of course, knowing me, who knows how long it'll last? XD)

Race: Human

Class: Dragoon/Wyrtamer (depends on the culture) The Wyrtamers, as they call themselves, do not actually tame wyverns, or any other draconic creature. Rather, they simply revere them, and base their fighting styles off of them. Using bare hands, or swords, javelins, or in some cases, spears, the more advanced wyrtamers are actually able to use their power, and study of dragons to use powers, such as uncanny leaps, or elemental breath.

Weapon: A rather unique short spear, made of what seems to be wood, but much stronger. It's functional as a slashing weapon, a throwing spear, and a short lance, though it isn't as effective in any of these fields as a weapon made to the purpose, but is suitable in all. In addition, he uses his technique and his bare hands to his advantage as often as his short spear.

General: Red Reid.

Description: Having an average frame, and only slightly above average height at five feet and eleven inches, his entire head, short of his eyebrows is shaved, to avoid chafing against his armor. If he were to grow any though, it would be a medium-dark brown in color. He has hazel eyes that tend to lean more towards brown than green, but have a haunted look to them. For clothing, he wears a simple tight, dark yellow shirt and pants, with the tell-tale Wyrtamer armor, made from dark green dragon-scales, smaller ones, from an adolectent dragon, covering his torso, and then seperate pieces to cover his arms and legs, with a helmet of hardened scales in the same color, made to cover his head, and make him look almost like a hornless, two-legged dragon.

Personality: A bit bitter, and dark, but that's mostly because he's often troubled by headaches that so far, no method of healing has been able to help so far. When he's not under the influence of headaches, he often acts a bit odd too, making jokes that no one seems to understand, and usually not showing much variety. Like a dragon, he's calm and at piece most of his painless time, but when it's time for action, he quickly moves from calm and at rest to aa wild force, this sudden change often giving him an advantage in combat by catching his oponents comletely offguard.

RP Sample:

I awoke one morning in my mountain, resting upon my hoard, this morning seemed much like any other at that point. I chose a new color for myself today, a magnificent pewter scaled dragon, and began checking my spells that gave me news of anyone coming near my mountain... But they were gone, dissapeared without a trace! "Theives!!" I thought instantly, and shot towards the main exit at an amazing speed for a creature so large. I zommed out of the main gate, ready to incinerate the burglars and the mage they brought to remove my spells, only to find a sight which made me stop dead in my tracks. I looked around, only to find the mountain range I lorded over was gone! All around me there was desert, but my mountain was right here, just the same. It was as though someone uprooted it from my mountain range, and placed it here in this desert!

"How remarkable..." I remarked, stunned by this turn of events.I quixkly lowered my head, as a small, humanoid figure whizzed by, slashing his lance where I would have been a moment ago.I glansed at it out of the corner of my eye. Human, or maybe elf. It was hard to tell. "How barbaric." I said, noticing that his clothing was made out of dragon scales, and his lance was tipped with a dragon's tooth. The figure didn't respond, rather, but leaned his head back, and I was suprised as a wave of fire came towards me. My scales were capable of holding the heat at bay, since I was naturally a fire dragon as well. I lashed out with my tail, and brough him to the ground, placing my talon on his back. "Now," I said, my voice sending slight tremors through the moountain. "You will tell me who you are, and how you managed to fight like a dragon..."

Raichu Master
August 13th, 2005, 5:52 PM
Interesting choice in class. *thinks and ponders a moment*

Rp Sample could be broken into several other paragraphs...but aside from that. *accepted*

August 14th, 2005, 12:07 AM
Edited in pet details. It was hard to describe much about a fox's looks, but I tried my best.

Alter Ego
August 14th, 2005, 12:23 AM
Oh, just in case you didn't see it, I've added an RP sample a while back.

Raichu Master
August 14th, 2005, 3:23 AM
*looks* I did accept you already. ^^

But since you didn't seee it. *accepted*

Alter Ego
August 14th, 2005, 8:30 AM
Okay, I just wanted to be on the safe side. Yay! Double acceptance! ^_^ Right, enough nosense from my part until this RP starts.

Raichu Master
August 14th, 2005, 5:26 PM
Scratch what I said about tonight starting it. I just remembered that I won't be here Monday and tuesday. So it'll start 9:30 EST on Wednesday! ^^

Sorry for the confusion!

Electric Hero
August 14th, 2005, 5:46 PM
WHAT!!? oww... ok... I will wait until wednesday... *walks slowly away* XD.

Raichu Master
August 17th, 2005, 4:55 PM
OOC: Just post what your doing while this meeting is going on. I'll be controlling all the Generals except Red Reid.

IC: Glenn, you were the last one at Mystric, the outer most kingdom near the wasteland. What are the conditions there? Alvender asked, his voice firm with a solid resolve. He was clad in splint armor, with the crest of a dragon, its wings spread wide and facing away from him, embedded in the middle of the breastplate. His amber colored hair was cut short and messy after being inside his helm all day.

A group of ogres have been threatening the smaller kingdom by raiding the outer villages that surround it. More and more ogres join the group as we speak. I would dare to say theyre planning on trying to destroy it, Glenn responded a little timidly. He was the least respect of the Grand Generals, although Alvender had complete trust in his abilities. The others, even the lower generals argued that Alvender only put Glenn in a Grand General position because Glenn was his sidekick during their younger years.

The Order of Night was stationed at Udrath, the inner most kingdom. The allied kingdoms enclose it, so Udrath was the keystone, and it was easy to get to the other kingdoms from there. Mystric and Olson are the closest to the wasteland, Mystric being the closest, and practically part of the border. Kendra and Cenrate were the closest to the 25 other kingdoms that are getting power hungry. Handerns hope is that he can get the other kingdoms to ally with them.

Thats stupid! the half dwarf Edith Grantil grumbled. He was fairly tall for a dwarf, and didnt have quite as long a beard as most dwarves. Not much is known about Edith heritage, but most agree that hes a half dwarf, but by the way he talked and grumbled it was easy to say that he was dwarf enough. Orcs wer last seen a runnin fer them hills! Why would ogres be thinkin they could do anythin?

Slex and Freden were also invited to the conference, knowing that more than three people would be needed to plan out a strategy such as the one they were planning. Edith has got a point, Grand Master, Slex commented.

Shut your mouth Slex! a dark voice came from the doorway behind them argued. If Glenn says there ogres at the border, then there are ogres at the border! Slex, Freden, and Glenn turned around in surprise to see who the new comer was. There stood Wulf Karshen, the drow elf. Alvender was the only one not surprised, he had summoned his General to the meeting, and was starting to wonder when he would show.

Ill have to agree with the drow, Grand Master, Freden said as he turned to face Handern.

The drow has a name, General, or Ill be down one General, and Ill be needing a replacement, Handern warned in a joking sense.

My apologizes, Grand master. Ill have to agree with Wulf, is what I meant to say, Freden corrected with small bow.

Then Glenn, I want you to take those in your command with you to the border, just incase there is any other underlying powers at work there. Take Elizabeth Defree with you, shes a very valueable General, and youd do wise to put her as your second in command for this run. It is 3 days ride from here. Grantil, you take Wulf and Gwen with you, and their soldiers to Kendra to try and figure out what the other kingdoms are up to. Is this understood? Handern commanded, using his position to bring a measure of control back to the situation. Then go, and may the gods with all of you this day and the next to come. Come home safely Generals, Handern said, which was his customary way of saying the meeting was finished.

* * *

Jack found his way to his favorite tavern in Udrath: The White Horse. It was the largest of any tavern he laid his eyes on, and was closest to the castle wall, where the headquarters and the bunkers were located. Jack raised his hand once he sat down at the bar, and threw a silver coin down, which prompted one of the people working the table to slid a pint of ale toward him.

Downing it in just one swallow, which drew impressed looks from around him, Jack smacked his lips together in satisfaction. Jack turned around to view the tavern, it was musty with age and smelled of freshly brewed ale, and smoke; Jacks two favorite smells in the world. He was dressed in peasant clothing, not wanting to show off the fact that he was part of the Order.

OOC: Anyone who still wants to join can do so up until 9:30 EST. That gives everyone a half hour before this closes to applications.


Electric Hero
August 17th, 2005, 5:31 PM
As I wandered around the castle wall with no will to live... I saw a tavern called 'The White Horse'. "White horse?... why not something like... black horse? ... oh whatever" I expressed as I saw the name... and then a man in some peasant clothes entered. "hmm... well... I have nothing to do so... let's enter... I will try not to cause a fight now" I added as I slowly started to walk towards the big tavern. I was wearing my normal and boring clothes.

As I walked in... some strangers started to look at me. "what are you staring at?" I said to everyone looking at me kinda mad. I walked towards the bar and sat down next to the man he saw in peasant clothes. I gave him a strange look like 'I think I know you'... I was in a bad mood... and my feet were sstarting to hurt because I walked so much. "are you going to drink or what?" I heard from the man who gave the drinks. "no... go away" I said in a cold tone.

August 17th, 2005, 8:49 PM
Transferred again. It always happens. None of them could take a joke or understand me Still I have heard much about this Red Reid. He seems like the most likable of these generals, even if the stories portray him as useless. Not like such an act can trick anyone who thinks carefully. Just look at how he got selected as general, no one could get there if the way hes acting isnt an act. Still I doubt the other generals have seen through it, thus proving how useless they are.

Hims sat on the grass, legs crossed and eyes closed, and his bow laying to one side of him. His mind may have wandered, but deep inside there was one part which remained focused. A few clouds swirled in the sky above him, centring their spiral directly above him. There were few other clouds in the sky, and the sunlight felt warm on his skin. There was a sudden feeling of something small and cold landing on his skin.

I should be out finding Red, but I cant be bothered looking around for him yet. He might come looking for me if hes as smart as I think.

Beside him there was a yelp of surprise from a fox. It was Etik, Hims loyal companion, an average looking juvenile red fox. Hims opened his eyes instantly to look at what the problem was. It was raining lightly, though the sun still shined brightly because no clouds were blocking it. It was only raining on the spot Hims was.

Sorry about that, Hims laughed, falling backwards on to the grass. I almost panicked when I couldnt understand what you were trying to tell me. Its my fault that I cant focus the ability to understand animals and to mildly manipulate the weather at the same time I certainly need to work on both my weather magic and using multiple spells at once. Of course thats only in the perspective of everyone else, I manage fine with my other tricks.

The rain stopped.

Alter Ego
August 18th, 2005, 6:49 AM
"Lovely..." Elhan muttered, sidestepping another puddle of unidentifiable sludge on the street as he made his way towards a nearby tavern which, according to the sign, was called 'The White Horse'. The commoners were throwing him suspicious glances, muttering conspiratorily about his spotless robes, his pale skin, and his pointed ears and slender body build as he passed. Mutterings like 'elitist' and 'priss' caught the young half-elf's ears but he purposefully ignored them, pushing up the door and stepping inside.

The crowd inside was not much different from the one outside, although the glaring and muttering was far more open here. Elhan felt his anger buidling as he elbowed himself a path to the counter.

"Oy! Jus' a moment point-ears!" came a gruff voice from somewhere behind Elhan.

"In certain areas that wouldn't narrow down the selection much." the cleric replied, turning around to face the one adressing him, a fairly old and thuggish looking dwarf with tanned skin, a thick, tangled, dark brown beard and a face deformed by numerous beatings. "But I assume you are adressing me, sir?" Elhan concluded, maintaing a purposefully polite voice despite what he really thought about the dwarf.

"Save yer' fancy words point-ears!" the dwarf barked, a projectile of spit flying at Elhan's robes. "This ere' tavern as' a no-elves policy as o' now, so are ya' gonna' leave quietly or will I hafta' force ye' out?" he pulled out an old battleaxe of which all but the blade bore a coat of rust, causing the other nearby patrons to back of.

"Firstly, I'm a half-elf." Elhan replied, eyeing the dwarf with contempt "And secondly, as much as I'd like to gut you were you stand, and believe me I really do, I'd probably end up being the one forced to sew your sorry carcass back together. So why don't we sort this out like gentlemen?"

The dwarf's eyes narrowed in suspicion "Whadda ya mean?" he asked.

"I suggest a simple contest." the half-elf replied "We will both draw each other's weapons, should one fail he will have to leave the tavern. And if we both succed or fail then we settle this in a duel outside. Deal?"

The dwarf eyed Elhan's slender form with a triumphant grin on his face "Hah!" he barked, lobbing of another projectile of saliva "A deal it is. I'll go first!"

"As you wish." Elhan replied, smirking slightly as he held out Moonblade's scabbard. Even though I'll have to disinfect it later... he thought, watching the dwarf's dirty hands.

"Tis' will be a piece of-by Clangeddin's warted arse!" the dwarf's knees buckled under the weight of the sword, forcing him into an awkward kneeling position with his hands firmly pinned to the floor.

"Well..." Elhan said softly, eyeing the dwarf's position "It seems like you've finally gained some manners. Although you should still work on your speech."

The dwarf shot him a murderous look, but the half-elf ignored it as he reached for the dwarf's axe and lifted it effortlessly with his right hand under the watchful eyes of about the entire bar crowd.

"I see you've kept your weapon in good condition." Elhan commented, testing the blade of the axe with his finger as he slowly walked around the dwarf "I bet it could even severe a head with a blow strong enough." he continued conversationaly, giving his opponent a malicious look.

Elhan let him sit there and sweat for a few moments of uncertainity before deciding that this had been educational enough. "I'll relive you of that." he said, putting aside the battleaxe and collecting his sword with ease equal to that which he had shown with the previous weapon.

"Now I believe we had a deal?" Elhan said, arching an eyebrow at the furious dwarf who was struggling back on his feet and reaching for his axe while swearing heavily in dwarfish.

"Deal nothin!" the dwarf barked furiously, bring his axe up for a swing towards the cleric. Elhan was quick to react, pulling out his sword from its scabbard, the blade materializing with a soft hum as Elhan brought it through his opponent's weapon in a graceful arc, neatly cutting through the axe's shaft and causing the blade to fall to the floor with a dull thud, before returning the sword back where it came form.

"I'll give you five seconds." Elhan said coldly, throwing the dumbstruck dwarf a dangerous look. "Use them wisely."

With that, the half-elf turned around and proceeded to the counter, ignoring his opponent's final curses and consequent getaway as well as the shocked stares of his audience.

August 18th, 2005, 8:16 AM
Thunk. A knife had been impaled in a tree all the way to the small hilt which still wavered from the throw. Thunk thunk thunk. Three more trees held three more knives. "Fun, fun. This is fun!" A gnome stood in a small clearing surrounded on all sides by trees of some kind which he couldn't identify (he never really paid attention to botany). Both of his tiny hands held a single dagger. His mouth was smiling slightly and his body was moving back and forth as if dancing. The only thing that might have broken his act were his eyes which were busy tracing imaginary targets. Suddenly, he twisted his body and the gnome released the knife in his right hand. "Gotcha!" The weapon buried itself in a tree trunk at roughly the same height as a human heart.

Almost immediatly, Zook jumped and flipped backwards as the lefthanded dagger was thrown. It sunk into the wood about where a kidney would have been. He landed and ran over to the last target to inspect the hit. "Aw...I was aiming for the stomach. Well...it would have killed him anyway, so I guess that's something." He reached up and pulled the weapon out easily before stashing it away within his jester-like clothing. Zook repeated the action with every knife he had thrown until he had all of his weapons back. He sat on the grass and stared up into the blue sky while his right hand idly played with individual blades. "I was supposed to do something today...what was it? Hm. Wait, I remember! That funny man who said he was a general wanted me to consider joining the Order. And because I have nothing better to do, I said yes. That was a little silly of me. Oh well...there's no point in just sitting here. I'll go find him." Zook sat up and picked a direction to go before running off through the woods.

"Red Reid, Red Reid. Must find Red Reid. Maybe that he knows something. Ooh! He has a fox!" Zook had noticed an elf and a fox nearby, and desperately wanted to meet them. He skidded to a stop, quickly changed directions, then took off running again. The gnome stopped again just before the two and then tried to sneak forward quietly. Walking quietly was not a problem for him; it was not laughing while he thought of what to do next. It's lucky that he's lying down, this will be funny. Once he was in range, Zook suddenly moved his head forward so he was looking straight down onto the elf's. "Hi there! Are you looking for Red Reid too?"

Electric Hero
August 18th, 2005, 9:08 AM
I suddenly started to hear some noises coming from the entrance of the tavern. I saw a half-elf walking in. Until a dwarf stopped him. I looked at the man next to me and I finally remembered his name. "Jack! your name is Jack... sorry... maybe I need just a little fight... no... no fights" I said... first to Jack... and since the 'sorry' it looked like I was talking to my hands.

I looked again at the half-elf and the dwarf. And he was dealing with the dwarf pretty well... I always wanted to deal with people like that... instead of fighting. I looked back at the man infront of me... and he was giving a strange look. "what are YOU staring at?" I said... kinda loud. He shook his head and went to talk to another person not so far from me.

Alter Ego
August 18th, 2005, 9:17 AM
"It seems they stare at most anything around here." Elhan commented on the outburst of a nearby man "Although I get the feeling that your shouting isn't exactly making you less conspicious." he turned over to the bartender who was eyeing him cautiously.

"I apologize for the disturbance." The Cleric said.

"S' alright." the bartender grunted, relaxing a bit "Ol' Brynar isn't exactly new to that sorta' bussiness. Will you be having anything then?" he asked, eyeing Elhan's nearly spotless robes hopefully.

"I'm fine, thank you." Elhan replied with a polite smile "I'll just enjoy the atmosphere of this establishment for a while."

"Suit yerself." the bartender replied with a hint of dissapointment and turned to serve his other patrons, mumbling something about strange foreigners under his breath.

August 18th, 2005, 12:43 PM
Reid nodded sagely at the orders, his gruff dwarf mutter acknowledging them. Well, he attempted to nod sagely, accomplishing only a tipsy half bob that veered off to the side, threatening to betray his balance and send him sprawling to the floor. As he analyzed the events that had recently occurred, a small hiccup bubbled from his scabbed lips, and he held up a hand apologetically, trying to stutter some sort of phrase to go with the gesture, but only managing a sort of forced gulp, as if he had a bit too much brandy. So, he and Slex were too skitter off to the boundaries and hold off the enemy, eh? It could be worse, he thought to himself, at least I gots some new recruits.

He chuckled at the thought of the two. One was a cheery, yet slippery, little gnome with a knack for small weapons, preferably pointy ones, if he recalled. The other was a sort of would-be druid, whom he thought could be valuable but didnt smile upon as he did with the juggler. Such a sly little fellow, which such a cunning personality! Always brings a smirk to me face, tha one does. Of course, he had also noted Slexs new warrior, a sort of imposing creature that was often out and about, which probably was the reason they had only met once.

Reid didnt like him. Not at all. Too sullen and depressed and, the way he saw it, angry with people. People couldnt help themselves; it wasnt fair to be mad with their impure hearts. With a start, he remembered where he was and belched out a half-hearted note, swaying slightly, Aye sir, but, if ah may, at this point he hiccupped again, Im not suh sure about the preseprezpresa- not suh sure abou orcs bein around these here parts, not favlorabale to their little brains, ye know.

Filthy, disgusting, sickening, murmured the magnificent humanoid creature as he stepped lightly through the squalid streets, avoiding the sides of the road, where dirty peasants routinely dumped large buckets of waste from their broken windows. Thus, as he strolled, shoulders hunched, through the middle of the street, wagons were hurriedly pressed to a side and mules were tugged, whining, away. Nobody wanted to argue with a winged soldier, and no criminal, of which there were quite a few, wanted trouble from the infamous Sylviharu Harugaia. So the pickpockets allowed their nimble hands to explore their own breeches for once, and petty one-coin assassins nervously hid their cumbersome swords as he passed, mumbling.

Wheres the blasted white horse, he wondered aloud, silvery voice trailing behind him much like his shoulder-length hair, Slex ordered me to fine Moonshire, but how can I find him if I dont know where the tavern is? Minutes before, he had asked a passerby whether he had seen the half-elf, providing a deep description, and was rewarded with the name of the establishment he had been heading too.

Pay up! came a voice from his left, and Sylv turned to see an armored pikeman pestering a small man in rags, you havent paid your taxes in three years! Youve been forgiven thus far because of your service in the past, but now you must pay or face prison, dog!

B-but sir, I simply dont have the money a-and his face crinkled up in sadness as his hands wrestled with one another.

Save your lies, peasant, roared the official, drawing a mediocre blade from its scabbard, you will come with me!

NOW! cried the tiny man in response, and three large, bulky people, one a half-orc, lumbered out from the nearby alleyway and rushed at the terrified tax collector. However, they failed to get within a few yards of their prey before a horribly beautiful sound sliced through the wind, its musical melody ringing across the brick walls; Smite and Purge whistled out of their sheaths, blazing with majesty, and lunged hungrily at the three fools. One thrust swiftly embedded Smite into a chest, then it slashed to the left with amazing ferocity, ripping half the torso askew, before swerving upwards and decapitating the half-orc. Simultaneously, Purge launched three successive hacks across the length of the thirds body, the shredding sounds delighting the sword.

All three fell to the ground in a puddle of their own tainted blood, but before they had touched the stone, the celestial had turned and charged, impaling the soldier and continuing to send one blade across the cheating little miscreants ribs.

Misuse of force, he whispered to the fallen official, failure to comply with law, he said to the dead overdue man, and, finally, he looked to the triple massacre, aiding a criminal. With that, both blades slipped into their scabbards and Silv continued onward, finally entering the bar he sought after a few more minutes of interrupted searching.

Alter Ego
August 19th, 2005, 12:47 AM
There was yet another wave of commotion among the patrons as the half-celestial appeared in the doorway. Elhan turned around, his eyes narrowing. Sylviharu... he thought for himself That zealot is always trouble. I wonder what he's doing over here?

Moonblade radiated a small warmth from within its scabbard, concuring with the Half-Elf's opinions and ready to spring to action if need be. Elhan peered closer at the paladin, his armor bore a few bloodstains, indicating that he had 'dispensed justice' as he called it. Or, in layman's terms, commited a smaller massacre.

As a cleric, unmotivated though he was, Elhan felt disgust towards this self-righteous man's utter disregard for the sanctity of life. He couldn't for the life of him understand why someone as wise as Slex Killian would allow this...this lunatic to go free, let alone work for the order. But we're technically on the same side... he reminded himself And he does do some serious damage to our enemies.

August 19th, 2005, 1:37 PM
Yes, I am looking for Red, Hims laughed as soon as Gnome finished asking, But the point is he has probably already found us and gotten us into his sights. Hell need to watch us while we think he isnt if he is to determine our value. Of course I dont think we should start looking around for where he is hiding, as hes either hiding too well for us to spot him or he thinks he is thus finding him could ruin his confidence I mean hes smart, but he does lack actual skill.

Now, I wonder what you think of Etik, my pet fox? You seem to not mind his presence, but that could be an illusion just as you gnomes like to do I know for a fact a lot of people dont like foxes, apparently their smell is unpleasant for humans and they are portrayed as far too cunning for humans to get along with. Of course its hard to get an idea of my kinds general opinion of foxes, elves tend not to stick with any stereo types of others because it is miss leading, but I wonder about your kind, the gnomes

Still, heres a trick for you. Hims closed his eye, and his body began to morph with ease. He quickly shrunk down, disappearing under the crudely woven material of his clothing. Within seconds he had taken the form of a red fox, almost a perfect copy of Etik, and stuck out his head out of his pile of clothing that remained after the transformation.

Now lets see how the gnome reacts. No one could go on pretending just to try working as a team for long in these circumstances. It might also surprise Red if hes watching, but I doubt it as hes a smart man.

Yay, play time! Etik called out, though it sounded like only a usual fox bark to any how couldnt understand animals, as he pounced at Hims in his fox form.

Raichu Master
August 22nd, 2005, 5:30 PM
"JACK!" a woman's voice screamed through all the turmoil that arose from the tavern. "What did you do this time!" she scolded as she pushed her way through crowd. A few thought they could stand in her way as they stood shoulder to shoulder, lustful looks printed on their face.

Already enraged, Elizabeth shouldered passed the well muscled men, pushing them aside with strength neither of the two could match. That was the one deception of this young woman, she was elegant, beautiful and slender, which betrayed the true strength of her voice, and her physic.

"Pardon me, commander?" Jack slurred as he wheeled around to see a fuming Elizabeth literally in his face, standing on her tiptoes.

"Don't give me that crap, soldier! What have you been doing here, that I was sent down to investigate?" Elizabeth growled, who recieved a drunken look from Jack. He hadn't been paying the least bit of attention to what was going on around him. "5 killed, one officer, four civilians. As it is you already have a few of your comrades all hyped. What DID you do!?" Elizabeth went on, as she pointed to Max who was obviously itching for a fight, the half-celestial, and the rest of the soldiers who were in there.

"Cap'n," Jack hiccuped, "I be tellin' the truth when I sayin' I got nothin' to do with them," Jack slurred, swaying back and forth, obviously having too much to drink.

"Easy there, General," a soft voice said softly from behind her. It was Elizabeth's turn to wheel around to see a stout plump man, dressed in a brilliant white rob and a staff that towered him by at least 5 inches. Slex was obviously sent to investigate the goings of the Tavern as well when word got to the Grand Master. "Your soldier had nothing to do with this," Slex said calmly.

Then he turned to the rest of the group. "All military, report to headquarters immediately, and everyone will explain themselves," Slex said loudly, as the crowd suddenly hushed under his rich and soothing voice. "Now go!"

Turning to face Elizabeth, Slex wrapped his stubby fingers around her arm and pulled her back over to Jack and Max. "You better help these two. I'm not quite sure they can make it on their own," Slex said as he turned to leave and make sure the tavern was cleared of military personnel. "Oh and general," Slex said turning around again, "Keep track of you men. It isn't healthy for them to get this drunk, especially before a mission," With that Slex turned around, his robes swirling majestically behind him as he exited the White Horse.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth took the scowled with grace as she willingly helped Max and Jack out of the Tavern. Jack laughed and stumbled all the while, now slurring stuff too unintelligent for anybody to make out what he said.

Electric Hero
August 22nd, 2005, 7:07 PM
"whoa! I haven't done anything!" I said to General Elizabeth as she pointed at me... kinda mad. I stayed there silent all the time until General Elizabeth took us ,both me and Jack, out of The White Horse. When we were out, I took some steps away from my general and looked at her. "I'm not so drunk as you think my General... I'm just..." I started saying until I stared into space... silent for some seconds. I finally reacted and looked back at General Elizabeth. "anyway... to the Headquarters, right? so... let's go!" I added and started to walk slowly. I somehow fell on the ground and stood up quickly. "um... lead the way my General" I expressed.

Alter Ego
August 23rd, 2005, 1:24 AM
Elhan observed the events in silence, not seeing the need to clear up their confusion since none had bothered to ask for his account of the happenings to be given in public. The cleric knew more than well who was behind the killings, and he was sure that Slex knew as well, even though the old man didn't speak of it, or even as much as adress the half-celestial before leaving. Probably knowing that confronting Sylviharu with this in public would only lead him to further misdeeds.

"It seems that this my queue to leave as well." Elhan announced to the crowd in the room after a moment of silence, "Have a good evening gentlemen...and women." with that, he walked out of the tavern after the others, taking a chance to adress Sylviharu on the way "I hope you're proud of your accomplishments this night." he whispered in an emotionless voice as he passed the half-celestial. In full knowledge that he would both hear and understand the meaning of his words. He gave a quick half-bow to his 'audience' before stepping back out on the streets.

Outside, Elhan noticed that general Elizabeth's soldiers seemed to have some trouble in accomplishing the intriciate feat of walking. A faint smile spread across the half-elf's lips as he witnessed the scene, but he kept his distance from the group and didn't comment. Knowing full-well the general's fierce temperament.