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February 11th, 2004, 5:16 PM
OOC: This is my first attempt at winging an entire sotry by hand just fingers to keyboard. Should be quite choppy. :P


"The world shall crumble. The sixth shall come."

*The day was like any other within the confines of the forest. The elves had created an intricate system over the past century to construct a perfect home for themselves. They lived in harmony with resident trolls and the ocasional visits from the dwarves. It was here that the system of government was established and here where the central tree was carved out and became the central parliament of the forest itself. It seemed to be any other day.

There was one difference, the five moons of the worlds were lining right above them. This would cause constant darkness for approximately five days, according to the Astrologers (trolls). The need for a stock of food, water, and light was urgent. The government made a heroic effort to conserve from the last 3 months. The result was enough food and water for abotu a week. The light, however, was impossible to keep on for all five days. The fourth day shall plunge into darkness.

It was on the third day when strange figures started appearing within the forest. The trolls, conservative as they were, hid in the central tree. The elves stayed in their homes. Nobody seemed to know what was happening outside their homes, let alone outside the forest.

Kent was nothing but a simple mage runnign for his life. The blue tribes were "purging" all that was considered to be invalid or unintelligent. Kent thought it was to destroy the powerful so they could remain in power. His hypothesis continued to say it was true considering he was being hunted.

He had only been the hunter before, now he felt how it felt to be the prey, the helpless creature running for dear life, running without hope. Hopeless. He was the prey this time, and the creatures behind him were getting close.

These creatures, not really creatures but metal artifacts, had claws of steel and a head for a controller's compartment. The beasts had two tracks like a tank for traction. One would think of it as an old fashioned tank wtih claws if they first saw it. The similarities ended there, for the creatures had massive power driven by nuclear warheads (which power them), killing one would mean dying with it.

It was about 3 hours since the chase began, and already Kent was tired. He was certain to die if he did not do anything. The sky suddenly went completely dark.*

February 12th, 2004, 8:29 PM
*This was indded the perfect chance. Within complete darkness, he had everything to gain and they had everything to lose. He began his assault on the beasts.

The usual procedure would be decoy and eliminate, one-by-one. This would prove too long and also he could not afford to waste so much energy for the decoys. He would need one decoy for every three beasts, which would total to about 15 decoys for abour 45 beasts.

The first 21 or so were easy pickings. His count was at about 25 with 7 decoys used, an extra 4 bonus. but the eliminations became tougher each time considering the piles of beasts on the battlefield. It was then that he felt something was wrong. These things had lights; they weren't using them.

He began to run. It was indeed a trap to delay him long enough for the real hunters to come, he could hear them in the distance. He ran opposite of the emanation, trying to outrun the hunters.

His running came to a halt about 5 more hours after his initial dash. He was exhausted beyond belief and he could no longer move even by an inch. It was over for him on the desert land. He knew the nearest oasis was about 3 miles from his current location, and certainly the nearest shelter much further away, possibly even days away.

The darkness itself comforted him, for he knew the hunters would have a harder time finding him. But he left tracks.

He got up, casted a wind magic to lift him off the ground, and started to fly away. He needed to get to the nearest oasis, and his energy supply dwindled from nothing to even less than nothing, like negatives. He was still able to keep up this magic for about an hour, and his travelling time fromhis past location to the oasis would be about an hour's walk now.

He collapsed. He saw first blinding light, then a swirl. The world around him swirled in darkness. His candle was burning up quickly, and he could do nothing. It was over for him.*

February 14th, 2004, 8:56 AM
*The young mage woke up on what he conceived to be a bed. A dim light flashed across this room he was in, and from the light source, he could see the room was made of wood. From his knowledge of the desert, the nearest major forest would be at least five hundred to six hundred kilos from where he was, for those places had wood to build these homes. Was he there? He assumed the forest was also in the darkness of the five eclipses.

He looked around the room using the dim light. There was nothing but the bed and a piece of carpet near the door, though he could not make anything out of that carpet (maybe it was panther fur). Either way, it would be strange for a person who had not been there before. He also took a look at the bed itself. The sheets felt like woven leaves, a first of its kind, and the bed was soft enough for deeper sleep. This was hgih quality stuff. But he was a renegade, not anyone with royal personalities. Who would give him such fine furniture to sleep in?

He got up from the bed. The jump to the floor was surprisingly low, for he overshot and landed near the candle on the floor. He took a few steps, each one making enough noise to stir a hibernating bear. It was definitely night, or was it?

The door opened itself to what seemed to be an elf. His mind flashed, for elves do not live in tree houses, rather they live IN trees. Thie place was strange to begin with, now it was stranger. The elf was holding a light source of some sort, not a candle (for that was what he had with him for a spell that he might need). He first looked from bottom up (while still on the floor), she seemed to look more like a woman than an elf, yet she wore the vines and such that an elf would wear. She did not have the characteristic ears of the elves and certainly she looked more fair than any elf that he had seen. Who was she?*

February 15th, 2004, 5:29 PM
*She brought in something that looked like a cup. She handed this cup to him. He looked inside the likely wooden cup. The contents were green and viscous, probably filled with earth healing magic. The young mage drank it up. The liquid went down surprisingly well for a viscous and obviously dense liquid. As it traveled down him, he felt a burning sensation, yet it was not pain, more like refreshment. The contents made him strong, more aware of the surroundings, better.

He gave the cup back to the girl, who seemed to stare at him. Was he such a fascinating creature to behold? Was he a rarity among these areas? Was he even in the correct area? He opened his mouth as the girl retracted her arms to hold the cup more properly.

Kent: "Whre am I?"

Girl: "'Whre?' Don't you mean 'where?'"

Kent: "Yes, I suppose so."

Girl: "That is simple, you are in Gaebis."

Kent: "No, not that. Where in Gaebis am I?"

Girl: "Near the desert you collapsed in."

Kent: "But there is only an oasis about an hour's walk from where I fell."

Girl: "We have been hidden, boy," *she gave a teasing wink.* "It's quite a small forest for anyone to recognize."

Kent: "I see, so you guys picked me up?"

Girl: "No, the dwarves did. They found you lying there, barely breathing, about an hour's walk from the oasis. I believe they were getting more water."

Kent: " I see." *He took her hand and kissed it, like a gentleman should. He then god back to his original standing position.* "Thank you for the aid. My name is Kent."

*The girl's eyes widened, and ran out the door, slamming it. At that point, he tried to open the door, but it was locked. He was a man caged in wood; the logs made a unifrom motion across the room, almost too uniform, for even the walls followed the same brown pattern. He knew one thing: this room controlled his destiny.*

February 17th, 2004, 8:56 PM
*It was this room that restarted his life, and he was grateful for that, but he would be controlled by another just the same. He would be the same puppet that they used, except they were now different masters. Time went by quickly, for he tried to enjoy his last moments of freedom, though within confinement.

The door opened for the second time, it was an old elf, presumably the eldest elf in the forest. He could safely guess that this elf was the chief. He was sitting on the bed at this point in time, but he got up at the sight of the old elf with the light on his arm.

The old elf held the light tube near Kent's face, undoubtably observing his face.*

Old Elf: "Yes, this is the one."

*The old elf took two steps back before starting again. Each step felt like an eternity, like his enslavement had finally arrived.*

Old Elf: "Tell me, young Kent, what brings you here?"

*He had no chance to lie, for he had not prepared anything.*

Kent: "I was chased by assassins."

Old Elf: "Assassins? Or old friends?"

Kent: "Both."

February 18th, 2004, 9:03 PM
*The old elf placed the light source on the floor. It was not a fire after all, considering that the room didn't torch. The elf man reached into his vine clothes and pulled out what seemed to be a perfectly crafted sword with his left hand, and a wore sword on his right. How would it be possible for the old elf to even carry two swords? He tossed the worn sword at Kent.*

Old elf: "Give me no mercy."

*the Old elf charged Kent. Kent barely caught the sword and wind up in tiem to catch the blow from the crafted sword. The old elf bounced back whereas Kent stood his ground. Kent's sword rang, presumably from the block. The old elf charged again, this time to Kent's right instead of dead centre. Kent lounged forward to catch the old elf at his drift, but the old elf slipped away, exposing Kent's weakness. Kent turned to his left, his cape catching much of the sword slash. The old elf was open, so Kent took this chance to knock the sword off the elf and placed the sword, with mercy, in front of the old elf. He panted*

Kent: "What is the meaning of this?"

Old elf: "Take the sword and run. The well crafted one. Take the girl with you."

Kent: "What?"

Old elf: "Katie!" *He shouted, the echoes rang through Kent's mind.*

*The beautiful lady came in again. So she was Katie, interesting name for an elf. She helped the old elf back up. She gave Kent quite a look.*

Old Elf: "It is okay, my child. He has nothing to do with the fall. But I must tell you something. Go with this man. this forest will be doomed anyway. You have a better chance at survival with this man. Another thing. You're not an elf."

*Katie looked as if she already knew the secret. And she was fine with it. the old elf took the crafted sword and gave it to Kent.*

Old Elf: "My name is not important anymore. But if you must know, I am Spencer. This world is losing its imbalance, Kent. You must create this balance. Take this sword. ANd Katie will be with you." *he moved Katie beside Kent.* "You two are in charge of the greatest mission in this world. Leave at once."

*Kent never said anything, for he was surprised at the elf's understanding of this world, and also the understanding of his name. This would not be the place for answers, it is the place for questions. Without a word, the duo left the forest, heading for the oasis. Kent didn't stop looking at Katie.*

February 19th, 2004, 7:47 PM
Chapter 2

*It was complete darkness, for they couldn't afford to lose the cover of darkness. They went seemingly toward the oasis. They didn't know where it really was otehr than the general direction, so if they missed it, they wouldn't have known. It was by chance whether they would actually make it there with thier leisurely walk.

In the darkness, Kent could only see the figure of this woman in front of him. He didn't know what she was wearing or anything, other than the fact that she looked like she was wearing a dress or a skirt, or vines for all that mattered. She was almost enchanting.

They arrived at the oasis with a splash. Kent fell in. Though it was disgraceful and showed how clumpsy he was in the presence of an woman, they were lucky that he fell in, for they would have walked right past it. He got to the edge of the oasis and drank up, not to mention fill whatever he had to fill with water. The same figure he traveled with came to his side and pretty much did the same thing. He looked at her again. This time she looked back.*

Katie: "Are you okay?"

Kent: "Yeah, I'm fine. I've just been wondering stuff about you. I mean, we haven't even been introduced to each other..."

Katie: "I think we've said enough when I told you my name is Katie. Idon't even know why Spencer made me come with you. And he gave you our sword, not sacred, but it was for the most experienced hunters..."

Kent: "I guess you've said enough. It's time to run."

*He took her hand, it was soft and indescribable at the same time. Maybe if he wasn't such a geek and never even touched a girl in his life it wouldn't be so strange, but he was the geek and it was strange. He casted the wind spell with one hand, levetating the duo into the air.*

Kent: "Where to?"

Katie: "I don't know. Don't you know?"

Kent: "Oh great."

February 22nd, 2004, 1:39 PM
*The journey back to the unnamed forest was much faster, considering they were flying and they knew the general direction there. Also they considered the size of the forest itself. They arrived in about a quarter of the time it took to get to the abandoned oasis.

The girl was in her territory, for she moved through the forest with speed and grace only the others in this forest could. He had gotten at least three scratches from the branches trying to keep up with her. Though usually she would be stopping so he could catch up.

It was after the fourth cut when they arrived at Spencer's retirement home, or so she said (something she did not do for the longest of time). Upon entering the home, Spencer got up from his bed and stared at us for a whole minute before we unfroze and he began talking.*

Spencer: "What are you doing here? You should have been gone by now."

Kent: "Old elf, I don't know where I must go."

Spencer: "Anywhere but here. Run from whoever wants you dead. You must survive until the the moons unalign themselves. At that point, you will know what to do."

Katie: "But grandfather, I cannot leave with this...jerk."

Spencer: "Silence young lady. You shall go with him, for he has a destiny to follow and yours with him. Leave! They are coming!"

Kent: "You're saying 'them'?"

Spencer: "Yes, they will be heere shortly. This forest will burn to the ground. Our destiny shall end here."

Kent: "Then I will stay." *He took out some cards he packed.* "It's time to test the experiment."

Spencer: "Idiot! you do not stand a chance against twenty silver birds!"

Kent: "So they're packing heat. Even better."

*He left the home and got out of the forest, without scratches but moving with the pace of a snail. He would wait for the enemy to arrive here, for he saw the light beams in the distance. This battle was between him and his creators, and he shall dance.*

February 24th, 2004, 7:19 PM
*He anticipated his hunters as a deer anticipates the wolves. He was ready to move, yet the power of the other side was way too overwhelming. He looked back, to shrug, and saw the elves exiting the forest. Though it was not unusual for the elves to travel in large packs, they all stopped with him. Spencer took the lead.*

Spencer: "Leave this to us. Run."

Kent: "This is between me and the wind seers."

Spencer: "Not anymore. This is between you and the world. Your destiny shall unfold, for our destiny was to unfold it. You will go, there is no other way."

Kent: "This is my battle. You're all going to get killed..."

Spencer: "And here we shall complete our function. Take the half-elf girl. Leave us."

*Spencer casted some sort of spell of the earth, causing a large green bubble to form around him. He could not pop this bubble even with the sword he obtained. This buble, however, began to shift, as if another bubble was rubbing against it. And it was. The membranes merged to reveal the contents on the other bubble: the half-elf girl, Katie.

He smiled. It would be some sort of a joke for him, for this was unreal and even unbareably stupid. This was it...his destiny, whatever it was. This destiny shared itself with this elf girl. It was his mission to find out.*

February 28th, 2004, 9:11 AM
*The bubble discipated (sp?) about a mile from the forest. The fires of war, however, followed their ears. It had been only five minutes, but the forest Katie knew would be burned to the ground. The darkness could not cover war, only the person chooses not to see it. In this case, Kent chose nto to see the slaughter and moved. It would be slaughter, for a single Silverbird could destroy the Forest and all of its inhabitants, let alone a large group of them. Kent could barely defeat one, though. He knew he wouldn't survive the fight if he stayed. Yet it was in his heart to take revenge. The Wind Clan shall fall, same with the Dark Clan. He will destroy them both with his bare hands.

The darkness of the alignment gave way to tiny packages of light that shined through periodically. This was due to the rotations of the moons, at least that was the theory behind it. One package shone directly on Katie. It was at that point did he actually notice how beautiful she was. Her long blonde hair flowed as if an eternal wind walked with her. Her grace like liberty itself. She was a sight to behold. And the blue eyes she had was to die for. Yet she was not happy, he knew she was not, for she did not smile. She stepped out of the light.*

Kent: "I know it's hard for you, but we have to go."

Katie: "I guess..."

*The travels took about 5 days, which signalled the end of the alignment of the moons. They will have to fight in the light, nowhere to hide. At the same time, they made it to the Green Forest, known to the Green Clan as the "Jade". It was a metropolis of trees, it was as busy as a beehive, and was a business centre for the largest environmentally-based company in all of Gaebis. It was open to any and all,for its strength was unity.

The duo checked into an inn, but was only able to get one room with whatever money Kent had left. They entered the wooden room they rented. It was small, but better thanthe ground they were sleeping on. Kent sat on one of the chairs whereas Katie sat on the bed.*

Kent: "We need to get some stuff straight here."

February 28th, 2004, 8:48 PM
Ah, it's beautiful, choppy, like you anticipated, but lovely. You have a few problems with subject-verb agreement and comma placement. Also, you overuse your personal pronouns and some of you words, like duo. The last conflict I have is your comma usage. But other than that, I believe if you expanded a little, the story would take even a higher stature. It's really nice and I look foward your future work, as well as the rest of the tale.

February 28th, 2004, 8:52 PM
Trust me, I don't get much better than this on first runs lol. I'm trying to get in the habit of using different words for the same thing, but doesn't seem to work very well either (thesaurus as you said, would be my best friend). And commas...I hate the commas lol. Anyway, appreciate at least having one person that gives a **** about random things I guess.

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Ah, I know how that feels. But, I agree with you on commas. They get in the way. >.< lol, I sound like a mod, but you know the rules about censorship. Sorry, -cracks up- I just um... Had to say that before Lance (Liquid Thunder) got on you about that. ^^;;;

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On topic: Those crappy Latin dictionaries are running at like ridiculous prices these days. Hard to get one without bleeding to death. *guards the dictionary with his life, considering he needs it for the fic*

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Heh. ^^;; I've never seen a Latin dictionary before. Is it the same as, say, an Oxford dictionary?

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OOC: No, more like a french-english dictionary type thing.


*She gave him a look for a good minute before doing anything. In this case she opened her lips.*

Katie: "What is it?"

*It was the firsttime she actually said anything sort of relavant to him, so he was quite content. He spoke with the same tone he was in, just because he should do such a thing.*

Kent: "Look. I feel we have some sort of a misunderstanding. We have to get this sorted out. Maybe I should being again, introduce myself again, in a less hostile environment. Anyway, I am Kent, a Wind Mage from Boreas, the Wind clan. I am part of an experiment gone horribly wrong and I am currently being hunted. Wait, that's not good..."

*She giggled a bit. Her smile lit up the room, for such beauty was rarely seen. From his angle, he could not tell whether those eyes were blue or green or both. He could not tell much of anything for his concerns. she spoke again.*

Katie: "I guess we've gone on the wrong foot in the beginning. But you might not be such a bad guy after all. What was it about the experiment again?"

*He told her the story of his life up until his moment with her. It was a shocking story, yet she was not surprised. She knew of something, but he didn't know what. She got up from her bed and inched to Kent. She was reaching for something, the sword.*

Katie: "I'll need something to defend myself with. The sacred sword will have to do."

*He gave that sword to her, for he was better off without it anyway. As she unsheathed the sword, he noticed that she was quite familiar with the sword itself. She was possibly an expert on swords, or maybe the sacred sword itself. It was then an explosion emanated from outside the metropolis. The hunters were here.*

March 6th, 2004, 9:06 AM
*The hunt had began anew, for the battle of the hidden forest would have been over, and his hunters would again roam to find their prey. The two, now at least aquainted with each other, headed off the metropolis of trees. Kent knew what was going on-and he sensed that the girl knew what was up-and began to exit the trees on the other side. He knew it would not be a wise decision to battle with the hunters in the forest, for they would certainly injure civilians of the city, and most likely everything else in their path.

Kent and Katie got out of the darn forest and began to jet (quite literally). Their speed was uncanning, but it would be a matter of time before the silverbirds catch up to them, so the battle would be inevitable...almost to the point that he would just stay there and wait for them to come.*

Kent: *Still casting his jet spell, his hands moving in a definite rhythm.* "Any ideas on where to go next?"

Katie: "Considering that the Wing clan is out of bounds, the green clan is under attack, the dark clan is not a place I'd like to go, we're left with the water and the fire clans."

Kent: "Great. Flamagus and Aquae Sulis. Just great."

Katie: "Well, which would be closer?"

Kent: "A camp for Flamagus most likely. I think it's getting hotter around here."

Katie: "Then it will be Flamagus then."

*It was decided and they would head there, but the couple knew of the ever closer threat that was behind them. And they would not be caught by surprise.*

March 9th, 2004, 7:42 PM
*What was a surprise was the time it took for the hunters to catch up. It seemed as though the green clan took it personally and attacked them. This was further proven when only three silverbirds arrived onto the scene. The ehated battlefield may aid the travellers, since heat is not a friend of machines of any sort. By fighting on the heated desert, the two might stand a chance against the three silverbirds, which woul otherwise be next to impossible.

They landed on the ground when the silverbirds were about three miles away from striking distances. Kent extended his right arm, with his middle and index finger pointing out. Katie drew the sword, which was heating up slowly due to the weather. They were essentially in fighting positions, though it seemed more like poses than stances, and certainly it looked much more like an amateur's pose than anything else. Kent snuck in a look at Katie.

When he turned his head back, three silverbirds were close enough for attack. They blasted laser beams of some sort, or it was more like concentrated laser beams. Kent dodged the two aimed at him, but he was not able to see what happened to Katie. Kent pulled his right arm back, and moved it to his left while having it fully extended. An acceleration of the wind caused by mana he channelled through his figers caused essentailly a blade of air the flew forward. He called it the "wind blade" and was his most often used weapon.

The blade moved quickly forward and caught the first silverbird by surprise, clipping a portion of its right wing. Though it was still flying, it was significantly slower. He noticed how much slower the silverbirds were to begin with so they won't overheat (or so he thought). He continued his assualt while dodging the laser attacks, but he was too slow in his execution while he was able to dodge. It was a stalemate at best.*

March 23rd, 2004, 3:07 PM
*It was within him to attack his opponent, and he did. With each cast, though, he knew he was slipping slowly. He would be weakened to a state in which the silverbird would pick him off. It was at that time when a laser beam shot from soemwhere else unknown to him and shot down the silverbird that was concentrating on him. He looked in the approximated direction of the laser. It was Katie, with her sword, reflecting the beams from the silverbirds back at them. He stood in awe as she finished off the final bird. He assumed the first silverbird was crushed already. The corpses of the three birds laid on the wasteland as he looked around.*

"You're good," he said. "Too good."

"Thanks," her reply was.

*They continued on foot after, for he was draining out of mana. They spoke of their history andhow they got there. From this conversation, he learned why she "hated" him so much: they taught her that mages are evil in every way and should never be trusted. She told him that she was puzzled when Spencer aided him, for he was a mage, possibly a spy. She still didn't understand and perhaps she will never truly understand. He told her of his history, and how he came to be.*

April 3rd, 2004, 8:24 PM
*His history was a shock to her, for she never knew of the darkness that lingered outside of her forest. She never knew the experiments going on, and definitely didn't know of the looming dangers of the Wind clan.

Flamagus came in time for them, for they ran out of essential food and water. They were at an outpost, no bigger than a small village, but had everything a traveler needed. The couple entered the only inn-a hut of some sort-within the city. The fist thing Kent saw was a familiar person, known to him as Professor S. Padmorum. He immediately retreated, pulling Katie with him.*

"Freeze villain," the familiar voice cried. "I said freeze."

*From Kent's knowledge, if the Wind clan was in a place, they come in groups. He knew that if the prof was in there, his party members would be close enough for an ambush. He froze, still holding Katie's arm.*

Katie whispered to him, "Your grip is tightening."

*He did not hear that, for he had better things to worry about. The prof approached him, his steps echoing throughout his ears.*

"We need to talk," the prof suggested.

"There's nothing to talk, old man," Kent vituperated while his back was still to the prof.

"You must listen to this. It's important."

"What? How you guys experimented with the five of us?"

"The truth."

April 7th, 2004, 2:13 PM
Chapter 3

*They returned back into the tavern or inn, he could tell now, with the professor. He sat down with the prof, while Katie left to actually get some supplies.*

"Speak," Kent thundered.

"You're in danger," the prof said solemnly.

"No crap I'm in danger. Anything else?"

"Yeah. It's called you're dying."


"You see, Kent, you're one of the five experimental mages that we've had. I'm sure you know that, but what you don't know is that you don't have a customized mana core rather two independent mana cores, your original, and your second, five element one. That's why you've been using both independent of each other, thought yo don't know it."

"Why are you telling me this?"

"You are going to die, just like the other three. You are part of a joint experiment which the Wind and the Dark Clan have joined together to create essentially supermages."

"What? What happened-"

"They died from their mana cores collapsing onto each other. We put the first two down, the third eliminated himself. Vincent, however, doesn't seem to be affected by this. I think it's because he's already gotten the black core. Remember this, the second core is five elements, but the dark one dominates the rest."

"No weaknesses."

"Exactly. You're going to either die from that, or you're going to die from the Wind Clan. Vincent's caught by the Wind Clan, now the Dark Clan and the Wind Clan are both after you."

"Interesting choices."

"Those aren't choices. Get the heck out of here, the Clan's coming. Here are some cards for you, in case you need some additional magic."


*He got up, but the prof held him for one more second.* "Take down Pontifex. He's corrupting the Clan."

April 17th, 2004, 7:17 PM
*He got out of the inn, meeting with Katie at the door. She held two backpacks for traveling use. He heard the prof cut himself. Just as he was about to speak, perhaps of the wrong thing to say, the back of the inn burst open, revealing two wind clan members. The prof stood in between the two members and the two heroes. The prof started to charge mana.

Kent pulled Katie out and started to run. They took a sharp turn left and he began his wind spell to allow them to fly. This way they would travel great distances. Kent never thought about this, but he knew she was hesitating when they ran. It was at this time when he actually saw the suave Katie. Something about her justice brings such charm within her.*

"You just left him there, Kent," she murmured as they hovered the sands of the volcanic desert.

"No, he is safe there. For all they know, I'm a fugitive and the prof was doing his duty by trying to trap us. Of course, he gave us information instead and pretended his injury," replied Kent. "It's all in the plan."

*He took out the top card of this deck of cards he had. It was a regular cardboard card, and not a mana card like the rest of them. He held it up to read it, also allowing Katie to read it by holding it between them, just beneath the burn of the sun. The card read: "Kent, Flamagus is guarded by the Wind Clan, thus it is too dangerous for you to go there. Aquae Sulis is however held by both clans in hiding. I'm pretty sure they will be fighting among themselves, allowing you to at least do something."

They stopped just beneath the only active volcano within the desert. The heat was still tolerable to a certain extend. He found an aperture within the volcano for hiding purposes until the plans lay out.*

April 23rd, 2004, 4:31 PM
*Upon entering the opening of the volcano, Kent let go of his wind magic. Doing so, they dropped about 2 feet down onto the steaming floor. Kent's hands retracted from the floor at once, but other parts of his body only felt heat, not intense heat. It seemed to him that KAtie had somewhat of the same response as well. After getting up and dusting himself off, he looked around the room. It was actually large for a volcanic tunnel of some sort. It was actaully cool for a place near the volcano, with the exception of the sporadic blasts of steam at one of the vents nearby. He looked directly into Katie's eyes and spoke.*

"We're going to be running a lot. Do you really want to do this? You can leave now if you want to."

"No, I should go with you, considering I dont have a home anyway. There is no place to go," she replied monotinously.

"Okay then," he mumbled, taking out a deck of cards out. "Take these bad boys."

"What are they?"

"Spells. Just charge mana into them, throw them, and the spell is cast. Remember to read what's in each spell first."

"You've given me only earth spells."

"Yes, since you need the appropriate mana to cast the spells."

"Oh. I'm assuming you can use all of these wate, fire, and dark cards among the earth and wind spells."


*They got back out and headed to Aquae Sulis, the main spot for the Sulis Clan, also known as the Water Clan. The journey would not have been long, for Kent kicked up the speed to get there."

May 12th, 2004, 6:57 PM
*although the time they took to get to Aquae Sulis was relatively short, they could only make it to its outskirts before Kent ran out of usable mana to continue, at least for the moment. Sulis' outskirts were suburban; all the houses seemed to be surrounded by water, same with the streets. To the normal human beings, this would make Aquae Sulis look like it was built on water, and not water within moats. To Kent, a clear indication of this theory was that the water within each "moat" had a current, along with the fact that the water was clear and fresh. Likely this was an impossible feat if they were moats. The only other way for such to happen is a sort of sewage system, where the people built a way for the water deep enough for it to be deceptive to the innocent bystander.

What seemed strange to Kent, and Katie, was that the streets were empty. It was too quiet for the duo. The emptiness didn't belong here, for obviously it was noon. Continuing on, they slipped into smaller alleyway-type pathways for less open roads. Doing so, they travelled about ten blocks of houses before landing into an inn. They checked inside and got their room. They refreshed themselves via teh shower and other luxuries that would be impossible during travel.*

"Do you actually have the money to pay these guys? I mean, they do work hard for their money..." asked Katie.

"I don't have the money for them, sorry. But in desperate times, we need desperate measures," Kent replied.


"Besides, someone from the Dark or Wind clan would come and trash the party any minute now."

"I thought better of you."

"Don't be."

*He took a glimpse of Katie before attempting to jump out the window of the inn. He could sense someone hostile coming toward them.*

"What are you doing?"

"Running. Coming? I mean, I really don't want to weight you down. You don't have to run like this with me."

"I don't have a home anymore. The forest burnt down already. I guess I'm stuck with you for now. Besides, there are better days on the road than just being in the darn forest all year long."

"Well let's go then."

May 14th, 2004, 6:01 PM
*They jumped out the window, with Kent going first. They hit water just below the windows and obviously made the big splash. This was exactly what they needed to get everybody to notice them. They got out of the water with incredible speed, as fast as a cheetah running towards its prey. Their strides were longer than usual, mainly because they needed that speed to outrun the best of them.

Just as they head toward the nest intersection, members of the dark clan, easily identified with the black hoods they wore, stepped in front of them. Kent noticed the Wind Clan members coming from his rear. They were trapped. Kent knew of the conflicts that the two clans have had in the past, but what could he do?*

"Members of the Dark Clan," Katie said, "the Wind Clan plans to take us and allof the glory with them. You're getting nothing after they beat the living daylights out of you."

*That had seemed to work, for the dark ones let their guard down for a second. Katie looked at Kent, nodded, and rushed the blockade. Kent followed. She drew her sword at that moment, and the dark ones immediately disbanded, allowing the dynamic duo to safely rush accross. The Wind Clan members started to attack the Dark Clan members during the time Kent looked back in the split second. He smiled, for the conflict between them was the key.

They continued on, but as fast as they were running, that wall was too hard for them to go through.*

May 15th, 2004, 7:26 PM
Chapter 4

*He woke up within a dark chamber with no windows, with only a dim light shining on top. He noted the door from this room was relatively far away. Also, Katie was still knocked out beside him, her head laid on his right shoulder, making it impossible for him to make any sort of mana channelling (or face mana burning her). He looked out to see one single table, a wooden table, with Katie's sword, and his cards on top. He also noticed other cards that he did not recognize there, for they seemed to be blank.

At this moment in time, he noticed a nudge on his left shoulder, along with it pressure onto him. He looked toward his left shoulder without moving his head. It was another girl. He paid no attention to this girl, but he did note that she wore optical corrective lenses.

The door opened, letting a stream of light into the dark room or nothingness, it pierced into thecorners of this room, eveloping all that he was accustomed to. A third girl came in, he noted that she had dark skin during the brief moment of bright light he had. Also, he noted that she had relatively short hair with a more robust figure. The girl walked over to him, looking down on him.*

"You've awaken. I see that you're at least the strongest of the three I caught," the girl exclaimed.

"Who are you?" Kent Asked.

"Already asking my name? I'm the one in charge here. What is YOUR name?"

"Kent of the Wind Clan."

"Ah! That explains the cards you hold. Also, you've got a bounty on your head right now."

"Sure, but could you get the two girls off me? Like I don't even know them."

"What? Sure you don't. That's why all three of you were lying there when I caught you. Also, they're like restrains on your mana power. Of course I won't move the girls."

"Okay fine. I know the girl on my right. But i don't know the girl on my left."

"Denying the truth I see. You are quite a person, seeing how I control your fate."

"What HAVE you done to the other girls anyway?"

"I've put them to deep sleep. Only you could have awaken because of this."

"What's your name?"

"Oh, demanding now I see. Okay fine. No harm done there. The name's Persaud."

"Isn't that a last name?"

"Yeah. Got a problem with that?"

"Yes. Look I dont' have a last name, that's why I say I'm Kent."

"Okay fine. Name's Ashwini."

"Nice to meet you too. I'd extend my hand if I could."

"But you couldn't. Becasue i'm not stupid enough to let you channel mana."

"Impressive. So any reason on why you are capturing us and not reporting us to the bounty?"

"you have itneresting technology for me to look at. Also you're what they want. And they aren't getting it."

"That was straightforward."

"Could be a trick. You'll never know."


"Sure. The bounty's here any minute now."

"Okay. And I'll just go to sleep."

"Hey wait! I'm not done with you yet!"

*He closed his eyes under the immense chatter of this Ashwini. He was almost in a state of eternal bliss until he did daze off.*

May 16th, 2004, 5:44 PM
*As he woke up from his daze, he noticed the pressure on his shoulders have been removed, or his soulders were so numb that he could not feel them. His eyes opened to see three girls sitting by the table, and they seemed to be experimenting with things. He looked to his sides and saw nobody, then he cleared his eyes. There were Katie, Ashwini, and the third girl who wore the optical corrective lenses. Katie first noticed the wind mage's awakening...and probably noticed him staring at her. Either way, she got up from her seat.*

"Well look who decided to wake up?" Ashwini said, still in her seat, directly in front of Kent.

"What the heck did you do anyway?" asked Kent.

"It's supposedly some sort of sleep spell," answered the third girl.

*Kent first heard this girl's voice, and it was a rather different experience. Katie had a bolder voice, Ashwini had the strangely loud and powerful voice, but she had qite a soft and smooth voice, one that was undoubtably pleasant to the ears. He then took a good look at that girl. He saw her gorgeous black hair, tied in two ponytails (which he thought didn't suit her at all); the face behind the corrective lenses were...interesting to him.*

"And your name is...?" asked Kent.

She blushed a little before answering, "Relena."

May 30th, 2004, 11:45 AM
*It wasn't long until the plan was set. The dynamic duo became the fearsome foursome. But as all scholars of Aquae Sulis do, they study. For Relena, it would be the final 5 days of school before leaving for a year or two to find money to fund her education again. In the meantime, Kent would be staying with three gorgeous women within the same house at the same time...for 5 days.

They traveled to Relena's house, allowing them to take a breath or two before having to leave again, running from the clans. Upon entering the generic housing on that day, he took Katie aside, not caring of the other two.*

"WHY did we agree to them going with us again?" he practically screamed at her.

"Because we're running from a pack of clan members who want to completely annihilate us. We'll need as much power as we can possibly muster," she answered.

"How did THEY agree to this?"

"Simple. I promised Relena money and Ashwini plenty of work...in artificing."

"And how are we supposed to find this while running?"

"I don't know."

*They went back to the other group members. Kent knew he was in trouble after these two would join. All the running would now be on foot. He had absolutely no choice in the matter when it came to his future...which was bleak to begin with. He continued to think, ignoring everything else around him. Where would he have to go to be safest? He suddenly thought of the Synod. The Synod of the Wind Clan! That would be the most dangerous and safest place to be. That would be the place they would go to. He spoke.*

"After these 5 days, we are going to the Synod of the Wind Clan."

*Astonishment came about. He knew it from the beginning.*

"Leave if you want to. I'm not stopping anybody. You have no reason to fight alongside me to begin with."

"No, our destinies are tied together. I am going," Katie responded.

"I've got a bone to pick with the Synod of the Wind Clan. They didn't pay me for those silverbirds that I prototyped. I was going to take them down to begin with," Ashwini boldly replied.

"I'm going..." Relena softly whispered.

*Kent knew from this point on he was in trouble.*

June 12th, 2004, 5:42 PM
*Yes it was complete trouble and nothing but trouble. He wasrunning from the Wind Clan, then came a gorgeous elf girl...and the Dark Clan going after him. Now two more women joined his conquest for survival. He knew that he would eventually indirectly kill them all if he didn't leave them...but also he would indrectly kill them if he left them. He needed advice.

He knew Ashwini was in the water-filled basement, fixing something. Relena was doing some chores upstairs. Katie was taking a shower, he just knew. He left a note, plainly visible to all as they entered the kitchen, saying that he left to get some refreshments. He was not going for refreshments, rather seeking something...advice.

The door he locked using wind magic, and he took to the nearest bar, which he saw on teh way to Relena's house. He was sure to find the professor.

Sure enough, inside the bar, was the professor, drinking alcohol. Kent, sat beside the Padmore.*

"I knew you would be here," Kent claimed.

"I thought you'd think I would be here," replied the professor.

"I see. Anyway, I need some advice."

"I know. that's why you're here, and not elsewhere."

*Kent leaned onto the counter, which made it seem he was closer to the professor, but he was actually further away.*

"I want to know."

"The girls? Did it, by any chance, come to you that it was not coincidence?"

"I knew it wasn't all along."

"It's in fact in your favour. You see, you are a renegade. They'll never expect you to be with a party. This is advantage. But there is something else...The Relena...she's important to your travels. You'll need her for the sixth moon."

"Sixth moon?"

"You know too little. The world is crumbling, and the sixth moon will come."

"The Sixth? You mean the old literacy that spoke of the Sixth meant the sixth moon?"

"Correct. You must protect the girl at all costs."

"I know."

"That's a good boy."

*The professor got up, it seemed as though there was nothing left for him to speak. He stood there, imposing, for a minute, before heading off.*

"Thanks!" Kent exclaimed.

*The professor turned back, his expression lost.* "Today is the last day you'll ever see me. And your history, your memories, are fake."

*He turned away and disappeared from the surface of Gaebis from then on. Kent was puzzled as he headed back from the bar to Relena's house. What did the professor mean when he said his history and memories were fake? Could it be even possible for such a thing to happen? The conversation gave him answers he needed, but it also gave him even more questions than needed. Did this fake memory tie in with the mana cores collapsing on each other? He did not know.

As he entered the house, the three girls were in the kitchen already.

"Where are the refreshments?" all three asked at the same time.*

June 20th, 2004, 3:55 PM
"Well, technically speaking," Kent replied, "I got refreshments for myself when I wrote that."

*That ended the conversation quite well, he thought. The silence, however, was quite heavy for such a small occasion. Was it really that important to them? Katie was the first to leave the kitchen. It was obvious to Kent that Katie would have the highest tolerance to his antics, although he didn't remember when he actually had any antics with Katie of that sort. Things then just got back to normal after, as though nothing really had happened all this time.

It turned out that there were only two rooms (he should have known) in the house. That would mean Kent would have to sleep downstairs in a couch. It didn't matter to him, since he's had worst before, or at least he thought he's had worst than before. Either way, it was nice to have a shelter instead of sleeping in the open somewhere.

Night fell and the world was quiet again...after the day of war. The world slept as Kent sat on a couch downstairs. Yes, he knew this darkness well. Just then a light came down. Katie was still awake for some reason, and she was downstairs. He couldn't help but notice that she was gorgeous in his sleepwear (was it pajamas, he thought).* He spoke, "Hey Katie, could you talk with me for a sec?"

"Sure thing," she replied.

*They sat on the couch,staring at each other for a good minute before actually moving. They both were about to say something.*

"You first," Kent generously implied.

"Well Kent. Where did you go?" she questioned.

"To meet with the professor. He's told me many things."

"Well, what did he say?"

"Protect the girl Relena. She's got something to do with the sixth. I'm not sure what the sixth IS, but I'm sure it'll come up soon enough."

"Ah. So you can't sleep over that? I mean, it's really not a burden..."

"A burden? Everything's a burden. It doesn't really matter anymore. Let's just survive the five days and we'll figure things out from there."

"Good idea. I'm going for refreshments."

"Sure, help yourself."

*He didn't care about anything at the moment. Nothing mattered to him. She was indeed heavenly and a worthy ally to him.*

June 22nd, 2004, 11:38 AM

*It was morning again. Kent wondered how many more mornings he would see in his dwindling life. The morning represented life and beginning in itself. He hoped to see this dawn for years to come. He washed up in the closest bathroom (the one downstairs) and waited for the others to come. He waited for three hours.

Relena came down as Kent walked by the stairs, the noise of footsteps naturally caused Kent to look toward the source. He got an eyeful. Of course, Relena's reflexes were also very good, as she shyed away from Kent about a second after he looked up her skirt. Yes, Kent thought, she's in school, this must be some sort of way to identify them as students.

Either way, the two were the only ones in the kitchen and eating. Kent noticed her cold, harsh looks here and there. Kent guessed it was a big deal for Relena, being the elegant girl that she was, for anyone to look up.

They did not speak to each other for all that time, and she left the house in a hurry (either she was late or she tried to avoid Kent). It didn't matter the Kent, he followed with incredible stealth. He now had a mission to protect this feeble girl, and a mission he was to accept as a man.

Relena walked downto the campus and headed for her classroom. Kent noticed the centre of the campus had a rock and a sword in it, yet nobody touched the area. It was a strange sight to see men shivering away from what seemed to be incredibly harmless. Wimps, he thought.

Just then he was tapped on the shoulder. He turned to find himself knocking Relena's corrective lenses off. This time he stood and allowed her to pick it up, in order to avoid anymore confusion. She spoke as she put her glasses on.*

"Why are you following me?" Relena calmly asked.

"Do I look like I'm following you?" Kent retaliated.

"Look, you pervert. I don't know what your business is, but I know for a fact that you're stalking me, so please stop. It's against the law, and it's against my privacy..."


*Relena looked into Kent's eyes, seemingly confused. Either way, she noticed the time and left in a hurry somewhere in this campus. Kent allowed the wind to blow horizontal to his vision, making Relena's figure look extra gorgeous in the flowing wind. He just then remembered how beautifl she looked without the glasses on. Then again, she was gorgeous with glasses on. Kent knew from that point on that he was a corrupted man, he would have to control himself with extra care around Relena, that was for sure.*

June 22nd, 2004, 12:54 PM
*He waited on this field in the campus. It was certainly a windy day, even if he had something to do with it. It was hs first time coming into an educational facility outside of the Wind Clan facilities, and those were the hardest to live through, fake memory or not.

The afternoon came quickly enough, and he knew it was time for Relena to return to her home. He only needed to find her. In the distance, he noticed a large crowd, a slow moving crowd of men, shouting words of love and praise. Kent thought it would probably be one of those "flowers of the school" or something, but he noticed the similarities between the men: they were all the type to like modest girls. He noticed how passive they were, not even trying to rub the girl in any wrong way in fear of rejection. It was then he noticed the girl...Relena.

She was smiling and shy, she could not handle those guys, and some were replaced with the more violent type and she walked through the field. It looked as though Kent was going to step in. He charged mana through his right index and middle fingers, aimed off, and fired a wind blade past the field. The lbade crashed into the ground, causing all sorts of dirt and rocks flying at every distance, while not hitting Relena at the same time. That caused half the men to run away immediately, and the other half started to leer at Kent, while some were shouting "What are you doing?" and "I'll beat you up for that!"

Kent smiled. He knew these delinquents had no chance against him, and he would not even bother to toy with them. "Just go," he softly whispered.*

"You'd better listen to him. He's quite the delinquent," Relena jestered.

*Kent just unleashed a second blade to scare the rest of them away, but this one went a little too far, hitting the rock in the centre of the field.*

"Hey thanks," Relena chirped. "I can't seem to get rid of them."

"No problem, and I don't think they'll come back either," Kent responded.

June 24th, 2004, 7:18 PM
*The stage, however, was set. Kent didn't know yet, but the rock had an irreversible crack. The rock shattered, but the katana itself was still erect as if nothing had happened. Something was amiss, he thought; he knew Relena thought the same. The shattered rock pieces reformed via a sort of magic into a golem.

Kent knew the golem was the guardian of this katana from his observations. Also Relena and all the others all cowardly shyed from the beast. He stood in front of it. He took a dash at the golem, and the golem read his moves perfectly, executing a large fist of rock into the ground on where Kent should be. Kent had a natural instinct to dodge things, and this was no exception. He was within striking distance from the golem and he cast a wind blade at the chest of this golem. Nothing happened, the spell didn't even scratch the golem. It stood there, immobile, on the field, near the hole it created, erect, and imposing.

It seemed more like a communication device now. Kent noticed his position; he was near the katana. He made a quick detour to the katana itself and pulled. The sword flung out as Kent's right arm pulled. He then attacked the golem with a swipe of the katana on the left leg. The golem was still immobile.

Upon closer inspection, Kent noticed that golem was no longer controlled by magic. It was just there. It was standing there for some reason. It would then be this sword's magic that caused this golem to form, there would be no other possiblity for such a thing to happen in any other way.

Behind him was Relena. She went close to the sheath of the katana, still stuck on the field. Before she could touch it, the sheath itself shocked her. The katana has chosen him then, that would be the reason.*

June 26th, 2004, 4:45 PM
*He took the sword sheath without even a struggle and placed the sword inside. He now brandished a new weapon, which is not his style. Either way, he would be stuck with this weapon.*

"So what's this weapon called?" Kent asked.

Relena answered, "It's called the Katana of Caecilius. It was placed here by the legendary warrior Caecilius, who destroyed the evil monster here many years ago. It is said that this weapon chooses its owner and its owner will be a legendary warrior like Caecilius himself. That's you."

Ken laughed for a few seconds before speaking, "Really, I'm nothing but a lowly wind mage."

*Relena gave him a smile. It had seemed to Kent that she placed her trust in him already from these two incidents. It was a good thing, considering he would be needing of her trust later if he would be protecting her. He looked into her eyes and spoke again, "Whatever happens here, I'm going to protect you."*

*That seemed to set into her heart. He didn't want that to happen. He would die soon, and he did not wish for anyone to place too much trust in him...yet he needed her trust at the same time. He would figure things out either way. They headed back to Relena's house, where the others were waiting, at the end of this day.*

June 29th, 2004, 7:15 PM
*The next two days went by quite peacefully, where Kent would jsut be following Relena to the campus, guarding over this girl, and go home (her home) after. At random points in the day, Katie would come around and take a shift so Kent could eat or something of the like. Ashwini would just be everywhere, fixing random equipment and polishing other random things. It was a peaceful time where the group of four would take rests, a time before the dangers to come. Four of five days ended in a flash. The fifth day would come.

At the beginning of the fifth day, Katie taught Kent how to saturate a weapon with mana. Doing so, she was able to enlarge her sword about two times its original size and much more devastating. Kent had the technique down, but his weapon just didn't change size. It was assumed that wind mana does not have such properties compared to earth mana.

Relena went to the last day of school without Kent or Katie accompanying. Instead, Ashwini took the job. It was a pretty safe bet that Ashwini thought something was different and that Katie and Kent knew about something she didn't. She was a smart girl to begin with. Kent thought Katie had already told Ashwini, but Katie told him otherwise. It didn't matter, the facts would come out sooner or later.

They met up with Relena and Ashwini at the end of the day to plan their departure. It was time for the beginning of their final journey through this land of Gaebis, let it be good or evil.*

July 4th, 2004, 2:34 AM
OOC: That was such a crappy and short chapter. lol


6 (actually, I'm thinking of renumbering chapters and stuff. probably this would be 3 or 4)

*After much delay on Relena's part, they finally set off from this small neighbourhood. Their destination is the Wind City, Ventagus. The estimated time it would take to go all the way north: months to years. It didn't matter, for they were prepared for anything. Kent somehow longed for his ability to fly, shortening this trip to merely several hours. Since this type of magic wouldn't even work for more than two people, it was not a choice. Also, he knew that the air would have been as heavily defended by Ventagus anyway.

The path north had always been quite barren. It was custom for this path to continue to be this tough, so Ventagus would not be surrounded by battles or even just pests from all fronts. Several hours into this hopeless journey, they came along a small village, with a population of about 30 people. As they entered this village, the villagers stared. Kent thought it was probably not a time when visitors would be around. He noticed how Ashwini and Katie both thought the same. Relena was just among the flowers on the fields.

They checked up with the mayor of this village to see if they would be able to stay for a day or two, since the journey north would only get worst as time went. They got their confirmation and would get a single day of shelter before going off again. A slow start, Kent thought, but better than a start that would wear them out quickly.

The four entered their room for the night. It was basically just an empty room with two beds. The four stared at each other for a good half an hour.*

"Let me guess. I'm sleeping on the floor," Kent finally blurted out.

*The ladies nodded. Not much Justice here, Kent thought, but it was probably for the best anyway. Kent didn't want to seem like he would be just "sleeping around", literally speaking at this point.*

July 8th, 2004, 7:54 PM
*The next day, the four had a rude awakening. The small village was attacked by a force fo beasts. Kent got out to the battlefield of the village first, with Katie not far behind (still wearing her sleepwear whereas Kent already changed in one minute). Ashwini and Relena took the back.

The beasts, they were known as the Centerpedes. They were about six to seven times longer than the average human, and they stood about twice the height of the human (so there's a lot of "tail" at the back). Obviously, as their names would suggest, they had many legs mainly placed near the beasts' centre of gravity.

The two on the frontline drew their sword and katana respectively. Ken shouted, "Ashwini! Keep Relena safe at the back. Take care of the last one there!" Kent and Katie looked at each other, nodded, and charged straight at the three attacking beasts. As they ran, Katie summoned the Earthly powers, causing the sword to double in size. Kent, however, lept about three feet from the first beast, and literally went over the first two beasts, landing near the third beast, who was about to slay one of the women of the village.

Kent channeled mana through his right arm, the sparks of lightning could be felt by his nerves, he was channeling at such a rate that it would be painful to most, but it was nothing but small tickles. He tried to horizontally slash the beast, but with his incredible aim, his thought he missed. No, the slash went right through the centerpede, slicing it in half and killing it instantly. Must have been the sword that was filled with mana, he thought.

He looked back as Katie would probably be bothered by the two centerpedes. Yes, she was indeed. Kent lept into the air once again, where he felt most at home, and this time did a vertical slash right through the second beast. Katie at this point also finished off the first of the beasts.*

"That's quite slow of you today!" Kent exclaimed.

"Well I'm not really wearing what I'm used to. Besides, looks like you're doing not bad yourself!" Katie replied.

*Kent gave her a smile, she retaliated with her own smile. They began to aid the single woman who was hurt within this accident, the one that Kent saved from the third beast. The villagers gave thanks to them and headed back to their normal routine. Katie and Kent began to look around the village.*

"Seen Ash or Relena?" Kate asked.

"No, and that's why we're looking in the first place. We gotta leave now. I can sense the runners coming in," Kent replied.

"Yeah. You said it."

*Just then, they heard a scream, the owner none other than Relena (it was certain since her voice was unique). The forest near the village, that would be where the scream emanated from. The dynamic duo ran into that forest, with Kent thinking why forests were always the burden.*

July 9th, 2004, 6:54 PM
*As they trampled through the forest greens, they astumbled upon a section of rock- a path of some sort. They took this path to increase their speed and headed to what seemed to be a temple. About a few more kilometres from the temple, he landscape got more damp.

Darn those morning dews, Kent thought, but this seemed more wet than usual. He looked behind and saw Katie having some trouble moving at a quick pace without getting her white sleepwear wet, which would make it quite revealing. So KAtie slowed down, while Kent pressed on.

When Kent was close to the temple, the environment seemed drowned rather than just dew. Just up a few more steps Kent took to see Ashwini injured on the side. Looking out, he saw Relena, relentless in her magic. She continued to pour out water spells after another, slapping the centrepede with all she had. The centrepede finally fell, and Relena made a loud cry (which sounded like screaming). She picked up a staff nearby and started to continuously smack the centrepede relentlessly on the body.

Kent just watched on, looked at Ashwini, and sighed. He helped Ashwini up before she spoke.*

"Relena, you can stop now," she murmured.

*The water girl did not hear, as she continued her punishment upon the helpless centrepede.*

"Relena, it's not that big a deal. It's just a wrench," Ashwini clamoured.

"Oh really?" Relena asked.

"Yes, now let's go before this half-dead centrepede calls for help."

*Relena took the staff still, as she grew to like it. Just as everything had concluded, Katie reached the temple area. The three stood there as Katie came in with a surprise (as she saw the centrepede).*

"Relena did it," Kent said. "Looks like Ashwini needs more protection than Relena at this point." He laughed.

"Hey! I'm twice as good as anyone! I just didn't have a weapon and couldn't use my fire magic!" Ashwini cried.

"Sure," Katie said, "If you think so!"

"So what are we going to do with the centrepede?" Relena asked.

"Heal it, and then tell it to leave the village alone and never return," Kent replied.

"Good idea!" Relena chirped.

*The exact thing happened, healing provided by Katie. The companions walked down the path. Ashwini suggesting to get a weapon for her so she could defend herself, Katie went on about her clothes being all wet, and Relena and Kent just smiled. Their first mission in here was technically a success, but there was probably more coming along, since Kent doubted that there weren't any rebel centrepedes that would come around and attack the village.*

July 11th, 2004, 8:02 PM
*Surely enough, the village met with the young party just outside of the forest and near the village. The mayor of this village was in shock when he saw Relena hold the staff in her hand. According to this mayor, the staff belonged to the great monk within the temple they got out of. Essentially the monk was the link between them and their god, thus everything the monk had was "sacred". The staff Relena held was the sacred staff. After much explaining, the mayor decided that it would be best to return the staff to where it came from, and the four agreed. This tiem, however, the mayor and many of their best archors would accompany them.

Upon returning to the temple, the band of warriors and the mayor went to the sacred monk within the temple. Kent and the others stayed outside. The monk, one that would be stereotypically a monk, came out of the temple at that point, injured from probably an attack from the centrepede eariler in the day. Relena handed over the staff back to the monk, and the monk thanked her for not allowing the centrepedes to take control of this artifact.

Just as the resolution of ths staff incident had ended, the centrepedes surrounded the temple in a furious rage. The archors, probably a little more than a dozen men, all drew their arrows at the same time. Katie and Kent drew their sword and katana respectively again, ready for another battle. Just then, one of the centrepedes walked closer, and opened its mouth while trying to speak.*

"I..." the beast hummed, "I am the leader of the centrepedes, Chenataur. You who hath destroyed my men...shall finally get what thou hast deserved!"

"Wait! What do you mean!" Ashwini quickly interrupted.

"As you know, the best of the warriors are here! The village defenseless! 'Attack!' I say! 'Destroy the fools!'. Pathetic humans!"

*As the centrepede was speaking, Kent, Katie and Relena all struck a plan with the monk and the warriors. Basically the warriors would immediately return to the village to aid them, ignoring all but those in their way. The monk would protect the mayor for the time being, and the part of four would attack the circle of beasts that would certainly attack with full force.*

July 14th, 2004, 6:44 PM
*Kent took the initiative and charged the Leader of the Cetnrepedes. As soon as he did that, the other centrepedes all began to rush in to attack. This caused Katie, Ashwini, and Relena to have an easy offense that would destroy the circle of centrepedes. Of course, this costed Kent. The leading centrepede attacked Kent as he was in mid air. Kent was knocked down to the forests.

With his left hand, Kent drew a card. Channeling mana into his left arm, he took a look at the card. It was a weak fire spell known as flame burst. "****," Kent thought, "A counter." As the leading centrepede slowly made his way through the piling corpses of beasts, he began to charge a sort of earth spells. "Perfect," Ken thought.

The centrepede unleashed a vine spell. As the spell was being formed, Kent got up and swung his left arm forward, exposing the soon-to-be fire spell.*

"FLAME BURST!" Kent shouted.

*To the centrepedes' surprise, along with everyone else's surprise, Kent unleashed the fire counter, catching the vine spell on fire, Kent opened his palm to do the "burst" portion of the spell, and the entire centrepede spontaneously combusted into ashes. The other centrepedes began to retreat. Kent looked to the former circle. Katie had her powerful, extended sword filled with centrepede blood. Relena was still slapping ice spells at some of the retreating centrepedes. Ashwini? She held a stick that was on fire, genius move on her part of scare the centrepede for Katie to finish them off. Kent knew all this from his observations. Strange, he felt as if he was there just from his observations.*

July 20th, 2004, 7:51 PM
*Escorting the Mayor and the Monk back to the village, Kent could help but wonder why he was there in the beginning. If he was to die in the end, then would it matter if these three follow his path of destruction? The three, genuine and true. He knew his choices would be difficult along all ways of this world. The game would be over soon, and he would be the clown to pay its price.

He heard the chatter from the rest of the group. Ashwini boldly blurting out random words that ended up forming a sentence which would criticize him (this time about him using a fire spell in a forest). Relena would just be smiling, but he knew she was also quitely thinkng about how he could use a fire spell. Katie, upon seeing Relena's face, took her aside, probably to tell her how he could use the spell.

The Trip was short, and the village seemed to be unscathed from the centrepedes. It seemed the archers arrived just in time. One of them greeted the Mayor before joining the escorts.*

"Yo," Kent said, "how was it down here?"

"There was no attack," the archer replied. "However, we were not able to return to the forest due to some strange spell. That is why we weren't there."

"I see. So those centrepedes are quite tricky."


"Alright thanks."

August 7th, 2004, 7:45 PM
*After a short conversation, the monk convinced the mayor to give the staff to Relena as payment for the services. Obviously, this was a good enough payment for the four, as a member who can defend herself is much more useful. They continued north, heading to their windy destination, yet again, after saying their goodbyes to the village.*

"Why did you decide to help us defeat the Wind Clan anyway, Relena?" asked Kent. "I mean, it would be definitely out of your way from just making your cash."

"I have my reasons, Kent," Relena answered.

*She smiled. He would have never anticipated it, buthe knew from that point on this woman would be the only one he would look at in the way he did. He didn't know what it was about his look either (and he doubted it was any different from any look he would give), but it was certainly a different look from his perspective.*

August 18th, 2004, 6:50 PM
1 chapter, 1 whole month to complete. Ouch.

Arc of Vetagus: Chapter 7

*North was the way to go...at least at the moment. The group of four has Kent and Katie taking the lead while Ashwini follows up at the back (behind Relena). The "t-shaped" formation, they called it. Just all of a sudden, Ashwini collapsed.

Kent did mostly the medical check-up, since he was probably the most well-versed of the group in terms of medicine. He used the conventional medical tests including the testing of the lungs via putting his ear on her back at specific areas.*

"Looks like it's just a simple flu. Her lungs are okay, but this fever might be a problem," Kent explained to the party, "I suggest setting camp here."

"Okay I'll keep Ashwini company," Relena said.

"No," Ashwini coughed, "it's okay. Let's get some work done while we're at it."

"No really, you should rest. I'll do what you used to do. I guess you can return the favour later. Deal?" Katie answered.

"I'm not left with a choice am I? I guess I'll take it," Ashwini whined.

"Alright. I'll scout the area and see if I can get some herbs to aid with the cure. Katie, I guess you'll have to set up tent and bring the water this time. Don't work yourself up too much. Relena, I hope I'll get dinner when I'm back. At least it's sort of getting late," Kent commanded.

"Okay," the two lovely ladies answered simultaneously.

August 24th, 2004, 8:05 PM
*Before actually taking his leave, he took on some jobs, such as telling Katie where the nearest water source was (due to him actually caring to note those areas). Another important job for him was to continue his examination on Ashwini, mainly to make sure he was right.*

"Remember to keep yourself warm and your head cool," he said as he once again checked her temperature on her forehead.

"I'm alright, I'm alright," Ashwini replied. "Just keep yourself at a distance with me. It'll be bad if you go down with me."

"Sure. You're about a degree hotter than usual. I'll be getting the herbs for a while, so keep yourself safe."

"I've got Relena to rely on if anything happens. Go do your thing."


*Kent got up. He took his portion of the tent out of this backpack and placed them in places that was marked to be the tent before heading off. During that time he noticed how Ashwini's determination to heal herself pushed her fever to a higher proportions than an average person. It was just a simple flu...

Exploring the nearby area for medicina herbs, Kent would simply slice the entire area of tall weeds with his wind blade before checking for the small herbs. This was efficient, as it only took him 15 minutes to find enough herbs for surpressing fever. However, he thought to get more other types of herbs for healing purposes before returning to camp.*

August 27th, 2004, 8:15 PM
*Back at camp, Kent set down his collection of herbal material and began to work with some of the herbs for some herbal tea. At that point in time, Katie already finished building the tent and Relena was already cooking dinner. There was a fragrance in the air that amazed him, but Kent already knew Relena was an excellent cook from before, which felt strange.

Finishing the grinding and "frying" of the herbs, he got essentially some blob of green goo in the bowl. He got that goo to Ashwini, who was still lying down in the tent, being taken care of by Katie.*

"I've got the medicine," he said.

"Alright. I'll go outside to keep watch for anything," Katie replied.

"Thanks," Kent answered. He turned to Ashwini, who was somewhat in fright of whatever Kent was holding. "It's medicine."

Ashwini coughed. "Sure...that goo," she scraped that sentence from whatever remained from her voice.

"Whatever," Kent said. "Just drink it all up."

*He handed the goo to Ashwini. She obviously slowly drank it all, complaining how bitter it was.*

September 2nd, 2004, 7:08 PM
"At least be thankful that it's over," Kent smirked.

"Heh," Ashwini giggled, "just like the fever."

*It was apparent that Kent probably put too much strength into the medicine, as Ashwini was already good to move. He however still told her to stick around in the tent...whatever this small hut-like tent is supposed to be...with dirty clothes and all. He wondered who actually bought the material...then realized that it was probably him.

Outside the tent was a campfire, with a rack on top for cooking purposes. The aurora of delightful tenderloin filled the air, with Katie and Relena preparing the main attraction near the cooking apparatus(es) there. This portion of the area was grassy, but it was also the only place where it wasn't filled with dirt and was not a place to stay. This field of grass stretched in a circle for approximately a kilometre or so before starting to break off into dirt. Behind all that was the beginning of the forest, accompanying a moonfall.

Katie got up and walked to him while Relena started to taste the stew. She was so adorable. Then he forogt which girl he was thinking adorable to begin with.*

"Hey snap out of it," Katie said as she snapped her finger in front of him.

"Sorry. Daydreaming again," he answered.

"Probably something inappropriate, huh?"

"Probably. So what's up?"

"Well...get down here and help out with dinner."

"Oh right."

November 5th, 2004, 9:49 PM
dang i forgot u were doing a story
it's friggin good
keep goin at it!