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Hazy Aurora
August 26th, 2005, 3:26 PM
In the darkness of the forest, two large packs of Eons reside. Both have fixed territories, and do not see each other often, only in the Twilight and Dawn. For they are different. Mysterious. They are not like other Eons. They keep to themselves, and florish. The Pokemon surrounding the pack's territories do not know everything about them, they are afraid, and almost curious...

The Pack of the Yin; A beautiful pack of White Espeons, the holders of the secret to light. They are the children of the sun, and the Sun God loves them as her own pups. They have in their posession the ability to shine in the darkness, and all are bestowed with special gifts...For they must protect their pack in times of turmoil. Their leader is always a female, and is the descendant of the Sun Goddess herself. They tend to be selfless and giving, always ready to protect their pack.

The Yin Pack posess a large territory, and most of it is in the sunshine up on the hills of the forest. The Warriors of this clan prefer to fight with magic rather than tooth and claw.

The Yang Pack- A pack of mysterious Umbreons, their coat being as black as night, their rings usually being silver. The leaders are of the moon's kin, the pack's secrets belonging to the night and stars; the moon being their becon; not the light of day. They are the Moon God's guarded, and have the ability to melt away into the shadows, and restore their wounds by the power of the moon. They roam their beautiful meadows and deep forests by moonlight. And Moonlight only. The leader is always a male, and a softspoken leader. He always leads his pack with gentleness and dignity, selflessly helping them.

The Yang Pack Territory- On the boarder of Yin territory, the Yang pack owns a vast forest, and a large hill with a slab of Moonstone on the top. Said to be the thinking place of the Yang. The Yang warriors protect their territory with tooth and claw, and occasionally magic. They do not prefer one or the other, but they would use physical first, then magicks.

They have lived in peace for many decades...

But now a threat has descended on the lands. The Pokemon Trainers have found out a way to enter these sacred grounds, and are capturing the strange, and beautiful Yin and Yang Packmates. They are coming more and more often...

Worried now, the two packs decide as a whole to move on to different grounds. They wish to travel to the Paradise Isles, the Original Starting place for the Legends of the Moon and Sun. They will encounter many an ocean, unfriendly Pokemon and Humans, and Trainers; even Cities. But in the greater plot of things for their pack, they know what they have to do. And they must travel together as a pack...The Pack of the Yin and Yang.

Here are the places you can be in the Packs, and which ones are taken...:

The Yin Pack:

Leader: Alu

Deputy: Taijin

Healer: Mayla

Warriors(5): Iumi
(4 spaces left)

Apprentices(5)((You may have an apprentice if you are a Warrior. You can create one yourself, or discuss it with another member to have their apprentice as your Warrior's apprentice.)): Yukidansu (4 re,aining)

Nursery Maids(4): Places Free

Elders(3): Places Free.

Pups(6)((Anyone can create a pup, as well as another character)): Seirei
(5 remaining)

The Yang Pack:

Leader: Tsuki

Deputy: Nyolun

Healer: Rikul

Leading: Kali

Apprentices(5)((You may have an apprentice if you are a Warrior. You can create one yourself, or discuss it with another member to have their apprentice as your Warrior's apprentice.)): Kovu

(three left)

Nursery Maids(4): Places Free

Elders(3): Places Free.

Pups(6)((Anyone can create a pup, as well as another character)): Nariko
Kovu (also an apprentice)
(3 remaining)


Place in Pack:

My Form:

Name: Tsuki
Age: 2
Pack: The Yang Pack
Place in Pack: Leader
Gender: Male
Desciption: Dark black coat, with silver hairs. His ears are longer and more pointed than a usual Umbreon's, and his rings are of rainbow colours. His eyes are silvery and deep, with unseen emotion gleaming in their corners. His paws are large and tipped with silver claws, and his tail is pointed and long. His fur is shaggy, and his rings seem to gleam when he is happy. Colours play around his body when he is happy. His legs are strong and steadfast, the right size for his body. He wears a strange pendant nestled in his shaggy 'mane', the black part of the Yin & Yang. It is an antique, passed down through his family for centuries.
Personality: Noble, and chivlrous. He has a sense of humour, but doesn't show it readily. He will protect his pack at all costs, even though he is still a young Umbreon. He is easily put off, but he will protect the ones he loves with all his heart, and strength. He has not taken an apprentice yet, and hopes to do so one day. He always watches a young Espeon from the Pack of Yin; and admires her secretly. Little does he know that she watches him in the same way...He knows his heart belongs to her, but he is afraid his heart will be broken like it was with his childhood friend when she died tragically from a disease.
Attacks: Moonlight
Shadow Ball
Hyper Beam
Faint Attack
History: Ever since his Father died, he has been a restless soul. He and his father shared a bond, and since he has gone to the other world, Tsuki has fallen at the seams. He never was taught the Moonsecrets, so he frequently tested his power to the max. Finding his true strength is a mystery, and he shares his discoveries with the 'new' pack; the new healer, and the descendants of his father's friends. He feels a special connection with them, and tries to make it prevail. His mother is deadly sick, and he is now very worried about her. Not even the moonlight can help...
Other: The Rainbow colours that play about him when he is happy always swirl.
Dam: Lazina (sick)
Sire: Kyuki (dead)

August 26th, 2005, 3:53 PM
Name: Nariko
Age: eight months
Pack: Yang Pack
Place in Pack: Pup
Gender: Female
Desciption: Very deep black. Her rings are silver, but glow blue in the moonlight, and her eyes are deep blue. But instead of a ring on her forhead, she has a small silver star.
Personality: Brave in the face of danger and protective of her friends. She has a sense of humor and loves to play with her friends.
Attacks: Tackle, Shadow ball, Secret Power, and confusion.
History: Her mother and father both died from a cureless disese when she was born. She was the only pup that they ever had so she is completely alone with no alive relatives or any brothers or sisters.
Other: Whenever she is angry, the silver star on her forhead will glow blood red.

Kinova-Fiery Embrace
August 26th, 2005, 4:21 PM
Name: Nyolun
Age: 2
Pack: The pack of Yang
Place in Pack: Deputy
Gender: Male
Desciption:Shadowed, mysterious black fur that captures the moons reflection in every strand. His coat is marked by lightning as Naraku, the God of the Storm, unleashed the lightning upon. He used him as his spirit to live on earth as in Heaven. Nyolun now carries his spirit forever and eternally resting deep within his soul. His eyes are a crystal blue sheilding his soul like doors. His face is very handsome and his structure is large. That of a fighter.
Personality: Intelligent, loving and fun Nyolun may be serious at times but when provoked he can become sponateous and show his playful side.
Attacks: Hyper Beam
Shock (or whatever its called XD)
History: Nyolun, a young, bold hunter, searched endlessly for a pack ... After his girlfriend, Subayshi, died he left never to feel her fiery embrace. His heart pangs with sadness of her absence and, he has since, longed to feel again. His first language was Italian as he grew up in that region but has since learnt english whilst wandering ... Though he can still speak Italian fluently.
Other: He was branded by the Storm and now lives as their spirit.
Dam: Kiada (dead)
Sire: Novu

August 26th, 2005, 4:28 PM
Name: Lei
Age: Two years and four months.
Pack: Yang
Place in Pack: Warrior
Gender: Male
Desciption: Pure black coat of fur, the ears are a bit more pointed than a regular Umbreon, and the rings are a light silver.The ring on his head is more white than silver, and his eyes are blue.He always has a emotionless look.The paws are with long sharp claws, and the rest of his body is like a regular Umbreon.

Personality: Calm, and quiet, he is rarely angry, yet, will fight to protct his pack.He is loyal to his pack and is noble, and will face almost any enemy in his way.He is more serous than humorous.

Attacks: Moonlight, Crunch, Shadow Ball, and Secret Power
History: He was lost in the forest at the age of 4 months old, and was found by several Espeons.They took care of him till he was 1 year old, by then he was old enough to take care of himself and gone into the Umbreon territory and cared for himself.
Other: When angered, his power massively increases, more than a normal pokemon.
Dam: Asuya
Sire: Ein

~ Northern Lights ~
August 26th, 2005, 8:57 PM
Name: Alu
Age: 2
Pack: Yin Pack
Place in Pack: Leader
Gender: Female
Desciption: Snow-white coat, dappled with specks of silver hairs underneath. The tuffs of fur just below her ears are brushed with silver flames at the ends, just like her long, flowing tail, of which the silver specks are much more visible. Her eyes are cobalt blue, with an unusual light blue flame within them. Her paws are slender, but sturdy, and tipped with silver claws. When she is in a most joyful mood, she glows a ghostly silver, tinged with grey. She wears a strange pendant on a small silver chain; the white part of the Yin & Yang.
Personality: Noble, and honest. She shows the spirit of a leader, and isn't afraid to back down from a challenge. She would risk her own life to save one of her pack members, and protects them with all her heart. She has always watched a young, but handsome Umbreon from the pack of Yang; and admires him secretly. Little does she know that he has watched her in the very same way.
Morning Sun
Sunny Day
History: Ever since the tragic death of her one good friend, Nikiro, and her mother, Kakashi, she has always been haunted by the memory. 'No, you go! We'll fight him off!' were the last words she ever heard from them. Finding her true strength has been one of the hardest things ever; the death of those two had a huge impact on her. She feels a special connection with the sun, and knowing that even if she is different, it does not matter; What's on the inside really counts...
Other: Unkown.
Dam: Magula (disappeared mysteriously)
Sire: Kakashi (dead)

August 26th, 2005, 9:42 PM
Name: Taijin
Age:2 1/2
Place in Pack: Deputy
Desciption:A large espeon thatis coated in silver fur with only the very tip of his tail a contrasting black. Several spiral like designs glow on his body when the sun hits his body directly. He wears a thick metal collar about his neck. He is larger then most espeon, but that does not hinder his agility nor speed.
Personality:He is often lost deep in thought, constantly looking ahead into the future for answers. Tajin is a kind and warm soul, even if he can be a bit distant at times.
Attacks:Future Sight, Psyhic, Morning Sun,Light Screen
History: He was born during the Solar Eclipse, which bestowed the many unique markings on his body. But, he was born in the Yang territory, which gave his tail it's black coloration. He dedicated his entire life to protecting the Yin Clan, hoping to prove himself worthy of living in the Goddess's light.
Other: He sometimes reverts to the dark side of his power, exspecially during the full moon and the eclipses

Alter Ego
August 27th, 2005, 1:06 AM
An eon RP. Neatness! ^_^

Name: Iumi
Age: 2 years, 8 months
Pack: Yin Pack
Place in Pack: Warrior
Gender: Female
Desciption: A rather small and elegant Espeon, Iumi's light frame seems to belittle her considerable powers and skill in battle. Her fur is white, although it shines in an unusual fashion when exposed to bright sunlight. The only thing about Iumi's appearance that gives away her fighting spirit is her lavender eyes, which seem to ignite with a fierce glow when she enters battle, often intimidating unsuspecting opponents.
Personality: Friendly and caring, although a bit of a loner, Iumi has a very strong fighting spirit which sometimes gets out of hand in the heat of battle. During these periods her powers are amplified, but it comes with the penalty that she also becomes cruel and vicious, sometimes even harming those of her own who try to interfere. She always feels remorseful after such incidents and has consequently tried to avoid getting close to anyone as she is afraid of harming them. Although she might sound a bit crude or blunt at times Iumi is really just concerned for the welfare of others. She can generally be found at the forefront of any battle, courageously fighting of enemies of the pack. She still believes that she has failed her parents and agonizes over it on numerous occasions.
Shadow Ball
Hidden Power [Fighting]
History: Born as the offspring of two of the pack's warriors, Iumi has felt a strong conviction to follow her parents' footsteps for as long as she can remember and her parents were happy to oblige, taking her along on their rounds as soon as she came of age. It was during one of these excursions that Iumi's family life took a drastic turn, however. On a patrol to the borders of clan territory, Iumi had fallen a bit behind of her parents. Which turned out to be her salvation as the two Espeons were ambushed and captured by a group from Team Rocket. Under her father's instruction Iumi hid amongst the canopy and sent out a psychic distress call to the other members of the pack. Alas, one of the rockets spotted her by accident and she was soon surrounded by their pokmon. With the sheer power of his desperation, Iumi's father, Mizuno, broke free of his confinement and leapt at the rockets, directing all attention to himself and ordering his daughter to flee. Strong though he was, Mizuno was severly overpowered and killed, and the rockets dispersed from the scene before aid could be brought. Since then, Iumi has been even more relentless in her training, blaming herself for not being strong enough to protect her family.
Other: As mentioned, she can revert to a battle rage that amplifies her powers but also makes her cruel and unpredictable.
Dam: Adael (Abducted)
Sire: Mizuno (Dead)

August 27th, 2005, 6:34 AM
((Ah, it seems like its based on the Warrior's series...))

Name: Mayla
Age: 2 years
Pack: Yin
Place in Pack: Healer
Gender: Female
Desciption: A gorgeous Espeon with a deep blue coat and four white rings around each of her legs. She has deep amber eyes and the spot on her head is a crystal color. Perhaps one of the most skilled Healer of her time. Though it can't be seen, she is blind in her left eye. Her tail is tipped in a deep purple, and her coat appears multicolored in the sunlight, as a peacock's feathers would appear.
Personality: A calm and quiet Espeon. She gets extremely wary when aproached on her left-side, her blind side. However, she is kind to all and rarely gets peeved. She is friends with everyone in the pack, and rarely become enemies with Espeons.
Attacks: Morning Sun, Psybeam, Psychic, and Swift
History: obody knows much about her. They found her as a pup, abandoned and alone on the terratory. The past leader took her in and raised her as her own, and soon became a warrior. She recieved an injury in her left eye in a battle, and became lame in sight. The Healer took her in and taught her the art of healing.
Other: None, but she occasionally acompanies battle under some circumstances.
Dam: Unknown
Sire: Unknown

August 27th, 2005, 7:16 AM
Name: Yume
Age: 2 years, 4 months
Pack: Yang
Place in Pack: Warrior
Gender: female
Desciption: A quiet little Umbreon but also very strong. Her coat is dark, dark blue. It looks like black most of the time but if she were to ever go out of the shadows you would see that its tinted dark blue. She also has rings that are tinted a light blue color, like neon blue. Most of the Yang members don't know very much about her, only that she was born, and lives, in the shadows to this day and fights to protect her pack. Shes the last one to be telling nayone about herself..
Personality: Quiet, lonely
Attacks: Shadow ball, moonlight, faint attack, bite
History: Once was a wild, lone Umbreon who was abandoned at birth. She never knew her parents. She always stays in the shadows from the day she was born to now. Food was scarce and by the time she turned 2, she grew very weak from lack of nutrition. One day, she collapsed near the border of the Ying and Yang. The Yang pack found her, took her in, and cared for her till she was back at full health. When she was better, the Yang pack accepted her as a member of the pack and she became a warrior..
Other: Whenever Yume is in contact with the moon (like, just when she sees it), her neon blue rings glow brightly and she'll be automaticly healed in seconds.
Dam: unknown
Sire: unknown

August 27th, 2005, 7:53 AM
Name: Kendoksu {Kin-dok-sue}

Age: 2

Pack: Yang Pack

Place in Pack: Warrior/Assasin (If not, just Warrior)

Gender: Male

Desciption: Kendoksu body was created for the sole purpose for battalinging. His claws are like diamond tipped daggers and can rend almost any type of flesh to shreds. Kendoksu's fangs are only a few inches longer than an ordinary Umbreon, but they provide an extra boost of power and strength. Although he tends to use his claws more often. His tail is scarred deeply from an attack by a Ursaring, the pokemon he despises with great intensity. The rings coated around his body are colored with a deep royal blue with slightly pointed ears. Kendoksu's eye's are a pale Turquoise as well. Everything else is what a normal Umbreon's description would be like.

[B]Personality: Kendoksu's personality is mysterious as it is dangerous. When on single assignments, he is quiet, but deadly in combat. He is calm and collected when outside of battle and gets along well with the other Umbreon in his pack. When in battle, he is tactical and thinks ahead, causing him to be one step ahead of the enemy. He's not the charge and attack kind of Umbreon. Instead, he uses strategy to discover the enemy's weak spots and strike from that point. Kendoksu will NEVER attempt to attack or injure a pup of any kind.

Attacks: Crunch, Slash(If not, then Moonlight), Shadow Ball, Faint Attack

History: He was at first, an ordinary Umbreon, aiding his mother and father with various tasks, but, when he noticed that his physical appearance was slightly different that the other Umbreons. With that in mine, he decided to become a warrior and join the attack force to protect his pack.

His father Himatsu, however, was performing unusual activities that he kept in secret. When Kendoksu asked what he was doing, he would usually state that he's "Working on something to support the pack" Or, he usually says ["Don't worry about it!"[/I]. But, it was only a matter of time to discover that Himatsu was working with Team Rocket by providing them with secrets of their pack.

Kendoksu informed the leader of the pack about his father treachery. They Banished him from the pack and was never seen again after that incident.

Other: None

Dam: Asuna

Sire: Himatsu (Banished from the Pack)

August 27th, 2005, 8:01 AM
o______O;; Wait the age is in Poke' years? lol *fixes* XD X3

Alter Ego
August 27th, 2005, 8:39 AM
By the by, 'Dam' means 'Mother' and 'Sire' means 'Father'. So, anybody up for apprenticing? ^_^

Hazy Aurora
August 27th, 2005, 1:08 PM
((Ah, it seems like its based on the Warrior's series...))

Partly, yes. I based the places in Pack after it, for I thought there were some good ones in it. ^^; Otherwise, it is not related. Ever since I saw the Yin and Yang on the climbing wall when I went on Camp, I've been planning it eversince...

As you can see, if I put your name down in the position that you applied for, you have been accepted and you're in. ^^

August 27th, 2005, 1:49 PM
I am silently hoping I am not too late...

Name: Rikul (Rick-You'll)

Age: Two years two months

Pack: Yang

Place in Pack: Healer

Gender: Male

Desciption: His fur is a little "scruffy" around some parts. He has a small patch of fur competly matted down on the back of his right leg due to a close encounter from a Scarmony also resulting in a deep gash in his neck. He has dark blue eyes and barely ever smiles and his entire face barely shows any emotion. His black fur is silky smoth and shines in the moonlight. His yellow fur glows when he is happy, but mostly remains a dull yellow. His tail is a short stub which was like that from birth. In his childhood he would always seem to aquire new bruises and scars although nobody quite knew where.

Personality: Rikul used to show emotion, but as he got older he started to hide inside of himself. Although he doesn't show it he actualy is more quiet and caring like his mother then bold and strong like his father. As much as he's tried, he's given up on his father and tried to do as much as he can to anger him. Although he is usualy calm, he can sometimes rush into a situation without thinking, usualy resulting badly. After losing any connections with his father he once had, he searches for someone that he can feel close to. So far he hasn't had much luck.

Attacks: Moonlight, Faint Attack, Confuse Ray, Pursuit

History: Rikul grew up with only his father. His mother died when he was young and he has no memory of her. Throught his life he has been always pushed by his father to be more like himself, although as he started showing signs of his mother it relulted in more beatings and punishments. As he got older he abandoned his father and tried his best to make as little encounters with him as possible. Him and his father refuse to speak anymore. He now persues a healing position in a combination of love, and to spite his father.

Other: On of the only times Rikul feels content is when he's near the moon. He usualy tends to do most of his minor healing at nightime.

Dam: Mouka (Dead)

Sire: Balek

August 27th, 2005, 2:16 PM
Hey um, not to be rude or anything, but why wasn't I accepted?

August 27th, 2005, 2:33 PM
It says on the list that you are in the list so whats the problem?

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Hazy Aurora
August 27th, 2005, 2:50 PM
No need, Metraphote. ^^

Danielthmaniel, if there are still places left, you'll be accepted. No questions asked. I'm trying to fill all the spots before I start. OwO

Also, I'm putting the name of your character down. Not your username, so please remember your character's name and check the first post often. ^^ I'll try and update it as much as possible, so look out for the names. xD

August 27th, 2005, 9:20 PM
(( I also want to join as a pup))

Age:6 months
Place in Pack:Pup
Desciption:A runt as far as espeon pups go, he is a goldish silver color (platinum?) with a nick in his left ear. He also bears a similarity to Taijin. His tail however does not have the normal fork in it but only ends in one point.
Personality:Curious, playful, and sometimes too hyper for his own good, he loves anything shiney and anything that moves. He is a loveable pup who wants to befriend everyone.
Attacks:Tackle, bite, helping hand, psy wave
History:He was born under unusual circimstances, in that he does not know who his mother is. The little espeon is often the center of Taijin's attention and affection. After all the older espeon is a big softy when it comes to pups.

~ Northern Lights ~
August 27th, 2005, 10:35 PM
((Oh, I can't wait to start off this RP! OwO *is in suspense*))

August 28th, 2005, 2:24 AM
This Rp looks well good.... Is it gonna start soon?
Name: Tratto
Pack: Yang
Gender: Male
Place in Pack: Warrior
Description:Tratto has dark grey fur with a slight blueish tinge, covered in scars from the many battles he has fought. The rings on his body are blood red and he is larger than most of the pack. Tratto has an injury on his back left foot that has never healed.
Personality: Quiet, brave, can be bad-tempered
Attacks: Moonlight, Faint Attack, Bite, Counter
History: Tratto fought for leadership of the pack many times, but his old injury let him down and he lost bitterly each time. Tratto's parents were killed by trainers and he lived alone for a long time before he met the Yang pack. Because of this, he is a natural loner and prefers to stay apart from the others.
Other: Tratto hates because of what they did to his parents. He deeply mistrusts most other pokemon.
Sire:Huttser (DEAD)
Dam:Palla (DEAD)

Hazy Aurora
August 28th, 2005, 2:37 AM
We may as well start now. ^^

Now, on with the Role Play...:

Tsuki looked over the pack, his silver eyes gleaming in the dawn light. The Umbreons were rounding each other up into the sandcave where they spent the day. Sleeping and sharing news. The hunters are the only ones apart from the Leaders that see the light of day. They have to, patrolling the area.

Leaping silently through the dawn, and up the hill, he came to rest on the Moonstone slab. Howling, he started to move his feet to a rhythm he had been taught by himself;

The setting of the Moonhigh.

Treading lightly, he wasn't aware of the large Umbreon until it was apon him. It looked away when he met it's gaze.

"Fair Moondown, Trotto." Said Tsuki evenly, looking at the Warrior through unblinking eyes.

"Where do you wish for me to patrol, Leader? Obviously, I do not want to..."

"Be with the other Umbreons? Of course I know that." Tsuki nodded. "You may patrol where you wish. Furthurmore, please do as you bid, but be careful. May your fangs aid you in battles long far from now."

"And let the moon be bright for all your days." Sighed Tratto. "Yeah, I know it." He met Tsuki's gaze squarely, then trotted away, vanishing into the shadows with a flick of his tail.

((I hope you don't mind me doing that dragon-fyre...I think I portrayed your character well. ^^; If you don't like it, I'll edit it out. OwO))

Alter Ego
August 28th, 2005, 2:44 AM
OOC: I shall wait for the initiative of my pack-leader. ^_^

August 28th, 2005, 2:51 AM
Name: Kali

Age: 1 and a half

Pack: Yang

Place in Pack: Warrior (If it is fine, could she be the head warriora sergeant of sorts)

Gender: Female

Description: Kali looks to be like any other Umbreon of her age, though there are many small details that set her apart from the rest of her pack. Her eyes are an emerald green colour which draws attention from the rest of her body; this can act as a means of distraction when battling. Another detail that sets her apart from the rest is a shocking silver streak running from the top of her head to the tip of her tail, moonlight reflects from this streak of silver, sometimes acting as a distraction whilst catching pray. The rest of her appearance is like those of her fellow pack mates, midnight black fur and silver markings.

Personality: Kali is a merciless Pokemon, she shows no forgiveness or mercy to her enemies, and will protect her pack to the very last. She backs down from no fight and uses many methods to guarantee victory for her pack. Though unforgiving in battle, she is one of the most humble and loyal Pokemon one would come across, protective of her leaders and the pups, she will by no means turn her back on them.

Attacks: Moonlight, Faint Attack, Protect and Shadow ball.

History: Her father was a brave warrior who fought to the very end for his pack. About a year ago, when Kali was but a pup, there was a war between the yang pack and a pack of Mightyena. Her father was to lead the yang pack into battle and was sadly killed whilst trying to protect his den from a pack of Mightyena who had some how managed to slip through the defences.

Her mother was also killed in this massacre whilst trying to protect Kali from the merciless jaws of the enemy. She was killed right in front of Kalis eyes as she fought bravely whilst giving Kali the chance to escape. Unfortunately for Kali she was too flabbergasted and frightened to moveit was then left to the remaining warriors to save her from death.

She was brought up by one of the warriors as an act of pity towards the youngling who lost her parents on that fateful night. Since then, she has followed in her fathers footsteps, determined to protect the pack at all costs.

Other: Kali tends to get angry easily and when she does, she also gets violent.

Dam: ???

Sire: ???

Alter Ego
August 28th, 2005, 2:56 AM
OOC: You know what, on second thought I'll just go ahead and post. ^_^


Dawn... Iumi smiled in relief as she noticed the first rays of sunlight peeking over the treetops. The Esepon quickly made her way to the summit of the nearest hill, closing her eyes and stretching her head as high as possible to feel the rays on her body. Iumi's white fur began to glitter in the sunlight, strange shapes, beautiful in their aliennes, began to dance along her body, sparkling with light and making it almost difficult to look straight at her.

It had been a lonely night patrolling the borders of the pack territory, but it all seemed worthwile for Iumi just for these few moments of pure pleasure. Basking in the light of the morning sun, in blissful solitude. The Espeon let out a contented sigh and enjoyed the moment, forgetting for a moment all of the responsibilities and dangers of the world.

~ Northern Lights ~
August 28th, 2005, 3:02 AM
Alu looked over her dozing pack, her eyes gleaming with delight. The sun had barely risen, and the only sound that could be heard was the occassional mumble of a sleeping Espeon.

Leaping through the dawn, the morning dew tickled the Espeon's paws slightly. She leapt gracefully through the fresh grass, as the welcoming glow of the sun reflected upon the mountains; a picturesque (sp?) scene. With a sudden burst of excitement, Alu shot up the grassy hill, preparing for a day full of new wonders.

The vivid glow of the morning sun stung the Espeon's eyes for a second, as she stood proudly upon the overhanging hill. The scene was most pleasant to see, and Alu let out a howl of sheer joy to announce the start of a new day. Far below, she could see the tiny dots of which were other pokemon waking to the new day. One particular one however, caught her eye.

A handsome jet-black Umbreon flung his head backwards, fresh water dripping from his muzzle. His rings flashed all the many colours of the rainbow, and glowed vividly in the dawn's light. Alu gazed at him admiringly, and then a thought hit her. With a new spark of adventure, she bounded down the grassy hill, filled with new hope...

August 28th, 2005, 3:06 AM
Tratto wandered through the forest, thoroughly bored. He could see the Yin pack in the distance, fast asleep. "Foolish creatures..." he said bitterly. Tratto turned to look for his leader, up on the hill, but Tsuki was gone. He froze. There was the cracking of leaves and twigs. "Come out, or I'll kill you anyway!" he growled. There was a yell, and a human stepped into the clearing. Tratto roared and threw himself at the trainer, but he was knocked back onto the ground as a Mightyena appeared. Tratto climbed to his feet and attacked savagely, but it seemed to have no effect on the great, dark enemy. He pounced, clinging to the Mightyena's neck. He bit into the thick fur, and the Mightyena fell to the ground. Tratto stood there, confused. How had he defeated the Pokemon so easily? Then he turned and ran. He had to warn the others before it was too late.

Alter Ego
August 28th, 2005, 3:17 AM
OOC: Whoa, progressing a bit fast aren't we?


"Foolish creatures..." a stray wind brought the words to Iumi's well-tuned ears as she stood in the sunlight.

Foolish, eh? she returned her senses to the present, scanning the area below for the perpetrator, and spotted an unusually looking Umbreon, one with blood red rings who seemed to be limping just a bit, before he dissapeared between the trees. "Tratto..." Iumi said for herself, recognizing the Yang pack warrior now "I should have known...". They had met on occasion, both being more or less loners by nature and patrolling the outskirts of their respective territories, but they hadn't really spoken to each other, just passed with gruff grunts of acknowledgement and she saw no reason to change that.

Iumi sighed and began travelling back down the hill: Today's moment of serenity was over, so she might as well face it like a warrior and get back to work.

OOC: Oh, and sorry I mixed up Tratto's appearance with another's. I've fixed it now...

Hazy Aurora
August 28th, 2005, 3:47 AM
Tsuki shook himself playfully, sending droplets of water scattering around. Deciding he would join his pack now, he vanished into the forests.

A few seconds later, the Espeon Alu appeared at exactly the same place where the strange and beautiful Umbreon had been only seconds beforehand. Seeing he was gone, she sniffed around, and only smelt the wisps of moonlit meadows.

His aroma...She thought dreamily, and padded forwards.

Her paw splashed in something warm. Looking down, she saw her paw was covered in sparklings from a rainbow flask. Gasping with delight when the colours swam up her arm and tickled her underbelly. Then, as soon as the feeling was there, it wasn't. It was like it knew when it was being touched...She cupped her tail around her hindquatres, and picked up the strange flask in her teeth. Deciding she'd look at it later, she retreated back into her pack's territory, unknowing that a pair of eyes had been watching her from the trees. Invade our territory and die...You do not belong here, young Espeon. Warrior thoughts. A Yang warrior.

Inlaid in the moonstone, a sudden sparkle splashed around the Morning light. Crossed between moonlight and sunbeams, words formed on the spotless surface. A message from the Departed Pack above amoung the clouds. It was a prophecy...:

Beware the dangers thy must face,
Find thy magic, hold thy grace
Plant thy magic seed yonder far,
Only the combined magic will overcome all wickedness, by the light of Sar,
Without which, the seeds with rot,
Causing thy pack to wither and sink,
With grudges you will be pushed over the brink,
Let cowardice not hinder you in your search,
Let your senses heal your misgivings long past,
And ...

There was a crunch, and a large dog scraped a claw along the moonstone, dashing the words. It's breath was heavy, it's eyes were mad with greed.

"This is what we have for you, Yin and Yang. Fear us. For we have brought something that every Pokemon fears..." He chuckled, a cruel, grating sound, like nails on a chalkboard.

August 28th, 2005, 4:29 AM
A large male espeon yawned and stretched, his fangs gleaming dimly as his mouth opened. He turned his gelden gaze toward the rising sun, stepping out from the shadows of the tree he had slept under. The spiral like designs danced in the radiance of the light, his pelt gleaming an intense silver. All except for the tip of his tail that seemed to absorb the light about it. It was blacker then black could be, not the glossy jet black but a dull, all consuming absense of light. It was of course one of his trade marks.

The male looked about, his ears swivelling forward to catch the sounds of the morning. Suddenly a ball of white slamed into his leg, the male looking down at the pup in amusement.

" Taijin-sama!!!" the ball barked excitedly, running circles around the male. He cocked his head at the pup watching it run about him.

Alter Ego
August 28th, 2005, 4:32 AM
Iumi gave a small smile as she noticed Taijin, the pack deputy, and the tiny Espeon pup running around him. The scene reminded her of her own childhood, nearly bringing a tear to her eye. The Espeon shook her head and kept walking, although she couldn't help giving of a nostalgic sigh. This was their idyl and she shouldn't encroach.

You are a warrior now. she told herself There are more important things for you to concern yourself with than clinging to childhood memories.

August 28th, 2005, 4:44 AM
" Lystless go bother someone else for a while..." Taijin groaned irritabley, rolling his eyes at the child. Lystless stopped for a second, looking up at his sire. His tail wagged wildly, kicking up dust.

" But, Chichiune! I wanna play with you!!!" The pup whined, earning a light smirk from the male. Taijin turned his gaze to Iumi, dipping his maw to her in greeting.

" Ello, Iumi." He said warmly, the pup yipping and bounding toward her.
" Iumi-Sama!!!" Lystless called happily, proceeding to run circles around her as well. Taijin smirked at the sight, slowly sneeking away.

" Can I be your apprentice now? Can I can I can I?" the child asked excitedly, jumping up and down. He had asked her the same question every day for the past month.

August 28th, 2005, 4:51 AM
Tratto stopped. Why should he warn the others? Humans had come into the forest before, and they had done no harm. But why did he feel that something was not quite right? The Umbreon shook himself, and headed back towards the pack. Tratto soon found the Yang pack, and he settled down underneath an Oak tree, away from the others. He prefered the silence, and soon he was fast asleep.

Alter Ego
August 28th, 2005, 4:52 AM
"Greetings." Iumi replied with a cautious nod. She didn't have the time to make an escape before Lystless had already set upon her, running in excited circles. Now she had gone and gotten herself involved again, Taijin sneaking of as usual. Not so fast mister... she thought with a sly smirk.

"Well Lystless...I have no doubt that you would make a good apprentice." she said softly, smiling at the pup "But you are a bit on the young side, aren't you?" the Espeon tilted her head "I'm afraid I cannot let you apprentice without permission from both Alu and your sire. In this case the latter would be Taijin, would it not?" she cast a glance at the other Espeon who hadn't quite managed to make a getaway yet.

August 28th, 2005, 5:00 AM
Taijin froze mid step, his eyes widening (If this were an anime he would have a sweatdrop rolling down the back of his head XD) as he glanced back at them.

" CHICHIUNE!!!!" Lystless yelled, rushing back towards his father who cast Iumi a " I will get you" look. The tiny espeon leapt onto his back and began to leap up and down. Taijin rolled his eyes in annoyance and began looking for a stick or something to pry him off with.

" Any trouble today Iumi?" Taijin asked, taking on a more serious tone. His golden eyes gleamed, his sight into the future sensing a great danger.

August 28th, 2005, 5:01 AM
The fearless leader of the Yang warriors stood proud and tall at the top of the hills trail. Her head was held proud as she looked out towards the vast forest. Her fur blew in the small breeze, but her frame never wavered, she was too proud to give into the small wind that blew at the trees. She would stand tall and proud, not matter what the condition.

Her eyes were fixed on the plains just past the forest, watching, perhaps waiting for danger of a trainer or some other sort of Pokemon that would prove a threat to her pack. But then, her eyes darted back and forth, just in case the Yin pack decided to drop in and pay their den a visit.

A tingle travelled up her spine and her eyes darted in the direction of the river. There she saw to spots, one white and one black. She growled, how dare a member of the Yin pack converse with one of her own. She jumped from her post atop the hill and started to make her way back down into the forest to where her pack had made their shelter.

She passed into the fortress of trees and slunk deep into the forest. She soon came across a small opening where many Umbreon played and bathed under the trees shade. This was what she was made to protect, this was her meaning in life, to keep these Umbreon free of harm.

She watched as many small Pups crossed her path, greeting her and running in circles around her ankles. She smiled and nudged them lightly with her snout. They all in turn gnawed at her ears before making their way back to their mothers. Kali smiled and continued on her way through the small village of Umbreon.

Alter Ego
August 28th, 2005, 5:06 AM
Iumi put on a saintly face at Taijin's look, pretending not to know what he was upset about. Lystless was annoying, but Iumi knew that Taijin was really fond of the pup deep down. She turned her expression serious as bussiness was being discussed.

"A lone trainer and his Sneasel looking for easy catches, and a particularly dim-witted Nidorino looking for a fight." the Espeon replied to the inqury dissmissively, "Nothing I couldn't handle, obviously. Although I do worry about the recent human encroachment." she added with a hint of concern expressed in her lavender eyes "They seem to be getting bolder by the day and those two were all too close to our living area. Oh, and one more thing." she added as an afterthought "I noticed that Yang warrior, Tratto, skulking around our borders again." she frowned slightly. Tratto wasn't really a troublemaking type, but a member of the Yang pack that close to her home always put Iumi on edge.

August 28th, 2005, 5:06 AM
Tratto stood up. Kali, the leader of the Yang Warriors, was heading towards the river. He walked to join her. "Where are you going?" he asked curiously.

August 28th, 2005, 5:14 AM
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Kali looked upon the older Umbreon and regarded him quietly before turning her gaze back to the direction she was walking in. She muttered The River, I would have sworn I saw a member of the Yin pack conversing with a member of our pack. I will not allow it. The Yang warriors and the Yin Warriors had had many of battle in the past, and had not exactly been on friendly terms, but Friends or not, Kalis job was to ensure the safety of her own pack.

She leapt from a muddy heap down onto solid ground and made her way over the many roots from rotting trees towards the Rivers edge. The soil was damper in this direction, and she had always been able to find her way back to the village or to the river by following the moistness of the soil, ever since she was a little pup.

It is good to know there have not been any territorial wars lately, she announced, trying to make polite conversation with the older Umbreon. Though it worries me to think that someone could be plotting against us, waiting for the right moment to attack and kill. She shook her head vigorously But it is wrong for me to think of such thingsbut one can not help but wonder, Trattoam I right? Or should I not worry so much?

Tratto was older than herself, and thus wiser, Kali was only leader due to her courage and strategy on the battle field, in truth, she was only just entering adult hood and was none the wiser to lifenoher life revolved around battle and protection.

August 28th, 2005, 5:21 AM
Tratto followed Kali quietly. "I dont see why one of our kind would plot against us." he replied, "But you can never be too sure..." Tratto looked towards the river, indeed there was both an Umbreon and an Espeon by the muddy bank. He growled. It was not normal for the Yin pack to be friendly with a Yang member.

August 28th, 2005, 6:19 AM
Taijin's ears twitched as a cold chill swept through his body.

" Where is Alu?" He asked suddenly, the tone of his voice causing even Lystless to calm down. He had a bad feeling, and he didn't like it at all.

" Lystless go to the den...Iumi come with me...I think there is going to be trouble." Taijin stated. The pup scrabbled off to do his father's bidding as the large male started towards the river in serch of their leader.

Alter Ego
August 28th, 2005, 6:31 AM
"Alright." Iumi replied, her expression darkening as she set of towards the border where she had last seen the pack leader, soon taking point in Taijin's place. She knew that the male had an uncanny danger sense which Iumi had grown to trust over the years.

"I think I saw her over here last!" the female called after him, gesturing towards the path leading to the edge of the clan territory as she slowed her pace a bit so as to not leave Taijin behind.

August 28th, 2005, 6:53 AM
Taijin followed after Iumi, his expression taking on a colder side. He kept pace with her easily, having once been a warrior himself he still knew how to run and fight. Tajin spotted two spots of black ahead, moving towards the river from the opposite way.

He growled lowly, as he moved faster, his eyes darting to two other spots, one being Alu. Taijin cursed silently for not seeing this sooner. The Yang pack. He should have known.

" Iumi! Yangs! There are three of them!" He said mentally, saving the rest of his energy for the possible attack. As the two drew closer, Taijin cursed again. It was Kali, leader of the Yang Warriors. Along with a large male and what appeared to be the leader of the Yangs himself. Tsuki.

Alter Ego
August 28th, 2005, 7:09 AM
"I see them..." Iumi messaged back, grinding to a halt at their edge of the river bank, ready to set up a barrier if need be.

She scrutinized their possible opponents, recognizing them. Tratto, the Umbreon she had spotted earlier, the oldest and also the most experienced of the Yang warriors, accompanied by the Yang warriors' leader; Kali. A female who made up for what she lacked in experience with her tactical mind and fighting spirit, one of the few Yangs that the female actually held some kind of respect for. And to top it all, the last one of them was none other than the Yang pack leader, Tsuki.

Iumi's eyes narrowed. "What is going on here?" she asked, eyeing each one of them in turn, hoping that the situation could be solved without violence. But... she thought What else would such an assorted crowd be doing this close to the clan border?

August 28th, 2005, 7:20 AM
Kali growled upon seeing two more of the Yin members arrive at the scene, she took a position in front of her leader and stood tall, head levelled high so that she looked down upon the Yin pack. My leader was conversing with that of a Yin member; it is my job to protect our leader. She stated simply, looking down her nose at the opposing pack.

Now remove yourselveswe do not wish for a fight here and nowit would be foolish and thus it would be, neither were doing anything wrong, Kali merely wanted to serve her purpose and ensure her leaders safety. Tratto had merely accompanied her, and though Kali knew not of what her leader had been doing, she knew that he would not endanger himself or the pack.

Turning her back on those she knew to be Iumi and Taijin, she made her way back to her leaders side, eager to make sure that he had not come to any harm. All you all right, Leader Tsuki she asked, bowing her head in respect to her leader. Forgive me for intruding on your alone time, but I was keeping watch and saw that there was an Espeon near by your presence

August 28th, 2005, 7:26 AM
Yume got out of the den and yawned widely, stretching herself out. Her light, sparkling blue eyes looked up at the large moonstone slab ontop of the hill. After stretching out some more she started to make her way towards the stone when she heard a noise and stopped short. She turned her head to see three espeons in the Yang territory. She let out a low growl and started running towards them at full speed.

((Dude what the heck is going on here? o___O;; why are three espeons in Yang territory????)

Alter Ego
August 28th, 2005, 7:32 AM
Iumi corrected her pose, her head coming nearly into level with Kali's. "I see." she replied in a neutral voice "And I understand your motives, seeing as how mine are similar, we shall trouble you no further."

She turned to Alu with a respectful bow. "I know I shouldn't speak in your place, leader." she said "But we are encroaching on Yang territory and I strongly suggest that we should be off."

August 28th, 2005, 7:45 AM
Yume stopped short just as she approached Kali and the leader. She looked up, confused as why there were Espeon here, and waited for an explanation from the leader.

August 28th, 2005, 7:59 AM
OOC: Whoa, I didn't know it started already.

It was dawn, Kendoksu's favorite time in the day. The pale Moonlight shown upon the Moonstone slab as he approached it. He rested beside it and began to reflect upon the many things that have happened. Himatsu's betrayal, the approaching trainers and their spoiled pokemon companions. Team Rocket, the sinister corporation that perform evil and disturbing crimes. All my reflects were dark and cold, but that's all that have happened to him.

Kendoksu raked his sword-like claws onto the soft, loamy soil, waiting impatiently for another fight. Suddenly, a small smirk plastered onto his face when he heard the noise of Epson's from... The Yin pack? Impossible! The Yin Pack are strictly forbidden to step foot onto our territory. He quickly shot up and dashed from the peaceful Moonslab area until he reached an open area in this dense forest. The leader of the Yang Warriors, Kali was there as well with Iumi and Taijin.

"Hmm? What is going on here?" I asked to myself."This appears to be a bit too close for the Yin pack to approach here?"

August 28th, 2005, 8:07 AM
((oh wait now I think i'm getting it..))

Yume turned her head as her sparkling blue eyes met the leader of the Ying pack. "What is your purpose here?" She demanded quietly. Normally she wouldn't talk but members of the Ying pack in Yang territorry was not allowed and she wanted to know why they were here.

Alter Ego
August 28th, 2005, 8:09 AM
OOC: Umm...Metaforte, I thought it was dawn? That's what the first post says anyway, just pointing out.

August 28th, 2005, 8:15 AM
Taijin reguarded each of them emotionlessly, his eyes dialated. The deputy let out a soft grunt and snapped back into reality, casting a wary look at the large pack.

" I suggest that you refrain from attacking us...Afterall....We do not intend to start a war...I am here to watch over mistress Alu, just as you watch over your leader..." Taijin answered, his voice barely above a whisper. But, it wasn't like he needed to raise it.

" I feel that there is something far, far, more dangerous for us to worry about..." He added, his voice taking on a chilling state

Alter Ego
August 28th, 2005, 8:23 AM
The female listened to Taijin's speech with a slight smile. The deputy had always been skilled at being polite and treathening at the same time, something Iumi had never had a knack for. Her brow furrowed at his last statement.

"Something far more dangerous?" she asked the male telepathically, her mindvoice slightly worried as she continued to look after their leader, maintaining a watchful eye over the members of the Yang pack.

August 28th, 2005, 8:31 AM
" I felt a presance earlier...an evil one...far worse then the Yang Darklings..." He replied telepathically. " I also caught glimpses of what I believe is a prophacy of some sort..." He added.

" Well now that the formalities are through I trust that you lot will be honorable enough to not attack Mistress Alu nor Lady Iumi..." He stated aloud, his black tipped tail flicking to and fro. His tone held a hidden warning. Taijin abruptly turned away and walked up the hill a little ways, facing the east, but keeping a watchful eye on the group. He was worried...And he didn't get worried. Had their foes been psychic they may have sensed the slight change in his aura.

Alter Ego
August 28th, 2005, 9:14 AM
A foe worse than the Yangs? Iumi thought for herself. It was not a pleasant thought. The Yin clan was, she grudgingly had to admit, short on warriors for the moment, several of their great warriors, including Iumi's parents, lost to the raids of foreigners. If there was something to be said for the Yang pack's defence it was that they were honorable. They didn't try to abduct pups or wage war without warning. At this point Taijin had made his conclusion speech, and Iumi's smile widened ever so slightly. Being the modest person that she was, she had expressed her desire not to be called 'lady' but Taijin seemed to insist on doing so regardless. Perhaps it was a bit of Lystless' mentality rubbing of on the male? Iumi shook her head at the ridiculous thought and returned her attention to the present, maintaining her smile. None of the Yang warriors would attack now, out of fear of portraying themselves as a honorless cowards in front of their comrades. The peace was maintained, for now. But it was best not to push their luck.

"It is time to go now, mistress..." she whispered to Alu, preparing to escort her back into Yin territory. Iumi was her leader's senior by eight months and knew more than well that she was a bit of a dreamer by nature and sometimes needed someone to bring in a more pragmatic viewpoint.

August 28th, 2005, 10:42 AM
Yume stared at Alu and the other Ying members. 'A foe greater then us? Pfft, I bet hes bluffing. On the other hand though..'

Yume stared up at the moon in the darkness. Light shining down on Yume, her rings began to glow a neon color as she began to heal herself from the tireing day. She stopped short and got up quickly from the moon stone slab she was sitting on and looked around. As wide and ears perked up; she had heard an abnormal noise. Following the noise, Yume wandered off into the woods and about a mile or so ahead she stopped. Jumping into a bush, Yume made herslef blend in as she listened to the humans that were right in front of her. There were two. The both of them had six Pokeballs around their waists. They had a fire going and were sitting around it, chatting away. Yume glanced to see what was in front of them and gasped. There lay, two cages with Yang members in it. Shaking a bit, Yume backed up a little and listened to the conversation.

"So I hear ya caught one now too, eh?" One of the guys that was sitting on the left next to the cage said.

"Yep, quit easy since this one was weak" The guy on the right said. "My mightyena helped me out a lot with it" He added in.

Yume was now shaking in fear as she saw the Mightyena the guy on the right was talking about, right next to him. It was laying down, he hadn't noticed Yume was there yet.

Yume let out a shaky sigh. Suddenly the Mightyena's ears perked up as has stood up and let out a low growl towards the bush Yume was hiding in. The two guys both stood up and looked towards her direction.

Yume jumped out and bit onto the Mightyena's neck. It fell to the ground, bleeding severly. Yume let out a low, but vicious growl.

"Mightyena!" The human called out, running up to it and recalling it into the strange ball. The guy on the left now sent out his own Pokemon. Yume, backing away from the huamns a little, didn't notice it. The two Umbreon from the cages barked out to Yume.

"Run! Run away!!" They shouted to Yume. She turned her head up to them.

"But I wann save you guys!!" She called out to them, steeping closer. It was to late though. Suddnely, a giant steel type Pokemon, that looked like it was made out of rocks, came crashing down on Yume. Coughing up blood, Yume tried to escape from the giant steel Pokemon's grasp. One final struggle and she managed to wiggle free and run off back to the borders. Gasping for breath, she heard voices back from the humans.

"Aw man..got....away." She managed to hear parts of what they were saying due to her weakened state.

"Oh...still...got two............" That was all she had heard. Running off to the moon sotne slab, Yume collapsed on it and started crying.

"I couldn't save them.." She half whispered, half sobbed..

Yume gasped. "You mean to say the humans are ba-Here?" She whispered. She didn't want them to know that she had encountered them before and was too weak to save the Yang members. Afraid of the Yang leader kicking her out of the Yangs, she kept her secrets safe with her only..

August 28th, 2005, 11:48 AM
Tratto stood silently next to Tsuki and Kali. The Yin and Yang leaders had been arguing, but now the Umbreons were ignored. The Yin members seemed to be having a conversation, though he could hear nothing. Yume seemed preoccupied, Tratto thought. "Are you ok?" he asked her quietly.

August 28th, 2005, 11:54 AM
Yume snapped out of her thoughts when she heard one of the Yang members speak, asking her if she was ok. 'Am I ok?' She thought 'Why should I be? I couldn't save the Yang members when I had the chance..' Before she sunk deep into her own thoughts again she turnred to Tratto, her eyes filled with emotion. "Yes, i'm fine. Thanks for asking.." After that said, she drifted off again..

August 28th, 2005, 12:18 PM
Tratto didnt believe her, but he said nothing. The Yin pack still seemed deep in conversation, and he was bored of just standing there. "If you dont mind, i'll go now." Tratto said respectfully to the Yang leader, and without waiting for an answer, he disappeared into the shadows.

August 28th, 2005, 1:20 PM
The Forest was welcoming; cool and quiet. Tratto limped over the vast tree roots and fallen branches. "An evil presence?" he scoffed. The only 'evil presence' in the Forest and the surrounding land was the Yin pack; always fooling around with prophecies and magic. Alu was mad. How she ended up as the leader of the Espeons, he didnt know. And Tsuki wasnt much better, floating around with his head in the clouds... Tratto stopped these thoughts. If he wasnt careful, he would be kicked out of the Yang pack. Maybe that was for the best, he thought bitterly. Then he sighed, and settled down underneath an ancient birch tree, wondering whether it was time to move on.

August 28th, 2005, 1:20 PM
OCC: Quite sorry, I belive I may be in a different timezone.

IC: Rikul layed down in the shodow of the forest and watched a small group of pups play. Slowly, he stood up and turned away into the dark forest where he could be easily concealed. What's wrong with you Rikul? he thought to himself as his paws padded over leaves and branches, Why are you suddenly feeling like this? You've been alone most of your life. Letting out a deep breath he headed toward the edge of the small forest. After a quick glance at the area he soon realised he was near Yin territory.

Walking along he came up to a clearing where a group of Yin and Yang were around. Just as he was going to move away a small voice inside himself sneered, Running away again aren't you? Can't you handle being around others? Angry at himself, he walked up to the group saying nothing.

August 28th, 2005, 1:35 PM
Yume thought again for a moment 'What if those humans are still around here? What would happen if I can't save those Umbreon and the leader finds out that I can't and kicks me out??' Yume didn't want to be kicked out of the Yang, especially since she survived off it. Suddenly another member of the Yang pack joined the group 'Uhg, too many Umbreon..' Yume didn't like being in a crowd. She left silently. Up in the Yang forest she saw Tratto walking through the fallen branches and roots of trees. 'He looks kinda upset..' Yume thought to herself. 'Maybe it was me..' She thought bitterly, walking up to him "Hey" She said sfotly..

Hazy Aurora
August 28th, 2005, 3:37 PM
((If anyone wishes to create another character, I wouldn't mind. We need some Elders, Pups, Apprentices and Nurse Maids. Feel free to create as many as you choose. Otherwise, I'll just create some anonymous characters for everyone to control.))

Tsuki looked around, watching his warriors discuss the issues that had arisen amoung their pack. They were entitled to their beliefs, he could not take that away from them...Though, he thought they might think him different than he was...

He remembered the desolate night in which his father died. It was cold, and frost-ridden. Sighing with sadness, Tsuki's usual rainbow colours died away slightly, giving him a saddened look, like a rainbow beig washed away in sand. He looked at Tratto, who was glaring at him before walking away. What was becoming of the pack? This he didn't know...

Not aware that Alu was watching him climb the hill, he let his emotions loose like only he knew how. A kalydiscope of colours twirled around him, spiralling sadly with his almost depressed mood. He vanished amoung the shadows, his colours vanishing. Alu's gaze returned to her pack Warriors and Deputy, who were discussing what had been happening lately, and the sun rose high in the sky, no longer a yellowing disk. Light, puffy pinkish clouds hovered in the deepening blue of the sky.

Tsuki climbed the hill with ease, heading for the moonstone to congregate with the Departed Pack of the Stars. He reached the level ground, and went over to the moonstone.

Tsuki gasped.

The moonstone had deep furrows, raked out with...claws. And they weren't Umbreon, nor Espeon. They belonged to a Mightyena. And the scent was still fresh.

"Well, if it isn't the Pack Leader." Came a high, cruel voice from behind him.

"Lunani!" Tsuki snarled, whirling around to face the Mightyena.

"That's right, little Umbreon." The battle scarred Mightyena smirked, his canine teeth grinning together in a bared way. A cruel, evil way. "I'm here to capture you. Unless the wittle puppy wanna fight for 'imself." He laughed, and the other Mightyena joined in, their howls joining their pack leader.

"Hush!" Lunani whirled to face his pack. "We do not want the warrior's on our trail. They can be very unforgiving." He smirked. Then, he laughed again.

"What do you have for us, little Tsuki. For, you know when your father limped into camp with blood coating his fur? Don't you remember? Let this be our little secret."

He leant in closer, his horrible voice hushing to a whisper.

"I was the one who killed him."

Tsuki's eyes sparkled with rage.

"You..." He snarled, and his rings alighted with a fire he had not shown since he had been fighting last. A shadow ball grew in his jaws. "...will PAY."

~ Northern Lights ~
August 28th, 2005, 10:46 PM
Alu turned tail with a sigh, the tiny tuffs of fur behind her ears drooping. She had lost her one chance to speak one-on-one with Tsuki, to confess her deepest feelings to him. And she blew it.

"AROOOO!" A sharp, sudden howl pierced the air, giving the white Espeon the feeling of bein stabbed like a thousand knives. Her kin snapped their gaze towards whom the howl came from, although from atop the hill, it near impossible.

Alu knew whom that howl had came from. Tsuki. Wihout another moment's hesitation, without even thinking, she turned tail towards where she had last heard the howl, and bolted off.

"ALU, COME BACK!" Iumi cried pleadingly, but it was too late.

She had gone; to save Tsuki.

Hazy Aurora
August 28th, 2005, 11:09 PM
Tsuki let it grow in his jaws for a while, and let the Mightyena ponder whether or not they wanted to attack him. Deciding he wouldn't wait, he shot the Shadow Ball at the leader, and sprang around to dodge the jaws that would snapped in the air just a second after he had moved.

A white blur suddenly latched itself onto the lead Mightyena, biting for all it was worth. It was Alu! The leader of the Yin Pack! Why was she saving him?

Her eyes glowed, and a large tree behind her suddenly grew an aura. It wrenched itself out of the ground, and swung around, like a baseball bat.

Somehow knowing what would happen, Tsuki leapt at Alu, and knocked her off the Mightyena's back just as the tree collided Lunani. There was a sickening crunch, and a yelp. The Mightyena's rushed off into the bush, their leader at their head, now nursing a very sore bottom.

"Are you okay?" Tsuki addressed Alu, getting off her small form and shaking himself off.

"Yes." came Alu's reply.

"We have issues to discuss. Come with me."

She followed him through the dense scrub to the moonstone slab.

"I noticed you were within the Yang territory..." He growled softly, taking a seat on the morning grass. "Why did you enter within my territory, should I ask?"

"That is none of your business. I choose where to roam, and besides, you shall not force me to tell you." She answered politely, taking a seat opposite of the handsome black Umbreon.

"It is very much my buisiness!" Tsuki's friendly voice changed to a snarl. "I own this territory. It is not a place where little Espeons play! This is the Umbreon country. This is my Packground. You are not welcome here unless you are invited." He finished his lecture with a glare. "The times are harsh. My warriors are little but strong. You need to employ more. Otherwise you are vunerable to attack."

Alu growled at Tsuki's angry reply.

"We do not have enough pups! Our last litter died. We are becoming too few..."

Tsuki's gaze bored into her.


"And, we're being taken!"


"Yes, TAKEN!"

"By whom?" Scoffed Tsuki.

"By Pokemon Trainers! We are being caught! In Pokeballs!" Alu sagged. "Half my pack are already missing..."

~ Northern Lights ~
August 28th, 2005, 11:19 PM
For a moment, there was total and utter silence. The only sound that could be heard was the faint wisp of the wind, and the rustling of leaves. Finally, Tsuki spoke:

"Pokemon Trainers?" He managed to say, Alu sensing the shock within his voice. For years, this land had layed untouched, a peaceful paradise where nothing disturbe the many pokemon packs that inhabited within it.

"Yes!" Alu snapped, tensing her muscles. Tsuki had not even said thankyou for saving him, the ungrateful little...

"They have never dared to come within our territory, Alu." Tsuki answered, keeping his temper. "And I doubt that they would come along any day, and catch any of your pack members." He growled softly.

Hazy Aurora
August 28th, 2005, 11:24 PM
Tsuki turned away.

"We will have to talk to the packmates about this. Perhaps...The only way..."

"What?" Alu's tone had softened.

"The only way we can escape them is through Paradise. THE Paradise." He said finally.

"The PARADISE?" Alu looked shocked. "It's real???"

"Of course it is." Tsuki managed a grimace. "And we need to go there. And our only chance in getting there is by uniting the packs."

"But they'd never unite!" Alu said, deeply offended.

"It's our only chance." Tsuki said heavily.

~ Northern Lights ~
August 28th, 2005, 11:30 PM
"I... I understand." Alu sighed heavily. She knew that convincing her pack to unite with the Yang pack was ner impossible; it was like finding a pin in a haystack.

"Meet me here with your pack tonight, when the great moon is high in the sky with the flickering stars." Tsuki explained. Alu nodded understandably, and disapperated into thin air. With a sigh, Tsuki leapt up, gracefully bounding over the dew-covered fiel back towards his moonstone cave.

August 29th, 2005, 12:07 AM
Tratto began running down through the forest. He could see the Yin and Yang packs gathering up on the hill. As he joined the group, he realised that all of the pack members were there. "Did I miss something?" he asked, confused.

August 29th, 2005, 12:39 AM
(OOC- I have a new member to the yang pack then: )

Name: Kovu

Age: 7 months

Pack: Yang

Place in Pack: Apprentice/ Pup

Gender: Male

Description: The only thing that sets Kovu apart from his pack is the silver smudge blotched at the tip of his nose. His eyes also take on a Purple colour other than the normal amber colour and the rings on his body have yet to form properly and are still just faint circles of mingled black and silver.

Personality: Kovu has a friendly nature and has yet to form any real viciousness. Being a youngling, he still has the urge to play and waste time. But now that he is the apprentice of the Yang Warrior leader, he strives to live up to her name and become as great of warrior as he. Though he still has a long way to go before becoming a fully fledged warrior, Kovu has improved much in the two months he has trained next to Kali. Innocent yet disciplined, Kovu is the perfect apprentice.

Attacks: Tackle, Pursuit, Confusion and Shadowball.

History: Kovu, unlike Kali, still has a family of his own, but being an apprentice, he must spend much time training along side Kali to better his skills and attacks. He takes great pride in being an apprentice to the leading warrior of the yang pack, and finds that he must live up to her standard.

Other: None

Dam: ???

Sire: ???



The young leader had disappeared after their argument with the yin pack and the small group that had gathered had now split. Kali had been left alone by the rivers edge and now she feared that her leader was in some sort of trouble.

She sighed and lowered her head and she continued her pacing through the forest back towards the Umbreon pack. Perhaps I am somewhat to in to my job, perhaps? She shook her head vigorously, Nomy father fought to protect this pack and I will do the same, you can never be too careful!

Kalima-san? a young voice came from behind. Kali made to look over her shoulder at the owner of the voice and found none other than her youngling apprentice. A small black Umbreon with a small silver smudge blotched on his nose. What are you doing the youngling asked, coming up to his leaders side with a look of curiosity etched on his young, handsome face.

Kali sighed and shook her head slightly, a small smile forming on her lips Nothing, Kovu. Im looking for the leader that is allwhat are you doing out hear alone anyway?

The youngling bowed his head in shame and started toying with a small pebble on the ground I was thirsty Kalima-sanI was heading for the river

Kali shook her head, it is to dangerous, there have been Yin members down there just a few minutes ago, we do not know if they have gone back to their territory just yet. Stay clear of the river for the time being, I will take you down there later, understood?

The youngling nodded his understanding and came up to his leaders side. Are you heading back to the pack? He asked innocently.

Kali nodded and began walking back towards the den Yes, Kovu

August 29th, 2005, 12:44 AM
The moon was high as the packs gathered by the sacred Moonstone. Tratto was still unsure what was going on, but it had to be important. The packs didnt just stand and have a conversaion for the sake of it. "What's going on?" he asked the Yang members, but all seemed too busy talking. Tratto snorted, and limped over to the other Warriors, who were stood in a large group near Tsuki.

~ Northern Lights ~
August 29th, 2005, 1:17 AM
Alu's shadowy figure came picking it's way through the blossom covered field, her pelt glowing with vibrance from the sun's setting rays. She knew she had to convince the pack, for it would be dusk soon, and the familiar howls of the Yang pack would ring through the chilly night air.

"Oh, Alu, your back!" Iumi sighed with relief at seeing her pack leader finally return. The dozing Espeon's awoke with a start, and they exchanged worried glances. Alu was never late, and they were all eager to find out what had happened.

"Everyone, please, come with me. We are to have a meeting at Taiyou Sen Rock." Alu announced, answering the shocked looks of the pack. Obeying, the rest of the pack awoke the sleeping ones, and scuttled off towards Taiyou Sen Rock.

"Everyone, I am aware that you are all eager to find out where I have been, and I shall not keep you in suspense. I have saved, with my own kind will, the leader of the Yang pack from Lunani." At this, muffled whispers travelled around like bullets, and Alu had expected this.

"Hush!" She growled, and instantly, the pack fell silent once more. "I know that we are to never invade the Yang territory, but I have my reasons. Now, to continue. Tsuki and I have had a meeting, and I have informed him of the Pokemon Trainers taking many members of our pack away, sadly. Hence, we came to the sad, but needed decision that our packs must unite; The Yin and Yang." The words seemed to have had a huge impact, as not one sound was heard from the Yin pack. Finally, one spoke:

"But my dear Alu, we have always been the enemy of the Yang pack, and now we're being forced to unite with them?" Iumi asked politely, but Alu could sense the hint of shock within her voice.

"Yes, we are. And if any of you are against doing this, and would like to risk your lives NOT doing so, please leave now." Alu cried calmly. She could see one pup flinch, and turn tails, but an elder growled threateningly, and the pup returned to it's place. For the first time in a while, a smile crept along the Leader's beautiful snowy face. She was glad to have such a loyal pack that stuck by her, no matter what the situation.

"We are to leave now. I know that many of us, including myself I should say, are going to miss this land dearly. But we cannot stay here, for we too, will get caught by the Pokemon Trainers. Now, follow." Alu finished, and dissaparated into thin air. Reluctantly, the Yin pack took one last mournful look at their home, and dissaparated after their Leader.

August 29th, 2005, 2:28 AM
Age:3 years
Pack: Yang
Place in Pack: Apprentice
Gender: Female
Desciption: Her fur is a pure black with a slightly silver sheen to it. Her rings are a silvery colour and her fur is very thick. Her eyes are a deep sapphire blue and she is paticularly slim. Her legs are long for her age and have silvery socks.
Personality: She is sensible when she needs to be, but normally she's just hyper. Her long legs mean she can run very fast which just makes her even more hyper. She has a tendancy to get everyone into trouble and to vanish and turn up back at the camp when everyone's paniking about where she's gone((XD))
Attacks: Moonlight
Faint Attack
Howl(Can't make her too strong at the mo)
History: She was born with a silver sister to a mother from the Yin pack and a father from the Yang pack. There was lots of fighting over who would get the pups. In the end, the Yin pack got her sister and she stayed with the Yang pack. She grew up thinking her mother was a different Umbreon.
Other: Every now and again she gets memories of a silver pup and wonders where they are from. Other than that she has forgotten about her sister.
Dam: it's really Emerarudo.
Sire: Hinote

Name: Yukidansu
Age: 3 years
Pack: Yin
Place in Pack: Apprentice
Gender: Female
Desciption: Her fur is a beautiful silver and paticularly thick. Her eyes are a deep emerald colour and they always glint hyperly. Her paws are jet black and her tail is longer than usual
Personality: She is very secretive and stays in the shadows. Her long tail gives her good balance. She is calm and has a tendancy to think before acting. She hates being called inpure because of her black paws.
Attacks: Confusion
Calm Mind
History: She was born with a black sister to a mother from the Yin pack and a father from the Yang pack. There was lots of fighting over who would get the pups. In the end, the Yang pack got her sister and she stayed with the Yin pack. She grew up thinking her father was a different Espeon.
Other: Every now and again she gets memories of a black pup and wonders where they are from. Other than that she has forgotten about her sister.
Dam: Emerarudo
Sire: It's really Hinote

(Both pups RPable by all)
Age: 6 months
Pack: Yin
Place in Pack: Pup
Gender: Female
Desciption: Her fur is already turning silver and her eyes are a ruby colour. She looks just like any normal pup, really. Exept she has a slight slither of amber in her left eye just below the iris and a little scar on her pad.
Personality: She is very affectionate and cares for everything. Whenever something's hurt or sad she seems to be the one to try and comfort it whenever it be friend or foe.
Attacks: Tail Whip
Growl(She's only a pup and she hates hurting things)
History: Not much
Other: None
Dam: Enkai
Sire: Raion

Age: 6 months
Pack: Yin
Place in Pack: Pup
Gender: Female
Desciption: She is pure silver with Amber eyes. She is also the same as normal pups exept she has a slither of ruby just above the iris and a scar on her ear tip.
Personality: Very aggressive. Will fight anything she can and can do vicious damage. Has a tendancy to be the one to challance an intruder. Though she's a coward at heart and if the intruder's much bigger than her she runs away.
Attacks: Tackle
Bite(Only a pup and loves fighting)
History: Not much
Other: None
Dam: Enkai
Sire: Raion

Phew! Done at last! XP

August 29th, 2005, 3:41 AM
Tratto stared at the huge crowd of Yin pack members. He had never met some of them, and this suprised him. There were more of them than he had suspected, though most of them seemed young and helpless. Two tiny Espeons were running around madly, dodging in and out of the big group. One of them had bright, ruby eyes, the other amber eyes. They were excited about about the unexpected trip, Tratto realised. He smiled and turned back to the pack leaders.

August 29th, 2005, 3:51 AM
Name: Larka
Age: 3
Pack: Yang
Place in Pack: Nurse Maid
Gender: Female
Description: Pure, silky black fur, bright, golden yellow rings, gentle eyes
Personality: Gentle, caring, good-natured (Totally the opposite to her half-brother Tratto)
Attacks:Moonlight, Tackle, Sing, Faint Attack
History: After her father was killed and her mother captured, Larka made use of her caring nature to look after the younglings.
Other: Tratto's half-sister
Sire: Huttser (DEAD)

Hazy Aurora
August 29th, 2005, 3:54 AM
"Fellow packmates." Came Tsuki's clear bell like tones. "Alu and I have reached a decision."

"For the safety of both packs, we have decided to make a single pack to travel to Paradise, the Place of Origin, to escape the Trainers, and the Mightyena Pack close by. We must go. Or die. Combining would mean we would have lots of strong warriors, and two strong minds to rule the pack. We would have two Healers to tend to the wounded, and would navigate better as a whole. So, you will not like it, but that is what we've decided."

There were mutters, but they saw the truth in Tsuki's speech. The territories were being infested with humans. Their only chance lay in this choice.

August 29th, 2005, 4:26 AM
Kalima-sanwhats going on!? The youngling asked urgently as the two watched from the side lines, Kali was keeping close eye on all the Yin members as well as her leader, her eyes did not fall down cast on the youngling, but she answered him none the less We are to join forces with the Yin pack to ensure we are able to fight the Trainers and Mightyena pack if need be she answered, distaste present in her voice.

But, the Yinwe have not been on speaking terms with them for years why do we need their help now!? The youngling was as unhappy about the arrangement as the young warrior leader, but the truth was, they could do nothing about it, but to protect their leader. I know, Kovu, but we must honour our leaders decision

With that said, Kali made her way towards her leader, coming to a stop just at his side to ensure maximum safety for him. She did not trust these Yins at allthey could turn any secondand she was not going to allow any harm to befall her packnever.

Leader Tsukiare you sure this is such a good idea? Our warriors and apprentices are all but enough to take down the Mightyena pack and the Trainerssurly we do not need the help of suchlowlife Her gaze was cast upon the leader of the Yin pack, pure hatred.

Kalima!...you said not to question the leader! The youngling shouted.

I am merely concerned is all, KovuLeader pleasewithdraw this statement, we can handle any obstacle!

August 29th, 2005, 5:01 AM
Tratto froze, horrorstruck. Become a single pack with the Yin? Not much chance of that. He limped over to Tsuki. "Leader, I do not think this is a good idea" He said coldly. "I would rather take a chance here, and fight the humans." Tratto swished his tail angrily, before walking off to find Larka. She was standing a little way off from the others, surrounded by the younger Yang members. "Someone dont look too happy!" She said with a grin as she watched her half-brother approach. " Happy? I dont think our pack is ever going to be happy again!" Tratto stormed. "That fool Tsuki has odered that we join forces with the Yin pack, become a single pack!" Larka looked at him, uncertain. "Surely it wont be that bad..." She growled softly, but Tratto had already rejoined the others.

August 29th, 2005, 6:02 AM
Name: Yami
Age: 8 months
Pack: Yang
Place in Pack: pup
Gender: female
Desciption: Yume has soft dark blue fur and light blue rings that glow neon in the moonlight, just like Yume. Her fur is a little bit lighter blue though and she has blue stripping across her nose and ears and on the edge of her tail.
Personality: Quiet, shy
Attacks: Moonlight, shadow ball, bite, quick attack
History: Was founded by Yume as a very young, abandoned pup, and excepted into the Yang pack. Yume took care of her. Yami is the only one Yume ever gets close to and shares her secrets with; and the same goes for Yami. They never tell any of their secrets to anyone but them. She now currently lives with Yume in her den she made when they accepted her in the Yang.
Other: can heal herself with the moonlight just like Yume
Dam: unknown
Sire: unknown

Yume sighed as Tratto suddenly left her side and ran back from the forest. "Why does everybody do that??" Yume asked out loud "This is why I have no friends. And everybody here thinks i'm 'to quiet'" Yume sighed again as she cotinued running through the forest. After a few minutes of running she came to a clearing where she had made her den. She looked in the den and saw a little female Umbreon that looked just like her, sleeping. She smiled softly at the little pup and got into the den with her. Nudging her side softly, Yume whipered "Hey.." The little pup's ears twitched and she looked up at Yume, now awake. Yume laughed at her. She stopped when she heard a howl. A howl from the Ying leader! "Hey, whats that noise? It sounds unfamiliar.." Yami got up and so did Yume. Yume did a fake smile and turned to Yami "Well then, we'll just have to find out now will we?" Yume smiled at the hyper little pup now. She was always excited about seeing new things. Yume wasn't happy though. She knew that was the leader of the Ying's howl and she didn't like the sound of it..

Yume and Yami continued to run through the forest. As they reached the monnstone slab they stopped short. There were the two leaders on the slab, and Ying and Yang members surrounding them. Confused, Yume and Yami tried to listen to the coversation the leaders were saying to the pack members.

"We are going ot find paradise" The Ying leader said, after she howled and the group clamed down.. Yume gasped 'I thought paradise was just a myth though..' atleast thats what Yume thought. She looked at the shocked expressions of the members and noticed that she wasn't the onlt one. The leader continued "And we are going to join forces while we're out to find it!!" The pack members looked up, shocked at her for what she just said. 'Join forces?! We can't though!' She looked down at where Yami was. Yume gasped when she saw she was gone though "Yami??" Yume called out, getting through the crowd. After getting in the middle of the crowd she saw Yami with two Espeon pups. Yami sniffed them. Yume sighed (sweatdrop) "I forgot Yami never met the Espeons before.." She smiled at them as she watched them play together. She didn't try to stop them. She knew it was gonna be good for Yami to finally make some friends, especially if what the Ying leader said is true..

Alter Ego
August 29th, 2005, 6:09 AM
OOC: Um, Kirra-Chan, could you please cut down on controlling my character? I kind of preffer deciding for myself how she reacts to these situations. It hasn't been completely off this far but, could you please avoid it if possible? Sitting about and thwiddling her thumbs (Figuratively speaking) would definitely not have been Iumi's reaction.


Iumi still couldn't believe the fact. Yin and Yang...together? she shook her head. The Yangs were obviously not any more pleased with these arrangements than the Yins. Several of their warriors were already adressing their displeasure to their leader, what advantage their numbers granted them would undoubtedly pale in comparison to what would be needed just to keep them from each others throats.

The female sighed, in her mind he knew that this was a prudent decision, but it didn't make any difference for how her heart felt on the matter. Their numbers had been thinned by the continuous raids of humans and wild pokmon, she was actually the only official warrior of the pack. This...assimilation...would undoubtedly lead to her ending up in a marginalized position as some kind of two-bit sidekick for the Yangs. The Espeon's eyes flared, she would rather die than suffer that humiliation. Iumi scanned her own pack, noticing Taijin a bit further away. She made her way over to him, her displeasure over the recent developments evident on her face.

"What do you make of this unifying bussiness?" she asked the male. Even though she was a good two months older than him she still found that his opinion was often the wiser one.

August 29th, 2005, 6:14 AM
Tratto walked over to Yume. "Pathetic, isn't it?" he growled. "The Yin pack is full of fools! There have always been humans here, so why run away now?" Tratto gave a snort of disgust, glaring at the Espeons. They too were muttering among themselves. "Tsuki shouldn't have encouraged this act of pure stupidity..." Tratto said, before wandering off to tell Tsuki exactly what he thought.

August 29th, 2005, 6:19 AM
OOC: o___O;; I don't remember controlling anyones character..

Yume gave a life threatening glare at Tratto. She was still upset about what he had done before. "For you information I happen to like the Espeons" Yume said before tuning back to the three playing together

Yume smiled at the three playing together. 'Now only if I can make some friends' Yume laughed at herself in the inside. 'Oh well, i'm not so good at this knida stuff anyways ..' Yume got up to the pups "Hey lets go play outside of the crowd" Yume said, trying to avoid Tratto as much as possible. She really didn't like his attitude towards the Espeon and she didn't want it to run off on her little pup and her new friends. "Aww but playing here is fun!" Yami complained, along with the other pups. "But what if someone steps on you?" Yume grinned at them. The pup's eyes widened as they all sped off out of the crowd. Yume caught up with them and saw them playing near a tree. Yume sat under the tree and watched the three continue to play together. She put her head on her paws and sighed. A few minutes later she got lost in thought again..

Alter Ego
August 29th, 2005, 6:35 AM
OOC: It wasn't you this time...relax. I've edited my previous post to clear up misconceptions over that matter.

August 29th, 2005, 7:22 AM
Taijin turned to Iumi with his typical emotionless expression, his golden eyes lost in some far away place.

" It is good that is has happened...We have been divided for too long and our differences must be embraced by one another..." He stated in a voice that was not his own. A moment later he shook his head clear and blinked a few times.

" Oh! Hello Iumi!" He said cheerfully. " As much as it may bother us at first, I...I think everything will be fine. We must trust in Mistress Alu. Also I believe that this Tsuki is honorable enough."

Lystless bounded over to where Yume and Yami were with a couple other pups, his tail wagging side to side happily.

" Hi!! I'm Lystless!! Can I play too!?" He asked estatically. the pup gave them all the classic " PWEEEEAAAASE?!?" look.

Alter Ego
August 29th, 2005, 7:31 AM
"I...suppose." Iumi replied, her voice uncertain. "It's just that-well, Alu can be a bit of a dreamer at times." she shrugged "And I'm afraid that the Yang warriors will not embrace this change as readily as our leaders have. There is a long history of skirmishing and biterness between our two packs, as I'm sure you know...lots of old biterness and wounded pride."

The female sighed "I guess we shall have to see what the future brings." she concluded, smiling slightly as Lystless went over and tried to befriend some of the Yang pack members. At times I wish I could be more like him... Iumi mused. The pup's life seemed so much happier than hers. "I'll try my best to get along." she said.

August 29th, 2005, 7:51 AM
Yume laughed at Lystless. Yami and the two Espeons jumped up and down. "Yeah of course you can pway with us!!" Yami said happily. With that said they started dog piling each other again. Yume continued to laugh. 'three Espeon against one Umbreon' Yume smiled at them. 'Well they're all friends now so who care?' She sweatdroped as they started getting a wee bit to hyper. A cloud of dust started to appear around them as they cotinued to dog pile each other. How Yume wished she was in there. She never had any friends except Yami. She put her head back down on her paws and smiled at them.

August 29th, 2005, 9:06 AM
Lystless pounced on Yume, giggling happily as he nipped at her ears.

" I'm sure that you'll learn to play nice." Taijin laughed, nuzzling her lightly before walking among the other eons. The male espeon smirked at Lystless as he continued to attack his new play toy. Taijin flashed a victorious smirk at Iumi before slipping off into the crowd.

He spotted the male known as Tratto, and meerly dipped his head slightly in acknowlagement then continued on. He spotted the rather uptight female warrior Kali and smirked slightly.

" You remind me of another warrior I know. The both of you need to losen up a bit." He stated with a good natured smile before continueing his little walk.

Alter Ego
August 29th, 2005, 9:20 AM
Iumi couldn't help chuckling a bit at the remark. It was so like Taijin to go and poke fun at her concerns and he did it in such a good natured way that the female didn't have the heart to be angry about it. Returning from her thoughts, she noticed that the male had already dissapeared and was making side remarks to more or less every Yang member he came across. "Cheeky bugger..." Iumi muttered with slight amusement in her voice, turning her attention to Lystless and the other pups. There was a grown up Umbreon with them, although it was one whom the female didn't recognize, and she seemed to be laughing.

I suppose I'll...play nice then. Iumi thought, nonchalantly walking over to the stranger.

"Adorable, aren't they?" the Espeon asked in a polite voice, hoping that this was a neutral enough starting point for a conversation. She had never been particularly good at socializing.

August 29th, 2005, 9:30 AM
Kali looked in bewilderment at the Yin Deputy and watched as it pounced off back into the crowd loosen up? she mutteredit was a funny thing, she had been thinking the same thing not to long agoshe was to up tight for her own goodbut then someone had to besomeone had to protect their pack from the consequences.

She shook her head to rid her memory of the Espeon and turned her attention back towards the Yang leader Please, Leaderreconsider, we do not need their help! she snarled in distaste, they will only cause us trouble and torment; there will be multiple fights between usLeader please!

Deeper into the crowd, Kovu listened to her leaders complaints and could only agree with her. She cursed the Espeon who dared tell her leader to Loosen up. Speaking of which, the Espeon was making his way towards his direction at this very moment. Gathering up his Warrior courage, Kovu made his way over to him.

How dare you tell my Leader to loosen up, Yin! He growled. She is far wiser and stronger than you; you will not tell her what to do!though the Espeon was older and far stronger than himself, Kovu was determined to set this Yin in its rightful place.

Kali told me never to let my guard down around you Yin, and I will stand by her word!

August 29th, 2005, 9:33 AM
(( O_o;; um Tajin is older then your chara. lol! He's the deputy! ^_^ *Sniggle*))

August 29th, 2005, 9:35 AM
(OOC-Ah sorry...I though it was Lystless...will edit...it doesnt matter anyways, right XD...and sorry for this OOC...don't normally do them x_x *Ish ashamed*)

August 29th, 2005, 9:38 AM
(( *Sniggles* I know that's why it amuses me XD It's ok Stri-chan I still love you XD lol))

August 29th, 2005, 9:53 AM
Yume looked at Lystless, chewing at her ear. "Hey, cut that out!" She said, laughing and trying to shake off the pup. Now all the pups wanted to play with Yume too. They all jumped on Yume at the same time. "Hey! Cut it out. That tickles!!" Yume started laughing again. Rolling on the ground, she didn't notice the female Espeon standing in front of her. When she rolled over she was looking up straight at him. Giggling, Yume pushed off the puppies playfully and stood up. "Sorry about that" Yume said, blushing and smiling at the little pups "Yeah they are adorable." She turned to look back at the Espeon. Yume held at her paw "I'm Yume."

Alter Ego
August 29th, 2005, 9:56 AM
"Iumi..." the Espeon replied softly, extending her paw as well although it was an unusual gesture for her. "At least they're taking the change well." she continued in a bit more serious tone, glowering at the outburst of a certain Yang warrior not too far from them "Anyway..." she added, recalling that she might be critsizing one of Yume's friends "What do you think of this merging?" Iumi tilted her head.

August 29th, 2005, 10:03 AM
Rikul shook his head angered, "The Yin and Yang together? Has Tsuki lost his mind?" He had heard talk of these "Humans" before but he had never thought of them to be this serious. What was this paradise? What would it be like? He stared at the Yins as if this whole matter could be blamed on them, I don't care what anyone says, I don't trust those Yins now, and I will likely never. He took a glance around the area and wondered if he'd ever be back here again. He walked up to a group of pups playing while a smaller group watched them. He looked at them loningly and hoped that the joy and happieness from them, would make up for the saddness in his heart.

August 29th, 2005, 10:04 AM
Taijin smiled down at the younger Umbreon, amused by him greatly.

" Oh I don't know about that one my friend. I do believe that you have been mistaken by your place. If you haven't noticed child, there is no Yin and Yang anymore. " He said to Kovu. " Tell me, have you ever seen a Yin attack a Yang?"

The older male smirked and sat on his hauches, waiting patiantly for the umbreon to answer.

Lystless beamed up at Iumi adoringly, his forkless tail wagging to and fro quickly.

"Iumi-Sama!!" He exclaimed, runing circles around her happily.

Alter Ego
August 29th, 2005, 10:12 AM
"Hullo Lystless..." Iumi replied with a weary grin. Somehow she knew that what followed would require endurance. Her attention was turned to the pup's unusual tail once more, and she absent-mindedly wondered who the mother was. Taijin had seemed none the wiser about it when she asked him, although he always managed to sidestep the issue with a witty remark.

Iumi turned her attention back to the present with a slight feeling of guilt. It was rude of her to ignore her new aquintance like this.

"Anyway..." she said, addressing the Umbreon again "I would appreciate your thoughts..."

August 29th, 2005, 10:15 AM
((OOC: It was supposed to be a PAW shake XD X3))

"Well, to tell you the truth, i'm actually happy about it" Yume said looking at the pups. "We never really hurt one and another and besides, we'll now become stronger when we're joined." She then turned her gaze to Tratto and the other Kali "Some Pokemon don't seem to get that though.."

August 29th, 2005, 10:35 AM
(OOC- *Smacks head* Ah well...all fixed anyways...*Huggles Kagome* =D)

II haventbutbut Kalima-san has! He yelled, angered by the way this Yin was reacting to himhe was not to be taken lightlyhe wouldnt let anyone take him lightly. He growled his fur on end and his tail upright. His back arched and he readied himself to pounce if the Yin showed any more amusement towards him.

Kali said that she was attacked multiple times by your warriors and stuffshe wouldnt lie to me, shes my leaderI trust her with all my heart as she does meIm her apprentice! He was not ready to back down to such a worthless creatureif anything, he should have backed down, creatures such as the Yins were not worthy of Yang time

There is so a Yin and Yang! We will never be one, never! I wont allow it and neither will Kalima-san! There will always be good and evil and so long as there is good and evil, then there will be a Yin and Yangwe will never become one! His little lungs were on the verge of collapsing due to lack of oxygen and the pressure he was causing himself.

Kali on the other hand, was still arguing over the fact that the two would be brought together into one. She would not allow it, the Yin were untrustworthythey could find this paradise on their ownwithout the help of the Yin tribeshe was strong enough to take on a whole pack of Mightyena, there was no way that the trainers would get to her or the pack she had vowed to protect.

Alter Ego
August 29th, 2005, 10:44 AM
OOC: I knew that, but Iumi didn't. ^_~


"So it appears." Iumi replied, listening to the young apprentice's extravagant explanations with a hint of bitter amusement "To be honest I have my doubts about this partnership, unlike our deputy there." she gestured towards Taijin "He seems to embrace change rather than struggling against it, I'm just not quite as smart at times." she grinned sheepsihly, Lystless continuing to make excited laps around her "I hope you don't make a big number out of this" she continued "but truth to be told, our pack is running desparately low on warriors." the was a hint of pain in Iumi's expression as she remembered what had happened to her parents "The wild pokmon aren't really that big a treath. But we've lost many of our number to these humans who call themselves 'trainers'. Including two of our finest warriors..." the Espeon didn't specify who they were, but strong emotions were evident in her voice before she braced herself "That being said, I hope things will change for the better." the female concluded, a small hint of sadness still audible in her voice.

August 29th, 2005, 10:57 AM
Yume gazed at the Espeon. 'two warriors..' Yume thought about the two Umbreon she saw, trapped in the cages. And she couldn't do one thing to help them out..Still, she wondered who those Umbreon were anyways..She looked up, lost in her own thoughts gain, she quickly got out of them. "Oh, umm..Yeah I hope thing will change for the better too.." Yume said, starting to feel a little depressed..

August 29th, 2005, 11:02 AM
Tratto ignored Yume and looked up at Tsuki. Seeing the look of determination on the leader's face, Tratto knew there was no point in arguing. To his amusement, Kali and Kovu were still arguing with the Yin pack. Swishing his dark grey tail gently, he sat apart from the group, looking out at the forest. There was no way he could make Tsuki change his mind, Tratto thought sadly. He decided to keep away from the Espeons as much as possible; he didnt want another arguement.

August 29th, 2005, 12:17 PM
Taijin sighed at the youth, his irritation at the umbreon's blindness growing.

" Please refrain from insulting my rank you foolish twit. As much as I admire your dedication to your master and to your pack, you are doing nothing more then hurting both with your actions. " He stated. His entire being had taken on a different tone, serious, and frighteningly calm. Everything about him seemed dangerous in some hidden way, his eyes piercing the younger eon's and holding them.

" And I shall not allow your insolence to harm this union. This change is needed...and whether you chose to accept it is your own choice. But, don't you dare, ever, do anything to jepordise the joining of our packs. " He continued, his voice barely above a whisper. " And by the way "Apprentice"....there is nothing that you can tell me about good and evil..." He added, a sadistic grin mrophing his features. His eyes flashed red momentarily and he flicked his black tipped tail and left the youth.

Lystless clambered up onto Iumi's back, using his new vantage point to look around.
" Iumi-Sama! There's Chichiune!!"He exclaimed as Taijin neared them.

Alter Ego
August 29th, 2005, 1:03 PM
For a change Iumi welcomed the disturbance caused by the little pup as he climb up onto her back and let out his excited exclamation as it promptly broke the awkward silence that had come up between the two eons, both depressed by the memories of their respective losses.

"That it is..." Iumi replied softly, approaching the deputy with unusual caution. Although the male's expression seemed friendly, there was a palpable rage right beyond it and Iumi didn't need to ask for its origin.

"You handled that situation very well." she commented quietly, hoping for the male's temper to cool properly.

August 29th, 2005, 1:14 PM
Taijin nodded once to Iumi, letting go of his temper and willing away his dark side. It had a bad habit of sneaking up on him. It was amazing how well Iumi knew him. To recognize a change in one of Taijin's moods took talent. He smiled genuinly at her then turned his attention to the little eon that had taken up residance atop her back.

" Lystless what did I tell you about climbing on Lady Iumi?" He asked.

" Um...Do it more?" The pup replied, earning a startled look from his father.((Another sweatdrop moment)) Taijin laughed weakly at him, looking at Iumi with a " I swear I didn't look" as he removed her newly aquired appendage(Lystless).

" Eheh! Don't kids say the Darndest things?" He asked.

August 29th, 2005, 3:31 PM
Yume laughed. "They sure do" She said while looking at Yami playing with the other two. Yume turned to Taijin and held out her paw "Hey" She said once more, her head down. Yume was not to good with alot of Pokemon.. "I'm yume.."

August 29th, 2005, 4:16 PM
Taijin turned to Yume with a light smile and took her paw in his, shaking it once before sitting down on his hauches. Lystless amused himself by attacking his tail.

" Hello, I am Taijin, Deputy of the Yin clan." Taijin replied with a smile. He glanced back at his son warmly, swishing his tail to and fro.

" And this little monstrosity is Lystless, my son." The Large male added.

" Yay! I'm a Monotwoti!!" Lystless exclaimed before attacking his father's tail again.

August 29th, 2005, 5:38 PM
After the conflict, Kendoksu walked slowly towards the Crescent Lake, A beautiful feat of nature. Besides the Moonslab perch, this is one of Kendoksu's favorite places to stay and relax. He stretched his body and rolled onto the floor. A young Tailow flew from the pale moonlight and perched upon a broad pine tree. Kendoksu slowly risen up to examine the Tailow closely, to make sure it wasn't A trainer's Tailow sent here to scout the area. He glanced at the Young Tailow to notice a pair of other young Tailow cradled in a nest form out of thin strips of wood. Kendoksu gave out a short sigh of relief, realizing it was simply a wild Tailow.

The piece and tranquility was shattered as Kendoksu heard a roar from a Mightyena, a lowly type of pokemon towards Kendoksu's eyes. He was causing trouble by raking his claws on the dewed grass and snapping it's brittle fangs onto a lush Oran bush. Meh, this pitiful dog seems that it wants to start a fight. Chuckling slightly, Kendoksu risen from my relaxation position and approached the Mightyena.

"How dare you enter our territory you stupid dog. Now get out! Before im going to have to hurt you...," He growled deeply, attempting to scare it away.

It didn't respond towards my threat, but instead, it lunged towards my neck in order to kill him with a single blow. With Kendoksu's superior agility, he evaded the assault with ease and countered with a deep slash with his sword-like claws. It screeched in pain as blood slowly began to run through it's midnight black fur. Then, Kendoksu leaped back a few short steps and lowered my lower jaw. An orb of dark matter began to develop in his mouth. When it was fully charged, he released it and watched as the orb slammed into the Mightyena, Knocking it out with one hit.

"Pitiful. Even the Yin Warriors can at least last longer than these guys," Kendoksu replied, clamping his jagged fangs onto the fur that clanged around the Mightyena's neck.

Not killing it, he dragged it's lifeless body until he reached a rushing current. Not hesitation, he threw the Mightyena to the lake, automatically waking it up. The Mightyena shrieked ravenously and flailed it's claws, attempting to swim, but it seems that this one doesn't know how. Kendoksu's watched in satisfaction as the Mightyena slowly began to fade away deeper into the current.

"I wonder why the Mightyena came here. Meh, it doesn't matter to me now that he's gone. This river supposed to end in a beach, therefore the Mightyena will live. Let's hope it dosen' return. I better go back to the pack," I replied as I disappeared into a thorny bush.

OOC: The Mightyena is still alive. Kendoksu would only kill for a reason.

August 29th, 2005, 6:51 PM
Name: Kasumi
Age: 2
Pack: Yin
Place in Pack: Apprentice (I can change it if nessicary.)
Gender: Female
Desciption: Kasumi seemed to have taken on a more silvery colour rather than the usual white. She is a bit different from the others of the Yin, prefering night over day. Her eyes a deep shade of sapphire, and the gem on her crown is lavender.
Personality: Kasumi has a bit of an impish personality. She often confuses people by what she says and her constant mood changes. She appeares to be happy and carefree, but that's just a mask to cover her real personality.
Attacks: Psybeam, Mist Ball, Extrasensory, Shadow Ball
History: Although Kasumi is young, she has seen much pain in her life. The one she loved died by falling into a river and drowning, a trainer she had taken a liking to left her, her best friend, Ioki the Mightyena was captured, and she never knew her parents. Kasumi often listens to the troubles of those few she trust, which puts more weight on her shoulders. She tries to fix every little problem, but she can't. Despite this, she almost always puts a smile on someones face with her charm.
Dam: ....?
Sire: ....?

August 29th, 2005, 8:05 PM
"Uh..Monotwoti eh?" Yume looked at Lystless and sweatdropped. Smiling as he went from Iumi's tail, to Taijin's tail, then to Yume'st tail. She swished her tail around playfully as Lystless started chasing with it. Yami and the other Espeons came up. "Come pway with us!!" Yami said playfully, tackling Lystless to the ground. The other two eons joined in and soon it turned out to be another cloud of dust. Little puppy yelps can be heard from the dust cloud. Yume sweatdropped again. Laughing, she turned back to Taijin and Iumi.

Suddenly Yume's ears perked up as she heard something being thrown into the river's current. Really faint yelping's of a Mightyena could be heard in the distance. The others didn't seem to hear it though. Looking around to see where it came from, Yume said "Hey I think I heard something being thrown into the river!!" Running a few feet towards the river, waiting for the other two to follow to see what it was. The pups were to busy playing to notice anything..

August 29th, 2005, 8:25 PM
Taijin's eyes took on that strange haze again, flashes of an umbreon and a Mightyena running through his mind.

He followed Yume at a slower pace, having a hunch that they wound not have to go far.

Lystless nipped at the other pups playfully, starting a game of tag. He ran through the group of adults, the others tailing him.

((Ack! shortness!))

August 29th, 2005, 8:33 PM
Yume stopped short by the river. Taijin did the same. They saw a Yang member as he threw a Mightyena into the current. The Mightyena stuggled, Yume already could tell that the Yang member did alot of damage to it before throwing it it. After giving up on struggling, due to too much damage, the Mightyena grew limp and sunk deep within the current. Yume gasped and lay down, trembling a little bit. This was deffinatly not the way to go. Especially if the human owner of that Mightyena were to track it down and find us..

August 29th, 2005, 8:39 PM
After hearing a small splash, Rikul noticed a Ying run off toward what he suspected was the source of the noise. He did a quick survey to see if there would be any more announcents he silently slipped away out of the group and silently moved through the forest. This may be one of the last times I move through this forest, he thought to himself with a deep saddness. Although he didn't stay around here very much, this entire area seemed like his home - which is now being invaded. He just made it to the river when he caught a glimpse of the Mightyena being thrown in the water. He took a quick glance at the others, he had senn some of them perhaps around, but he didn't think he knew any by name, "What was that all about?" he said, almost whispering. He wondered if this had anything to do with the "Humans," and if it was, where they far off?

August 29th, 2005, 8:42 PM
Taijin cursed silently, angry surging through him. That creature should not have been killed. His eyes gleamed a reddish color, his coat of silver slowly shifting to a metalic black starting at his tail.

" That was a life that should not have ended...." He stated, his aura surging outward. Taijin snarled ferally, his fangs enlarging as the jem on his forehead bled silver. His black side was taking over. There was nothing that would return him to normal now...

August 29th, 2005, 8:58 PM
Yume looked up. Still trembling a little, Yume jumped in front of Taijin. "Look we both know the life of the Mightyena's should not have ended this way but.." Yume looked up at Taijin "What good would it do if another is wasted? The packs would just start to fight all over again if we do not control our anger.." Yume now began shaking. Every time she got into a violent situation she would shake and even lose control of her body sometimes..

Alter Ego
August 30th, 2005, 1:49 AM
Noticing that the pups were safe and busy with each other for the moment, Iumi rushed of after Taijin and Yume. As she neared their location the female felt a strong surge of negative emotions strike her. No... she thought running towards Yume and the deputy only to find her fears confirmed, Taijin's darker side was taking over. Iumi had only witnessed this event once, but she knew what it was like. It was similar to her own rage but stronger, much stronger, and she needed to stop her friend before he did something he wouldn't recover from.

"Get back!" Iumi messaged to Yume's mind, using her psychic powers to lift up the patch of ground the Umbreon was standing on and relocating it further away from the deputy. "He's not in control of himself!"

Iumi leapt in front of the larger Espeon, retaining a calm composure despite knowing that she could easily loose her life at any moment. "Taijin..." she said, locking her lavender eyes with the other's reddening pair "Taijin, listen to me." there was a look of worry in her eyes and her senses were telling the female to bolt, but she retained her position without even blinking "I know that Mightyena didn't deserve to die like that, but you shouldn't do this. This kind of rage is...wrong. It's beneath you."

Hazy Aurora
August 30th, 2005, 2:43 AM
Tsuki sighed and shook his head wearily. He knew how much his pack despised the Yin, they were their opposites. The Yang were pitiless in the face of danger, easily swiping problems out of their way with claws and retreating back into the shadows. The Espeon's were full of themselves, with their Psychic abilities. Knowing that psychic powers were useless against the Yangs, for they were Dark Types, the Espeons could only use the surrounding area. Which made them very vunerable if the Yang decided to use a dark attack...Weakness. Tsuki scoffed. Why was he even doing this?

He trotted away from the gathering, alone again. Once he was out of earshot, he let his emotions go, letting the sad mournful colours drift on the breeze around him. He looked up at the sun. The opposite to his people.

We are Yang. We do not belong in this light.

Silently, he mourned for his father. Unknowing, his paws took him to the glade in which his mother was living in. The beautiful Umbreon was sitting in front of him now, her tears milling on the ground in a puddle.

"Tsuki..." Came her rasp. "Tsssuki..."

"MOTHER!" Tsuki rushed forwards, but his mother shyed back, her eyes wide.

"Stay back!" She cried. "Tsuki...listen to my final plea. I cannot...last. My strength is ebbing towards the final Journey. I need to go."

Tsuki felt his eyes mill over with misty tears.

"No!" He cried. "No! Father, and now you! I will be..."

"You are never alone...You have the Pack. They are always...there for you...do not make them fear you. Beefriend them. For they are your friends. They are...of equal...strength. They have the moon in them, Tsuki. Just like...you. My shining Moonpup." Her ruby red eyes looked at him fondly, before she closed her eyes, and a soft silver light started to play around her paws.

"Goodbye...son..." She dropped to the ground, her lifes energy playing around her torso before rising...rising...away.

Tsuki collapsed on the ground, sobbing. His mother, the last connection and love of his life, was gone. Gone. Gone with her mate. Away.

He howled, his voice telling of his sorrow and pain. Not wanting to face the pack yet, he dashed off into the forest, his eyes shut tightly against the wave of sadness in which his mother's death brought.

~ Northern Lights ~
August 30th, 2005, 3:19 AM
OOC: Um, Kirra-Chan, could you please cut down on controlling my character? I kind of preffer deciding for myself how she reacts to these situations. It hasn't been completely off this far but, could you please avoid it if possible? Sitting about and thwiddling her thumbs (Figuratively speaking) would definitely not have been Iumi's reaction.

((Sorry, really sorry. ^.^; I didn't know I used her name a lot, because I have the worst memory ever.. >> And I can't remember the other names. Sorry, again. ))

Tears swam within Alu's cobalt blue eyes; she had never known the Yang despised of her pack so much. The Yin, her pack, were defenseless againt them, making them easily vulnerable to attack. Not being able to hold it back any longer, the Espeon let out a mournful howl, and sprung off lightly away from the pack. She needed to be alone.

August 30th, 2005, 5:05 AM
Kendoksu decided that he should go and observe the area where the Mightyena was supposed to be, but when I reached the river's base, the Mightyena wasn't there. A cold shill ran through my spine like a dagger. Of course I wanted to teach the Mightyena a lesson in respect, but surely I didn't want it dead. I rushed along side the river for any signs, fur, footprints of the Mightyena.

A giant weight lifted from my body when I saw a faint sign of life. A set of footprints were stamped onto the ground and where heading away from the area. If I wanted to kill the Mightyena, I would have bit his throat.

With that settled, I twirled around and returned to the pack.

August 30th, 2005, 5:56 AM
Yume jumped off the ground she was floating on and ran towards Taijin and Iumi. "What the hell is she doing?!" Yume said as she neared them "If she doesn't think I can do it then why is she there??" Annoyed, Yume jumped in place next to Yume. Trust me, we can both handle this Yume told Iumi through telecenetic powers. She shot a small annoyed glare at her..

Yume then turned her head and gasped. 'Are those his footprints leading out of the river??' Yume thought, jumping away to see if they were. She swam across to the other side and looked. "Yes! They are!!" YUme said outloud. Hey guys! its not dead~! Yume sended the message to Taijin and Iumi through telepathy. She then started to jump up and down 'Yes. Maybe that'll calm him down' She thought excitdently to herself as she swum back to the other side, shook her fur dry, and trotted over towards the Iumi and Taijin..

Alter Ego
August 30th, 2005, 6:04 AM
"Not dead..." Iumi repeated to Taijin, a small hint of relief in her voice. "Do you see?" she asked softly "There was no death. Everything is going to be alright. Please, calm down..." she kept her eyes locked with the male's "There was no life wasted." the female repeated in a soothing voice, knowing that one often ignored sounds from the outside under such circumstances "Please, Taijin. Calm down..."

August 30th, 2005, 6:25 AM
Yume got up next to Taijin "Calm done! Look, see the footprints over there??" Yume pointed towards the footprints leading from the river. "Thats his footprints! Hes not dead. The Yang member did not intend to kill it so just calm done!!" Yume said, loud enough so it could get through to him. Far off into the distance ((*thinks of the Naruto second opening* XD X3)) Yume heard faint yelps as she saw Yami come into the clearing. tears were in her eyes and she looked happy to see her. 'Oh, Yami must've been looking for me' Yume thought. Yami gave a bark, asking her if she was ok. Yume leaned over, winked at her, and said Don't worry, i'm fine, through telepathy. Giving one final bark, Yami dashed off towards her friends that were probably looking for her..

Alter Ego
August 30th, 2005, 6:28 AM
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August 30th, 2005, 6:30 AM
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Alter Ego
August 30th, 2005, 6:32 AM
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August 30th, 2005, 6:34 AM
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August 30th, 2005, 9:05 AM
After seeing the footprints leading out of the river Rikul let out a sigh of relief. At least the Mightyena had survived. He did not like them the least bit, but he found killing to be pointless. As he started back to the group he thought he felt hot breath on his neck. As he quickly spun around to find nothing. "Why are you getting so paranoid all of a sudden?" he muttered to himself. As he went back to the group, he sat down in relief. He didn't like being alone in there for some reason. Not with all this talk of many dangers."

August 30th, 2005, 10:08 AM
Tratto stared down at the river. Many of the Yin and Yang pack members were down there. He made no effort to investigate, for he was sure to hear about it one way or another. The Yin leader had disappeared somewhere. The further she goes away, the better, Tratto thought. Tsuki was laying down further uup the hill, crying hysterically. Definately mad... he thought with a grin. Yume was still angry with him, he knew. Tratto walked over to her, his tail between his legs. He whimpered pathetically, though his eyes were sparking mischeviously.

August 30th, 2005, 10:13 AM
Yume saw Tratto walk up to them. She saw the sparkle in his eyes. Giving him one final glare, Yume turned back to Taijin and Iumi. "Can't you see we're busy, mutt?!" With that said, Yume turned her attention towards the other two..

August 30th, 2005, 11:08 AM
Tratto growled, and snorted in suprise. "Fine then," he said coldly, and made his way back up the hill. He kept away from the Yin members, dodging as the young Espeons ran around him. Tratto swished his tail, and wandered over to the rest of his pack. Some were still complaining about the joining of the packs, but none had made any headway.

August 30th, 2005, 3:01 PM
Taijin snarled dangerously at the umbreon called Yume, red psyhic energy rushing to surround her body. The espeon's eyes flinched slightly and the energy pushed her away from him. The male must have been fighting against his dark side since he did not use his full energy. He bared his fangs, his claws digging into the earth.

" Iumi...get...away from me!" He ground out, his energy fluxuating. " I c-can't...stop it!!"

His eyes raised to the sky, settling on the moon in it's high orbit within the heavens. A howl escaped the espeon, before the male turned his glowing red eyes on Iumi. A malicious grin morphing his face.

August 30th, 2005, 3:15 PM
((Ooc~ Erm, Hazy Aurora said I was allowed to join this... anyone have any idea where and when I can jump in?))

August 30th, 2005, 3:21 PM
OOC: Just anywhere. The packs are with the leader, discussing the merge.

IC: Yume got up and ran next to Iumi. "Taijin you've got to fight this!" She said to him. "If you don't get a hold of yourself then I guess i'll have to.." Yume warned. She lowered her head and let out a low growl, her fur sticking on end..

August 30th, 2005, 3:51 PM
Taijin snarled at Yume, the red aura surrounding the female once again. This time however he lifted her into the air, tossing her a few yards away. He glared in her direction, before turning back to the espeon who stood nearby. His red aura reached out to surround her as well.

(( I am not going to post until Alter-kun catches up and stuff))

August 30th, 2005, 5:55 PM
Yume got up. An Anime vein was popping out of her forehead (XD). "Ok thats it!" If you wanna fight me then you GOT ONE!!" Yume said as she began charging towards Taijin. Once she got close enough she bit onto his front left paw, dragging him to the ground..

~ Northern Lights ~
August 30th, 2005, 9:37 PM
((Excuse me, but I feel a bit intimidated by some of your here. Alu is being made out as a shy character, who just doesn't want to be leader, and her pack especially, are being made out as 'lowlife'. I know that in the RP we have to express our character's feelings, but please do not make her, or her Yin pack out as lowlife, etc.

Oh, and Alu does not hate Tsuki, and Tsuki does not hate her, okay? Hazy and I are planning something for the two, so try not to make them out as rivals. ;P))

Alu raced past the towering Pine trees, as their shadows played amongst the gravel, climbing slowly up her slender paws. The Espeon did not care; if the Yang pack felt that way, they could stay, and face the many obstacles that lay ahead of them. She, however, would take her pack out and venture to Paradise, whether they obliged or not.

"AROOO!" A sudden, sharp howl pierced the chilly night air, and Alu sprang back to her senses. The wisp of the wind carried the crystal note on and on, and Alu raised her muzzle to the air.

North-easterly. She thought to herself, changing direction in the blink of an eye. If it was who she was hoping to see, Tsuki, she would finally get to tak to the Yang Leader in private. And as for the Yn and Yang packs; they could wait.

Hazy Aurora
August 30th, 2005, 9:53 PM
The Yang leader lowered his muzzle from the howl, and saw Tratto give him a withering look at his tears.

Tsuki saw this look and felt his sadness give way to anger. This 'warrior' did not respect him?! Then he would pay. He was their leader, and for a good reason. Getting out of his crouched position, he started to stalk Tratto. The Umbreon started to walk away. Tsuki silently followed, his crystal-like silver eyes gleaming.

His elder by two years, Tratto obviously believed that he should lead! What sort of democracy was this? Tsuki was prepared to fight. For the honour of his pack. He felt his senses open with the thrill of the hunt. Lowering his haunches, he flicked his tail around his crouched limbs. Baring his teeth, he leapt into the air, letting his strong muscles spring him forewards while letting loose a cry of anger and his warrior cry.

Tratto roared with surprise as Tsuki latched himself onto his back and started speaking slowly with each syllable and slash.

"I." Was the first word. "Lead."

~ Northern Lights ~
August 30th, 2005, 10:06 PM
Alu's pace slowened as the darkness surrounding her grew more gloomy. Trees had been uprooted, and a foul smell of smoke filled the air. Letting loose a cough, she continued on slowly, loosing track of where she was more than ever.

"Alu?!" The familiar voices of Taijan and Iumi filled the air, ringing in Alu's ears like a sudden burst of hope. At leaast she had SOME loyal pack members...

"I'm... here!" She cried, shaking off the salty tears.

August 30th, 2005, 11:26 PM
Tratto threw himself at the ground, rolling over in an attempt to get the leader off. He growled angrily, blood matting his thick grey fur. Tratto escaped from Tsuki's grip, and half-ran, half-limped through the forest. But the younger Umbreon soon caught up.

Hazy Aurora
August 31st, 2005, 12:21 AM
"I lead this pack." Tsuki growled, throwing himself in front of the older umbreon, his eyes glittering furiously. He dodged around a slash from the warrior.

"And I have the right." He snapped, jumping on the older warrior.

Tratto groaned. This was such weakness...He attempted a buck, then fell into a roll. Tsuki fell under, but Tratto felt four powerful paws shove him high into the air.

"I lead." Tsuki panted. "Emotion is not weakness." And his silver eyes glistened with his warrior sense.

~ Northern Lights ~
August 31st, 2005, 3:31 AM
Iumi, Taijin, and Alu soon found their way to eachother, and greeted with warm smiles. The two Espeons of lower rank bowed, and took a few tentative steps back from their Leader.

"Alu, we were wondering where you had gone... The packs have been snapping at eachother like there's no tommorrow!" The two panted, exchanging looks of worry. For a moment, Alu seemed to be deep within her dreams, as she started blankly into open space. Iumi let out a small cough, and the Espeon snapped back to her senses.

"Yes, well, you'd expect that from two rival packs, wouldn't you? But for now, let us get back to the packs; we have issues to sort out..." Alu purred softly, taking lead of Taijain and Iumi.

August 31st, 2005, 4:18 AM
I am sorry but due to circumstances beyond my control, I can no longer be in the rp. Sorry for the inconvieniance but I don't like being Power played. good bye all.

Alter Ego
August 31st, 2005, 4:37 AM
Accept my resignation as well then...powerplaying is such a huge pet-peeve of mine and this one has it in plenty. >_<

I know some of you might not see it as an issue but I do. Goodbye, and to those of you who stay; enjoy it then.

Alter out.

August 31st, 2005, 8:12 AM
Ooc-why Is Everyone Going?!?!? (sorry About Breaking The 'at Least 1 Paragraph Rule'!)

August 31st, 2005, 8:26 AM
Tratto roared in pain and stood up weakly. "Ill get you one day!" He growled, giving the leader a look of pure hatred. Then, with an angry swish of his grey tail, he disappeared into the forest. Tratto dragged himself to his feet. He had been resting under a pile of fallen leaves on the forest floor, but now he got up. His legs felt stiff, but apart from that he was fine. He shivered angrily as he thought of the Yang leader, and wondered what to do next. He didnt want to go back to the pack and risk being humiliated, yet he had nowhere else to go.

August 31st, 2005, 9:20 AM
Kirra-chan stop controlling other peoples chracters. What you just wrote didn't make any sense what so ever anyways. We were by the river trying to calm Taijin down when all of a sudden you power play them. And where was I when this all happened too?

So you either are gonna edit your post or i'm gonna summoun a super mod to do it for you *uses shinobi powers* And either way I think i'm gonna quit now since I was in the middle of something with the two that you made quit. >_>

August 31st, 2005, 1:01 PM

Hazy Aurora
August 31st, 2005, 5:22 PM
((I am truly sorry everyone feels this way. I hoped it would florish, but with so many quits, I may as well ask someone to lock this. It isn't going anywhere, sadly. So, we may as well quit. It was a nice attempt.

Thank you everyone for trying to participate. I found everyone who role played very good. OwO Very good. It's a shame we have to stop, but I see your point. I also hate it when people portray my character differently than I wanted it.))

August 31st, 2005, 7:00 PM
This is too bad. I felt the entire thing was going very well. Obviously I missed something. Anyways, thanks.

~ Northern Lights ~
August 31st, 2005, 10:44 PM
((Everyone seems to have blamed me for everything going wrong in this RP. I have followed Hazy's instructions, hoping to use a better plan to get the two together, but all of your, or at least a few, ruined it by leaving. Shame on you... ))

August 31st, 2005, 11:33 PM
I understood your intensions and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the plot. I DO NOT LIKE OTHER PEOPLE CONTROLLING MY CHARACTER!!!! So don't do it anymore! If you want to control everyone then write a story! Sheesh! I love the plot! It's beautiful! But I can not allow N00BS to ruin my characters! BTW, you have no right to give me bad fame for following the rules! so either A grow up or B find yourself someone else's character to steal!

~ Northern Lights ~
August 31st, 2005, 11:37 PM
Ya know what? I QUIT PC. No-one here is friendly or anything, so .. I quit. Anyway, most of you besides Hazy seem to hate, HATE me.

August 31st, 2005, 11:43 PM
This has nothing to do with us hating you. We just don't like other people controling our characters. If you hold back on that it would be fine. I am just tired of dealing with people who cannot grasp that concept and I am sorry if I come off as being mean. I do enjoy role playing with you Kiira, I just need you to not control my char.

~ Northern Lights ~
August 31st, 2005, 11:53 PM
Well, sorry, but I did take it as mean. I have also seemed to have recieved hate mail from some people, and that is really getting on my nervs. I am a little bit pleased that you like to role-play with me, and yes, I also like to roleplay with you.

And I controlled some people's characters because I couldn't just control Alu all the way, so yes, I had to do something wiht them sometimes. But also, some of you were controlling Alu, or making her out as a bad character, so I was quite angry.

September 1st, 2005, 3:01 AM
Ooc-dont You Dare Get Someone To Lock This Rp! Its Really Good! If Everyone Stops Power-playing Each Others Characters, Then This Rp Can Still Continue!

September 1st, 2005, 3:07 AM
Oooookay, I think I'm sensing a bit of flaming here o.o

Ok...Kirra-chan...no one hates you...and if they are sending you hate mail, then report it to an admin or Super Modorator...they are not aloud to do that.

Also, take a look at the rules in Other Roleplay...I have given a sort of example as to what a good style of Controling another character is, and what is not...that should help you a bit. Also, if you need any help or examples then don't hesitate to PM me, I'm more than happy to help and all ^_^

Now for the RPG...I see to many OOC posts and double posts (yes double posts are not aloud).

Now then....I havea good mind to report this thread and have it closed, and I think I shall report it, BUT, there is ntohing stopping Hazy from starting a new thread...which I think would be a better idea now that this thread has suffered a seriouse amount of Spam.

September 1st, 2005, 4:51 AM
OOC: Well I had told kirra-chan to either edit or delete her post and she told me the owner of this thread told she can godmod but that is still against the rules and that is why most people *cough* 'hate her'

So if this thread does stay open she either has to edit her post or delete it. >___>

September 1st, 2005, 4:59 AM
Oi, what thing to wake up to. >>
First of all, I'll leave this open as long as you guys promise to behave from now on. There's nothing I dislike more then having to restart an RP >>
Next time you have an issue with another RPer, PM that member politely asking them to stop. If they refuse, only then request staff help. That will help avoid situations like this.

Now, onto the actual issue. Kirra, you were powerplaying, and I realize you now understand that, but others "controlling Alu, or making her out as a bad character, so I was quite angry" isn't an excuse to do it yourself. Also, my apologies if you weren't the only one powerplaying, if there were others, please PM them to me and I'll warn them via PM. Nobody hates you, they're just trying to help you become a better RPer, but members can only take so much of one thing before they get fed up. Now, could you please edit your last couple of IC posts that contained powerplaying, so that they do not?

September 1st, 2005, 1:23 PM
((Gaack! I've been gone for a couple of days, and look what I've come to...How can I fit into this RP now? o.O))

Hazy Aurora
September 2nd, 2005, 12:54 AM
I understand. >< I did not tell Kirra that she could godmod, I just suggested an event that could happen but I told her to PM THE owners of the characters to get their approval. She obviously did not heed my advice. >< Anyway, we're all blaming others. I could definetly say that I DID suggest for her to bring up something, but I didn't want her to make it out as if that she was all important. We both come from a community which Role Plays different from here, and doesn't mind godmodding as much, and has a much more relaxed hold on it. I have joined a few other sites, and know a little more about it, but she argues that she didn't powerplay. Which is fair enough, even if others say she did, including myself when I talked to her on MSN. I do think I'm blaming her a bit, which is obsonutely unfair. I wish this had never happened, but some things just have to.

~ Northern Lights ~
September 2nd, 2005, 4:14 AM
Well, I am thinking this unfair. I did PM somone, and I DID ask for their permission Hazy. But they already had quit, because of me, yet again.. -ish getting blamed for a lot of things- And I don't want to continue this fight.

And Hazy, I am already annoyed at being blamed, without having you, my best friend to.

Alter Ego
September 2nd, 2005, 4:44 AM
Is that so? Then how come both my character moved, talked, bowed, and probably did a good bit of other stuff while I was off-line? The only PM I got from you was one asking for my sanction to a certain scheme which I will not elaborate but which went completely against her nature, and it came after you had already messed around with the characters on your own accord. And now you try to guilt those who say things as they are because you can't take responsibility for your own actions? Face it, you powerplayed and were caught red-handed, so please don't try to shift your guilt to anyone else.

This is neither the time nor place for this kind of argument so I won't post anything more on the matter here. But is it honestly so hard to edit out the offensive parts of your posts?

September 2nd, 2005, 5:39 AM
Look. If this thread is still gonna be opened then you have to edit or delete your post Kirra. I noticed you were online before and still failed to do such thing. *uses shinobi powers* mwuahahaaa..

~ Northern Lights ~
September 2nd, 2005, 5:42 AM
OOC: What are 'shinobi' powers, and which post are you talking about?

September 2nd, 2005, 5:50 AM
The thread is best off closed now, there has been to much flaming here now and well, I give you permission to re-make the RPG if you want, but this thread will be closed.

Alos Kirra chan has PMed me for help, so I will have no more bashing of her RPG skills either...at least she is trying to improve her skills other than just brushing it off. So no more of this.