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August 9th, 2005, 9:46 PM
Yes its another Chain rp (i just love them XD), But for those of you who dont knopw what a chain rp is i shall explain it as best as i can

A Chain rp is one where you dont choose a character, you play the characters already made (by the person who made the thread) and you can introduce others later, ( So nobody can cry about powerplaying here)
If you have herd of a chain letter you will get the basic idea of a chain rp,

One person starts the letter and passes it on, they then add something then pass it on again,

Well I start the rp, then let the next poster continue the story, then after they post i am allowed to post again, and so is anyone else

So its just like "continue the story" the only difference is that it has a plot, and the posts have to be much longer Understand? If you dont, please pm me and i will explain

Now for the
In a world where magic, mages, and inchantments exist, there was a war between two very strong wizards, One wizard was a very powerfull but foolish young boy, Who went crazy due to his mixed blood, you see he wasn't 100 percent mage, he also had the bloodlines of an ancaint race in him, this race was called.. "quindo's" These quindo's where very powerfull, but where rival to the mage, the other wizard was his grandfather!, For he wat the only one capable of stoping him,

The young wizard (zeple) created a very powerfull attack that would distroy not only his grandfather, but every other human on the surface of the planet, This attack took some time to produce, so while he was gathering the enrgy for the attack, the grandfather (suchi) sent s request to his brother to transport as many people as possible into one large cave, This cave was once used as a source of secret transportaion between countries, but was now obandend,

Although both these wizards where saved, the people of the planet where safe, but they had to stay there for longer then expected, due to the effects of this attack, it was not safe to breath the air or even walk on the surface anymore, it was much too hot, and had gasses no living thing could withstand, So they stay's there for 10 years, untill it was safe to return

It is now safe for the people to walk on the surface, and the exits are being unblocked, But there is a rumer that the son of "Zeple" Is still alive with his mother and sister in a seperate cave

This is a story of one boy, that goes by the name of Natan

Name: Natan
Age: 14
Description: 5ft8" Brown eyes, black hair, scrawny lanky figure, olive tan, small button nose, Nearly sholder langth dreadlocks neet but uneven,
Cloting style Uneven style, one pocket is never the same as another, shirt sleves never the same length, Wheres scate shoes, obviosly worn out

( you have to do that form whenever you create a new character, But don't make too many characters )

Characters can come and go as you please, but the main character (Natan) cant be writen out of the story, Please dont make the group to big, and you dont HAVE to introduce anyone else, if you want he can travel alone


It was finaly the day for the cave exits to be open, The to scientists and wizards (who ofcourse where always fighting) both predicted that it should be safe to go out now

"Come on koy, We gotta get to the grand opening" Natan said to his brother who was sleeping

Name: Koy
Age: 9
Description: 5ft Brown eyes, black hair, kinda chubby figure, olive tan, small button nose, Short curly hair,
Cloting style: The same as his brother (Natan)

"KOY, Come on, where actually going to see real sunlight" Natan insisted

"I dont wanto go" Koy said waking up "Why do we need to leave the cave anyway?"

"Well, 1. we need to find mum and dad, 2. we have been down here for nearly 10 years, 3. I'm telling you to" Natan told koy

"That last one didn't count" Said koy turning back around, Finally Natan decided to just pick koy up, He lugged him onto his back and slowly started walking toward the main event

"Why the hell do you have to eat so much?" Asked Natan as he struggled to get Koy from one side of the room to the other

As Natan walked toward the opening, he thought of what it might be like, He heard that there are going to be creatures that had evolved wierdly due to the extreem conditions, Ofcourse there was animals in the cave that where saved, But natan wasn't interested in them, they where all boring, Natan wanted to see new things,

Koy finaly got off Natans back and started running toward the opening

"COME ON NAT, HURRY UP" Koy yelled out

"DON'T CALL ME NAT!" Natan yelled out as he ran after him

"Hahaha, Come on slow ***, Where nearly there!" Koy yelled

"Your late" Troy said as Natan bumped into him "Maybe it was because you where getting some action, Huh?, Huh?"

Name: Troy
Age: 36
Description: 6ft8" Blue eyes, Brown hair, Well toned muscles, Strong build, average tan, Short croped hair, Kindof avarage, Troy has alot of character to his face, He has a Thick eyebrow, a scar from his mouth to his ear, very wringcled forehead
Cloting style: Wherews a long jacket that reaches the ground, You don't userly see whats under it


"A weapon?"Asked koy "Why do I need a weapon"

"That was only just explained, Surely your memory span cant be that short!" Try saidas he lifted koy onto his shoulders