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October 12th, 2005, 5:10 AM
"So...restuarant it is then."Jenny walked over to the building which Nicole had pointed out by merely speaking and rubbing her stomach.

Dew and Coco had stopped tackling each other,and were now shoving each other from one side of the path to the other.

"Tranpich..tran!!"(Come on you!!)Coco leaned hard against Dew,who leaned back,using about the same amount of force.

"Absol..absol..ab."(Stop it you two.)Nana stepped in between them and nodded towards their trainer.

"Kirlia..kirlia..kirlia..kir."(One of these days,an eyes gonna pop out.)Ruru giggled and followed the group.

"Mimi..mimi.mi."(Lets just go for lunch.)Mimi firmly stated,making Dew bolt up suddenly,giving the Feebas a good scare.

"MARSH!!!!"(FOOD!!!!)Dew loved that word.

Ruru slapped her face with one hand.

"Absol..absol..ab."(I don't think you should have said that Mimi.)Nana took a step back as the suddenly "ravenous" looking Marshtomp charged like a bolt of lightning and caught up with the trainers,banging into Jenny's legs.

"Gah....Dew are you alright?"Jenny helped the Marshtomp up and rubbed the sore spot on his head.

"Tomp."(Food.)Dew uttered.

"I'll take that as a yes."Jenny smiled.

OH...Jenny's pokemon translating skills really need to improve!! XD.

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October 12th, 2005, 5:15 AM
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"Sound great." Cid concured with Nicole's suggestion, smiling at the general feeling of happiness in the air has he walked forward. Curly had taken on much the same, flowing gracefully and emanating a strong aura of positive emotions around himself. "The only question is which." the boy said, gesturing towards the myriad of different establishments advertising all kinds of edible things. They would certainly be able to find whatever they wanted there, the only problem would be to do so before the crowd got ahead of them.

Nightmare trodded along in a far more alert manner, picking up on Mystery's intent peering almost immediately. He didn't even really need to ask but did so anyway. "Mii-mighty-mightyyeena, miigh-tyy?"(You sense something, don't you?) he inquired, casting a glance at the Misdreavus "Mi-ghty-mightyena-eena?" (Is that presence back?)


Meanwhile, the presence in question followed her master silently, keeping a watchfull eye on the crowd as they made their way to a quite side area. "Moderate..." Nicoli said quietly, "Those three appear to be the very embodiment of mediocrity, and yet..." his gaze grew distant "And yet I have the feeling that there is more at work here than meets the eye. This requires further investigation."

The Umbreon nodded, preparing to set off once more, but was halted by a simple handsign from her trainer. "Not you Umbreon..." he said softly, reaching for one of the pokballs on his belt "The Misdreavus already knows your aura, and the Mightyena has caught your scent. For this assignment I need someone unknown to them." he threw the pokball with a flick of his wrist, unleashing its occupant, an unusually vicious-looking little Sableye who performed a quick sweep of the area with its crystaline eyes before turning to its master. "Ah, Sableye." Niocoli said, turning to face the ghost pokmon "I have need of your skills for an assignment of...delicate nature." he cast a glance at Cid and the others as they passed before continuing "Most delicate nature."

The Sableye nodded, casting a triumphant smirk at the Umbreon. Obviously the master's favourite pokmon must have failed him in some way for this assignment to be delegated onward. The Umbreon threw the ghost pokmon a murderous glare, much to the Sableye's amusement, but didn't comment.

"Those four..." Nicoli said, indicating the group that had recently passed them "I want you to follow them, but be discreet. That Misdreavus can tell people's auras and that Mightyena has a well honed sense of smell. You have something to counteract both of those abilities, do you not?"

The Sableye bowed in response, casting a unlike-some-people glance at the Umbreon beside him before fading from view as he began flitting through the crowds, tracing the group he had been assigned to keep watch of.

October 12th, 2005, 5:31 AM
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Nana's head jerked up,looking around.

"Absol...ab?"(What was that?)the Absol asked Nightmare and Mystery,scanning the surrondings to spot any suspicious things.People and pokemon alike.After a few moments...Nana calmed down..she couldn't see anything..but there was something amiss she could just feel it.Maybe not as while as Mystery..maybe not even Nightmare.

"Absol absol."(I feel it.)Nana spoke and looked to the Mightyena and Misdreavus.

"Come on eveybody.."Jenny opened the door of the restuarant as the pokemon walked in.

"Hey!!Hey now Missy!!"a waitress with blond hair,wearing a red shirt with a black skirt immediately came up to the group,one hand on her hip and the another balancing plates of food on a tray.

"Are those pokemon one hundred percent tamed...we don't let in-"she stopped in mid-sentence as Jenny pulled out her wallet.

"-people with no money!!Quick,lets get you all seats shall we?"her eyes sparkled as Jenny took out pokedollars.

Almost everyone is obsessed with money.What ish the world coming to?
Oh...and great,another adventure for the pokemon to play,and create havoc!

Coco sat on the floor of the restuarant.

"Tranpich."(Boring.)he sighed.

October 12th, 2005, 5:43 AM
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Guess who drew that?


"Swa..swa..blu...(What shall we do here?)" Christy asked..

"Sne..sne..sal..sal...(Erm.. I don't know.. Maybe we can just.. explore this place...)" Sylvia prompted..

"Swa..blu..blu(Okies.. Not a bad idea.. I guess)" Christy agreed..

Alter Ego
October 12th, 2005, 7:45 AM
OOC: Well, you deserve it Flissie. You're a special person and it's your special day. ^^ Oh, and that picture...*Stares in sheer amazement* O___O Gawd it's amazing! I think I have a pretty good idea of who drew it. ^.~ *Sigh* Wish I could draw like that...Thanks for sharing that picture with us Flissie. ^___^


Cid grinned at the sudden change of mood that their waitress underwent at the sight of Jenny's money, following the others as they were lead to their table. Suddenly, one of the pokballs on his belt began to quiver violently, rocking back and forth until the sealing mechanism finally gave in and Jaws broke out of his pokball, eyes still closed, causing a measure of panic among the closer patrons as he threw a wild punch at an invinsible foe. And growled.

"Croo-coo-co-co-naaw-na?! Croco-na?!" (Make fun of me will ya'?! Will ya'?!) he roared, flailing around and nearly causing one of the waitresses to drop the tray she was carryinh "Croconaw, na?! Cro-crocoo-naw-naaaw-croo-!" (Meganium, eh?! I've pulled out weeds with more-!")

"Jaws!" Cid called, grabbing the sizeable Croconaw by the arm in an attempt to calm him down "Jaws, snap out of it."

"Croco?!" (Snap?!) the Croconaw growled, still mired in his dream "Cro-coo-naaaw-naaaw-croconaw-crocoo-cooo-naw-croco-naaw!" (The only thing that will be snapping around here is your neck!) the water type raised his fist and aimed a powerfull punch towards Cid.

"Gar!" (Noo!) Curly exclaimed, using his psychic powers to stop Jaws in mid-swing and causing the Croconaw to finally wake up. For a moment, the water type simply stood there and blinked in utter confusion, lowering his fist and watching the slightly furious looking Curly with an expression of complete nonplussedness. "Croo-croconaaw?" (What happened?) he finally asked, scratching his head "Croco-naw-naw-crocooonaaw-cro?" (Where did the Meganium go?)

Random Plushie
October 12th, 2005, 9:06 PM
OOC: Flissie.. That's amazing. =3


Mystery, her senses at their peak, responded to the Mightyena with a simple "Mmm," indicating she was trying to concentrate, although she didn't want to be rude and ignore him. At Nana's added comment, Mystery nodded again, although she could only sense the Umbreon.. It's not like there was another spy.. Right?

I will not let anything get passed me.. The Misdreavus thought firmly to herself as the waitress let the Trainers in at the sight of Jenny's money. She put her senses on hold for the moment, however, as she followed the Trainers through the restaurant.

Amy didn't really say much, observing the scene as the waitress led them to their table, then watching with interest as Jaws seemed to punch at something within his dreams.

"Misdreavus mis-drea misdreavus." (I believe the Meganium stayed in your dream.) Mystery stated calmly, peering down at the Croconaw for the first time. This was obviously Cid's Pokemon, but she had never before met him.

October 12th, 2005, 9:40 PM
Oh....*stares and stares and stares*
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Whet's see...the one on the top right hand ish Nicole....bottom ish Amy..
And the two on the top left hand are Cid and Jenny.
Aw....and the group picture of all the pokemon ish so cute!!

Coco quickly lifted his head off the carpeted floor of the restuarant upon Sylvia's suggestion.

"Tranpich..tran!"(Yes lets!)Coco growled happily.

"Kirlia...kirlia..kir?"(Won't they notice if we're gone?)Ruru whispered to the pokemon.

"Gah!And these are just the appetizers!!"Jenny scratched her head in disbelief as she stared at the menus.

"Mimi..mimi."(I don't think so.)Mimi jumped onto Dew's shoulder,anything was better than this boring old dinky place.

Coco grinned as he and the others slowly snuck away.

"Marshtomp..marsh..tomp!!"(Hey come on guys..follow us!!)Dew gestured to the other pokemon before bounding off.

Jenny's leg found itself to Nana and tapped her gently,alerting the Absol which had closed her eyes,hoping for sleep.

"Follow them and make sure they don't get into trouble,"Jenny whispered.

"Absol...absol..ab.Absol...absol...ab."(Hey...don't get yourselves in trouble..) Nana slowly got on her feet and trugged off with after the pokemon.

"I guess that the're not hungry.."Jenny sighed as she got back to the menus.

"Oh my gawd!!"she hissed again,this time looking at the main course.

And I thought of Jenny's last name by suddenly bolting up from bed in the middle of the night.XD

Alter Ego
October 13th, 2005, 7:35 AM
Jaws blinked once more, staring at Mystery with a slightly confused look on his face. "Cro-coo-naw?" (Who are you?) he asked simply, before his eyes narrowed slightly in suspicion "Cro-croco-croconaw-naw-cro-croco-coo-naw-crocoo, coo-naw?" (You aren't another one of Cid's new catches, are you?)

Nightmare got up on his feet a bit reluctantly as he noticed that several of the other pokmon were making a getaway. "Mi-ghtyy, mightyy-eena-ena-mightyy-mi-mightyy-mightyena." (I swear, they're like a bunch of impatient children...) The Mightyena growled irritably, staring at the departing group for a while before trotting over to Cid and nudging his leg slightly.

The boy looked down, fairly confident that Jaws was calmer now and fixed the Mightyena with an inquisitive glance. "Hmm?" he asked, tilting his head slightly "You want to go take a walk?"

Nightmare nodded, letting out a gruff sound of acknowledgement. This seemed like a good enough way to put it.

"Well, alright." the boy replied. Nightmare was just about to leave as the end of the sentence struck "But you'll have to take Tempest with you." the Mightyena looked like he was about to protest but Cid cut him short "He needs to run of some of his energy." the boy stated "And you know I can't let him go off on his own. Go Tempest!" he unleashed the Electrike out of his pokball, the electric pokmon letting out a happy 'trike!' and beginning to run around Nightmare in an excited circle, much to the dark type's annoyance.

"Well, have fun." Cid said, turning back to help Jenny decipher the humungous menu.

"Ele!" (Fun!) Tempest exclaimed, running around Nightmare even faster than before, his stump of a tail wagging quickly once more "Ele! Ele! Ele!" (Fun! Fun! Fun!) the electric type repeated, dashing ahead to catch up with the others while Nightmare followed in a far more dignified, if also fairly fast, manner.

Random Plushie
October 13th, 2005, 9:11 PM
Mystery tilited her head at the Croconaw's question. The Ghost couldn't imagine anyone besides Amy being her Trainer.

"Mis.. Mis misdreavus misdrea. Mis misdrea misdreavus.." (No.. Amy is my Trainer. My name is Mystery..) She said, trailing off at the end when she noticed the other Pokemon departing. Staring off after them hopefully for a bit, she then frowned, turning back towards the Trainers, along with the Croconaw who had stayed.

I must stay and watch.. For unexpected occurances.. The Misdreavus thought to herself, glancing out the window in suspicion..

"Appetizers? You sure?" Amy stated at Jenny's comment, rubbing her eyes before she peered even closer at the menu, staring at what she saw in pure denial.

October 13th, 2005, 10:05 PM
"I swear,they are robbing us."Jenny said as she placed her menu back on the table.

Nana suddenly felt a gust of wind blow past her.She looked down and saw Tempest.

"Absol..ab?"(All of you are coming along too?)she asked,blowing some strands of fur that landed infront of her face.

"Marshtomp..marsh!"(Yay,more people!)Dew smiled on seeing Nightmare and Tempest.

"Absol..absol..ab..absol..ab..ab."(Why can't we all just sit down and have a nice nap,you people really have too much energy.)Nana sighed.

"Tranpich..tran..pich!"(Its not fun wasting the day away with sleeping!!)Coco replied happily to Nana's remark.

"Marshtopm..marshtomp..marsh."(Its not that we have too much energy,its you pokemon that have too little.)Dew laughed as he pushed open the door of the resturant.

"Kirlia...kirlia..kir..kirlia..."(Come on,you have to agree.)Ruru nudged Nana gently before getting onto the Absol's back.

"Absol...ab...absol...absol..ab."(Fine..but I know this will come and haunt me later.)Nana yawned and pushed the door open for Nightmare and Tempest.

Random Plushie
October 13th, 2005, 10:12 PM
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October 13th, 2005, 10:17 PM
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Alter Ego
October 14th, 2005, 3:09 AM
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Jaws' eyes slowly returned to normal as he noticed that the Misdreavus was being quite serious "Croo...crocoo-naaw..." (Well...alright then...) he replied "Cro-croco-naaw-crooo-croco-croconaw-cro-co-naaw-naaw. Croco-cro-conaaw-crooo-croco-conaaw-naaw-cro-coo." (But don't even think about muscling in on Cid's team. There are enough queer folks around here as it is.) he cast a suspicious glance at Tempest and Nightmare "Croconaw, cro-cooo. Croconaw-naaw-cro-croconaw..." (Anyhow, I'm Jaws. Pleased to meet you I suppose...) he grunted, turning his attention back to Cid and, the now eye-rolling, Curly.

"Elec!" (Yeah!) Tempest replied to Nana's question, his tail stll wagging nonstop "El-elece-el-elec-tri!" (We came to have fun!) the electric type jumped a bit on the spot, seemingly too hyper to sit still.

"Mi-ghtyy..." (I swear...) Nightmare growled irritably "Mi-ghtyy-might-mightyy-eeeena-mi-mightyy, ,oghtyy-eena-eena, mii-ghtyy, mighty-eena-eeena-mightyy, mighty-eena-ena." (If you're going to run around in circles, wag your tail, and yell 'weeee!' for the rest of this little excursion, I'm going to hurl.)

The Mightyena turned to Nana, "Mi-ghtyy-mighty-ena-mightyeena..." (I only came to supervise...) he stated before following Tempest out of the door.

Cid took a closer look at the prices as well, shaking his head. "They can't be serious." he said "You could buy a small farm in Johto for this kind of money, probably the farmer too..."

Random Plushie
October 14th, 2005, 8:55 PM
Mystery nodded at the Croconaw's words, but decided not to reply when he turned away, seemingly losing interest in the conversation.

Muscle into Cid's team? Haven't thought of that one. She thought to herself. He may be a good Trainer from what I can tell, but still..

Sighing mentally, the Misdreavus floated upwards to a spot near Amy's head, her eyes seemingly glazing over when she stopped; her senses hightening once again. From what she could feel at the moment, the Umbreon she had met was far away.. And she wasn't moving any closer.. And that was weird.

Even so, she couldn't help but sense something amiss, although she really couldn't detect any peculiar auras. Even Nana had made a comment about that..

Either I'm losing it, or someone is playing a very good game.. Mystery thought, her eyes narrowing slightly.

"Um.. Maybe.. I'll just have a shake.. Or something.." Amy said to the other Trainers, sweat-dropping. That was one of the cheaper items on the menu, but yet it was still over-priced. The girl sighed. Perhaps one of her friends would think of some better way to save money.

October 14th, 2005, 10:31 PM
OOc-For some reason..Yibber feels tired today....*yawn*

"Kirlia...kirlia..kirlia..kirlia..kirlia."(Aw,live and let live Nightmare,you can't blame Tempest for his own energetism.)Ruru laughed on Nana as the Electrike continued chasing his tail.

"Ab..ab...absol..absol.."absol"?Absol...absol..absol..ab."(Ha..ha...And you think I'm here to have "fun"?I'd much rather sit down and let my life take its course.)Nana responded to Nightmare's statement.

"Absol..absol..absol..absol..."(Which is probably what is happening now...)Nana had stumped herself with her own words,letting out another yawn.

Coco held a huge grin on his face as he saw Tempest.That Electrike would be equally,maybe more enegetic than him.Fun was the word that came into the Tranpich's mind.Coco whispered to Dew,who nodded quickly and walked up to the unsuspecting Tempest.The Electrike seemed to be too busy chasing his tail to notice him sneak up.

"Marshtomp!!"(Tag,yer it!!)Dew whacked Tempest hard with one flipper.

"Mimi!Mimi..mimi..mi!!"(Dew!Not that hard!!)Mimi scolded the Marshtomp.

Nana looked up to Dew's words,before shaking her head.

"Ab..ab..absol..ab!!"(No..no..Not another game of tag!!)Nana growled softly,now she had to make sure that Dew and Coco wouldn't hurt themselves.

"Absol..absol..ab?"(But I guess it's my job eh?)she smiled to Ruru and Nightmare before bounding off after the other pokemon.

"Nicole...your expectations are REALLY high."Jenny remembered that that was the girl who suggested this over-priced place as she put the menu down once more.

"I'm just going for one of those little bread rolls that they serve before our real meals arrive."Jenny sighed as she made her decision.

October 14th, 2005, 10:32 PM
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Random Plushie
October 14th, 2005, 10:53 PM

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"Oh, that's a good idea." Amy stated in response to Jenny's comment.

Those bread rolls wouldn't last long, but at least it would lessen the blow of being severely ripped off.

"You know, they would actually make more of a profit if their prices were lower, I'd think. More people would actually come and pay." Amy continued, watching as many of the other customers, who had just sat down, were now eyeing the menu in the same manner.

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October 14th, 2005, 11:10 PM
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Alter Ego
October 15th, 2005, 12:36 AM
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"Well, technically almost everyone is bound to buy something." Cid stated "It's a psychological kind of thing, I think. No-one wants to look like a cheapskate and walk out without buying anything...except for me." he concluded "I'll pass altogether, I dislike supporting rip-off artists, call it the principle of the thing."

Curly turned to Mystery, noticing that the Misdreavus seemed to be deep in thought. "Gardevoir-voiir?" (Something amiss?) he asked quietly, hoping that he wasn't disturbing anything. He had to know though, as the Gardevoir had a definite feeling that the security of his trainer might be at stake.

Meanwhile, safely tucked from view behind a potted plant, the Sableye observed Mystery's efforts with amusement, chuckling quietly for himself. The Misdreavus had practically no chance of noticing him, and even if she did, he had the means to deal with it.


"Mi-mightyyeena-mi-mightyy" (A controversy I believe) Nightmare pointed out at Nana's comment. "Mii-mii-mighty-eena-mightyy-mightyy-eeena-ena-mightyena." (But I'm glad to see that there is at least on other llevel-headed person with us.)

"Ele?!" (Tag?!) Tempest exclaimed as Dew's flipper struck him, getting back onto his feet in a split-second.

The Electrike bounded forward, charging towards the unsuspecting Coco and preparing to tap the Trapinch with his front paw.

"Mii-ghty..." (Our job...) Nightmare replied to Nana's statement, casting a weary glance at the other pokmon "Mii-ghty..." (Our job...)

October 15th, 2005, 12:54 AM
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"Humph!I'll have no such thing,at least just eat one of those bread rolls,you're gonna have loads of battles after this,no food is a definite no!"Jenny wagged her menu at Cid's words.

"Ya'll ready to order yet?"the same waitress came up to their table holding a pen and notepad in her hands.

"Uh..yeah!We'll just have the bread rolls if it's okay..."Jenny started with a smile before bending her head down and twisting her hair with her fingers as she came to the last part of the sentence.

"Oh..of course it is!!"the waitress said through gritted teeth,walking briskly into the other room.

"THEY EXPECT TO EAT HERE!!JUST BREAD ROLLS!!WE ARE AND EXCLUSIVE RESTUARANT AND ALL THEY ASK IS A BASKET OF BREAD ROLLS!!"a voice shouted from behind the doors,causing all the people in the room to look up from their menus.

A moment later the waitress came back with a basket of bread rolls,her face was rather red.

"I don't think I should have said that..."Jenny whispered to the trainers sitting beside her as the waitress walked away,a small smile couldn't help but appear on the girl's face.

"Tran!!"(Hey!!)Coco growled as Tempest tagged him.

Ruru quickly jumped off Nana and ran off after the rest.Nana stopped for a breather before running again.

"Absol..absol...ab."(Small,fast and irritating.)she smiled to the Mightyena beside her.

"Absol..absol..absol..-"(In a good way of course,you just can't help but smile at them-)Dew ran away from the Tranpich that was chasing him,banging into a Spinda.

"Spinda!!Spinda...spin!!"(Watch the fur!!It's fluffed!!)Spinner got up and brushed bits of dirt off himself before shooting the Marshtomp on the pavement a dirty look.

"Kirlia!"(Dew!)Ruru quickly helped the Marshtomp up,who scratched his head in confusion.

"Marshtomp...marshtomp..marsh?"(Hey..aren't you that pretty boy's pokemon?)Dew pointed his flipper to Spinner.

Alter Ego
October 15th, 2005, 1:18 AM
OOC: Sowwee, I was up until about 2 AM. Major case of insomnia...


"Well, alright then...mother." Cid replied cheekily, retaining his silence as Jenny ordered the food. He couldn't help grinning at the waitress' forcefully polite manner when she heard that they were only buying a basket of bread rolls. Judging by the way that she had been looking at Jenny's money earlier, it was obvious that the waitress had awaited a huge order, probably a fair tip as well, and it wasn't perhaps too surprising when she unleashed her frustration somewhere behind the doors, presumably thinking that it was out of earshot.

"Maybe you shouldn't..." Cid concured, smiling a bit as well, "But that spectacle was almost worth these cutthroat prices."


"Miii-ghty?" (Can't you?) Nightmare asked, maintaining an indifferent expression although the ends of his mouth twitched slightly as Dew collided with Spinner.

"Elec-tri!" (You're it!) Tempest exclaimed as he noticed this, running around the Spinda in a frantic circle before stopping for a bit and tilting his head, his brow knotting in concentration. "Ele, electri-trike-tri-eleectrikee?" (Say, haven't I seen you somewhere?) the electric type asked, tilting his head.

October 15th, 2005, 1:48 AM
Insomia..?Atleast you don't wake up at 5 in the morning everyday,regardless of what time you sleep.

"Spinda...spinda."(Eeh,i don't play "tag".)Spinner replied grumpily,waving his paws at Tempest,in hope that the pokemon would go away.

"Spinda...spin!?"(Hey...aren't you the one who beat me!?)Spinner took a closer look at the Electrike as he asked the question.

"Kirlia..kirlia..?"(So what if he did beat you?)Ruru stepped forward and stared at the mutant rabbit.

Spinner clenched his paws,which began glowing.

"Mimi..mimi..mi!?"(Hey,isn't that a dizzy punch attack!?)Mimi quickly called out as Spinner raised his fists.

This quickly alerted Nana who jumped in between the two pokemon.

"Absol...ab!"(Stop it!)she scolded both of the pokemon.

Spinner mearly held the same angry look in his eyes and punched the Absol instead.Nana flew back a few feet form the impact of the punch,landing on the pavement,startling a few passer-byers.

"Marsh!!"(Nana!!)Dew bent over the Absol.

"Mimi..mimi..mi?"(Are you alright?)Mimi asked worriedly.

"Kirlia..kirlia..kirlia!!"(What did she ever do to you rabbit!!)

"Spinda...spin..spinda..spin-"(Actually,I'm a panda not a rabbit and-)Spinner held a look of superiorty,when suddenly,Coco did something totally unexpected.

"Tranpich..tranpich!!"(She said stop it!!)Coco growled angrily at what the Spinda had just done.Coco opened his huge jaws and bit on one of Spinner's ears,out of pure instinct.

"Spinda!!!!"(Ou-ou-ouch!!!!)Spinner started jumping up and down,in hopes of shaking the Tranpich off.

"Oi!!What're think you're doing!!"the voice of a familiar,annoying boy called out.

Jenny chose not to say anything at Cid's comment,but grabbed a roll a pretended to hit him on the head,before munching happily on the bread.
The girl turned to a potted plant nearby,before turning away again.

Alter Ego
October 15th, 2005, 2:02 AM
Nightmare growled treatheningly as Spinner punched Nana, leaping in front of the Absol and preparing to give the arrogant Spinda in front of him a taste of Poison Fang. Coco seemed to have the situation under control, however, as he promptly latched onto the panda pokmon's ear.

"El-ele-ctri!" (He hit Nana!) Tempest exclaimed as the familiar male voice posed its question, glaring fiercely at the Spinda (That serves you right! And I remember you now!) the Electrike's eyes narrowed "Eleec-tri-trike-electrike! Ele-eec-trii-el-elee-ctri!" (You're the jerk I shocked! And I'd be glad to do it again!) the electric type began charging up energy again, but was stopped in mid-action.

"Miii." (Heel.) Nightmare stated simply, the Electrike backing down out of pure instinct and ceasing it's gathering. The Mightyena glared down at Spinner, showing no interest in dislodging Coco from its ear and snorting dismissively at the Spinda "Mi-might-yyy-eena-mighty." (He isn't worth the effort.) he walked over to Nana instead. "Mii-ghty-mighty?" (Are you alright?) the Mightyena inquired, giving the Absol a worried glance while Tempest continued to glare at Spinner.


As Jenny turned towards him, the Sableye immediately reacted by fading from view, melding with what shading was around him. There was something peculiar about that female. Even though she hadn't shown any sign off having located him she had still been looking excactly at the spot the Sableye was at, very demeaning for one with his experience in stealth.

Cid feigned a look of complete innocence, taking himself a breadroll as well. He was just about to take a bite as Curly suddenly frowned. "What's the matter?" Cid asked, turning to adress the psychic type.

"I sense...a disturbance..." the Gardevoir replied telepathically "One of ours has been hurt."

October 15th, 2005, 2:29 AM
"Ab..absol..ab."(Yeah..I'm alright.)Nana slowly got up,her legs shaking a bit as they tried to supported her body weight.

"Absol..absol..ab..absol.."(That small little rabbit sure does have a strong punch..)the Absol grimaced as she looked at the bruise left on her body.

"Mimi..mimi..mi..?"(Are you really okay..?)Mimi repeated the question,in fact,she was prepared to repeat it as many times as she could before she could finally see,that the Absol,really was fine.

Nana nodded weakly..before collasping down on her four legs again.

"Absol..absol..absol...absol..ab."(Just tired that's all,I don't get much sleep.)Nana tried to cover up as her body swayed back and forth.

Ruru frowned,that was not a sign of "lack of sleep".

A Blaziken suddenly appeared out of thin air and pulled off Coco.The pokemon then passed the panda to her trainer standing behind.Gen immediately picked Spinner up.

"What're Jenny's and Cid's pokemon doing here,hurting my Spinner too!"he asked the pokemon,as Spinner cuddled against his trainer.

Dew started pointing at the Spinda in his arms,his mouth gapped opened.

"Marshtomp!!..marsh!!"(It was him!!Spinner did it!!)the Marshtomp jumped up and down.

Coco spat and stuck his tougue out.

"Tranpich...tran..tranpich..tranpich."(Tasted too bitter,he needs more salt.)Coco commented loud enough for everyone to hear,including Spinner,who growled.

"Where are your trainers anyway?"Gen asked,suddenly thinking of what a good impression in would have been if he brought the pokemon back to their trainers...especially to Amy.

Ruru pointed to a restaurant not far from them.

"There...they can afford to go there?"Gen chuckled before using his free hand to usher the pokemon towards the restaurant.Belle followed after,taking a glance at Nana,before sighing and helping the Absol up along with the other pokemon.

Nana looked up to the Blaziken,this pokemon was different.It also chose not to speak,as it supported the Absol.

"Mimi..mimi..mi."(So much for exploring.)Mimi muttered as they walked back to the restuarant.

"What's the matter?"Jenny asked,seeing the worried looks on Curly and Cid's faces.

October 15th, 2005, 2:55 AM
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October 15th, 2005, 3:13 AM
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I'm sorry but I don't think you can join,other people have tried to join in the past.But..well...see,we're like really..REALLY too far to uh...let anyone join.So...I guess the answered be-

But it was really nice of you..and ybur means REALLY nice that you actually bothered to read this RP.(Nobody usually reads it,even though we are the longest RP currently)

But I don't think that there's no reason why you can't stop reading...(and maybe post a few comments/suggetsions here and there....I'll haf ta ask Alter Ego first...I'm really not the type who knows these sorts of stuff.)

Hope you don't get that sweepy the next time...and continue reading the RP.
(Yea..and once again..Sowee.)

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Alter Ego
October 15th, 2005, 4:23 AM
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"Mii-ghtyy-mii-ghty..." (The heck you are...) Nightmare growled quietly, casting a murderous glare at Spinner. "Mii-ghty-mightyena-eeena-mighty... (And if a certain incident occurs again...) the Mightyena added in a slightly louder voice "Mi-ghtyy-eena-eena-mightyena. Mii-ghty, mightyena?" (We shall be having fried panda to eat. Won't we, Tempest?)

A slightly vicious grin spread across the Electrike's face "Ele-electrikee..." (But Nightmare...) he protested in a mock-whiny voice "Ele-electrike-el-elee-elec-trike-trii-ke-electrike." (You promised me that I could keep it as a chew-toy!)

"Mii-ghtyy-mightyena." (Out of the question.) Nightmare replied, shooting the Electrike an almost indescrinble grin of equal mischief before turning his expression to one of outmost seriousness "Mi-mighty-eena-eena-eee-mightyena." (We don't play with the food.)

Nightmare snapped his fangs towards Gen's hand, barring his teeth and growling at the boy as he attempted to usher him along, clearly indicating that he would only move in his own time and at his own volition. The Mightyena knew full well what Gen was up to and was certainly going to make sure that the others would as well. Tempest followed suit, chewing on the boy's shoelaces and yapping at him, both pokmon making nasty remarks about Spinner as they went along.


"It's our pokmon." Cid replied, rising to his feet, "One of them is in trouble, Curly has sensed it."

The Gardevoir nodded, "I sense...something more..." he added, now adressing all of the trainers "A familiar presence...from this morning's battles...it is responsible."

"Familiar presence?" Cid echoed, turning towards the entrance, "Who could it possibly-"

Cid was cut off mid-sentence, his eyes narrowing as Gen came into view, Spinner in tow. Noticing this, Jaws assumed a fiercer manner as well. It was obvious that whoever this person, whoever he was, wasn't on good terms with Cid, and people who weren't on good terms with Cid, the Croconaw concluded as he clenched his fists ever so slightly, were in need of a booting adjustement to their moral values, administered via their posteriors.

October 15th, 2005, 4:48 AM
Sat infront of the comp. for pratically half the day.

Gen quickly withdrawed his hand as Nightmare snapped at him.Turning away from the obstinate pokemon.
Gen glanced into the restuarant,looking for the trainers,before noticing that Cid had risen from a table.The boy waved his fingers at the group,particularly directed to Amy. The pokemon crowded around him to get a look,some trying to tear him apart,or just plain scowl.Coco licked his lips at Gen's shoes..they looked mighty fine to eat they did.

"What?!"Jenny rose up from her seat as well and rushed out.

"Hi Jenny!"Gen smiled before gesturing to the pokemon.

"I believe these are yours."he stated,waiting for a good long thank-you,but it never came.

"Yeah okay thanks."Jenny quickly bent down beside Nana and examined her bruise.Gen gapped his mouth wide open as the girl completly ignored him,which was,maybe,a first.

"Which irresponsible trainer would let his pokemon just attack like that!"Jenny growled as she withdrawed Nana into her pokeball.Gen started whistling and put his hands behind his back,that boy was bad at looking innocent.

"You?!"Jenny rose up and glared at the boy.

October 15th, 2005, 4:52 AM
OCC: Time for Gen-crazy...

IC: "AHH!! It's Gen.. How do I look? Pretty right?" Nicole screamed in her heart as she looked into the glass of water.. She stared at the guy.. "Woo.. Still as cute as usual.." she beamed... "He...ll..o.." she greeted the guy softly.. As per normal, the boy did not even bother to look at Nicole.. "Haiz.." she sighed..

October 15th, 2005, 4:54 AM
Dude...there's no mirror...where'd the mirror come from?!

October 15th, 2005, 5:03 AM
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Alter Ego
October 15th, 2005, 5:24 AM
"You?!" Cid fumed, the familiar spark of anger igniting in his eyes as he glared at Gen with nothing short of pure hatred. "You did this! You and that-that deformed rabbit-thing!" he pointed an accusing finger at Spinner.

Nightmare and Tempest both concured with this statement, their personal differences put aside in the face of this new situation as they both began to explain their views of the situation, seemingly unbothered by the fact that their explanations seemed to be overriding each other for most of the time.

"Why you arrogant, egocentric, brain-dead twerp of a-"

Jaws glared at the boy with equal fury as Cid continued his verbal assault, his fists now clenched and ready to deliver a Dynamicpunch straight to Gen's arrogant face as soon as his trainer would let him. Curly seemed to be looking equally upset, the emanations around him hinting at a repeat of the Nigina incident if something wasn't done to calm down the situation fast.

October 15th, 2005, 5:24 AM
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Gah!My bad..didn't notice Titan's post XD.

Jenny laughed as Cid continued his assualt verbly and nodded here and there,waiting for the boy to cease his words,so that she could give the boy a piece of HER mind.

Dew and the others nodded at Cid's words.


"Tranpich..tran."(Ignorant,totally.)Coco growled at Spinner,who seemed to not care bout what they were saying,though having an urge to Dizzy punch the boy infront of him.

"Piffle,you can't blame me for your own lack of ownership and responsiblities as trainers now can you?"Gen said before looking away.

Jenny held her arm infront of Cid,hoping that the boy would stop so that she could start,Gen clearly wanted trouble.

Alter Ego
October 15th, 2005, 5:37 AM
At Gen's comment, Cid was about to give the boy another round of the old moral what for but, picking up on Jenny's gesture, he backed down a bit instead "Over to you a maestro..." Cid mouthed, content that Gen would feel the fury of this lovably volatile girl and the fierce manner with which she used her words. It was once again going to be an awe-inspiring and terrifying show to behold, and he was going to enjoy every minute of it.

Nightmare and Tempest both continued growling at Gen, preparing to strike down Spinner hard and without mercy should the Spinda be foolish enough to attempt an attack. Curly and Jaws seemed to be thinking much along the same lines, the four of them all eyeing Spinner in a don't-push-your-luck-boy manner.

October 15th, 2005, 5:47 AM
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But I shall think of crude mean words to say.Muahaaaaa.*hack*

Alter Ego
October 15th, 2005, 8:17 AM
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Random Plushie
October 15th, 2005, 10:26 AM
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Amy was slightly bewildered at the sudden entrance of Gen and Spinner, not to mention the whole group of Jenny's Pokemon, plus Nightmare and Tempest. Dang, as if the prices hadn't already surprised her enough.

Gah, I can see the Pokemon coming back.. But why is he here? Amy thought to herself with digust. She decided to remain sitting in her seat. After all, with all the words traded so far, and from the gesture Jenny made to Cid, she could tell that Gen should already be praying.

Meanwhile, Mystery had chosen not to return to reality, her meditating state going strong as she attempted to decipher what was wrong.

She could tell now--There was something watching them; it was not that Umbreon; and she couldn't even tell where it was..

Mystery frowned to herself.

Sly little bugger..

Alter Ego
October 15th, 2005, 10:56 AM
OOC: Okay, slight correction Plushie. They're all in the restaurant (Didn't get to go anywhere before Gen came blustering in), Cid has just gone on a major insult spree since Spinner punched Nana so bad, and Jenny is just about to finish of what Cid started, so could you edit your post to reflect that?

Random Plushie
October 15th, 2005, 11:05 AM
OOC: There we go, all fixed. ^^

October 16th, 2005, 12:53 AM

Yeah...*suspense=good(and crude.Muahahahha*hack*)*XD.
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Gen raised his eyebrows as Jenny stepped forward.

"Bring it."he muttered,just loud enough for the girl to hear,and give him one of her death-stares.

"What is your problem!!Why did your rabbit go and attack my Nana,what did she ever do to you jerk?!"

"Is that all you're going to say,because I was expecting more...and Spinner isn't a rabbit,he's a panda...and I'm not a je-"Jenny silenced him by shooting another death stare.

"Oh..its only just begun."she mouthed to the pokemon courdinator.

"You are a low down ego-manic,ignorant,irresponsible,uncouth,over-confident,selfish brat of a jerk OF a pokemon "so-called" courdinator that I have had the misfortune to ever meet and see in my entire life!!"she shouted,poking the boy with her finger after each word,causing him to flinch slightly.

"Not to mention sore-loser!!Gawd...it's just a Tourney,but no....You've got to act all stuck up and attack a pokemon who didn't even provoke you in anyway at all!!If you call US irresponsible trainers,look into the mirror,bet you'll find the King of Jerks OF irresponsible trainers that you've ever seen in your life!"Jenny stopped for a moment before taking another deep breath.

"And you can't blame us for you losing can you?We all can't help it if you were born like that.

"Or are you just jealous?Hm..."she circled the boy.

"Wha?Me...jealous why would I be jealous?Look at that punk,messy hair,plain clothes...not to mention that ugly scar..."Gen said in a squeaky voice,but a voice nonetheless as he pointed at Cid.

"Scar...you think just because of a low down darn scar means that he's not as good as you?Newflash boy,Cid there's a better trainer than you could ever hope to be in your whole wasted life.Smarter,kinder,nicer,sweeter,LESS of an ego,LESS arrogant,MUCH LESS of a jerk and of course, better than you,and loads more other things I could say but not have the attention span to.Or should I go on for the sake of your thrist of "knowledge"??"the girl asked with a grin on her face.Gen slowly shook his head.

"And not to mention the fact that I have a scar as well."Jenny absent-mindely took off the bandana on her arm and flashed it to the boy.

"And you know what?I'm proud to have it,and if you can't see the glory.(Which I highly doubt that you'll be able to because of that slow nogin of yours,)Then fine by me!"

"Oh....one more thing to add.Don't you know?Hitting an Absol might cause you bad luck..and a curse to follow you everywhere until your bleak life ends..."Jenny said creepily to Gen,before holding up Nana's pokeball.The Absol beared her teeth and flattened herself on the floor of the pokeball,snarling at Gen and Spinner.The boy immediately took a few steps back,and ran into the streets of the city.

Jenny shook her head and sighed,finally ending another huge verbal assault.

Suddenly,from behind her,the girl heard clapping.Confused,Jenny turned around and was shicked to see that a whole group of people were clapping their hands,and staring at her.

"Where did they come from??"Jenny whispered to Cid.

"Mimi..mimi..mimi..mi?"(Yes..where did they come from?)Mimi repeated the question.

"Marshtomp..marshtomp..marsh.."(Oh,they gathered when they heard Cid shouting,and saw the whole assualt of Jenny on Gen.)Dew answered.

"Uh..."Jenny stood rooted to the spot.Slowly,her face broke out into a small smile and she bowed,gesturing to Cid as well.

"Come on people,we can't leave out the guy who started it can we??"she shouted over the noise.Who nodded in unison and clapped harder.

Gah!!Jenny showed the scar..oh no!!Gah...Cid's gonna freak!!
*runs and hides*

Random Plushie
October 16th, 2005, 1:03 AM
"Hehe.." Amy grinned, thoroughly enjoying what she saw, even joining in at the end when most of the people nearby started clapping.

"Yeah, that's the way, Jenny!" Amy exclaimed, her smile growing ever wider, knowing that that pretty boy wasn't going to be bothering them any time soon.

OOC: Gah, I'll post more when Titan does..

October 16th, 2005, 1:20 AM
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Titan must be writing a really long post...
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October 16th, 2005, 1:27 AM
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October 16th, 2005, 1:35 AM
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You do not know what horibible the Feebas can do to you....
But Yibber shall hold them back..just this once.XD

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Ah...Yibber's heart. :dead:

Random Plushie
October 16th, 2005, 2:23 AM
OOC: Nah, I'm still here.. My Mom can't sleep, so I must be stealthy.. XD

Now for some foreshadowing!


Back at Viper HQ.

Ah yes, Slythe remarked, throwing his empty latte in the trash, Everything is going according to plan.. He trailed off, pausing to smooth his hair back.

Thats when his personal PokeNav began to ring.

Thoroughly annoyed, his good mood now spoiled, the leader grimaced, slowly picking up the dreaded machine with one hand and flipped it open with one gesture.

No one ever called his personal PokeNav with good news..

Hello, Boss? This is Admin Victoria.. The voice on the other end seemed drenched with regret.

Get on with it. Im not interested in the Mareep at the moment, so make this quick. Slythe answered back, the words dripping with annoyance.

Actually.. Its the warehouse. After.. An unfortunate event..

Slythe raised his brow. An unfortunate event?

Transfer number 400.. At least a forth of the cloned Pokemon escaped.. As well as some of the trained and bred Pokemon. Victoria finished, her voice a bit shaky.

Slythe grimaced again, then silently shook himself together.

Bah, the cloned Pokemon can be replaced. What of the trained Pokemon? Which ones escaped? He asked irritably.

Um.. One of the Grunts said he saw a Seviper escaping-

WHAT!? Slythe said, clenching the PokeNav until it shook in his hand.

You know as well as I do that the only Seviper in that particular transfer was of the direct bloodline of my own! Slythe snarled, his voice practically covered in venom. I had plans for that one! Do you know what this does to my plan!?

Um.. Y-Yessir, but..

No buts! Find that lovely snake or youre in for a demotion! Slythe shouted, slamming his PokeNav shut.

October 16th, 2005, 2:55 AM
Oh yah....Lets play another round of 'Get Yibber to be emotionally depressed' tomorrow.Xp

Soon,the crowd dispersed and only Nicole,Amy,Cid and Jenny were left on the street.

"Well..after what happened to Gen,I'd say that I'm quite full now.Hm...might as well go looking around the stalls eh?"Jenny smiled,taking a glace at the surronding stalls.

Suddenly,a huge Seviper slithered cross Jenny's path,giving the girl a huge fright,nearly falling on her back.

"What was that?"she aksed the rest.

Random Plushie
October 16th, 2005, 3:09 AM
The Seviper in question seemed a bit frightened for a second, before instantly darting off to the side, disappearing into the brush.

"What was what?" Amy asked, turning around immediately in an attempt to follow the path of Jenny's eyes. But, she ended up finding nothing. Perhaps she had seen something scurry by, and it was nothing to worry about..

Mystery, however, snapped to immediate attention, eyeing the area cautiously.

Perhaps this is the one who has been watching us.. The Misdreavus thought, narrowing her eyes.


"Sev.. Seviper sevvii.." (Gah.. No food by the humansss..) The Seviper trailed off as she slithered into a safer spot within the brush. She had been searching for food for practically forever.. She hadn't eaten in days.. But she hadn't found anything.

She was beginning to get desperate for even the slightest scrap of anything. In fact, that was the only reason she had gone near the humans, in search of food, but alas, there was nothing.

Ooh, she wasn't going to do that again, it was much too scary.

OOC: I'll continue when Titan gets back, I guess. >.<

October 16th, 2005, 3:19 AM
Isn't 'Get Yibber to be emotionally depressed' a fun game?*piffle*

Wait,random fact here but,Yibber was voted-
Most Talkative Person in her class.
Go Yibber!!I can't help it but be annoyingly cute and chatty!!!PWHEE!!!!
(Wait..ish tha a good thing?Hm....Oh well,Yibber likes the title!)

Random Plushie
October 16th, 2005, 3:21 AM
OOC: Most talkative in class?




Alter Ego
October 16th, 2005, 3:28 AM
OOC: Sorry for the absence, I got bored since certain people weren't on (Not to mention any names Yibber <_<) so I went and had some random netbattles with Arty. I swear, the Double Team/Mud-slap combo was with him every time. <_<

But yeah, most talkative in class suits you. Take that as you will. ^_^ I was dubbed the most original in school once. Actually, I think that means 'weirdest' but that's fine by me. XD


Cid watched in utter amazement as Jenny lashed out at Gen, reducing the cocky little jerk's voice to that of a pathetic little mouse. The beauty of it was not so much in what Jenny said as the way she said it. One had to admire the way she could turn an everyday word like 'jerk' into a lethal weapon. As Jenny got to the part of comparing him and Gen Cid couldn't help getting a warm fuzzy feeling, although slightly coupled with bashfulness, even though all of the adjectives used came in comparison with Gen so they didn't actually amount to very much. But the important thing, so a voice in the back of Cid's mind which he hadn't heard in a very long time told him, was that she still considered him far better than Gen. As Jenny got into the shocking part of her little presentation, namely her scar, Cid couldn't help flinching ever so slightly in a manner that was strangely familiar to Nightmare's. So that's what she had been hiding. the boy thought for himself That scar...it's my fault...isn't it? his spirits sank a fair bit but he accepted the congratulations as well as he could, managing a decent smile. In any case, this wasn't the time to ask any questions concerning that particular matter and he had to admit that the way in which Gen made his retreat had been highly amusing.

"Yes, that was quite fullfilling." Cid commented, smiling as they stepped out into the street, "I'm in for checking out the stalls as well."

At Jenny's exclamation, Cid had just enough time to spot a sharp, blade-like Seviper's tail dissapearing into the brush.

"A Seviper..." he said, attempting to trace the creature to no avail, his brow furrowing ever so slightly "It wasn't Nigina though, far too timid. Probably just some poor wild pokmon looking for food." he shrugged, "It's kind of sad."

The Sableye smiled for himself, content that the blame had now been sucessfully shifted onto the Seviper instead. He could sense a great deal of potential from the timid creature, feeling a considerable urge to follow it instead, but orders were orders, and the master's punishments weren't particularly appealing so the ghost type retained his post, flitting out of view and taking up a spot on the hat of a tourist who was heading in the right direction, remaining unseen by the crowd.

October 16th, 2005, 3:33 AM
You really have no idea how violent Yibber ish.Yea..lately when she gets the urge,she sometimes shouts in class.But,I usually just say things load enough for the whole class to hear and laugh.I only shout when I'm hyper hyper!!
I've been working for a title like that since..well,since I started talking in sentences.XD,yea.

"Stray pokemon.."Jenny sighed,finally noticing that she was holding her bandana in one hand.

"GAH!!!!!"she suddenly let out a scream,causing some heads to turn.

What?Writer's block-The return.

Random Plushie
October 16th, 2005, 3:43 AM
OOC: Sableye on a hat.. I gotta try that; set a new trend. XD

Hmm.. Once I was voted the smartest at my old school, but everyone else was dumb, so whatever. XD

Now it is four years later, and I am surrounded by smarter people. XD


"A Seviper? Oh, cool, I guess." Amy said absent-mindedly, tilting her head.

Mystery lessened her death stare, her eyes glazing over again. Once she had atuned her senses, however, she found that she could not sense anything paranormal near where Jenny had seen the Seviper..

That.. Does not make any sense.. Utter confusion spread across the Ghost's face, although she didn't realize it.


The 'wild' Seviper was now sighing in frustration.. If she didn't get food in her soon, she was sure she was ready to scream, although she would hate the attention she'd recieve for doing so.

Turning her head upwards towards the treetops, she accidently, yet fortunately, spotted one, single Pecha Berry hanging up in one of the shorter trees.

The creature's eyes lighting up significantly, she instantly bounded over to the tree, only to become even more frustrated when she discovered that she was too weakened by hunger to climb the darn tree.

Eyes narrowing, the Seviper reared back, eventually striking the tree at the base with her sword-like tail. With a huge groaning noise, the tree actually gave way, almost falling all the way over.

For a second, the Seviper shifted her gaze to something on her tail--a Focus Band, which was wrapped below the base of the sword-like edge. Dang, now she had put a tear in it. She shrugged the thought away, however, when she noticed the tree falling over.

The Seviper grinned, watching as the Pecha Berry snapped from its home on the tree branch, bouncing onto the ground, and yet rolling away. Yes, the berry was actually rolling away from her and out of the brush.

"SEV!" (NO!) She shouted, frantically darting after the berry as it rolled its way onto the street.

October 16th, 2005, 3:49 AM
Page 71-73.

Jenny shivered a bit as she tied the bandana back to bits original place on her arm,and finally noticing that something was wrong with Cid.

"What happened?Don't tell me the scar freaked all of you out?!"Jenny asked.

"Tranpich!"(Good riddance!)Coco snorted as the Blaziken hurried to catch up with her trainer.

"Marshtomp..marsh!"(They deserved every bit of what Jenny said!)Dew nodded and folded his fins.

"Kirlia...kirlia..kir..kir.."(If I could just get my hands on them I'd..)Ruru used her powers to pick up a paper cup on the floor.It levitated in the air,infront of the Kirlia's face,she frowned and closed her eyes.The cup instantely broke into its and landed on the floor.

"Mimi..mimi..mi?"(Now..now..what do we do with litter?"Mimi tutted and wagged her finger at Ruru.

The Kirlia let out a sigh before swaying her arms and allowed the remains of the cup to be thrown into a nearby trash can.

"Mi!"(Ce!)Mimi nodded,but the conversation between the pokemon ended as Jenny screamed.

Suddenly,a pecha berry rolled infront of Jenny's path.

"What the-?"she stared at the berry..really,some strange things had chosen to cross her path this fine day.

Suddenly,the same Seviper lunged out from behind the bushes.

"GAH!!"Jenny quickly jumped back out of the way in time.

Random Plushie
October 16th, 2005, 3:56 AM
"Whoa!" Amy exclaimed, backing up a few steps as well as the Seviper came darting out of the bushes, very much unexpected.

Mystery herself was very surprised, she would never have done such a thing if she were a spy!


The Seviper stopped mid-lunge, her eyes widening as she noticed so many people looking at her at once. She instantly landed, and surged backwards, almost to the point where she was back in the brush, but then stopped herself as she laid eyes on the berry again, which was still rolling.

As if trying to spite her, the little Pecha Berry kept rolling, eventually making its way to a spot near Amy's foot.

Ooh, what a predicament..

Alter Ego
October 16th, 2005, 4:01 AM
"Oh no, it's nothing..." Cid faked in response, really not wanting to bring the mood down at the moment.

Tempest, who had been running around in his usual vigorous manner, joined into the conversation as well, his tail wagging once more. "Eleec-trii!" (That's right!) he barked after the departing Blaziken "Ele-eleec-trike-trii-trike-electrike!" (Run or we'll be having fried chicken!)

"Miii-mighty." (Extra crispy.) Nightmare concured, smirking at the departing figures.

"Cro-croco-naaw-naaaw-croconaw-'naaaw'!" (And with a side order of whup-arse for our 'guests'!) Jaws added in, brandishing his fists at the Blaziken until it had dissapeared out of view.

"Gardee, voooir-gardee." (Alright, that's enough.) Curly said, shaking his head, "Gardee-voir-gar-gardevoir-voiiiir-gar-gardee-gardevoir." (I agree that Gen deserves whatever is coming to him but we shouldn't stoop to his level.)

Before the conversation could continue any further, a berry rolled into view, closely followed by a lunging Seviper. Cid was fairly quick to act for a change.

"Curly!" he called, pointing towards the charging Poison type "Reflect!"

The Gardevoir nodded, putting up a translucent barrier of energy to stop the Seviper in its tracks.

October 16th, 2005, 4:05 AM
Plushie..I thought it was bushes,not brushes.XDAnd Plushie's also the only one who hasn't put the Alphimega pic. on her siggy, which..uh...someone spent their time and effort to draw and darken,and bolden.XD

Jenny rolled her eyes at Cid's behaviour,come on,like that thing had any intention to hurt them.

"Uh....Hello?"Jenny walked around the light screen and bent down to look into the bushes.Seeing to shifty but timid eyes staring back at her.The girl smiled warmly at them.

"Aw...she's harmless..."Jenny slowly sat on the pavement and continued staring at the eyes.

Dew and his curiousty went up and jumped into the bush,right next to the Seviper.

"MARSH!!"(AH!!)Dew started kipping first.

"Dew!"Jenny scolded and reached her hand into the bush to take the Marshtomp out.

"Amy..I think it wants the berry."Jenny gestured to the Pecha berry at Amys' feet.

Random Plushie
October 16th, 2005, 4:07 AM
OOC: GAH! Now I must edit! XD

I have to put the pic in my sig, yes, but not right now.. My brain is functioning.. XD


The Seviper shifted in her position, backing away from Jenny slowly, particularly frightened at the moment.

"..Berry?" Amy asked, before noticing the Pecha Berry at her feet. Bending down slowly, the girl picked up the berry with one hand, staring at it for a bit before holding it out a few feet in front of her.

"Cid.. Have Curly put the Reflect down.." Amy whispered quietly, now gazing at the Seviper with interest.

October 16th, 2005, 4:11 AM
*piffle*Yibber's mom ish booting her off the comp again.
(Atleast its not one of them really suspensing parts now ish it?)

Alter Ego
October 16th, 2005, 4:11 AM
Cid scratched his head and sweatdropped. "Eh...right." he muttered, gesturing for Curly to put down the Reflect, which the Gardevoir did without any complications. The boy crouched down, peering at the Seviper. "Sorry about that." he said "You just startled me that's all."

Nightmare slowly wandered over to the poison type as well, staring at it intently and taking in its scent before making a comment, his expression suspicious. "Mii-ghty-mightyena." (You smell of Team Viper.) he stated bluntly, waiting for the Seviper's reaction.

"Gar-dee-voir-voir-gaar-de-voiir?" (You can tell that by scent?) Curly asked, his voice slightly sceptical.

"Mi-mighty-eena." (Of course I can.) Nightmare replied without taking his eyes of the Seviper. "Mi-ghty-eeena-miii." (My nose never lies.)

"El!" (Hi!) Tempest exclaimed, rushing to greet the poison type and running around it excitedly "El! Ele-electrike! Elee-ec-trii-ike!" (Hi! I'm Tempest! Nice to meet you!) he yapped, continuing to run.

Random Plushie
October 16th, 2005, 4:14 AM
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Alter Ego
October 16th, 2005, 4:18 AM
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Random Plushie
October 16th, 2005, 4:21 AM
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As the Reflect disappeared, more attention shifting to her, the Seviper shuddered in fear just a little bit, staring after the Pecha Berry that Amy held out.

After barely taking note of Nightmare's comment, she slowly began to slither her way over to the girl.. And slowly but surely, she had arrived at the Pecha Berry, snatching it out of Amy's hand with one motion of her jaws, not even scratching Amy, although the girl was surprised and flinched at the action.

Mystery observed the scene in curiousity, not making a comment. Okay, so this wasn't a spy.. But Nightmare seemed very suspicious.

Now, the Seviper stood in the middle of the group, not sure what to do next.

October 16th, 2005, 2:10 PM
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"Eww.. Sevipers.." Nicole complained. "Can someone just settle it fast and for all? If it isn't a spy just catch it or get rid of it.." she continued..

Corrine looked at the Seviper for a moment.. then walked over to it and asked "Eev..ee..vev.e(Hey, are you a spy?)" Upon hearing the question Corrine asked, Sylvia hissed "Sne..sne.sal.sne..sal(You fool.. You can't questions like that..)"

October 16th, 2005, 7:30 PM
Its Plushie's char,YOU CAN'T BUNNY!!!
Plushie's siggy confuzzles this Yibber's small brain,co-leader?
Does tha mean me and Flissi are co-leaders too?

"Hey..I think it likes you Amy."Jenny playfully nudged the girl standing beside her.

"Marsh?"(Spy?)Dew scratched his head with his flipper.

"Mimi..mii..mimi..mimi..mi."(Spy...she doesn't look like one to me.)Mimi tilted her head and stared up at the towering snake pokemon.

"Tranpich...tranpich!"(Yeah..look at his..Boo!)Coco jumped infront of the Seviper and spread out his paws..looking,or rather,trying to look scary.

Yeah,and we still don't know who drawed the pic.Yay!XD

October 16th, 2005, 7:32 PM
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Random Plushie
October 16th, 2005, 9:46 PM
OOC: Yep, all four of us are technically co-leaders. ^w^


As the Seviper scarfed the berry down, barely tasting it, confusion worked its way into her expression, her head tiliting slightly.

Spy... The heck? The Seviper thought to herself, wondering what they meant by 'spy'.. A spy for what?

However, Coco's action gave the Seviper a thorough scare, causing her to flinch a bit, in fact, almost scaring her off. Actually, she was just about to scamper away, when Nightmare's words repeated themselves in her head, now that she could give them proper attention.

You smell of Team Viper.

"S-Sev?" (Wh-What?) She asked softly, now turning to face the Mightyena. "Seviper sssev sev s-sevii.." (How could you know of sssuch a horrible..) She trailed off, a sudden shudder causing her to pause.

Amy couldn't help but smile at Jenny's words. She hadn't really been planning on doing anything with this Seviper, but now she thought otherwise.. At least this one wasn't as vicious as Nigina..

"Hey.." Amy spoke up, directing her voice towards the Seviper, who turned around hesitantly before Amy.

"What's with that Focus Band?" Amy paused to point at the item tied around the Seviper's tail. "Do you already have a Trainer?" She asked, her spirits dropping for a second.

The Seviper slowly shook her head, eyes narrowing, as if a bad memory had just hit her.

Amy instantly became very happy again.

"Well, then.. Would you like to come with us?" Amy clasped her hands together. "I could be your Trainer.."

The Seviper tilted her head, coiling up into a huddled position.

They will protect me from them.. The Seviper thought to herself, answering Amy with a nod.

October 16th, 2005, 10:59 PM
Yay us!!XP
"Oh yeah,that'd be a great idea!"Jenny clapped her hands together,before pulling Coco away from the Seviper.

"Mimi!"(Coco!)Mimi scolded the Tranpich.

"Kirlia..kirlia...kir..kirlia?"(So..are you coming?)Ruru tilted her head slightly as she stared at the Seviper.

"Marsh!!Marshtomp..marshtomp...marsh!!"(Yeah!!It'd be great fun!!)Dew bounced up and down.

Oh yay,Yibber edited her siggy so now Titan,Plushie and Yibber got the same font for the part where we talk bou the RP,yayness.
Flissi,better change your font too!!

Alter Ego
October 17th, 2005, 3:31 AM
OOC: You got that right! Alphimega 4eva! (Gah, I can't believe I'm abbrevating) XD


"Sounds great." Cid commented as the Seviper announced that she would be joining the group "I mean, she's not all vicious like Nigina or anything.". Watching the ease with which the snake pokmon was startled, Cid began to feel guilty about the way he had stopped her advance earlier. Granted it had been a panic reaction but it still felt wrong. The poor thing... Cid thought for himself, watching the timid way in which the poison type acted I wonder what she's been through...

"Miii..." (Well...) Nightmare replied to the Seviper's question "Mii-ghtyy-ena-mightyena-eeena-mighty-eena-mightyena, mighty-eena-ena, mightyy-mightyena." (Let's just say that I have had my dealings with that group, which were undoubtedly no more pleasant than yours, but there are better times to discuss these things.) the dark type cast a vary glance at his surroundings. He didn't know why, but he had the strangest feeling that this was not a good time to divulge his dealings with Team Viper.

"Elec! Tri!" (Yeah! Fun!) Tempest concured with Dew, running three happy laps around the Seviper out of pure hyperness.

"Gardeee-voir-garde, voir." (Welcome to the group, then.) Curly stated, smiling serenly at the viper pokmon and keeping his voice calm so as not to scare her. (I am Curly, and these are Tempest, Nightmare, and Jaws.) he gestured towards the Electrike, the Mightyena, and the Croconaw respectively. "Gardee-voiiir-garde-gardee-dee-vooir-gardevoir-voiiir-gardee." (They're a rather rowdy bunch but they're good people once you get to know them.)

"CROCO?!" (ROWDY?!) Jaws growled in protest, folding his arms defensively as he turned to adress the Gardevoir "Croo-coo-naaaw, croco-cooo-naaw-croconaw, croconaw-na-naaaaw-cro-cooooo-cooo-naaw-croconaw-cro-coo-naaw! Cro-cooo-naaw-croconaw!" (We're not rowdy, we're just masculinly rugged, although I suppose that's hard to understand for a guy in a skirt! This is just as ridiculous as when you claimed that I was defensive!)

Curly rolled his eyes, allowing the Croconaw's words to speak for themselves. "Ga-rde-voir." (By the way.) the psychic type added, turning back to adress the Seviper. "Ga-rde-voir-gardee-voir?" (Do you have a name yet?)

October 17th, 2005, 3:46 AM
*points at Titan*
MUAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!*hack*Been hanging out with Flissi too much.

And gee,you're in early today.XD

"Kirlia...kirlia...kirlia...kir..kirlia..kirlia..kir..kirlia..kir."(I'm Ruru,nice to meet you,that's Dew,Coco,Mimi.)Ruru smiled as she gestured to each and every pokemon according to their name stated.

"Mimi..mimi..mi.mi!"(Amd Nana,don't forget about her!)Mimi perked up.

Meanwhile,Coco and Dew were laughing at the 'enlightening' conversation of Curly and Jaws.

"Marshtomp?Marshtomp..marshtomp..marsh."(Masculiny rugged?I thought that was fat.)Dew said honestly,not resisting the temptation to poke Jaws with his right flipper.

"Tranpich..tranpich..tran..tran?"(I thought that this's a dress,not a skirt?)Coco said honestly as well as he could phrase it.Poking at the lower,flowing part of Curly.

"Kirlia..kir."(Coco,it impolite to touch.)Ruru pointed out to the Tranpich,who immediately stopped.Unlike Dew,who was having a Feebas of a time poking Jaws.

"She looked like she was starving,going for a Pecha berry like that."Jenny said ,staring at the Seviper.

"Hungry aren't you?"

Oh yeesh!!

Alter Ego
October 17th, 2005, 4:11 AM
OOC: Sure am. ^^ Heh, I love Finnish B. We've got them really weak students that need a lot of grammar lessons without us talented ones, about 3/4 of the class, taking up the education time so we get to skip a lot of lessons. XD

And isn't it strange how people affect each other? I mean, I am partly responsible for Plushie beginning to like Cradilies, Flissie's making me abbrevate for no apparent reason, and, I thought I'd never see the day, I am no longer a Banette-o-phobic! That's right, I have been cured of my phobia! See! *Huggles Banette* XD


"Cro-coo-naw!" (I'm not fat!) Jaws protested stubbornly, smacking away Dew's flipper "Cro-cooo-naw-croco-naw-croconaw!" (I'm just big-boned and muscular!)

"Gaar..." (Well...) Curly said with a flicker of amusement in his expression, unable to resist the temptation, "Gar-deee-ee-voiir-gaar-dee-voir-gaar-de-voir-vooir-gardee..." (You have to admit that you have been a bit on the portly side lately...)

"Croo-croconaw-naw-crocooo-naaaw-cro-coo-naw-croco-naaaw!" (Says someone who couldn't punch his way out of a paper bag!) Jaws retorted, scoffing at Curly's lithe and elegant frame.

"Ga, gar-dee-voiiir-voir-gardee-gardevoir-voiir-gaar-dee-garde-voiir-garde-eee-voiir." (No, so says someone who is smart enough not to end up in a paper bag in the first place.)

Tempest didn't pay the conversation any heed as he was too preoccupied with running around the Seviper and yapping happily, although he paused briefly to tilt his head at the word 'bag'. "Ele?" (Bag?) the Electrike repeated, scratching his head with his right front paw as he tried to remember something, after a while the electric type shrugged however, seemingly having lost his previous thoughts entirely. "Ele!" (Bag!) Tempest repeated for himself, resuming his busy laps "Ele! Ele! Ele! Ele!" (Bag! Bag! Bag! Bag!)

Nightmare listened to the little Electrike's yapping for a while, shaking his head and giving a tired grin. "Mightyena..." (Tempest...) he said at last "Mii-mighty-ena-mightyeena, mii-mighty-eena?" (You really are insufferable, you know that?)

The Electrike took a brief stop, beaming at the Mightyena. "Eleec?" (Really?) Tempest asked, his grin reaching from ear-to-ear "El-ee-eleec-electrii...eleec...elee...trii-ke-trike-elec?" Eleec-tri! Ele-eec-tri-iike!" (Am I really insufficie...insuffoc...insul...such a long word?! Thank you! You are too kind!) the electric type yapped happily, resuming his running around the Seviper and leaving Nightmare to shake his head.

October 17th, 2005, 4:55 AM
Yibber's dang internet dropped,and just when she was about to post too!>(

Aw...yep,Cradily's starting to look cute too.That smile,aw,and those eyes?
And who could forget good ol' Feebas?*huggles delightful little fish*
And Flissi's begining to scream and shout like Yibber!!Yay!
Go Alphimega Quartet!!(Hey..that doesn't sound too shabby!!XD)
And our amazing ability to rub off on each other.
And for Banette?Pah,it never scared me much,that tooth sticking out of its mouth made it look a little cute.*remembers time when it bit Yibber's hair*

"Marsh?Marshtomp?"(Bag?What bag?)Dew ceased his lovely game of 'Poke the Jaws' and looked up at Tempest's words.
The Marshtomp then got on all fours and sniffed the ground,circling Jaws once and climbing up onto Curly's shoulders.Looking for the afformentioned word,'bag'.

Dew jumped off Curly and landed on Coco.
"Tranpich..tran..tran."(You've got to stop eating Pokeblocks.)Coco chuckled as he turned his back to let the Marshtomp fall off.

"Kirlia..kirlia..kir?"(Why don't you go look in a trashcan?)Ruru said sarcasticly.

"Marsh!"(Right!)Dew immediately nodded and jumped into a bin right beside the bush.

Ruru and Mimi slapped their faces with a hand and fin.

"Mimi..mimi..mi?"(What have we learned?)Mimi glared at the Kirlia.

"Kirlia..kirlia...kirlia..kirlia..kirlia...kirlia..kir..kirlia..kir."(Never say sarcastic things around Dew as he might actually go and do them.)Ruru said with a bored tone in her voice.

The Marshtomp was rumagging through the trash when he heard his name.

"Marsh?"(Yes?)He popped his head out of the trashcan and jumped down.

"Marshtomp..marshtomp..marsh.."(I didn't find a bag..)he said glumly.

"Tranpich?"(What's that?)Cooc directed their attention to the object Dew was holding in his flipper.

"Marshtomp!!..marsh!!"(Its a bag!!Lucky me!!)Dew finally noticed that he was carrying something with him,a plastic bag.

"Marshtomp!!Marshtomp..marsh!!"(Tempest!!I found the bag!!)Dew waved the bag triumphantely in the air.

"What's that Marshtomp gone and done now?"Jenny sighed as she saw Dew waving a plastic bag in the air like it was a trophy or something.

Random Plushie
October 17th, 2005, 8:30 AM

Yibber.. They have a zipper as their mouths, not a big tooth sticking out. XD


It was a bit of work for the Seviper to keep track of the conversation, for she had never really been one for talking, especially not in the recent past.

However, she did catch the part where Curly had asked her for her name, which she didn't have. She was just about to reply when Amy responded for her by accident, although she would have preferred that.

"That's awesome.. Okay then, I'll give you a name now!" Amy beamed, pausing for a second, before she almost instantly came up with a name.

"Your name will be Poison!" She exclaimed, her grin growing wider.

The snake tilted her head slightly, but did not have the time to make a proper response as she tightened up her coil, Tempest's enthusiasm getting to her. In fact, she had to remember everyone's name anyway.

"Sevvv.. Seviper sev seviiiii.." (It'sss.. Nice to meet you all..) Poison said quietly, before falling silent so as to make an attempt at making sense of the whole 'bag' thing. Apparently these were the kind of people.. You'd absolutely hate to get on their bad side.

That's when she took note of Jenny's comment.. About her being hungry.

The Seviper uncoiled herself slowly, nodding vigorously.

"Se-vi.. per?" (You have.. food?) She asked, eyes lighting up.

"Oh yeah.. Dang, I forgot about the whole hunger thing.." Amy stated, unzipping a pocket in her fannypack. Within a moment, she had removed two long-forgotten Sitrus Berries, but apparently they were all Poison needed, for they were scarfed down the instant they were given to her.

"Okay then.. That takes care of that.." Amy said, smiling down at the Seviper, who coiled up again at Tempest's continued hyperness, but at least tried to smile back in thanks, nonetheless.

Meanwhile, while all of that was being taken care of, Mystery spectated in a calm silence, waiting for the proper time to enter the conversation.

"Mis.. Misdreavus vus drea, misdreavus misdreaaavus mis mis-miss misdreavus. Mis mis, misdreeeea Misdreavus." (Yes.. Don't be frightened, everyone you see here are lovely on the inside, you just have to get to know 'em. Oh yesh, and my name's Mystery.) The Ghost spoke up, throwing the poison-type a pleasant smile. It was the least she could do to try to get the Seviper to calm down, like most everyone else.

Poison nodded slowly in acknowledgement, carefully observing Tempest for any more sudden movements.

OOC: Yeah, Tempest started running again, right? XD

I think. Yeah.

If I'm rubbing off on ya guys, then you must lurve gold fishies by now, right? X3

Alter Ego
October 17th, 2005, 9:37 AM
OOC: Yeah! I huggled a Banette! But I'm still myself...*Huggles Cradily with one arm and Banette with the other* And I have always liked Feebas too. Milotic as well of course, but I've loved Feebas ever since I first caught one. ^^ Well, it could partly be because I was so darn proud of finally having found the little buggers after three hours of fruitless searching but still. *Glomps Feebas too* Man, I must have really big arms, eh? o_O

And yeah, I like goldfishies. But I'm too scatterbrained to have any as pets. The poor things would probably waste away since I'd most likely forget to feed them at some point. Oh, and when Tempest is concerned then you can basically always assume that he's moving. That's just the kind of guy he is. XD Although in truth there is a reason for his abbysmally short memory and attention span...it will be revealed in time, certainly before his evolution...or just after. But until then I'll just keep you all guessing. XD


"I have absolutely no idea..." Cid replied to Jenny's question, watching the way in which Dew was waving the bag. "And Poison sounds like a great name..." he added to Amy "Although it does seem to be a bit along the same vein as 'Nightmare'."

Jaws didn't comment on the matter, being far too busy to sulk about the way this stranger had gotten two Sitrus Berries just like that. Sitrus of all things...the Croconaw's mouth watered at the thought. Lucky bugger... he thought for himself, watching the Seviper. Lucky bugger...

"Ele?" (Bag?) Tempest asked in confusion, stopping to turn towards the Marshtomp as he called and bounding towards him in his usual excited manner. However, as the electric type got a closer look at the object his eyes suddenly widened in horror and for a moment he stared at Dew as if he didn't recognize the Marshtomp at all.

"ELE!" (BAG!) Tempest exclaimed, utter panic evident in his voice as he recoiled and unleashed a devastating blast of Thunder straight at Dew. Luckily, attempting to strike a Marshtomp with electricity is about as fruitfull an enterprise as attempting to knock out an Aggron with a wet noodle and the discharge slid of harmlessly.

"TRII!" (AWAY!) Tempest barked, staring at the bag in Dew's hands as if it was a poisonous snake poised to strike "TRII!" (AWAY!) the Electrike repeated, darting in between Cid's legs, the electric type's entire tiny body trembling, his usual cheerfull expression replaced by one of fear and hatred. "EL-ELEC-TRI! ELE-EEC! EEC-TRI! EEL-EEC-TRI! TRIIIKE-ELE-EEC-TRI! TRII! ELEEC-TRI-IKE-ELE-CTRII! ELECTRIKE!!" (GO AWAY BAG! BAD DOG! BAD BAG! NOT THE BAG! ANYTHING BUT THE BAG! NOOO! NEVER THE BAG AGAIN! NEVEEER!!!) The Electrike gathered energy around itself once more, preparing to blast the object again. But this time Cid, who had finally recovered from the shock, intervened.

"Stop!" the boy commanded, grabbing a hold of Tempest and lifting him up in an attempt to disrupt any further shocking plans. The Electrike flailed madly in his grasp, continuing to spout incomprehensible explanations in which the word 'bag' reappeared frequently. "Someone get that bag out of sight!" Cid called, struggling to keep the electric type at bay as it continued barking at the object "Curly! Try to calm him down somehow! Hypnosis!"

The Gardevoir closed his eyes, unleashing wave after wave of soothing psychic energy towards Tempest. It took a good while, but slowly the Electrike's movements became less hectic, his expression slowly reverting to something around its normal state, although there was still a slightly haunted look behind the Electrike's eyes.

Cid heaved a few deep breaths, taking in the reactions of the others. "Okay, does anyone have a clue what all that was about?" the boy asked, not really expecting a proper answer.

Random Plushie
October 17th, 2005, 11:36 AM
OOC: Yay, on a completely unrelated note, Fishy is almost Lv.100. XD

As of this post, only 20,419 EXP to go!!! XD


"Is that a rhetorical question?" Amy asked Cid, although she wasn't really trying to be sarcastic. Staring at the little Electrike, she could only wonder what had been going through his mind..

Mystery frowned slightly, observing the electric-type's haunted features before making a comment.

"Misdrea misdreavus misdreavus." (Perhaps he has a bad memory.) The Misdreavus commented, already feeling sorrowful for the poor thing.

Poison tightened her coiled position yet again. She had pretty much been next to Tempest when he went Thunder-crazy, so that was a bit of a shocker.. Literally..

Edit: Yay, now he is Lv.100. Now for the rest of the team. o.o;;

October 17th, 2005, 6:24 PM
I have a goldfish i do!
And one angelfish who likes to bully it.*sob*

*reads Titan's post*Yeah,just put the blame on Dew,its not his fault that he can't help being...slow.XD
"Marsh!!"(Gah!!)Dew quickly shook off the surprise he got when Tempest electrocuted him,before passing the bag to Coco.

"Tranpich!!"(Ah,bag!!)Coco quickly shoved it to Mimi,who shoved it into Ruru's arms.Ruru's eyes glowed for a second,before that evil thing vanished.

Jenny quickly picked Dew up and squeezed him tightly.

"Are you okay??That Thunder attack probabily wouldn't have any affect on you anyway.

Dew hugged his trainer back,before shaking his head.

"Marshtomp...marsh..."(Naw,I'm okay...)Dew sniffled,before jumping out of Jenny's arms.

"Marshtomp..marshtomp..marsh.Marshtomp..marshtomp...marshtomp..marsh."(Gee Tempest,sorry for doing that,I didn't know,actually,I don't know most things,but I think I did something wrong,sorry.)Marshtomp walked up to the Electrike,not disturbed by the fact that the pokemon had tried to kill him just a few minutes ago beofre sniffling again and apologizing.

"I don't know what happened to Tempest,but we were lucky that Dew's a ground type.As long as nobody's hurt....."Jenny sighed.

Its looked like a tooth to Yibber XD
*rubs eyes*

Random Plushie
October 17th, 2005, 6:36 PM
OOC: Yay for the gold fish. XD

I cannot post right now, because I can't really write much at the moment. Perhaps tomorrow, when I'm less blocked by the writer. =3



And now, Yibber's reign of evilness has ended--The Era of Plushie has begun!

October 17th, 2005, 6:49 PM

I will have my vengence!
It will be swift...and...feebas!!!*runs screaming around thread*

And hopefully on page 75!!!!

Yibber's mother forced her to go and rebond her hair!!!2hr and 45min!!Ah!!!

Alter Ego
October 18th, 2005, 5:24 AM
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As Jenny placed Dew back down Cid walked over to her, continuing to hold onto the still somewhat shaky Tempest. "I'm sorry about that..." Cid said, adressing both Jenny and Dew "But I honestly had no idea that Tempest would freak out like that." he shrugged "Some trainer I am. Do you have any cluef of what happened Curly?" he asked, now adressing the psychic pokmon that had helped him a while back.

"I will have to see..." Curly replied, concentrating for a moment and allowing the events of the last few moments to sink in properly before turning to adress the entire group, excluding Tempest. He watched the Electrike with pity as he tried to discern the origins of the feelings "Yes, I do belive Mystery is correct." he concluded afte a while "He has obviously had some traumatic experiences with bags in the past, but I can't seem to find any memory..." he shook his head and gave up "The memory has been forecfully surpressed..." Curly concluded "A case of partial amnesia, it might come back to him in time but there's nothing to be done at the moment."

"I guess that's it then." Cid concluded with a sigh, letting Tempest down onto the ground again. Yet another mystery to solve... he thought for himself, Goes with the territory I guess. the boy shook his head, at times it seemed like his whole life had been solving one problem after the other ever since he had taken up a life on the road. Always something to do..."We'll have to get to the bottom of this sooner or later, though." he added "We got lucky this time, but if this keeps up someone might get seriously hurt."

As the conversation went on around him, the Electrike had slowly composed himself and with the bag gone the haunted look on his face began fading as well, giving way to the Electrike's familiar cheerfull one. As Dew walked over to apologize however, Tempest's tail drooped, signifying that he had done something bad.

"Eleec-triike..." (That's alright Dew...) the electric type replied quietly, "El-eleec-trii-ike-ele-ctri-iike-el-elec-trii..." (I don't even know why bags scare me like that...) he shook his head, "Electrii, ike-elee-ctrii-iiike-elec." (Anyhow, you were just being nice.) the Electrike concluded, smiling a bit at Dew "Eel-eeec-tri-triike-ele-ctri-iike." (I'm sorry I shocked you like that.) This seemed to have exhausted Tempest's conversation skills for the moment and the Electrike wandered back over to Cid, nudging his left pant leg.

"Oh, you want to go back into your pokball?" Cid asked in surprise, recieving a single nod from the Electrike in return "Well, alright." the boy replied, pulling out the object and returning Tempest into it before placing it back on his belt.

October 18th, 2005, 5:48 AM
Heartless Titan,and Plushie(XD) you know nothing of what the AQ(Remake) has in store for the Vengence of the Feebas,they shall rule the pages for the rest of the RP!!!YEA!!!!!!!!!SO SPEAKS THIS YIBBER/FEEBAS!!!!
*I hope*

"Huh?"Jenny looked up as the boy apologised.

"Oh,don't worry,its alright.Dew's fine...And I guess,I can relate to this sort of stuff."she smiled at the boy,before taking a glance at Ruru.

"Marshtomp..marshtomp..marsh...marshtomp..marsh!!"(Not shocking electrifying,it felt a bit fun and tingly too!!)Dew kipped happily,now that Tempest was back to his usual self,just before the Electrike got recalled back into his pokeball.

Ruru scratched her head,how did that Marshtomp do it?

Nana gazed at the happenings from inside her pokeball.From the new addition to the group,the bag which Dew found,and the part where Tempest just lost it.Though feeling much better,the Absol doubted that her trainer would let her out.Nana shook her head as Tempest withdrawed into his pokeball.

"Asol..absol..absol..ab."(Tempest..I hope you're okay.)she sighed before resting her head on her front legs.

"Something bad must have happened...poor Tempest.Stupid bag."The Absol couldn't help but let out another yawn.

Suddenly,she stood up and glanced to her left and right.Didn't she feel the same feeling somewhere before?That odd feeling was back,the feeling she had when they entered the restuarant.

Ooc-Where did the Sableye get to anyway?*looks around*


"Okay..."Jenny started,trying to get a conversation going.Shaking off whatever she could about the situation.

"So....are we still going to see the stalls?"

"Attention trainers hwo have advanced to the next rounds of the Tourney,please get ready for your next match in 15 minutes."the long forgotten voice of the annoucer called out to the streets of Mooncrest.

Jenny sweatdropped.

"Time flies when you verberly assault a arrogant 14 year old jerk I guess."she concluded.

Oh and Titan,Cid's being ignorant here.The fact that his pokemon just shocked Jenny's?Gah,no apology whatsoever.Hmph,let Jenny'd care anyway.
Yibber's just saying that out of common coutesy....
(And chilvary too XD)

Alter Ego
October 18th, 2005, 5:51 AM
OOC: Gah, didn't he comment?! o_O *Looks at post* Dang, I could have sworn he did...*Thwacks Cid over the head* Let me edit that.


Okay, done and done. Now onwards. Oh, and as for the Sableye...he's still on that tourist guy's hat I think. I'll make a mention of it.


"Yeah, I guess it does." Cid replied, not wanting to make an overly big number of the other things that had whittled away their time. "I guess we should be heading back towards the stadium then."

"Crocoo!" (Alright!) Jaws called out enthusiastically "Cro-croconaaw-naaw!" (It's clobbering time!)

Curly rolled his eyes, having noticed that the Croconaw had made no comment on Tempest's sudden outburst whatsoever "Gardee-voir-gardeee-voir, gaarde-dee-voir?" (Always the sensible one, aren't you Jaws?)

"Cro-coo-naaw." (Why yes I am.) Jaws replied, giving the Gardevoir a toothy grin "Cro-cooo-naw-crocoo..." (So glad you noticed...)

Nightmare had been following the events in thoughtfull silence, although his thoughts weren't solely on Tempest's situation. There was a strange feeling that had been nagging on the edge of his perception for this whole time, and it frustrated the Mightyena that he couldn't tell what the source was. It was rather humiliating for a pokmon of his level of training, but such matters would have to wait. It was time to battle once more.

The Sableye had been observing Tempest's recent outburst with a fair amount of curiosity. The little electric type's phobic fear of bags would undoubtedly prove interesting to the master, not to mention this new addition to that girl's team. The Sableye cackled silently for himself as he pictured what fun he could have at the expense of the jumpy creature.

As the tourist he had been hitching a ride with began walking in the wrong direction the ghost pokmon jumped off, dissapearing into the crowds to follow the group for the last leg of the journey back to the stadium. He doubted that anything of interest would happen, but there was no room for failure in the ghost pokmon's profession.

October 18th, 2005, 6:02 AM
Bad Titan and Cid.XD
Mom booting me off the comp. (again)

And I edited mine.Yay!

"Mimi?"(Sensible?)Mimi laughed at Curly's sarcascim.

"Marshtomp..marshtomp..marshtomp..marsh!!"(Oh yeah,Jaw's plenty sensible,see the fat!!)Dew nodded,resuming to poking the Croconaw.

"Kirlia...."(Right....)Ruru's mind was elsewhere as Jenny took a glance at her.

"Tranpich...tranpich!!"(Let me try...Let me try!!)Coco jumped behind Jaws and fiddled with the Croconaw's tail.

"Tranpich...tran!!!"(It is fun!!!)Coco commented,before taking a look at Poison's tail.

"Tranpich!!!"(Funner!!!)he bounded towards the Seviper.

"Okay..why don't we get going then."Jenny suggested.

Random Plushie
October 18th, 2005, 8:52 PM
OOC: Hmm, since my reign is still in effect, I now proclaim Swampert to be the ruler.. Or at least the Ruler of Page 74.

Yes! Swampert is the Ruler of Page 74! XD


As Coco began to bound over towards Poison's tail, she fidgeted a bit in preparation to move instantly if need be--after all, he could be quite scary.. Or at least to her, anyways. Eventually she lifted the end of her tail high above the Trapinch's head, not wanting to be responsible for any damage caused due to its sword-like edge, eh?

"Wait a minute.." Amy stated as the group prepared to head back to the stadium. Reaching for her fanny pack, she dug into its contents for several moments before she removed a tiny, forest green TM.

I should have thanked Delilah better for this.. The girl thought to herself before bending down to the level of her new Seviper.

"This is a TM that will teach you an attack called Giga Drain. I garuntee that it will come in handy sooner or later." Amy said, directly to Poison, who simply nodded in understanding.

With that, the girl promptly placed the little box on the snake's temple, the Seviper flinching a bit at the touch of the little machine. The device then proceeded to beep for a few seconds as it placed instructions within the Seviper, before it eventually darkened in color and fell onto the ground, never to be used again.

"Okay, all done!" Amy exclaimed cheerfully, leaping back to her feet. "Now, whenever you need to use Giga Drain, just remember what the TM taught ya." She concluded, beaming.

Poison nodded, again keeping her tail away from Coco.

Mystery wasn't paying attention to that event much. Now, for some reason, she could sense a faint presence somewhere in the crowd. It felt a bit like that of the Umbreon, except.. She couldn't even tell what type it was. For all she knew, it was an innocent passerby!

Furrowing her brow in frustration, the Misdreavus attempted to atune her senses again, while at the same time attempted to pay attention to what was happening with the Trainers and such.

"Now we are all good to go, yes?" Amy asked, not really letting anyone respond before she continued.

"And.. Cid.. Now we'll have to battle, if I remember correctly?" She continued, turning towards the boy. "I hope you'll give it your all, because I'd like to do the same."

OOC: That Sableye ish funneh. XD

I'd hate to see him use Astonish on Poison.. XD

October 18th, 2005, 9:30 PM
*bows to Swampert*
But remember....

Oh,and Poison's afraid of Coco?
Bless his little heart.XD

Coco cocked his head as Poison learned Giga Drain,before begining to jump up for the tail.

"Tranpich...tranpich..tran!"(Gosh,you're so cool Poison!)Coco growled at Poison as she held her tail higher.This was even better than poking Jaws!He ceased his jumping and smiled at the Seviper.

Dew happily continued poking Jaws,almost oblivious to the happenings around him.

"Hm..?"Jenny raised her head at Amy's statement.

"What..imagine the troble I have to go through..."she said,before taking out her pom-poms again.

"Uh..Go Amy!!"

"Or..Go Cid!!"

"Heck,I can't decide!!"the girl laughed,before thinking up of another way.

"Go Amy and Cid!!Go Cid and Amy!!"she cheered happily,now that was settled.
The girl was going to cheer for the both of them.

Ruru tilted her head and stared at Mystery.

"Kirlia...kirlia...kirlia...kirlia...kir."(What...can you feel something?I don't know,but I feel tingly all of a sudden.)Ruru shivered as she directed the question to Mystery.

"Mimi..mimi..mimi.."(Its probably the wind.)

"Kirlia."(There is no wind.)Ruru pointed out that the Sun was shining brightly over their heads.

Random Plushie
October 18th, 2005, 9:46 PM
OOC: Yay, you have pleased teh Swampert. XD

Yes, Poison is afraid of alotta things, yes she is. XD


Amy giggled a small bit at Jenny's enthusiasm, beaming at the other girl.

"That's a great cheer." She commented simply, although her words were honest.

"Se-viper.. sev?" (You think I'm.. Cool?) Poison replied to the Trapinch in confusion, tilting her head slightly at the little guy. She had never heard anything close to a compliment like that in a long time..

The Seviper couldn't help but reveal a pleasant smile, lowering her tail to tap the Trapinch on the head lightly with the blunt side, so as not to slice him. Then, before he could even make a grab for it, she raised it back up again.

"Mis.." (Yes..) Mystery began, turning towards Ruru. Her gaze averted for a second as she made a glance in the direction of the stadium, sensing the faint presence again, somewhere down the road, but it was very difficult to pinpoint. But she was getting closer..

"Misdrea, mis misdrea misdreavus.." (Sorry, I'm trying to concentrate..) Mystery trailed off, glancing again down the street, throwing an apologetic look to the Kirlia.

October 18th, 2005, 10:14 PM
Meh likes Swampert..don't Plushie know?Naw..its not Plushie rubbing off on me..I liked Swampert from the start.XD
That's why we're sisters!!XP

"Tranpich!!"(Of course!!)Coco nodded as Poison tapped him on the head,this Seviper was such a nice pokemon.

"Tranpich...tranpich..tran!!"(You're as cool as I am green!!)the Tranpich growled again,showing off the marvelous splendour of his own green self.

"Mimi..mimi..mimi..mi."(Actually,you're more of a darker shade of jade.)Mimi corrected the Tranpich.

"Mimi..mimi..mimi..mi..mimi..mi."(Anyway,you don't need to be scared again,we're all here to help you.)Mimi smiled warmly to the Seviper.

"Mimi..mimi..mimi..mi.Mimi."(Although you might want to try staying away from Ruru and Jenny when their angry.Don't ask.)she whispered playfully to Poison.

Ruru shivered again.

"Kirlia..kirlia...kirlia..kirlia..kir.....kir."(Non,its alright,I understand,just tell me when you find out the cause of this.)The Kirlia hugged herself to stop the shivering.

"Yeah it is!"Jenny smiled,jumping once as they walked back to the arenas.

Dew still continued poking the sure agitated Croconaw,this was too much fun to pass up.

October 19th, 2005, 9:03 AM
I'm surprised this RP has been left open for such a long time, as I doubt Tsukasa had permission to use this RP from Bluesy (even if it's from the Reference Library)

Alter Ego
October 19th, 2005, 9:58 AM
OOC: Erm, are you positive you know what you're talking about? Because Tsukasa has already hosted the same plot before (I checked his 'created threads' list) whereas Bluesy hasn't started any threads whatsoever (Checked that list too) and in fact there's no mention whatsoever of this plot in Bluesy's posts (Which amount to a staggering total of 9). So, where does your information come from? I would have thought that it would already have been spotted as plotjacking if it was that. o_O

October 19th, 2005, 10:08 AM
OOC: Erm, are you positive you know what you're talking about? Because Tsukasa has already hosted the same plot before (I checked his 'created threads' list) whereas Bluesy hasn't started any threads whatsoever (Checked that list too) and in fact there's no mention whatsoever of this plot in Bluesy's posts (Which amount to a staggering total of 9). So, where does your information come from? I would have thought that it would already have been spotted as plotjacking if it was that. o_O
Did you not read my post properly? I clearly said it's from the reference library.
And yes, I know what I'm talking about, I took part in the original AlphiMega RP.

Original thread (http://reference.pokecommunity.com/index.php/topic,6700.0.html).

Alter Ego
October 19th, 2005, 10:14 AM
OOC: Maybe I should have phrased that clearer; I was actually hoping for a link, which you have provided. I'm still relatively new to these forums ya' know, don't know all these places. And that also clears up why I can't find any reference. <_< Gah, I'll have to PM Tsukasa about this and ask him to explain himself. He hasn't been online too much, though...-_-

October 19th, 2005, 4:45 PM
Huh wha-???
Wha happen??*ish very,very confuzzled*-_-

So you're saying tha Tsukasa got RP from Bluesy without Bluesy's consent,and the thread should have been closed eons ago?*__*Gah...Me brain...it hurts.


*gets recarnated*


Random Plushie
October 19th, 2005, 8:00 PM
OOC: Wha? O_o

That's not kewl of Tsukasa..

If the thread is closed, there goes all our effort to be most active.. DX

I'd die if we had to discontinue.. DX

October 19th, 2005, 8:01 PM

Hey...were spamming.

Random Plushie
October 19th, 2005, 8:35 PM
OOC: Hey!

What if we asked Tsukasa to edit his first post, so that it clearly states that Bluesy was the original creator of this plot? He would also have to apologize for the inconvience, though, because it was wrong of him not to mention Bluesy in the first place. >_>

And if he doesn't get online anytime soon, we could always ask ~*Strider*~ to edit the post if she has the time.

Please.. I really would totally break down if we had to stop and drop the RP. XD

We have so much memories within these pages, and we love this RP very much, so please consider not closing it.. =3

October 19th, 2005, 9:31 PM
Good idea Plushie!!
Yeesh..please don't close this RP.
We've been throught so much together.Aw..we're all like one big happy family.XD

We made it to page 74 which,to me,ish a very big number that takes determination.
Qualities which Plushie,Alter,Yibber and Fliss all possess.

Yibber'll go kaboom if the RP ish gonna close.

I love this RP,loads!!

How many good and happy times and good memories have we four had here?Countless.
How many lessons have we learned?(Not countless,but still quite a lot)

1.True friends don't care whether you're cursed of not.(page 18-21)
2.Everyone can conquer their fear with have the right determination.(When Nicole and Cid conquered their fears...okay,maybe not conquered,Nicole still cries when its dark,and bet that with Jenny were to hang Cid over a cliff,he'd freak.XD)
3.Gen is a jerk.(Aw...everyone knows where this very,very,important lesson came from!XD)
4.Stealing is bad.(wait...was it in this RP??*confuzzled*)
There are loads more,but Yibber doesn't seem to have the attention span to say it.

Please..for the sake of the children.(And ybur_angel and Random Plushie and Alter Ego and fls4eva)


Pwhee...that was a fun rant!

So,please....gah..sorry Bluesy for not mentioning you in the first place.But really...we all are very sincere when we say..


October 20th, 2005, 5:11 AM
OCC: Please... You can't close down this RP... This is meh life.. Without this, It's no point living.. Role-playing has become an everyday thing for meh... Please... wonderful mods and admins... Don't close this thread down... You all can see the hard work we've put into this role-play... We know that Tsukasa is wrong in the first place to create such a thread without asking permission... But maybe he did that cause he wanted "Alphimega Quest" to be well-known to all by some other people... Maybe asking for permission slipped off his mind, we can't blame him for being too ambitious to make Alphimega Quest more well-known to remember to ask for a permission.. That might not be his intention... but at least, we know that he must have his own reasons for his actions..

Pardon meh if you think I'm sprouting nonsense, cause actually I'm not even sure what I'm saying...

October 29th, 2005, 7:59 AM
Bleh...the RP was stolen..the owner hasn't posted in months, I am actually surprised it made it this far. But I still support it 200%. Yeah, good luck with the RP, and if everything falls down I'll be here if any of you guys need help getting back up. ^_^

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
November 2nd, 2005, 5:51 AM
is it to late to join? O_- yes I was sorta joking and I hate cradily

Alter Ego
November 2nd, 2005, 6:12 AM
ash jr., I do hope you're joking. This RP is on the 74th page (Ergo, far too late for anyone to join) and on top of that, its legality just so happens to be in question. So yes, it's too late to join in all respects.

CharMz, thanks for the support. It means a lot to all of us concerned. ^^ Well, we'll just have to see what happens.

November 6th, 2005, 11:28 AM
Pokemon:ninetails,rukario,dark lugia,mew,vaporeon,and
shiny latias

Alter Ego
November 6th, 2005, 11:32 AM


What the heck is that supposed to be?


1. This RP is on hold until we get a clear from Bluesy on the plot.

2. Your sign-up is completely wrong in every possible way.

3. We aren't accepting any sign-ups anyway.

Quite frankly, that looks like spam. If I see one more post like that from you I'll just have to report you. (I'm sorely tempted to do it already) <_< We're having a bad time enough with this RP's condition without all kinds of wisearses and clueless people clogging up the thread with meaningless posts thank-you-very-much.