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August 18th, 2005, 6:50 AM

Three young children of the age of Seven, Where given three very different ability's By a co-operation that call theirself "Roze". When these children turned 10, "Roze" sent people to influence the children, The influences made the children very evil people, At the age of 13 they discovered theire powers, and started to create Hell on earth,

It only too one year for the Children of Roze "CoR" to completely take over the world, People have resorted to hiding, Many people now live in the sewers, Only those who choose to obay CoR dare rise to the surface of the earth

The people don't yet know the existance of Roze, They have no Idea that Roze is behind this whole mess

If you have the guts to go against, and hopefully overcome CoR, Then you will sign this sign up form XD

Sign up!
Sample Rp:

Name: Blitz
Age: 17
Looks: Blue eye's, Short black hair, Tall lanky figure, 6ft3"
Personality: Blitz is offten quiet, He userly see's the bigger picture, rather then worryign about details,
History: Before this all started, Blitz Didn't have a home, or a family, they where all killed by a fire, whitch he was ment to be in, The only reason he wasn't in the fire, is because his mum made him go down the street for bread and milk, He never found teh person who killed his family, But he is still looking for them,
Sample Rp: (I started it I am already in XD)