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February 14th, 2004, 6:45 PM
The Omega League Saga


The story begins 12 years after Ash,now the Great Pokemon Master had defeated Gary,his rival in the Pokemon League.Once again the children from Pallet Town waited to get their first Pokemon.One of the kids was me.Since I was a little boy I liked listening about the Pokemon battles Ash had against the Team Rocket and won the Pokemon League.Finally,my clock woke me up that morning,when I was supposed to go and get my Pokemon starter.I stood up,brushed my teeth,had a very quick breakfast and went to the Pokemon lab.I couldnt wait to get my starter.When I entered the lab Prof.Oak was standing with his grandson,Gary.He told that Gary is now the one that gives the children their starter.It was fine by me,so when he asked which starter Ill choose:Bulbasaur or Charmander?One trainer had already taken Squirtle.I said that I choose Charmander.So now it was time fo me to begin my Pokemon adventure.Gary gave me the Pokedex and 5 pokeballs and my adventure began.

Part 1 - The Mysterious Forces

Chapter 1-Reborn

Just as I was to exit the town I heard something that sounded like an army of wild beasts.It was still far but closing faster and faster.Suddenly,out of nowhere Black Charizards surrounded Pallet Town and startet burning everything.I couldnt do anything about it except help the people while Gary tried to stop the Charizards.
Gary:Go,Blastoise!Use your Hydro Pump!
Blastoises attack didnt hurt the Charizards.Soon,they left.The town was badly damaged and I couldnt do anything to help so I continued my journey.After half an hour I was in the grassy areas between Pallet Town and Viridian where I was hoping to make some friends because there isnt a Gym where I could fight for a badge.
Trainer1:Hey there,newbie!What do you say on 1 vs 1 battle?
Me:Well,I only have this one Pokemon,my starterI accept!
Me:A Weedle?OK,go,Charmander!
Trainer1:Weedle,use your String shot!
Me:Charmander,dodge it and Scratch Weedle!
*Charmander evades the attack and scratches Weedle strong enough to faint it*
Trainer1:Well.I lost,so what?That doesnt make you a better trainerSee ya!
Me:Yes!Charmander,we won our first match,isnt that great?
After a few hours I was about to enter Viridian City.Then,a little Pidgey got in the way.
Me:Oh,a PidgeyLetsa catch it!Go,Charmander!Use your Scratch!
The little Pidgey flew up high and tackled my Charmander from above.
Me:Dont give up Charmander,use Growl and then Scratch it one more time!
*Charmander scratches Pidgey and Pidgey falls on the ground*
Me:Thats it,Charmander!Pokeball,go!
*the pokeball captures the Pidgey inside*
Me:Wow,I caught my first Pokemon.Charmander,return.

My team:Charmander

Now if even one of you likes me to continue just say so.If not,ban me :)

February 14th, 2004, 8:33 PM
Its an interesitng start, its kind hard for me to judge it but its still a nice start.

February 15th, 2004, 4:44 PM
Then here's the 2nd chapter and maybe it'll be easier to give your opinion

Chapter 2-Viridian Revisited

A few minutes after the battle with Pidgey I entered Viridian City.I asked an older man where the Pokemon Center is.
Me:Excuse me,can you tell where can I find the Pokemon Center?
Old Man:Well you must be one of the new trainers from Pallet TownI remember 12 years ago when one kid asked me the sameIt was Ash Ketchum the kid that became the Champion after defeating Gary.Oh,you asked me where the Pokemon Center is and I started telling you about the pastSorry,well there it is just go right at the PokeMart to get to the PokeCenter and left you can find the Viridian Gym if youd like to fight for a badge.
Me:The Gym?But I thought it was closed...
Old Man:It wasUntill yesterday.
Me:So?Whos the Gym Leader there?
Old Man:Hes a young man,a member of the Omega Clan.
Me:Omega what?Who are they?
Old Man:You really dont know anything?Well a lot of people dontYou probably dont know anything about the Omega League neither so Ill tell you.The Omega Clan came out of nowhere about a week ago.Its members are extremely strong trainers and their leaders are unknown.Still,they created the Omega League in a moment and put their members to be Gym Leaders all over Kanto.Any questions?
Me:Not really,Im just surprised.I didnt expect to see the Gym open.Then Ill fight the Gym Leader and hopefully win.Thanks for the info.Bye.
Right after the conversation I went to the PokeCenter and left my Pokemon with Nurse Joy.
Unfamiliar Voice:Pallet Town?
Me:Uhhh.Yes,and who might you be?
Carol:My names Carol and Im a trainer from Pallet Town like yourself
Me:Nice to meet you,Im Ken.And...which starter did you choose?
Carol:*throws a pokeball* This is my starter,Squirtle.
Me:My Pokemon are with Nurse Joy...And do you know something more about the incident with the Black Charizards?
Carol:*smiles* What Black Charizards?What are you talking about?
Me:I guess you left Pallet before I didRight after I took my Charmander Black Charizards surrounded Pallet Town and burnt everything.It was so horrible I cant describe.
Carol:What did you say!?What do you mean they burnt EVERYTHING!?
Me:Dont worry there were no casualties but the houses were badly damaged.After I helped as much as I could I came here and now Ill collect badges to enter the Omega League.
Carol:Yeah,one old man in the city told me something about an Omega Clan and the Omega League
Me:The same man told me about the League too.So,are you going to battle the Gym Leaders?And I hoped
Carol:No I wont battle the Gym Leaders Im afraid Im not good enough trainer.And you hoped what?
Me:I hoped youll join me on the journey and help me discover all about this mysterious Omega Clan and the attack on Pallet Town.So will you?
Carol:Of course I will I never wanted to go on an adventure alone.
Me:And dont say that again.Im sure youre a great trainer.
*Nurse Joy calls me and gives me my Pokemon back*
Me:This is Charmander*throws a pokeball*
Carol:So,I guess were ready to go.
Me:Yes,were are...*the same sound as in Pallet Town interrupts the conversation* What was that?Lets go and see!

February 19th, 2004, 5:10 PM
Chapter 3-The Mysterious Savior

As soon as I exit the PokeCenter I noticed the same Black Charizards from Pallet Town.They were attacking Viridian too.Again,I was there and there was nothing I could do.But then I saw a strange man.He was running towards the Charizards and throwed two pokeballs:
Strange Trainer:Go,Flareon!Go,Ponyta!Attack!Attack!
*Another trainer with a black cloak releases his Pokemon*
Cloaked Trainer:Go,Kingdra!Go,Blastoise!Use Hydro Pumps!
I was astonished when I saw hes Pokemon but I noticed that even the trainer with the Flareon looked like a begginer when compared to the mysterious trainer.Somehow the two water Pokemon managed to make the Charizards go away.Then all the people started running in the streets ti help each other,and I couldnt see where the cloaked trainer disappeared.
Me:Carol,did you see that trainer with the Kindra!?Did you see him?Where is he!?Tell me!
Carol:Ken,Ive no idea what are you talking about I didnt see anyone I was helping the people overhere.Sorry.
Me:Ah,well I just hope Ill see him again...There was something strange about him...And how he controls his Pokemon and managed to defeat the Charizards even Gary couldnt...He must be a great trainer.
After a couple of hours everyone calmed down.The city wasnt damaged as much as Pallet Town was when I left.I went to talk to the trainer that had a Flareon.
Me:Ahm...Hi,Im Ken and I saw how you battle earlier so I thought youre one of the better trainers and that you might tell me who is the Gym Leader in Viridian?
Jake:Nice to meet you,Ken.My names Jake.Lets go to the Gym and Ill introduce you to the Gym Leader.
We entered the Gym.
Me:So?Where is he?The Gym Leader?
Jake:Youre looking at him,Ken.Im the new Gym Leader in Viridian.
Me:Wow!I saw youre a good trainer but I didnt expect you to be the Gym Leader...Anyway,I came here for the badge and Im not leaving without it!
Jake:Well you sure have strong personality,but after all the events this day I really think you should take a good sleep and return tommorow.Well have a battle first thing in the morning.
Me:Oh,OK.I was really excited about the match but Ill go and sleep and you better be prapered when I come back.
One old woman offered me and Carol to stay in her house for the night.She said that Carol helped her during the attack so she can pay her back by letting them stay there.
That morning I stood up very early.
Old woman:Oh,I didnt expect to see you so early...I still havent made the breakfast.You can wait a few minutes here if you like.
Me:Thanks,but I have only two hours untill the match so Ill use the time for training my Pokemon.Ill come back for Carol so she could watch the battle.Bye and thanks for everything.

My team:Charmander,Pidgey
Carols team:Squirtle,???,???

February 20th, 2004, 5:59 PM
Chapter 4-The Flaming Battle

Two hours later I came back to take Carol with me.After that we went to the Gym.
Me:Hi.Im a trainer Pallet Town and Im here to battle the Gym Leader.Where is he?
Lady:Please come right this way.
Me:*Entering the Gym Leader room*Hello,anybody here?
Jake:Here I am Ken.So you came to fight me?We can start whenever youre ready.
Ken:Im ready.Lets get this over with.
The announcer speaks.
Announcer:This an official Omega League match between the challenger Ken and the Viridian City Gym Leader Jake.You may use two Pokemon each and the challenger is allowed to change Pokemon during battle.You may begin.
Jake:Here we go!Go,Ponyta!
Jake:Ponyta use Stomp!
Me:Pidgey fly up and use Gust!
Jake:Haha...You wont get the badge like that.Ponyta use Ember!
*Ponyta dodges Pidgeys Gust and the Ember hits Pidgey.Pidgey wasnt strong as Jakes Ponyta and it fainted from Ponytas Ember.*
Announcer:Our leader shows his power.The challenger has only one Pokemon left.Which one will that be?
Me:Oh,no!Pidgey,return!Allright Im counting on you,Charmander!Use Smokescreen!
*Because of Charmanders Smokescreen Ponyta couldnt see anything around it.*
Jake:Ponyta try to get out of the smoke!
Me:Not that fast!Charmander Scratch Ponyta!
*Ponyta cant see Charmander coming and gets scratched which makes it faint*
Jake:Right...Ponyta,return!Now better be preapered for whats coming!Go,Flareon!Use Bite!
Me:Charmander,try to dodge it and use Smokescreen!
Jake:That wont work twice!Flareon use Quick Attack.
*Flareon hits Charmander hard.The whole room is filled with smoke.Charmander couldnt stand much longer.*
Me:Come on Charmander!You can do it I know you can!Now concentrate and use Rage!
Jake:Flareon,try to evade it!
*Flareon tried to dodge Charmanders Rage but it couldnt.*
Me:Thats right Charmander!Now give him a even a stronger one!
*Flareon stands petrified in one place.Jake yells at it but its all for nothing.Finally,Charmander hits Flareon and makes it faint.*
Me:I cant believe this.We actually won our first badge!Great job Charmander.Now return and rest.You deserved.
Jake:*Sadly*Flareon,return.Well I had to lose sometimes.The first two trainers who battled me werent so skilfull,but not you...So I give you the Alpha Badge.With the badge in your possesion your Pokemon will be a lot faster.
Me:Thank you!Ill try not to let you down in the other Gyms.Still...theres something on my mind...
Jake:Whats that?Can I help somehow?
Me:I hoped you can.Can you tell me something about the Omega Clan and its mysterious appearing?And is it somehow connected with the Black Charizards?
Jake:Youre a good kid,so I wont lie to you.Im one of the weakest trainers in the Omega Clan,so you imagine how powerful our Admins are and I dont have a clue who they are.Maybe theyre somehow connected with the Charizards,maybe not?If you want to find the answers youre looking for,go on.I wont stand in your way.Now go and good luck.

My team:Charmander,Pidgey,???
Carols team:Squirtle,???,???

February 26th, 2004, 3:31 PM
Chapter 5-Through the Viridian Forest

Me and Carol entered the Viridian forest just a few minutes after we exit the town.It was so dark there we could barely see where we were walking.It was hard getting through the forest.It became even harder when suddenly some weird looking guys surrounded us.One of them said:
ForestTrainer:Youre facing the mighty Team Rocket.Give us your Pokemon and we will let you pass!
Me:Get serious...Everyone knows that Team Rocket doesnt exist anymore.You really think you can get our Pokemon?
ForestTrainer:Hahahahaha!Nice joke.Well my boy,Team Rocket is back stronger than ever.Our new admins made sure of that!Hail Jessie and James!
Me:What!?*whispering to Carol*Carol arent Jessie and James the team that always got blast off by Ash Ketchum?
Carol:I think they are.
ForestTrainer:You dare talk like that about our great admins!?You better prepare to be blasted away!Go,Beedril!
Me:We can do this,Carol!Come on!Go,Charmander!Use Ember on Beedril!
Carol:Yes,we can!Go,Squirtle!Go,Pikachu!Use Water Gun on Rhyhorn!Pikachu,give Mankey a Thundershock!
ForestTrainer:I dont think so!Beedril fly up and Focus Energy!Then give him a Fury Attack!
ForestTrainer2:Mankey,show that Pikachu a real Karate Chop!
ForestTrainer3:Errrr....Rhyhorn,take your time and do whatever you need to defeat Squirtle!
The six Pokemon started attacking each other and it was hard to see whats happening.
After the mess was settled I saw my Charmander hurt,Pikachu even more and a fainted Rhyhorn.Then,suddenly one more Pokemon came out of its pokeball.It was that trainer from Viridian again.
Cloaked Trainer:Go,Gengar and use Hypnosis!
Gengar:Gengarr!*Gengars eyes start glowing and Beedril and Mankey fall asleep.*
Cloaked Trainer:Thats right now give them a Night Shade!
*Gengar takes its time and then starts releasing a powerful black ray from its eyes which blasts the Team Rocket off.*
Cloaked Trainer:Gengar,return!
*The trainer withdrawed Gengar and disappeared.*
Me:Oh,man he saved us again and got away just like in Viridian.Still,since he was closer this time his voice seemed familiar.Like Ive heard it somewhere...
Carol:Dont worry.Somehow I know well meet him again...

My team:Charmander,Pidgey,???
Carols team:Squirtle,???,???

March 2nd, 2004, 3:01 PM
Chapter 6-The Rock Tomb

After we met Team Rocket,we battled a few trainers and beat them and soon we were on the other end of the Viridian Forest.We entered Pewter City.We couldnt believe our eyes.The city was completely destroyed.The houses were destroyed,the PokeCenter and the PokeMart,the Gym and everything else.It was horrible.But then one pile of stones started shaking and a giant Onix came out.
Me:Hey,who are you?What happened here?Who or what did this!?
PewterCityTrainer:Dont worry Ill tell you everything.The day started like any other,but then something happened.I dont know from where or why,about a dozen Steelixes came and this is whats left of Pewter City.Then they dissapeared.Nobody knows where they came from or where they went after destroying our city.By the way Im the new Gym Leader in Pewter City and member of the Omega Clan.My names Julian.
Me:Steelix?*opens the Pokedex*
Pokedex:Steelix is an evolved form of Onix.Steelix lives even further underground than Onix.This Pokemon is known to dig towards the earths core.There are records of this Pokemon reaching a depth of over six-tenths of a mile underground. (yeah Pokemon Sapphire pokedex I know)
Me:Man,it looks like really tough Pokemon.
Julian:Id appreciate if you help me discover who did this and why.Will you?
Me:Sure.We will,right Carol?
Carol:Of course.Im interested too to find out who did this to Pewter City.
Julian:Then we will find out!
Me:Um,just tell me something first.You do know who are the leaders of the Omega Clan,dont you?
Julian:Errrr....well......Actually I dont.One day a man came at my house and asked me if I want to join others like me,powerful trainers he said.I met the other trainers and they put me and the some other trainers to be Gym Leaders and the rest disappeared.Thats all.I havent seen them since then.
Me:Hmm...This tells me we have to find them before we can find the one who sends the Pokemon to destroy the cities in Kanto.

My team:Charmander,Pidgey,???
Carols team:Squirtle,???,???
Julians team:Onix,???,???

March 8th, 2004, 12:49 AM
Chapter 7-Team What?

We started our quest to find the ones responsible for the pain caused to the people of Kanto and the damage made to the cities.Julian asked us to go with knowing that I suspect that the Omega Clan leaders,whoever they might be,are responsible for that evil act.We thought the best place for start is Mt.Moon as there are a lot of strange things happening.We were about to exit the ruined city when one man that looked like scientist came to us.He was injured and couldnt speak clearly.We didnt understand a word he said.
Me:Come on,sit here and well help you.Carol keep an eye on him and Ill go find some water.
I came back in a few minutes and I found Carol and Julian tied up and the scientist gone.I untied them and Carol started talking quickly.
Carol:Ken,where were you!?We were attacked by some guys in dark uniforms and they used theyre Pokemon to defeat us and tie us!And their Pokemon were...I cant tell I just know they were very strong and...evil.
Me:Hey,Carol!Calm down a little!As first theres no such thing as evil Pokemon and I wasnt exactly enjoying!I found this water and brought it to give it to that scientist and now hes gone.
Julian:Hey,hey!We should go and find those Team Shadow (from Pokemon Colloseum) guys and not argue here with no reason.Those Pokemon were really strange as Carol said.
Me:Excuse me,Team what?
Carol:Yeah,I remember one of them mentioning Team Shadow,a powerful organisation or something...
Julian:Im afraid theres more than we know about.I think that the Team Shadow isnt even connected to the Omega Clan.
Me:If its really like youre saying theres no way we can stop the Team Shadow on our own.Our only option is to find the mysterious trainer.Do you remember him,Carol?
Carol:Of course I do but what if even he isnt strong enough to stop them?
Me:Then theres another possibility-to find the Great Pokemon Master Ash Ketchum.
Julian:Im sure he could stop them,but no one has seen him for years.Im afraid well first have to find that mysterious guy and then well see what happens.Now lets go.

My team:Charmander,Pidgey,???
Carols team:Squirtle,???,???
Julians team:Onix,???,???