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September 17th, 2005, 6:21 AM
OCC: Please forget about the Fliss Plushie... I don't wanna let it visit the dustbin...^^

IC: "Omigosh... The bed looks so... comfy.." Nicole said staring at the bed... Suddenly... she felt an urge to do something... "Well.. well..here i come.." she whispered..

Nicole as playful as she always is.. jumped on the bed(assuming that it will definitely be soft and fluffy..).. It was followed by "Ouch" and "Argh..".. "The bed.. looks comfy.. but it's totally un-comfy" Nicole complained...

Meanwhile, Sylvia and Corrine was looking around their surroundings.. as Christy flew round the entire room looking into every single corner..

"Swa..swa..bluu..blu..swa..(Flew round the whole room.. No ambushes.. place safe.. Roger out..)" Christy reported to Corrine..

"Eeve.e.e.e.e.eeee..vee.. vee.ee.eveve...(Is there anymore ambushes laid here for us? We must check the place thoroughly... Nicole must not be in danger..)" Corrine exclaimed still feeling unsafe....

"Sne..sne..sal...sal.(This place is definitely safe..)" Sylvia ensured the worried Eevee..

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September 17th, 2005, 9:53 PM
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Niana didn't expect such a reaction, blushing a bit as the spotlight was placed on her for a few seconds. Of course, you couldn't tell because of her red-orange coat of fur.

"Cam.. Cam, camerupt, ca-cam." (Hi.. Dew, Nana, and Coco.) Niana beamed. Jenny probably couldn't understand her, and Ruru was too tired, so she just greeted those three.

She and Amy fell silent as the old man darted in, showing them the room before running away due to Jenny's actions. Amy blinked.

I must admit.. That guy really freaks me out sometimes.. Urgh.. Amy thought to herself, staring after the man as he bolted downstairs.

Amy peered into the room after Nicole made her comment, taking in the actual normal-ness of the room.

"Thanks for the warning, I would've dived in as well." Amy stated, laughing a bit to herself before slowly climbing onto one of the beds.

"If what I remember is correct, one of the Battle Tourneys begins tomorrow. I can't remember if it's Single or Double Battles. We should all get a good night's sleep. You know, after dinner.." Amy continued, yawning.

Niana trudged into the room, squeezing inbetween the beds, eventually making her way to a corner of the room where she could stand freely. Then, she bent all her knees, getting into a comfortable position on the floor. Snorting once, the Camerupt closed her eyes, preparing for sleep. Apparently she had no interest in dinner at the moment.

Mystery floated in soon after, taking in the contents of the room as well. She didn't have to eat or sleep anyways, so she made no comments.


Meanwhile.. At the edge of town.. Where the forest meets the city..

A small rustling could be heard in the brush. Not that anyone could hear it. The festival was on the opposite side of the city, also known as where all the attention was.

Suddenly, a small blue head poked out of the bushes, pausing for a second. It's little black eyes darted around, widened for a second, then the whole Pokemon jumped out of the bushes, dancing around the street happily.

"Ma-Ma-Mareep mareep meep!" (Yay yay ya-yay I found it I found it!) The Pokemon, a Mareep, exclaimed heartily in a sing-song voice.

In a few seconds, more rustling came from the same bushes. A moment later, another Pokemon had jumped out--a Flaaffy. Pure excitement was obviously plastered all over it's face. Soon, the Flaaffy's expression darkened at the sight of the empty side of Mooncrest City.

"Flaa-ffy!" (You dunce!) The Flaaffy shouted, bopping the Mareep square in the head. The Mareep gave a squeal of pain, curling into a small ball in fear. When the Flaaffy did not continue her assault, the Mareep returned to a normal standing position.

"Ma-Ma, mareep.." (B-But, big sister..) The Mareep stuttered, his tail hanging between his legs.

"Flaa-ffy! Flaa flaaffy fla-fla-flaa flaaffy! Flaa flaaffy flaaffy flaa-flaa flaffy flaaff flaaff!" (No but's! I told you to find Starlight City! This place isn't even worth a second glance!)

At this point, the Flaaffy's anger seemed to boil over, but when she truly saw the look of disgrace on her younger brother's face, she decided to tune down the rage. Calming down, the Flaaffy smoothed out her collar-like cotton.

"Flaa-flaff, flaaff flaa-flaa-flaa flaff fla-flaaffy fla-flaa-flaa flaffy." (Of course, I can't expect one such as you to escort me to a place of fame like Starlight City.) The Flaaffy paused, sighing.

"Flaa, flaa flaa flaa-flaa flaaffy flaaff? Flaa-flaaff flaafy flaff? Flaaffy flaaffy flaaffy flaff?" (Oh, will we ever find Starlight City? The one place truly worthy of my beauty? Will I remain in a state of unpopularity still longer?)

The Flaaffy's ears drooped as she feigned disappointment.

At this, the Mareep perked up again.

"Ma-Maaa mareep," (I think you're popular,) he spoke optimistically. After an awkard silence, he continued.

"Ma-maa mareeeeep! Mareep mareep maree-mareep!" (So don't worry! I will lead you to Starlight City!) The Mareep shouted, his eyes flaring over with confidence.

The Flaaffy returned to her normal state--annoyingly ditzy. Now that her brother had gotten yet another confidence boost, she was sure to get to Starlight City soon! Perhaps even by the very next day!

"Flaa-flaaa flaaff!" (Very good!) The Flaaffy exclaimed, clapping her paws together.

"Flaa-" (Now-) The Flaaffy was cut-off midsentence as a human bellowed out.

"HEY!!" It was the voice of a nearby patrolman, dressed in a neat uniform. The man was freakishly tall, not to mention freakishly freaky, also known as scary to wild Mareep and Flaaffy.

"Get, you wild beasts, get!" The man shouted, raising his baton threateningly.

Both Mareep and Flaaffy shrieked with terror, both of their cotton coats flaring up as they grew frightened. The man continued in his attempts to shoo them away, swinging his baton to and fro.

His baton whipped through the air towards the brother and sister, scaring them even sillier.

"Flaaaaaff!!" (Ruuuuun!) The Flaaffy finally shouted, dodging one of the blows.

Both Mareep and Flaaffy charged straight through the man's legs, infuriating the human because he had to turn around and give chase.

Through the quiet streets of the city they ran, Mareep and Flaaffy, the patrolman at their heels. As their energy depleted rather quickly, the Flaaffy searched desperately for a good hideout. She wasn't quite descisive, looking around town for a while before noticing a run-down hotel in the distance.

"Flaa, flaaffy!" (Quick, Mareep!) She shouted, her breath running short.

"Flaa flaa fla-flaa flaff!" (We have to hide there!)

Mareep was too scared, not to mention out of breath, to give a proper response.

As the patrolman continued to shout at the wild Pokemon, they arrived swiftly at the door to the building. In one swift motion, the Flaaffy jumped up to turn the door knob, opening the door as quick as she could.

Mareep instantly bolted inside, ignoring the bewildered look he recieved from the old man and Shellder inside. Flaaffy darted in after Mareep, shoving her brother towards the staircase as the patrolman arrived at the doorway..


Mystery suddenly went into full alert, perking up suddenly as she noticed something peculiar. The Ghost narrowed her eyes, searching for the identity of whatever she sensed.

Suddenly, it all hit her. Fear.

She sensed fear. Oh, how long it had been since she had last sensed fear, that wonderful emotion that she could consume for nourishment. It had been so long.. She had almost forgotten what it was like to eat fear.

Mystery squealed, out loud, in delight, despite her natural instincts. There was fear somewhere! Joyful, joyful fear!

Amy turned her head towards the Ghost, wondering why she would ever do such a thing without warning. In confusion, she shrugged and turned back towards the other Trainers.

Niana awoke from her small doze at the Ghost's unexpected squeal. The Camerupt immediately found the source of the sound and narrowed her eyes.

"Cama, cam.. Camerupt cam.." (Quiet, you.. Whoever you are..) Niana grunted, obviously agitated.

Mystery snapped out of her state of enthusiasm, reverting to her usual state of serenity. The Misdreavus turned towards the agitated Camerupt, tilting her head in wonder for a bit. Then, it occured to the Ghost that she and Niana had never been introduced. The very reason for the Camerupt's words.

"Misdreavus. Misdrea drea. Mis mis misdreavus, mis misdreavus." (Mystery. That's my name. And I can't help it, I sense fear.) Mystery stated.

Niana raised one brow, giving no response before closing her eyes again.

Mystery blinked.

"Mis? Misdrea? Misdrea? Misdreavus misdreavus?" (Curly? Ruru? Nightmare? Can you not sense the fear?) Mystery asked. She was slowly beginning to hunger for it. The emotion that she hadn't fed upon for years at the least.


"What is the meaning of this!?" The old man shouted at the patrolman, his Shellder remaining in silent confusion.

"Them wild Pokemon are causin' a ruckus! I've gotta catch 'em and take 'em out!" The patrolman retorted viciously, grasping his baton firmly in one hand.

Flaaffy and Mareep wasted no time as they quickly backed away from the huge patrolman, looking for a spot to hide. But apparently, there was no where to run but up.

"Mar! Mar, mareep!" (Go! Go, sister!) Mareep shouted, his voice dripping with fear. He urgently prodded his older sibling with his nose. Flaaffy didn't no what else to do, so she immediately led the way up the stairs.

"'Ey! You runts! Get back 'ere!" The patrolman shouted, charging towards the staircase. The old man shouted once more at the guard, but his voice was lost over the huge, booming steps that the patrolman took as he rumbled his way up the stairs in pursuit.

In no time, the Mareep and Flaaffy had arrived on the second floor, peering cautiously at the broken down ceiling. Several of the doors down the hallway were open--plenty of spots to hide-

"Aha! Gotcha!" The patrolman had finally reached the top of the stairs, sweeping up the two wild Pokemon in one motion, while they were distracted by their thoughts.

"Mar! Mar!" (Help! Help!) Mareep shouted, too shocked to even think about shocking his way out of the guard's clutches.

Flaaffy almost regretted degrading herself to this, but she too began to shriek.

"Flaa! Flaaaff!!" (Yeah! Heeeellp!)

Like her brother, she had no idea that she could shock her way out.

The two siblings just hoped that someone, anyone, would come to save them...


Amy stood up, getting off the bed as the sounds resonated into the room. All of them occuring after Mystery perked up. First came the booming sounds, almost like foot steps, then the shrieks of terrified Pokemon.

Niana blinked awake again, muttering something in grumpiness before returning to slumber.

Mystery once again became fully alert, positive that the fear she sensed came from those screams for help. The Misdreavus edged her way towards the door in hunger.

"Whoa.." Amy stated, pausing to turn to the others.

"Did you guys hear that!?"

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September 17th, 2005, 10:29 PM
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IC: Nicole lie on the hard bed trying to get some sleep.. She will be battling in the tournament tomorrow... She was putting her hands on her chest when she felt something under her shirt.. She took the thing out.. It was a pendant.. a Crystal Dratini pendant to be exact.. A drop of tear flow down her cheek.. "Father.. where are you..." she muttered...

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"What the-?"Jenny looked out to see a Mareep and Flaaffy squealing and hugging each other in fear as a patrolman held them in his arms.

"Now what is the meaning of this!"the old man had caught up with them and was now looking at the two pokemon in the man's arms.

"They we're makin' a ruckuss sir,mam's."the patrolman bowed to Jenny,Amy and the old man.

"Mareep!Mareep!"(Help us!Help us!)the Mareep looked at the two girls,hoping that they would be kind hearted people.

"Flaaffy...flaaf!!"(I need to get the Starlight!!)the Flaaffy struggled in the man's arms.

Jenny quickly walked up and snatched the two sheep pokemon out of the man's hands.

"These are our pokemon,now if you don't mind."Jenny said,putting them down on the floor and patting them on the head.

"But..they' they we're makin'.."the patrolman started,but stopped as he saw the fierce look in the girl's eyes.

"But,I'll jus' look over the matta' I will,good day' "he quickly walked down the stairs.

Jenny sighed and shook her head as the man left.

"So...what are you two doing here anyway?"sh easked the sheep pokemon as they walked back into the room.

"Dinner will be ready in a minute!"the old man said,walking down the stairs as well.

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September 18th, 2005, 7:47 PM
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As Jenny rescued the sheep Pokemon, Amy met them at the doorway to the Trainers' room. She bent down to their level, admiring the cuteness.

"Oh, poor things.. They must be frightened to death." Amy stated, carefully reaching out to stroke the Mareep on the head. At first he flinched, because he was sure Amy was going to punch him or something. But soon, his fear for the girl had eased away.

At this point, Mystery had floated into the hallway, observing the two new Pokemon. As she tuned her senses, she found that once they had been saved, their fear had pretty much vanished. The Ghost sighed.

"Mis drea, misdreavus." (So close, yet so far.) Mystery commented, floating back into the room.

The Flaaffy didn't know what to make of their predicament. These people looked like very interesing people indeed, but the two sheep had to get to Starlight City, the one place where Flaaffy could become famous, or so she hoped. Unless..

"Flaa!" (Hey!) The Flaaffy exclaimed, jumping up.

"Flaa-flaa-flaa flaaffy flaaff flaaff, flaffy?" (You people wouldn't happen to be headed for Starlight City, would ya?) Flaaffy continued, her plan developing as she said those words.

"Mar mareep mareep, mar mar." (Well of course they are, sister.) Mareep answered flatly, Amy continuing to pet him.

"Mar mareep mareep mareep mareep." (They look like the kinda people who travel everywhere.) He continued. He opened his mouth to speak again, but was cut off by another exclamation from his sister.

"Flaa-flaaffy, FLAAFFY FLAAFFY!!" (In that case, TAKE ME WITH YOU!!) Flaaffy shouted, flinging her little arms around Amy. She had chosen the girl merely because she was the closest one.

Mareep groaned at this. How typical of his sister to steal the attention away. Now the girl had stopped petting him.

Amy gasped at the unexpected gesture.

"What? Does she.. Should I catch her?" Amy asked Jenny and the others, bewildered.

September 19th, 2005, 3:59 AM
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"I..think so.."Jenny said,looking at the Flaffy which seemed quite fond of Amy.

Now....you all won't mind if Yibber be twiky the storyline of the sheep abit right?

After they had their dinner,the four kids settled down in their room.

"I'm....going to go to the city's office building,they might have a clue on where dad might have gotten off to.Mimi quikly jumped onto her trainer's shoulder,wanting to come along.

"You all stay out of trouble now!"Jenny told the three trainers.

"Or...atleast wait for me to get back will ya?"she added,giggling as she closed the door behind her.

"Marshtomp!Marshtomp...marsh!"(Hello!Me am Dew!)Dew kipped to the two sheep pokemon.

"Kirlia...kirlia....kirlia....!"(I'm Ruru.Welcome to our wonderful group!)Ruru swayed her arms and welcomed the two new pokemon.

"Absol...absol..ab"(Why are you headed for Starlight anyway?)Nana asked the Flaffy and Mareep.

"Mareep.....mareep...mareep!Mareep...mareep..mareep...ma...reep...mareep...reep....ma....mareep...mareep..."(Sister says its because there was where she became famous,but I disagree!We got taken from our family,and all we can remember about the kidnappers were that they were cruel.We woke up in the middle of a forest.And all we could remember was Starlight City.)

"Absol?"(Kidnapped?)Nana repeated,shocked.

"Mareep..mareep..mar..mareep."(Strange though,they didn't do anything to us,but when we woke up,our heads hurt.)

Suddenly,the Mareep's eyes glowed red.It bent close to the floor of the room and started sniffing around.

"Marshtomp..marsh?"(What's wrong?)Dew asked,but the Mareep mearly continued crawling around the room,ignoring the Marshtomp's question.

"Excellent!"an eerie voice pierced through the silence in a dark office.

The man's eye(yeah,his purple hair covers the other) stared at the huge screen infront of him,gazing at what visions the Mareep and Flaffy were receiving.

"They turned out better than expected,they actually found his daughter!Even better than finding the man himself!Yes.....we can put her as a hostage,and he'll come begging to us."the man spoke again,sniggering to himself as the plan unfolded.

"Vike!"the man shouted.

Another man in a labcoat rushed towards him.

"Ye....yes master?"he stammered,bowing to the leader.

"I didn't expect this much from you,not at all.."the leader started,looking up to see that the Mareep had gone around a Marshtomp,over a Mightyena,under an Absol,and even through a Misdreavus!

"Tha...thank you,your greatness."the scientist called Vike quickly bowed once more.

Suddenly,the Mareep growled as it ran for a purple fanny pack.

"Well...what do we have here..?"the man rose from his chair into the light of the screen,revealing himself,it was Slythe.


"MAREEP!!!"the Mareep shouted and charged for Amy's bagpack,coming out with the white pendant in its mouth.

"Kirlia!"(Hey!)Ruru quickly snatched it out of the Mareep's mouth.But,obviously,you wouldn't be pleased if somebody just butted in and took your stuff would you?The Mareep growled and slammed himself against Ruru,knocking the pendant out of her hands.

"Kir!"(No!)Ruru was squished under the heavy Mareep,not able to move an inch.

In one mighty fell swoop,Nana dove and caught the pendant in her mouth,before proceeding to put it back to its original place in Amy's backpack.The pendant glowed whiter than usual as it was placed back into the bag.

"Kirlia!"(What were you thinking?)Ruru finally managed to crawl out from under the Mareep.

The Mareep's ears twitched as it continued sniffing the room.

"Why was the pokemon attracted to that necklace?"Slythe turned round and eyed his assistant,Vike.

"Um....I'm not so sure master.."he said in a squeaky voice.


"Um!I think that it has the symbol on it master."Vike ducked behind his hands as Slythe screamed.

"What symbol?"Slythe calmmed down,walking towards his computer,enlarging the picture of the pendant he had captured seconds before.

"The...the symbol....the symbol...of Legna,master.."Vike started to speak.

"Legna?"Slythe had never heard of this name before in his life.

"Yes....Legna and Cinomined,they were the Legendary pokemon of Alphimega,Legna was...Reigner of the Heavens(or skies?)while Cinomined was Reigner of the Earth.It...it is said that...that..Cinomined...he.."Vike paused,expecting his leader to be bored by the Ancient story.

"Legendary?What can they do?Cinomined,he sounds like the evil one,Legna is out of my list,it's reigner of the heavens?How sissy."Slythe chuckled and continued glaring at the scientist.

"Cinomined...he..has the power to control pokemon's minds."Vike quickly threw his arms over his head.

"WHAT?!?!'Slythe screamed.

"Why didn't anyone tell me this before?!"he took Vike by the collar and shook him hard.

"Be...becau-se.....yo...u..did-n't..a-sk..ask.."Vike said,through the shaking and gasps of air.

"Go,and find out more about cinomined,I care nothing of Legne or whatever!"Slythe shooed the scientist away,leaving himself alone in the room.

"If my memory serves well....they are pokemon trainers,so..they should be entering that tournament in Mooncrest."Slythe said to himself,suddenly coming up with an idea.

"Bring in the Executives now!"he shouted into his intercom.

Nice place..Mooncrest is..."Jenny crossed her arms and gazed at the amount of dazzling lights and colours flooding the streets.

"Mimi...mi!Mimi...mimi...mi.!"(Pretty lights!Oh..wonder if there are any parades!)Mimi siad to herself,completely amazed with the music and banners,she turned her little head towards the street and was surprised to find a parade!

"Mimi!"Mimi pulled on Jenny's top collar.

"What Mimi?Oh...a parade!How nice!"Jenny took a place behind afew other people and looked at the floats.
On one particular float, a man with some-what "white" hair standing and waving his hands,though his face held a very,very bored impression.He was wearing a trenchcoat over a t-shirt and jeans.

"That man...he looks so..."Jenny couldn't find a word to describe Nicoli.

"Oh,we'd better get going!"Jenny remembered the reason fof the outing and ran towards the office building.

"May I ask if my father's been here?"Jenny asked the reception lady,not wanting to say his name out,in fear that people would start to notice her.

"What?One of those clerks that work here?"the woman scoffed at Jenny,head still bent down,painting her nails will nail polish,discusted by the Feebas on her shoulder.

"No...the...business man.."Jenny empesized on the words business man and ignored the woman's face as she saw Mimi.

"I'm sorry,but I can't help you,unless of course you know your father's name."the woman said mockingly to the girl.

"James..."Jenny quickly bent down to make sure that her voice was only audible to the receptionist,even though a few heads turned,the woman stiffened a bit.

"The janitor?"the woman asked,heads turning back into their original places.

Jenny raised her eyebrow and stared at the woman,it was not long before the truth hit the woman.

"Oh!!!Oh!!!I'm so sorry Miss...Jenny.."the women said,

"I couldn't recongise you,you look so different since I last saw you,so cute and chubby."the woman actually managed a laugh.

Jenny rolled her eyes and turned away from the counter.

"Another person who's out to make my life a living.."before the girl could finish thinking,the receptionist started talking again.

"Now.. you're so tall,and much more beautiful,I see you've got your father's eyes!-"the woman started,but Jenny turned away again to look out of the nearest window,trying to block out all the praises the woman sang,though it was highly impossible.
Jenny squinted her eyes,she thought that she had seen something in the bushes,staring at her..a pokemon,looked like an eevee,except that it was much bigger,and its fur blended in with the darkness of the outside.An Umbreon?

Bah,the receptionist continued going on and on,that Jenny's mind couldn't help but wander.She loathed coming to these buildings owned by the PA,her father had practically introduced her to everyone of these.....Everytime,when thye found out who she was,they would just swarm up like Sharpedos towards their prey,and start gobbling her up,she hated it.

"Look,could you just tell me if you know where my father's gone?"Jenny snapped back to the present.

"-?Oh!Your father,yes,he left this morning,off to Starlight he was."the woman checked her computer before replying.

"Okay,thanks,bye!"Jenny quickly dashed out of the office,safe from their cultches before anyone found out who she was.

"Close call,eh,Mimi?"she turned to the Feebas on her shoulder.


"Master!"two voices cried out,a man and woman,who were in their early twenties bent down infront of Slythe.

The woman wore a black tanktop with the Viper crest sewn on it,and a long purple skirt,while the man wore a purple shirt which had the crest aswell,along with black pants.

"Ah...Vincent,and Veronica,my most trusted members."Slythe smiled at the appearence of his Executives.

"Now....we need to make sure that,those kids,"Slythe pointed to Cid,Amy and Nicole on the screen.

"Along with James's daughter,win that Harmony competition."

"Why master?What is our benefit?"Vincent spoke up.

"Don't question the master!He has always come up with great plans!"Veronica hit the man hard on the head.

"Yes,I know."Slythe smiled as the woman hit the man.

"Well..the prize for winning is a free trip to the Pokemon Training Spa resort.Which is.."Slythe started,waiting for the Executives to finish the sentence.

"Right near our base camp!"Veronica finished it before Vincent could even start to think.

"Correct!You two will go to that base camp,you will take over the resort,and when they come,you will capture them!"Slythe annoucned his plan to his members.

"Great plan leader!"Vincent said.

"Of course!Master always comes up with great plans!"Veronica shot a look to her partner.

"Naturally."Slythe smiled maliously,sniggering a bit.

"Here,why don't you take Nigina out with you?I think that she could use a good training session."Slythe took out a pokeball holding a Seviper.

The Seviper had longer and sharper fangs than most,and had a much more evil glint in her eyes.Slythe threw the pokeball into Vincent's hands.

"I expect good news."he said as the two bowed and exited the room.

"Cinomined....and..James..."Slythe sat back onto his chair and started laughing to himself,his mind filled with evil thoughts..which Yibber shall not venture into,as they are too powerful for the weak-hearted,and children viewing this thread,right now,yes,that means you!


The Mareep shook his head hard and returned back into his own statemwondering why everyone was staring at him.

"Mareep..ma?"(What happened?)the Mareep reached to scratch his ear but his short paws would not stretch.

In another room....the room which Nana,Nightmare and Mystery sensed the dark presence,something began to materlise.A small Chimecho,it started calling out in an eerie and ghostly mumble.

"Chi-chimechi...."(Mo-Mother....)he called out over and over again,passing through the walls until he came into the room were the Ariados and her babies were still covered under the debris.

"Chimechi?"(What?)the ghostly pokemon inched slowly towards the mother.

"Ariados...aria....aridos...aria.."(Leave me alone tonight,me and my babies have had enough annoyances..)the Ariados told the Chimecho.

"Chimechi...chimechi!"(Talk to my fingers!)the Chimecho waved his transparent paw in the air,having caught the weird slang from hearing trainers who visited the hotel.

"Ariados!"(Let me be!)the mother growled.

"Chimichi...chime!"(I am here to turn your frown,upside and down!)the Chimecho grinned as he did a backflip,before exiting the room.

"Aria..."(Chimechi...)the mother Ariados couldn't help but grin at the ghostly Chimecho's opptimism.

The Chimecho passed through the other rooms.

"Chimechi.....Chimechi?"(Uncle Duskull...Uncle Duskull?)the Chimecho called out for the Duskull,but nobody seemed to reply,neither did the Zubats or the Kecleon.

"Chi..."(Where did..)the Chimecho lifted its head as it sensed some sort of warm coming from a certain room.

Jenny had come back and closed the door behind her again.

"Chimechi..?"(Humans..?)the Chimecho quickly became invisible,so as to not frighten them,he quickly glided into the room...un-noticed,he thought.

Jenny felt a chill run down her spine,she turned to a corner of the room and found nothing,shrugging,she took her place on one bed and started telling the others about what happened.

"Absol?"(What?)Nana turned and saw a Chimecho floating around the room,it must've been the ghost!

Nana started slashing the ghost,but,of course,none of the claws hurt the Chimecho.
Jenny stared at her Absol,slashing the air for no reason whatsoever.Strange.

The Chimecho looked at the Misdreavus and Absol,surely they would have spotted him,he quickly turned to leave,but..something drew him closer to one of the girls,the girl with brown hair.There was something in her bag.The pendant!

"Chimechi..."a ghostly voice filled the room,but it was slightly more warm and whimsical.

Chimechi forgot about concealing himself as he glided nearer to the bag.


"Gah!!!!!"Jenny screamed and pointed to the Chimecho that appeared out of thin air.

Amy's bag began to glow,the pendant suddenly flew out and stopped infront of the Chimecho.Another Chimecho appeared over the pendant,this one older,and had a femine touch in its eyes.

"Thank you..for reuniting me,with my son...."the mother Chimecho spoke into the trainer's and pokemon's minds.

Shirley drank a cup of tea as she stared out of the window of her quaint cottage.

"Did I tell them that the pendant was inhabited by the ghost of a mother Chimecho who helped Legna in the Legendary battle?"she pondered over the question.

"Tu.."(no..)Tuna flew over.

"Ah...they'll figure it out sooner or later."she sighed and looked out of the window,Tuna sweatdropping.

"Me and my son were separated when I helped Legna in the battle against Cinomined,my soul ended up trapped in this pendant,guiding those who become the chosen ones..."the mother looked at the four with great appreciation.

"Gah!!!"Jenny could comprehend a ghost Chimecho,and another inhabiting a pendant.But what she couldn't belive that the Mareep was trying to eat the pendant!

She quickly grabbed the wet slimy orb out of the sheep's mouth with a bit of discust.The orb glowed again and Jenny leapt back,hiding behind Nicole,then Amy,then Cid.

The Mareep shook his head again,looking around,unaware of what he had done.

"Mareep...?"(Why is eveyone staring at me?)he walked towards the pokemon,which took a step back and hid in a corner.

The Mareep shrugged again,trying to reach the extremely itchy part behind his ear,but couldn't.

"Absol..?"(What..?)Nana slowly walked behind the Mareep and found a computer chip stuck on it ear.The Absol turned to the Flaffy and saw that she had the exact same thing on her ear like her brother!

"Gh---ghosts?"she quickly looked over the boy's shoulder.


The entrance of the pokemon spa resort broke down as Veronica and Vincent stepped in,two Houndoom infront of them.

"Is the resort on loan to Team Viper?"Veronica laughed as she stepped in the examine the place.

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Random Plushie
September 19th, 2005, 1:23 PM
OOC: 2,254 words. O_o

Eh, nice plot, may I change it a wee bit? Mareep can still be evil, just make Flaaffy annoyingly innocent, because it adds to being ditzy. ^_~

Actually.. Flaaffy is still under mind control from the chip, but instead of tracking, it makes her have short and completely randomized bursts of power.


Amy's eyes widened as she realized how much attention the pendant was recieving. She snatched her fanny pack off of the floor (because Yibber put it there! >_<), instantly clipping it on. Ignoring the saliva that coated the pendant, not to mention the glowing, she put the pendant back in it's original place.

"I hope this.. doesn't cut off your mother.." Amy sweat-dropped as she talked to the ghost Chimecho. Apparently it didn't, because the two Ghosts, mother and child, continued to float happily in the air.

Mystery blinked. She had sensed the Ghost's presence for a while now, but as the events unfolded, she decided that her assistance was not needed, so she simply floated in the air silently.

Flaaffy turned away from Amy, looking towards her brother. Hopping over to the Mareep, she once again bopped the Mareep square in the head.

"Flaa-flaaff! Flaaff flaff flaaaff flaaffy flaaffy flaaaf! Flaaffy flaaffy flaaffy.."

(You dunce! You can't go around stealing pretty things! Pretty things that I should have..) Flaaffy trailed off, eyeing Amy's fanny pack enviously.

Mareep's jaw dropped as his sister scolded him.

"Mar.. Mar.. Mareep.. Mar mar mareep mareep ma-reep reep!" (I.. I.. Sister.. I didn't mean to make you angry!) Mareep blurted out, his cotton fluffing out in a flurry of emotion.

As soon as the words left his mouth, the Mareep bolted. He flew out of the door, refusing to look back at the Pokemon that gave him awkward looks. His eyes beginning to blur, Mareep hopped down the steps, at least three steps at a time. The old man just happed to be carrying dinner up the stairs with a large tray, but of course, fate decided that the four Trainers would not be having dinner any time soon.

"War-" Was all the man could get out as Mareep narrowly avoided him, but of course throwing off his balance. Dinner, along with the old man, came toppling down.

Mareep didn't even bother apologizing as he flew out the door.


"Flaa, flaaff flaaffy." (Eh, who cares.) Flaaffy commented, completely blowing off the fleeing of her brother.

Amy's eyes widened, the girl almost giving chase, but in the end she decided to let the Mareep run away. It was too fast anyway.

Before Amy could say anything about the matter, the mother Chimecho spoke up.

(Uh.. I ain't bothering with translating. XP)

"Now that I have finally been reunited with my son, I can finally leave that pendant. Once again, I give you four much gratitude." The mother Chimecho Ghost said, beaming. Without warning, both Ghosts suddenly vanished, never to return.


OOC: I hope Yibber doesn't mind if I mess with Slythe. ^_^


"WHAT!? What do you mean the Mareep left the Trainers? How are we supposed to track their location!?" Slythe shrieked, his hair flaring up for a second as his anger skyrocketed--again.

Vike grimaced at his boss' piercing voice.

"U-Uh, we could always keep track o-o-of the Flaaffy, sir. And you could s-send Ms. Admin Victoria to re-capture that Mareep before it leaves the t-town perimeter." Vike stuttered slowly.

Slythe suddenly regained his composure at the man's words.

"Excellent. She is transfering clones near Mooncrest with Squad P, correct? Send her right away with the Mareep's Snag Ball." Slythe ordered, standing up from his spot in his comfy chair.

"R-Right away, sir." Vike replied.


"I guess the manager won't be hearing any ghost complaints any time soon.." Amy stated, trying to brighten the mood a little.

Mystery narrowed her eyes. She could sense something about the Flaaffy, but it was not within her mind. It was as if something were taking control of her mind. The Ghost sensed the same thing about the Mareep, but of course, the Mareep was gone now. Mystery decided to remain quiet for now--she would ask questions later.

"Oh, I just remembered something," Amy spoke up, shattering the short silence. "I've forgotten to give you a name." Amy bent her knees so that she was almost at Flaaffy's level.

After a short moment of more silence, Amy came up with a nickname.

"Starburst. That's your new name. I officially welcome you to the team! My name is Amy, and that's Niana.. Mystery.. Jenny.. Dew.. Ruru.. Nana.. Mimi.. Cid.. Nightmare.. Curly.. Nicole.. Corrine.. Sylvia.. and Christy. Wow, that took a while." Amy said, gesturing to each person and Pokemon as she recited their names. She probably missed someone, but she didn't notice if she did.

Flaaffy, or Starburst, tilted her head for a second. Suddenly, she jumped up with pure joy.

"Flaaff! Flaaffy! Flaa-flaa flaaffy flaa-flaaff!" (Oh! Starburst! What a wonderful name!) She exclaimed in a sing-song voice, the memory of her brother vanishing with each second.

"Oh.. And I'm sorry about your brother. I hope he's okay." Amy commented, not knowing whether the Flaaffy felt bad about it or not.

Apparently not, for the newly named Flaaffy was parading around the room, chanting her name over and over again.

"Flaaffy.. Flaaffy.. Flaa-flaa flaaffy flaa-flaaff.." (Starburst.. Starburst.. A name fit for a queen..) Starburst sang, her voice rather off key.

Niana grimaced, eventually awaking from her slumber at the Flaaffy's annoying song.

"CAMA!!!" (QUIET!!!) Niana exclaimed with a mighty, roaring voice.

The Flaaffy frozed in position, her voice instantly cutting off. After a moment or two, the Flaaffy turned towards the Camerupt that was more than twice her size.

"Flaa-flaa flaaa flaaff! Flaaff flaaffy flaaffy flaffy flaff." (Well excuuuuse me! I guess some people can't appreciate true talent.) Starburst huffed, strolling back to Amy's sight.

Niana's jaw dropped in disbelief before she shook her head, eventually going back to sleep.

Amy blinked. She could easily tell that something the Flaaffy was singing had ticked off her Camerupt. Most definitely. Sweat-dropping, the girl changed the subject.

"So.. Jenny.. What were you saying about your father?" Amy smiled weakly.


"What? But I only have one more load of clones to account!" A tall woman complained into her PokeNav--a dark violet one with the Team Viper insignia carved into it. She had long, wavy black hair that fell to mid-back. Her piercing dark chocolate eyes matched it's shade perfectly. Her attire was a purple T-shirt with the Team Viper insignia at the center, as well as a lavendar vest, and long, dark purple pants.

The woman appeared to be in a warehouse of some sort, built along the edge of Mooncrest City's perimeter. It was obviously a Team Viper warehouse from one's point of view should they notice the Team Viper Grunts walking around inside, but on the outside, it was disguised as a Shipping Warehouse for Applegreen Town Farm.

"No buts, you of all people should know that. Leave the accounting to one of those Grunts. Just make sure that you have that Mareep by morning." The voice on the other end of the PokeNav spoke.

"Fine. I'll have it in two hours tops."

"Excellent, as always." The person on the other end hung up.

Admin Victoria flipped her PokeNav closed in one motion of her wrist, putting the device away into her vest pocket.

"Time to round up a lone sheep." She whispered to herself. She instantly replaced her quiet voice with a loud, booming one.

"'EY! You there! Grunt Dennis! Take this last load into account while I take care of some business." Victoria shouted, the Grunt she spoke to instantly scrambling for a large clipboard.

Victoria sighed before she walked out of the building and into the streets of Mooncrest City.


Mareep sighed. He had practically run away for no reason, and now he regretted it. The Pokemon was sitting under the spotlight of a lamp post, near the edge of town. A nice, quiet spot to sit and think. For the moment.

As Mareep opened his mouth to say something aloud, he was cut off.

"'OY! IT'S THAT DARN MAREEP! Ye wild beast!"

It was the patrolman from earlier.

Mareep screeched in fear, instantly bolting away. The patrolman was obviously bitter since last time, eagerly giving chase to the sheep Pokemon.

Mareep refused to look back once again, heading straight for the town's exit into the forest. His only hope for escape. Suddenly, the patrolman overtook the sheep, stopping in front of him, blocking the exit.

"Not so fast! I ain't lettin' you get away! You in fer a real treat down at HQ!" The patrolman grinned evilly, his five teeth glinting in the grin.

Mareep shrunk back in fear, not knowing where to run.


A soothing voice rang out from behind Mareep.

Turning around, the sheep spotted a tall, beautiful woman wearing a shirt with a funny-looking insignia of two Seviper forming a "V".

"I'll take care of the Mareep. He belongs to my sister. Been looking for him all day." The woman spoke to the patrolman.

Apparently that was enough, for the man backed off, turning away and mumbling something about 'rotten sheep'.

"Don't worry, little Mareep. I'll take care of you from now on."


The Team Viper Leader watched from his spot as he paced around the room.

"Excellent.. Already, the Mareep is back in our possesion. Now all that is left is the Tournament. A grand opportunity to test the power of the Flaaffy, not to mention all those other lovely little Pokemon. And once they win, it won't matter. All of them will be under my control. Especially once I get my hands on that.. that.."

"Cinomend." Vike cut in.

"Correct. You are exempt from breaking Rule Number 82, no interrupting. You may take your lunch hour now, Vike." Slythe continued.

Vike grinned broadly, bowing slightly to the Viper boss before strolling out of the door. From Slythe's position, one would be able to hear his cheers from the hallway.


Slythe smoothed his hair back elegantly, taking this time to turn the screen off.

"Fools. All of them. None of them could ever comprehend how much power I will have at the end of the month." Slythe commented to himself.

A moment later, the leader followed up with his ominous comment with an even more ominous string of laughter, mixed with a demonic cackle.

After a few minutes, he ceased his moment of insanity, walking over to his desk. Reaching down with one hand, he calmy pressed a button on a black intercom, which was significantly hidden in the shadowy room.

"Janet. Bring me.. a mocha latte. Extra whipped cream." Slythe spoke elegantly.

"Right away, sir." The voice was cut off as Slythe removed his hand from the intercom.

"Even more excellent. Now I can sit back and relax as my plan unfolds, drinking a wonderful latte. MOST EXCELLENT!!!!" Slythe exclaimed, throwing his head back as he began to cackle once more.

Suddenly, his personal PokeNav rang. It was very much similar to Victoria's. Actually, all of the Admins had PokeNavs that looked like Slythe's.

Slythe immediately ceased cackling once more, becoming calm once more as he walked over to his desk again, picking up his PokeNav.

"Slythe." He said firmly.

"This is Vike, sir. You have an incoming call from Admin Victoria. Requesting permission to have the honor of accept-"

"Permission granted." Slythe cut him off, not really in the mood to hear any ranting that evening.

A slight 'click' was heard from the other end.

"Mr. Slythe?" Came Victoria's voice.

"Yes, what is it?" Slythe demanded, becoming impatient.

"It's the Mareep. It's chip has fallen off."

"No matter. Ignore the problem. Just make sure you train it to perfection. We will resume the project with the chip later."

"Command confirmed." The woman hung up.

Slythe sighed, flipping his PokeNav closed, setting it on the desk where it had been before.

"I would say something that includes the phrase 'most excellent', but I don't really feel like it right now." Slythe said to himself. Smoothing his hair back once more, he pressed a button on the intercom again.

"JANET!! Where is my latte!?"

OOC: Eh, some foreshadowing. Whatever. .__.

I couldn't remember what the Viper insignia looked like, so I made it up. Again. XD

September 19th, 2005, 9:24 PM
OCC: Plushie.. did you beat Yibber's record????

September 20th, 2005, 3:03 AM
Ooc-Yibber be not minding at all,she not.
The Viper logo wuz....a V wid two dots on the tops,making it look like the V has eyes.

V some thingy like this....more evil looking of course....

Me be giving Jenny a rival Yibber will!!

(Amy missed Coco she did...But Coco won't care..much)

Nana's head jerked up,she felt that something bad was happening...yes.

Tha Absol tugged on Jenny's skirt.

"When was I ever talking about my father..?"Jenny gave Amy a confused expression,noticing that Nana wanted something.

The Absol quickly pointed to the Flaffy,waving her paws.

"The Mareep..What about him?"Jenny bent down beside the pokemon.

A concerned look appeared on the Absol's face.

"Something bad happened to the sheep?"Jenny quickly got up and started for the door.

"MAREEP!!!!!"(LETTA ME GO!!!!!)the mareep squealed in Victoria's arms.

A boy with a Blaziken beside him were walking around the outskirts of Mooncrest.
The boy had reddish-yellow hair,which was neatly combed down,though his frinch was longer,covering his eyes now and again.He wore a black t-shirt under a red vest,with purple jeans.Suddenly,they heard a distinct "MAREEP!!!!!"coming from the distance.

"Belle,lets go!"he quickly started running tiwards the sound with his Blaziken.

Jenny saw the patrolman,and quickly cornered him.

"Oh no..not er' again..."he mumbled to himself,quickly shutting up as Jenny got nearer.

"What did you do to the Mareep?"she glared at the man.

"I did nothin' a women...he' claimed the Mareep he' did!"the patrolman backed away from the girl.

"What?How is she dressed?"Jenny eyed the man again.

" 'He wus wearin' a shirt 'he wus,shorts too,got' a logo their' a V it looked like'"he sputtered as Jenny's temper seemed to grow.

"They...were' headed for tha' factory at tha' edge of town the' were'!"the patrolman said before Jenny could ask.

"Team Viper!!"Jeny said.
"Thanks Mister!"she quickly turned her back towards her friends and waved for them to follow her.

"So...they're the ones..aren't they?"Vincent sat on the rooftop of a nearby house,staring at the kids through binoculars.

"Don't look tough at all....wait,they're headed for the factory!"he quickly pulled his Pokenav out and called Victoria.

"Yes..."Victoria answered,in a meek voice.

"Me thinks that you're going to have some unexpected visitors tonight."Vincent said,confused by the tone of the woman.

"I already have one of them."she said,Victoria leaned against a wall,a boy will red hair stared at her,his Blaziken beside him.

"No..they're all here."Vincent argued,counting the four children.

"What?This boy...he isn't part of them then,he's beaten all the grunts."Victoria answered,quickly putting down the Pokenav.

"Mareep!!!"(Thank you!!!)the Mareep bounced around happily,bowing to the boy now and then.

"You think..that you can beat me?"Victoria asked the boy.

"I've beaten all your grunts,is there anyone else?"he smiled to the lady.

"Look..you're a cute lad,why don't you just leave here right now...."Victoria suggested.

"Here!"Jenny stopped infront of a huge warehouse,looking around for any signs....she saw something moving.

"Hey!"she quickly picked the grunt up and asked him what happened.

"-a boy...he came..and.."the grunt fainted.

"What?"Jenny looked at the man in disbelief,staring at the surronding grunts which were also lieing on the ground,death-beaten..(or whatever..)

She quickly opened the door and was surprised to find another boy,a blaziken and a woman,which looked exactly what the patrolman had described.

"Hey!Who're you?"she asked the boy,who turned around.

"Are you the Mareep's trainer?Well....the name's Gen."he flashed a smile at Jenny.

"Wha-?"she blushed as she saw the boy.

"Bing...cute male in sights.."she smiled back,but quickly shook herself free and looked for the Mareep.

"Mareep..mareep!!"(Glorious saviours!!)the Mareep bounded into Jenny's arms.

"Go Dew!"the Marshtomp had caught up with his trainer and quickly leapt towards Victoria.

We all be freed of writer's block!

Alter Ego
September 20th, 2005, 4:12 AM
OOC: Aaack! Sorry folks. My internet connection has been down since last Friday. It was supposedly a simple thing to fix, but it took five days of buerucracy to sort it out. Go figure...-_- Anyway, I'll post an IC as soon as I catch up with the RP events, m'kay? Oh, and Marsh is a good name for my Psyduck, thanks Plushie! ^^

IC to follow sooner or later. Speaking of ICs, those are some humongous posts you have made. O_O Congratulations!

September 20th, 2005, 4:31 AM
AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Alter's back!!!! Welcome back Alter.. We must definitely throw a welcome back party for you... AHHHH!!!! *runs off to inform Yibber..* she's gonna be so over the moon..

September 20th, 2005, 4:55 AM
HI TITAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*runs screaming around the house*me knew tha you would come back if meh beat your post....heh..Yibber=Genius(or maybe just dumbly lucky)
The RP wuz such a bore widthout you..though me seems to haf beat your post!!!HA!!!!!
Bleh...meh mom say's tha me can only log on now...but meh cant use the comp. tamorrow...*sighs*
*takes out party hats and slaps onto Fliss,Titan and snoozing Plushie*
*brings out Titan plushies*
Come on everybody!!Eat to your hearts content!!
*eats Titan pluhsie whole*

Jenny stood there and gazed as the boy..Gen,handled the situation,before turning to the rest.

"Uh...I've to run now...um...keep the Mareep for all I care!"Victoria looked at the ferosious Blaziken infront of her,to the angry Marshtomp at her feet.

"Houndoom!"she quickly released a Houndoom,which knew exactly what to do.

"Hooooouunnnddddd..."he pursed his lips(?) and let of a moarnful howl,causing everybody to freeze on the spot.

The others tried to struggle against the roar attack.

"Relax now....The more your will of fight,the more you won't be able to move."

"Wait a minute..I've no will to fight.."Jenny thought,suddenly,she felt the weight lift off from her shoulders.

"What the?"

"What to do..."Jenny thought aloud and started looking around for answers...if she fought,she would be stopped by the roar attack.

Dew,himslef had also broken free of the roar,he suddenly pounced on the Houndoom beside him.

"Hey!Why isn't your pokemon affected by the roar attack?!"Victoria stepped back as the roaring stopped,and the others were free as well.

"Thats because..."Jenny smirked.

Dew was tickling hte Houndoom allover.

"Houndoom!!Houndoom...houndoom!!"(Stop it!!I give in,i give in!!)the Houndoom laughed.
"Hey wait!"Gen called out as the woman ran for her life.

Alter Ego
September 20th, 2005, 5:04 AM
OOC: HIII YIBBER! Gawd, tone it down a bit, will you? Cid has been silent for long enough...please don't make me edit my first re-entry post. -_-


Cid had been following the proceedings in a kind of muted daze, his mind more or less absorbing the events even though he didn't comment, occasionally nodding a bit. Even after all of this, Cid couldn't bring the Duskull's stare out of his mind, although when the trainer called Gen made an entry, Cid felt a vicious sting in his chest...he wasn't sure why, but at the moment, he wanted nothing more than to wipe that grin right out of the other boy's face. To grind him to the dirt and prove his inferiority in every respect. The urge quickly passed however, as they were engaged by a Viper admin who consequently ended up attempting to make a run for it.

"Yeah, what's the rush?!" Cid called out as he noticed that their new aquintace was retreating, now freed from the Houndoom's technique, he could give chase. "Happi! Stun Spore!"

Cid released the pokball into the air, the grass pokmon flying after the fleeing woman and beginning to release a cloud of spores.

OOC: Aww...Cid's jealous. XD

September 20th, 2005, 5:09 AM
OCC: *Tears off Titan's plushie's limbs and put into mouth..* Yummy.. Very very nice.. ^^

IC: Nicole quickly followed behind Jenny.. "Why walk that fast.." Nicole muttered under her breath... Just then, she noticed that Jenny had stopped in front of the warehouse and pondered for the reason behind it..

She walked nearer to take a closer look and saw a bunch of defeated grunts lying on the floor.. She recognized the grunts to be from Team Viper..

"Congrats for saving the day once again.." Nicole called out to Jenny....

OCC: Don't blame meh if meh post sounds weird.. I merely followed what Yibber asked meh to write.. (Didn't have an idea what to write about mah...)

Alter Ego
September 20th, 2005, 5:20 AM
OOC: Erm, you're right. That makes very little sense at all...I'll have to wait for Yibber to explain herself before I make another IC, sorry.

September 20th, 2005, 5:24 AM
OCC: Never mind.. meh just have to explore the whole forum and play around...

Random Plushie
September 20th, 2005, 9:19 PM
OOC: HIYA TITAN! =D *is not feeling like enlarging font right now XD*

We have all missed ya so.

Urgh, Mareep was supposed to stay with Victoria. That way, Victoria would eventually train it into an Ampharos, one raised with the evil methods of Team Viper. And then Starburst would have to fight her bro. Who has been evil-ized. =D

And this IC takes place throughout Yibber's and Titan's ICs.


As soon as Jenny had left to find Mareep, Amy had grabbed Niana's Pokeball, returning the Camerupt who was still in slumber. The girl figured that Mystery would love to float around as much as possible after who-knows-how-many-years she's been cooped up in a Pokeball.

Her hunch was right, seeing as Mystery made no objection to remaining outside her Pokeball.

"Let's go, Mudkee! We're off to find Mareep!" Amy exclaimed, releasing the Marshtomp.

Mudkee didn't make any comments, preferring to get whatever it was over with so she could get back to resting.

Starburst huffed.

"Flaa-flaaffy!? Flaa-flaa-flaa-flaaffy flaaffy flaaff!" (What about me!? I don't deserve to be running about everywhere!) She complained, scampering after Amy and Mudkee as the girl and Marshtomp followed behind Jenny and the others.


Amy didn't really pay proper attention to Gen, more concerned about the safety of Mareep. She didn't know who the Mareep would eventually go to, but she didn't really care, as long as it wasn't with a Team Viper Admin.

After Mareep was saved by Gen and Jenny (confuzzling, same first syllable sounds X3), Amy decided that she should help Cid with trapping the Team Viper Admin. After all, maybe they could squeeze some information outta her.

Once Happi's Stun Spore settled, Amy shouted her command.

"Mystery! Mean Look!"

The Ghost floated forward a bit, fixing the woman with an ominous stare, placing a Mean Look on her. There was no escaping, and while she was temporarily paralyzed, there would be no trouble.

Mudkee and Starburst entered a battle stance, ready to help out when called upon. Yes. The Flaaffy was actually prepared for conflict.

OOC: I'm not in a writing mood today.. X3

And hey, maybe since Mareep obviously ain't going to Victoria, maybe he'd prefer the old man at the hotel, unless any of you three have taken a liking to him. =)

And pweeze! I beg of you, do not leave me too far behind, where I may feast on your dust! XD Just thought I'd say. Fwee! =3

September 21st, 2005, 4:21 AM
OOc-Yibber cannot help it if she has an urge to annoy everyone wid her enhuged letter!PWHE~!!
Okies...uh..the Viper grunts were laying on the floor snot beaten out of them and all,because of Gen.(which ish pronouced Jen it ish Plushie)

Cid ish jealous..haha...I know!Made Gen cute for tha purpose!Me be crude,MUAHAH!!*hack,cough*XD

And..meh mom's cut down on meh RP time to 1/2 and hour each day,no doubt cause meh Finals are in..like TWO WEEKS!!!GAH...STRESS..EXAMS KILL..

"I didn't defeat those grunts."Jenny whispered back to Nicole,she herself wondering who had done it.

"I need help here!"Victoria shouted into her pokenav.

"Help is already here!"Vincent ran into the warehouse as well,releasing a huge seviper from a pokeball.

"Go Nigina!"he shouted.

The Seviper nodded and slashed her humongously sharp tail around the room,hurting every pokemon which came near,the trainers were forced to crowd together in a corner of the room(duh,it's Slythe's pokemon,even Jenny'd have a hard time crushing it)

"Belle!"Gen pointed to the Seviper.His Blaziken nodded and charged for the Seviper.

"Seviper...sevi?"(Another wimp for me to beat?)the Seviper sniggered as she raised her tail into the air.Suddenly,Belle doubled,tripled,there were many copies of Belles circling around the Seviper.

"Double Team.."Jenny said,impressed as she glanced to the new boy again,who quickly smiled before returning to the battle.

"Blaze kick!"he shouted.

Belle raised her "legs" as Nigina looked around,slashing the nearest copy she could find,but of course,wasn't the real Blaziken,who had delivered the kick right on the Seviper's head.

"That was nothing!"Vincent said,the smile on Gen's face vanished as the Seviper regained her composure and threw the Blaziken against the wall.

"Go!Houndoom!"Vincent threw two pokeballs out.

The two Houndoom growled at the trainers as they appeared.

"Come on Vic,lets get out of here now!"he pulled in the Admin's arm.

"Wait Vincent!I want to see the look on the kid's faces when they get beaten,plus,isn't that James's girl?"she added pointing to Jenny.

"Oh no.."the girl said,as Nigina wrapped her tail around the trainer.

Cid's bound to do somthing heroic he will,or will Gen do it first...MUAHAHA*hack*

Alter Ego
September 21st, 2005, 5:33 AM
OOC: Hii Plushie! ^^ Missed you guys too!
And Yibber; Like Cid would ever agree to play second-fiddle for some random pretty-boy...of course he'll be heroic! ^^


Cid's full attention turned to the battle as the other Viper excecutive entered the scene, unleashing a fierce Seviper that trashed Gen's Blaziken (Something which brought forth a small spark of glee in the boy). As the Seviper called Nigina began wrapping its tail around Jenny, a familiar glow ignited in Cid's eyes, his left arm flying towards his belt of pokballs at blinding speed. It wasn't necessary however, as one of the pokballs lifted out of its own accord and soared towards the field, unleashing its occupant only a few feet away from Nigina.

"KIIIIRLIII!" Curly, who had been sound asleep ever since the Spinarak battle, exclaimed as he came into view, his horns glowing with a nearly blinding light as the powerfull emotions surged through him. The Kirlia let out another meaningless cry, tearing the Seviper away from Jenny with all of his might and slamming it hard into the nearest wall, a cloud of dust and rubble temporarily concealing it from view.

"Houndooms! Crunch! Both of you!" Vincent commanded, sending his two dark pokmon into the fray, fangs barred.

"Curly-!" Cid began as the two dark pokmon charged the Kirlia from behind, but once again he needen't have bothered as the Houndooms' attack was cut of rudely by a very uncooperative mass of Mightyena.

"Might!" (Curly!) Nightmare called over his shoulder, barring his teeth at the two Houndooms "Mii-ghty-eena-mi-mighty-eeena! Mii-ghty-eena-miii-mighty! Mi-mii-ghtyy, mii-ghtyeena!" (I and the others will take care of these jokers! You deal with Nigina! But be careful, she's dangerous!)

"Se...se..." (My...my...) Nigina hissed, suddenly emerging from the pile of rubble, seemingly unscathed by Curly's vicious assault "Seee-vi-ii-peer-sevi?" (What do we have here?) she fixed Nightmare with a nasty glare, causing the Mightyena's muscles to stiffen and hindering his mobility considerably "Se-viiper...see-seviii-seviper. See-sevii-peer-se-sevii-seviper...Sevii-peeer-seee-sevii." (A traitor...how utterly delicious. The master shall be most pleased with the gift of your corpse...When I deliver it along with his prize!) she threw a quick sidelong glance at Jenny. "Mii-ghty..." (You wish...) Nightmare growled, but the Houndooms demanded all of his attention, and he was already partly immobilized.

"KIIIR-LIAAA!" (ANGRY CURLY!) Curly exclaimed, lifting up Nigina once more. This time the Seviper was prepared however, gathering up a number of strange energy orbs that circled around her body for a moment before homing in on Curly and slamming the psychic pokmon of his feet, causing him to loose his concentration and drop the Seviper back to the ground where she coiled up and poised to strike, her sharp tail glinting dangerously. "Sevii-peeer?" (Angry Curly?) the poison pokmon echoed sarcastically "See-vi-viiper-sevii-seviper-seee-vii-seviper-see-sevii..." (And I thought psychic pokmon were supposed to be smart...) she lashed out at Curly, bringing her sharp tail forward in an elegant arc aimed straight at Curly's head.

"Curly!" Cid called, having rushed over to shield Jenny in order to make sure that no Viper would ever come close to her. "Hypnosis!"

The Kirlia unleashed a wave of soothing psychic energy that seemed to work as Nigina slumped to the ground in mid-swing, sound asleep. This change didn't last long however, as the snake pokmon suddenly slipped out of her old skin, vicious as ever, and sliced Curly over the middle of his body, causing the psychic pokmon to stumble.

"See-vi-viiper-seee..." (Now to finish this...) Nigina hissed, opening up her jaws and displaying a sharp set of venomous fangs in a hauntingly familiar situation.


"KIIIRLII-!" Curly exclaimed, the glow of his horns encapsuling his entire body as he unleashed his psychic powers in full, slamming Nigina back once more. "KIIIR-LIII-VOOIR!"

Voir? Cid echoed in his mind as he turned his back to the cloud of dust and debris that moved into all directions as a result of Curly's attack, placing himself in such a way that he would shield Jenny from any possible impact.

As the attack passed, Cid turned to watch the scene as the cloud of dust surrounding the combatants thinned down. "What kind of Kirlia goes..." he stopped in mid-sentence, his jaw nearly dropping at the sight in front of his eyes; Nigina was still up and ready for a fight, even though both Houndooms had been knocked aside by the barrage of debris. But what really amazed Cid was the Seviper's opponent.

"Curly?" he asked, just to make sure.

"Vooir..." the Gardevoir replied, nodding at his trainer before turning back to his opponent.

"Not good..." Vincent muttered nervously, realizing that the battered Seviper, the boss' pokmon though it was, couldn't hope to overcome these odds "We have to retreat!"

"What about me?!" Victoria, who was still held by Mystery's Mean Look, exclaimed frantically "And what about her?!" she pointed at Jenny, Cid instinctively reaching for Jaws' pokball.

"It's not worth it." The excecutive replied bluntly "Nigina! We're leaving! Hidden Power! Weezing! Cover our escape with Smokescreen!"

The Seviper hissed in fury but obeyed, gathering up the strange energy once more and fired them at Mystery, breaking the ghost pokmon's Mean Look while the newly appeared Weezing unleashed a thick cloud of smoke at the five trainers opposing them.

Cid quickly covered his face with his right arm while his left one frantically searched through his belt until it came into contact with what he had been searching for.

"Shiney!" he called, coughing slightly from the smoke as the Murkrow spawned "Scatter the cloud with Whirlwind!"

The dark pokmon nodded, flapping her wings at a furious pace and driving away Weezing's smokescreen. Only to reveal a battlefield devoid of both Viper excecutives and Nigina.

"Bloody cowards!" Cid yelled, collecting up Happi just in case. The boy turned around to the others "Is everyone allright?" he asked, his question particularly directed at Jenny "Anything missing?"

Nightmare staggered back to his feet, wandering over to Cid and letting out a weak murmur. His body bore several cuts and bitemarks and had been struck quite badly by the maelstorm of debris that Curly had kicked up.

"Nightmare..." Cid said quietly, bending down by the exhausted dark pokmon and quickly digging up a Hyper Potion from his backpack which he applied to the Mightyena, the mist-like medicine stinging slightly in the wounds. "You'll be better soon." Cid said, stroking the Mightyena. "Come back and rest now." he pulled out the Great Ball he had reassigned Nightmare to and recalled the pokmon who, for once, didn't protest.

OOC: Whew, my posts are reaching normal length again. I was worried there for a second. :P

Oh, and make no mistake. I will beat that record! XD

Random Plushie
September 21st, 2005, 9:57 PM
OOC: Of course ya will. Cuz you're Alter. The king of longish posts. ^_^

For some strange reason, I am reminded of my own Seviper. o.o Except mine is 1337-er because.. well.. she's just kewl like that. Plus, she has a neater name. XD


Amy ordered her Pokemon to back off a bit, seeing as Cid was handling the situation quite well..

And, like, After the Whole Viper Battle Thingy-Ma-Bobber..

Mystery grimaced when she lost concentration for her Mean Look to hold up. Once Shiney got the Smokescreen out of the way, she stared off into the distance, where she guessed they had run.

No one has ever before been able to break me like that.. It must be a sign.. I need to train again. The Ghost fell into a state of thought.

Amy glanced away from the aftermath as she noticed the solemn mood around the Misdreavus.

"Mystery, you look like you need a break. Return." Amy said gently, trying to comfort the Ghost. She could do no more than to return Mystery, though.

Once that was over, Amy glanced back towards the others, tossing a glance of 'Congrats' to Curly.

"My Pokemon are all fine, thanks for asking.. But.. Wow, that was fantastic, Cid! That was worth a second medallion, even!" Amy praised, smiling at the boy. "If it weren't for you, Mareep would be.." Amy paused.

Suddenly, she noticed something that was very wrong, very wrong indeed.

"Mareep! Mareep is gone!"


As the Viper Admins fled through the night, Victoria held up a gleaming Pokeball. It seemed different, though. Yes, it was a shade darker than most Pokeballs. Ah, it must've been a genuine Snag Ball, straight from Orre.

The very Snag Ball that had once stolen him from his original Trainer, a farmer in Applegreen Town.

Victor glanced back at his fellow operative, noticing the Pokeball in her hand.

"You still lookin' at dat thing? I still say the whole thing wasn't worth a little sheep." He grumbled, facing forward again to pick up his pace.

"It will be worth it, Vic. I'm gonna power this thing up until there ain't no room for no more power."

The other Admins sighed, racing forward into the night.


"Oh, we've got to find him!" Amy chirped. Before any one could say or do anything, Amy had dashed off towards the exit in a frantic run.

"Marsh! Marshtomp, marsh!" (Amy! Amy, wait!) Mudkee cried, giving chase after her Trainer. Starburst hesitated, apparently not wanting to run anymore, but eventually began to run after the Marshtomp.

Amy didn't really know what the others would do, or more specifically, if they would follow. But forward she ran, deeper into the city, Mudkee and Starburst being the only ones who could actually keep her in sight.

Eventually, Amy began to tire like all normal human beings, coming to a slow stop under a lamp post.

"Well, well.. What do we have here? One of those bratty peasants. Miss 'I think I'm so smart.'"

The voice, dripping with snobbishness, rang into Amy's ear just as Mudkee and Starburst had caught up with her.

Sure enough, standing several meters away, under the next lamp post, stood Rich Boy Wenston, along with his brother, who had failed to add to his older sibling's comment.

"Oh.. What do you want.." Amy replied, breathing deeply. She really didn't feel like launching a comeback. He would just shout out another pointless insult.

"What do I want? Why, a rematch, of course. To regain the honor that is rightfully mine. You simply cannot deny my challenge." The boy paused, smoothing his hair back. "Go! Christopher!"

In a swift motion, the Rich Boy had flung a Pokeball into the air, the result being a flash of scarlet light, which soon died down to reveal a Clefairy--probably another gift from 'Father'.

Amy raised an eyebrow. Why did he start without her acceptance? Again? As she looked towards the younger boy, she realized that he wasn't going to particapate in this battle. Making it a one-on-one.

Quickly glancing behind her, Amy saw that if her friends had followed, they hadn't caught up yet.

"Alright, then. Go! Starburst!" Amy shouted.

"Flaa? Flaaff!? Flaa-flaa, flaaff." (What? Me!? Okay, fine.) Starburst huffed, taking a few steps forward.

"Christopher! Use Encore, now!"

The only sound was that of Christopher's optimistic clapping. For a minute, Amy was actually struck speechless.

"Okay.. Starburst! Put up a Light Screen, and then use Thundershock!"

The Flaaffy actually obeyed, twirling about as if to help her concentrate as she built a reflective wall of light for extra protection. As soon as that task was done, the Flaaffy charged her cotton with a bit of electricity before launching a jolt of it at the Clefairy.

Wenston frowned as the attack hit dead-on, sending the Clefairy back a few steps before he returned to his original position.

"I believe now would be the proper time for an Encore, Christopher." Wenston stated, ignoring his building embarassment.

The Clefairy once again began to clap. This time, the attack actually affected the Flaaffy, who danced around as if flattered, prepared to dazzle her 'audience' with Thundershock again.

"Attack again!" Amy shouted, knowing that the Flaaffy would just use Thundershock once more.

"Flaaff!" She shouted something incomprehensive as she charged electricity again, which, again, hit Christopher.

"Enough of this! Christopher, Pound!" Wenston shouted, obviously infuriated.

The Clefairy lunged at the Flaaffy, his physical attack going straight through Starburst's Light Screen, which, as everyone knows, only blocks special attacks.
Amy let the attack strike her Flaaffy, not ordering a dodge.

Once Clefairy's arm had been brought down upon the Flaaffy, he immediately yowled in pain, recoiling with much speed. The Clefairy winced, not being able to move any further.


The ability known as Static had given the Clefairy a bit of paralysis for the moment.

"Now, Starburst! Attack!" Amy commanded. The Flaaffy grinned, building up that oh-so-familiar electricity, shocking the Clefairy back to his side of the field. Christopher stumbled around a bit in pain before finally collapsing; fainted.

Mudkee gave a bored cheer before falling silent again.

"You can return now, Starbust. Very well done." Amy grinned at the Flaaffy, who danced around the sidewalk in victory. Amy selected an empty Pokeball from her fanny pack. With one motion, Amy welcomed the Flaaffy into her new Pokeball home.

"Humph. Christopher, return." Wenston stated, returning his fallen warrior. The younger of the Rich Kids stood silently, watching the battle unfold.

"Hey, the battle's not over yet!" Wenston shouted at Amy, glaring at the girl as she returned her Flaaffy. "Now, prepare yourself! Go! Nova!"

Within a moment, a female Nosepass had appeared on the street, it's huge nose being as obvious as a normal Nosepass nose.

Amy blinked, clipping Starburst's Pokeball onto her belt before selecting a different one.

"Go! Iron!" Amy shouted, the Pokeball releasing the little Aron onto the concrete.

"Ar ar! Aron-ron!" (Finally! Some action!) Iron shouted, digging his paws into the ground in preparation to charge.

"Iron! Start things off with Iron Defense! Then go in for a Metal Claw!" Amy commanded, her voice becoming firm as she gained confidence.

Iron wasted no time, closing his eyes for a second before his steel coating flashed with a new brilliance. His claws had just begun to glow when Wenston issued an order.

"Hah! Not so fast! Nova, use Tackle!" Wenston ordered.

Iron wasn't quite finished with charging up his Metal Claw, so Nova was able to attack first. However, the full-body tackle didn't do much against the Aron, a Steel-type with an extra boost in Defense.

"Attack it now!" Amy shouted. Her command was right in time with Iron, his hardened claws raking into the Nosepass.

She reared back as he struck, crying out because of the sheer super-effective ness.

"Don't give up, Nova!" Wenston paused, actually trying to think of a strategy, for once. Yep, he got nuthin'.

"Nova! Keep Tackling!"

The Nosepass actually hesitated. It appeared as if she knew the attack wouldn't work, but she obeyed her Trainer nonetheless. Iron barely took damage, again.

"One more Metal Claw!" Amy shouted.

That was all it took. As Iron brought his second Metal Claw down, Nova roared with even more pain. Apparently the already super-effective attack had scored a critical hit. The Nosepass didn't even stumble around, the Pokemon fainted where she was brought down.

"WHAT!? B-But! Not again! RARGH!!!" Wenston shouted. He grabbed at his hair, tearing out a few bits here and there. He went into a fit of rage, stampeding about before he finally remembered to return his fainted Nosepass.

The younger Rich Boy looked down at the ground, disappointed at another loss.

"Mark my words, girl! We will battle again another day! And you'd better be prepared!" Wenston shouted, turning away to run. His younger brother sighed, running after him.

Amy looked down proudly at her little Aron.

"Grea-" That was all Amy could get out before she was caught off guard--Iron was glowing! In a great flash of light, Iron's body mutated and grew, changing shape for a few seconds before the light died down to reveal a Lairon on the sidewalk.

"Marsh. Marsh marsh marsh marshtomp marsh." (Wow. I was wondering how long we'd have to wait.) Mudkee stated sarcastically, although from her expression you could tell that she was happy at her teammate's evolution.

"Lairon, lair!" (Oh boy, woo!) Iron shouted, clanking along the ground as he attempted to dance. Alas, he was too heavy.

OOC: Thank-you, Alter, for a chance to revive my old plot with Mareep. ^_^

And, like, yeah. He had to evolve sooner or later. XD

September 22nd, 2005, 3:59 AM
Ooc-Now wait...it's like..only the second gym battle....and like...all our pokemon are already evolving..*sighs*expecially Curly...gawd...
Jenny no let Ruru evolve till...like..when they meet up with her dad or something.
We are seriously pushing the limits of so-called "gaining levels"........COOL!

And Titan..don't push your luck....me shall hold the longest post reocrd...me will...MUAHAAAHHA!!!!*hack,cough*


Althroughout the battle,Jenny trie dto oush Cid away form sheilding her,but he wouldn't budge,so she just had to deal with sitting down and sulking.

Finally...the battle ended with a smokescreen.

"Yeah...I'm fine..."Jenny coughed and looked up to Cid,though her hip hurt a bit from being crushed by the huge Seviper.

"Glad you are."Gen came in and bumped Cid abit to the left so he could help the girl up.

"Kirlia..kirlia..kir!"(Curly looks so strong!)Ruru smiled up to the new Gardevoir which stood infront of her.

"Marshtomp!"(Yeah!)Dew circled the Gardevoir smiling as well.

"Absol...absol..ab.."(You defeated those pokemon with such ease..)Nana nodded,staring at the fallen ceiling on the floor.

"I'm Jenny,this is Nicole and Cid."she gesture dto the boy beside her and the girl not too far away.

"Yes,charmed I'm sure."smiling at Nicole before holding out his hand to Cid,delibratley crushing it tightly when the bouy grabbed it,though wincing abit.

"And...there's Amy!"Jenny pointed to the girl who had started running out for no reason.

"Hey!"Jenny quickly took Cid's arm and Nicole's collar before chasing after the girl.

This be the freakiest part in this post!


"Amy?"Gen looked at the girl...she had such maginificent flowing hair...brown..his...uh....favourite colour,yes,red didn't seem to suit him anyway.She looked so beautiful,it was hard to believe that she was a pokemon trainer.

"Amy...her name should be Angel for all I know.."he murmered before running after the trainers,Belle at his wake.

"Amy!"they had caught up with the girl,seeing a defeated-looking Wenston trodding off with whathisname.
And Iron evolving into a Lairon.

"Excuse me...yes..sorry.."Gen pushed his way through the pokemon and trainers,standing infront of Amy.

"What a magnificent battle!You really are a good trainer aren't you?"he smiled his best smile to the girl,Jenny folded her arms and shook her head as the boy introduced himself to Amy.

"I'm Gen by the way...it is really a pleasure to meet such a beautiful angel such as yourself."Gen bent down and kissed the girl's hand.

Well...looks like Cid won't be having anymore trouble....and it'll be fun to watch Gen chase after Amy...ha!XD

September 22nd, 2005, 4:10 AM
Nicole examined Gen.. "He's sucha cutie... Reddish-yellow hair..neatly combed, fringe covering part of his charming eyes... Wearing sucha chic attire..Black t-shirt under a red vest matching with purple jeans. Has a good body build... Purr..fect...Ahh.. Can't resist the temptation.."

Nicole immediately burst out.. "Hey.. My name's Nicole.. Really nice to meet you..." she exclaimed in her sweetest voice.. "Ahh.. Me will want to go steady with you..." she whispered.. Hoping no one heard her...

"AHH!!! He's sucha hottie.. I lurve him too much." her small eyes twinkled as she thought of her and Gen walking down the red carpet...

September 22nd, 2005, 4:11 AM
Ha!Lurve triangle!!!
Yibber laughs manically~~!!!

Alter Ego
September 22nd, 2005, 7:00 AM
OOC: Yeah, the levelling is maybe going a tad fast, but on the other hand I am planning to make a slight adjustment to Cid's team. Namely, Deunan is going to end up leaving sooner or later. He's just too out of place compared to the rest of the team and he seems to lack any clear personality. *Sigh* I love Dunsparces and it's partially because of that reason that I want to stop portraying one so awkwardly. <_< I'm going to clear up that spot for...another use that I have in mind. Deunan will have to stay and protect a helpless community of pokmon somewhere, get to be the hero around there, you know? Oooh and Gen's lucky that Pixie the Togetic was left behind back in Johto. Check my post and you'll understand why. XD

And Plushie, you're welcome. ^_~ We're in for some seriously good stuff it seems. Oh, and even though Cid will be glad that Gen won't go after Jenny (Come on, Cid's got such an obvious crush on her even though he refuses to admit it it's almost pathetic...kind of reminds me of Ash's thing for Misty back in the Anime. XD) he'll still be opposed to that prettyboy getting close to any of his friends and will certainly cause trouble in a discreet kind of way.

Oh, and love triangle? 'Soap opera' is more like it. Nicole seriously likes Gen, Jenny sort of, but not quite as uncontrollably, likes Gen, Gen likes Amy and Cid likes Jenny and we have as of yet no clue of whom Amy likes, if she does. (Even though I'm hoping that Gen gets turned down. Gawd, I hate that guy already. Must be Cid's influence rubbing of on me. >_<)


"Gardee-voir..." (Thank you...) Curly replied, emanating warm feelings to the other pokmon that expressed his emotions on the matter better than his words would have. The Gardevoir's mood darkened a bit as he watched Gen walk over and purposefully attempt to mangle his trainer's hand. The psychic pokmon maintained his current expression but sent a quick flash of anger aimed solely at Gen as a quick warning shot.

"I am certain it's mutual." Cid replied coldly to Gen. The challenge that the other boy had put forth with the 'handshake' was quite clear to him and he was prepared for it. Oh you poor fool... Cid thought for himself, a mischievous glint flashing in his eyes as Gen turned his attention elsewhere You have no idea who you're messing with...No idea at all... His eyes briefly gained a distant look as he remembered a certain other person, much like Gen, whom he had ran afoul with a while back; Cal was his name, thought he could outshine Cid by acting like a complete jerk. Cid, with the assistance of his fiercely giggling Togetic, Pixie, had put him into his place. The poor guy never did quite figure out how he found himself in the middle of sudden maelstorm of pairless socks, uncooperative doors, mismatched shoelaces and countless other misshaps, culminating in Cal waking up one morning to himself stuffed into a public toilet, wearing ladies' underwear on his head and discovering the words 'I used to be a girl. No really, just ask my mom' tatooed onto his posterior. Truth to be told, Cid didn't quite know either. That one had been Pixie's prank, planned and excecuted by her. You really had to admire her inventiveness when it came to making a nuisance of yourself and still looking perfectly innocent. This was different though, if Cid didn't make his moves careful and justified he would risk angering Jenny and probably his other friends as well...

Before Cid could delve further into his musings he suddenly became aware that Amy had darted of in search of the missing Mareep and that Jenny had been quicker on the intake and already hauled him along by his arm. Gen, much to Cid's displeasure, rushed along as well, and what's more it became glaringly obvious that he had a crush on Amy to top it all as he rushed over to the girl and showered her with exorbiant compliments over the victory before introducing himself and, Cid was feeling ready to stab the boy to death with a wet noodle at this point but controlled his expression by force of will (not to mention Curly's assistance), kissed her hand...something which Nicole, who was apparently keen on returning Gen attention to herself, tried to override what had just happen by rushing over and introducing herself all over again, putting up the sweetest smile she could manage.

Cid shook his head at the sight, noticing that Jenny was doing much the smae beside him. He had a feeling that Gen was going to be trouble with a capital 'T'.

Random Plushie
September 22nd, 2005, 8:49 PM
OOC: Whoa, soap opera fits it perfectly. XD

Pixie sounds a lot like Fishy. X3


Amy was almost struck speechless at Gen's introduction, and she became even more confused when Nicole rushed over. The girl struggled to hide the feeling of embarassment when Gen kissed her hand, which she pulled away rather quickly. She hated recieving so much attention like that.

"Um, well, I don't really consider myself that great of a Trainer.." Amy mumbled, shuffling her feet. "But I'm.. pleased to meet, you, Gen.. My name's Amy."

Iron was too overjoyed at his recent evolution to pay proper attention to the conversation, quite frustrated that his motion was limited to mostly walking, due to the heaviness of his steel armor.

As for Mudkee, she eyed Gen threateningly, although she knew he probably wouldn't be paying attenion to her any time soon. If any harm came to her Trainer, she'd be the first to react.

OOC: Didn't the IC's intro throw you off? XD

AAARRRGGGHHH!! An ant is crawling on my laptop! *crushes ant into oblivion*

Okay now. That reminded me of something that happed today.

I told my friend, "Yargh, I be tired."

And he told me I sounded like a pirate. XD

But yeah.. Amy couldn't care less about Gen! XD

September 23rd, 2005, 2:08 AM
Poor ant,Plushie squished it she did.....

Hey!Ish Fishy better yet Plushie?

Oh...wouldn't it be nice to add in another boy who Amy crushes on,but likes Nicole really?
Maybe Cal......Hey!It'll be a love rectangle(me not likely squares >P)/soap opera/bloody war(as Cid shall which i think i know enough of,be very..very agaitated about the annoying boys suddenly popping out of nowhere..Muahaha!*hack,cough*

Yeah,Jenny likes Cid too,but does she show it?
Tha girl ish strange me tells you,she may be good at battling and in contests,but she knows zip about Cid liking her she does.

"Yes well..."Gen started,backing away from Nicole as she ran up to him.

"I presume that all of you are signed up for the Harmony competiton?"he smiled at Jenny and Amy,before turning to Cid with a mocking look on his face.

"Yes...I'm going for the contest segment."Jenny smiled back,not wanting to tell what the rest were signed up for lest they came after her.

"Contest?Well....that's what I've signed up for as well!"Gen looked surprised at the girl's words.

"Marshtomp..marshtomp!"(Iron's evolved too!)Dew kipped at the sight of the Lairon,he couldn't resist but jump onto the Lairon's back.

"Absol...absol..absol...Absol?"(Nice set of plates you have there...Iron right?)Nana commented,seeing Iron for the first time.

"Mimi...Mimi!"(Quite shiny!)Mimi nodded in agreement.

"Tranpich!"(Heya!)Coco jumped infront of the Lairon.

"But...don't hope to win..since I'm the one of the best cordinators Alphimega has seen."he sighed to the girl,which,was obviously bad thing to do.

Jenny wa shocked at what the boy said,but it was quickly replaced with her usaul anger.

"What did you say?!"Jenny fumed,starting for the boy.

Gen immediately froze on the spot,not knowing what to do,except look the cutest he could possibly ever try.

I almost feel sorry for him,will anyone try to stop Jenny,or does everyone want to see what horribible fate the boy has in store?

Alter Ego
September 23rd, 2005, 4:24 AM
OOC: Come now, it would be completely off-character for Cid to intervene. He'd be more like "Go Jenny! Go!". XD
Oh, and if Amy gets a crush on Cal then she's got really terrible taste she does...Cal is like Gen but without the prettyboy aspect (Or at least he's not quite as much of a prettyboy, decide for yourselves). Maybe they could meet in the Single Battle tourney though...Oh, and I'm describing and RPing him. He's my imagined Johto rival!

And Pixie sounds like Fishy? XD Maybe, but her techniques are a bit more advanced than poking.


"Single and Double battle segments." Cid replied to Gen "The latter with Amy." he added, just to check the boy's reaction.

Shiney's eyes spread wide at the notice of Iron's new shape. "Muuuur!" (Ooooh!) she exclaimed flying around the Lairon and cooing in sheer joy "Muur-krooo-kroow!" (You're sooo shiny!) she hugged the steel pokmon with her wings.

"Gardevoiirr..." (Congratulations...) Curly said, smiling at Iron in his newly aquired serene way.

As Gen commented on Jenny's chances in the contest, a small grin spread across Cid's face. 'Boy are you in for it now...' he mouthed to the boy, locking eyes with him for a moment before he stepped back to watch the fireworks unfold.

Random Plushie
September 23rd, 2005, 8:36 PM
OOC: WTH!? By what Alter has wrote about him, he just doesn't sound like the kind of guy Amy would crush on. XD Besides..

Amy has a child hood crush, but he's obviously not here at the moment. He's near.. Wait.. I won't tell.. MWAHAHA!!! >D

As for Fishy.. You'd be surprised at his techniques. :badsmile:



Amy heaved a sigh of relief. Now Jenny could get this guy away from her. He was already embarassing enough. In much the same manner as Cid, the girl took a step back as she let the chaos reveal itself.

"Laaairr..." (Waaaaahh..) Iron muttered as he was hugged by Shiney, not to mention nearly crushed by Dew.

"Lair.. Lairon lair lair ron.." (Thanks.. for all the love..) Iron chuckled to himself, sweat-dropping.

OOC: Maybe later I'll feel like writing more. XD

In other news..

I've gotten a graffiti wall! XD

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You know you all wanna sign it..

And, it make take till 11:00 AM Alter's time for me to get online. Maybe later. Don't worry, I will be there! XD

Alter Ego
September 23rd, 2005, 11:55 PM
OOC: Hiiii Plushie!
Man, I'll be looking forward to today's posting spree after that nasty godmodding bussiness in 'Of Gods and Mortals' (Two characters dead, three unless a certain someone godmodds again, and at least one permanently quitting the RP. *Sigh* I hate being RP leader at times), I'm glad that we don't have those issues over here. ^^ I can't post an IC until Yibber has Jenny chew out poor Gen though. XD

Oh, and I now have two adoptives in need of nicknames, my Lileep is Quirky and my Misdreavus is Impish, both are female. Any nickname ideas would be appreciated. ^^

Alter is in the building.

Random Plushie
September 23rd, 2005, 11:58 PM

OMG!!!! XD The smoke detector went off because my Dad was testing it, which in turn woke up my Mom.

That.. was.. a close call.. XD

Maybe it's so nice here because we never ever argue? And if we do, we work it out calmly. =3

I hereby dub thy Lileep Limu.

I also hereby dub thy Misdreavus Missy.

Plushie has spoken. ;)

Alter Ego
September 24th, 2005, 12:01 AM

Yeah, peacefully; No dodging every attack which leads to other people making peculiar motorbikes self-destruct and blow up half the block. (Don't even ask. >_<)

Oh, and Missy is a really cute nickname for my Misdreavus. But will Limu still fit a Cradily? Hmm...beats Lily though. Oh, and no. I'm not nicknaming my egg 'Shelly'. ^^

Random Plushie
September 24th, 2005, 12:03 AM
OOC: Actually, it would still fit because of it's meaning. ;)

C'mon, Yibber.. Get yo buttocks online. XD

September 24th, 2005, 1:38 AM
Me be sneaking out of tuition ta see if you're here,be back in like...50minutes.

Random Plushie
September 24th, 2005, 1:43 AM

Alter Ego
September 24th, 2005, 1:46 AM
Looks like we're waiting for 50 minutes more...but what the heck;


Oh, and your Feebas is already in the adoption thread. They ran out of stock so Melissa updated the list early. ^^

September 24th, 2005, 2:49 AM
*runs out screaming*
Have been studying for the whole day...finally time with Plushie,Titan and computer..
*huggles computer*i got so used to its radiation,i think that's what keeps Yibber hyper!
Aw....you all hate Gen don't you.*thinks up of most outrageous, vicious and crude way to make Gen cry*

*notices Titan's post*

"Repeat that one more time!"Jenny growled,leaving Gen to cower in fear,his cute act was not working,not at all.
Gen quickly steeped away from Jenny.

"Gah!"Jenny started to shout and run after the fleeing boy.

"Wait till I get my hands on you,I'll show you what pain really means!!"

Dew and Coco laughed at the scene,rolling on the street.Ruru mearly clapped her hands and nodded to her trainer.Nana and Mimi grimaced to each other,not knowing what to do.
Even the Blaziken who had caught up with them,covered her beak and giggled,her trainer had made a huge mistake.

"What is happening over here?!"a girl;s voice interrupted Jenny's pursuit on the boy.

"Sill!"Gen quickly ran behind the lass.

"What is it now brother?"she asked the boy who hid behind her.

"I'm Lass Sill by the way."she said,noticing the pokemon and trainers who had gathered.

Maybe the sister likes Cid....oh yeah,Jenny's gonna make her life a living hell!*cackle*
It'll be a....love pentagon,or something,whatever!!!Me no good with shapes.
(Actually,Gen's supposed to be the older one.Yibber forgot to mention that he was 14..and Sill ish...13 I guess)

Alter Ego
September 24th, 2005, 2:56 AM
OOC: Aww...someone who actually likes Cid...How cute! ^^ It's going to be something like...a love...hexagon or something. ^^ Ohhh...the plot is thickening so much that it's almost tangible. Spring is in the air even though it's autumn! XD And yes I did say Feebas, a nice little Feebas just for you. Get it while you can. Run, run, you'll never make it! XD


Cid chuckled at the fleeing Gen, this had been a better punishment for him than any prank that he could have thought up. You had to love Jenny's temper. Curly maintained a polite expression but the amusement emanating from him was clear for all to sense. Shiney was still mesmerized by Iron however and was completely ignoring the scene.

Cid turned around at the sound of a girl's voice, still unable to surpress his grin at the sight of Gen hiding behind his sister. "Just a little argument." Cid replied innocently, slowly returning his expression back to normal "And I'm Cid Woodland by the way." he added "Nice to meet you Sill." he honestly meant it, this girl did seem nicer than her brother.

OOC: Oh, and does she look like a regular Lass? If so, is it the FR/LG lass or the R/B/E lass or something else? Some description please?

Random Plushie
September 24th, 2005, 3:02 AM
OOC: OMG, pentagon? XD


Amy honestly didn't know what to say--the situation was just too.. strange, to put it bluntly.

Mudkee kipped in enjoyment, staying close to Amy while Cid introduced himself to Sill. The girl looked okay enough.. Not like the type that would hurt Amy in any way. And that was cool with the Marshtomp.

"Lairon.. lairon lair lair ron.." (Shiney.. You can let go now..) Iron muttered to the Murkrow, his voice now becoming slightly impatient. Gawd, why did he have to evolve into something shiny?

Alter Ego
September 24th, 2005, 3:20 AM
OOC: Oh, I can see the slogans now: 'National Security is a Labour of Love'. XD


"Mur..." (But...) Shiney protested, still not releasing her grip, "...Mur-kroow..." (...So shiny...)

Cid briefly turned his attention to the situation, noticing that Iron was beginning to get seriously annoyed.

"Deunan." he said, calling out the Dunsparce "Try to wedge Shiney away from Iron, will you? Use Yawn."

The normal pokmon nodded, taking a deep breath and unleashing a huge yawn towards the Murkrow.

"Muurk..." (Shiny...) she muttered drowsily, hanging onto Iron until the last "Mur-murkrooow..." (...my precious...) the dark pokmon slowly slumped down onto Iron's back, sound asleep, and Cid gently picked her up and placed her in an open, sizeable, and most improtantly empty, compartment of his backpack, feeling that the Murkrow had earned herself some time outside of her pokball.

"Sorry Iron." he said apologetically "You know how Shiney is around shiny things. You can stay outside if you like Deunan."

"Sparce!" (Okay!) the Dunsparce said cheerfully, turning to congratulate Iron on his evolution. "Dun-spaa-rcee-duuun..." (You look real tough...) he said earnestly before noticing more new events (You too Curly.) he said a bit more tentatively to the Gardevoir "Dun-spaa-sparce...dunsparce-spaa-sparce-dun-duun-dunsparce." (I like that skirt-thing...really shows that you are a big man when you're not afraid to look a bit femmy.)

"Gardee..." (Thanks...) Curly replied, chuckling slightly at Deunan's attempted compliments.

"Dun! Dun-sparce!" (Ooh! New people!) the Dunsparce called out as he spotted Sill and Gen, eyeing them apparaisingly while his tail ficked back and forth, "Duun-spaa-sparce-duun..." (That girl's kinda cute...) he added thoughtfully "Duuun-sparce-spaaar-sparce-dunsparce?" (Wonder if she'll pet me if I ask real nice?)

Curly rolled his eyes but didn't comment as the Dunsparce slowly crept over to Sill, a friendly grin covering his face.

September 24th, 2005, 3:23 AM
Yibber's mom made her eat so much dinner...Yibber too bloated to think..

Okay..uh...me be thinking(miracle)*thinks on what Sill would look like*
Hey!Name association!
Hm............how bou Adrian or something for Amy?

Sill wears tha deardful red miniskirt and white shirt like the one in R/S/E.
Her...hair's blue in colour,tied into a ponytail and has purple eyes....she's actually quite nice,other than the fact that....
Aw....just read the post people!!!

*screams and runs to thread*

"Cid?"Sill examined the boy who held his hand out to her.

"Nice to meet you cutie!!"she quickly shook his hand and petted Deunan on the head before circling the boy,trying to get his attention on her,rather than the Dunsparce and Lairon.(Ooc-She's way more...uh..what wuz tha wurd?Willing to express her feelings or something,this freaks Jenny out it does.)

"What are you doing?!"Gen was shocked at his sister's words and actions.

Jenny scowled as the girl circled Cid like a Pigeotto circling a Caterpie.(Cid's a Caterpie.Haw!!XD)

"Who are the rest of these girl's?Your fanclub?Oh....let me join!"Sill finally noticed the others.

"I'm Jenny....we're travelling around Alphimega together,NOT his fanclub."Jenny tried her best to mantain her deep anger for the girl.

"Why would a boy like you be travelling around Alphimega?Trying to get gym badges I suppose."Sill smiled at Cid with get interest.

Jenny started swearing sightly under her breath.(Ooc-Now,now,does Cid have to be the only one who swears?Me thinks that it was because of the blood tranfusion thingy,she's started ta act a bit like Cid)

Random Plushie
September 24th, 2005, 3:27 AM
OOC: Wow.. That's just.. Wow.. XD


Amy raised a brow at the girl.

"No, we are his friends. And yeah, Cid's collecting badges. So am I. Oh, sorry, my name's Amy, it's nice to meet you." Amy spoke, although she tried not to sound too confused.

Iron heaved a sigh of relief as he was finally released from Shiney's grip. He felt like saying something to Deunan but fell silent again as he inched his way over to Sill. Bah, Iron wouldn't be able to feel anyone petting him anyway, over all his steel. Now he could preoccupy himself with something else. Like figuring out how to jump in this form.

Attempting to launch himself into the air, but failing, Iron landed with a thud, even though his 'jump' had only gained him a single centimeter off of the ground.

"Marsh marshtomp tomp?" (What are you doing?) Mudkee eyed the Lairon as he struggled with jumping.

"LAI-LAIRON!!" (I CAN'T JUMP!!) Iron bellowed, sighing in frustration.

September 24th, 2005, 3:36 AM

Okay..maybe it'll take a day or two..but...

I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*bounces aruond the house and waits for Titan to post*

Alter Ego
September 24th, 2005, 3:36 AM
OOC: Urgh, piano lessons pressing on...>_< Probably won't be able to write much after this one. *Sigh*


"Erm..." Cid instinctively blushed a bit, slightly at loss over how to respond to the girl who was circling in on him, a matter not helped by the fact that, despite her maintaining the politest face she could, Jenny seemed to be ready to hit Sill and Cid had the distinct feeling that the girl was cursing under her breath. "Jenny's right..." he said, finally discovering mobility in his tongue again and attempting to placate the situation just a bit "They're not my fanclub, they're my friends, and yeah, I'm collecting the medals, although I have..." he suddenly paused, realizing that he had almost let information of their quest slip "...been asked to do research on the local pokmon as well." he concluded, hoping that his slip-up hadn't been noticed.

"Dun-spa-spaarce..." (You get used to it...) Deunan commented to Iron "Dun-spaa-spaarce-duuun." (I've never jumped myself.)

Random Plushie
September 24th, 2005, 3:39 AM
OOC: Argh.. I'm really tired, peoples.. I gotta get to bed.. G'nite.. *snoozeh*

September 24th, 2005, 3:46 AM
Yeah..just leave Yibber alone to rot.
Atleast its tim efor me to get back to studyin!

"No girlfriend?"she said surprised.

"Come on....someone like you must have one.."she smiled,hinting with the same glint in her eyes,just as her brother.

Gen gapped his mouth wide open,not knowing what to do,run from the wrath of Jenny,or stay to watch the show.

Meh mom's calling me ta study...

Random Plushie
September 24th, 2005, 8:42 PM
OOC: Oh man.. I'm completely brain dead right now.. As in writer's block. >_<

I hope it goes away tonight.


Amy blinked twice, taking a few steps back. She knew something bad was going to happen, although she wasn't quite sure what it was. It could be one of three options:

Option #1: Jenny unleashes her building rage on Gen/Sill.

Option #2: Cid explodes.

Option #3: Both Option #1 and #2 occur at the same time.

Amy really didn't like those choices, so she took a couple more steps back. She really didn't want to be in the danger zone..

Iron once again attempted to jump, again lifting off of the ground for a mere centimeter before landing again with a thud. He sighed, turning back towards Deunan.

"Lairon.." (Bummer..) Iron mumbled, referring to both the Dunsparce's comment, and the fact that he still couldn't jump.

Alter Ego
September 24th, 2005, 11:46 PM
OOC: *Gasp* Noo! Not Plushie T3H 1 & 0NLY L33T! Dang you writer's block! *Shakes fist* Okay, let's see...


Cid had absolutely no idea of how to respond to something like that, blushing further. There had, to his knowledge, not been any girl who would actually had wanted him, well, not this...openly, anyway and Cid was beginning to feel, between the ever-more aggrevated Jenny and the ever-more blatantly flirty Sill, ever more like a rabbit in the headlights. Noticing that Amy was already taking a precautionary step back, he wished that he could do much the same, but somehow he had the feeling that this wasn't really an option.

Curly observed the situation worriedly, fearing for his trainer's safety. He knew that Jenny would never purposefuly hurt Cid, but he might be caught in the crossfire.

"Gaar-dee-gardevoir-voiiiir...." (We should really do something about this...) the Gardevoir said to the other pokmon who seemed to be preoccupied with other matters.

Random Plushie
September 25th, 2005, 12:01 AM
OOC: Gotta hide from Mom.. Meep. XD brb

September 25th, 2005, 12:09 AM
Nicole stared at Sill for a moment and an evil grin spreaded on her face... "Heh.. Maybe I can suck up to Sill a little.. And she can put a few good words in front of Gen for me.."

She almost jumped towards Sill to introduce herself but she realised it wasn't the right time to do so.. Sill was too engrossed with looking at Cid...

"I guess Jenny's gonna get jealous..." she muttered under her breath

Random Plushie
September 25th, 2005, 12:12 AM
OOC: Parents are watching a movie.. I've got time..


Amy remained in her current position, wondering about what to do. Any minute now, and the three options..

Iron turned his head towards the Trainers when Curly commented.

"Lair.. Lair lair lairon?" (Well.. What are we supposed to do?) He asked after listening in for a while.

Alter Ego
September 25th, 2005, 12:18 AM
"ir..." (I...) Curly replied, his face gaining a pained expression "Gar-dee-voir-voooiir-gardevoir-gaar-garde-vooir...gardevoir..." (I don't know, but we have to do something, Cid is suffering there, I can see it...I-I can feel it...)

The Gardevoir turned to watch the situation again, radiating feelings of worry and attempting to calm down both Jenny and Sill with psychic energy, he had a feeling that it wouldn't be very effective, but he had to try. It was his trainer out there...

"Dun-spa-sparce..." (I could yawn again...) Deunan suggested after a while, looking at the others to see if they thought his idea was a good one.

OOC: Oooh...Curly's having a personality change. It's cuz Gardevoirs are very protective of their trainers and feel their emotions, so sayeth the Pokdex.

Random Plushie
September 25th, 2005, 12:23 AM
IC: I'm scared that my parents will bust me.. XD

Plus, I don't want to simaltaneous post. Yibber's here. =3

September 25th, 2005, 12:23 AM
been studying for the whole day..so darn tired and me mom's saying me can only use the comp. for like...50 Min...
*dies again*I'm feeling rather crude today...and I think I shall take it out on titan]
*points to titan*MUahhaa...*hack*

It was obvious that Sill was having loads of fun seeing Cid blush,Jenny clenched her fists and bit her lip.Why didn't she like the girl?She felt so awkward,reisting the diening urge to strangle the girl to death,chop her up and feed her to the Sharpedos.
(Cid and Jenny's evil intentions are more of less the same XD)

Suddenly,a red flash of light appeared from Gen's pocket,and a Spinda appeared just beside the boy.

"What are you doing out here Spinner?"Gen asked the Spinda,who was surprised by the amazing number of people and pokemon.
(Another reason to hate Gen,he has a Spinda!)

Spinner jumped into Sill's arms.

"Aw.....ain't he cute....here Cid,wanna pet him?"Sill grinned,holding out the mutated(yibber be exagrating here..) rabbit to the boy.

"Sholdn't we get going Sill?You need to get ready for tomorrow.."Gen said,trying to pull his sister away from Cid.

"Finally,the boy says something worth hearing."Jenny heaved a sigh of relief.

"Silly me!I forgot to mention that I'm in the Single Tourney!"Sill laughed,Jenny flinched at the piercing(Yibber's getting carried away isn't she?Naw..must be Jenny imagining things.)sound,trying to keep herself from exploding.

Aw....SHE'S jealous...XD

September 25th, 2005, 12:30 AM
"Cya there.." Nicole shouted out.. But of course.. Sill wouldn't bother about her.. She was too busy taking last glances of Cid before she leave...

"Sne..sne..sal..(We must do our best tomorrow..)" Sylvia told Christy..

"Swa..bluuuu(And do Nicole proud..)" Christy continued..

"Eevevee(Ya..ya..)" Corrine mumbled...

OCC: Meh decided.. Corrine's gonna evolve to a Espeon before the final battle... Some freakish old woman will teach her Reversal.. which will come in handy..^^

Alter Ego
September 25th, 2005, 12:31 AM
OOC: Gah! He has a Spinda?! Gen must die!!! <_< <_< <_< <_< And so must his Spinda! <_< Oh, and ain't it just too cute how much alike Jenny and Cid are? Both wanting to chop up their respective nemesises? XD


"I...suppose we'll see you there then." Cid said at last, relieved that this particular member of the female species was finally leaving and that a fight between her and Jenny hadn't ensued.

Curly was relieved by this as well, floating over to his trainer's side and throwing a dirty look at the siblings, signifying that he for one would have preferred it if they met neither of these people who seemed bent on causing his trainer distress again.

"Well..." Cid said, his face slowly returning to its normal colouring as he watched Gen and Sill leave "That sure is one weird family."

Random Plushie
September 25th, 2005, 12:32 AM
Amy sighed.

Darn. She'd probably have to face Sill in the Single Battle Tourney. Hopefully she'd make it through without having to, though..

As the siblings walked away, Amy heaved another sigh--this time out of relief.

September 25th, 2005, 12:34 AM
Jenny quickly grabbed the arms of the boy and girls.Wanting to get as far away from them as possible.

"Good luck!And remember to root for me Cid!!"Sill waved to the trainers,Spinner stuck his tougue out to them.

"Marshtomp!"(Hey!)Dew stuck his tougue back at the rabbit.

"Spinda...spinda!"(You're just sad cause I'm cuter than you!)the Spinda scoffed as the pokemon ran after their trainers.

Jenny immediately tightened her grip on their arms as Sill shouted back to them.

"I'll be rooting for you Angel!"Gen managed to shout as well,winking at Amy.

Alter Ego
September 25th, 2005, 12:39 AM
OOC: By the by, Spinda is a panda, not a rabbit. ^^


"Uh...doesn't she know that I'm in the tourney too?" Cid thought out loud at Sill's last statement. Suddenly, a pretty nasty thought struck him...what if he had to fight Sill in the tournament and she won just by unnerving him in her usual way? He really didn't want to think about that too much. Nah, that wouldn't happen... he told himself I'm not such a pushover when I'm fighting.

"(Gaar-dee-voir-garde..." (I've seen cuter Grimers...) Curly replied to Spinner's comment in a most uncustomarily hostile way before he turned to follow his trainer, trying to make sure, much like Jenny, that they'd get as far from these people as fast as possible.

"Dun,spaa.spar-cee!" (Uh, yeah...what he said.) Deunan concured, attempting to fit in, before he slithered after Cid as well.

Random Plushie
September 25th, 2005, 12:40 AM
Amy pretended not to hear what Gen shouted, glad that Jenny was hauling them away at a quick pace.

Urgh.. He annoys me.. Amy thought, referring to Gen.

Mudkee decided not to comment as Dew and Spinner talked about cuteness.

September 25th, 2005, 12:40 AM
Nicole saw Gen's wink and smiled.. She thought Gen was winking at her.. "He winked at me.. he winked at me!!!" she thought to herself..

"Sne..sne...(there she goes again)" Sylvia sighed.. Her trainer was getting so crazy over Gen... "Sn..sne..sne..sal.(The previous one obviously looks better)" recalling the previous guy that Nicole had went crazy over..

Corrine stood at a side nodding her head in agreement..

September 25th, 2005, 12:53 AM

Meh must go now....*sob*
stupid finalz....*sulks*
Don't leave Yibber in your dust!!!

Random Plushie
September 25th, 2005, 12:57 AM
OOC: Oh no!! :O Bye-bye, Yibber!

September 25th, 2005, 1:00 AM
Dub me Mawile,NOW!!!!

September 25th, 2005, 1:01 AM
O.. Plushie.. Give meh Ralts a name too... Meh just remembered... Come on.. Nickname Guru..

Random Plushie
September 25th, 2005, 1:04 AM
OOC: Your Mawile? Hey, I wanted that. XD Erm, do ya mean LA's adoptions or in here?

Fliss, I hereby dub thy Ralts, Rhinestone.

Plushie has spoken.

Alter Ego
September 25th, 2005, 1:11 AM
OOC: Hey guys, the Adopters' Club is there if you want to discuss these kind of things. *Points at siggy* Let's not spam up the Alphimega RP with it, m'kay? ^^

September 25th, 2005, 1:14 AM
Oopies... Sorry... We shan't continue spaming... right? *nudges Plushie*

Random Plushie
September 25th, 2005, 1:24 AM
OOC: Otay, got it. Yibber didn't tell me where the Mawile was, anyways. Here or the adopter's place. XD

September 25th, 2005, 1:33 AM
It's at the adopted place... Yibber said that Jenny's team will stay the same.. FOREVER!!!

Random Plushie
September 25th, 2005, 1:45 AM
OOC: Okay, let's not post any more OOC until Yibber gets back. ^^

September 25th, 2005, 2:36 AM
Through the harsh chinese syllables,I've truimphanted!!!*sigh*
But it makes Yibber hungry and tired it does,meh mom made me eat dinner first.
And plushie..*points at siggy*the Mawile's there!

Back at the hotel,Jenny sat on her bed and started sketching on her sketchpad with great delight.

"Marshtomp..marsh.....marsh?"(Guys...aren't Jenny,Cid,Amy and Nicole acting weird today)Dew asked the pokemon around him.

"Absol...absol..ab!"(After they met those other two people!)Nana nodded.

"Mimi..mimi..mi?"(Gen or Sill?)Mimi said.

"Tran!"(Both!)Coco said,he didn't like the girl and boy,not one bit.

"Kirlia...kirlia...kir!"(Please,humans do that all the time!)Ruru laughed,used to their behaviour since she had prctically spent her whole life with a girl of un-limited emotion changes.

Jenny's eyes shone with happines,she had sketched out a picture of Sill in water,with Sharpedos circling her.The girl cackled,before looking up to see if the boy beside her,or girls heard her laughter.
Jenny sighed and crushed the paper with her hands,throwing it into the bin beside her bed.

"Maybe I'll do Gen next..."Jenny thought to herself.

This wasn't like the girl at all.
It wasn't that she hated them...well..actually,it would've been quite hard NOT to hate such people.But..Jenny just couldn't figure out why she didn't like Sill.Maybe it was one of those mood swings again,maybe she'd feel better and different in the morning.

Jenny lied on the bed with her back facing the air,feeling rather gloomy.

September 25th, 2005, 2:39 AM
leave yibber ta rot here ya heartless people...

Random Plushie
September 25th, 2005, 2:44 AM
OOC: Yibber...

I now dub thy Mawile, Mac.

Plushie has spoken.


Amy lay down on her own bed, staring up at the ceiling, searching for pictures in the small cracks that had formed there over the years. She barely noticed Jenny's laughter, but decided not to comment.

The girl sighed, closing her eyes. Maybe now was a good time for sleep.

Mudkee grimaced at the comments of the other Pokemon.

"Marshtomp marsh, marsh marsh marshtomp?" (I noticed, but what can we do?) Mudkee stated.

As for Iron, he had remained out of his Pokeball, but was now resting at the foot of Amy's bed, slightly paying attention to the conversation.

Alter Ego
September 25th, 2005, 2:48 AM
OOC: All hail Yibber, fearless conqurer of the chinese syllables! Respect. Amd your Mawile is adorable by the way. ^^


"Voir..." (Well...) Curly said at Ruru's statement, still upset over what the two had caused "Garde-voiiir-voir-gaaar,-gardee-voir!" (People die all the time too, that doesn't mean that it's a good thing!)

"Mii-ghtyy-eena-eena-mightyena." (That made very little sense whatsoever.) Nightmare, who had recovered and had been briefed about the situation commented, from his spot at Cid's stomach, where he was lying like a big, black-furred pillow enjoying the absent-minded strokings the boy gave him while he was busy planning something and chuckling for himself now and again.

"Dun-spaa..." (I think...) Deunan said slowly "Sparce-dunsparce-spaaa-dunspa, spaarce...dun...dunsparce-sparce?" (That this sort of thing is called by a name that has something to do with cleaning things and singing at the same time...erm...shampoo aria or something?) if he would have had hands he would have scratched his head at the time.

"Gaar-devoiiir-voir-gardee-voir?!" (What nonsense is that supposed to be?!) Curly suddenly snapped in an uncharacteristic fit of fury, causing Deunan to leap back "Gardee-voiir-voiiir?! Vooir-garde-gardevoir?!" (What is the matter with you?! Can't you see that they're harming our trainers?!)

September 25th, 2005, 2:51 AM
OCC: AHHH!! I found out who's Falkner's father!!!! Meh guess ish right... It's da guy in bk 10.. You know.. the Chuck's friend? I read it from somewhere... Here's the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Falkner_%28Pok%C3%A9mon%29#Falkner
I know this isn't the right place to post but... Meh wanna share it with all of you.. Meh good pals... Meh too happy... AHHHH!!!

IC: Nicole heard Jenny cackling away.. "She's a weird one.." as she continues to think of her beloved Gen(Falkner should replace him though.. ^^..) Together.. they were walking down the red carpet.. Slowly.. and gracefully.. when suddenly.. a couple of shrieking voices interrupted her thoughts... It was just Christy and Sylvia squabbling away... Nicole shot them a look.. and went back to daydreaming...

Random Plushie
September 25th, 2005, 2:52 AM
"Marsh.. Marshtomp marshtomp.. Marsh.." (Curly.. Lower thy voice.. Please..) Mudkee said, flinching when the Gardevoir had shouted.

After a while, the Marshtomp spoke up again.

"Marshtomp marsh marsh marsh?" (How about we find a way to keep the siblings away?) Mudkee asked, jumping up.

At that, Iron sighed. I still can't jump..

September 25th, 2005, 2:56 AM


Yea he's cute!

Bet tha Cid's thinking about Gen right?
Well....Jenny rather do it openly on paper,but Cid'd rather keep to his mind.There's a difference.

Jenny turned around and faced the ceiling,wondering what Cid was muttering about.She turned around again and let her hands falloff the bed onto Nana.

"Kirlia..kir.."(It'll pass)Ruru answered Mudkee's question.

Coco nodded,though he couldn't help but worry about the look on her trainer's face.

"Mimi..mimi..mi.."(Lets hope you're right..)Mimi whispered under her breath.

Writer's block has passed ta Yibber,
Darn plushie!!

September 25th, 2005, 2:57 AM

*jumps up and down and points to fliss's post*

Random Plushie
September 25th, 2005, 3:02 AM
OOC: Whoa.. She's got Falkner on her mind, that's why. XD


Amy opened her eyes again, sitting up again. Something was tugging at the back of her mind, but she couldn't quite tell what it was.. Then again..

"I hope Mareep is okay." Amy blurted out, breaking most of the silence between the humans.

Iron sat up, confuzzled. Don't know who Mareep is, don't really care.. I feel like jumping.

Alter Ego
September 25th, 2005, 3:04 AM
OOC: Yeah, Cid's plotting out pranks for Gen. And come on, we all know that Fliss prefers Falkner. XD


"Gar-dee-voir-voooir-gardevoir!" (I most certainly will not!) Curly shouted at Mudkee, emanating a flash of fury "GAR-DEEE-VOIR-VOOOIR-GARDEVOIR!" (I'LL BE AS LOUD AS I WANT AND I'LL BLOODY WELL MAKE SURE THAT THE ENEMIES OF MY TRAINER HEAR ME!)

For a moment, it looked like Curly, blazing with fury as he was, was actually going to do something to hurt Mudkee and Nightmare readied himself to take down his friend. The situation was evaded however, as Cid snapped out of his reveries and rose up at the noise.

"Curly?" He asked, rushing over to the Gardevoir and carefully placing a hand on his shoulder "Are you alright?"

"Voir..." (I...) Curly said, slowly calming down "Gardevoir..." (I'm sorry...) the psychic pokmon said to the others "Gar...gaaar-dee-voiir. Voiir...gardevoir-vooir-gardee, gardevoir-voiir...voiir...garde-gaaardevoir-voiir." (I...I don't know what came over me. It's just that...whenever I think of those two, particularly Gen...I just...yes, I guess it will pass with time.)

September 25th, 2005, 3:05 AM
OCC: Omigosh... I...c..a.n.'t believe I wrote that.. Meh go change it now... M'kay?

Nicole lie down on the hard bed and tried to get a wink.. But she just couldn't sleep.. This time.. it was not just because of the bed.. It's also because there's someone else in her mind... She smiled sweetly as Gen's face flashed through her mind...

Random Plushie
September 25th, 2005, 3:07 AM
OOC: Oh my gawd, Curly actually scared me! XD


Mudkee shrank down as Curly continued to shout. Her heart continued to beat rather rapidly, even after Cid had calmed him down. Perhaps it was the fact that he was much taller than her.. No, that wasn't it.

The Marshtomp lowered onto the ground, not really in the place to say anything further.

OOC: Aw, Curly hurt her feewings. XD

September 25th, 2005, 3:10 AM
If you'd live with a temparamental girl all your life,Curly's outbreak ish nothing Yibber tells you.

Yeah....And Mac will rule the wurld MUAHAHAHA!!!*points to siggy*

Wait..so nobody notices that the hot-tempered Jenny suddenly became gloomy?Figures.*sob*

"Well...Curly's never been that..."Jenny was surprised by the sudden burst of the Gardevoir.

"Unless..of course its the trainer.."Jenny continued,remembering herself and Ruru.

"Kirlia...kirlia..kir..."(Calm down Curly..)Ruru swayed her arms,trying to help the Gardevoir.

"Marshtomp..marsh.."(Control dude..)Dew kipped,looking up to the Gardevoir.

"Mimi..mimi..mi?"(Mudkee..are you all right?)Mimi asked the Marshtomp..who had seemingly shrunk.

Jenny sighed and slumped back infront of her sketchpad,trying to think up of more ways to torture Sill and Gen..atleast in her quiet santurary of mind.

Random Plushie
September 25th, 2005, 3:14 AM
At Mimi's question, Mudkee nodded silently.

Finally she decided to say something.

"Mar.. Mar-Marshtomp marshtomp." (I.. I'm sorry if I upset you, Curly.) Mudkee stated, hoping that the Gardvoir had returned to his usual state.


Alter Ego
September 25th, 2005, 3:21 AM
The trainer? Cid echoed in his mind, Is this...my fault?

"Are you alright now, Curly?" he asked, recieving a solemn nod from the Gardevoir. The boy sighed and resumed his place on the bed. What's going on? he thought for himself, watching the entire group. There had been such a profound change of mood. Jenny, always full of energy and quick to anger, seemed to spend most of her time brooding with her sketchpad. Nicole was being even more silent and withdrawn than usual, smiling at the ceiling, seemingly detached from the world in general. Even Amy seemed to have lost some of her usual cheerfullness and Cid, he had to admit to himself, was obviously going through some temperament-changes as well, at least if Curly's recent outburst was anything to go by.

"Gar...gar-deee-voir." (I'm...I'm alright.) Curly replied to Ruru and Dew, his expression now sad more than anything else. "Gar...deee-voir-vooiiir-gardevoir..." (I...just need some time alone right now...) he said, floating over to the furthest corner of the room and slipping into a kind of half-trance in an attempt to shut out the feelings around him. Yet even in this state he could feel how hurt Mudkee had been by his outburst, her emotions ran right through Curly's trance and psychic pokmon's consience was screaming at him to go over and apologize again and again until it worked out. But what if he started screaming at her again? He couldn't risk that...not after what he had just done...suddenly, he woke up, realizing that the Marshtomp had actually walked over and apologized.

The Gardevoir shook his head, "Gaar-dee-voir-gardeee..." (It's not your fault Mudkee...) he said solemnly "Gardeee-voiiir-voiiir-gaaa-gaaardevoir-gardevoir..." (I shouldn't have snapped at you like that and it's I who should apologize...)

September 25th, 2005, 3:29 AM
Looks like the group's been hanging out with Jenny too much,caught her mood swings...
or maybe it really is Sill and Gen's fault.

Jenny started sketching a picture of Sill,this time squished under loads of Spindas,HUNGRY spindas.
Jenny managed a small smile before crushing up the paper and throwing it into the bin again.

Dew looked at the Gardevoir in the corner,feeling sad as well.He turned to Ruru who nodded back.
The Marshtomp held his breath as he walked up and sat beside Curly in the corner of the room,not wanting to say anything.Knowing that most probably,it wouldn't be the brightest thing at all.He just wanted to comfort the poor Gardevoir.

Jenny frowned at the moodiness of the room,

"What is going on here?"she suddenly spoke up.

"I thought that I was the only one who suffered from mood swings!"she said.

Yeah..trust Jenny to break the silence...Yibber be too impatient!!

September 25th, 2005, 3:31 AM
Nicole suddenly sat up straight and looked around... She must have been thinking of (you-know-who) Gen too much that was didn't realize that something was going around her... "What happened?" she asked Jenny...

Random Plushie
September 25th, 2005, 3:33 AM
Amy sighed, not recieving a reply from anyone. Well, that was okay.. Maybe they were all better off just thinking. The girl plopped back down on the bed, closing her eyes again.

Mudkee tilted her head at the Gardevoir's response.

"Marshtomp marsh.. Marsh marshtomp marsh." (It's okay, Curly.. You're still my friend.) Mudkee managed a smile before walking back towards Amy's bed.

In a swift motion, the Marshtomp had hopped onto the bed, where she sat down next to her Trainer. Then, much like everyone else, she went into a state of thought.

September 25th, 2005, 3:37 AM
"You know exactly what's happening,"Jenny snapped at Nicole,sitting up and putting her hands on her hips.

"Why're all of you so moody?Tomorrow's Nicole and Amy's Battle Tourney,and all you can think about are those two stupid people!"Jenny said,looking at Cid and Nicole.

"Wer'e supposed to be getting ready for it aren't we?That's what we told Sill and Gen!"

Ruru nodded at her trainer's words,happy that somebody was finally breaking the silence.

Jenny quickly picked up her sketchpad and started sketching,this time,really drawing outfits for her pokemon.

"I'm not the type of girl who tells lies!"she said,before realising the countless number she had told her friends.

"Atleast,not to my enemies anyway."she blushed.

And...Yibber must leave.
*sigh*study again no doubt.

Random Plushie
September 25th, 2005, 3:39 AM
OOC: Bye-bye, Yibber.. =3

Alter Ego
September 25th, 2005, 3:49 AM
Curly locked his eyes with Mudkee's, conveying a feeling of immense gratitude "Gardee-voir..." (Thank you...) he said to Mudkee "Gaar-dee-voir." (It means a lot to hear that.) He then realized the presence of the other Marshtomp, he wasn't doing anything, just sitting there and radiating a strong desire to comfort, Deunan seemed to have picked up on this as well, granted he did it in his own rather clumsy way, but the thought was the same. Touched by this display of empathy, Curly smiled as much as his current form would allow him. "Gaar-dee-voir, gardevoir..." (Thank you too Dew, and Deunan...) he said, his voice thick with emotion "Gaar-dee-voir-voiir-gardevoir." (I don't deserve such good friends.)

"Mightyeena..." (Nonsense...) Nightmare interjected briskly "Miii-ghtyy-eee-eena-mightyena. Mightyy-eeena..." (There always has to be some darkness if light is to have any meaning. If you don't mind me saying so...) he added, turning his attention elsewhere again.

Curly gave of yet another expression of gratitude at the Mightyena's way of expressing his support, rising up to his feet, his usual cheerfull self returned once more.

"Yeah, I'm in that tourney too and I don't like telling lies either." Cid said, getting up to his feet. "Don't know what came over me, but I won't let it happen again." he managed a small smile "Thanks for breaking the ice, Jenny." he said, before turning to the task at hand.

"So, Amy." he said, turning to the other girl "Should we begin planning our double battle startegies?"

Random Plushie
September 25th, 2005, 3:58 AM
OOC: Nya, blanked out. Me tired.


"Of course!" Amy exclaimed to Cid, sitting upright. "That would be very helpful for tomorrow, heh." Amy added.

Mudkee brightened at this. It was always fun to discuss strategies. If any sadness or any other related emotion still lingered within the Marshtomp, the words of the Trainers had definitely killed it.

"Marshtomp marsh marsh." (I say someone use Confuse Ray!) Mudkee kipped in excitement.

Alter Ego
September 25th, 2005, 4:08 AM
"Dun-spaa-sparce..." (I could yawn...) Deunan suggested, flicking his tail back and forth and listening intently to the strategy discussion. Curly chuckled but didn't comment.

"Alright then..." Cid said, going through their respective teams in his head in search of useful combinations "I've got Curly, Jaws, Deunan, Shiney, Nightmare, Happi, and Tempest. That's Psychic, Water, Normal, Dark/Flying, Dark, and Grass/Flying. And you've got Mudkee, Niana, Iron, Marionette, Mystery and Starburst. That's Water/Ground, Fire/Ground, Rock/Steel, two Ghosts and one Electric. We also can't put Shiney and Iron together, she'd be way too distracted. Let's see...Happi should make a good support, so we should pair up her with Niana or Mudkee since Earthquake won't affect her, same goes for Shiney. Tempest can redirect electricity to himself, so maybe we could pair him up Iron, he could cover up for his weakness against Water types too." the boy took a pause, realizing that he had been talking for quite some time "Any thoughts?" he asked Amy.

Random Plushie
September 25th, 2005, 4:15 AM
Amy blinked, thinking for a moment.

"Let's see.. Mystery's Levitate will totally cancel out Ground moves, so if we should find an opponent with overwhelming Ground types, we could pair Shiney and Mystey, which would take care of Shiney battling with Iron. Hmm.. Mudkee could cover Happi's weakness to Fire. Oh, but then Niana wouldn't be able to use Earthquake.." Amy trailed off into thought again.

"Marsh.. Marshtomp marsh.." (Yar.. So much fun.)

Alter Ego
September 25th, 2005, 4:26 AM
"Dun, sparce-dunspaarce-spaa-aarce." (Yup, beats em' Shampoo Arias any day.) Deunan agreed, grinning widely as he attempted to remember even half of what was being discussed.

"Good points." Cid agreed, nodding "If we run into any tough physical fighters I could also send in Nightmare to intimidate them a bit." the Mightyena grinned at the prospect from his spot on the bed, but felt too lazy to join into the discussion at the moment "Maybe we could put in Iron there since he has such high defences. Now then...as for Deunan, he's a tough fighter but he's a bit lacking in speed, maybe we could pair him up with Starburst? And Curly would do well with almost any tough physical support, he'd be another potential partner for Iron since he could cancel out the weakness against fighting moves."

Curly nodded, this was a good strategy in his opinion and he could certainly deal with any muscle-headed brutes.

"Well...that's about all the strategies I can think up at the moment." Cid concluded "I wish we had some clue about how those Fettucini brothers fight." he added passingly "They must have something playing to their favour if they've been able to rule the Double-Battle segment."

Random Plushie
September 25th, 2005, 4:33 AM
"Alright, I definitely think Curly and Iron would work out.. How about Happi and Mudkee, and Niana with Shiney? Deunan and Starburst seems great as well.. That would leave Jaws, Nightmare, and Tempest, to go with Mystery and Marionette.. Or at least two of them." Amy concluded.

Cid's comment about the Fettucini brothers put her thoughts into high gear as well.

"I don't think they attack straight-forward. They mess up their opponent, then attack. That's what I'm thinking." Amy commented.

"Marsh marshtomp marshtomp marshtomp?" (Are you sure that's the correct statement?) Mudkee asked, turning to Deunan.

Iron lifted to his feet, now becoming interested in the conversation. It was much more interesting than figuring out how to jump..

Alter Ego
September 25th, 2005, 4:44 AM
"Hmm...Jaws has always been something of a brawler." Cid confessed "So maybe it's best to leave him out of these battles, he might not have the discipline required for proper teamwork. As for Nightmare and Marionette..."

The Mightyena growled just a little.

"I don't think they will work well together. He seems to get along with Mystery though, so maybe those two could be put together? That would leave Tempest with Marionette, which means serious annoyance for our opponents."

Nightmare nodded in agreement at this, picturing the two people that annoyed him the most working in unison and shuddering just a bit.

"And I think you're right about the Fettucini brothers." he added at Amy's later comment "They called themselves magicians, right? And no doubt they will try to annoy their opponents with their tandem speech and arrogant manners as well. The only problem is that we don't have any idea about what pokmon they have or what way they will mess with us. They could try to make our pokmon hurt each other or themselves or they could try to weaken them through stat reduction or poisons and the like. Or maybe they will try to disable their moves or even put them to sleep or paralyze them, annoying is such a wide area of battling..."

"Dun...dun-sparce..." (Erm...I think it is...) Deunan replied a bit uncertainly to Mudkee's question. Again, he would have scratched his head if he had had the means to do so.

Random Plushie
September 25th, 2005, 4:49 AM
OOC: Lol.. That was funneh. XD


Mudkee tilted her head.

"Marshtomp? Marsh marsh marsh marshtomp marshtomp marsh." (Really? I've never heard of 'Shampoo Arias'.) Mudkee smiled weakly.

Iron observed, listening quietly as he took in information. He didn't really have anything to say, anyway.

Amy grinned.

"So, when we face the Fettucini brothers," Amy paused for a bit of an effect. "We should send out Tempest and Marionette first to annoy the heck out of them! A taste of their own medicine, know what I mean? That is, if my hunch is right." Amy grinned again.

Alter Ego
September 25th, 2005, 5:03 AM
And you know, that's a dang good suggestion Amy made, because Tempest is definitely part of the best duo against what the Fettucini brothers would start out with. A hint; Check the colours of their capes. They're two such classic Double Battle pokmon. ^.~


"Duun..." (Well...) Deunan said a bit defensively "Dun-spaa-dunsparce-duun-spaa." (I know it's something like that.)

Curly chuckled a bit louder but retained his non-interference policy.

Cid grinned at the thought as well "Yeah." he replied, picturing the brothers' reaction at the combined annoyance power of Tempest and Marionette "And I think you hit the nail on the head about the strategies." he added, "We'll see tommorrow of course, but I say we stick with these combinations. We'll beat those two..." he said "...I just know we will."

Random Plushie
September 25th, 2005, 5:11 AM
OOC: Oh yeah, go Plushie.. Go Plushie.. BOO-YIZZLE!!!

P & M. ;)


Amy nodded, her confidence swelling as she heard just how confident Cid sounded about the whole thing.

"Agreed. I know all our Pokemon have what it takes." Amy concluded, sighing, but this time out of renewed happiness.

Mudkee sweat-dropped at Deunan's response.

"Marshtomp.. Marsh marshtomp tomp." (Okay.. We should leave it at that.) Mudkee smiled weakly.

Random Plushie
September 25th, 2005, 5:25 AM

Me going to bed now, bye-bye! =3 *snoozeh*

Alter Ego
September 25th, 2005, 5:26 AM
OOC: Right & On ^.~


Deunan shrugged "Duun,dunspa-arce..." (Well, alright then...) he replied, still not understanding what Curly was chuckling about but more than happy to change subject all the same.

"Yeah..." Cid replied, feeling very positive about the world in general. Suddenly, he slapped himself slightly on the head. "Oh, how stupid of me!" he exclaimed rushing over to his backpack and digging out the poknav that he had bought in Hoenn a while back. It was one of the newest models and had cost him a bundle, but amidst all of the random widgets and doohickeys packed into it, there was something that would prove quite useful for them.

Cid hastily pressed some buttons on his Poknav until the desired window popped into view; the window handling the internet connection. "Now let's see..." Cid said, tapping in the adress with his left hand "A big event like the harmony festival would probably be sponsored by the International Trainers' Association." (OOC: Heh, just made it up. Hope that's alright. ^^) he scrolled through some pages of the text "General announcements...online souvenier-shop...a word from our sponsors...ah-hah! Here it is!" he cried out in triumph, beaming at the page entitled 'Battle Tournament Setup' and gesturing for Amy to come over. "Alright then..." he said "Our first opponents in the Double Battle segment are..."

OOC: Dramatic suspense. XD Maybe there will be someone Amy knows or maybe they're just random people. Your choice. Ohh...good night then. Maybe we'll sort out these things tommorrow or something. ^^

Random Plushie
September 25th, 2005, 5:27 AM
OOC: Augh, now I have to type up another IC. XD


Amy peered at the window in Cid's PokeNav, her eyes suddenly widening.

"Oh my gosh!" Amy exclaimed, pointing at one of the pictures. It was a picture of a boy who appeared to be around Cid's age. He had dark, almost chocolate brown eyes, and a mushroom haircut--his hair being a slightly lighter shade than his eyes.

"Cid, I-I know him! And his partner, too!" Amy exclaimed again, focusing on the second picture.

It was another boy, but he seemed about two years younger than Amy. The two Trainers were obviously twin brothers, having the exact same features.

"They're my neighbors!" Amy shouted again.

"Marsh, marshtomp tomp.." (Hey, let me see..) Mudkee said, standing on tip-toes, trying to see the pictures.

Alter Ego
September 25th, 2005, 5:40 AM
"Whoa...dja vu" Cid commented, examining their two opponents, they hadn't participated in the preliminary competitions though, so there wasn't any information on their teams.

"Duun-spa-rce!" (Wait for me!) Deunan exclaimed, slithering behind them and looking at the window as best he could. Curly joined in as well, probably out of polite interest. They and Amy know each other. I wonder... the psychic pokmon thought If this plays for or against us...

"So, did you know them well?" Cid asked curiously. "I mean, were you friends or something?"

Random Plushie
September 25th, 2005, 5:32 PM
"Yeah!" Amy chirped in reply to Cid's question.

Amy moved closer to Cid's Pokemon, pointing at the first picture of the older boy, then at the other picture as she spoke.

"His name is Aaron, and his name is Arthur." She said, her eyes glazing over as memories flooded her mind.

"We were.. Like best friends." Amy said, absent-mindedly remembering many happy moments from when she was younger. There was one moment that stuck out from all the others, though.

~Teh Flashback~

A small, young girl of almost seven years ran through the darkening streets of Verdanturf Town. The sunset was casting eerie shadows everywhere; even her flowing pigtails of light brown hair looked a bit menacing in shadow form. No people were walking about. That is, except for the three older kids chasing her--two boys and one girl.

Looking around frantically for any escape, the girl, Amy, turned into an alley, knowing that it would lead to a dead-end, but hopeful that she'd find a hiding spot. Unfortnately for her, there was nothing in the slightly littered alley except for a lone dumpster, shoved into one corner.

"Not on my life.." Amy whispered to herself as she neared the dead end. Turning around, she found the three older kids closing in on her menacingly. The tallest of the bunch--a boy by the name of Trevor, glared down at Amy, taking step forward. His short jet black hair was all messed up, courtesy of all the fights he had gotten into that day.

"Alright kid, the jig is up! Give us that cupcake NOW!" He snarled, clenching his fists. The other two kids followed up with a glare, crossing their arms.

Only now do we notice the chocolate cupcake in Amy's trembling hands.

"N-No! You go buy your own!" Amy shrieked, backing up a few steps.


Trevor was cut off as a young boy, his dark brown hair in a mushroom style, charged into him. The bully was sent flying towards the dumpster, which he was smashed into. As he cried out in pain, the boy who was obviously Aaron took Amy by the forearm and pulled her away from the alley, shouting a simple "Come on!"

The other two bullies were too shocked to do or say anything..

Amy remembered that day quite well, the very day that Aaron had saved her from that bully.. Arthur was stuck at their home doing chores.. Or something.. Maybe she didn't remember it quite as well as she thought. But she knew that flashback to be true.

"But anyway.. When we left Verdanturf to go our seperate ways, they both set out to train only one type of Pokemon each. Aaron said he wanted to train only Psychic types, and Arthur said he wanted to train only.. Water types, I think." Amy concluded.

Mudkee didn't say anything. She had no memories of these people except for when all three of them had gone to Prof. Birch's lab.

Iron chose to remain silent as well.

OOC: CharMz has a forum now! Click teh linky in my sig to go there! ^^

September 26th, 2005, 4:24 AM
Gah!!All leave Yibber in your RPing dust!!!So sad!!
*sniffles and runs up to join*

Jenny felt a hint of happines light up inside her as Cid thanked her for breaking the ice.

"At least I'm goo dfor something. "she sighed and returned to her moody state,sitting on the bed sketching on her pad,listening intently to Cid's and Amy's discussion.

"Marshtomp..marshtomp..marsh!"(Good luck when you battle!)Dew smiled at the surronding pokemon.

"Absol..absol..ab..absol."(They're battle's tomorrow,but yeah,good luck.)Nana reminded the Marshtomp.

Jenny opened her mouth a couple of times,wanting to give a suggestion or advice,but ended up closing it instead,not sure why no words seemed to come out.

"Best friends?"Jenny sat up as Amy talked about another new guy.She walked over to besid ethe girl and looked at Cid's pokenav.

"Wait a minute!"Jenny suddenly remembered something.

"In double battles,aren't you only supposed to bring in three of your pokemon?I mean,so that it balances out into a team of three?"

Meh wuz planning to write more,but me mom keeps hustling meh to study.
And....like...the prizes for winning the Tourney's were pokenav Titan.
XD.And are you all still gonna bring in six pokemon each?That's sorta bending the rules.Since it is supposed to be and Official Double Battle.

Alter Ego
September 26th, 2005, 4:43 AM
OOC: We're bringing six, but we can only use three each in every battle (Similar to whatcha-call-it...stadium mode. And come on, there's just got to be some other prize, if not then Cid could just forfeit his.)


Not good... Curly thought for himself, studying Amy's expression, She has strong feelings for those two, particularly Aaron, it might hold her back in combat. Cid was about to comment on Amy's silence as he noticed Jenny joining into the conversation.

"We are allowed to bring up to six each if we want." Cid replied "But we can only choose three each of them for each battle."

"Miighty-eeena-eena..." (Luck doesn't enter into it...) Nightmare replied at Nana's and Dew's comments, "...mii-ghtyyy-eena-mighty." (...but thanks all the same.) he concluded.

"Gardee, garde-voir." (Indeed, thank you.) Curly concured, smiling serenly again.

September 26th, 2005, 4:54 AM
OCC: What bout single battle? Six right?

Alter Ego
September 26th, 2005, 4:55 AM
OOC: As many as you can take, but again you can only use three at a time. This is to cut down on battle durations.

September 26th, 2005, 4:56 AM
OCC: Just nice.. Nicole only has three Pokemon.. ^^

Alter Ego
September 26th, 2005, 4:58 AM
OOC: Yeah, handy, isn't it? But why not post an IC? Unless Nicole is too busy daydreaming about Falk-*Cough* Gen. ^^

September 26th, 2005, 5:10 AM
OCC: *Cough...cough..* Koff.. Ahem.. Yesh.. Indeed..I'm thinking of Falk..I mean Gen..^^ But I still can post some IC...

IC: "Just do your best tomorrow.. We're not weak.. We won't lose.." Nicole holded up her Pokeballs.. She released her Pokemon to let them join the others .. "Gen will be there to see.. I mean root me on..." she smirked...

"Sne..sne..sne..(Yes Ma'am)" Sylvia saluted to her trainer..

"Eevevevvee..eev.evvee(Hope I'll evolve during the battle..)" Corrine hoped...

"Swa..bluuu(I must evolve!!!) Christy resolved as she flew towards the other trainers and their Pokemon..

OCC: Who's gonna start the battle first?

Alter Ego
September 26th, 2005, 5:38 AM
OOC: Well...I and Yibber (Hmm...didn't she tell you about it? Well she should have...) have got something planned for the end of the Double Battle tourney, so I guess that the Single Battle segment would come first.


"Gardevoir-voiir-gardee-voo-iir..." (Evolution isn't always for the best...) Curly warned the newly appeared pokmon as he listened to the conversation, still quite conscious of his outburst "Gar-deee-voooir-gar-gardeee-gardevoir." (All that power can be difficult to control.)

"Mi, mii-ghty-mightyeena..." (Oh, let them have their dreams...) Nightmare interjected from the bed "Mightyy-eeena-mii-mightyena..." (Maybe they'll stop squabbling...)

"Oh, finally joining the rest of us, Nicole?" Cid asked, smiling slightly as he noticed that the girl finally spoke up "Since you're in the Single Battle tourney too, why don't we take a look at your opposition?" he gestured for the girl to come over as he clicked his way to the setup for the Single Battles.

"Let's see if we have any big names there...Looks like there will be eight of us. Let's see...there's me against...Sill." he concluded, his expression showing that this was something he'd rather have avoided. "She sure can't expect me to root for her now, not that I would have anyway. Moving on...there's Amy and someone we don't know." he peered at the picture of a teenager with messy, jet black hair, dark blue eyes and pale skin who appeared to be wearing a shabby white overcoat and had a manic glint in his eyes. "Ray Blythe, pokmaniac apparently. He looks like a bit of a loon so there shouldn't be too much trouble. And in the third duo we have..." Cid briefly froze at the sight of the picture in front of him; the screen showed a boy of about the same age as Cid. He had black hair, although it looked a good bit more ordered than Ray's and was covered by a red baseball cap with a yellow pokball symbol on the front, and slightly tanned skin. The boy wasn't really all that bad looking over all, but he had a distinctly unpleasant expression of arogance on his face. Below the picture was his name, 'Cal Rosenbury'. Below the name, a small tag with the text 'Preliminary Champion' was located.

"Well I'll be buggered..." Cid muttered, taking a look at the statistics on his rival's preliminary challenge. Apparently the competition hadn't been very tough as he seemed to have cleaved through the entire challenge with only two pokmon; The Meganium, Giga, and the Ampharos, Electra. Cid still snickered at the sight of the nicknames, but he knew that Cal, arrogant though he was, was by all means an experienced trainer. His opponent didn't seem like she was going to have much of a chance as she was a trainer of Water types, Swimmer Lise. Cid shrugged and moved on to the last duo. "There's you Nicole, and your opponent is..."

OOC: Alright Flissie, I leave the last opponent up to you. ^^

September 26th, 2005, 5:52 AM
OCC: No problem.. I like meh new nickname Flissie better.. ^^


Nicole moved her finger down the list.. She spotted her own picture.. Her hair was a little messy in that picture and her smile was her fringe was totally covering one of her eye.."Isn't this horrible? I looked just like a one-eyed monster.. Gen better not see it!!! AHH!!!" she shrieked in her mind..

Nicole then moved her hand a little bit towards the left and spotted her opponent's picture.. The girl in the picture looked as if she was all ready to chop her opponent into a few zillion pieces and throw them into the pig sty as food for the pigs.. "Ew.. She looks really scary.. Wonder what's her name.." Nicole moved her finger downwards a little.. and spotted the girl's name.. "Kelly Jugson"...

OCC: I admit.. I can't think of names... And I guess I have to go.. Will sneak out later to play.. ^^ Cya later...

Alter Ego
September 26th, 2005, 6:17 AM
OOC: Wow, a nickname of mine actually considered good. ^^ And I think Jugson is spot on as names go actually. Really sounds like a kind of ruffian type. Well, see ya! ^^


"Yeah." Cid said, his mind still partially preoccupied with the issue of Cal as he peered at the picture of Nicole's first opponent. "Jugson, eh? She looks like a right nasty piece of work." the boy said, taking in the jutting jaw, hefty eyebrows, and overall grobianic features of the girl on the screen. These features were by no means toned down by her fierce expression, which gave her appearance a striking resemblance to that of a particularly vicious Vigoroth on Carbos. "She doesn't seem very smart though, I'm sure you'll have no problem in dealing with her, Nicole." Cid concluded, It's Cal we should be worried about... he added in his mind, his eyes once again travelling to the picture of the arrogant boy in the third setup.

Curly, who had been following his trainer's thoughts in silence this far decided that it was time to interject. Certainly, the others should know of Cid's rival, even though the boy did his best to hide any recognition from them? "Go on..." the Gardevoir sent out to Jenny, whom he considered the most likely person to make Cid talk, but soon extending the message to the others as a kind of afterthought, "Ask him about Cal..."

Random Plushie
September 26th, 2005, 8:30 PM
OOC: You evil person, putting Trevor in the tourney under a different name. Or at least I think you did, eh? XD

Oh well. Amy's lucky because he's a really in-experienced Trainer, but he thinks he's all that. XD

(A.k.a.... Trevor = More intimidating version of Wenston XD)


Amy remained silent as she stared at the picture of her Round 1 opponent. Dang.. He was really familiar.. But she had no recollection of ever meeting someone named Ray. Maybe she'd forgotten his name but remembered his face?

He looks a lot like that Trevor kid.. I hope he's nicer.. A slight shiver ran down the girl's mind, but soon vanished when another, foreign thought entered her mind.

Go on.. Ask him about Cal... Amy blinked to herself.

What? Her own mind processed Curly's thought again. Amy mentally shrugged. It was tempting anyway.

"Cid.." Amy began. "Do you know anything about your opponent? Just asking, since I happened to know our first Double Battle match-up, eh?" Amy continued, thinking up what she thought was a reasonable excuse for asking such a random question.

Mudkee sighed. The conversation had switched subjects, no longer focusing on strategies.

"Marsh marsh marsh marshtomp." (Thanks for all the good wishes.) Mudkee beamed at the surrounding Pokemon, her confidence swelling. She could not wait for the next day to come.

Iron remained silent. He was now thinking about jumping again..

OOC: Hmm.. I wonder..

Will Sill and Gen explode at the end of the Double Battle segment, after seeing their respective crushes battle with someone else like that? XD

September 27th, 2005, 4:18 AM
OOc-Let as all hope so,SILL MUST DIE!!!!!GAH!!!!!!!!!

And you know what?Yibber got banned from the comp.
No,she's not sneaking out to play now,rather meh mom snapped this morning.Saying that I could play on weekends,snapping even more saying that I could play today,but only for 15 min. so me be keeping me posts short.Yea..its must be Yibber's charm.XD
Yibber's Finals are well on their way..like NEXT WEEK!!!!!AH!!!!!!!!So don't leave Yibber in your dust!

"Ask nhm?"Jenny was puzzled by the Gardevoir's words,well Cid did seem a bit more off than usual when he saw Cal's picture.

When Cid didn't reply to Amy's question,Jenny suddenly had a huge burst of emotions again.

"Bet that you know Cal right?You're scared of him aren't you?"Jenny started,wagging her finger at the boy.

"Come on..everyone knows that you could beat that guy easy.Right?"she smacked Cid hard on the back before turning to the two girls.

"You've gotta have confidence,if you don't..then what're your pokemon gonna do?I mean,don't you know that pokemon react to the way their trainers do?If you're scared then,it'll totally affect your battle."Jenny continued.

She sighed and landed on her bed,facing the ceiling again.

"With us to cheer you on,what've you got to lose?"she said,finally ending yet another lecture,huffing and lieing on the bed,tired.

"Marshtomp!"(Yeah,what she said!)Dew kipped.

Alter Ego
September 27th, 2005, 4:46 AM
OOC: Erm, Ray Blythe is actually a heinous pokmaniac I created for the Project PS RP, but heck, no-one said that his real name wasn't Trevor now, did they? XD

Oh, and Yibber, sorry to hear that your freedom is being restricted like that. On the plus side, it will be over pretty soon, right?


"I'm not afraid of Cal!" Cid protested, shaking his head "And to answer your question Amy, yes, of course I know who Sill is, we just met a while back, didn't we? But I suppose you're referring to Cal as well..." he gave small sigh "Well yes, I do know Cal. We used to live in the same neighbourhood. We were really the only kids about at the time so I guess you could have called us friends of a sort. Although in retrospect, we were always more like rivals ganging up out of habit rather than actual friendship. Cal was always trying to outshine me, the jerk...and we had completely different views on many things, particularly pokmon..." he absent-mindedly stroked Nightmare's furr a bit "As you probably know, I like to think of my pokmon as friends, as equals. But to Cal..." he frowned in contempt "...to Cal they are nothing but tools, prized possessions. He keeps them in good condition certainly, but he doesn't love them." Cid took a brief pause "It was obvious from the very moment we both got our first pokmon from proffessor Elm; he went for the Chikorita. Not because he cared for it more personality-wise but out of the simple fact that it held a type advantage over Jaws. Anyway..." he continued "We both went our ways, although he always made a point of trying to upstage me whenever we met. With...more or less favourable results for him." the boy grinned mischievously for a while before turning his expression serious again "His pokmon are powerful though." he said "He did make his way through the entire preliminary tournament with only two pokmon without suffering a single KO, that's why I'm worried, not for my sake, I've faced him so many times that I know his tricks...but he might be a problem for you Nicole." he pointed at the schematic "Because he'd be your second opponent. That Swimmer doesn't stand a chance."

September 27th, 2005, 5:17 AM
OCC: Meh suddenly realised something.. Cid got his Totodile from prof. Elm.. Jenny/Amy's Mudkip from Prof. Birch.. Then what bout Nicole...? Eevee from Bill?

IC: Nicole stared at Cid.. What did he mean by I'll have a problem? "What do you mean? His Chikorita doesn't have an advantage over any of my Pokemon... does it?" she asked.. feeling surprised.. She then continued.."Since you know all his tricks and tactics... Give me some tips... Will you?"

Meanwhile, Corrine shuddered upon hearing that Cal actually got through the prelimanary rounds.. in the past with only two of his Pokemon without suffering a single K.O.. "Evveee..eveveee(I'm getting a little worried..)" she told Sylvia and Christy.. As usual.. the Sneasal will start teasing and mocking the Eevee... "Sne..sne...sal..(Ha.. you scary-cat..)" Sylvia mocked..

Christy just watched them quarrel.. She couldn't do anything to stop them.. could she? She just thought silently to herself.."Swa..blu.blu..swa..bluuuuu...swa..(I wish Cal wouldn't be that hard to beat..)". She turned back to look at Corrine and Sylvia.. They were pounding onto and scratching each other..

Alter Ego
September 27th, 2005, 5:36 AM
OOC: Maybe she just adopted it or something? o_O RPers choice I call it, I had Cid mention that he was doing research for Elm so it seemed logical that that would be where he would have got his starter. Oh, and as an aside; None of Cal's pokmon were KOed in the preliminaries. He made a few switches between Giga and Electra but neither one of them ever lost a battle. Yup, he's that tough, either that or his opponents were that weak. ^^


"Mi, mii-ghtyy..." (Oh, not again...) Nightmare growled in frustration, doing his best to ignore the sound of Sylvia's and Corrine's squabbling.

"Well..." Cid said "It's not like Giga, she's a Meganium now by the way, is the only pokmon you'll be fighting. We know that he's at least got his Ampharos, Electra, along as well and I know from experience that both of them are ruthlessly strong." he took a thoughtful pause "He had a Steelix when I fought him last time in Hoenn. I'm not sure if he kept it, but if he did then that could be serious trouble for you. And please, whatever you do don't underestimate Cal, no matter how pompous or arrogant he acts." there was a look of dead seriousness in Cid's eyes "He was Johto league champion until I took him down, and he's got the skills to prove it. As for strategies...that guy loves diversionary tactics. He will pretend to fool around with innefective moves, he might even put in a pokmon with type disadvantage, but drop your guard down even for a second during such a moment and he'll be all over you like a bad itch." he took a slight pause "His biggest weakness is that he's forced his pokmon to evolve as fast as possible and that he considers them only tools. They are obedient, but they won't fight for him with the same fervor as true friends would. You might also beat them with your pokmon's agility since he favours bulky types. There are countless tiny things that he likes to do to manipulate the odds in his favour..." he added with a sigh "But it wouldn't do you any good if I listed them up since there are way too many to memorize and I'd rather make sure that you remember the essential things. I'll try to give you some advice from the sidelines if I can."

September 27th, 2005, 5:47 AM
"O.. Yup.. None of my Pokemon seems to have an advantage over his Pokemon either.." Nicole sighed.. She knew the battle with Cal will definitely be a tough one.. "But I'll do my best.. I'll worry about the Kelly Jugson first.." she said recalling the evil look on the girl... Deep inside, she was really afraid that she might lose to Kelly in the first round.. It wouldn't be very encouraging..

"Eveee.e.veve..(AH!! He's that powerful? O.. we're losing.. losing.. Yeah.. losing)" Corrine sang.. Sylvia burst into laughter.."Sne..sne..sne(You sang off chord..)" she laughed.. Corrine glared at Sylvia.. Christy watched them at a side.. "Swa..blu..blu(Not again..)" as she predicted another fight to start again..

Random Plushie
September 27th, 2005, 8:53 PM
OOC: WTH!? STEELIX? That's not fair, we started with pretty much newer Pokemon (since all four of us have beaten Leagues, eh?) in Alphimega, and yet he still has those guys? SAVE US, ALTER!!!! XD

Ooh, Niana would give that Steelix a beating, yes she would. XP

Unless that Steelix has Earthquake, just like every other Steelix I've ever faced. XD


You know my GBA Camerupt, Magma? I got mixed up and called her Niana in a conversation with a friend, once. XD


"Uh, yeah, I meant Cal, yes I did." Amy said, sweat-dropping at Cid's first statement. After that, she pretty much listened to whatever Cid said.

"He sounds like the type of guy who has Pokemon with high Attack.. And low Speed.. So, a Will-O-Wisp from Marionette would basically cripple his bulkiness? Gah, he sounds like a meanie." At this point, Amy paused to make a face. "But who cares? I know my Pokemon will try their hardest." The girl reached down, patting Mudkee on the head, then Iron.

Mudkee beamed at this point.

"Marshtomp marsh-marsh!" (Of course we will!) She exclaimed, clapping her fins together. "Marshtomp marsh marsh marshtomp?" (What's the point of battling if we don't try hard?)

Iron nodded along with Mudkee's words, although he chose not to add anything else.

Amy smiled. "See? Even if we lose, I'll know that we gave it our all!"

Alter Ego
September 28th, 2005, 6:09 AM
OOC: Now Plushie, who ever said that Cal plays fair? But don't worry, I'll make it an, almost, fair fight. XD Methinks Nicole will surprise us all...


"Yeah, a real meanie indeed." Cid said, chuckling slightly, " A Will-O-Wisp might slow down his Steelix..." he added "But it won't do much good against Giga or Electra since they're both special attackers and even if it was burned that Steelix would still have plenty of fight in it, I think not getting hit to begin with is the way to go." he looked at the schematic again "Oh, and the only way you'd get to face him would be if both of you made it to the finals." he added thoughtfully "Which would only be possible if he beat Nicole, which I am confident he won't, and if you beat me. Speaking of which...I guess we'll end up fighting each other, Amy." he added, "I'm sure I don't need to tell you this, but let's both give it our best shot, alright?"

Random Plushie
September 28th, 2005, 6:12 AM
Amy nodded at Cid's words, giving a small smile.

"Okay. I won't back down, and I hope you won't, either." She said, beaming.

After a while she spoke up again.

"Do you think Starburst's Light Screen will help much?"

Alter Ego
September 28th, 2005, 6:21 AM
"I'll do my best." Cid said, smiling in return "I owe it to both you and my pokmon to put up a real fight. You know..." he added "I think I'll be looking forward to this, it's going to be one of my most challenging battles yet." his eyes shone with happiness over that thought "And I'll be sure to enjoy it to it's fullest."

"Gar-deee..." (You know...) Curly commented, listening to his trainer's words "Gaar-dee-voir-voooir-gardevoir-voooir." (It's almost scary how much alike Cid and Jaws can be at times.)

"Dun-spa!" (Oh yes!) Deunan chimed in "Dun-dunsparce-spaarce-dunsparce! Duun-sparce, spaaarce-dun-duuun-spaa-sparce-dun-duuun-dunsparce!" (Our enemies will be scared indeed! And that they should, with great warriors like Jaws and Cid facing them!)

"Gardee, voiir-gar-gardee..." (Deunan, that's not what I...) Curly began but then thought the better of it and didn't finish his sentence.

"Depends on the situation." Cid replied to Amy "Are you asking me for advice on how to fight me?" he asked jokingly "But yes, I think Starburst's Light Screen could definitely help you at some point."

Random Plushie
September 29th, 2005, 8:48 PM
"Actually, I meant if I battle Cal, but thanks." Amy said, chuckling a bit.

At Curly's first statement, Mudkee replied after Deunan.

"Marshtomp.. Marsh marshtomp marshtomp marsh." (Really.. But I'd be more afraid of Jaws than Cid.) Mudkee stated, remembering the most likely reason that Jaws got his name.

Iron nodded.

"Lairon, lairon lairon lair." (Yep, though it's still scary.)

Edit: OY! What's with the inactivity? ;____;

You're making me sad. XD Oops, I mean ;_______;

Alter Ego
September 30th, 2005, 1:55 AM
OOC: Meh, I was kind of thinking about waiting for Flissie and Yibber. Flissie bes sick ya' know and Yibber has the weekday computer ban. We should be up and posting tommorow. ^^

September 30th, 2005, 4:06 AM
HEY ALL!!!!!!!!!!!
(forgive Yibber...she ish just more hyper to the fact tha she can type out enlarged lettering and see her good buddies again.)Aw..yibber missed you guys...her life ish so empty with the computer radiation to comfort her after her grueling day of studying.

Yea!!!!Yibber charmed her mom wid her cuteness again!
One day early people!!Rejoice!!*hack*
But Yibber seems to have come down with the coughs and the hacks again...ah..gotta..keep...healthy..exam...next...week..*dies*

And meh gots meh feebas loh!!!!YEA!!!!
He will be ruling the Earth as it's Queen he will!

Cal doesn't scare me!!Come on!!Bring him on!!Yeah!Jenny could beat him(well...maybe barely,I say that if Nicole can win a battle against cal,why can't jenny.Unless nicole has some sort of dumb luck charm thingy)...too bad she doesn't want to.

Jenny had started sewing on the bed,the first few moments listening to Cid on Cal.But...it wasn't long before her mind wandered.

"Marshtomp...marsh!!"(Cal doesn't scare me bring him on!!)Dew started rolling up his fins and jabbing the air.

"Tran!"(Yeah!)Coco nodded vigouriously,he started bending close to the groung and snapped his jaws.

Ruru sighed and folded her arms as the Marshtomp and Tranpich continued making faces at one another.

"Absol..absol..ab."(We aren't even gonna fight him.)Nana reminded the two,who seemed too absorbed in whipping their paws and fins to answer.

"Uh..my head...Slythe....Dad..."Jenny rubbed her head before returning to her previous task.

The girl turned her head to the clock on her nightstand.It was nearing 11.

"Look guys..I know Cal's a big thing right now..and I don't want to be fussy,but the three of you need to get sleep for tomorrow.In bed,now."Jenny suddenly spoke to the three trainers.

"Ow.."Jenny pricked her finger while sewing.Reminding herself why see was wearing fingerless gloves in the first place.

Alter Ego
September 30th, 2005, 4:37 AM
OOC: Hiiii Yibber!!! XD XD XD
Missed you. ^^ Oh, and I've thought up loads of plottiness just now. Will send it to ya' by e-mail so as not to clog the thread but I am making Cal a bit more human and explaining Cid's incredible protectiveness of Jenny. That is, why he's sooooo much more protective of her than everyone else. Nope, it's not just because he has a crush...ooooh, I wish I could write it out loud here! I'm brilliant! KeKeKeeee! XD And I've sorted out two lovely final members for Cid's team (You did catch the part about Deunan leaving, right?) who will hopefully be quite interesting story-wise.


"Mii-ghty-mightyyy-eena-mightyena-ena." (It's not like any of us are afraid of that twerp.) Nightmare interjected at Coco's and Dew's comments "Mii-ghty-mightyena-mighty-eeena-ena-mightyena." (But it's not like most of us will have a chance to face him either.)

Cid turned around at Jenny's statement, taking a look at the clock himself as well. While the boy wasn't really feeling all that tired he didn't feel like arguing for some reason...not with Jenny. No, it couldn't be that simple, could it? Nah, he must just have been tired after all. "Alright, I guess..." he said, stretching his arms to the sides a bit "It will be a big day tommorow after all. But Jenny..." he added, noticing that the girl pricked herself "We've got to deal with that wound first. Wouldn't want you to bleed to death while we sleep or anything." although it was an obviously purposeful exaggeration it was clear that Cid was serious about the 'wound' part "Hang on, this will only take a second." Cid cut of a small piece of bandage from a large roll he carried with him and wrapped it tightly, although not too much so, around Jenny's finger without waiting for protests.

Random Plushie
September 30th, 2005, 8:59 PM
OOC: Oh, sowwy, I didn't know about Yibber and Flissie's predicament. Forgive thy Plushie. ^^

HI YIBBER!!! I missed ya, too. XD

I hope we don't have the same final characters in mind, for I have had my mind set on my final two for a while now. It would like totally throw me off, but I would just switch anyways. XD

The only reason I say that is because you chose the same Poke as me once. But that doesn't really make sense. Oh well. XD


Mudkee nodded at Nightmare's comment.

"Marshtomp marshtomp marsh, mar-marshtomp marshtomp marsh." (He sounds really mean, but I learned the hard way to never underestimate any opponent.) She stated. Of course, she was referring to an experience she had had long before she had even met Amy...

~Teh Flashba--

Nah, no time for a flashback.. Mudkee thought to herself, returning to the present.

Iron didn't really say anything, shrugging before lowering his head and closing his eyes, drifting slowly off to sleep.

At Jenny's comment, Amy also turned towards the clock. Yeesh, she normally wouldn't stay up this late, but these kinds of discussions could keep one's mind alert and restless. But as she thought about sleep, it occured to her how tired she really was.

"Sounds good." Amy stated, watching as Cid bandaged the other girl's finger.

"Well, good night, everyone." Amy said, removing her fanny pack at last, placing it on the nightstand.

Alter Ego
September 30th, 2005, 11:40 PM
OOC: Well Plushie, as long as you weren't thinking of Duskull or Stantler then we're cool. ^^ I have big things planned for those two. Now to wait for Yibber's response, Alter wants to RP battle.

Random Plushie
September 30th, 2005, 11:48 PM
OOC: Plushie wants ta RP battle, too. XD

And yup, we're all good.. I wasn't thinking of those two Pokemon. ^^

C'mon, Yibber, finish studying! XD

October 1st, 2005, 12:13 AM
HEY ALL!!!!!!!!
Would lurve to continue,but so sad..Yibber has Science tuition in like..ten minutes,will be back in 1 1/2h though.

Oh,bleed to death?Cid's exagarration be cute XD.

"Fine.."Jenny let the boy bandage her finger.

"Bleed to death?"Jenny giggled at the boy's words.

"Marshtomp..tomp!"(Dibs on the pillow!)Dew jumped onto the fifth bed and hugged the pillow tightly.

"Absol.."(Whatever.)Nana yawned and lied on the floor beside Jenny's bed in a comfortable sleeping position.

"Tranpich...ranpich..tran!"(Good night,don't let the Ledyba bite!)Coco chortled as he sat beside Nana on the floor.

"Mimi..mi."(Ledybas don't bite)Mimi corrected Coco.

"Marshtomp!"(They chew!)Dew said,causing the rest to stare.

"Good night."Jenny yawned and wiated for the rest to get into bed before offing the lights.

Jenny pretended to sleep at first,and waited till she was sure everyone was asleep before resuming her sewing beside the lamp on her nightstand.

The girl worked for the first few hours,before catching some sleep herself,and woke up again in the early morning to finish the last few touches.

"SHEEELLLLDER!!!!!!!!!!"a huge call came from downstairs,which freaked the girl out,she landed on the floor with a huge 'bang!'.

Ye all may play with what happens to the Shellder...maybe the rabbish old man found something.*piffle*Yibber's tuition teacher will be here any minute*looks around*

Random Plushie
October 1st, 2005, 12:26 AM
OOC: Hey Alter.. Ignore my PM, I can post again! XD


Amy awoke with a start as Jenny crashed onto the floor. Rubbing at her eyes, the girl blinked a couple of times before the events of the night before came back to her.. And also what was happening at the present moment.

"Oh! Oh, Jenny, are you okay?" Amy asked, leaping off of the bed. As she did so, she moved Mudkee from her position on the bed by accident, causing the Marshtomp to stir and awaken.

"Marsh.. Marsh.." (Gawd.. Noise..) Mudkee grumbled, rubbing at her eyes as well.

Alter Ego
October 1st, 2005, 12:36 AM
OOC: HIIII YIBBER! Back in 1 1/2 hour? Okay, I'll amuse myself somehow until then. But once you're back...Saturday posting spree! XD XD XD Well, at least it's Saturday for me. ^^


"Well, all done." Cid said as he had finished the bandaging, good night everyone!" the boy laid down onto his bed, soon drifting of into sleep.

"Mii-mighty-eeena?" (Who needs a bed?) Nightmare asked, curling up on the floor by the foot of Cid's bed. He was used to sleeping on hard surfaces and this certainly beat the cold metallic floors that he had to put up with while working for Team Viper.

Curly gave Dew a quizzical look at the Marshtomp's last comment "Gar...devoir." (Erm...quite.) he said after a pause "Gaar-deee-gardevoir." (Good night everyone.)


"Huh? Wha-?!" Cid stumbled out of bed as the noise from downstairs reached them, fairly quickly regaining his bearings and rushing over to help Jenny back onto her feet and making sure that she hadn't recieved any serious injury.

"Mighty-eeena..." (Crazy Shellder...) Nightmare muttered grouchily, rising up from his sleeping position and stretching his joints a bit.

"Gar-deevoir-voiir-gardee-voiir." (It sounds pretty serious though.) Curly commented, rising from his trance and levitating up into a movement position in his now naturally gracefull manner.

"Wonder what that was all about?" Cid thought out loud "Maybe we should go take a look."

Random Plushie
October 1st, 2005, 12:38 AM
OOC: Nya, edited it into my post before you were done. XD

Alter Ego
October 1st, 2005, 12:42 AM
OOC: Alright, morning talk up and running. ^^

Random Plushie
October 1st, 2005, 12:49 AM
"Marsh, marshtomp.. Marshtomp marshtomp tomp.." (Oh, okay.. Just to see what motivated him to wake me up..) Mudkee mumbled, leaping off of the bed and heading towards the door.

At this point, all the noise had now gotten to Iron, who was just now waking up.

"Lair, lairon lairon lair." (Yeesh, put me back in the ball..) Iron pleaded, groggily stumbling over to Amy, nudging her leg softly.

Amy was briefly distracted from the other Trainers as she took the Lairon's hint, reaching for her fanny pack, then clipping it on. Once that was done, she grabbed Iron's Great Ball, returning the metal Pokemon in a flash of red light.

"Okay, then." Amy said, her eyes following Mudkee as the Marshtomp waddled out the door.

"We should go downstairs and see what's up." Amy stated, walking towards the door, rubbing her eyes one last time.

Alter Ego
October 1st, 2005, 1:05 AM
OOC: Any ideas for what Shell is shouting about? Meh head feels so very empty at the moment...-_-

Random Plushie
October 1st, 2005, 1:11 AM
OOC: To put it bluntly, a football game. XD

His shout woke us up in time for the tourney, though, or something. XD

Alter Ego
October 1st, 2005, 1:17 AM
OOC: Heh, I like it. ^^ Oh, and I've got a name for the team.


"Alright..." Cid said, following Amy down to the lobby, Curly and Nightmare coming along as well. As they reached the last flight of stairs, another loud yell from the Shellder became audible.


Nearing the counter, Cid realized just what this was about. Both Shell and the hotel owner were sitting in front of an old, slightly battered, TV, immersed in nothing more unusual than a game of football.

"What's the big idea shouting like that?" Cid enquired grumpily, watching the flicker of the TV screen with passing interest.

Random Plushie
October 1st, 2005, 1:23 AM
OOC: Oh shootses. XD


Amy blinked, staring at the T.V. for a while before breaking away from her trance.

"Hey, we're right on time for the tourney, aren't we?" She commented, looking at an old clock on the wall. Indeed, the tourney was to begin in roughly forty minutes from the current time.

"C'mon, let's go, shall we?" Amy asked.

Mudkee put her flippers on her hips, glaring at Shellder. She looked just about ready to attack when Amy pulled her away, noticing the look on Mudkee's face.

Alter Ego
October 1st, 2005, 1:28 AM
The old man and his Shellder were apparently too immersed in the game to pay any attention to the youths gathered in the lobby and Cid gave up on any further attempts to make contact with them. At Amy's comment he looked up and found that the girl was indeed quite correct.

"Alright, let's go then." he said, gesturing for his pokmon to follow although he still wished that they would have had time to eat breakfast first.

"Mightyyy..." (Pathetic...) Nightmare muttered at the sight of the old man and his Shellder before beginning to walk towards the exit.

"Gaar-deee-voir..." (It is quite sad...) Curly concured, levitating by his trainer.

Random Plushie
October 1st, 2005, 1:32 AM
"Marshtomp marshtomp marsh marshtomp marsh!" (Your days are numbered, you oyster!) Mudkee growled, still angered over her abrupt awakening. Calming down just a little bit, the Marshtomp walked out of the hotel, still fuming, however.

Following Mudkee was Amy, who jogged just a little to catch up with the others.

"Well, it's finally come.. Good luck, again, Cid." Amy beamed, finding nothing more to say than that.

Alter Ego
October 1st, 2005, 1:49 AM
"Likewise..." Cid replied as they reached the Single Battle arena, a large square-shaped area with rows upon rows of seats lined up in all directions. The center was a large square of grass, divided into four smaller quadrants, each carefully outlined and split into two equally sized sides with a straight line in the middle. At the very center of each arena a semi-circle had been drawn one both sides of the middle line, creating a pokball symbol in the middle. All of these markings were, apparently, made with white chalk.

As the trainers were directed to their respective arenas, Cid caught a glimpse of the VIP seats, located at a point from which one could get a clear view of all four arenas and noticed a composed young man with light-blue, nearly white, hair that had a few grey stripes in it, who seemed to be looking directly at him for a moment. He was wearing a black trench coat and his eyes had a distinctly cold quality to them. Next to him, an equally cold looking Umbreon was standing guard. The person in question gave no indication of having stared at Cid however as he calmly turned his gaze elsewhere, but Cid couldn't help the feeling that the guy wasn't really all the interested in most of the people gathered.

The cheering of the crowd soon forced Cid's attention elsewhere however, as he assumed his place in the arena. He was in the first quarter so it seemed fair to assume that his battle against Sill would be held first. "Well..." Cid said for himself, taking a deep breath "...here goes."

Random Plushie
October 1st, 2005, 1:59 AM
Amy took a deep breath as she directed herself to her assigned arena. Her battle would take place after Cid's, so she could only stand and wait. At least her opponent wasn't there yet.. The guy's picture looked really intimidating.

"Mudkee, we have to give it our all today.." Amy whispered to her Marshtomp, who gazed up at her Trainer happily, nodding vigorously.

"But first, we have to hope for Cid."

October 1st, 2005, 2:12 AM
Yibber wuz like pratically chasing her tutor out of the house!

"Good luck to both of you!!"Jenny smiled to the two trainers.Before remembering what she had been doing the night before.From her bag,Jenny took out little pokemon-sized vests.

"Here,"she placed a small vest on Ruru which had the name 'Cid' sown on it,and a sweater on Dew which had the name 'Amy' on it.
She gave a small flag which she had bought somewhere in the market last night to Mimi.Nana wore a vest which had Cid's and Amy's pokemon's name sewn on,and Coco wore the last vest with Nicole's name sewn on.

"Your cheering squad!"Jenny smiled,taking out pom-poms of her own, hoping that the boy and girls would be pleased since she had spent half the night making the attire.

"Go and follow Amy."Jenny pushed Dew and Nana to follow the girl who had started to walk off.

"Remember,smile!!"Jenny waved to her pokemon.

"I'm coming with you,can't wait to see the look on Sill's face when you beat her..it'll be sweet!"

Alter Ego
October 1st, 2005, 2:19 AM
"Thanks." Cid said, smiling. What else could he do? Noticing Jenny's obvious enthusiaism and the hard work she had put in it would have been downright cruel to react in any other way. At the same time, knowing that Amy for one was not the type that liked to be the center of attention, he hoped that their cheering wouldn't throw him or his friends of the battle. But despite all that, Cid still had to admit that he was deeply touched by the sentiment behind Jenny's actions.

Nightmare grimaced slightly, although his blackglasses kept his full sentiments quite well hidden. That girl was a loon, but at least she was a well meaning one.

"Gardee..." (That's...) Curly commented, blushing slightly in his usual modest manner "Gaar-dee...gar-dee-vooir-voir-gaar-de..." (Thank you...but you really didn't have to...)

Random Plushie
October 1st, 2005, 2:19 AM
OOC: OMG, that is so kawaii! XD


Amy turned towards Cid's battlefield, wondering when his battle would start--when she spotted Dew and Nana. Her jaw basically dropped as she saw what was written on their attire, as well as the pom-poms they seemed to be carrying with them.

"Oh.. Jenny.. You shouldn't have." Amy whispered, beaming at the approaching Pokemon.

Mudkee's jaw dropped as well. The Marshtomp was pretty much speechless.

Alter Ego
October 1st, 2005, 2:39 AM
OOC: Indeed it is. XD But Yibber, what's with the hold-up? Post already.

October 1st, 2005, 2:41 AM
Just had dinner..and Yibber's got that unusaully strange bloated feeling again.

Okay..Nightmare's "loon" talk had better be just for fun..if not...well...lets just say that Nana might have a new Mightyena pelt to wear to her next cool contest eh?Alright..just kidding..(Come to think of it...Mightyena's fur are supposed to be pretty shiney...uh...not that I would want to take it or anything...*turns back and takes out paper and starts thinking of crude plan to take Nightmare's pelt*)


"Marstopm..marshtomp.Marsh!"(Go Amy,Go Mudkee.Go!)Dew started jumping after each step on the ground,waving his fins in the air.Loving the looks her saw on the girls's faces.

"Absol."(Hooray.)Nana walked beside the girl,and urged her to continue walking,lest she be late for her battle.

"Good luck Nicole!!"Jenny wished the otherl trainer luck as well,and pushed Coco towards her.

"Tran!"(Go!)Coco smiled at Nicole and waved his paw.

"Well..?"Jenny eyed the remaining boy.

"Calling Cid Woodland,please proceed to Arena 1."the annoucer's voice boomed over the system.

"Lets get going!"she pushed the boy into the arena,Mimi and Ruru running to catch up.

"Mimi..mimi..mimi?"(She missed pratically a night's sleep,where does she get the energy from?)Mimi asked,jumping into the Kirlia's arms.

"Kirlia..kirlia!"(From her friends of course!)Ruru was just as hyper as her trainer,ready to cheer Cid on.

Random Plushie
October 1st, 2005, 2:42 AM
OOC: Weren't we already in the arena? XD

October 1st, 2005, 2:42 AM
The hold up wuz DINNER!!
Gah,I need to eat too ya know?!
And yessh...Plushie understands she does meh was typing for quite a while...*sniffle*if only there were others like her.
*shoots Titan with death-stare*

Alter Ego
October 1st, 2005, 2:46 AM
OOC: Hey, Nightmare didn't say anything. XD You keep your hands of my precious Mightyena or I'll be having barbecued Feebas for dinner today. Now, isn't it about time for Sill to make an entrance so that we can get this battle started?


"Alright." Cid said, assuming his place by the arena, Nightmare and Curly coming up on both sides of him. Meanwhile in the audience, Nicoli watched the proceedings with a hint of amusement. For being one of the chosen this girl certainly was...what was the word now? Eccentric. This would be interesting.

"And in the other corner we have Cid Woodland's opponent!" boomed the announcer "Give a warm welcome to the stunningly gorgeous lass Sill!"

Cid groaned, this particular announcer seemed to be quite partial.

Random Plushie
October 1st, 2005, 2:50 AM
OOC: *claps for pure funniness* XD


Amy watched from her arena as the battle between Cid and Sill began. She could tell this was going to be interesting.. It was just one of those feelings.

"Marshtomp.." (Yay Cid..) Mudkee exclaimed, breaking out of her state of speechlessness.

OOC: The shortness of this post must die. <_<

If the arenas are completely seperate, then she's watching from a screen or something. XD

October 1st, 2005, 2:54 AM
Oh..barbecued Feebas...Yibber's trembling..ohno...I'm scared...*pretends to die*

Gah!Bad news people....
Meh mom says tha this be the last time Yibber can use the comp. till her Finals end..which ish like...next,next Tuesday!!GAH!!!*dies*
How shall Yibber survive...who will she go to annoy?When can she enlarge her lettering again...*sniffle*
(Oh..but Yibber has a feeling that her mom might snap,so all just sit and hope.)

"Hey..hey!Hey..!"Sill waved to the audience,who had probably thought that she looked appealing for some reason.Jenny couldn't bear to think.

"Well Cid..looks like its between you and me..Now,just because you're cute,doesn't mean that I've to go easy on you right?So this lass what you've got!"Sill eyed Cid with the same strange glint in her eye.

"Go!Spinner!"Sill shouted,realising the smae Spinda they had seen the night before.

"I've borrowed him from Gen,what pokemon you gonna use?That cute Mightyena?"Sill pointed to Nightmare.


"Marshtomp..marsh!"(Go Amy!)Dew shouted,waving his pom-poms the best he could.Nana stood beside him howling as well.

"Absol..absol..ab."(Wait..the battle's not yet started.)Nana ceased her howling and waited for Amy.

"Marshtomp..marsh!"(Go Cid!)Dew turned round to the huge screen and cheered.

Random Plushie
October 1st, 2005, 2:57 AM
OOC: Nooooooo! We need ya, Yibber!!! XD

*waits for appropriate time to post*

Alter Ego
October 1st, 2005, 3:01 AM
OOC: Mimi would have to discuss that with meh Ludicolo she would. >=-D
But seriously, I'd never hurt a Feebas unless it was in self-defence. And yes, here's hoping that your mother will cave in to the old Yibber charm. ^^


"Oh, not quite." Cid replied, even though he could tell that Nightmare was certainly more than eager to enter the fray. The boy reached for one of the pokballs on his belt and enlargened it. "Go Tempest!"

"Eleeec!" (Huzzah!) Tempest exclaimed, spawning onto the grassy field and running a few laps in a circle out of sheer hyperness before turning to face his opponent.

"Alright." Cid said, really getting into his own element. "Agility and Thunder!"

"Triiike!" Tempest exclaimed, rushing forward with ever intensifying speed and unleashing a powerful bolt of lightning towards his opponent.

Random Plushie
October 1st, 2005, 3:04 AM
OOC: Mimi would have to discuss that with meh Ludicolo she would. >=-D

OOC: Ah, but Minion would protect Mimi, yes he would! >D

..Actually, he's really self-centered and snobbish, so strike that. XD

Alter Ego
October 1st, 2005, 3:07 AM
OOC: And actually, meh Ludicolo bes armed with Ice Beam which would cause quite nasty damage to Minion I recon'.

October 1st, 2005, 3:08 AM
Yeah..Yibber feels your pain she does..

"Hey!"Sill gasped as the Thunder was a direct hit on the Spinda's head.

"Spinner!Agility and Teeter Dance!"Sill shouted.

The Spinda shook hard to get the devastating damage of the Thunder assualt,getting on his feet.

"Spinda!"(Teeter!)Spinner circled the Electrike,using his own Agility andstarted humming to his own beat,dancing in a strange fashion round Tempest.He finished the dance and small birds seemed to circle the Electrike's head.

"Spinda!"the Spinda turned and waved to the crowd,which immediately cooed.

"That Spinda's cute!"

"I know...it's so fluffly!"

"Smile Spinner!Smile!"Sill instructed.

Spinner chuckled as he turned back to the battle.

"Go in and close Dizzy punch now!!"Sill ordered.Spinner ran and charged towards the confused Tempest,gearing his fist ready for the most extreme attack yet.

Spinner's supposed to be incharge of cute contests for Gen.

Random Plushie
October 1st, 2005, 3:10 AM
OOC: And actually, meh Ludicolo bes armed with Ice Beam which would cause quite nasty damage to Minion I recon'.

OOC: Recover.. And then if I feel like it.. Recover again.. And when you run outta Ice Beams, I'll start racking up Calm Minds. Mwahahahaha..

Alter Ego
October 1st, 2005, 3:18 AM
OOC: Like whatever. Besides, Tempest used a T-wave not a Thunder. But since it hit...


"Come on Tempest!" Cid called "Pull it together!"

"Well!" The announcer called out "It seems like mr.Woodland's pokmon has fallen under the spell of this marvelous-"

Cid blocked out the rest of the commentary, focusing on the battle instead. By some unknown means, probably luck, Tempest seemed to have tripped out of the way of Spinner's Dizzy Punch, only to fall on his face and mumble something about 'Marmoset Squelch' instead.

"Tempest! Crunch!" Cid commanded, pointing at Spinner. The Electrike rushed forward, a bit unsteadily perhaps but with formidable speed nonetheless, and sank its little fangs into all parts of the Spinda it could reach.

"Now! Close range Thunder!"

Come on... Cid thought, watching the confused pokmon with some apprehension and hoping that it wouldn't be too muddled to hit its mark.

Random Plushie
October 1st, 2005, 3:21 AM
OOC: Like, otay. Whatever right back at ya. XD


Amy clenched her fists in suspense as she heard Cid's command for a close-range Thunder. If that attack hit, then Spinner would probably be done for. And that was very good for her friend.

"C'mon, Tempest, focus, and you can hit 'em.." Amy mumbled, while Mudkee watched silently.

Mudkee wasn't really all that into cheering anyways.

Alter Ego
October 1st, 2005, 3:25 AM
OOC: Bad news, I will have to leave for piano lessons in about 10 minutes so would you mind terribly if I asked you to...hurry up?! Gawd, the stress...

Random Plushie
October 1st, 2005, 3:30 AM
OOC: Yibber ish offline, yesh she is.. ;___________;

October 1st, 2005, 3:31 AM
*runs screaming around thread*
A sudden burst of energy..YAY!!!XD.

"Spinda..spinda!!!"Spinner tried shaking of the Electrike,before noticing that static was being gathered by Tempest.

"Ah!!!Spinner!!"Sill called out.

The lightning hit the Spinda directly on the head,causing an immediate knock out.

Sill grinded her teeth as she withdrawed the Spinda into its pokeball.

"Amazingly,out dynamite beauty has lost!But we all know that she must have something up her sleeve!"the annoucer said.

"Quite right."Sill grinned.

"Go,Sweetness!"a Gorebyss appeared on the battle field,her eyes focused on the battle.

"Win this one for me!"Sill shouted.

Yibber must leave now..
Wait!!All must wish her good luck for the exams they must!!

Random Plushie
October 1st, 2005, 3:38 AM
OOC: Bye, Yibber! ;_________;

Good luck on your exams! ^^

Random Plushie
October 1st, 2005, 3:41 AM
OOC: Gah, I'm sowwy for the double post.. But.. I'm going to bed now, so, whoever's still here.. Yeah.. XD


October 1st, 2005, 4:55 AM
OCC: Has the tournaments started?

Alter Ego
October 1st, 2005, 5:03 AM
OOC: We bes in the first battle of the tournament. Cid vs Sill, and Tempest has just knocked out Sill's borrowed Spinda. And good luck with your exams Yibber!


"Good job Tempest!" Cid called, beaming at the Electrike who was still tottering around rather unsteadily and ignoring the biased commentary out of habit now. As the Gorebyss appeared on the battlefield Cid raised an eyebrow. Putting up a pokmon with such an obvious type disadvantage reminded him all too much of Cal's way of battling, she was definitely up to something.

"You can come back now." Cid said, recalling his still confused Electrike and making up his mind for the next choice. "Alright, it's your show Nightmare!"

The Mightyena leapt onto the battlefield with an affirmative bark, taking up an intimidating posture and grinning wickedly which caused a flicker of doubt to spread across his opponent's face. That Gorebyss wouldn't be quite so eager to attack anymore.

"Now! Taunt and Crunch!"

The dark type hissed a series of provocations to his opponent to ensure that the Gorebyss wouldn't be able to think of anything but direct assault and then lunged forward, fangs glinting in the sunlight.

October 1st, 2005, 5:12 AM
OCC: Do I have to wish you good luck this way? Anyway.. Good luck...

IC: "Way to go, Cid!!!" Nicole shouted... "It'll be my turn to battle soon enough.." she thought... Cid wouldn't have any problems with the battle... Nicole sat back and continued looking at Cid and Sill....

Random Plushie
October 1st, 2005, 8:20 PM
OOC: I think my writer's block came back.. Bleh.. >______<

But maybe it's just because Amy doesn't have much ta do right now. XD


Amy unclenched fists; the tension was going down just a bit. In her mind, she continued to root for Cid, although she did not say anything out loud. If he could keep this up, he would win the battle for sure. All he had to do was watch for any tricks the Lass might throw at him.

Amy took a deep breath as she began to think about her future battle. She didn't know what kind of Pokemon her opponent had, nor did she know of his strategies.

Oh well.. Time to cheer for Cid right now.. Amy thought to herself, turning back towards the giant screen.

Mudkee sighed at Dew's and Nana's enthusiasm when it came to cheering. She, for one, thought it was quite embarassing, so she refused to take part in the physical part of cheering. Like her Trainer, the Marshtomp rooted for her friends silently, in her head.

October 2nd, 2005, 3:38 AM
HEY ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now..what can Yibber say...she's a natural charmer*spiffy*XD.Too bad this really ish her last time...But with Titan's and Plushie's luck,me be sure to ace the Finals,meh last exam,Yibber got 9th position in like,her class of 38,which ish like,quite good,since she used to be like...the 29th or 27th..
It must be your luck...*sighs,and runs screaming around thread*

And Yibber's really surprised,three posts in like..one day..so sad.

"Gah!!"Sill said,wondering what to do as the Mightyena delivered a direct Crunch attack on her Gorebyss.

"Sweetness!!Attract!"Sill shouted.

The Gorebyss teetered off balance for a minute before resuming her rightful place infront of Nightmare.She started circling the Mightyena,in a vaguely familiar way,winking and blowing a kiss to it.Beofre slithering back infront of her trainer,waving her tail at Nightmare.

"Now,Hydro Pump!!"Sweetness nodded and opened it's small mouth and inhaled great amounts of air,getting ready to fire the attack straight to the love-struck pokemon.

"Go,Cid!!"Jenny jumped up and down,cheering the boy on,this was definately not going to be a pretty end unless the boy would think of something quick.

"Mimi..mimi..mi!"(Get over it Nightmare!)Mimi shouted to the Mightyena,waving her little flag.

"Kirlia...kir!!"(You can fo it!!)Ruru jumped up and down just like her trainer,waving her pom-poms.

Nana growled as the Gorebyss unleashed it Attract attack on Nightmare.

"Absol,absol..absol..ab?"(Darn,how's he gonna get out of that?)Nana asked out loud,continously howling over the crowd.

"Marshtomp!Marshtomp!"(Nightmare!Cid!)Dew started jumping and waving his arms frantically.

Alter Ego
October 2nd, 2005, 3:42 AM
The Gorebyss bes Taunted though, so it can't use attract. I'll just point it out in meh IC.


Nightmare briskly cut off the water type's flirts with another score of profanities, not the most gracefull of strategies perhaps, but it did the job.

As the jet of water flew towards Nightmare, Cid was quick to react "Nightmare!" he called "Sharp left and Poison Fang! Go!"

The Mightyena nodded, leaping to the side and only recieving a small part of the attack's impact before he lunged once more, lacing his bite with a powerfull toxin.

October 2nd, 2005, 3:55 AM
Darn...always miss the fineprint I do...
Gah..me have to go,
MOM'S HOME!!!!!!!!!!
(Uh..you can control Sill,Yibber guesses.BYE!!!!!!!)

Random Plushie
October 2nd, 2005, 11:45 AM
Darn...always miss the fineprint I do...
Gah..me have to go,
MOM'S HOME!!!!!!!!!!
(Uh..you can control Sill,Yibber guesses.BYE!!!!!!!)

OOC: Aw, bye-bye again, Yibber.. ;________;

But control Sill? That seems so wrong for some reason.. oh well.

I'll try. >_<


"What? Oh no!" Sill exclaimed as the Mightyena easily blew off Sweetness' Attract. She tightened her fists further as the Mightyena continued it's assault, dodging the Hydro Pump and going in for a Poison Fang.

"Sweetness! Dodge, hurry!" Sill ordered. She could issue an attack later. Yeah, one that would get the crowd going..

The Gorebyss' eyes widened as Nightmare's fangs came ever closer, but at Sill's command, she hurriedly attempted to dodge, backing up, and hanging to the right.

Her attempts were in vain, however, as the Poison Fang ended up having pin-point accuracy, striking Sweetness in the tail.

Sweetness yowled in pain, and within the next few moments, she seemed to have lost some of her color.

"Dang.. She's poisoned.. Oh well, Sweetness! Waterfall!" Sill commanded, trying to maintain her composure.

The Gorebyss shook off what remained of her pain, backing up as she prepared to slam into the Mightyena with the power to climb waterfalls.

"Don't expect to get out of this one so easily, cutie!" Sill shouted, winking at Cid. Again.

Alter Ego
October 3rd, 2005, 9:37 AM
OOC: Yeah, bye Yibber. ;___;
Now you go teach those exams a lesson, and don't you dare fail, ya' hear?


"Oh, I won't..." Cid replied, noticing that the Gorebyss had been poisoned and would probably not withstand much more punishment. The Waterfall attack hit head on of course and sent Nightmare flying back a bit, but the Mightyena had withstood far stronger blows than that and soon regained his composure.

"Nightmare, Torment!" Cid called, the dark type taking a new approach to its verbal assault, this time presumably insulting the poor water pokmon's lack of variety in move selections. The whole scene reminded Cid of his childhood, and he wondered if the poor Gorebyss wasn't feeling pretty bad about itself at the moment. He shrugged these thoughts of though, as he gave his second command "Now Crunch!"

Nightmare lunged forth once more, ready to land another series of bitemarks on his poisoned opponent.

Random Plushie
October 3rd, 2005, 8:44 PM
OOC: Ooh, Yibber.. I'd do what Titan says if I were you. XD


"No! Sweetness! Dodge!" Sill shouted.

The Gorebyss cringed. As the turn passed, the poison took it's toll, weakening the Pokemon further, as if she weren't emotionally weakened already as well. Sweetness scrunched her face in pain as she desperately manuevered around the Mightyena, becoming quite tired as she completed the loop, successfully dodging Nightmare's jaws.

"Yes! Now, my dear, Hydro Pump!" Sill exclaimed, feeling quite positive at the moment.

Again, Sweetness cringed, knowing quite well that she wouldn't be able to perform the attack with full power. But the Gorebyss obeyed, sucking in a large quantity of air before pumping a big amount of water towards Nightmare.

Alter Ego
October 4th, 2005, 3:03 AM
Cid watched the scene with appraising eyes, they Gorebyss looked so weakened that simply dragging out the battle a bit would probably take it out of the equation. "Nightmare!" he called as the Hydro Pump flew towards the dark type "Protect!"

Briefly, a barrier of green energy materialized between the combatants, cutting of the Hydro Pump before it could strike. Nightmare grinned in a slightly taunting way, knowing that his opponent wouldn't be in the emotional state to fire another after that one.

"Sand Attack!" Cid called, his Mightyena obediently firing a volley of dirt into his opponent's face, making it less likely for the water type to hit.

Random Plushie
October 5th, 2005, 10:12 PM
OOC: Sowwy I didn't post yesterday, it was acoz I had a family dinner. ^^;; It was funny, though. XD


Sill groaned as the Protect took effect. Sweetness' expression was very much the same, although her face soon twisted in pain as the poison struck again.

And apparently, that was all it took. Letting out one final cry, the Gorebyss bid her opponent farewell, falling completely to the ground; fainted.

"Oh, Sweetness, no!" Sill cried. She 'humphed' in frustration, bitterly returning the aquatic Pokemon to her ball before selecting another one.

"Alright! Now the battle really starts! Go! Kitten!" Sill commanded, tossing a Pokeball into the air. Within a moment, a flash of red light had burst into view, soon dying down to reveal a gigantic Typhlosion looming over Nightmare, glaring down at the Mightyena as if trying to decipher something.

"Now! Kitten, wipe it out with Flamethrower!" Sill shouted, pointing at Nightmare confidently.

Alter Ego
October 6th, 2005, 3:26 AM
OOC: Aaack! Stop the presses! I've got big news! Humongous news! News of elephantine proportions! *Runs into the room and waves his arms madly*. I've got a message from Yibber; Apparently, Sill has a Typhlosion called Kitten. Could you edit your post to reflect that, Plushie?

Okay, so maybe they aren't that big but they're still important.

Random Plushie
October 6th, 2005, 9:42 PM
OOC: Gotcha, I'll edit right away! =3

Btw, it would help if I knew its personality. If Yibber mails ya again, ask her, will ya? XD

Alter Ego
October 7th, 2005, 10:53 AM
Cid grinned triumphantly as Sweetness' energy was finally depleted, deriving a certain measure of satisfication from the girl's frustrated expression. Nightmare looked pleased as well, standing in front of the crowd with a proud swagger. The dark type's performrance had actually brought about some awe among the crowd members, and several of them now seemed to be cheering on Nightmare and Cid. The announcer wasn't about to switch his preference that easily, however, and took up his hopelessly biased mantra with newfound vigour as Sill unleashed her Typhlosion onto the field. The boy ignored the booming voice, concentrating on the fight transpiring in front of him instead. Nightmare might have been able to withstand that Flamethrower but perhaps it would be better not to test it.

"Nightmare, Protect!"

Once more, a barrier of green energy appeared between Nightmare and his foe, cutting of the stream of fire just as easily as it had intercepted the previous jet of water.

This was only a temporary respite however, and Cid knew that it would be in his interest to take fire out of the equation for a while.

"Nightmare!" he called "Torment!"

Once more, the Mightyena unleashed a powerfull verbal assault, harassing his opponent in order to make sure that the fire type wouldn't be able to bring about another Flamethrower too soon.

Random Plushie
October 7th, 2005, 7:08 PM
Sill scrunched her face in annoyance, clenching her fists tightly as she observed the Torment take it's affect. Yep, her Typhlosion made a kind of 'harumph' sound, as if wanting to show the Mightyena what she could really do.

Without waiting for any orders, Kitten's flame flared up as she raised her right foot. In an instant, she had brought it down upon the earth, causing a massive quake as she did so.

Sill raised her brow. Kitten didn't usually do that.

Oh well, that's a big Earthquake anyway.. Sill thought to herself, grinning as the attack surged towards Nightmare.

Alter Ego
October 8th, 2005, 12:09 AM
Nightmare gritted his teeth as the Earthquake struck, holding on for dear life, and Cid realized that this might actually have been just the break he needed.

"Now!" the boy called, pointing at the Typhlosion "Counter!"

Utilizing a complicated battle technique, the mechanics of which Cid couldn't even begin to fathom, the Mightyena lunged straight at Kitten, slamming into the fire type with greater force than it could ever have mustered alone.

At the VIP seats, Nicoli raised an eyebrow, now having to admit being moderately impressed. He had, in all honesty, expected the fire type to simply incinerate its opponent. "That Mightyena..." he said slowly, stroking his Umbreon "It certainly has potential. Yes, this boy might not be quite as hopeless a washout as I thought."

Random Plushie
October 8th, 2005, 12:17 AM
"WHAT!? No! KITTEEEEN!!!" Sill shouted, practically shrieking as the Typhlosion was slammed backwards as the attack struck. In moments, the great fire-type had sunk to her knees, wailing out one last time before she fainted.

"IT'S A ONE-HIT K.O., and a perfect win for Cid Woodland!" The announcer boomed, sending the audience into a flurry of cheers and the screams of rabid fan people.

Sill, shocked at the outcome, quickly dropped to her knees, her jaw hanging open in pure shock. Shakily, Sill returned Kitten to her Pokeball, although it seemed that she wasn't going to be going anywhere any time soon.

"Now you have seen the result of Round 1, Battle 1! But what will happen next? Ladies and gentlemen, the second Battle of Round 1 will begin in fifteen minutes!" The announcer continued.

Alter Ego
October 8th, 2005, 12:40 AM
"Ohhhhhhhhh! Yeaaaaaaaaah!" Cid called out, although his scream was overridden by the roar of the crowd. Strangely enough, the announcer had finally realized that he was betting on the wrong horse and declared Cid and Nightmare the winners.

"Great job Nightmare." the boy said, hugging the tired Mightyena and ruffling his furr before dragging out a Hyper Potion and using it on the dark type.

"Gaar-dee...gardevoir." (That was...amazing.) Curly said with honest impression in his voice as the applause slowly died down and they rushed over to get a better view of Amy's battle.

"In the next battle!" the announcer boomed "We have Ray Blythe! 3rd runner up in the preliminaries and a tough opponent by any measure!"

"Not to mention master trainer and pokmon collector extaordinaire." the male added in a self-contented voice, finally stepping out of the shadows on the other side of the arena he was to share with Amy and scoffing slightly at the sight of the girl's visible pokmon.

"And on the other side!" the announcer continued without noticing the pokmaniac's comment "A challenger all the way from Hoenn, give a big hand to Aaaaamy Cooper!"

The crowd gave a polite round of applause.

"Now, let the battle begin!" the announcer stated "Contestants ready! Round 2 starts now!"

Random Plushie
October 8th, 2005, 12:44 AM
OOC: Nyaaa, normally Mudkee would be pissed, but let's not get into that, shall we? XD


At the sudden start of the battle, Amy quickly stepped into a comfortable stance, preparing herself for any strategies this guy may throw at her. Hmm.. He did look really tough..

"Right, then! Go! Marionette!" Amy shouted, tossing the Great Ball into the air.

After the usual burst of light, the Ghost appeared, a look of hunger flashing through her expression. The Shuppet soon shrugged it off, her eyes lighting up at the first sign of action. Floating at a usual pace, Marionette eagerly awaited her opponent.

Alter Ego
October 8th, 2005, 12:54 AM
"Hah!" Ray scoffed, unleashing a small volley of spit as he did so, "This will be a snap! Go Ninetales!"

The pokmaniac tossed a pokball into the arena, unleashing the fire pokmon contained within. The Ninetales that appeared seemed to be a particularly vain one, obviously enjoying the spotlight and walking in front of the crowd with a proud swagger before finally turning towards her opponent and giving her a dismissive snort, much like Ray's.

"Alright then my pretty!" the pokmaniac called "Will-O-Wisp and Fire Spin!"

The Ninetales unleashed an orb of spectral fire that flew towards Marionette, burning the ghost pokmon. The flame was soon followed by a roaring jet of flame that constituted the Fire Spin technique.

Random Plushie
October 8th, 2005, 12:59 AM
Amy frowned. She couldn't cripple the speed of this one with a paralysis-inducing attack, so..

"Marionette! Get away from the flames and use Confuse Ray, then Imprison!" Amy shouted.

Well, obviously, the Ghost had already attempted to get as far away from the flames as possible, even though the Fire Spin had her trapped. Wincing as the burn throbbed pain through her, the Shuppet began to produce an eerie glow, which would have a very confusing effect on whoever it struck.

The Confuse Ray was very much accurate, giving the Ninetales a dose of confusion. Before the turn ended, Marionette began to glow again, in a darker color. Soon, cage-like ring of the same colored light appeared around Ninetales, a clear Imprison attack.

Alter Ego
October 8th, 2005, 1:08 AM
The Ninetales staggered slightly as Marionette's Confuse Ray struck, attempting to retain her balance. Fortunately for her and Ray, the Fire Spin was still raging around its target and the burn was doing its job as well, Marionette wasn't going anywhere.

"Come on Ninetales!" the pokmaniac called, clenching his fist slightly as some of his favourite moves, including Confuse Ray, were left out of use as well.

"Safeguard!" Ray commanded, in an attempt to ensure that there would be no further status attacks on Marionette's part. The fire type was too muddled however, loosing her focus in mid-technique and stumling to the ground in a most ungracefull manner. Many of the spectators, including Cid, chuckled at the sight of this ridiculously proud creature's sudden clumsiness and the Ninetales got back onto her feet with an extremely indignant expression on her face. Her eyes burning with hatred towards the Shuppet responsible.

"Enough fooling around!" the pokmaniac yelled, "Fireblast!"

His Ninetales was more than happy to oblige, unleashing a massive burst of heat towards the vortex of fire that surrounded her opponent.

Random Plushie
October 8th, 2005, 1:14 AM
Amy didn't even have to utter a word.

Marionette's eyes widened at the inferno surging towards her, ducking downwards as fast as she could, almost to the point where she would have hit the ground had she not slowed down just before that occured.

Thanks to the all-around inaccuracy of the move, apparently she got lucky that time.. But the Fire Spin and Will-O-Wisp were still hurting, which meant that the Ghost wasn't in the clear just yet.

"Good job! Now, Shadow Ball!" Amy ordered.

Floating back to her original position, the Shuppet quickly gathered energy from the shadows around her, forming all of it into one crackling ball of dark energy. Shouting something that was lost in the flames, Marionette sent the ball surging towards Ninetales.

Alter Ego
October 8th, 2005, 1:30 AM
"Just take it." Ray said in a slightly calmer voice. The projectile hit head on, but burned as the Shadow Ball's creator was, the damage it dealt was far from fatal. The Fire Spin was beginning to dissipate, in a turn or two it would be gone, leaving the Ninetales with a clear shot.

"Let's take our time, precious." the pokmaniac said to his impatient fox pokmon. "Sunny Day."

His pokmon scoffed slightly but obeyed, her tails billowing out like a fan as she focused her powers on the sun's rays, amplifying them to boost her own powers.

"Might-yy..." (Come on...) Nightmare growled as he watched the battle. Granted he wasn't fond of the Shuppet, but this Ninetales seemed just as insufferable and at least Marionette was the annoyance he knew. "Mii-mightyy-eeena-miii-miiighty-mightyena." (You need to strike her head on with a special attack.)

Cid watched the battle nervously, obviously wondering about the choice of attack as well. "I hope Amy knows what she's doing." he said for himself, feeling slightly guilty of thinking such. Surely the girl had a plan of some sort and he just wasn't seeing it.


"Such an amateurish perfomrance." Nicoli muttered for himself as he watched the second battle unfold, still sitting on his lofty perch. "That Ninetales is obviously lacking in both focus and discipline, certainly any halfway competent trainer would have dealt with it already."

His Umbreon snorted dismissively, why did the girl put in her weak ghost pokmon? Why not use the spirit who had been such a source of amusement for her back in the house? It would have been so much more fun.

Random Plushie
October 8th, 2005, 1:38 AM
OOC: Hmm.. I always thought Shadow Ball was a Special Attack.. I'm very brain dead, aren't I? XD


Otay, that should take care of whatever Hp would have been left over after.. Two Psychics. Amy sighed mentally. The girl wandered away from this thought as she noticed the Fire Spin beginning to disappear.

"Now! Psychic! Then Double Team!" Amy shouted.

Marionette nodded, not bothering to make a sound. For a minute, the eyes of the Ghost glowed with a neat lavendar color before the Shuppet mustered up enough power as she could manage to slam the Ninetales backwards with the force of Psychic.

As soon as the attack was finished, Marionette winced, the Will-O-Wisp damaging her again. Trying to ignore the pain as much as possible, the Ghost closed her eyes, multiple copies of her now forming around the battle field--just in time for the Fire Spin to completely go away.

Alter Ego
October 8th, 2005, 1:46 AM
OOC: I used to think it was. But hey, it's a part of almost all of the standard physical sweeper movesets. Oh, and didn't I mention that Shadow Ball might be given to a Misdreavus to work as a safeguard against Mirror Coaters? Dead giveaway. XD Yup, it's all on normal attack, but I'd say you're only moderately braindead at worst. ^^


The Ninetales reeled from Marionette's Psychic attack, sustaining some real injury this time. As she opened her eyes the fire type found herself facing a multitude of Shuppets instead of just one.

"No matter!" Ray said, "Fireblast! Just keep them coming until you hit!"

The Ninetales cried out in fury, unleashing the massive attacks as fast as she could manage, each one of them roaring as they flew towards the various illusions and dispelled them.

"That's more like it!" Cid called out as he saw the new turn of events. No amount of power would help Ray's pokmon if the attacks didn't hit their mark. Amy would have to make it quick though, he noted, even with all of the illusions about there were only so many times that she could get lucky, and there was no way that Marionette could withstand a direct hit.

Random Plushie
October 8th, 2005, 1:51 AM
OOC: Nah, I know that I am 100% brain dead deep down. No matter how many advanced classes I'm in. XD But you are still kewl for saying that. XD


And now came the fun part..

"Marionette! Move all of your copies and yourself around the field! Then use Psychic!" Amy ordered, although she was still ready.. Just in case the plan backfired.

Apparently, the Ninetales hadn't eliminated enough Shuppet copies to make this maneuver less confusing. Suddenly, all of the copies, including the real one, began to move in random patterns and motions around the field, giving no clear target as planned.

After several moments of this confusing event, another Psychic attack slammed into Ninetales, in the same manner as before. It was very sudden, but if one was paying real close attention, and if Ninetales actually withstood the attack..

Alter Ego
October 8th, 2005, 2:01 AM
The Ninetales looked completely disoriented at the sight of the numerous Shuppets whirling all around her and was caught completely of guard as the Psychic attack struck, a critical hit that slammed the already weakened fire type hard and sent her to the ground. Stubbornly, the Ninetales staggered to her feet, her dirtied and ruffled furr making her appear far less regal than she had done at the beginning of the battle. The Ninetales trembled visibly as she attempted to muster the energy for another Fireblast, the heat building in her mouth to the point where it had almost reached the required mass before it fizzled and the fox pokmon collapsed onto the battlefield, KO'ed.

"Is this it?!" the announcer called, "Yes, yes it is! Ninetales is down! Marionette wins the first match-up!"

An enthusiastic round of cheering and applause broke from the audience, the members of which had been quite impressed by this final show.

"Come back." Ray muttered in a disgruntled voice, recalling his fallen pokmon and throwing Amy a dirty look. "You won't be so lucky this time! Go Linoone! Odor Sleuth and Shadow Ball!"

The pokmaniac quickly unleashed his second pokmon. A sleek-furred and rather vicious looking Linoone that sniffed the air for a few moments before unleashing an orb of spectral energy straight at the weakened Marionette.

Random Plushie
October 8th, 2005, 2:08 AM
OOC: Dang. XD


Marionette didn't even have time to even attempt a dodge. The attack happened so fast, it caught her completely off-guard. The Shadow Ball struck dead-on, and instantly every Shuppet copy in the arena was canceled out, the real Marionette falling to the ground, fainted.

Amy was a bit saddened, but the Ghost had still done very well.

"Return, Marionette! Don't worry, you were excellent!" Amy said, whispering the last sentence into the Pokeball in reassurance.

"Okay.. Go! Niana!" Amy shouted, tossing the Pokeball onto the field.

A flash of light quickly burst out, dying down to reveal the Camerupt, fully healed after a good night's sleep, mooing loudly to prove that to be true.

"Quick, take advantage of the Sunny Day! Flamethrower!" Amy shouted, noticing that some traces of intense sun still remained. It would be gone after this turn, but it wasn't gone yet.

Niana dug her hooves into the ground, inhaling deeply before firing a volley of juiced-up flames towards Linoone.

OOC: Please inform me if I have counted wrong. XD

Alter Ego
October 8th, 2005, 2:13 AM
OOC: Like she's going to hit anyway. And yeah, Ray just doesn't play fair, does he? XD


"Linoone! Dig!" Ray called, the normal type dissapearing below the arena just before Niana's Flamethrower reached it. The Linoone quickly dug its way to a spot underneath the Camerupt and emerged once more, landing a hard strike from below before leaping backwards and taking up a defensive stance behind its opponent.

This was all the stalling that the pokmaniac needed as the sun's rays returned to normal intensity, Ninetales' Sunny Day move gone.

Cid was slightly shocked by how quickly Marionette had been knocked out. That Linoone certainly was fast, something which it had proven just now. But Niana was a tough one, it would take a lot more than a Dig attack to take her down.

Random Plushie
October 8th, 2005, 2:19 AM
OOC: Ey, Dig takes up a whole turn! XD Oh well, he'll just have to die quicker, then. Now he has gotten Plushie pissed off. XD


Niana stumbled backward as the Dig hit her. It was mighty effective, but fortunately she had the bulk to shrug it off.

"Don't worry about it, use Earthquake! Then your own Sunny Day!" Amy shouted, wanting extra fire power should the battle turn against her.

Niana grunted, now realizing how powerful a weapon Speed could be.. Anyways, the Camerupt bellowed out a mighty roar, lifting both front legs up into the air before smashing them back down, a massive Earthquake being the result.

At the same time, her battle cry had also intensified the sun's rays, once again heating up the arena, able to add on to fire attacks at any time.

OOC: Camerupts attack like that in Colloseum. ^v^

Alter Ego
October 8th, 2005, 2:25 AM
OOC: Yay! I've learned something new today! XD And we are technically allowed to give two turns worth of commands in one go. Anyhow, it would have been to pathetic to just have Linoone squished underground.


Ray began sweating slightly as he noticed the Camperupt's attack, this would have to be dealt with fast.

"Linoone!" he called, noticing to his relief that the normal type was still in fairly good condition "Belly Drum!"

The Linoone unleashed a surprisingly powerfull cry as it pounded its belly with its forelegs, increasing its damaging potential to the very maximum. This manouver clearly made the normal type very fatigued, but it was still up on its feet.

"Now! Extremespeed!"

The Linoone dissapeared into a flurry of white as it charged forward at breakneck speed, heading straight for Niana in a devastating charging attack.

Random Plushie
October 8th, 2005, 2:31 AM
OOC: That means he's heading for the Earthquake.. Unless, he jumps over it, like I know he will. o.o

Oh yeah, that's what we've been doing the whole time. XD

Let's see.. AHA!


Niana bellowed out again, inhaling for a short bit before launching a Flamethrower. Technically, Linoone was fast enough to get around the Earthquake, but that would mean heading into the flames she had just launched, because it was in his direct path..

Amy smiled, stopping herself from giving an order. The Camerupt had a faster reaction anyway, being the one on the field.

Dang.. Unless that was a miracle Linoone, it would have a rough time getting around that.

Alter Ego
October 8th, 2005, 2:41 AM
The Linoone seemed oblivious to the flames as it rushed forward, dissapearing into the Flamethrower. The normal type let out a cry of pain but kept going, slamming hard into the Camerupt and rebounding back into view. The Linoone lay on the grass, panting, singed, and utterly exhausted, attempting to focus its disoriented gaze on the Camerupt in front of it.

"Come on now!" Ray called "Another Extremespeed!"

The Linoone somehow managed to get back onto its feet and attempted to replicate its previous feat. The normal type's speed was quite far from extreme however and it slumpped down out of exhaustion before it had even gotten halfway to its target.

"After an extaordinary display of skill from both sides, Linoone is down!" the announcer called out "The battle has now come down to a one-on-two!" the crowd erupted into cheering once more.

"Back, Linoone." Ray muttered, scooping up the normal type and pondering furiously on what his final choice would be.

The cheering had erupted from the crowd in the VIP seats as well, although unlike the others Nicoli only joined in with the faintest flicker of a smile. "That's more like it..." he said quietly, stroking his Umbreon once more "...but she is still little more than a nuisance."

Random Plushie
October 8th, 2005, 2:44 AM
Niana was sent several feet backwards at the Extremespeed that had hit anyway, although the fact that the attacker had come through her flames made the attack much weaker than it would have normally been.

"Great job, hang in there, now!" Amy called out to Niana, who nodded firmly, walking back to her original place on the field.

Alter Ego
October 8th, 2005, 2:49 AM
"That's it!" Ray fumed "Play time is over kiddie! Go Vibrava!"

The slender dragon pokmon appeared on the battlefield, its wings giving of a rhytmic hum as they held it airborne with their rapid beating, too fast for the human eye to follow.

"Alright then!" Ray commanded, regaining some of his previous confidence "Screech and Sand Tomb!"

The dragon pokmon unleashed a horrific screech to drop the Camerupt's defenses and then flapped around it at a vigorous pace, conjuring a whirl of sand that engulfed it.

Random Plushie
October 8th, 2005, 2:57 AM
OOC: Dang. Again. XD


"Shoot.." Amy muttered, squinting as she tried to peer through the sand.

"Niana! Explosion, now!" Amy shouted, her order firm. It was risky.. Niana had never, ever used Explosion before, but now seemed like the proper time.. No switching out, and a two-way type disadvantage.

The Camerupt gave out one last great roar before finally the humps on her back seemingly, well, exploded! In one massive explosion, the Camerupt unleashed the attack, never to know what the outcome would be until she was revived.

Alter Ego
October 8th, 2005, 3:01 AM
OOC: Tsk, that was mean of you. XP


"Vibrava! Endure!" Ray commanded, the dragon pokmon focusing all of its efforts into retaining consciousness as the massive explosion struck it and sent it tumbling backwards through the air. Luckily for the Vibrava, the technique worked and it was still in the game, although it seemed like even the tiniest hit would blow it over now.

"This isn't over yet, kid." the pokmaniac said cockily, folding his arms.

"Aaaa-mazing!" the announcer cried out "Vibrava is still hanging in there! It's just one-on-one now folks!"

Random Plushie
October 8th, 2005, 3:05 AM
OOC: But you must admit, you would've done the same thing, eh? XD


Amy sadly recalled her fallen Camerupt, although she knew it would only be a matter of time, now.

"Alright, Mudkee! Your turn!" Amy exclaimed, the Marshtomp quickly responding, hopping onto a proper place on the battlefield.

"Now, Mudkee, Ice Beam!" Amy shouted.

Inhaling deeply, the Marshtomp sent a volley of ice towards Vibrava, and, to make sure she had a good chance of hitting, sent another volley around it.

Alter Ego
October 8th, 2005, 3:09 AM
OOC: Now that is altogether beside the point. XD


"Now or never Vibrava!" Ray called, noticing that not even a pokmon this fast could evade the incoming assault "Solarbeam!"

Utilizing the intensified sunrays that Niana had left behind, the insect-like dragon pokmon spread its mangled body out as wide as it could to absorb as much sunlight as possible before it unleashed the contained energy towards Mudkee.

Cid held his breath as he watched, one of the Ice Beams would surely take out Vibrava, but could Mudkee make it through the Solarbeam?

OOC: Ooohhh...cliffhanger. XD

Random Plushie
October 8th, 2005, 3:14 AM
OOC: How do you expect me to pull that off? XD


Mudkee's eyes widened as she instinctively backed up a few steps, then leaped another few meters backwards, in the hopes of dodging the beam. Actually, she was unfortunate enough for the Solarbeam to strike her in the leg, despite her effort to dodge.

As the Marshtomp doubled over in pain, Amy could only watch, clenching her fists as she hoped.

After a moment of silence passed, Mudkee weakly scrambled to her feet, stumbling every so often because of her injured leg. Amy's eyes lit up, her mind going into high gear.

It was because she almost dodged it.. And because Vibrava is so weakened.. The girl watched with glee as the Ice Beam took it's toll on the Dragon Pokemon.

Alter Ego
October 8th, 2005, 3:23 AM
OOC: I don't know, make with the Endure or something. You just left such an obvious spot right there. You're always saying that the pokmon are weakened. How do you think that makes them feel? Heartless meanie. XP


"Curses!" Ray yelled as both Ice beams struck his Vibrava, encapsuling it in a chunck of ice and dropping it to the ground, completely KO'ed. "You got lucky there kid!" he bellowed as he scooped up his fallen pokmon. "Yeah, it was nothing but luck! I'm the best! I'm Ray Blythe and none mess with me! And I will certainly not stand here and listen to you gloat! This isn't over by any means!" the pokmaniac turned around, his face still red with anger, and stalked off as Amy was declared the winner and the crowd erupted into enthusiastic applause, although Nicoli still refrained from it, even as several of the other VIPs even stood up in their excitement.

"Moderate..." the gym leader said for himself with a shrug, his Umbreon letting out a short 'Breo' to signify that she considered this an overestimate. They sure were a hard duo to please.

"Way to go Amy!" Cid called out, jumping up out of sheer joy, Curly joining in as well, having caught onto the general mood. Even Nightmare seemed to be smiling, although with his glasses it was hard to tell wether his smile was sincere or just polite.

OOC: Okay, I've gots to be off. Got piano lessons ya' know. I'll write up Cal's battle when I get back. ^^

Random Plushie
October 8th, 2005, 1:06 PM
Amy's grin began to spread, even as the pokemaniac protested against his loss. She had met a lot of cooltrainers like this guy--and they had acted in the very same way as he had.

"Yes, that was an awesome battle!" Amy exclaimed, although her voice was lost over the crowd, even as it began to die down as they anticipated what the next battle would be like.

"Marsh.. Tomp." (Ow.. Pain.) Mudkee stated simply, hobbling over to Amy, trying to stay off of her bad leg.

"Whoops.." Amy said, quickly opening her fanny pack and digging around in it for some time before pulling out a Hyper Potion. In one motion, she had sprayed it onto Mudkee's leg, hugging the Marshtomp affectionately before returning her to her Pokeball.

"Aw, thanks, Cid, but you're battle was awesome, too! I'm sorry I didn't have time to say that!" Amy exclaimed as the boy shouted over to her. "Seriously, you did great. But anyway, when will we get a chance to heal our Pokemon?" She concluded with a question.

OOC: Ey, Titan, do you suppose we could put in a few hours' break between the Single Battle Tourney and the Double Battle Tourney? I was originally going to wait but now I am afraid I will explode if I do not do the thing that I wish to do. XD

Alter Ego
October 8th, 2005, 11:50 PM
OOC: Sounds fine by me. They'd need to take a break to set things up again anyhow. ^_^


"Probably sometime after the next two rounds." Cid replied, walking over to Amy so they wouldn't have to make their conversation a screaming contest. "There's bound to be a heal-"

Cid's sentence was cut short as the announcer's voice boomed out from the loudspeakers once more. "And now, in the third segment, a gracefull trainer straight from the east coast! Swimmer Lise!"

The mentioned trainer stepped forward into the arena, looking strangely familiar with her short red hair and her light blue swimsuit, you had to give her credit for having the guts to make a public appearance in something like that. She smiled and waved happily at the crowd before turning to face the arena and the spot where her opponent would arrive at.

"And facing her" the announcer continued "A marvelous trainer and former Johto league champion, not to mention unqestionable champion of the preliminary contests, an all
around cool customer! Give it up for Caaaaaaal!"

And just then, Cid's old rival stepped into view, looking as arrogant as ever as he smirked at his opponent. Recieving an even more enthusiastic welcome from the crowd.

"All set there sweetie?" the swimmer asked, reaching for her first pokball "Go Starmie!"

With a humph-like cry, the starfish pokmon spawned in the arena.

"This won't even be a challenge." Cal said nonchalantly, selecting a pokmon of his own "Go Kingpin!"

Kingpin? Cid groaned as the Nidoking appeared on its own side of the battlefield, slamming the ground with its muscular tail and unleashing a loud roar. Cal's choice of nicknames certainly hadn't improved.

Random Plushie
October 8th, 2005, 11:51 PM
OOC: Eh-oh, Mom alert. Will post later. @[email protected]


"Eh, we should move over." Amy said, quickly stepping completely off of the arena, and stopping at the sidelines. This spot would give them a perfect view of the next battle.

"So, that's Cal.. He really does look tough.." Amy stated, falling silent as the battle began. She would continue if Cid responded, but right now, she wanted to decipher Cal's strategy..

October 9th, 2005, 12:51 AM
"That Cal guy do look strong.. but the nicknames he give to his Pokemon are so..." Nicole laughed.. "Fancy calling his Pokemon, Kingpin" she exclaimed... The voice in her head then told her.. Look out his weaknesses....

Alter Ego
October 9th, 2005, 12:59 AM
"Yeah, I swear he's up to something." Cid said, examining the two combatants "That's a double type weakness right there. And his nicknaming..." he shook his head and chuckled "Don't even get me started."

"Let's make this quick!" Cal called, continuing to smirk at his opponent "Kingpin! Body Slam!"

The ground type roared loudly, charging forward and leaping into the air, ready to slam his entire bulk on top of the starfish pokmon.

"Let's go Starmie!" Lise called triumphantly "Psychic!"

The water type focused its power onto the Nidoking headed towards it, a blue nimbus appearing around the poison type and suspending it in mid-air for a moment before smacking it hard into the ground, a super effective hit.

"Aww..." the swimmer said in a would-be concerned voice as she watched the poison type struggle back up "The poor thing got dirty. Let's wash it off...with a Hydro Pump! Go Starmie!"

Cal listened to the awkward punchline in silence, as if he was shocked by this turn of events, but just as the starfish pokmon launched its attack, a glow ignited in Cal's eyes and a single word escaped his lips; "Now!"

Suddenly, the poison type leapt to the side, dodging the jet of water and smashing constrict with the Starmie, slamming its horn straight into the starfish pokmon's glowing core, a devastating Megahorn attack that sent the water type flying through the air and slammed it into the wall on the far side of the stadium, shards of the core littering the ground.

"Starmie!" Lise gasped, rushing over to her fallen pokmon. The Starmie's core blinked for a few times as it attempted to retain its consciousness but then the light faded to black and it collapsed, completely knocked out.

"Aaa-mazing!" the announcer exclaimed "It's a one-hit KO and a definite first match-up victory for Cal!"

"Didn't even break a sweat." Cal said, giving the applauding crowd a quick bow and smiling in a self-contented way.

"You-you're horrible!" Lise exclaimed, pointing an accusing finger at Cal "Can't you see how much you made Starmie suffer?! I'll get you for this! Go Quagsire!"

The new water type appeared with a merry cry, turning its eyes to the Nidoking in front of it.

"That's the spirit of the game." Cal replied coldly, returning his Nidoking to its ball "If you don't have the stomach for it then don't play with the big boys. Let's get them Giga!"

"Iuuum!" the sizeable Meganium called out as it spawned, stamping the ground with its four legs for a while before assuming a combat pose.

Cid sighed, this was going to be fast and ugly.

Random Plushie
October 9th, 2005, 1:03 AM
"Yeesh.. He has no mercy." Amy commented as she stared to at the fallen Starmie. She eventually shifted her glance away from it, then looked back towards the battle field to see Giga materialize.

Amy said no more, furrowing her brow as she concentrated on Cal's tactics once more.

OOC: Grr.. Can't really post that much. >.<

Alter Ego
October 9th, 2005, 1:17 AM
"That he doesn't." Cid said with distaste, none too surprised when Giga knocked out the Quagsire with a single Razor Leaf attack, causing it to crumble in pain before it could even unleash its first move "Cal's a regular powerplayer."

"Gar-devoir..." (How brutal...) Curly commented, flinching slightly. "Ga-aar-devoir-vooir-gaar-dee-voiiir..." (I can almost feel the anguish...)

"Go Gyarados!" Lise called, obviously not enjoying the battle at all anymore. The giant dragon-like pokmon appeared with a loud roar, looking almost as impressive as Giga as it stared the grass type down, intimidating it in order to break its will to battle. "Hidden Power!" the water type gathered a circle of energy orbs, each of which seemed to be containing a small whirlwind, and launched them towards Giga.

"Back, Giga." Cal said, not even blinking as the Meganium staggered backwards from the impact of the attack "Electra! Thunderbolt!"

A vicious looking Ampharos spawned in the area in Giga's place, gathering up a sizeable charge of electric energy and unleashing it towards the Gyarados, causing the giant creature to roar in pain and collapse, KOed as well.

"And there goes the battle folks!" the announcer called "With a total of three one-hit KOs Cal is the undisputable winner!"

"Easy as one, two, three." Cal said, collecting up Electra and waving at the cheering crowd, "Unlike what it is for some people." he added, throwing a meaning look at Amy and Cid as he passed them and smirking self-contentedly.

October 9th, 2005, 1:19 AM
"Gah.. How am I to win?" Nicole exclaimed... looking at the fallen Starmie.. Nicole could only hope for a miracle to happen... when she battles Cal..

Random Plushie
October 9th, 2005, 1:20 AM
Amy frowned slightly, but decided not to comment, feeling that if she said anything, the boy would continue, starting an arguement or something.

"Well.. Now it's Nicole's turn, am I correct?" Amy asked as the cheering from the crowd died down, the noise level quite moderate.

OOC: I hate this short post. *dies*

Alter Ego
October 9th, 2005, 1:57 AM
"Yeah, sure is." Cid replied, casting a worried glance at Nicole who seemed to be seriously freaked out by Cal's crushing performrance. "Listen, Nicole. Don't let Cal psyche you out. You're a great trainer and I know you can crush that guy, but you have to have some more confidence in yourself, and your pokmon. Now go on, beat Kelly and show Cal and what you're made off. We'll be cheering on you all the way."

Random Plushie
October 9th, 2005, 2:00 AM
Amy nodded along with Cid's words, smiling at the other girl.

"Don't be so worried, you can do it, we know you can." She couldn't find anything more to say, however, falling silent as the announcer began to boom once more, announcing the start of the fourth round.

OOC: Gah, I think my writer's block is coming back! >.<

October 9th, 2005, 2:07 AM
"Okies..." Nicole said taking a deep breath as she got up from her seat... She walked towards the competition ground....

Nicole slowly stepped up to the platform amazed by the fact that so many people staring at her. When she was up there looking at the others battle, she never knew that there was so many people in the audience... She clasped her hands together and prayed hard that she would not embarrassed herself in front of so many people, she wouldn't be able to lift it down... She released her beloved Eevee as she stared at the fierce looking Kelly Jugson...

"Go Machee!!" as Kelly sent out her Machop..

"She's definitely not cut out for giving nicknames.." Nicole thought..

The announcer then announced.. "Let the battle commence..."

OCC: Grr... *gritting her teeth* Flissie has to go for dinner... Why must it be now? Will return later...

Alter Ego
October 9th, 2005, 2:09 AM
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Random Plushie
October 9th, 2005, 2:11 AM
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October 9th, 2005, 6:10 AM
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IC: "Mwahaha I'll beat you!!" Kelly sniggered... Nicole ignored her and ordered Corrine to use Bite... The Eevee ran towards the Machamp and bit it... The Machop endured the Bite and used Dynamicpunch... "Please don't let it hit Corrine" Nicole chanted... Luckily, Heaven was on Nicole's side.. the Dynamicpunch missed... "Phew.." Nicole heaved a sigh of relief.. "This is gonna be a hard battle..." she muttered taking the type disadvantage into consideration...

"Corrine... Take Down NOW!!!" Nicole commanded... The attack as usual.. Didn't affect the fighting type Pokemon much... "Machee.. give her a taste of your.. Cross Chop!!!" The attack hit the Eevee and it injured the Eevee till it's health points reach the red zone...

Realizing that things aren't gonna go well... Nicole summoned out... Christy!! Christy used Take Down followed by Peck.. The Swablu attacked continuosly and obviously didn't give a chance for the Machop to attack.. After quite sometime... the Swablu finally manage to make the Machop white out....

Kelly summoned her Machop back and shot a glance at Nicole... "You sneaky little fellow...". "Go Hitmonee.. Do me proud.." as she sent out her Hitmonlee....

"Not another fighting type..." Nicole thought to herself..

Alter Ego
October 9th, 2005, 6:27 AM
OOC: Tsk, typical. Anyhow, Plushie has gone to sleep for the night but I'm out and about. So, did she use a Machamp or a Machop? Because I see references to both here.


"You can do it Nicole!" Cid called enthusiastically, watching as Kelly's first pokmon fell to Christy's vicious assault. "Try confusing it with status attacks then nail it from above, fighting types can't defend themselves properly against attacks from above!"

"(Or anything that isn't based on brute force...)" Curly added to the advice, sending it straight to the girl's mind.

October 9th, 2005, 6:41 AM
OCC: She uses Machop.. I edited meh last post.. Machamp would be too hard to beat... Or actually nearly impossible..


"Or anything that isn't based on brute force..." Nicole heard Curly's advice in her head... Then she recalled Cid's advice about advice about attacking from above.. I'll just do that... "Christy.. use Aerial Ace!! NOW!!!" Nicole commanded.. The Swablu flew at an increasing speed and hit the Hitmonlee... The Hitmonlee's health points went down... "Hey! It's really working.."Nicole exclaimed....

"Another Aerial Ace please..." Nicole told her Swablu sweetly... And there the Swablu go again... The Hitmonlee's health points got cut till only half of it was left... "Yay!!" Nicole cheered.. She was glad that things were going on fine...

OCC: GRRR!!! Flissie have to go to bed- She's being forced to.. Flissie can't sleep early... Flissie will try to sneak back online later... Or use it before school(I don't have to sneak on this one..) No promise though...

Random Plushie
October 9th, 2005, 10:11 PM
"Yes! That's the way!" Amy shouted, cheering as Christy's onslaught of Aerial Aces took it's toll on the Hitmonlee, obviously.

It wouldn't be long before Nicole knocked out that Hitmonlee, then she'd only have one more Pokemon left to knock out. This battle was actually going pretty fast, and that was good, since Amy wanted to get her Pokemon healed as soon as possible. She didn't like to leave them fainted in their Pokeballs.

October 10th, 2005, 5:07 AM
"Okay.. Two more Aerial Ace should do..." Nicole patted her Swablu... "And.. now.. Go Christy.. AERIAL ACE..." Christy flew at a extremely fast speed and attacked the Hitmonlee... Just as Christy was about to reach the Hitmonlee.. it countered the attack with Mega Kick... The kick brought Christy's health points down by almost a half... "Christy.. We shall try it once more, m'kay?" Nicole told her Pokemon as she bit her nails... The Swablu used another Aerial Ace.... Of.. course.. the unprepared Hitmonlee couldn't dodge the attack in time and got it's own health points cut down till it was on the bringe of whiting out...

"This shan't happen.. Give it your best... Hitmonee... MEGA KICK..." Kelly shouted. The Hitmonlee kicked the Swablu hard.. After that kick.. the Hitmonlee and Swablu's health points became equal..

"We must win this.. Get ready to give that Hitmonlee a Aerial Ace... M'kay?" Christy nodded..

Over at the other side.. Kelly was also preparing her Hitmonlee for the last attack.. "C'mon.. You can win right? Give that weakling Swablu a Hi Jump Kick.. Do me proud.."

"Whoa.. It's a close battle... Now for the deciding move.. Which Pokemon will attack the other one first?" the announcer exclaimed..

OCC: Shall wait for Yibber to come back to cheer Nicole and Christy on.. Just one more night...

Alter Ego
October 10th, 2005, 5:27 AM
OOC: Oooh! I know! I know! Make Christy dodge the attack so that Hitmonee crashes and faints itself! XD But by all means, let's wait for Yibber. ^^


Cid watched apprehensively as the Swablu and the Himonlee charged at each other in what would surely be the decisive confrontation. If Kelly's team consisted solely of fighting pokmon, which Cid suspected it did, then Christy was Nicole's best bet at victory. Even a mediocre fighting attack could easily blow a Sneasel away so Sylvia wouldn't be much help, and Corrine was already severely injured.

"Come on..." the boy muttered tensly "Just dodge it."

October 10th, 2005, 5:32 AM
OCC: *weeps* Alter.. You spelt Christy and Corrine wrongly in your last IC... Well.. dodging the attack is exactly wat I planned...

Alter Ego
October 10th, 2005, 5:33 AM
OOC: Ooops! I Alterized them by accident. >.< Dang, I'm really in a world of my own at times! ^^

October 11th, 2005, 3:40 AM
HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MISSED YOU ALL TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*throws notes and pencils and runs screaming around thread*Ah....Didn't do that for such a long time,missed it so.Yes....bet you all have forgotten who this Feebas over here ish....*sniffle*Wow..and it has been quiet.
Good ta wait for me though,thanks Flissi!!(and plushie and titan too!)Yea...and the exams were easy,except for science,it kills.

The previous battles passed like a blur to Jenny,who was all too busy cheering with her pokemon to worry about her own contest.Come on,contests were tough,but Jenny guessed that the battles were pretty on the same margin(Especially after seeing Cal battle so viciously)and anyway..the contest wasn't going to be held until the nest day.Jenny frowned as the boy proudly exited the field and Nicole's battle started.

"Marshtomp..marsh!!"(Go...Christy!)Dew bounced up and down beside the trainers with the other pokemon.

"Absol..ab."(Uh..go.)Nana tilted her head as Christy started unleashing a barrage of Aerial Aces.

"Mimi..mi!"(Come on!)Mimi jumped on Ruru's head to get a better view of the battle.

"Kirlia..kir!"(Yes..go!)Ruru smiled and clapped her hands,horns glowing brightly.

"Tranpich..tran!!"(Yeah beat that thing!!)Coco bounced with the exact enthusiam as Dew.

On hearing Cid's muttering,Jenny immediately sprang up.

"Come on Christy!!Dodge the attack!!Dodge it!!"Jenny shouted over the crowd.

Alter Ego
October 11th, 2005, 6:05 AM
OOC: YIBBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! XD XD XD

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October 11th, 2005, 6:53 AM
Nicole racked her brains for a moment... Suddenly, a brilliant idea struck her... "Come here Christy.. We have a change of plan.." Nicole smirked as she whispered something to Christy.. The Swablu flapped her wings to show her consent and acted according to the plan..

Christy flew in front of Hitmonee and mocked "Swa..blu..u..lu.(Kick me if you can..)" Hitmonee being rash in nature.. got really pissed off and hi jump kicked the Swablu.. "Hitmonee.. NO!!!!!! It's a trap.." But it was too late.. As Hitmonee's leg was about to kick Christy, she descended herself lower.. Hitmonee missed Christy and ended up hurting himself...

Nicole stared at the screen.. The Hitmonlee's health points were getting lower and lower by seconds... She clasped her hands together.. "Please let it reach zero..." she chanted.. Luckily, Heaven was still on her side, the Hitmonlee health points reached zero and it whited out.. "Yay!! Two down.. One more to go.." She cheered.. She looked at the tired Swablu and decided to return her to the Pokeball.. "You have done me proud Christy.. Now, you deserve a rest.."

"Wow.. That's a pretty good strategy.. One more Pokemon to go.. and Nicole will win the battle.." the announcer exclaimed..

"Go Sylvia!" Nicole called out her trustee Sneasal.. At the other side, Kelly released her Haunter.. "Win this for me... Haunta!" "Sne..sne.. sal..(Hey.. I'm at the advantage!)" Sylvia jumped up and down out of joy... "Ok.. Sylvia, we have the upper hand.. So, attack the Haunter with a.. Faint Attack!" she commanded... So Faint Attack it was.. the unprepared Haunter couldn't dodge it in time... And half the health points was cutted off... "Darn it.. Haunta, use Night Shade!" Kelly commanded.. Sylvia was ignorant of the attack coming in her way and got hit by the Night Shade... A quarter of her health points was then lost...

"We'll just have to hit the Haunter this time and we'll win.. So, Faint Attack Sylvia.." Nicole told her Sneasal.. Sylvia leaped up and attacked the Haunter.. The blur Haunter didn't expect the attack and lost all ita health points... "Kelly's Haunter is unable to battle, Nicole wins the battle unexpectly.." the announcer declared..

"Yay!! We won!! Ole.." Nicole cheered as she walked back to her seat... She couldn't help smiling all the way back...

Random Plushie
October 11th, 2005, 10:43 AM
OOC: Like, Plushie ish happy. Finally, the time is near! SOON YOU WILL ALL BOW DOWN TO someone who I revealed to Alter but not you guys. XP XD


"Oh yes! YAY NICOLE!!!!" Amy shouted, although you could barely make her out over all the cheering in the crowd. Apparently they liked to see quick battles.

"That was great! You were fantastic, Nicole!" Amy beamed as the girl returned to the stands.

Alter Ego
October 11th, 2005, 11:35 AM
"There!" Cid called triumphantly as Nicole approached them "I told you you could do it! Cal is going down for sure!"

"Miii-ghy-mightyyy." (Fast and efficient.) Nightmare commented, nodding in approval, "Mii-ghty-ena-mightyena-mii-might-yy-e-eeena-mightyena..." (Not that her opponent was much of a strategic challenge..)

"Ga-aaar-de-voir-gaar-deee." (Oh don't be such a killjoy.) Curly said, his face once again stretched into the best smile his form would allow him "Gaar-dee-vo-voiir-gardee-voir-garde." (That was a great victory all the same.)

Random Plushie
October 11th, 2005, 11:39 AM
With that, one of the Pokeballs on Amy's belt began to shake, until finally it burst open and let out a small flash of red light in the shape of it's resident. Mystery was soon revealed as the light died down, the Ghost appearing to be her usual self.

"Misdreavus.. Mis-mis misdreavus misdrea." (Forgive me.. But I had to see what all the noise was about.) She stated, looking around, trying to find the source of the noise, which used to be the crowd, but they were already breaking apart, taking no notice of the things around them.

"Mis.. Misdrea misdreavus." (Oh.. That was all for naught.) She said, wishing she had a hand to slap her forehead with.

October 11th, 2005, 9:28 PM
OOc-ITS FLISS'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!PWHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*takes out present and waits for Fliss*
Look,Dew baked a cake.*takes out...."cake" thingy*
Who wants to eat first?
*evil glint in eye*

"Nice job Nicole!!"Jenny smiled as the girl returned from her battle.

"Tranpich..tran..."(I'm better at cheering...)Coco sniggered at Dew.

"Marshtomp..marsh..."(I'm purer...)Dew shot back,before both burst out laughing.

"Mimi..mimi..mi?"(Do you have any idea what they are talking about?)Mimi would have raised her eyebrows,if she had eyebrows that was.

"Absol..ab."(Not a clue.)Nana chuckled as the Tranpich and Marshtomp tackled each other stimutaneously over and over again on the pavement.

"Kirlia..kirlia..kir."(They were made for each other.)Ruru shrugged before smiling.

"Come on you two."Jenny bent down and seperated Dew and Coco.

"Time for lunch before the next battle!"she said to the others,eyes pointing at the loudspeaker.

"We will now take a short 2-hour break for lunch,please don't go away folks!"the announcer's vioce boomed over the whole festival.

"Absol..absol..ab!"(Have we met,I'm Nana!)Nana bowed again and looked at Sylvia.

"Tranpich..tran!"(I'm Coco!)the Tranpich noticed the other pokemon as well,not hesitating a bit to walk up and introduce himself.

Well,Fliss did'nt say tha she withdrawed Sylvia did she?*looks at post*
Wait..did Nana introduce herself to Sylvia,Corrine and Christy yet?...Gah,must have lunch,maybe I'll bother to go and check later.

Random Plushie
October 11th, 2005, 9:37 PM
OOC: Didn't I already say that we only had a half hour break?

Eh, it's otay, I'll just edit my post. *edits*

Oh yay! If we leave time after teh lunch.. Then I can do something fun tomorrow..

I'll say happy b-day properly when Flissie gets online. ^^


Mystery sweat-dropped slightly as Dew and Coco laughed together, for no apparent reason.

"Mis.. Misdreavus.. Misdrea.. Misdrea, misdreavus misdreavus.." (Well.. That was.. Awkward.. Anyways, everyone's leaving.. We should, too.) Mystery commented, looking around the arena with boredom. She couldn't really do much there now, could she?

As most of the audience made their way towards the exit to take that two-hour break, the Ghost couldn't help but sense something.. Something very familiar.

Slightly suspicious, she began glancing around the stadium again. She sensed.. The Umbreon from the motel..

October 11th, 2005, 9:47 PM
PHWEE!!!!! Flissie Turns 12!!!!!!!

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October 11th, 2005, 9:52 PM
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FLISSIE!!!!!!!!!!11!!one ^_^

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October 11th, 2005, 9:59 PM
OOC: And where is your IC, missie?

Nah, just kidding. XD

FLISSIE!!!!!!!!!!11!!one ^_^

*gives a Silver Plushie* Your pressie! =3

OCC:Thx Plushie.. Muacks.. And.. I'm turning 12.. *huggles the Silver Plushie..* Then turns around to shower Plushie with hugs and kisses.. ^^

IC: "Yay... I won.." Nicole beamed as she sat down.. "Cal wouldn't be so hard.. I suppose" she thought to herself..

Random Plushie
October 11th, 2005, 10:01 PM

*shrivels up and dies*

We shouldn't do this in the Alphimega Thread..

Agent9 made a b-day thread for ya, so let's go there instead! ^^

October 11th, 2005, 10:02 PM
My pressie~!!
*takes out premium,pre-stuffed with finest mareep wool Falkner plushie*

Aw....and since I'm in a good "not tha crude" mood today.

*takes out Fliss plushie and sows hands to the hands of Silver and Falkner plushie*

Hm.....I'll think of where ta sow Lance when Titan gets here.



(extra 'P' XD)

"So...what to eat?"Jenny glanced to the many shops of the streets of Mooncrest.It was really a hard decision,so many nice restuarants,cafes,diners,no wait,diners were definately off the menu.XD

Yeah..shortess post,EVA!!!XP

Random Plushie
October 11th, 2005, 10:05 PM
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Gah, I'll have to come back tomorrow..

October 11th, 2005, 10:06 PM
OCC: Thanks Yibber.. I'll go scan the you-know-what now.. Stay tune to the changes in meh siggy..

IC: "Talking about food, I'm getting really, really hungry.." Nicole suddenly boomed out.. Let's eat at the restaurant nearby to celebrate our victory.. M'kay?" she suggested rubbing her stomach.