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Zero ex
August 15th, 2005, 3:34 PM
Once a time, there was a war between humans, demons, and angels. That was a furious war, but at the end the humans won, the angels leaved the world, and the existence of Demons was erased by 9 persons. Those persons were known through all history.

The heroes were,Teno the Judger, the peacemaker Serea, The woman of love Rebecca,
The sinner Ignacio, the king of wisdom Gael, The king of the dead Sinto, the one only seeking for Justice Netoo, the woman seeking for freedom Reema, and finally the king of war Techuo. Those were the heroes.

1234 years have passed since those dark days ended

A war for power started between the countries, the country of Teno and Serea were neutral. But the other countries start war for more power. What they didnt now was that the country of Sinto was calling Demons, returning their existence again to the world.

Now the mission is to return peace, gain more countries or..

To join only enter all of this:
Country: Depending in your country, depending the skill.
Teno: use of Holy weapons. Resistance to Dark weapons.
Serea: cure status.
Rebecca: Repair broken arms and legs.
Ignacio: Use of poison weapons, resistance to poison/venom.
Gael: Ability to read ancient books or tomes.
Sinto: Use of Dark weapons. Resistance to Ultima weapons.
Netoo: Use of Ultima weapons. Res: Holy weapons.
Reema: can use Fire,Elec,Water, Wind, or ice weapons.(only one element.)
Techuo: Have an addition of .3 of attack and .4 of Defense.
Story: (optional)
Mission: (Optional)
Weapons: Every character will have 9 R points foe weapons.
With R points you can use multiple weapons or master one weapon.

List of weapons: Sword, Rapier, spear, whip, claw, gaunlet, tome, stave,bow, axe, daggers. If you want to create weapons only give us some little info.

1 R point: to weapon use rank E
3 R points: weapon use Rank B
5 R points : Weapon use Rank A
7 R points: weapon use rank S
9 R points : Weapon use EX.

An example will be
Spear use : E
Whip use: S
Rapier use : E

Example 2
Bow use: EX.
Thats all to fill.

Rules: No god characters.

Promise to have lot of fun.

Why do i want so much info in weapons? So no one is tronger than other character. So we can now why is so powerful one from another one.

August 15th, 2005, 3:39 PM
Country: Depending in your country, depending the skill. Teno: use of Holy weapons. Resistance to Dark weapons.

Story: (optional)
Mission: (Optional)
Weapons: . speard Use

Zero ex
August 15th, 2005, 4:26 PM
Name: Kyo
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Apparance: Tall, he is a black haired-guy. He have dar-brown eyes. Wears Black clothes.
Attitude: Most of the times serious, except with dear friends.
Country: Teno: use of Holy weapons. Resistance to Dark weapons.
Story: Born in Teno, Kyo have searched for the ones that killed his young brother. Kyo have searched through th countries of, Rebecca and Teno. Now he is in Gael. There he find out of the war.
Mission: 1st: Avenge his brother death. 2nd: Find out more about the war.
Weapons: Blade use: EX

August 15th, 2005, 4:46 PM
Name: Zak
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Country: Sinto: Use of Dark weapons. Resistance to Ultima weapons.
Apparence: Tall man with a black staff and blue cloths
Attitude: Serious
Weapons: Staff EX

August 15th, 2005, 6:57 PM
Name: Tetsou
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Apparance: http://www.bbakira.co.uk/cels/mine/kaneda6.jpg
Attitude: I'm slightly crazy and not afraid to admitt it... of course you would be to if you went threw what I went threw...
Country: Gael: Ability to read ancient books or tomes.
Story: when I was a kid.... me and my brothers where sent to an orfanage... after three years there we were adopted by some scientists who promised to take care of us... but they lied... they used us in there expiraments... sence I was the oldest they put me threw the harder ones but even then... I could barely take it.. I promised my brothers that I'd get them out of there... I couldn't keep that promise to Benito... he died becouse of the expiraments... that is what drove me crazy.... I let them do one more expirament and that gave me the pawerefull telecinetic powers I know posess. I hope to help my brother Kyo but sence they took my sence of morality and I have trouble distiguishing friend from foe....
Mission: 1st. help my younger brother achive his goals... (it's my dutey as an oulder brother, I can't fail both brothers) 2nd. Kill Dr. Akira!
Weapons: a Pidrid coin.... (acoriding to mithology it was the primery wepon for a pycic... it could become anything)

I also have a motercicle... it's my only modes of transtportacion... it seats just my brother and me... so don't touch it!