View Full Version : KougaWolf's FE TC TOOL has arrived!

August 27th, 2005, 2:48 PM
Well, in the process of trying to revive my old "TC TOOL ADV" I ended up making this TC TOOL instead, the "TC TOOL FE"!

You can send me the image that you want to be in your background or you can choose either the ruby, sapphire, or emerald template shown below:


*It really isn't that good of an idea to use an image that contains a character in it because most of the character will probally be covered up by the PKMN boxes and/or your trainer sprite.

You need to give me the following info:

1. Background image (or an above template):
2. Your name:
3. Your trainer sprite (please supply image or link):
4. 6 PKMN:
5. Badges *only Hoenn*
6. Do you want colored badges or grayscale badges?
7. Do you want R/S fonts or PC fonts.
8. If you chose PC fonts, pick one of the following:
*Ariel Narrow
*Bookman Old Style
*Book Antiqua
*Times New Roman
9. Text color *only primary or secondary colors*
10. Do you want a PKMN standing with your sprite? Who?:

And here is a completed example: