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August 14th, 2005, 11:10 AM
Dark Cloud
PG 13-R for violence


Forget all you know of the world of Pokemon. The Peaceful aura and the helpful nature of the Pokemon world, for now, there is only war and survival of the fittest. The world of Pokemon has plunged into darkness, the peace being replaced by hate and helpfulness by vengeance. Now is a time of war for the Pokemon world, for all regions and the beings living upon its surface.

Long ago, when outgoing trainers would leave on their journeys to defeat the league, around the year of 2005, the world of Pokemon was peaceful, where Trainers would choose the perfect Pokemon to accompany them on a wondrous journey through the many regions of the world to make new friends and train hard to defeat that in which would make them Pokemon masters.

Yes all was perfect; children and adults of all shapes and sizes could guarantee a happy lifethat was in till one day, when a dark cloud consumed the entire earth and plunged it into an everlasting darkness. A Pokemon of unknown origin appeared, its eyes cast on fire and its body black as the cloud that hovered above the earth. It sent out waves of dark power which turned all Pokemon that inhabited the earth into carnivorous beasts which would hunt all humans down to the last and dispose of them in a wave of bloodlust and then turn on each other and drive the world into an eternal science.

Even now in the year 2011 the Pokemon has not been identified and the earth is still consumed in darkness. Crops have been hard to grow and many parts of the earth have been thrown in to poverty. Places like Goldenrod, Lilycove and Celadon are the only towns which have yet to be driven in to poverty, but alas, they still suffer the curse of having to deal with rogue Pokemon which slowly dispose of human kind.

The Human race have fought these wild Pokemon for 6 years now, and there still is no sign of peace returning to the world, they begin to worry that the world is doomed and that there is no hope left, what so ever. Every human is asked to have possession of weapons to defend themselves, and people are not aloud out unless they are in need of supplies.

They are asked to lock all doors and keep loved ones close at heart for tomorrow they may not exist. Families cower in fear of loosing their lives as well as their loved ones and they are forced to kill all Pokemon who approach them before they themselves are attacked. Even the common Ratatta proves dangerous for its quick moves and sharp fangs can bring down a human in seconds if bitten in the right spot.

But, towards the end of 2008, there shined hope in a small laboratory in Saffron city Kanto. They had managed to capture six Pokemon and begun the project of producing chips that would take control of the Pokemons emotions and return them to normal.

You see, when the dark waves produced by the dark Pokemon that appeared towards the end of 2005 consumed the Pokemon, their thoughts and feelings were not erased merely covered over by hate and greed. Below the thick coverage of hate and greed, lie the Pokemons true thoughts and feelings, all that needs to be taken away, is the think coverage of hate and greed.

And thus started the project of creating a chip to overcome the coverage and return the Pokemon to its true self and therefore become normal again. It was a challenge, and many humans were lost in the progress of this dangerous task, killed in cold blood trying to return these Pokemons true feelings.This is the journal that was found by former scientists after many years of failure:

January 2nd 2006

The cloud has consumed the entire world and Pokemon are beginning to rid the world of human existence. It can only be the doing of the Unknown Pokemon that appeared along with the cloud upon the time of its forging. We have received reports of many attacks on humans by Pokemon who have fallen victim to the dark powers of this cloud.

We are discussing a plan which will hopefully return Pokemon to their normal composure. But at this early stage in progress we are not sure of what is causing the change in personality in the Pokemon nor are we sure of how to over come it. Hopefully in time we will devise a cunning plan to rid the world of this unnatural source.

Dr P.K Jones

January 22nd 2006

After capturing and successfully dissecting a Ratatta, we have discovered a dark liquid like substance consuming the Pokemons brain, we are not sure of what this substance is made of, but it is the reason behind the change in personality of the Pokemon. We must devise a plan that will remove this substance from the head of the infected without killing the Pokemon.

Dr P.K Jones

February 29th 2006

We have lost many volunteers to the wild Pokemon after they bravely tried to capture these wild creatures and bring them back for experimenting. May their names go down in History for their bravery and dedication towards the project and giving their lives for the sake of the world.

David Zackary- Born 1972, Died 2006
Bethany Davied- Born 1987, Died 2006
Corry Hopkins- Born 1976, Died 2006
Lorain Hunter- Born 1969, Died 2006
Kiori Okochiro- Born 1988, Died 2006

May they rest in peace.

Dr P.K Jones

December 1st 2007

We have had no luck in producing a successful plan that will turn these Pokemon back to their normal selves. We have had many failed projects, but not one has been successful as of yet. Near a year has past and the cloud still consumes the world. Crops have failed to grow and many parts of the world have been forced into poverty, soon there will be no food left to keep the human race stable.

Dr P.K Jones

May 19th 2008

Success! We have had a pang of hope in our studies, for a brief moment upon entering a chip into the brain of a chosen specimen (Pidgey); its personality was returned to one of contentment until it sadly passed away. We are verging on the path of true success; it will only be a matter of time in till we devise a working chip that will keep the Pokemon under control for a longer period of time.

Dr P.K Jones

March 7th 2009

Dr Paul K Jones sadly died today upon treating an experiment. He asked me to continue his train of thought in this journal and so I shall.

We have been able to produce a chip that has worked for a longer period of time than the first, but are still working on a complete success.

We will make Pauls experiment a success in his honour.

Dr C Nettle

August 9th 2010

We have finally created a successful chip. The experiment has remained alive now for a month or so as far as we know and has still not passed on. He has not shown violence towards me or my co-workers and after many years, we have finally found a solution.

We will not continue to capture Pokemon and insert the chips.

Dr C Nettle

September 31st 2011

We have received word of sighting of a peculiar Pokemon lurking in the deepest pits of Mount Silver in Jhoto. We have reason to believe that this is the Unknown Pokemon that we have been searching for. We are sending out volunteers to investigate along with the renewed Pokemon to keep them safe from harm.

They have been asked to keep journals of their progress through the regions and have been given weapons to defend themselves. With any hope these recruits may give us the information we need to defeat this Pokemon and return the world to its previous status.

Our prayers are with them and we wish them luck.

Dr C Nettle

Sum Up:

It is the year 2011 and you are one of the recruits mentioned in the journal to carry out this dangerous task. You will travel with your Pokemon companion in to the deepest regions of Jhoto and report back with any information on the dark Pokemon you may find.

Your Pokemon partners have been treated for the unusual behaviour they once suffered and are now loyal to their partners.

Now, battling Pokemon is not at all like it once was. Prepare yourself for gore and violence, for you will be killing these infected Pokemon if they advance upon you. You carry a weapon of your choice along with a chosen Pokemon in its last stage of evolution that will attack on order, not to knock out, but to kill.

You are to keep a journal of your progress through the two regions, Jhoto and Kanto and then report back with any news on the unknown Pokemon and the dark cloud.

This is a survival RPG and rated PG-13 to R for violence.

Sign up:

Age: (18+)
Description: (I mentioned poverty, but you do not have to take notice of thatthough nothing along the lines of skirts and classy wear)
Weapon: (2 only)
Pokemon: (1 only: Last stage of evolutionno legendaries)
History: (How did you become a volunteer?)

If anything is unclear, PM me.

Mes Sign up:

Name: Aisha Lorenzo

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Description: http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b.../GothicGirl.jpg

Personality: Aisha is one who shows no mercy to those who threaten her or her companions, thus making her protective of those she travels with and furthermore very possessive of that which she counts as hers. Aisha can be rather moody when she wants to be and prefers to work alone knowing that if this was the case, she would have nothing to worry about, but when she is faced with a task that calls for team work, she is more than happy to aid those she works with and agree to anything as long as it is agreed on by all. Shes caring as well as protective, but at first glance, she comes across as cold hearted and distant, though this is only half right as Aisha has a heart of gold.

Weapon: Aisha carried with her a small, black Pistol as well as a silver blade hooked at her belt.

Pokemon: Houndoom

History: Aisha once lived in Goldenrod city with her family which consisted of herself, her younger brother and her parents. She worked in a small family business which concentrated on the grooming of Pokemon and their taming. Aisha was set on becoming a master breeder after she had finished her days at school and studied the habitats of the local Pokemon, but unfortunately for her and the rest of the world the black cloud disposed of her dreamsstarting with her family.

Her mother and father had been working at the day care centre that fateful day, and were turned upon by the multiple Pokemon that they kept there, and thus the Pokemon shed her parents of their flesh and they were left to decompose amongst the rubble day care centre.

After learning of the fierce outcome that the cloud had caused, Aisha took her younger brother, only eleven years old, and made for shelter, this of course left her no alternative but to leave the city where they were confronted by a pack of rogue Pidgeotto. Aisha protected her brother as much she could, but the rogue Pokemon decided that removing the youngling would prove more of an easy task than taking out the older. Aishas brother was taken from her grasp and pecked to death right in front of her eyes.

Aisha fled far from Jhoto to the region of Kanto where she learnt of an organisation that was looking for volunteers to bring this miserable time to an end. Having nothing left to do with her life, Aisha signed up for this mission and now travels with her companions to her most dreaded region.

Other: Nothing

Ooookay, giving this another go...because last time...didn't really go as I planned x_x anyways:

Five more spots leftwelldepends how I feel really XP

August 14th, 2005, 2:52 PM
Nice Plot,for some reason reminds me of the book city of the dead ^^

Name:Colin Teru
Age: 19
Description:Colins hair is set in a wavy fashion,he lets it hang loose as it sways in the wind.When he was younger colins hair was black but after a terrible experience he was so frightend his hair turned white,pure white.Colin wears a tattered cloak that as numerous holes in it,under the cloak is colins pendant which he is told his mother gave him.On his head he wears a blue head band and has a earring in his left ear.He also has blue jeans on which are kept on his waist by rope.On his back is a pack which contains all his esseintial items.Colin wears a ring on his left hand which was given to him by his older brother.

Personality:Colin is a easily scared person,growing up with his older brother alone has been difficult for him.After a certain incident when he was smaller he has always been scared of the world outside from him and his brother.Colin has never talked to anybody except his brother,most people call him cold and distant from everyone but he doesnt take to other people besides his brother normally
Weapon: A large slim rapier lodged between the pack and his own back.At his leg is a small dagger tied to his ankle
Pokemon: Charizard
History: Colin grew up as an orphen with his brother Todd.Todd and Colin where the best of friends,todd always looked out for his younger brother colin.One day as colin and todd were walking into town to pick up some food,todd tripped and fell on top of colin.Colin staggered backwards with his brother falling on his chest
"Heh,sorry colin,here let me help you up" Todd helped his younger brother up and brushed him off
"Todd how far is it?......"Little colin asked,as he saw a young lady play with her growlithe
"Not that far now colin,just be patient we'll be there soon,then we can eat"The brother responded
Colin and todd walked for 30 more minutes and finally they reached the store,todd ran inside and told colin to wait there.Colin nodded and looked down at his locket his brother told him about
3 years ago...
"Colin this locket is from mom before she lef-......before she died she wanted me to give you this,take good care of it,im sure when we see mom again she'll be happy that you took care of it...."Todd looked at his middle finger which had a silver ring on it,he looked at colin and similed
Todd came running out of the store "Colin come on we have to go theres a robbery in progress!!" todd grabbed colins hand and darted into a ally,todd looked at colins scared face and smilied
"Dont worry little guy it'll be all oka-"Todd stopped and stared down the ally,colin followed his gaze and saw a man with a gun in his hand running towards them,Colin thought it must be the man from the robbery.Colin and todd stood there frightened,the robber rasied his gun to shoot colin out of the way but todd stood in the guns direction.The gun fired and todd fell to the floor,the robber ran by pushing colin aside and darted out the ally.Colin sat there crying and looking at his brother on the ally floor spewing blood from his chest
"Heh dont cry colin it'll all be okay,here take my ring"Todd removed the ring while losing more blood
"When you meet mom tell her that i took good care of it...good-bye colin good luck......."Todd died soon after he said that
Good luck?....what did he mean by that?....... Colin sat there crying and thinking of his brother and his words.Soon after colin dragged his broter into the woods where they were camped out and buried him.Colin looked at hands then began to scratch his head,he noticed that all his hair was all white,teh thought of his brother dead and how he would fend for himself was difficult not to be very scared of......
14 years later...
Colin was picking up his mess that he left around his brothers grave.14 years ago his brother died leaving him alone to fend for himself.Colin has been doing good and has been living off the land,he hunted and drank the water that came out of a stream.Colin heard thunderous clouds and looked up to see something emerge from the sun.Gigantic black clouds,colin simpimly thought it was a thunderstorm so he paid no mind and soon went up to his treehouse which he built 6 years after his brothers death.He saw something move at the bottom of the tree's trunk and saw that it was growlithe,which looked pretty old too.Colin waved at it and expected a friendly bark from it,but something seemed very strange about it,its eyes glowed strangley at colin.Colin was frightend by the pokemon when it gazed at him with those eyes.He fell backwards and into his tree house.He moved back towards the ledge of his tree house and saw that it was gone,feeling relieved he went back inside to just find something more scary,the growlithe that was at the base of the tree was now in his tree house.It stared at him with those eyes again and lunged at him.Colin was too scared to move but just then his brothers words apperead in his head "When you meet mom tell her that i took good care of it...good-bye colin good luck......." colin had to live to fulfill his brothers wishes,he had to meet his mom.....Colin ducked out of the way of the growlithe and it flew over the ledge colin quickly ran down the ladder of his tree house to do away with the growlithe with his dagger.But was soon confronted by not one growlithe but three of them.Colin dropped his dagger and sank to the ground thinking it was all hopeless,this was his end,but soon a voice cut off his thinking
"Young man,over here quickly!!" Colin turned to see a man of about '6"1 apporach him with a raipier in his hand
"What are you doing out here all by yourself?Havnet u heard the news??!?!,qucikly we must go to my cabin" Colin followed the man,behind them the pack of growlithe were in pursuit of them.They finally reached the cabin and colin went inside,however someone else had went outside to the man that colin met ,Colin could hear growls and then yelps of the growlithe's losing life.They both returned to the cabin and the person that went outside was a woman,Colin thought of her to be the wife of the man
"Oh you poor dear!!"The woman ran to colin covered in blood hugging him and crying
"I-its ok....."Colin told the woman he looked over to the man
"Havent u seen the news?Speaking of the news its on right now,here watch" The man turned to face the t.v. and on it was the news,Its showed graphic images of pokemon attacking people and killing them,colin was disgusted and looked away.He heard them say that a mysterious pokemon apperead along with the myesterious cloud the enfulnged the earth,they also stated that everyone is to remain in doors and be well prepared to kill any pokemon that approaches them.Clin heard the news lady state that a lab facility is has found out what has gone wrong with the pokemon,but the information was to classified to be released to the people,all the was left to say was that they need six volunteers to investigate something for them and that was it for the news the ma cut the t.v. off.
"S-s-sir i have to go......"Colin whispered
"Pl-please,i made a promise to my brother before he died to find our mother please you have to let me go"
"oh so your an orphen then?.....i dont know boy,you do know how dangerous it is out there......fine very well there is nothing i could do about it i suppose.....here boy take these"The man handed colin the raipier,a dagger that was to be attached at the ankle,and a pack.
"In the pack is food and medical aid if you need any,we'll......take the back door to the valley,you might as well start your serach this way,there are less pokemon here....good luck"
Colin looked at the man and the woman,said thanks and then was off.Colin thought himself I should of started to look for mom along time ago but i was too stupid to do so,now this happens and what if shes dead?.....We'll i guess i'll have to find out,the news lady did say something about volunters right?...it would be safer in a group so i better head there


Umm sorry if this is too much ^^;;

August 14th, 2005, 5:04 PM
Name: Alex Shadark (I think it sounds cool o.o)
Age: 20
Gender: male
Description: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v718/12max1/ALEX.png
Personality: Alex does not really talk to others that much, if he must kill pokemon to have peace in the world again then he will. Alex keeps some things to himself, things like his near death experince.
Weapon: two daggers
Pokemon: Swellow
History: Alex is somewhat of a ninja, he lives by himself in a cave just outside a forest. He has trained almost everyday for the past few years and wants to save the world and make pokemon of all regions good again. He had a near death experince when he was battling a scyther, it had almost chopped his head off! A few years ago his parents were killed when they were trying to get some food, Alex was also looking for food, he was by himself and his parents were together. Alex had heard a scream and ran towards where it came from to see his parents in a pool of blood infront of him.... Alex had joined a team of scientists a few years later, his job was to bring in pokemon for tests. After that they asked him to be one of the people who go to Mt. Sliver to check out the unknown pokemon.
Other: A Sample of my person's first journal:

Day 1

Our group has started travling towards Mt.Sliver, we have had a few problems so far. I'm starting to get used to traveling in a group, I hope that none of us gets injured during this journey (I'm mostly worried that one of us wont make it there....)

Raposa Dalua
August 14th, 2005, 7:55 PM
Name: Jasmine Kellerbi

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Description: Jasmine is of the taller variety of humans, standing at a good six foot three feet tall. She has a dark brown complexion, which greatly contrasts with her waist length, brighter-than-snow white hair, which is such a pure color that it must make the stars in the sky envious of it. Her bangs were grown out to the side, and cut off at shoulder length. They form an almost curved frame around her face. Her eyes are a startling aquamarine color, which shine with a kindness and patience that is unexpected at an age as young as hers. Her attire is simple, yet comfortable. It consists of a black t-shirt with the pattern of a black phoenix formed by an outline of fire on the front. Her light blue jeans hang down and overlap her shoes just slightly. The ends are frayed, and there's a hole on the back of each leg, just lower than the ankle. Each hole leaves a piece of fabric hanging that usually trails under the heel of her white sneakers as she walks. On her back is a small, dark green bookbag in which she carries the meager essentials for travel.

Personality: Jasmine is one of those rare, understanding types of people who lets tragedy and misfortune fuel her and build her strength, rather than letting it bring her down. She is quiet and softspoken, but within her shy attitude lies a strong will and an even stronger kindness. She easily places the lives of others before hers, even if they are complete strangers. She is always willing to talk with others, or even just to listen to them, and will offer her own words of advice or comfort if need be. She has a fine sense of humor, and can take any compliment, joke, or insult in stride without a single trace of anger. The things that truly aggrivate her are the acts that go against all morality and honor, but her tolerance is high and she usually does well at not getting extremely angry. And actually, her calm, cold anger is much more frightening than her occasional brash, outlandish outbursts.

Weapon: Jasmine carries with her a long range slingshot made out of a strong, durable wood. Her second weapon is a moderate sized boomerang made of a strong, rare metal simply known as mythril. It is a bluish gray color, and has a piece of green colored glass set in the center, with dark blue stripes weaving down the sides towards the tips of the boomerang. When thrown with enough momentum, the sharpened sides of the boomerang can easily cut right through enemies.

Pokemon: Espeon

History: Jasmine had a fairly normal life, growing up with her mother, father and younger sister Candice. In the beginning, she had no intention of becoming a trainer, or having anything to do with pokemon. Rather, she wanted to become a well known detective, and spent most of her youth reading fictional detective stories, following strange cases in the newspaper, and watching detective type shows on television. Her parents supported her ideas to the fullest, and that was enough to endure the silly taunts she sometimes received from her friends or her sister. She had a perfectly happy life, but I suppose fate always has it in for those who are enjoying themselves a little too much.

That fateful year, the year the pokemon went mad, she lost almost everything. Most, if not all of her friends had moved on to the excitement of being a pokemon trainer, or breeder, or watcher of some sort, and nearly all of them had been devoured. It was one particular day when her house came under attack, and both her parents gave their lives so that Jasmine and Candice could escape. The two of them made their way to Celadon city, where a kind old man who owned a small grocery store let them stay in the house above his shop. In return, they had to work in his store for half the salary of a normal worker (the other half went into paying for their room in his house, as well as the use of the facilities).

The day she heard about the group requesting volunteers to investigae a suspicious pokemon in Johto, she nearly jumped at the chance to go, as well as her sister. They both begged and pleaded with the old shopkeeper, and after hearing rant upon rant of how they wanted to help make a difference he finally caved in. They took their saved money with them, and he offered up enough money to pay for the trip to Saffron himself. He wished them the best of luck, and the two girls set off.

Jasmine reached Saffron well enough, and was soon equipped with her weapons and her partner pokemon (of which she was very delighted to have). Unfortunately, Candice did not make it to the organization herself. The two girls had had an argument one night while traveling, and Candice had stormed off in a huff. Being as indignant as she was at that time, Jasmine called out a frustration filled "I hate you!" after her retreating sister. Later on that night, as Jasmine sat round a campfire, screams of unbearable pain and anguish filled the air. Jasmine instantly looked in the direction of the sound, it being the same direction Candice had left in earlier. Tears sprang freely from her aquamarine eyes as she ran towards the screeches of pain, desperately hoping that she wasn't right. Unfortunately, she was. She reached the area soon enough to see a few Growlithes picking the raw meat off stained white bones. Blood and entrails littered the area, and the rotting stench of death caused Jasmine to gag horribly. The wild fire dogs glared up at her, but left her to her business as they were already full. Jasmine knelt down next to what was left of her sister, and fully wept over the dead body.

Even to this day, the memories of the evil glares and the stench of death still fills her mind. She is wracked with guilt, but refuses to let it show as she travels with the others (after all, wouldn't you feel guilty if the last thing you said to your own flesh and blood was that you hated her?). She must be strong, and build a better place for the young people who still live.

Other: *insert witty remark about not having anything to say here*

Edit: All finished, now you can't hurt me. =D

August 14th, 2005, 8:27 PM
Name: Rholinka Ikikara
Age: (18+) 22
Gender: Female
Description: She is 5'5 with pale skin that makes her almost ghost like. Her hair long and unruly, black. She often wears it in a thick braid. Her eyes are an emotionless violet, pupiless. She wears a thick red collar about her neck, a long black trench coat that splits in the back, and pair of torn leather pants. Her coat has many cuts and is ragged but it is in good condition for being her only outfit. Her feet are covered by knee high hiking boots that are steel plated. Her body is covered in various black tattoos, each representing a life she had taken.

Personality: She has been trained since birth to feel nothing. The only creature she cares for is her pokemon partner. Rholinka has blocked her heart from her mind in order to commit herself to the terrible acts she must do.

Weapon: (2 only) A large katana like sword with a black blade and a large bow.
Pokemon: Pigeot
History: (How did you become a volunteer?) She was not really a volunteer, but rather a candidate. As a child she was raised by humans that wanted to use her as a weapon against the dark pokemon. She was brainwashed to the point of feeling nothing whatsoever. This of course made her the perfect candidate for the mission.

Other: Rholinka often has problems with nightmares of all of the things she has done, which has driven her to near insomnia.

August 15th, 2005, 2:00 AM
Okay, I'm going to go for this again.

Name: Naior Kudosako
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Description: Naior has dark brown hair that lays flat except for a few renegade strands. He usually skips any sort of primping in the morning and just lets it do whatever it wants. Lately he's been wearing swimming trunks under his pants for some reason. Usually he wears green pants and a white shirt with the Pokeball logo on it. He has his official Pokemon League ID card around his neck on a string. Useful for his work. Naior's eyes are dark grey and his skin is a dark brown color.
Personality: Naior is pretty playful, and loves a good game. He prefers traveling with friends instead of alone, probably from his fear of the dark. He's very loyal, and will only cower from the dark. But when you catch him in a grumpy mood, watch out. He''s very sarcastic and most of the time. Sometimes you can catch him in a cocky mood.
Pokemon: Arcanine
Weapons: A wooden staff and a tranqulizar(sp?) gun. Naior doesn't like to hurt the Pokemon, he feels like he's betraying his Trainership. He's only killed one Pokemon by attacking it, the rest he knocked out.
History: When he was Eight, Naior's big brother gave him an Eevee. He evolved the Eevee to Espeoon when he was Nine. Then, when he was still nine he was training with his Espeon one day in the woods and the cloud appeared. The Espeon turned against him and attacked. Somehow Naior managed to recall it and get home to where his brother rushed him away. They didn't find their parents in time to get away. Naior's brother was killed in a fight betwen one town and the Pokemon a few years later. So now Naior is 20, working at the research lab. He had come to the lab to hope that they could cure his beloved Espeon. However the Pokemon was a tough case, and it passed away. Naior hasn't quite been like he was the day he came to the Scientists since then.
Other: Nothing

Oh, and the no kill thing, I just did that to annoy ~*Strider*~.

August 15th, 2005, 4:34 AM
All are accepted...sept outlaw...though I will wait for your update and then when you post...We can start... if your accepted that is XP (Though you probably will be)^_^...they filled up fast XD

August 15th, 2005, 10:26 AM
(( Hope we start soon!! I'm excited about this one! I get ta kill stuff!!^_^))

August 15th, 2005, 10:43 AM
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August 17th, 2005, 2:08 AM
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Aisha tightened the belt around her waste so that it was secure, and guaranteed not to fall from her slender hips. She then took the black pistol from its resting place upon the rotting wooden table, and returned it to its holster at her waste after giving it a thorough inspection for bullets, she was not leaving unprepared for this live threatening mission.

After packing her back with countless ammo and rations of food, she threw it over her shoulder and made her way out of the room, and down the corridor towards the briefing room where she was to meet with her comrades and Pokemon. She wasnt to thrilled with working with a Pokemon after the pain they had caused her and her family, but this was the only way she could guarantee safety from those rogues polluting the earth.

Upon entering the briefing room, she saw six Pokemon lined up neatly behind the desk, and a man sitting with his legs crossed at the end of the table. He beckoned for the young woman to sit at his right side and she complied, walking along the row of high back chairs and sitting at his side wearily.

The others will be here shortly, Miss Lorenzo. He announced, patting her shoulder and returning to his usual posture after doing so I will give you a short briefing on where you must head and then you will be introduced to your Pokemon. Oh and dont worry, they are fully aware of who they are and who you are, they will not harm you He chuckled at Aishas expression of terror as one of the Pokemon from behind her traced its large snout up her arm.

She waited for her comrades to arrive for the briefing, silently wishing that the whole ordeal would be called off before they could leave.

(OOC-We will all meat in the breifing room)

August 17th, 2005, 2:29 AM
Rholinka shouldered a large metal bow with care, examining each of her wickedly curving arrow heads for any imperfections before loading them into her quiver. She then fastened her katana securely on her right hip with care. The woman picked up a small bag that contained what she had determined as enough to keep her alive during the journey, and slipped in on. After she ran the contents over in her mind the woman exited her bare room. Her steel boots clinked softly as she walked, echoing through the hall. She knew that this mission could very well be her last, but that didn't matter to her at all. In fact she welcomed that thought as the door to the briefing room opened to admit her. She spotted another girl upon her entrance, and a man she had only seen on rare occasions. Not that it mattered.

She bowed deeply at the waist Her cold eyes commiting the pokemon in the room to memory. The woman then rose again.

" Rholinka Ikikara, reporting for briefing." She stated in a monotoned voice. Her pale face showed nothing whatsoever, the only thing that stood out being the small black cross that had been tattooed under her left eye. Rholinka awaited intructions silently and without even really seeing anything in the room.

August 17th, 2005, 8:48 AM
Alex packed his bag with two daggers, some food and a map of all three regions (Kanto, Johto and Hoenn) Alex didn't know where they were heading but he knew that he was getting a pokemon and was traveling in a group. Alex walked out of his Living area and walked into a hall with metal walls and white tiles on the floor, he had to walk down a flight of stairs then walk down another hallway before getting to the breifing room where he would meet his group and his new pokemon. Upon entering the room there was a row of black chairs, two females and a male were in the room. Alex went over to a wall and leaned against it "where are the others?" Alex asked the man who was stting in one of the black chairs

"were waiting for them, then I will tell you about your mission"

"I see..." Alex replied.

August 17th, 2005, 11:03 AM
Naior was puling on a pair of pants over his swimming trunks before he went to get briefed. Gingerly, he tightened a gun holster securely around his waist, making sure it wouldn't fall down, then slipped a tranqulizar gun in it. A perfect match. He grabbed a light pack off his bed and started out the door. He had packed the previous night, fully aware that he would wake up late and run out of time. He only had a few items inside, a few cans of meat-hard to come by a full can these days-, two Pokeballs, a map of all the regions, and a journal. Inside the book, on the first page, between the first page and the inside of the cover, a picture of a little boy, and an Espeon playing in a field.
Outside the door he picked up a wooden staff that was leaning lightly against the wall next to the door. He locked the door and walked down the hall, towards the de-briefing room. He held his laminated Trainer ID card in his mouth, lightly chewing on it. He was nervous and nothing could hide that. He came to the tile hall and steps he had passed many times before. When he came into the room he was supposed to be in. Upon entering he saw that three other workers were their, and the man in charge of this.
" Naior Kudosako, Pokemon Investigater, reporting for duty, " He said through his card, holding it up so the man could see it. He went to stand behind a chair one of the girls was sitting in, looking longingly over at the six Pokemon lined up.

August 17th, 2005, 5:21 PM
Blood,blood,blood...everywhere i go... Colin had just entered the rather large laboratory and headed towards a room which was called a briefing room.Colin bent down and checked his ankle to make sure his dagger was still there,he also reached towards his pack and took it off.Medical aid..rations..a map...this will have to do for now. After checking the contents of his pack colin put it back on his back,making sure not to puncture it with the raiper he had on.

Colin soon came upon a room which read "Breifing Room".Colin entered to find a two woman and two men,most likely to here to be on the mission breifing too.
"And you may be?" Asked a professer behind his skepticals
".....Colin Teru im here for the breifing..." Colin never had that much contact with people except with his brother,he was nervous,he leaned against a wall and started to play with the locket his mother gave him,awaiting instructions

August 17th, 2005, 6:32 PM
[/B]Name[/B]: Terrence Hisoto

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Description: He has jet black hair with a set of dark brown eyes. His clothing
Consists of a smooth leather jacket to protect him from the elements, a jet black normal T-shirt, black baggy cargo pants, and a pair of worn out leather boots. He also wears a pair of black, fingerless gloves for a bit of more defense. Strapped onto his back is a sheath, where is Katana, the Masamune, rests. Attached around his slender waist, is a belt where only a few items are held. A . 357 Magnum, fully loaded after salvaging a weapon shop, and his Ultra Ball, where his single pokemon rests. He has a steel chain warped around his neck, identified as his special charm. He has his mother's picture, hidden securely in a small leather wallet, his only memory of his loving mother.

Personality: He now has a dark, mysterious attitude after the slaughtering of his parents. He knows it's not the pokemon's fault that his parents died, but he despises them for that. The only one's he respects are human's and his Skarmory. In he is ruthless, but still has the moves and tactics to remain calm and cool-headed to finish the dreadful dead of slaying the pokemon. He also uses his instincts to survive the world.

Weapon(s): Listed as above, A slick Katana known as the Masamune, and a . 357 Customized Magnum. His Masamune is coated with a cool Maroon color, but slightly stained with crinsom. The Magnum was a bit rusted and scarred, but provides added power from the customized barrel added into it.

Pokemon: Skarmory

History: A few four years, when the dreadful day occurred, he was simply just returning from his long, pokemon journey. His team once consisted of an Absol, Skarmory, Sharpedo, Swampert, Flareon, and a Dragonair. His home was just a bit above average, but is just like any ordinary home. His brother, Jonathan, was in his room, performing his usual activities on his PC. His Beldum hovering over him, watching carefully. Suddenly, all of his pokeballs spilled out from his pack, releasing his whole team. They were summoned to appear before the dark cloud. A bolt of stinging black lighting struck his companions, altering them and their personalties.

Skarmory was the first to attack, jabbing it's razor sharp beak at Terrence. Luckily it only just scarred him. Trembling with fear, only consisting with Skarmory's egg, an Ultraball, and his pack, he spirited into his house. The pokemon, obviously, followed him into the house. His mother, who was casually preparing dinner for her family, didn't recognize that her son's pokemon where now ravenous for human flesh. She smiled warmly at them and greeted the group with a 'hello, but she and Terrence was too late when she realized that his pokemon where now evil. Sharpedo, the ruffian pokemon, was hovering above, a dark aura coated around his rough scales, and lunged towards the startled woman. Sharpedo dove at her neck and tore her throat out. Blood spilled onto the floor as her lifeless body spilled onto the floor. Skarmory, Absol, and Flareon began to feast upon the dead woman's flesh.

Terrence never forgave himself. He was weak. He didn't even attempted to save his mother from the assault. His father, came from the other roomed, shocked with fear as he noticed the crinsom liquid stained on the tile floor. Cowardly, he somehow avoided the pokemon and ran from out the door, abandoning Terrence and Jonathan as he drove his car away. The pokemon ignored him as they approached the startled teen. Terrence reached for the kitchen knife and threw it at the head of Sharpedo before he could rend his neck. He ran upstairs and flew his brother's door open, but his expression from fear quickly changed to thread as he witnessed his brother getting mauled by Beldum.

The Beldum wrapped his tiny claws around the side of his brother's head and continually began to ram it against the wall. A giant stain of blood dripped from the wall as the Beldum rushed towards Terrence. Quickly, he sidestepped out of danger and picked up a few weapons from his brother's collection. He jumped out of the square window and ran off.

4 years later, he began to grow more ruthless and dark, contiuaslly waiting for his egg to hatch. Until one day, he got carried away and on accident, killed a citizen from Saffron City. The remaining force of police officers subjected Terrence for execution, but a mysterious organization approached. They offered that they will kill Terrence themselves, but lied and took him to help aid with the current crisis. Terrence had no other choice, it was either help them, or go back and continue execution. Solemnly, Terrence agreed.

Other: He was forced to complete this mission in order to clear his name. They promised that if he completes this objective

OOC: Hopes this works. I hope it isn't too late to join.

Raposa Dalua
August 17th, 2005, 10:01 PM
A lone, female figure stretched her arms into the air, forcing herself to wake up from the nap she had been taking. The young girl had woken up early in the morning, only to find herself falling asleep again as she sat idly on the couch, waiting for the hours to pass. Having prepared everything the night before, the black girl had little to accomplish before heading down to the de-briefing room. She dragged a brush through her silky white hair as she moved along in the room, fixing herself some apple slices to eat as she made some last minute preparations. Her emerald eyes scanned the room as she finished brushing her hair, checking to make sure she wasn't leaving anything behind. Seeminly satisfied with her search, she nodded to herself and began to finish off the apple she had sliced up. She absentmindedly gauged how much time she would need to get to the de-briefing room as she chewed, calmly advising herself not to eat too fast as the anticipation of this big assignment began to creep up on her.

Having finished the apple, she washed the knife she used to cut it and lay it aside near the sink. With a quick last look around the room, she turned the doorknob, opened the door, and left, making sure to lock it behind her. She adjusted her dark green bookbag unassuredly as she trudged down the hallway. The building itself wasn't much to look at, its walls were mainly blank and dreary. She cast her eyes to the floor, looking for anything to focus on that wasn't white tiles. She finally settled for staring at her feet, watching as the shoelaces flipped and flopped. Boy, her sneakers sure were... interesting...

Jasmine let out an audible sigh of relief as she noticed the hallway suddenly coming to an end. She looked up, seeing the doors of the de-briefing room loom over her in a not so menacing way. She allowed herself a small smile as she opened the door and stepped in, noticing that there were a few people that had made it here before her, which wasn't surprising. She simply stated her name to the professor, and took her place against the wall, using it for support. She observed the pokemon situated in the room, noting their lack of ferocity almost instantly. To see this made her extremely happy, and she had a sincere hope that al the pokemon would return to their normal state of mind soon.

August 18th, 2005, 1:22 AM
Naior looked up from picking at a scrape on is hand when two more people entered the room. They both went over and leaned against the wall. Now he counted up the people in the room while he fiddled absentmindedly with the edge of his Trainer card.
Seven, including the Professer.
Naior knew there was only six people chosen for this. So everyone was here.
" Well, let's get this show on the road! " He said cheerily, trying to break the silence.

:: ~*Strider*~ get back here!!!111one1

August 18th, 2005, 7:17 AM
Aisha glanced at everyone in turn as they entered the room; many cast their gaze on the Pokemon that were lined up behind her. Some expressions were shocked, where as others were that of hate. She herself wasnt exactly up to working with those who had killed her family, but alas, to put an end to this war, she was willing to do almost anything, even though that the chances returning alive were slim.

Upon everyones arrival, the man at the end of the desk cleared his throat to get everyones attention and gave a slight smile in hopes of brightening the mood a little, it didntit never didin times like this, it was rare to see anyone give a warm smile and receive one back.

Now as you all know, you are here to complete a mission that we have been working on for quite some time now. That is, the case of the dark Pokemon, even now we are not sure of what has caused it, but we have received word of a dark power looming over the Silver caves in Jhotowe have reason to believe that this power is the reason behind the Pokemons strange behaviour.

Aisha sighed and cast her gaze on the Pokemon behind her, which was busily sniffing at her trench coatit looked so harmless, but she knew it not to be trueit had probably killed so many in its time, and she wasnt ready to trust it completely yet.

Now, for your route, the man continued You will travel to Fuchsia city where there is another research base that have thankfully accepted the task of shipping you over to the Jhoto region, we apologise for the distance you must travel, but is exceptionally hard to find any help these days. From there, you will make your way through Jhoto to the silver caves, this is all the information we can possibly give you at this moment, because it seem that there is no signal from the region for anyone to report back to us here in Kanto.

Now, for your Pokemon, you may each choose your own, but let me warn you now, that your journey will not be an easy one. These Pokemon will be able to protect you from many Pokemon, but you to will also have to do your fare share of battling with your weaponsPokemon these days will kill anything in sight, so be prepared. With that said

He handed a stack of journals to Aisha and motioned for her to pass them around the table. These are the journals you will be keeping as you progress through both regions. You will write down anything strange and also the progress of your Pokemon, this is simply because we wish to know as much as possible when you get back

Aisha noticed that he had said when instead of if and grinnedthere was no chance they would survive and she knew it. She lowered her head and continued to listen on.

Now, this is all I have to tell you, and from now on, you will be on your own. With every chance you get, stop off at a city and report any survivors back here or to the nearest base where you know to be safe. I also advise you to take a look around every city and stock up on supplies if there are any leftSuper marts may have gone untouched over the earsnow choose your Pokemon companion and be on your way

With that, he rose from his seat and exited. Aisha snorted That is all we have to go on? What a waste of time, we may as well ask the Pokemon to kill us now

Shrugging, she decided to go with the Pokemon that had been sniffling half way up her arm at the time and patted it on the head, he responded with a great slurp of his tongue, which only made Aisha flinch and back away. The Houndoom, as she had identified it, whined and nestled at her leg.

Aisha sighed Choose your Pokemon so we can get going

August 18th, 2005, 10:10 AM
OOC: can I change my pokemon from swellow to mightyena? If not I'll edit my post

Alex had been looking at a dog like pokemon, he walked over to it and petted it, the pokemon slightly backed away then sniffed Alex and let him pet him again. Alex for the first time in a few years had smiled when the pokemon came back to him "Well I guess I'll choose you, I think your called Mightyena" Alex said to the dog pokemon, Alex thought abit about if this pokemon was called mightyena or not. Alex then came up with the idea of just nicknaming it "I'll call you dark" the mightyena barked happily when he heard the name.

Raposa Dalua
August 18th, 2005, 10:39 AM
Jasmine listened to the professor speak as she glanced around the room through half lidded eyes. She absentmindedly twirled her white hair through her fingers, and to any person it would seem like she wasn't paying attention at all. This was quite the contrary, she was actually listening carefully to the professor, checking his voice for any fault or sudden stammer. Basically, she was listening for clues in his voice, it let her know how much hope there really would be in this plan to find the looming darkness. From how he sounded and the way he acted, she figured they had even less hope that she had originally thought. Another girl in the room seemed to have discovered this as well, and she voiced her thoughts quite plainly. We're probably going to die trying... Quite frankly, I'd prefer death-by-battle over any other kind, the black girl thought with a smile.

Jasmine stood shortly after the professor left, intending to look over the pokemon and decide which one she wanted. The firey Houndoom looked like a fine partner, as well as the draconic Charizard, the scary-looking Mightyena, and the swift Pidgeot. The huge Arcanine she would rather avoid, however, as it reminded her of the evil glares of the Growlithe pack that killed her sister. But the pokemon that stood out most was the lavender hued, fox like pokemon that sat near the edge of the group, slightly away from the others. Her huge ears were slightly downcast, and her dark blue eyes were half lidded, as though she were in the middle of trying to fall asleep but couldn't do so. Jasmine rose from her seat at the table, carrying her journal as she made her way towards the psychic fox.

"Over here with all your friends, huh?" she asked the creature calmly as she watched Jasmine with a slight skeptisism.

The black girl chuckled slightly as she walked over to the Espeon, kneeling down next to her. She reached out hesitantly, afraid the skinny creature would lash out at her, like any other pokemon would. However, the Espeon only opened her eyes a little more and looked up, glancing curiously at Jasmine. Was this strange human not afraid of her, like everyone else was? She lifted her head slightly, allowing the black girl to scratch her behind the ears.

"So, how about it?" she asked the Espeon, "Can we be partners in this little plan to save the other pokemon?"

The lavender colored fox tilted her head to the side, blinking calmly at Jasmine. Then she closed her blue eyes and nodded, taking on an almost happy appearance. The black girl smiled in return, and continued petting the Espeon while waiting for the others to choose their partners. Now I'm going to need to think of a name for her, as I'm certainly not going to call her 'Espeon' the entire time, especially if I want to gain some sort of friendship with her, Jasmine thought carefully, pondering over what to name her new partner.

August 18th, 2005, 4:22 PM
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August 18th, 2005, 7:21 PM
Rholinka stood silently and crossed the room to a large black pigeot that stood glaring at the others. It watched her with it's large crimson eyes, sizing up the strange human before him. She locked eyes with the bird, the two seeming to start a bit of a challenge. Neither moved, both glaring at each other silently. Finally the bird lunged forward, it's sharp talons taking hold off the woman's arm. She made no move to stop the bird, nor did she make a sound as it's claws sank into her flesh. They remained that way for severla minutes, niether breaking eye contact.

Finally the bird released her arm, blood running down her arm in small rivers. The Pigeot moved forward and nuzzled her gently and the strangest thing happened. Rholinka smiled. It wasn't really a smile but it was as close to one as she had ever made. She stroked the bird's feathers with her uninjured hand, the Pigeot cooing softly.

" Gryvorr..." She stated emotionlessly and the Pigeot let out a screech of acknowlagement.

August 18th, 2005, 11:14 PM
(OOC- Oh sorry Metaforte ^_^ Yes, I will accept you, but you are the last OK)

August 19th, 2005, 4:12 PM
Colin watched as he saw the doctor exit the room and everyone choose their pokemon.Colin looked at the dog pokemon known as arcanine and shuddered slightly,he turned his attention to a large creature with a fire burning at the end of its tail,the creature looked back at him and colin adverted his gaze feelings rather frightend by the size of the pokemon.Colin put his head down towards his journal to read continue reading,he took a quick glance back at the charizard to find it gone Somebody must of chose him then..,colin went back to reading the instructions the professor.He soon felt hot breath being pushed on the back of his neck,colin turned around only to see Charizard one of the most strongest fire pokemon known to man-kind.

Is this it?Is this how im going to die?.... Colin drew his raipier from its shaft on his back,he stood there shaking and looking at the pokemon with fear.The charizard took a step toward colin
"Stay back!..I dont want to have to kill you unless i have to.."Colin said nervously
Charizard took another step foward and was now just one inch away from colin's face,sweat rolled down colins face as he struggled to keep the sword in his hand.The charizard simply licked colin and smiled,Or so colin thought.Colin put his raipier back in its shaft and petted the charizard
"So you really are one of the good ones then huh?Charizard will you be my companion?" Colin asked
Charizard nodded and sat there awaiting from instructions from colin
"I'll give you a name...how about Volo?"Charizard blew some fire in the air in away to agree with him.

Colin looked at the others as they all seemed to be getting their journey companions.Colin looked at a girl who flinched when the houndoom who was smelling her scent licked her,Colin chuckled and made his way to her
".....Ready to go to Fuchisa city?" Colin asked politely

August 19th, 2005, 5:28 PM
Even though they rescued me from the citizens, I was still treated as a criminal as I was cuffed. It seemed like they weren't going to take any chances. I grinned at one pf the men that were beside me, armed with guns. The woman beside me, who was dressed in a white lab coat, was ahead.

"Hey man. Would you mind if you could loosen these cuffs? My arms are getting tired," I replied, trying to release this contraption.

"You'll be released when we reach the briefing room. They will be other people there and they will be your accompanies for the mission. If you resort into killing them or any sort of violent action, we'll kill you in sight," The woman spoke sternly.

"Hey, if you don't mind, I didn't asked you," I snapped. One of the guards silenced me with a jab on the stomach with it's rifle.

After a few minutes, I reached the briefing room. There was a few other people there, choosing their ... pokemon. I reached for my Magnum, but it wasn't there. I couldn't feel the steel grip of the handle. I was now ticked off. They had to cuff me, and then they took my weapons. My Masamune wasn't strapped on my back as usual. I rubbed my wrists with my newly released hands. They slid my weapons from behind me, completely untouched or altered in anyway.

They offered me to select from a list of certain pokemon. I ignored the other pokemon until I reached a very familiar looking pokemon. It had a steel body with razor sharp claws. It crowed at me, noticing my presence. I walked up to it, admiring it's mighty presence. It was much more stronger than my other Skarmory, which is still out there in the wild, on the hunt for more victims. I now had made my decision,'

"I'll choose the Skarmory," I exclaimed.

August 19th, 2005, 6:18 PM
Rholinka glanced at the others without a sound, Gryvor turning his head this way and that to allow her to scratch his feathers. The bird let out a content coo and fluffed up his feathers. Rholinka smiled slightly at the bird but then quickly hid to show of emotion. She turned to the newcomer, her violet eyes studying him. He was different then the people in the room, obviously not here willingly. The girl looked at the skarmory in almost curiousity. She always did have a bit of emotion for birds.

** A young Rholinka drew her katana as instructed, holding the large blade ackwardly in her small hands. She swung the blade to block the attack from an older man. The girl let out a grunt as she staggered under the force of the attack.

" You are getting a little stronger Rho Rho." The man commented affectionately. Rholinka blushed deeply at this remark as pushed against him, knocking the man's blade away. He laughed in amused surprise.

" Good!" He stated with a smile. Rholinka giggled happily her large violet eyes much different from the way they are now. A large shadow fell on her,the girl looking up to see a pigeot, it's massive wings carrying it easily through the sky. The man ran to her and scooped up the girl in his arms, flinging open the door to the building and rushing inside. Rholinka had not broken her gaze on the bird. **

August 21st, 2005, 3:56 AM
Ready to go to Fuchsia city, a voice asked her from behind, she turned rapidly, still a bit startled by the Houndooms actions and sighed Ummyeah, we had better get going before this situation gets worseif it can get any worse that is She moved away from the Houndoom, and as expected it followed her to the door in which the Doctor had exited through not long ago.

She turned her attention to those who were busy naming the Pokemon and getting acquainted with each other; she shook her head and looked down at the Houndoomhow such a wimp of a Pokemon could be such a danger to human kind was beyond her knowledge. Upon looking at it, she found that the Houndoom was more of a pup than a dog, she couldnt help but smile.

Well then, are we all set? She asked the group she would be travelling with, and most likely die along side. The looks on their faces had brightened somewhat upon being given Pokemon to protect them, perhaps their luck had raised slightlybut it hadnt risen to the point in which they could guarantee coming back alive.

She gave another sigh and opened the door, motioning for the Houndoom to go first, it obeyed her order and she followed shortly after. She stood before the exit to their only protection and gave a shuddering release of breath, this was itnow was the time of truth, she didnt know whether she would make it back or not, heckwho was to say she would make it past the plains just up aheadbut she knew that no matter what happened, she was doing something that could possibly change the world.

She grasped the metal handle of the iron door and pulled it open with a rusty creek. She neither flinched nor withdrew back into the building for there was no sunshine, there was only a dull greynessbuildings had been destroyed and even the grass looked as if it had been burnt and the ashes had been left behind.

She sighed and dug a hand into her trench coat. She withdrew a slender sheet of paper and some dried substance, before combining it into a role. She then took a small lighter from the opposite pocket and lit the hand made cigarette. She popped it into her mouth and took a deep breath before pulling the rolled up paper away and from her dried lips and exhaling.

Smoke filled the air, adding to the dull greyness and Aisha watched as it disappeared without a trace. She repeated this motion once again before allowing it to hang limply between her thumb and index finger. She cast her gaze down at the Houndoom at her feet, who was looking curiously around himself.

Aisha chuckled So it seems that I am not the only one who hasnt seen the outside world in many years

August 21st, 2005, 9:34 AM
Rholinka followed the younger girl without hesitation, her face returning to it's cold state. Gryvor followed after her, lifting into the air once they reached the outside. The lifeless surroundings mirrored the expression on the woman's face, her hand moving instinctively to the hilt of her katana. She slid it out a littl from it's scarbbard before letting it drop back into place.

One had to make sure that their weapons were at the ready. She strayed away from Aisha, not being partial to smoking at all. But she kept her face neutral, ignoring the smell. Gryvor hovered in the air near her, his keen eyes scanning the area. The wind picked up slightly, Rholinka closing her eyes against the sensation. It had been only a few days since her last venture into the wasteland. As part of her training she had been sent out into the wilds alone. The woman had stayed there for only two years but it had felt like an eternity.

She knew that death was a very likely outcome to this mission, but it didn't really matter. The woman knew she deserved that fate.

August 21st, 2005, 9:51 AM
Alex walked outside of the bulding and then started walking, when he was a just alittle bit away from the door he sat done, he couldn't stand people who smoked. Dark sniffed the ground abit then walked over to Alex "What?" Alex asked as the dog looked at him sadly, Alex stared at Dark for a few minutes until he heard a growl, it was coming from Dark's stomach. "Great your hungry...." Alex muttered "anybody know what mightyena eat?" he asked the other two who were outside.

August 21st, 2005, 1:02 PM
"Ready to go to Fuchsia?" A voice asked from behind me, trailing through the building walls.

"Im ready, when do we leave already. I hate this place," I spoke coldly. I wanted to get this mission over with, so they can clear my name. If they didn't, I'd had to kill those lab coats.

Skarmory too was inpatient. He squawked and flapped it's wings wildly. I guessed that he wanted to go outside and fly around for a bit. Suddenly, one of the visitors walked outside, another one following her. I hated following people, but Skarmory is not so pleased with it's surroundings. Sighing softly to myself, I walked out of the building, Skarmory following obediently.

When I reached outside, smoke was scattered around the building. Not really much, but a cloud surrounded the woman they called Aisha. The source of the smoke was from her lit cigarette. Ignoring them, I went to the back of the building. The skies, which used to shine brightly, now was coated with a dark cloud. A few strikes of lighting struck in different areas in the forest. Skarmory began to flap it's light wings and took flight. It didn't go out far, deep into the forest, but flew around the building. I always thought that Skarmory wouldfly away or kill me or the others, but instead, it obeyed my commands without second thoughts. After a short flight it hovered above the ground and landed softly.

" Gah! I despise taking orders to those who are less superior towards me," I thought to myself sternly." If only I was a bit more careful on what I do, I wouldn't be in this kind of situation,"

August 21st, 2005, 4:48 PM
Rholinka glanced at the two that had followed, her violet eyes darkening slightly. Without a word she moved forward, Gryvor following overhead. She raised a hand to trace the outline of a small black cross that had been tattooed under her left eye. That particular tattoo had been her first kill. It was very dear to her. She pushed aside a few locks of loose hair from her eyes and walked towards the direction of Fushia city.

She had never been to that particular city, but it didn't really matter. The woman caught a bit of movement out of the corner of her eye. In the blink of an eye she unsheathed her blade and struck. A squeal filled the air as a small rat like creature fell. Blood soaked the dead earth, the ratata drawing it's last breath before falling into the restful sleep of death. Rholinka wiped her blade clean on her coat and sheathed it again. Carfully she took out a red knife like objet. She drew a small design resmbling a mouse on her wrist, blood rising from her pale skin.

The woman wiped the blood away reveiling a black tattoo in it's place.

August 22nd, 2005, 1:25 AM
Colin watched as the tiny rat pokemon got sliced in mid-air,as blood spewed from it.He looked at the others and followed them out into the corrupt world they once loved.Charizard gave him a nudge as if to suggest to get a move on towards fushcia city already.
"Right,right"Colin told him while petting him.He looked towards the others and decided that it was time to set off towards their destination,so he started walking off towards Fushcia,but came to a stop
"Does anyone know how far it is to fushcia from here?"Colin asked

August 22nd, 2005, 5:00 AM
One of the scientist came from the back of the almost in ruins building, Disposing an unfamiliar substance. He glared at me in frustration, dumped the chemical in the disposal and marched towards me.

"What are you doing playing around?! The others are heading to Fuchsia City! Get back to work!" He yelled at me like I was a co-worker. I was about to slice him with my blade, but hesitated, not wanting to cause as much trouble as he already did.

"Whatever, and don't talk to me like that again you worthless lab coat," I snapped walking away. Skarmory was ahead of me though.

Aisha was still there, leaning against the wall and smoking her cigarette, while the others where gone. I then smelled blood. It was faint, but it was there, towards that path that probably led to Fuchsia. I began to walk casually down the trail searching for that stench. The source of the foul odor was from the remains of a rattata, the small mouse pokemon. The woman the scientist named Rholinka must have killed it since the lifeless body had a fatal cut on it's body. Two other people accompanied by her, walking to Fuchsia city.

August 22nd, 2005, 10:45 AM
:: AH! SORRY! I'm just gonna asume, that I can go backward in time. I'll make him get his Potemon, catch up with you guys, where he was all along. Sorry, for being gone. *kills self* ::

Naior watched as the other people picked their Pokemon. Everyone seemed to be staying away from the huge Arcanine though.
Okay! That's it, I've made up my mind, Naior told himself, and released his hold on th back of the chair. He put a big grin on his face and turned towards the giant fire Pokemon. He ran forward and gave it a hug around the neck, saying, " Hiya Arcanine! I'm your partner now! " He said it loud enough for the entire room to hear so he knew he was getting some strange looks.
" Ehehe... " Naior muttered as he relinquished his grip around the dog Pokemon. Arcanine was backing away towards the wall. Naior noticed this and he and he stalked towrds it, and evil smile on his face.
" Oh no you don't! You're mine! " He yelled and jumped onto it's back. He whipped out a Pokeball and it disseappeared into it when a red light surrounded the Pokemon. Of course with the Pokemon gone, nothing was holding Naior up... and he fell into a heap on the floor.
When everyone had chosen a Pokemon of their own, they headed out towards Fuchsia. After some time of walking, one of the females of their little group killed a Ratatta. Naior stopped walking, disgusted. He didn't like killing, or watching, when someone or himself had to kill a Pokemon. This had only happened once, and a very long time ago it was.
Now he noticed that the little group was some fifteen yards in front of him. Naior started to run, and caught up quickly with the group. He was pretty fast, refusing to kill Pokemon, he had spent most of his time running. Of course, their were those times when he hadn't gottn so lucky.
Naior looked down at his left gloved hand and sighed.
Now he glanced towards one of the girls, Aisha, he thought he name was, and saw her smoking.
Idiot! You can't smoke! You're stupid enough without it! He told himself as he tore his longing gaze away.
He ran up a ways so he was next to the woman named Rholinka he thought it was. He wasn't much for remembering names.
" Hi! My name's Naior Kudasako! " He exclaimed cheerfully, putting out a hand so she could shake it.

August 22nd, 2005, 11:17 AM
Aisha watched as her partners walked off into the unknown, she was still happily puffing on the small cigarette held loosely in her fingers, her back up against a wall of the research building and the Houndoom happily nestled at her feet. She shook her head and sighed, replacing the still sparkling cigarette into her mouth.

The Houndooms head sprang to attention as a squeal of pain echoed through out the night. Aishas eyes widened and the stub of a Cigarette dropped from her mouth and landed just beside the tail of the Houndoom. She took a hold of the gun at her belt and pulled off the safety, before taking off in the direction the gang had disappeared to not long ago.

The Houndoom sprang to attention and followed its master hastily, coming to her side in unison with her pace. Her long trench flowed behind her and her eyebrows her drawn into a determined frown. But upon coming to the scene of the accident, she found the bloodied corpse of a dead Ratatta lying in the middle of the ashy path.

She sighed and lowered the dun to her side, running a hand through her sooty hair and walking shortly behind the gang. It was then a small rat Pokemon flew from the grass and made a daring leap towards one of the gang members; she drew herself from her dreaming and aimed directly for the body of the purple rat.

A gun shot echoed and the Ratatta was blown into many pieces, its blood drenched the gang members who walked in front of her and many of the pieces of flesh accompanied the gushing blood, finding its way onto the heads and clothes of her companions.

She lowered the gun and couldnt help the grin that plastered her facethere they stood with blood covered clothes and there she stood, happy as Larry. She flung the gun over her shoulder and shrugged You should have been more aware, she warned them, before overtaking he startled group and taking the lead.

Fuchsia is a long way away, one of the last cities we will pass on our way to Jhoto, we have many restless nights ahead of us

August 22nd, 2005, 12:14 PM
Rholinka ignored the blood from Aisha's kill, regarding it with a sort of cold amusement. She turned her gaze to Naior's outstretched hand. The girl did not return his gesture but muttered the name "Rho..." And stalked ahead silently. She was not here to make friends, not that she was capeble of it. Gryvor circled the air above her, searching for anything that might pose a threat.

August 23rd, 2005, 4:31 AM
The Crazed Rattata leaped from a lush oran bush, but Aisha killed with a single shot. It's shattered remains splashed onto the cold earth, but splattering all over everyone. I turned my head slowly, with an angry look on my face. Quietly, I grabbed a crinsom red handkerchief from my left jacket pocket. I then began to rinse my face, wiping the acidic blood off my face. She grinned misheviously, placing her gun back into it's hold.

"Okay, now im officially pissed," I whispered to myself, sticking my handkerchief back in my smooth, leather jacket. That too, stained with blood.

The boy they called Navior appeared from behind. He wasn't like the others. He had a sort of cheery expression on his face. He extended his arm out and waited for someone to shake it. The woman with the Pigeot was about to introduce herself, but she then left. I went up the boy to introduce myself, at least.

"The name Terrence, and you must be the one they called... Navior," I replied, But I didn't shake his hand. I wasn't so professional in making new allies. My current mission was to get this deal over with allies or no allies and clear my name. That's all. I continued down the path, but one question still was uncertain, who will call the shots?

August 23rd, 2005, 10:14 AM
Alex had started walking again after Aisha had spoken, his pokemon following him "Lets just get going, if we stop too much it will take us longer to get there and back" Alex had slipped out his journal and a pen, he was ahead of the group so no one could see what he was writing.

Day 1

Our group has just started heading towards Fuchsia, the others don't talk much and I think I am the first to start writing in my journal, everyone in our group has a pokemon turned good. I chose a pokemon called Mightyena (nicknamed it Dark) we should make it to Fuchsia in a few weeks. I hope we don't have to stop that much, anyways since I don't want the others to read this journal I'm going have to stop writing for now (since they're catching up to me)

Alex Shadark

Alex stopped writing, put his journal and pen away then stood still waiting for the others.

August 25th, 2005, 4:10 PM
Naior's eyes widened as the blood from the Rat Pokemon splattered him. He swung his head from his own clothes to the remains of the Rattata. He then whirled around and faced Aisha, the woman who had shot it.
" How could you do that?! " He yelled at her. When he got no reply he grabbed onto her shoulders and yelled again. " HOW COULD YOU DO THAT?! " He repeated, yelling it into her face. Finally, he seemed to get control of himself and walked up the slope, towards the kid in front.

August 25th, 2005, 6:44 PM
I then noticed Naior yelling and screaming at Aisha, grabbing her shoulders and shaking her slightly.

" I was right. This boy is totally different from us. He still cares about pokemon, but one day, that compassion might kill him. Let's just hope he doesn't get in the way from what just happen," I thought to myself. Skarmory, who was hovering beside me, stared at me with curiosity. The boy the walked to the front of the group, with an unfamiliar expression attached on his face.

August 25th, 2005, 7:12 PM
Rholinka stared at the commotion with her usual detatched expression. It wasn't as though she didn't cared, she just couldn't care. The girl followed the younger boy in front, Gryvor circling in a lazy glide. She could just fly to Fushia, but she didn't dare go against her orders. Rholinka was charged with protecting the others to the best of her abilities. She wasn't really a scientist, just a weapon. The day she stopped feeling anything was etched so clearly in her mind. It haunted her.

August 28th, 2005, 4:50 PM
" God dang friggin' backstabbers... Turning their backs on Pokemon... Ruthless my butt... " Naior muttered as he pouted. His arms were crossed and he had an expression on his face that showed disgust.
" Out Arcanine! " He said suddenly and released his new Pokemon Partner. The dog tried to keep away, but his obedience wouldn't let him.
Running his hand across Arcanine's head, he said softly, " We don't kill Pokemon, " He paused for a second, then; " We help them to get better, but we don't kill. "
For a second, Naior swung his head to look angrily at Aisha for a second, but then it passed.